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(102.23 KB 900x1350 E6--XNUUYAMw1XT.jpg)
/hmofa/ Meta Thread Anonymous 07/27/2021 (Tue) 19:42:19 No. 274
Direct any and all /hmofa/ meta discussion here, so the primary FurChan thread isn't clogged by off topic posts.

>Links for convenience:
[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo
(449.68 KB 1707x2397 2897ffb21987f67889f9ae1aa9e90037.jpg)
saw some anons in the last thread discussing the possibility of 'ol burzum being a janny.i have always wondered if he could see other anon's IPs...
Could be but I don't think so. If he wanted the general dead (other than shitposting into oblivion) he would've banned every anon in there, including both old and newfags.
Eh, I think that's delving a bit too much into conspiracy territory, although I have no doubt he's bending the rules to continue shitposting.
I got warned earlier for reporting his posts for appearing to be a spambot. I made sure to only report the ones that could actually be mistaken for a spambot too, i.e. the offtopic copypasta ones.
/trash/ doesn't have jannies. Jannies also can't see IPs, so even if he was it wouldn't really matter. Also if he was then he'd just delete posts.
The only way we're getting anything done about him is either by buying 4chan or raising absolute hell to make something be done about him. That would basically have to be a board-ruining or greater effort. How did that one horsefag get nuked? Was it just through enough reporting?
we were actually doing really well for the longest time. The last time I remember it getting as bad as this was around fall 2019 / spring 2020. Even in those days all he needed was one person to reply to him and he would then shipost and samefag in the style that first reply was in.
I'm just astounded at how dedicated he is. Any normal person would've stopped long ago, he's either underage (which would be really ironic) or a NEET. I'm leaning towards NEET, but it could really go either way.

I also find it ironic how he denounces Twitter and Reddit, yet constantly digs up screenshots from those websites. The funniest one was that one time he dug through the Fortnite Subreddit or something in order to prove someone's underage (working off memory here, but yeah that happened). Like, he has to have accounts on those sites and be knowledgeable enough of them to know where to look for what he wants.
Of course he's a hypocrite, he complains about /v/edditors and yet he's done the whole "copy/paste a post and attach a wojak" thing multiple times, aka peak /v/ermin behavior.
Yep ._.
Oh my God, this is about to start again? I don't think that's burzum though, the last time it happened I'm fairly certain it was actually someone from /v/.
(437.85 KB 1280x1024 nazi.jpg)
FWIW, the "anything goes" atmosphere of the /trash/ thread is something I like, even though it enables shitposters. I like that anons can casually strike up a serious conversation about nuclear power, or just be racist without provocation, in fact it's a reprieve from having to deal all day with people who aren't some kind of -ist. It's sad that a single dedicated belligerent can ruin an entire general, but honestly I'm still not willing to be moderated myself just to be "free" from spam, and I'm sure a lot of the other anons who persist on /hmofa/ instead of migrating here share this sentiment.
What is with your obsession with being racist randomly, who gives a fuck at all?
Also stop spilling your spaghetti about the same exact shit or whoever runs this place will catch on and get you for evasion again.

As for the only part that actually made sense, I don't see why you couldn't start talking about nuclear power or whatever struck your interest in the thread here. Nothing's stopping anyone from talking about whatever they want, I've seen it happen multiple times.
I'm almost certain it was that dude who was spamming shit like "Let /hmofa/ die", "Become bisexual", "Straightness will no longer be needed in the future", etc which coincidentally burzum was silent while it was happening just like the /blacked/ shitfest spam we had a couple of threads back. Could be one of his dicord friends.
Could be wrong but it might be the futaposter doing all that. Burzum was still arguing with him in the old thread.
>How did that one horsefag get nuked? Was it just through enough reporting?
Horsefag also posted actual horsdick. I know it since I reported it as illegal content in the US and it seemed to work, lmao.
t. some random anon thread poster
>What is with your obsession with being racist randomly, who gives a fuck at all?
>Also stop spilling your spaghetti about the same exact shit or whoever runs this place will catch on and get you for evasion again.

pls stop being cringe, were from 4chan.
>get you for evasion again
Literal first post here.
>What is with your obsession with being racist randomly
Reason I'm obsessed with wanton racism is because, obviously, I'm racist. But one of the few things I hate more than niggers are people who don't hate niggers. I am sick to death of tolerating the absolute horse shit that anti-racists say, and having some fellow racists around to balance things out keeps me from flipping my lid.
But I also find it fucking hilarious when somebody does mental gymnastics to justify why Adolf Hitler would condone /hmofa/. I am fully self-aware of how stupid a bunch of racist racemixers look, and I love to laugh at it. I would sincerely miss that kind of shitposting if furchan /hmofa/ were to convince moderators to remove it.
>Nothing's stopping anyone from talking about whatever they want, I've seen it happen multiple times.
Right now people in the thread are pushing for zero tolerance because of the absolute state of /trash/, which is understandable but not something I agree with. When you say "whatever they want", do you really mean moderation is normally quite lax here? I would be happy to know that my reservations towards migrating here are unfounded.

Nigger fatigue is being tired of blacks and their monkey business.
They've rioted for a fucking year last year and not only did they get what they wanted, not a goddamn one of them is going to actually be held accountable for it. And they turned George of the concrete jungle into a semi-deified object of nigger worship.
I'm just so goddamn tired.
I've seen moderation happen here like twice. Both times it was when someone was having an absolute meltdown and flooding/baiting/spamming.
I think you're an annoying piece of shit, but no your fears about the moderation are unfounded. Except the mods don't allow racism on /fg/.
Really I just want to post fuzz and read amateur romance, but if people start posting pics with niggers in them and trying to pass them off as human, or brings up some IRL problem, well dealing with that shit all day outside of /hmofa/ leaves me with very little fuse to burn. I can't guarantee that I'll hold back, in fact I really don't want to hold back, and if reacting would get me banned then it's better to not be here in the first place.
not him but
>I've seen moderation happen here like twice.
I have seen it about 4 times, more than you, and his fears are not unfounded. If you turn this place into a /leftypol/ hugbox, then this place will be doomed to fail as the new place for /hmofa/ threads.
>Except the mods don't allow racism on /fg/.
Well then in the /trash/ I belong.
>I think you're an annoying piece of shit
Take solace in knowing that the feeling is very mutual.
I'm not turning anything into anything, I'm just some dude. I have no idea what other events you're talking about or how they relate to leftypol.
>I'm not turning anything into anything, I'm just some dude.

Um. That is not what I meant. Did you just slip that your a mod? lol.

The phrase "If you turn this place into a /leftypol/ hugbox", is a colloquial way of saying "If one does". It's similar to "Only shirts are sold at Walmart! If you turn this place into a clothing store nobody will come here"
No, it's not. Are you retarded? If I have a problem with the mcdonalds I'm in I don't turn to the guy next to me and tell them "if you make my burger wrong again", I say it to an employee. Are you braindead?
I think you need to calm down and stop sperging out.
ban evasion, obvious VPN endpoint
(3.96 MB 541x250 1619584191402.gif)
>and here we go again
Again with the coon spam. FUCK
Time to start reporting the faggot as a spambot
If he does that in /fg/, anbody that complains would be banned for racism.
another obvious VPN endpoint
Where in the rules does it say that you can't use a VPN?

Who do you think I am!!!!!!!!

if you were really new, you would try to appeal the ban
what would appealing the ban do if the grounds for my ban wasn't already ludicrous and unfounded? I making sure the other mods can see this.
evading rather than appealing is already against the rules, so at this point even if you weren't the right guy to begin with you
*you still have some answering to do
Your posting style is similar and you're using the same VPN scheme. If you'd have just followed the rules and been a good boy you could have undermined the reporter's confidence, but at this point you're starting to piss me off putting this stupid cat and mouse game in public view.
(150.01 KB 1150x720 yikes.jpg)
>what is entrapment
Lifted. Remember, appeal don't evade. Same rules as every other forum. But as for not knowing it was about ban evasion, it was written in your first message and each subsequent one. Do not try this again. VPN endpoints are liable to be banned without notice, so any given is a courtesy.

And not that I care whatsoever, but no Anon, telling someone they're breaking the rules and giving the am opportunity to clear themselves multiple times while they continue their actions is not entrapment. And even if it was, this isn't a court and I'm not a cop. There aren't any laws here and I don't give a fuck.
That was a total dick move and you know it.
Based as fuck.
Understood. I will always appeal first and only appeal from now on. I will not do this again.
>this isn't a court and I'm not a cop. There aren't any laws here and I don't give a fuck
Incredibly based. Should punish the false report though if you're going to lift the ban, since that's what set it all off.
>This thread has more activity than the one on /fg/
At this point is hmofa drama its own genre? Is it that entertaining?
Anyone else here just completely abandoned the threads?
Do you mean like actively stopped contributing to the thread?
(633.91 KB 1280x720 1613661980296.png)
>burzy might actually be underage
Kek, the irony. I do not think this is the case though. in my opinion, burzum is most likely a NEET for a few reasons:
>his true identity is most likely dylan walsh
>dylan's dox has confirmed that he is a university student
Although, NEET or not, it is quite sad how this man has nothing better to do other than harass users in a furry porn thread on a mongolian basket weaving forum.
I would if there were another place to post about human male on female anthro content. Nowhere else (that's active at least) is as discussion and story focused as /hmofa/ is.

That and I'm waiting for one writer to finish a story. After that, I'll fuck off.
(3.71 KB 443x66 Screenshot_518.png)
(88.84 KB 1200x654 kek.jpg)
What did he mean by this???
If that is Burzum™, I hope "coming to an end" means he is going to an hero.
Probably means he'll stop being a faggot.
We were doing so well
it's always unprovoked. He just looks for something that he could possibly insult. And it happens a lot at the end.
we should start making a filter for instance the word "newnigger" can be safely filtered out. Nobody of importance would be using it.
Call me crazy, but threads have been a lot tamer than usual. Wonder what he's planning
Don't jinx it (neither do I want to nix it) but you are correct
>outed himself as a twatterfag
I'm having a good giggle right now
A twitter user who goes after people and curates/smothers himself in content he detests just to prove something? The parallels with certain mouth breathing, screeching busybody puritans is strong.
I feel like a relic of a long-gone era because of my ‘don’t care, live and let live, enjoy whatever the fuck you want’ mentality. These days it seems like you have to rub your face in stuff you dislike and scream to the heavens about how evil it is.
Qrd? Did not got to thread and don't want to check the archive. Everytime I go to general and see all the garbage I just get a headache. When will he do a hero already
Burzum was shitting the bed about Vuko liking artwork but you can only see likes if you have a twitter account.
Burzum just posted his Twitter account. Being a hypocrite like usual

