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(38.87 KB 1080x690 1640365119190.jpg)
/hmofa/ Meta Thread #4 Anonymous 01/10/2022 (Mon) 08:09:16 No. 3357
Direct any and all /hmofa/ meta discussion here, so the primary FurChan thread isn't clogged by off topic posts.

>Links for convenience:
[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo
>>4196 NTA but I think he means when it's more about posting those (usually the same) images over and over than it is about actually participating in the thread topic. I don't think it's a serious "problem" like he acts but it does tend to turn into image dumping fairly quickly.
Is it me or am I seeing more naylor and nogshit posts being posted?
>>4199 Well, I like their art. No reason for me to complain
>>4199 >le edgy burzum name Yes, it's just you. Stop samefagging the thread with your /pol/ cope the second someone posts something you don't like.
>>4201 >thinking other anon haven't used the same name when talking about him >Thinking everyone is the same anon Lol Lmao even
Caught the thread at page 9 after 10 minutes of inactivity. Is there some ebin raid on /trash/ right now? That catalog doesn't look any different, so it may be bumpfagging
There's at least 2 retards derailing the thread with ukraine discussions, its been very consistent at this point
>>4205 Yeah well, if it keeps up at this pace we're going to need another filter
>>4206 Just add "Ukraine" and "Russia" to your filters, and boom, problem solved.
/pol/ ruins another thread.
I hadn't even noticed if people hadn't brought it up. Someone tried that bait a few hours earlier and I hid the posts because I could see where it was going. Then someone exhumed the ancient bait, but for me it was picked up by recursive filtering
New schizo?
>>4210 It looks like someone is having a meltie after getting ignored too much. Also the ban-list cunt has very slightly changed his gimmick because now not even other shitposters reply to it anymore
>>4211 It's a possibility that the banlist shitposter is the same guy posting the fuckmouse gibberish.
Can't we just have /hmofa/ threads here? This place is comfy and seems to be lacking in trolls, spammers, and assholes, unlike /trash/.
>>4213 Why aren't the threads here in the first place? Is the majority of posters just that opposed to migrating here, even though /trash/ is filled with all kinds of thread bothering trash? Wouldn't the peace and quiet here be preferable for relaxing? Also, less posts spent on image dumping, given that you can upload multiple pics per post. Aside from a few quirks, this place is superior.
>>4213 Why complain now? The thread was fine until banlist fag showed up.
>>4215 Has it? Sincerely has it? We still have shitposters on the lose regardless of banlist fag that rear their ugly heads every now and then.
>>4213 It's been discussed multiple times, but no serious moves have ever been made towards achieving it.
>>4213 Yes, we can have /hmofa/ threads here, and I'd like to try it. I'd just want the thread numbers to be distinct: we wouldn't make thread 2119 here, but thread 1 here. >>4217 All we have to do is post here. Something writefags and artfags can do is post stuff a day earlier here before they post it on 4chan.
>>4218 You know that we already have a /hmofa/ thread here?
>>4219 Yes.
>>4214 I've seen something very much like this happen with a comfy community a long time ago. It was a tabletop subsection of what was otherwise a normal gaming forum, and it was closed of from the rest. A sympathetic Admin basically had to give you rights to post there, so there were no shenanigans, no spam, etc. After a few years the Admin leaves for greener pastures and shitposters spun a tale to the new one that lead to it being opened up. Place was ruined, and we migrated to our own board with a large part of the community. Shit just wasn't the same, and you could feel the place dying. We were shut off on our own corner where no-one new ever came in and old users started visiting less and less. There's a reason the shitposter targets new artists, writers, and visitors above all else. A place needs an audience to thrive. Most people are simply not going to visit a separate site for a niche fetish all that often.
/hmofa/ is turning more and more into a scrollwheel exercise
>>4222 >We were shut off on our own corner where no-one new ever came in and old users started visiting less and less. Interesting, I actually found this place first (along with fchan and some other long dead boards) by typing, if I remember correctly, simply "furry chan" into a search engine. Then migrated to the /trash/ general for some non specified amount of time before leaving it due to the amount of time and effort it took just to monitor the thread while separating any points of interest from meaningless, unnecessary noise. I kind of like it here more, but yeah, the traffic here is nothing compared to the main chan.
>>4224 fchan was the first imageboard I ever found: I believe I found it sometime in elementary school. I later began using 4chan in my last year of middle school. >inb4 underage I'm in my mid-twenties, thanks. :^)
(10.93 KB 242x161 Elsie greets you.jpeg)
>>4223 press F to pay respex
>>4224 It's not impossible, but I'd expect more people to pop up in the more well known place. Plus, we'd need to already have a base level of activity to keep people engaged. And right now, we don't even have that.
>>4227 >we'd need to already have a base level of activity to keep people engaged Quality over quantity. The thread has been plagued by brainless repetitive tripe more than usual. Threads are constantly flooded with the same topics and pictures and the same lines of conversation over and over and over again every thread. The threads are blending together more and more and look increasingly the same. It'd be better for the thread to be slow, than to have all worthwhile content, discussions and posts disappear in a flood of repetitive low effort shit.
