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>>/fg/1911 >>1906 I had a twitter over a year ago but I deleted it. I have a discord I mainly use for keeping in touch with my friends. I
>>/fg/1910 Got this on 4chan co. Didn't even made a request but yea. Amazing extra note: Art, I think, by @AkunimDraws. "Ah, thanks fo
>>/fg/1909 >>1906 Ooh, GlacierClear dropped some great breakdown basics. Some of these tips exemplify what I mentioned above. I love break
>>/fg/1906 >>1905 Tracing is great practice and studying for just that, and it'll with picking up the basics and essential "feeling" for t
>>/fg/1905 >>1904 Thank you, friend! I've been trying out tips/excerises that I've heard from plagueofgripes. This sketch is part traced pa