Just checked the general. Looks like his defense is
>I only do it to expose the homosexuals and the heckin' newfags
Not gonna lie lads, the thread's been an absolute riot so far.
True but the fact that he outed himself as a faggot and a twitter user just makes it funnier
What type of riot? Good kind or bad? Cause I admit although it's a little annoying to waste thread1500 with drama. Burzum getting exposed is making me feel like I'm on cloud nine
It's beautiful.
The good kind, it's hilarious.
He's been on quite the streak lately. I'm just waiting for him to fuck off for a few weeks like he usually does after his week-long tantrums.
Idk, it seems like we've been in a really long shitposting stretch compared to in the past. I have pretty shit memory but hasn't he been consistently active in nearly every for at least a month now?
I dunno. I have most of his buzzwords filtered, so I can't really keep track of him well. I wouldn't be surprised though.
>He's most active in summer
C'mon how can he not be actually underage?
I'm hoping we can get him a ban, now is the best time to add that one last insult.
You say that like anyone with that power cares to ban him.
He definitely ban evades, but at least it'll piss him off.
Last I looked his twitter account's full of lefty wokeshit, and that was a while ago. Are we really surprised?
4chanX is a beautiful beautiful thing. The less i see him talk the better.
>Everytime he posts he just gets called a called a gay man
(42.21 KB 1080x279 IMG_20210731_011615.png)
What do you think it will be anons?
(34.55 KB 1200x677 hmofa gossip.jpg)
>the story comes to a final end
It could be a literal story I suppose. Or maybe it's more barely coherent schizo ramblings. Regardless, pic related.
Just to make sure, you guys are reporting his posts whenever he does the not "replying to anyone/copypasta/jihad webm" stuff right? If not then you should start.
Question. Is anyone else having issues with 4chan?
>This post appears to be an automated spambot.
Here's a question unrelated to [him] so that this thread isn't completely dedicated to him:
>Favorite on-topic gimmick poster and why?
I sleep for the day then suddenly we have 3 threads for some reason
My Wife Sam and FUB daughterposters for the wholesome.
Least favorite was rapist Jindo.
I find the guy who makes 3d Missy shitposts to be pretty hilarious
(72.58 KB 1154x308 step 1.png)
(80.53 KB 1184x316 step 2.png)
(61.38 KB 752x422 step 3.png)
(375.93 KB 820x496 step 4a.png)
(391.53 KB 932x500 step 4b.png)
(76.23 KB 810x414 step 5a.png)
(89.08 KB 848x464 step 5b.png)
It's you civic duty to report him

He either has multiple 4chan passes or a dynamic IP. If the latter, hopefully he gets ranged ban.
How much report until he does get it? He got banned once then came back in only a few minutes
they won't range ban him. I've been here for a long time, I've seen this cycle many times
/trash/ doesn't have a mod. it just doesn't
it doesn't even have jannies
jannies come by once in a blue moon for whatever reason (probably patrolling for cp), and every once in a while they delete his posts by IP if he's making up like half the thread with swastikas or some bullshit
mods never visit. jannies can't even see IPs, I'm not sure what their ban privileges are but they certainly can't rangeban. you can go on the 4chan rizon IRC room and try to beg a mod to do something, but I guarantee you they will say "I don't care"

/trash/ is an unmoderated board. simple as. no amount of reporting will change that. as far as the 4chan staff is concerned, the board simply exists to move off-topic threads to from other boards
recruit a janny who will moderate trash
mods gave a shit to delete his threads and ban him yesterday, even though he ban evaded in no time. Mods also care enough to create snoot sticky. Other than IRC, reporting him is the only way to talk directly with jannies/mods.
When are they recuiting again? I don't care if I have to sift through the worst of trash I'll fucking do it for free just to cleanse the general
/trash/ has no dedicated jannies.
but it looks like one just showed up again, lol
lol, he's been struck again.
I'm actually hoping the dipshit keeps ban evading and acting up, because I think the longer he keeps it up, the more likely mods will potentially stick around to watch out for his bollocks.
Yeah. Gotta figure two strikes might start garnering attention.
>he got banned again
I think reporting DOES work
that's what I'm trying to tell you
they don't recruit /trash/ jannies
wait for the next janny signup, you'll see
it's literally not an option
(32.92 KB 600x477 images (4).jpeg)
>burzum banned AGAIN
Feeling good today lads
He's back again already.
...and he's back
Don't report him yet make him spam the thread first
I was skeptical it was him at first, but then he called DM a gook, and that is something only he does.
Seems like he's trying to keep low for now lmao
>mfw in 10/20 years they are going to do a case study on this to illustrate the many aspects of "anonymity online"
God imagine all the autism caused by anonymity
Ngl this sort of mental illness is fascinating to me, I really want to interact with this kind of serial shitposter IRL just to see what they're like. I want to see if these people fit any of the common stereotypes, or if they outwardly present as being relatively normal
it was worth it
my theory is that they have no control or self confidence in their life. Either dead end job or neet. So being a serial shitposter and getting attention makes them feel alive. I think he gets a rush from identifying posters (or attempting to) and at the most basic lvl he just wants a reaction out of the thread of his own doing.
Well I thought he was one of those furries who seethe about hmofa but with his level of activity it would be impossible to have any other interests going on. He genuinely has made this his life which Is worrying
Not to mention the massive superiority complex.
do you think burzum created the new thread and did so with others? Would that be him thinking he won't get banned b/c it's his thread?
deimos_lynx created the thread
I think that's veering into paranoia territory. There's nothing off about the new thread
Thread is good for now. Like I said he's laying low for now
Eh, I have a dead end job too, and that’s no excuse. I frequently come home exhausted, depressed and I detest how I feel trapped in the position for reasons I don’t care to divulge.
I just decided to try and learn to write and hope to some day make a career out of it. I have my doubts in whether I’ll develop the talent, at least in any reasonable amount of time going by my slow ass writing speed, but at least it’s something constructive.
Same here, extra points for the graphics and call backs lol
Burzum may be an absolute schizo but this is a good lesson why you shouldn't use the same usernames everywhere unless your posts are airtight.
On the other hand, it can't be that bad if these fairly tame posts from three years ago are the worst he can dig up.
What the fuck did he do now?
Just cyberstalking the latest writefag
Friendly reminder
>This post appears to be an automated spambot
Way ahead of you
Waiting on my ban for false reporting now lol
There isint one day when the general isint having a shit festival
We haven't had a "shit festival" for the past several days actually
Remember that Panda OC I thought I recognized a few threads ago when burz was throwing a fit? I can confirm it was the guy I was thinking of.
Keep on topic and don't discuss the faggot but it should be immediately clear how much of a self-absorbed dickhead he is.
My first time dealing with him was when he got his Twitter butt buddies to help him spam the OC draw thread as a spergtastic "power play"
He's a massive sperg who will get into retarded arguments to reinforce his delusion that he's some big internet tough guy who's better than everybody else.
I don't really know why I'm posting about him really. I know it's a bit off topic but he came up and I wanted to follow up on it because he's so goddamn annoying I feel the need to warn people about him.
I've got no clue why anyone associates with him.
I recognized him, but it wasn't worth mentioning in the context of Squrz's meltdown at the time – I'd prefer to avoid any more inter-general spergatry. As I understand it, he's largely associated with petty drama between the several /trash/ drawfriend communities, and an alumni of sorts in at least one. I'm glad the callout wasn't burz, but could we be more discrete about that sort of thing going forward? We don't want any miscreants to getting any bright ideas.
I paolgozie for the drunkposting.
I asmire the confidence of trying to drunk draw
Less confiditne, more zero fucks from liquid courage
It's starting again...
Lucky you I get shitfaced too quicky. Don't even know how to do any cognitive tasks while drunk let alone draw
I get drunk steadily, but my quirk is I neither suffer from hangovers and, possibly explaining that, I sober quickly.
I do enjoy drinking since it drops my inhibitions and makes me less uptight, and it’s become a regular thing where I ask my friend and proofreader for what-if prompts with my settings.
If I ever got a serious following, I hope to extend this to my readers. Also hopefully by then I’ll have recovered my pace and had my medical shit put in order.
The numbered lists and one-line posts can be reported as spambotting because they're indistinguishable from prior instances of such in the archives. The rest can be reported for bypassing spam filters.

Also, lel – it's always funny when it drops the pretense and just falls back on dylanposting.
I can't tell if the one acting up right this second is him or not. It's not his usual style of posting, although I suppose he could just be mixing it up a little. Regardless that one post about white women was pure, concentrated projection, I actually kekked a bit when I read it.
Also if whoever is arguing with him is in here, gonna have to ask you to cut it out
He's probably samefagging to make it look like someome cares
Well I know a bunch of authors that like to incorporate lessons in their writing as for how subtle it is sometimes they really try to shove it down your throat while others simply make it some small ancedote
>I get shitfaced too quicky
I mean I'm as lightweight as they come, I get buzzed from cider and it takes me a shot or two of vodka to get me to the state I was in last night. It's just that I can hold my liquor pretty well and generally don't get hung over or throw up.

And I can draw so long as I can see purely out of habit and muscle memory. Not as well, but I can. Typing goes out the fucking window though.

Yeah don't worry man, I used to drink regularly so I always keep water on me when I do. I think the only time I've gone blackout drunk was at a friend's place where they gave me absinthe, and once when I drank enough to literally fall out of my chair.

Having said that I'm pleasantly surprised at people speaking for my behest let alone positively after Burzum's spergfest, thank you guys. Following my bf's advice I'm gonna wait til the next thread to see if I should do anything though.
>Tfw burzum's shitposting starts when I'm about to sleep and ends when I wake up
Feels good to live on the other side of the planet from burgers
(58.94 KB 1080x455 IMG_20210811_193624.png)
Some false flagging shit using the wrong tripcode. This is why I’m dubious about using trips, because there’re full-on assholes who’ll abuse it to try and instigate personal attacks through this sort of means.
If I ever need to confirm my identity, I’ve still got my pastebin, so I’ll just copy my message and post the link alongside the actual post.
I was just joking. Although the thread is really fucking shiting on itself right now hopefully next thread it simmers down
(201.20 KB 1353x737 DM_screencap.png)
(11.22 KB 536x59 DM_trip.png)
Your tripcode is still secure; unlike a fake one, yours can be tested against your entire post history in the archive. I recommend it for at least art posting because it helps break the endless cycle of "[drawfag] here, taking requests" impersonation we'd otherwise see, every single thread, like last year. Granted, unique, signature filenaming conventions (like Vuko's) make identification easier.
Wetchop doesn't have a known trip, as far as I know, because he's not explicitly posted since hiromoot availed the name field on /trash/. I don't think that'll matter after this mess – Anons will hopefully begin regularly checking trips when they prop up.
Wetchop has said before that any time he posts it would be with new art, so that should be an easy way of telling.

It doesn't help that too many anons are so thirsty for art requests that they don't do any critical thinking.
>Wetchop has said before that any time he posts it would be with new art, so that should be an easy way of telling.
I noticed that when I woke up right after I saw you requested for prompts. I noticed the file name and it immediately raised a red flag. If people had noticed the file name prior, they wouldn't have been baited. But it's very funny how people are no longer paying attention to him so he has to resort to these measures to get attention.
(1.90 MB 2040x1380 1628478864008.png)
>Being pathetic enough to do shit like this when you're almost 30

Sasuga Burzum, truly disgusting.

I've been thrashing grain all day and haven't even peaked at the thread cause I was warned to stay off it. Good thing I did.

I guess it's a good thing the archive trips are different to the thread one.