>>4229 Someone really likes that pic, huh. Too bad it's just theartistdidn'tevenbotherwiththeoriginalfurpatternandneckfluff/10.
>>4229 That dude has been trying to force the "LE WEED CAT LMAO" and it's getting fucking annoying.
>>4231 I posted the DO NOT STEAL one, but yeah your right.
>oh no, a double digit number of people are engaging in the thread now >woe is me, it is truly the end of times Sure, lets have a "comfy" thread where 5 people jerk off to the same 10 images with nothing new to post about for eternity. As if we ever needed a clearer indication that this faggot wants nothing more than to see the thread wither and die.
>>4233 Don't even think thats the permanent cancer tumor we deal with. Theres always been this one anon who bitches when the threads start going too fast. Best reason I can think of there is he only checks the thread like twice a day for pics/stories so if threads start zooming it's leaving him behind. Being fair thats annoying, I've had that shit happen to me once or twice when life happens. On the other hand everything is archived so it's not that damn hard skimming the threads to catch up.
>>4234 >Theres always been this one anon who bitches when the threads start going too fast. Anon, this isn't true. Many anons have complained when threads go fast. It's not just one. People want the threads to last longer rather than having two if not three threads a day. Quality rather than quantity. Stop trying to move the goalpost just so you can include absolute justifiable reasons why thread quality has gone down.
Quality > quantity, but the truth is, fast threads are no issue. Never have been, never will be. If I have a useful post to make, I'll make it. I won't try to condense ten posts into two by waiting, or something. There's also no issue with posting stories or art after bump limit is reached.
>>4236 Anon, do we really need 15 "Lol, buncel made for rape" posts in a row?
(59.01 KB 800x600 buncel.png)
>>4237 Clarification pls. Is Buncel made to rape humans, or is she made to be raped? Also, lol >rape.
(92.19 KB 765x1536 buncel.jpeg)
>be human >be on Earth because that's where your species evolved >there's a knock at the door >it's a Buncel >she looks just like the pictures on /adhg/ >"So, Anon" she drawls >"Is recreating meme threads from /mlp/ your fetish?" >you boggle for several seconds "Goddamnit no," you say >you scratch your chin "And gb2/trash/." >you pick her up by the scruff of the neck and punt her like a football >she flies off into the distance and vanishes in a twinkle of light >as she departs you can just hear her say >"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" >you close the door >fucking memes, man
I really don't like this new drawfag, it feels like all they do is flood the thread with off-topic or provocative posts with just the occasional odd Morty hmofa art. Advertising commissions in the other thread and "burzum" simping for them really doesn't feel right either. Maybe it's just me being a bitch I don't know.
>>4240 Nah, you're right, she's a fucking attention whore. Not to mention that Morty art is creepy as fuck.
>>4240 I don't understand how there are people in the thread still without the filter on. Its not that hard. Even just the breakthrough shitposter that comes now and then I can hide with two clicks. Literally the more you see it the quicker your brain will be able to identify this garbage spam and you don't think about it, just click hide.
>>4240 >"burzum" simping for them Except he's going off right now. I certainly hope none of you are contributing to the current shitfest.
>>4240 It's understandable, especially when she replies to burzum with no awareness. All her past appearances were alright and welcoming, but this thread is just shit. She's still welcomed to stay in the general, but she should stay on topic. /hmofa/ has volatile retards that will throw the biggest fit over anything, and she should be aware of them.
>>4244 For the briefest moment I felt the urge to say "No we don't, you faggot!" then I remembered this wasn't 4chan.
My big issue with Rock is that not much of his art is hmofa. The begging for money is uncool, too, for sure. Art with both humans and anthros, not just one or the other; that's all I want in a thread. (well, I actually like writing more than art, but still) So, if he actually drew hmofa art, it'd be fine. But he often doesn't. >>4239 Hahaha, what. This gave me a good chuckle.
(53.49 KB 650x588 she's really just curious.png)
>>4246 Are you asking for an explanation? On 4chan there's a My Little Pony board, /mlp/. One of the running gags/meme threads that keeps appearing there is "Flutterrape." It's second person greentexts ranging from blackly humorous to lolrandom silliness in tone based on the premise that (You) are in Magical Tiny Pastel Colored Horse Land, and one of them wants to fuck you, but you aren't into her. Part of the joke is that the one who comes to your abode daily to proposition you blatantly, attempt actual rape, or try to guess your secret sexual fetishes, is behaving completely out of character. She is shy, with really obvious social anxiety and maybe a bit of Asperger's, to the point where in the show she's barely functional and lives in a Unabomber style shack in the woods surrounded by an assortment of wild animals she's attempting to treat for various things as a pseudo-veterinarian. She's also considered by most of the board to be one of the more attractive and fuckable ones, if you like cartoon ponies, which is probably why people started making the threads. The second person greentexts are short and silly, with lots of cartoon violence and displays of cartoony ineptitude and gullibility from all participants. Too much explanation can be found at https://pastebin.com/uXvpYYzS
>>4247 Interesting. Thank you for the explanation.