>those type Os
It hurts, I'm embarassed, but I can't guarantee I won't do it again if I get drunk. So I'm sorry.
I'm a different anon bringing up Wetchop. A few months ago every thread was filled with "Wetchop here, taking requests" that would get a dozen replies every single time which is what makes me skeptical any time I see about requests unless it's easy to verify.
>I'm a different anon bringing up Wetchop.
Give me some slack, I woke up just an hour ago. Thought she had forgotten her tripcode or something. Anyway (don't want to jinx anything just in case) seems like the fake thread has died down a bit from what is was during the beginning.
Can't tell if the discord tard is Burzum or some other shitposter
Like other anon said bait by burzum to turn it around and make it an issue
Vuko's said the same. I think it's just tricky keeping up with the unposted stuff unless you're following them on Twitter. Moreso WC than Vuko, but only because Vuko's not a huge sketch page kinda guy; he's more committed to pinups. That, and he's usually signaled his /r/ ("request," clearing that up in advance) status with a fresh drawing of his skeltal avatar.
Oh gosh, your drunkposting isn't bad. Comprehensible drunktext is fine, it just becomes worrying when the alcohol goes over someone's head, making them prone to aberrant behavior that can be difficult or impossible to walk back.
Meter yourself and know when to take breaks if things feel like they're getting to be a bit much in the moment. Like last night, turning in for the evening was a good call that I think others (myself included) followed suit on.
>wake up
>thread nearly at bump limit
What set him off this time? Or did he just forget his meds again?
Hows your night going bros?My area just had an earthquake not strong but it lasted for about an minute
(206.82 KB 1044x1280 1568663237.peach07_llgqe86hcta.jpg)
Jesus, you alright? It's been stormy here the past few days; power's been touchy because of it. It's flickering just now, actually. I have plants that need full sun but no enclosure for them, so I've been running them out every day for time in the sun before running them back.
I've been under the weather with a bug; started in my lungs, and now it's become a head cold (not COVID). Been doing household work for as long as the acetaminophen suppresses the body-wide achiness. Nothin' much besides.
I hope everyone's having a decent week so far.
Jesus you Definetly had it worse than me.Earthqakes have been common throught last year so I'm alright News said our area was lucky the magnitude was at over 7.3 at the epicenter.Ours was much milder.Hope you get well soon from whatevers bothering you
Why didint anyone make the thread?Now we have to deal with him being unreportable for the duration of the thread
What's the indication that he's the one who made the thread?
(11.31 KB 517x107 1628871301917.jpg)
Oh, I completely missed that. Damn.
Naaah, it'll pass soon – I'm fit as a bull moose! I'll be worried if my brother comes back positive for TB, though. Otherwise, some heavy storms are par the course for hurricane season. I hope you don't get anymore quakes or aftershocks, though.

Might need a dedicated baker who can be reliably announce/link their thread here and there. At least for a few threads.
I can already tell this is going to be a struggle. The sheer, raw, unadulterated autism this fucker has means it’s going to be extremely easy for him to ‘kidnap’ threads due to how fast the general goes and new threads are subsequently made. It’s almost a guarantee he’ll be able to do this routinely and, shy of making early new threads or making a second thread (and being convincing which one is the right one), I suspect we’re in this bullshit for some time.
>dedicated baker
I've made the vast majority of threads since November or so, Burzum has only made these threads in the middle of the night burger hours when I've been asleep. Nothing really needs changed other than euro anons being more proactive making threads when it hits bump limit during that time.
Seems like shit always kicks off around the same time every day. Interesting.
Him and His discord buddies are doing the same old tired and overdone play
It doesn't help that there seems to be an influx of genuine newfags lately that can't help but keep provoking it.
Off-topic, but this is the only thread that makes sense for a blogpost
>almost through week two upper-respiratory infection – not much better, not much worse. So-so
>tylenol stems the aches well enough, so I resume deep cleaning
>walls looking the best they have in two years
>cobwebs, spots, tile graut, appliances, shelves; nothing left unsanitized
>breathe in deeeep dat sense of accomplishment … notice something off
>look at bottle of organic cleaning solution; there's fucking essential oils in this, why am I not...
>sniff the walls
>sniff energy drink
>tentatively sniff t-shirt
Zilch; my sense of smell is just gonezo. My sister's household got it, and two of them can't taste anything. I didn't *think* this was COVID, but like... seems a little late in the game for hallmark "warning" symptoms to manifest, non?
Certainly is. So long as you're in good health otherwise, you should be fine. I had it early summer of last year and it presented with an upset stomach first (a very rare symptom at the time, and one generally not seen as endemic of the condition) so I didn't really try to eat anything to confirm the diminished taste and I have a poor sense of smell anyway, but I had to drive my arse to a testing centre twenty miles away during a heatwave to an unfamiliar town to get tested whilst thick with fever (this was still early in the lockdown shit here in the U.K) and I got a positive diagnosis.
Just take care of yourself like you would a normal flu. It's generally pretty damn rough for a few days, then it settles down to just 'not feeling great' for a while. Hell, it gives you a fine opportunity to kick back and do some reading/gaming or whatever.
Hope you get well soon.
Jesus Christ, why not consult a doctor I mean I understand some people think some things are no biggie but it seems like your condition is a bit more serious than a common cold if it has been goin on for weeks
Thank you for being so concerned. I have ridiculously strong immunities for the most part; when I do get sick, like once every other year, it's a doozy. I had the flu once for less than two days, but the pneumonia it left behind immobilized me with some of the worst fever and physical pain I've ever experienced for over a week.
In any case, I'll get tested. Even if it's negative, the most my doctor will do otherwise is prescribe antibiotics and maybe a weak steroid, both of which I'd prefer to avoid. If it's COVID, there's not much I can do but wait it out anyway. Incidentally, I was just in his office for an extensive blood draw (unrelated AI panel) and monthly re-up on my adhd meds. It honestly felt like it was running its course, and then this symptom hit a day later with a vengeful fever spike. What a weird, up-down seesaw ride of a bug.
Well Ive only got sent to the hospital once due to me being so sick that I genuinely could not eat and would puke out any food I forced fed myself and it wasn't a good experience either that dextrose shit scared the shit outa of me Everytime my blood would get redirected upwards the tube, and then there was going to the bathroom with that dextrose which really got me.My blood would always go up the tube when I tried to take a shit while holding it. So I had to find the perfect position for it which took me about 3 minutes to figure out. Even worse it was a public hospital which meant I had to always hurry up.Wish I had the same immune system as you though but yeah having to take so many meds sucks it just makes you not yourself and don't worry it's usually common for fevers to return if you didint 100% continued your doses even if you did feel good enough to not take them
I just don't understand the absolute need to keep engaging with it, how hard is it to just not reply to the same shitty bait that gets posted every single thread?
Apparently very hard for some people, probably because they actually are newfags who refuse to pay heed to the several posts telling them to stop replying
I'd be willing to bet that the majority of those posts are him responding to his own shit.
I hate to say he got me when I first started posting stories. Then again I was blithely unaware of who he was and the weeks I’d spent visiting the thread on and off, I must have got lucky to kit see his shit. So I posted a story, it did well, he obviously did a dig through my other stuff and used it to shit up a thread.
Evidently he still remembers me since when I posted a chapter recently, he went for the lowest, basic-bitch attacks. I ignored him, but others seemed to step in and I think it possibly made it worse, but so long as it was genuine support, that’s okay, I guess. I’d just rather not engage him at all.
I swear it's always the same guy who tries to engage the anti-scalefag in an actual argument. Just stop responding to him, jesus
Feels bad, being in the same timezone as the shitposter. Quickly check the thread before work and see shit go from calm to the usual shitfest. And of course all of his various identities just happen to be there. Pure coincidence.
He’s got a doxbin? Where at?
I saw a reply on the thread saying Burz posted CP once, is that actually true?
He posted a gore video in which a naked child got his head blown off, deleted within minutes by the moderators.
Somebody's mad
Holy fucking shit dude, how depraved is he? And how long ago was this?

I can only imagine all the other shit he probably has.

And he says he’s trying to “preserve the thread,” and yet I wonder how doing that preserves anything.

I called him out for impersonating DeadMimicked and saying how his bait didn’t work and he linked me to where he pretended to be Wetchop over a year ago, like if you actually want to prove something it should be recent you fucking tard.
>And he says he’s trying to “preserve the thread,” and yet I wonder how doing that preserves anything
Your first mistake is believing even a shred of what he says, he just wants to kill the thread.
Stop giving it attention lol just report and hide it's no biggie
Of course I don’t believe in ANY of the shit he says, I know damn well he wants to kill the thread.

Also found this video that seems to fit Burzum very well https://youtu.be/owjMl_f93EY
It was a couple months ago, I think sometime in spring of this year.
I don't respond to him, no matter how many allegations he throws my way (and will do as I upload stories, no doubt), but I honestly believe he's so deranged that no amount of being ignored will stop him.
He's proven to just engage in broader and broader tactics to earn (you)'s, and I would stake money that he's one of the people, who he claims to loathe, that advertises /hmofa/ on places like /v/ just to generate new viewers so he can, in turn, generate (you)'s.
Damn, that was a little after I started visiting hmofa, of course I probably missed it but still, Jesus fucking Christ.

I don’t care if I’m a newfag, literally everyone is new to anything, even him. The only person I see complaining about newfags are him. I even thought he was right for a day then realized my mistake
Apparently Burzum is visiting this place too.

Burzum quit being a fucking coward and come out here.
This site actually has moderation, he's tried and been banned before.
Now he has me “marked”
I have no idea what he’ll have me marked as but I hope it’s some good shit
>This post appears to be an automated spambot
You are reporting spam right? He's been banned before hopefully little Janny boi gets sick of it and reports it to his superiors
I do report, once in a while I do reply to him even though I know I shouldn’t but I do. Probably best to stop doing that, y’know?
Update: got banned lmao
Good sign though, jannies do exist
If your the one responding to him I highly suggest to just ignore It. You don't need it to spell it out, the entire thread knows hes disgusting even he knows it.he gets off to attention hell he's probably jacking his ween to this right now just ignore for now alright?
Sure thing, glad we’re on the same page
>Some literally who gets two likes on a tweet mentioning hmofa
Burzum rants about it for a week.
>A schizo shits up the thread for hours on end
Complete radio silence, bitches at anons complaining instead.

Should show you his real intentions.
Isn’t that schizo Burzum, or are there more people like him?

Everyone knows for sure he was the blacked spammer, no idea about the sfur spammer who was trying to go after that artist, they say it was someone named “Beefman” but coincidentally Burzum wasn’t there for that either.
It's hard to gauge. I'm still of the thought there's a couple of people doing the shitposting and they divide their 'duty' to shit up the thread. The traditional Buzzboy and the scaly-hater are a given, but there seem to be immitators too.
Hey Burzum, thanks for proving my point >>485 :)
Burzum crossposting as always. Apparently Burzum also “caught” me because I’m a phoneposter. He did get some posts of mine but I could care less, what is he going to gain from it?

>Well, it proves that I was right all along for starters

I’m failing to see what you got right. As far as I know, I’m just another Anon. No one knows nor cares who I am. Burzum I don’t get you, this ain’t going to start an uprise and make people try to dox me or some shit like that.

I am once again asking you to go outside.
> No, you are a phoneposting, adolescent nigger maggot neotard from twitter and I will never forget it.

Only you, Burzum, only you.
Just stop replying and giving him food to post about for the next month
He already knows what this place is, he probably will keep crossposting. But sure thing.
I've never understood the 'delete the thread and make a new one' mentality. I wish it was just buttboy shitposting, but I've seen others bring up the concept.
I take it these people don't realise that once one of these other threads develops a following, or most of the content creators immigrate to these prospective new threads, the same assholes will just carry on, under some new pretense.
Or am I missing something?
I'm bored wake me up when you guys stop talking about it in the main thread
It's just concern trolling
"All of this shitposting would just go away if the thread ended, exactly like they want"
I'm the anon who was 'concern trolling' but got linked here. I'm not concern trolling I just genuinely think threads like that are so fucking pathetic you might as well make a new general or something. I'm not trying to do harm just help.
If that was you definition of something that can "kill the general" then id say buckle up cause this aint even half of it
If this isn't even half of what kills a general then jesus christ I pray I never see the kind of autism that genuinely kills a general.
I still remember when some autist posted copypasta of CIA documents along with images of the Joker for something like three solid weeks in /ztg/ and somehow that general is still going strong after five years

Trust me when I say that dumbasses like this aren't doing shit when it comes to the grand scheme of things
Hmofa just has too many posters that's why it can't genuinely die hell there even branches of it now /collared/,/adhg/ all of the posters there originated from hmofa and are the ones who couldn't tolerate the thread culture of it and some were sick of shitposters but honestly? I'm fine with it although I get annoyed by shitposting it's better than making some ultra moderated reddit like hellhole but it also needs some boundaries like punishing spammers and flooders
>Posting CIA documents
I don't follow every drama that happened on /trash/ can you uh elaborate it?
Oh yeah this shits a SLOW day. From the looks of the thread I just woke up to? Burboy and his usual PC/Phone setup to do his schizo routine and when someone took the bait it caught the attention of some copycats. He's painfully easy to imitate when you stop and look, use a few key words and everyone'll assume you're Burz. Years of the same playbook that only works because he operates in /trash/, 4chan's back alley. Literally years.

Hope they appreciate the shit we put up with, I promise you if /hmofa/ somehow actually died off all this would come after them. This kind of dedication doesn't stop with just one scalp.
>wake up
>new thread nearly at bump limit and meta thread had several new replies
ohhh boy.
>Retard gets banned
>Thread goes quiet
I believe thats the copycat
It was literally legal gibberish copied and pasted from what I think was reports on Benghazi? I think? It was so long ago I just remember it mentioned the Clintons a lot

Like I said, it was just paragraphs and paragraphs of fucking gibberish with images of the Joker; they did it non-stop for several weeks until they got range-banned if I remember correctly
Or Burzum
Neither of the actual problem posters got banned. Seems like janny sucks cocks today
I mean they sure shut the fuck up in a hurry once the banhammer got swung around, so at least it did something
Dont count on it, it’ll happen again
Here’s what’s going to happen.

>Burzum thinks he has his arch nemesis banned due to global rule 9
>Burzum then hides and sweeps all of his actions under the rug, rinse and repeat.
>Time passes, the general goes back to normal
>Burzum starts shitposting again and soon picks new Anons who he thinks is his arch nemesis is.

Enjoy the show.
And he's already back. Okay seriously, can someone tell me what made him fixate this hard on a general in trash whose focus is basically summed up as 'holding hands with cute animal ladies'? What pissed him off so much? I don't buy it being some purity of the thread crusade.
Called it
He's jaded and bitter that the thread isn't like it was back in 2017, so now he wants to kill it permanently. It's that simple
You might be referring to me, and yeah I admit I interact with him too much and I probably shouldn’t. I understand if y’all think I’m him because sometimes I’ll talk a bit like him. I don’t think he’s a phoneposter.
>believing what he says
Wow, he's a literal embodiment of the old man yells at clouds memes? raptor jesus give me strength.

Even lies have a grain of truth, and he has the conviction of a fanatic on a crusade. No one is this dedicated over a shitpost, the amount of time, effort, and energy put into this screams madness.

I just thought his madness would be deeper/funnier than 'BACK IN MY DAY YOU WHIPPERSNAPPERS RABBLE RABBLE' you know?
>I just thought his madness would be deeper/funnier
Nah, expecting too much. The only deep thing here is how deep the mental illness runs.
It runs deep
If he’s really a university student I’m surprised he’s managed to get into there, unless he’s pretending to be mentally ill.
The university student is Dylan. I don't think they're the same person-- b****m has posted screencaps from wizchan before, which combined with his autistic mannerisms leads me to believe that he's either already a wizard or rapidly approaching that status.
He’s a retard
We are in agreement there
Also there is a kiwi page about him
You mean the one for Dylan Walsh? Yeah, I read that thread. It was pretty funny to be honest.

Christ that link lmao, but it goes to the thread
I went to bed after noramaramaposting and woke up to a deadthred with a hundred posts of obvious sameshittery and newfriends celebrating dyll's massreplies by taking the b8 and surfeiting the young pennywise with (You)s. That, or dyll's better at convincingly newposting than before. They do carry that masturbatory tinge of his usual egoposts.

It's like waking up to a satanic orgy of writhing, pulsing flesh and sundry bodily fluids on my dining room table. Y'allsyousyinz tryna to summon digital nergal and make my coof worse, I swear lmao.
Honestly he’s really looking for attention at this point
Holy shit forget hmofa why the fuck is /trash/ filled to the brim with the mentally ill?
>why is a largely unmoderated anonymous imageboard with a plethora of disgusting niche fetish threads full of mentally ill people
It's a mystery
You have to remember that /trash/ is a literal dumping ground for 4chan at large, and all the positives that entails. Ultimate freedom shy of kiddie stuff, personal (rl) attacks and automation seem to be the only hard and fast no-no’s.
The fact they won’t allow furry stuff on other boards means we’re pretty much forced to cope. I dare to think the civility that could be achieved if the usual generals could have a furry board with actual moderation.
(282.34 KB 600x758 stere.png)
Is it true that burzum really posted cp and basically got away with it through ban evasion?
Actual pedo wtf. If true, god damn he's hopeless.
that was quick, he's already fishing for you's in the new thread
He is a pedo
I’m going to use this time to rest for a while. Dylan you’re a fucking Jew and you will be exposed. Furchan is my home.
Just some poor impersonation by the looks of it
But still it gets tiring
(23.10 KB 1024x137 nuisance.jpg)
Whoever keeps making these thread derailing prompts needs to fuck off.
Calm yer tits it's better than the shizos having another merry go ride in the thread. I'd also advice against complaing about every little thing, they might use it against the thread and make it an issue
I just don’t want to use the 4chan thread if the retards are going to derail it every time.
Not much we can do man,some people are just that dedicated take Dylan guys an absolute nutcase he wanted to kill scaly but it's still there although granted I don't know much about what conspired against him and scaly
And he’s starting again. I bet he has a Discord and shit.
>it's better than the shizos having another merry go ride in the thread.
Yeah, you're right. That shit's on a level of it's own. I'm just going to continue to ignore it. I apologize for the way I acted, and I hope you have a decent rest of your day, anon.
>take Dylan guys an absolute nutcase he wanted to kill scaly but it's still there although granted I don't know much about what conspired against him and scaly
The fact we have information on him helped (the KF stuff), but also /scaly/ is much slower and seems to have less traffic from new sources. As such, the occasional attempts to troll go totally ignored.
Well, that and ol' Dilly-Willy has been caught several times using bots to spam corrupted, tiny versions of thread images to try and escape bans.
Lastly, and take this with a pinch of salt, but I believe people have worked out where his university is and have called it before to get him in a bit of RL trouble. If true, that would explain a lot; without online anonmity and the idea that someone could start trouble with people you actually deal with every day, I imagine most dedicated shitposters might just think twice.
Someone should update the KF thread
Jesus I didint know it was THAT bad I thought he was just some guy who just went ballistic over scalies. I don't really know kiwifarms or the culture sorounding it but Jesus it seems like he pissed enough to get him doxxed
Not convinced it's him yet here. I'm pretty sure he got scared off completely after /scaly/ or KF straight up doxx'd his ass and threatened far worse when someone got into his 'deepweb' site. Plus we're not seeing the zealotry he has, when he crusades that motherfucker goes full deus vult and spares no expense. Bots, copypasta scripts, goreposting sprees, you name it he does it.

By comparison Burboy is mild, the only similarity they have is an obvious trigger with lizards. He really revs up when he sees scales, yeens, basically anything africa. Add in his usual tactics I think this is a /pol/ washout that got forced out when the place went to hell and slums it in /trash/ using the most basic parts of a pol shitposter's playbook for attention. The first post bait post attempts are literally the first thing you learn shitposting there, second is derail bait posts fishing for replies you then capitalize on to jam discussion with bullshit

If it IS Dylan he's completely scaled back his antics to avoid being connected to his previous acts and madness like his only grows, not shrink. He should be escalating the longer /hmofa/ exists, he doesn't do deescalations.
Idk, he's told me to fuck off in the past when I was engaging in a bit of ironic anti-yeen posting (all in good fun, I assure you)
So he’s a lolcow at this point?
He would be if people didn't indulge in his cock-guzzling antics. Then he gets to have fun with his rotary wheel of generic insults that, I swear some day, will automatically flag him as a bot due to just how uninspired they are.
That and the extreme lazy post-linking posts.
(319.95 KB 660x371 1627090277875.png)
If it makes you guys happy, I have a WIP filter that 95% effective so far. I started working on it like a week ago, it's just a collection of buzzwords he includes in all of his posts.
I'll post it on /trash/ when it's ready. Reason I'm not posting now is because the filter is currently set to highlight and not hide.

Requires 4chanX btw, but it's pisseasy to install(use violent monkey). If he attempts to evade the filter, you report it under 'intentionally evading spam/post filters'
I feel like the only way we'd see that is if we do the worst and funniest thing I can think of to him and immortalize the fucker in /hmofa/ as a meme. Make him Anon's insane human female ex-gf with all that entails.

>Car got key'd? Bursy
>Bag of dogpoop on the porch? Bursy
>Minivan passes by and "FAGGOT" is heard? Bursy
>Random drunk calls at 1am begging Anon to take her back?
>Motherfucking Bursy

He wants to be the boogeyman, but to be honest acts more like a jilted ex a few bottles of wine in.
One of these days I'm gonna switch away from firefox so I can start using this stuff. Firefox used to have 4chan x, but from what I've found, the only version is years old, so I doubt it works any more.
(113.47 KB 1016x894 pic-selected-210817-1559-08.png)
Are you talking about the extension in the Firefox add-on store? That addon is unofficial.
To get the latest 4chanX, you need violent monkey to get the latest version.
>Go to the addon/extension store
>Download violentmonkey
>Go here: https://github.com/ccd0/4chan-x
>"click here to install 4chan X"
I’ll be back in the future, I feel this is the end of Dylan/Burzum
Thanks! Got it working now. Should make things a bit more habitable.
(62.65 KB 771x366 1598938981753.png)
I know he's a pedo, but did that fucker actually posted that shit?
Nah, this is only the beginning. He started shitposting 4 years ago and said he’ll stick around for another 4 years. That is probably the only statement from him that I’ll believe.
Yes and he’s making a scene right now
Mhm, he’s finding any way to get attention when he doesn’t get it. It’s kind of hard to ignore him when he has an unlimited amount of options to get people fishing.
And now I’ve learned my lesson from that - every time I replied to him I expected something different, but it’s always the same three phrases. I kept going and going and for that I want to apologize. It makes me no better than him and just floods up the thread.
Hopefully feds can remove him, since the mods won't.
Honestly Furchan is a good idea and it can help deal with Dylan here. I really don’t know how long /hmofa/ will last with him there.
'Same three phrases' are easily filtered and my wip filter is doing a good job so far.
At this rate, he’ll have to die or get arrested. He never ever wants to admit defeat, that’s what keeps him going. Even when he’s defeated once he just comes back in with a new strategy.

If it succeeds, it succeeds. If it doesn’t, he’ll still talk about succeeding virtually nothing.
Lmao he think filenane research is a good strategy
Exactly. Though I’ve made some posts I’ll regret I really don’t give a shit. Again, as a recurring visitor, no one knows me. They have nothing on me - not even a username. It’s like he wants to start an uprise on anyone even if they don’t have a platform, but it’s just for driving away people.
What can overdrive him into a full fucking meltdown?
>Dylan is lurking here
What a fucking cuckold.
No idea, but he’s here right now so he can cross post and fill up the thread over there. Oh boy.
Yeah I noticed.
He’s coping badly.
Sneed and cope, Dylan
Gonna get back to my life now, but remember - it’s open season against Dylan.
Have a feeling Burzum be image dumping an entire comic since he wasn’t getting any attention, coincidence since he isn’t there.
>Islamic song
>burzum shits up thread
>I mass report him
>burzum gets banned
>burzum ban evades
>burzum shits up thread
>I mass report him
>I get soft banned
>can't submit reports anymore
>I ban evade
>I mass report him
we are here
I miss when 4chan had 'ban evasion' as a report option.
Yeah I was surprised to see ban evasion wasn’t an option.
Apparently jannies aren’t used to this guy enough, someone really gotta come in clutch.
Lmao, based
(176.93 KB 772x838 1623945940706.jpg)
(92.40 KB 480x854 1609538414154.png)
(10.53 KB 657x136 1616692861771.jpg)
Ok hothead. How does your post do against these? (Pics too, I copied the filenames)

>No, you're just a tourist who started posting here in 2020/21. You know nothing.
>You weren't here in 2018 or even 2019, you don't know me or the history of these threads. So shut the fuck up, ignorant vagrant.
>I need to be cleansed. It's time to make amends. For all of the fun The damage is done. And I feel diseased. I'm down on my knees. I need forgiveness. Someone to bear witness. To the goodness within. Beneath the sin. Although I may flirt. With all kinds of dirt. To the point of disease. Now I want release. From all this decay. Take it away. And somewhere. There's someone who cares. With a heart of gold. To have and to hold.
>I don't want to share these threads with a bunch of 18-20 yo cocksuckers from Twitter. Leave. At least 4 years ago most posters here weren't outsiders.
>https://twitter.com/bunkk12/with_replies https://twitter.com/BnuuyL/with_replies https://twitter.com/Foxymilkies/with_replies https://twitter.com/fwappriciator/with_replies https://twitter.com/sup_mate/with_replies https://twitter.com/Narric_nsfw/with_replies
>You started posting here three months ago. What do YOU know about me or this general? Nothing. Stop embarrassing yourself, single digit IQ sperg from Twitter.
>https://arch.b4k.co/_/search/filename/stere.png/ Pitiful.
>Oh, look a /v/edditor https://arch.b4k.co/_/search/filename/1598938981753.png/ https://desuarchive.org/_/search/filename/1598938981753.png/
>Oh, the irony. A self admitted newfag accusing me of being one. This is why I don't take anyone here seriously
>You started posting here three months ago. What do YOU know about me or this general? Nothing. Stop embarrassing yourself, single digit IQ sperg from Twitter.
>You are blind and ignorant.
>Stop posting in this general, adolescent autist.
>Just a threadly reminder that this poster is a literal teenager from Reddit.
>Stop posting here, teenage cocksucker.
>Kindly fuck off out of this thread, a literal underage autist that used to go by xcube.

He admited to using 4chanX to scramble his filenames. Can we make an archive of his shitpost and create a filter or a case for evade spam/post filterers? I thinks so.
Fuck dude you scared me for a second
BURZYOUNI-wait... You motherfucker.

But yeah thats about all burzy ever posts unless you miss his more automated responses. god it really says something about how... formulaic he is that just seeing those made me think the nutbar actually broke in here to screech.
It is pretty rich coming from a faggot who hasn't even started visiting the site almost a decade before I did. Funniest part is he acts the most like a newfag out of anyone else I've seen. He's his own special brand of retard.
is burzum lurking here now too? He's suddenly talking about college kids
So far, my filter can hide everything you listed, except for:
>"I need to be cleansed-"
>Twitter links
>https://arch.b4k (but the one that had /v/edditor in it is filterable)
>"you are blind and ignorant"

As for images, I don't know if scrambled filenames can hide from md5hash filtering. If true, then I just report for 'intentionally evading spam/post filters'
Ever since it got brought up in the thread he’s been lurking here and crossposting because he’s a spineless coward since he knows he’ll get banned here
instead of posting his txt and images here, I am just going to link the desuarchive links. Here is just a few from the last thread:

what is that arch link? is that supposed to be his deep web site?
Yet another point for 'massive attention whore' imo. If he wanted to actually plead his case for 'NEWFAGS RUINING IT ALL RABBLE RABBLE' heres his chance. Instead he looks like a crazy man posting at voices in his head. I like it cause it makes him 'old man yells at clouds' man.

Maybe? All I know I ain't touching one of those links on the off chance he weaponized the site and it tries to malware my ass with autism.
All I wanted was a waifur fuck
Just a shortened version of this
>https://arch.b4k.co/_/search/filename/stere.png/ Pitiful.
(475.35 KB 1948x988 Squorlwantscider.png)
I'm sure it's a sentiment many can share friendo, a pity really.
Shits fucked mate
he is posting a excessively. NOW is the time to report him.
>Burzum seething still
You won’t do shit faggot
I wish I could but I got banned for 3 days LOL
Try 29 days
Sounds like a bitch to deal with, hopefully you get through it
Thing is, I trolled against Dylan and it showed that the Jannies don’t ban him.
Need a refresher - Burzum has buddies that’ll help him flood up the thread?

Hive mind type shit.
Yup, this is classic /pol/ tactics and exactly why the ID system was put in place on that board.

Oof, yeah I'm willing to bet the jannie on duty is just done with this shit and would rather shoot the messenger. Easier than playing wack-a-tard with burz since the second he gets banned he literally goes to his modem to IP hop.
I think they have a Discord
Lol the janny did a hard ban on me. Inb4 Dylan is the mod.
Nothing will happen right now, considering multiple people have gotten banned for reporting while him and that antiscale spammer didn't get shit.
Still gonna report him anyway though.
I wouldn't be surprised if the reason he got banned the other week was because a mod actually got triggered by those tranny wojaks he was posting, lol
I think the biggest flaw with Burzy's huge conspiracy about gay anons is that /hmoma/ is a dead general that regularly needs bumped off of page 10, you'd think if le gays were truly coming for /hmofa/ then their own thread would be a bit more active than that.
Burzum really just got set off because someone was talking about their story set in a college, and it was just the word “college.”

This man will find any excuse, any tiny flaw, any minor inconvience - God it really make me wonder what went wrong in this kid’s life.
It's just your usual troll sees fire, pours gasoline on it. There's no massive conspiracy just alot of autism and burz knowing how to use his phone to samefag his posts to bait harder. Yet another /pol/ technique btw.

threads would be nuked if thats the case. It's just a pissed off Jannie done with responding to the reports, they've been going on literally all day at this point I imagine.

I think we got a 90s senator in the closet situation myself.
>baiting people now
>by posting off-topic faggot porn
>90s senator in the closet situation myself
We already knows he browses /hmoma/ and has a twitter account, he's guilty of everything he accuses other of being. I mean he's literally posting gay porn he has saved right now.
>they've been going on literally all day at this point I imagine
And they're gonna keep going on too, fuck janny
It really makes me wonder if his dad actually belted him. Most likely another lie but holy shit I’d love to have a nice chat with his father.
Speaking of which, someone said they knew his twitter account?
I think you guys need to see that his inane screeching won't stop, he sees anyone moving away from the thread as a victory so staying here isint gonna help much either.You have to either match his autism and just keep on having discussion while ignoring his constant babling until little baby gets tired of his tantrum
Nearly every accusation he makes is projection.
>calls others autistic- is the most autistic one in the thread
>calls others imbeciles- has not made a single intelligent post
>calls others gay- is the only one posting fag shit in the thread
>calls others twitterfags- despite using the platform
etc etc
I am going to report him until he is ranged banned
Burzy can’t even post here
A lot of people have tried that, and when we ignore him he disappears all of a sudden and then some random fag comes in and starts spamming shit. Again, we already know this, but attention is all he wants.
He was getting desperate since his usual shit was ignored

I got the belt myself but I ain't this fucked up. I just got punished for being a dumbass like stealing a stopsign and getting caught by a cop. Stupid kids shit ya know? This? This is someone whos way past 'dad was a dickhead' territory and possibly into 'creepy uncle/aunt who wanted to play games with him' territory.
(45.47 KB 352x395 r2kj.jpg)
He's posting gay porn. It's all so tiring.
Not the point I'm making.These type of behavior isint exactly new he's the type of person who feels accomplishment for "killing a general" which is frankly impossible since you can't stop people from posting behind a screen but even so it will only continue if you let it rule over you.im hopping back on in there and talk about fuzzy women
I gotta wait a month due to rogue jannies. I might focus on my job until then.
Just evade, bro. Clearly everyone else does it without consequence.
Don't you might inspire the ire of the rogue jannie
I dun wanna tho, I got a job
That's the point ignore it and assume every poster that starts some drama as him
I have been banned 3 times today for mass reporting him. All for 3 days. Working on by 4th ban now.
Sometime I wonder if the people who talk shit on Dylan is actually Dylan himself. I can maintain that I talked shit on him yet am not him, but sometimes I wonder if he samefags as if he has MPD
33 bans and counting
What is the best way to ban invade without having to buy a 4chan pass? Most VPN's are blocked and restarting by modem does nothing.

If burzum is going to ban evade we should too to report him.
Do jannies post here?
I wanna appeal
Bless you, anon.
He does. It's a classic /pol/ psyop technique to create false flamewars, drama, and most obviously false consensus. Even goes so far as to try and gaslight with his narrative of 'i am ze true oldfag you are all ze newfags' tripe.

You can tell because of near identical post structure and language commonality with a dash of rabidly attacking anyone daring to generate content. At the least he phoneposts.
He probably feels smug as hell seeing other people are getting banned while he isn't.
Does he think there's a crowd of oldfags cheering him on for his efforts this whole time, and they're just too shy to thank him?
I can post now, but the IP for the vpn server I was using got banned from reporting. Just think how many anons are going to see this ban from all over 4chan.
I feel like my potential waifur left /hmofa/ due to Burzum
I love it when my IP randomly gets assigned to a banned one. I like seeing what someone else posted and got clapped for.
(607.70 KB 1500x1200 saddoggo.png)
Nah, she's probably hiding like the rest, biding their time.
I cant respond to it since I'm banned but thank you for missy shitposts as always
She has to wait a month then
Thank you for these inspiring words in these trying times
Bruh Dylan just posted fucking Nickocado Avocado ass. This is out of control.
>New thread
>Not even one post in
>3 posters
>OP, one on-topic, two of Burzum posting fag porn
You don't understand bro, he *has* to remind people that fags post in the thread. Who is he reminding, exactly? Nobody knows.
He’s going to spam gay shit the entire thread he’s so predictable I just know it.

At least we got this place.
Yeah I think we've provoked a complete meltdown. Anyone got reporter gifs nows the time to ask senator burzy how it feels to have outed his homosexual tendancies after spending his entire career denying that he was a gigantic faggot? I don't have a one sadly.
It’s only going to get worse, I can’t tell if my ban was a good thing or not
It's good to take breaks from time to time for the sake of sanity.
Lookie here, I was right. He’s samefagging as someone from hmoma. Coincidentally after the very moment he went silent for a few minutes. Of course, he went to get some ammunition.
As a based man said, what is the definition of insanity?
>Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity
I wonder how much it would cost to purchase the site from hiroshimoot
>This is what you wanted. This general needs to die. I choose death over humiliation. In Chaos, where we have plunged ourselves, the order of death is more logical than in Order, in which we validate ourselves for so many centuries, and which undoes itself under our automatic steps.

Here it comes :O
Yeah, report that.
>I choose death
What a faggot, thinking he gets to make that choice for the rest of everyone else in the thread.
Probably a fuckton if money. Little shit been milking this site ever since he implemented porn ads,A board specifically for tards who payed for some shitty pass. I think people from the japanese 4chan also complained about him
I can’t dude I’m banned lmao
I was always under the impression the site wasn't profitable tbh

How old is Dylan?
It's a very playing my fiddle as rome burns feel, but I am laughing my ass off. The absolute state of his mind atm must be on fire and screaming. He is that fucking ass mad. He's gone one man rampage, Dylan Roof eat your heart out haha

Age has nothing to do with insanity anon. Not one thing.
Yeah he’s completely fucking lost it, but don’t be surprised when he comes back shitposting like normal in a few hours or so.
He’s going to do it again, get ready
Make sure he doesn’t slam and spam the board with Sea Salt
Either the fag spammer wasn't him or he was doing it from a different device, because his gay little "do you see" post is still up
And we'll just wind him up again, now that I know how his brain works I'm gonna wind this monkey up and watch him bash his cymbals together much as I can. I'm sure his gears will grind down eventually. God my sides hurt
>hope now you can see that it wasn't me, you fucking retards.

>30 seconds later the gay spammer is back
This dude can’t even figure out how to samefag properly without making it look suspicious, he’s going all in
Time for chaos
Lads I love hmofa just know I'll stick to it till the bitter end one autist will not stop my love for it
Update: He got banned again, start a timer see how long until he’s back to it
Based and same. I'll stick around even if it's just him and I, purely out of spite.
Same here. Plus we're figuring out his triggers and switches wether he likes it or not. The Furlumminati will prevail.
I like how he's got to try and drag me through the mud to prove something, yet can't prove shit.
I suspect he's even looked at my twitter account, but I use it to keep in touch with one guy and barely have anything in my bio there, let alone any affiliates, and my Sofurry account even lists 'human' as a goddamn species thing (because I think it's required?)
I mean, there's plenty of people he could use to try and prove his point, yet tags me in his insane rants.
(61.16 KB 293x450 1628237259065.jpg)
Shit's just fucked up today, isn't it? It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic.
> Are you fucking blind or something? You are the disease.

He’s coping too hard right now, this is a sign he’s reloading
Can someone tell to just shut the fuck up and spam more of his gay folder so he can get banned again?
>TFW no waifur to hang out with until ban expires
At least Dylan is getting fucked
And hes back! like clockwork
Nah I’m talking about him posting gay shit, he got banned twice already, but his main IP hasn’t been touched I don’t think.
(1.09 MB 2500x2000 1627580935948.jpg)
It's still kinda funny.
>posts fag shit in previous thread
>acts absolutely shocked anyone would consider him to be the one posting fag shit in this one
(989.89 KB 1240x1601 1629104162278.jpg)
Aw don't be like that, kick back, relax, laugh at his insanity.
He’s been silent for the past 4 minutes. Sucks to say I’m still a newfag but how do you really tell if someone’s banned other than their posts getting removed?
Nevermind he’s lurking, only time will tell until he throws another fit.

Though I enjoy the crossposting because it’s as if he’s speaking to no one.
Since I’m banned I’m gonna ask this, I’m looking to find a waifur for my needs.
There's another thread for that this thread is for meta discussion
Oh rip
he meant on furchan anon. It just don't get much use for obvious reasons
You're welcome.
We needs to come up with ways to ban evade when reporting him

>free VPN's (most require 4chan pass)
>paid vpn's (most require 4chan pass)
>phone hot spon (some require 4chan pass)
>restarting modem (only works for some, and can be ranged banned)

4chan passes are 20$ a piece and so it isn't feasible to keep buying another one.
I hope he got banned, but he probably just took a hot pocket break. At this point I can see the mods banning him but not deleting his post, so there is no direct evidence of his banning for I think the mods don't want to "reward" the constant reporting.
I doubt he deleted his gay posts though and he actually evaded once before the 2nd ban was enough for him
I think he’s taking a break
and he's back
Nah he's just doing his 'newfag git out ree' routine. Waiting for anyone making discussion and such. It's his passive bitch rate.
He is monitoring this thread right now so, I hope you guys can find the thread he hasn't shitposted in yet.
Off we go again
I think everyone’s going to bed right now for school or something lol
I miss when Burzum was just posting gay shit so that he kept getting banned, wish he did more of that
Got a bad feeling Burzum killed my waifur
No activity in the thread = No excuse for Burzum to lose his shit
Fuck this I’m gonna lurk.
See you fags soon.
how does /hmofa/ have so little competent autist to defend against chaos autist like burzum? I thought /hmofa/ would have at least 2 neets who would dedicate the rest of their lives to ip hopping to report him, like burzum has dedicated his to shitting up the thread.

We need a hero
I wasn't in the thread to see the posts that got deleted, but in the previous thread, all his shitposts are still there.
What were the posts that the mods deleted?
So did Burzum get banned or not? I was gone for a bit and it sure as shit doesn't look like he did.
He ban evaded like usual
I’m gonna go to bed now.
Night everyone, see you when my time is done. Please don’t wait up for me, I’ll be back one day.
His alts got burned, TL;DR we kinda provoked a meltdown and he dived on a gay porn image dump and giving the speed of it I think it was his personal stash. Eitherway it was god damn funny.
It was gay furry shit on the most recent one
Burzum is just posting edgy poetic shit at this point, probably too afraid that he’ll get banned again
Good, because reporting that seems to fall under 'automated spambot', just like when he got banned for posting Islamic poetry.
I would report it, but I'm banned.
(659.38 KB 2130x868 WE NEED A HERO.png)
(430.70 KB 558x464 bat-eats-banana.png)
>>553 (me)
WIP filter going very well, false positives are extremely rare, while shitposts are identified.
Need more burzum meltdowns to grow the filter.
It's just another imageboard archiving site like Desuarchives.
Well luckily he sleeps in my time of posting. Although I feel bad for the burgers who'll have to deal with his shitposting in the morning
>Everyone in his timezone asleep
>Declares victory over 'newfags'
>Retcons own perception of reality
>'slow and comfy again'

I'm torn between laughing my ass off and shaking my head. I mean it's probably shitpost bait, but if it isn't, does that mean his every autistic shitflinging fit was because it got too active?

>Something I like is getting popular!

Probably not true but god does his insanity amuse me one way or another.
Im sure thats a different poster tho
He didn't have anything to say about the earlier comic dump that included a couple scenes of gay sex. Funny, that.
No idea what he’s doing now but looks like he’s in his wojak phase. And someone else made another thread dedicated to his autism, wow.
Mods don't get mad for reporting soyjaks.
Not saying to report them, I just found it odd.
Yeah, whoever made that second thread is a moron for doing it.
Make sure to report the soyjaks and the nihilist pastas if you haven't already.
>make sure to report-
I am fucking banned b/c of reporting.
Same but that hasn't stopped me.
Chaos has hit the catalog
What, you mean those other two shitposting threads? I'd hardly call that chaos, just some guy who got bootyblasted.
>two threads
There's 4 of them all giving him attention.
I wasn't counting the one with the fang OP since that was mentioned already, but I didn't notice that FF thread with his name in the OP. What an odd target.
>gay pedo who plays with dolls
Does he think he is helping his case here?
I'm not even sure if thats him tbh but he might of just been inspired by the absolute clusterfuck of afghanistan. At least it's hella obvious bait.
Huh, two twelve hour threads in a row, not bad.

Won’t last long though, he’ll come in and start spamming shit when no one gives him attention.
How it goes, I think I've noticed a cycle. We're in the end part before it starts again as people stop paying attention for him and he quietly gets his schizoalts around the bans he got. Then he gets slowly more active and scales up faster as people ignore him until it's impossible to ignore him. Though as we've seen if he's pushed enough he'll go into a meltdown. Then his carefully used alts get banned and we get some quiet as he won't risk his main IP.

I think we'll have about another days worth of quiet on that front before he starts again.
Considering I'll be uploading another chapter of a story on Saturday (and there's still three chapters I'm uploading weekly beyond that) and I'm on his 'list', sadly so. I'll consider it lottery win odds for him not to super-sperg out, and I can only hope people just don't respond.
I would apologise, but I'm quite beyond that. I won't let him compromise something I enjoy and provide something I want others to enjoy.
What I’ve seen once most people start ignoring him he “disappears” and some random person comes in out of nowhere and starts spamming shit.

I remember the sfur spammer, he said he was posting that Pepper guy’s gay art to “prove a point” that twitter artists/gays shouldn’t be on here, then starts spamming random sfur pics. Called himself an “oldfag” even.

It’s always Burzum. He was the blacked spammer and tried to spam gay shit the other day. He’s so predictable at this point.
>two twelve hour threads in a row, not bad.
Nah the previous one if I remember correctly did 22ish hrs before dying this one might do 14hrs. But don't fucking jinx it.
Yeap, he posted a desuarchive filename search of this reaction pic I often post and then said I have been “marked.”

Not one thing to be sorry over, he loses his shit the moment anyone generates content, even stuff like shitpost wonderhits such as elzillabeth or dragon knight. He'd be sperging it up if his alt devices weren't banned. We know what he wants at this point, easiest way to deal with him is ignore him until he goes full retard and report him at that point where it's impossible to ignore his bullshit or sweep it under a rug.

Very. Very damn obvious. Thats the midgame, falseflag shitposting claiming to be the savior. Mucho CIA glowie. Best counter is calling him out with unlinked posts since he uses (You)s to figure out when he's hooked someone. Never confront him directly just preach truth. Eventually it'll get through people's heads that he samefags and if you don't engage he'll be shut down.

Course that sets off the lategame spam spree. But at that point we all know what to do.
Wdym by unlinked posts? And wouldn’t calling him out still be directed at him?
I mean don't go directly replying, no giving (you)s to him.

There's a marked difference in response time. Direct response comes rapid fire and usually just his canned shitbait. Indirect takes him anywhere from 5-10 minutes to notice and try to attack from what I saw. The second he sees a red ! in his tabs he comes faster than the boys in the hood to the sound of fresh watermelon being sliced.

Main thing is getting anons to not take the bait in the first place but they forget eventually. I know it's a paradoxical thing but it is how you have to play it when people start falling for it again.
There's always going to be new people who just don't know, sadly. Shit, that's what got me fast-tracked to his list when I first started posting stories a couple of years back since it prompted him to research into my other, non-/hmofa/ stories.
I still somewhat suspect my less than stellar response put me on a few other people's own lists (and maybe even blocks), but oh well; lesson learned.
Ah I understand now. Yeah that is a good approach I guess but I have no idea how I would do that.

Also would like to point out how ironic it is for Burzum to call me a newfag because “You don’t know me (same 10 insults)” yet I’ve been on long enough to see his pattern and how predictable he is.
Is it though? remember when he spammed hmofa threads in the catalog with wojaks? Then theres also phases when he suddenly becomes anti-scaly.
Yeap, but it’s usually one consistent cycle
>Starts baiting everyone
>Thread goes bad
>Keeps baiting
>People start to ignore him
>Stops posting
>Couple of good threads
>”Random” spammer appears out of nowhere
>”Random” spammer leaves, Burzum shows up out of the blue
>Burzum starts false flagging and goes back to the same 10 insults
>I have no idea how I would do that.
Assume every shitty post is made in bad faith and don't respond. This will improve the quality of the thread either way.
>remember when he spammed hmofa threads in the catalog with wojaks?
I'm still of the opinion that was someone else. There seems to be a person who seethes at the very existence of /hmofa/ both as a fetish and a thread who is active elsewhere on /trash/. If you opened that shitposting thread from the other day with the Legosi op you might have seen him make a long, exceedingly autistic post detailing his misanthropy and comparing hmofa to bleached/blacked (bc he's a furcuck). That isn't the first time he's posted a screed like that. If a poster mentions "hmofa niggers" that's probably this guy.
Case in point, someone appears to be getting triggered right now by the inclusion of "hmofa" in the op of /mmog/. Wouldn't be surprised if the wojak spam started shortly.
(599.02 KB 1024x637 just.jpg)
Here we go.
8 hours and looks like we got away with it. Burzum went on the other thread shitting on other threads and had a complete meltdown, saying he wasn’t ESL or homosexual, but it’s mostly narcissistic-schizophrenic type shit.
Dylan is the true maggot.
Seriously, he needs to be taught a lesson.
Man really just made a list of “the undesirables” which is every /hmofa/ content creator. I’ll give him one point for putting Dogsmith on there, though he clearly belongs on the list as well.
Still waiting for the day he posts creators, waifurs, stories, art, etc he actually likes. If he's incapable of listing things he enjoys, then it means any sort of excuse for 'caring about' the general is complete bullshit, because he has no metric by which to even suggest ways to improve the thread.
Y'know, unless he's just a complete liar.
>Imagine replying to our posts on the main general
Doesn’t Dylan have that type of face/jawline that /pol/fags have?
I swore I saw that image of his face before.
He has no one to bait what do you expect?
Since when did they find his face
I know he’s white
>nta, but we've tried ignoring him for long enough. at this point just have everyone in the thread respond to him, fuck it
That anon is retarded, that's why.
Litterally him samefagging just don't give it attention
>That long post
I hate nihilists so much it's unreal. Utterly disgusting """philosophy""", its adherents are fit only for death.
>One joke and Dylan has ammo
>T-Thanks for proving me r-right!
Who are you winning over? No one.
Not gonna lie, he almost had me. I thought what he always complained about was the only way I could fit in but then I realized the only person who actually cared was himself, so now I don’t really give a shit.
Am I seriously considering to take a fucking janny application when they become available?
No jannies on /trash/. That's the entire point of the board. Just buy the whole site, it'll be easier.
Typical 9-5 fast food employee
Was Dylan in special needs?
I wouldn't be surprised. I heard he's on disability for autism or something.

It's fucking rich that he's the kind of leech that's fucked things over for a lot of people including myself in Australia. Literal communism bullshit for university entrance scores and they rounded mine down to the lowest denominators in my class. Literally chunked my score low enough not to make the entry requirement.

The cunt.
So today, I learned not to joke about breaking global rule 4. Now my idiotic ass has to wait around 4 days before I can post on any board again. At least on the bright side, I'll have a break from Burzum.
My condolences guy, as I've said before,
Mods are faggots.

On a completely unrelated note, what's your favourite waifur? I'll likely have something for you in the /fg/ thread.
I broke rule 9 and made the Jannies think I was Dylan.
Be happy you’re not me.
(312.68 KB 1047x1099 897465234198645.jpg)
burzum put me on his list twice
>They dont ban evade
ngmi and hey i know youre lurking here dylan, i saw that shitty screencap you made
You are the poster child of ban evading nigger
Back off buddy, Burz is MY gf.
>Doesn’t Dylan have that type of face/jawline that /pol/fags have?
You mean a chad's chin? No way. Burzum wishes he looked as good as a /pol/ack.
(16.45 KB 555x366 Mod-Feedback.png)
Is mod feedback suppose to be a complaint box?
Telling mods that there's currently a ban evader that got away with posting a dead, naked child sounds like a valid comment that falls under 'moderation feedback'.
i see a severe lack of snakefus but ill take whatever we can get
You sure you should be drawing tho? Thought you were taking a break
Less taking a break more like my brain's kicking my ass harder than before lol.
Well id give it a few more days, but yeah sometimes the you just wanna do shit
Lmao, he's having another meltdown but he knows better than to start the wojak/pasta shit again.
What an angry individual. You're going to have a stroke it you keep this up, Burzy.
I hope he does lol
Where is the anon who was making the filter?
>Kill the thread? I want to preserve it.

Proceeds to say all current content creators including talented artists like DeadMimicked should rot in hell.
He abandoned that pretense already, he's no longer hiding that he wants the thread dead. He explicitly said this earlier today.
Nah he’ll go right back to saying he’s preserving the thread. DID type shit.
Well at least the Americans can post knowing dylan is asleep. Still feels bad man
Dude he’s still awake look at the thread
Thats what Im saying hes been awake for awhile now sonner or later that tank of his is gonna go bust
Considering him this is normal, he’s been up for 2+ days straight before
He never sleeps. He takes amphetamines so he can stay awake to shitpost. He hasn't slept in 4 years. His diet consists of nothing but coffee and Monster Zero Ultra. His piss is neon yellow and always burns. He is truly the ultimate lifeform.
I wonder if he advertises /hmofa/ in other places himself just to draw in more "enemies" to fight back against.
Yeah, he's probably the guy that drops by other furry threads to piss people off with HMOFA supremacy posts too.
> 3-hour threads
I wonder why
>Responding to hours ago bait
Yeah looks like little baby is awake
>feeding it
Why can't people learn to hide and ignore
Of course he does. Remember, nearly everything he says or does is simply projection.
Why does he exist
Some samefaggotry on his part or some other random who just decided to pop in the thread.Althoug it's weird to see him veer off from his usual "newfag" spam to degenerating to "Bee bee ceee", seems like that other spammer hit a nerve
also Ironic since he spams shitted everytime he get ignored
I’m honestly surprised the alt thread is still fairly inactive relative to the main thread. You’d think after all these years, it would get at least some consistent activity, at least when the main thread in such a bad state. I guess people just prefer talking about him over human males and female anthros.
Eh mostly three people there having a laugh at him at these hours maybe later, although shilling this chan in the OP has been suggested before
>mostly three people there having a laugh at him at these hours maybe later,
I doubt it when this thread has existed for like, a month and it’s only 100 posts short of matching the replies of the on-topic thread.
I'm guessing it's less any of the threads being more or less active than usual and instead the meta thread just giving people a place to complain without filling up either of the others like before.
It needs more of the better writers to head over there to populate and induce discussion because, let's be honest, I rarely generate any buzz about my works.
Don't feel bad man, it's the work that goes into it that counts. Although to be honest my works dont get that much traction either
here's the filter
Be sure to read the comments at the top of the paste.
Accidentally posted it to make all comments highlight by default, just delete that, the paste already says how to remove it.
I have it highlighted to make expanding the filter easier.
Bless you kind sir
Be sure to use the MD5 filters in the ghostbin too.
It's a toss-up between Master Tigress and Miyu Lynx. Honestly, I'm the "horny little bastard from /hmofa/" that pretty much got Fritewag to start writing "a lotus by any other name."
Love how there was /blacked/ near the end of the thread and black crime statistics and cucksmith, oh boy
Still here, Dylan
lmao look at that wojak fuck evading filters.
He is still here, after all this time. He can never go, there is no escape.
sorry for more gremlin Jin
you're all g lol
Guess we had too many good threads in a row
Don't worry Anon, we can talk about stuff here while the thread is in shitshow mode.
>inciting incident is a /v/ thread
so which option is more likely:
a) a random /v/ermin who has nothing to do with the /trash/ thread made it
b) a falseflagger made it specifically to incite shitposting
c) an actual newfag made it not realizing what it would cause
Pretty funny that he admits he never posted in the past few slow threads but the moment he starts in this one it goes to shit.

A weird coincidence, I'm sure.
he's lying.
Dylan is at it again, someone post his YT page.
Stop believing things he says at face value, it's bait. It's a blatant lie made in the hope that someone will try to argue with him about it.
Seriously what set off the retard?
I was gonna say "read the thread" but considering the state it's in that'd be a total waste of time lol
There was a /v/ thread where the OP was just "hmofa" and he got triggered, then some tripfag started replying to him
I wonder if his 3 day ban is up and he immediately started spamming again. As autistic as Barney fag. Probably gets triggered on other boards when he sees a furry woman.
I used to be annoyed when burzoomer posted but him talking like a supervillain is prime entertainment.
He obviously made that thread.
Any comments on this filter?
>Dylan meltdown
Good to see we're having another 3-hour thread, great.
It's replying to itself again.
Got back from work an hour ago and it’s gonna be a 3 hour thread. Man
There’s two of him now, what
>Dylan is the real schizo ITT
Color me shocked
oh well I guess the Americans get to have a good thread while we have to deal this
It's sad, this is when I usually post stuff. Us insomniacs get boned as well. Usually get to post a chapter or something then Boom, shit post time by faggotmcfuckface.
(13.32 KB 750x575 welp.jpg)
>the main thread
my god i turn around working on a piece of art and it just devolves...
(266.61 KB 1019x1018 shitecanoo.png)
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a shitslide,
No escape from this fecal sea~
cute kot
The fuck she doing get her outta there
This dumbass schizo claims to have found my “deactivated twitter account.”

Dude just wants to throw shots at anyone, man is retarded.
He throws completely unsubstantiated shit around all the time. He's tried to label me with political affiliations that I have neither any interest or support in, in an attempt to turn people against me, as well as try and layer on other shit I've never done on my non-/hmofa/ content.
Not as if I hide my shit on my accounts either, I obviously just don't post it where it isn't wanted. The political affiliation one is doubly hilarious since he claimed it was on my twitter profile, along with pronouns. I literally say I'm an amateur writer and that's all I give.
Hey, Mimicked I have a question. I know you're lurking and sometimes post a drawing or drawings related to what people are talking about in the thread. Do you plan on coming back anytime soon or are you just going to wait until this entire crap blows over (which looks like it isn't going to I hope I'm wrong) as someone suggested a while back (even though I assume you've been lurking prior to that anon saying what he said)?
The best thing you can do is to just hide his posts and not respond. Believe me, I know how tempting it is to humor him, but that only serves to clog the thread even further. Because no matter what, he is not going to concede in whatever stupid argument you get into with him.

He's extremely easy to filter, so just ignore him.
>mods bonked burzum's posts again
For real?
Wow mods are actually coming in clutch now. Let’s see how long until he’s back.
I'm assuming he's the one who posted the "guess who's back" video
Yup it’s him

Get this man outta here
I wonder how much he spends on passes, lol
I never really left, but yeah I'll likely be more active once it settles down more regularly. Though that always depends on my own state of mind as per usual.
where the fuck is the thread
Abandoned. Everyones playing Morgan pro skater.
what? I missed last thread did dimsum finally realeased it?
Very early build to let people run around and check things out.
where is it at?
Dylan is at it again.
I expect him go shitpost for three days straight.
and we were having such a slow comfy thread
He's defending wholesome and I don't know how to feel about it.
Reminder any time he posts his copypastas
>This post appears to be an automated spambot
Or since I'm guessing he didn't wait until the ban was over
>This post is intentionally evading post/spam filters
The guy really should have just ghosted and come back with a new account name, looking forward to spergzum raging about him in the OP for the next two weeks
Ever hear of the phrase "Don't negotiate with terrorists"? The Same applies to Dylan. He gets a half chub the moment he thinks that you caved in
On the bright side, 7 spergposts in a row is peak "automated spambot" material.
well thread's shit again.
Somebody's cranky today
I'm going to see if tranny Janny is gonna notice my report if I list it as "doxing". Who knows maybe jannies will actually do their job for once
>cyberstalking someone because they were a teenager years ago and replying to them 10 times when they make 1 reply
>radolabre makes innocent post
>pedo-necrophile makes 3 replies and posts his steam profile

This guy is the Anti-Chrischan
Not entirely sure claiming the person he's stalking is underage is the optics he wants
Instead of complaining about it and doing nothing in the process but give burzum what he savors, what are your solutions for it?
I was just about to reply to him but then backtracked because I knew it would do nothing. You can never bargain with this man.
Not reply and dedicate half the thread to giving the attention he's looking for?
I think you guys need to realize that he doesn't care about the general don't believe that shit about "saving hmofa" that just a ruse. He wants attention and to kill the thread by driving away content creators
>Radolabre is killing hmofa
(951.24 KB 258x162 tiresome.gif)
Jesus Christ, I thought he calmed down for a couple of threads but he’s lost it now. He’s just going after everyone.
Is it possible to get banned and not get your posts deleted? I'm starting to think those time where he wasn't active was because he got banned or something
I've been banned from other boards before without having my post deleted so it's possible. On the other hand I think they just don't care anymore, I have reported most of his posts for one reason or another over the past few months and I have yet to get in trouble for it
(629.13 KB 1712x1179 sleepyslavcat.png)
tiresome waifur
Weird. I thought the problem was supposed to be that the thread was "under constant attack from an army of teenage newfags", but now it seems like it is just the one.
Everyone is apparently now just the same goat loving redditor. The problem was always only ever him, and if he alone would leave everything would be perfect, I guess.
(777.08 KB 640x480 IMG_0819.MP4)
Where does Dylan live?
Can someone please explain to me why Pecrophile is so obsessed with a person who used to use Reddit and was a teenager?
Lol that thread, they figured out quickly that he made that thread. He’s so fucking retarded he lets his ego get to his head and has to brag about himself. He needs to sew his mouth shut and jump off a cliff because he has a fucking child abuse fetish. I don’t get why he had to post about that serial killer who tortured his teenage victims in the most painful ways possible.

He’s a fucking pyschopath. He’s a piece of shit. He belongs nowhere in society. He deserves to be in jail. I know he just fantasizes about getting his hands on a teenager so he could torture him to death. Genuinely sick person.
Honestly should someone gather information about Dylan and contact the authorities?
For right now, I don’t think it’s worth it. The only thing we really have on him is the video of that naked child getting killed but that was deleted by mods in minutes, and they probably couldn’t do anything about it either.

But if he has one video like that, there’s gotta be more. We’ll just wait and see.
Honestly what can drive Dylan to pure insanity?
The fact he will never live up to his sick and twisted fantasies. He probably doesn’t live on his own and can’t just find a victim to kidnap and torture on his own. Even if he did he’s too much of a coward to do it because he’s probably more than aware of how it will lead to prison.

So this is the closest thing he can get to living out his fantasies - driving away people who are just barely adults. Yes, it takes longer for the brain to mature, but people don’t give a shit unless you’re actually underage. It’s just the norm.
You can. Generally, some take (can't say which), others get you a warning. Same name on twitter usually isn't actioned unless it's a collage of screencaps. You usually won't get the b& for reporting screens of accounts on external sites, but they also tend to sit on them in most circumstances. As said before, always report clear & distinct death threats under the second bubble

Of course. I don't think posts are automatically marked for deletion. The mass-purges (like last week's) usually happen when a large volume of posts are validly reported under the same categories by different users. I recommend going back to those threads in the archive and skimming through the trashcanned posts to see what personas (by posting style) were yeetle-deleted
I should clarify: the usual offenders are politically racy or otherwise strongly opinionated tweets that are intended to foment "grassroots" lynch mobs on the boards. I miss when these were just raids that spammed original memes on Facebook pages for lulz - now it's death threats and gay ops. Lord, i loathe this timeline.
>Hurr self inserd
Man I wish I had green eyes.
>that took him over an hour to make
Kek no wonder his activity was a little slow. Hey faggot post here already no one is gonna fucking hurt you stop being such a pussy
>hurr durr radolabre was a redditor and teenager!! redditolabre!! guys!!

imagine his face when you tell him he was also a teenager before. this nigga
Does he have any close relatives or family? Y'know for Minecraft purposes
Funny how he cries about people from /v/ or /k/ or /the/ but /pol/shit is a-ok despite being one of the most normified boards in the past five years
/tg/ not /the/ lol
You can bet your fat ass that he's also the one complaining. All those obnoxious anti-/pol/ posts follow the exact same pattern as the pro-/pol/ soyboy posts. And whenever his mom tells him to put out the garbage the thread suddenly returns to pre-shitposting calm until he comes back. All those people "taking the bait" all decide to just get up and do something else at the same time. Likewise, he's the one making those posts on /v/ and creating those Twitter accounts. Nobody even knows they exist except for him.

I think he favors /pol/ type stuff, but his political preferences are secondary to his hate for the thread. I've seen him request /pol/-type art from a visiting drawfag, and then immediately go into his typical concern trolling about the result.
now if only the jannies were this based everytime he posts
>gets pwned by janny
>comes back and has an angry meltdown in the same thread
>gets pwned' again
a good night for me
I told you so. He's back, and suddenly we have multiple posts per minute pretending to take the bait again.
I could care less about the fact he’s shitposting when he has a child abuse fetish and owns several child death videos
Not gonna lie, that american psycho edit someone posted was pretty funny.
I didn’t see, mind sharing a link?
Nevermind just found it that shit was funny
Feels kinda lonely without him but just think about how much better life is without him
>another /v/ thread
>he's there telling /v/ermin to kys themselves
>someone followed him there to argue with him more
Pure retardation
Not even trying to hide it today
>This post appears to be an automated spambot
Probably samefagging as always. It's ebin plan to entice a raid has been as successful as everything else in it's life so it now has a full on meltdown.

It has been doing shit like this for at least four years now (probably more) and it still produces nothing but failure. Imagine investing more time into something than a full time job for several years and still being bad at it. What a pathetic creature.
(55.38 KB 1128x837 Riskofrain.png)
>This post appears to be an automated spambot
What's more pathetic: taking the time to set up a spambot, or doing it manually?
Doing it manually, because you can just look up spambot scripts on the internet. Now you have a spambot ready to spam and all you have to do is ignore the spyware that's included in the code.
Sweet, mods banned him twice now.
Kek. He's done with his meltdown and he's trying to be "subtle" now. The same stale bait and buzzwords. He is so transparent he might as well be made of glass.
Looking at the archive and see a bunch of fucking dumpster fire images, what the fuck?

Did he get banned for that? I missed that entire thing.
Yea, mods got him. Twice, in a single thread.
Mods deleted those posts so forget about last thread
How pathetic.

>Kill the thread? I want to preserve it.
I got the feeling he got banned 4 times now since the thread was starting to go to shit then he just went radio silent
The dumpsterposting was new. I'm guessing he lost it over being banned repeatedly.
That’s very Dylan. He’s literally shown screen caps of his scripts designed to save images (of /scaly/ from back in the day), corrupt and spam post them in a similar way, though this time was less corruption based, no doubt to make it seem like legit posting.
Of course when he posted that script and started spamming, he might as well have been holding the smoking gun and got banned almost immediately.
Janny applications are being accepted, someone go grab it already
You guys think after he had his dumpster fire meltdown he completely burned himself out?
I don't know, but how long do you think he was banned for?
I don't think its him though. But what pisses me off more are the retards that fall for such obvious bait. How hard is it to ignore?
It’s definitely Dylan pretending to be some rando from blacked, the projection is unreal
forgot to attach this
I don't know about that. There's plenty of others that have a hate boner for hmofa. And there are a select few who spam blacked too
Not for /trash/, sadly.
we've been over this like 4 times now
see >>377 >>772
I don't know why you guys still seem to think /trash/ is moderated, the fact that it isn't is literally the only defined theme of the board
no, your reports aren't going to be effective, and no, you can't become a janny for it
I got a theory that Burzum actually got a job which explains the very little shitposting recently
No. He just got banned several times and is currently hiding away from the jannies. It's the usual cycle. Give it a few more weeks and he'll be right back to his retardation.
My only question is what he does in the meantime, since it's clear this is his only hobby.
Complain about femboys on /hmoma/. Any excuse to bitch about the bisexual menace.
More proof he’s a fucking pussy
Looks like another episode is starting. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
What do you think it will be this time? BBC-posting? Soyjack spamming? Dumpsterpost botting?
(3.89 MB 200x200 1629826963575.gif)
What happened now.
It appears to have subsided for now, but earlier some attention whore fag came in spamming offtopic gay renamon shit. Then some other anon decided he'd just image dump some ontopic hmofa art, in retaliation to the gay shit. Not nearly as bad as it has been in the past with burz, but whatever.
Autists trying to force things where they don't belong is a tale as old as time

How’s everyone’s day going?
>You have been banned from all boards for reporting >>>/trash/41805666, a violation of Global Rule 7:
(149.44 KB 1119x942 Screenshot_1.png)
goddammit not again
I literally just got a ban for reporting his spam as spam. And the jannies didn't even bother to take the spam down. I didn't realize how much the 4chan moderation hates /trash/
I'm too cheap for a good VPN so I got caught ban evading.
Lmao, it's the /v/ermin who gets assblasted whenever he sees furry shit and comes over to spam. Imagine being that mentally ill
I've been saying this for a while
/trash/ isn't moderated, reporting on it won't do shit unless he literally posts child porn
(50.44 KB 720x1039 photo_2021-05-18_10-02-23.jpg)
It absolutely baffles me how some people get so angry over a relatively harmless thing, and then feel the need to broadcast their anger to the world. Calm down buddy, it's just furry tits.
i dream of a day /qa/ gets deleted
(94.86 KB 748x271 Screenshot_4.png)


seriously though wtf, I filed that report like 15 minutes ago
I can already imagine thread #1600
Yeah I got banned too. Don't care, gonna hop IPs. Janny is being a faggot today.
You got banned for reporting a post that the jannies deleted anyway.
(17.16 KB 466x377 cap.PNG)
looks like they're swapping devices or something.
(123.16 KB 1244x768 18401841984.png)
>Looks like
They are, unless janny wanted to ban half the posts for fun.
guess they didn't even look at the thread before swinging the hammer around lmao
(358.17 KB 899x899 1632170464391.png)
Decency would make them unban those who reported it.
But they rarely ever do that.
It's especially stupid if you get banned while tripfagging and getting banned again for ban evading after the ban turned out to be unjustified with the "responsible mods having been informed" about it.
(1.66 MB 3249x4096 018246810.jpg)
they are pretty incompetent these days
again, ample stupidity
How coincidental that Burzy Baby only reappears after the mysterious soyjack spammer vanishes
>Stubs: Show stubs of hidden threads / replies.
Disable this.

>Recursive Hiding: Hide replies of hidden posts, recursively.
Enable this.
(33.47 KB 629x505 1506303802666.jpg)
>burz shows up
>so do all the anons who need to respond to everything he says
It's almost like they're the same person...
Been out of hmofa for about a week, what’s happened since I’ve been gone
New /hmofa/ themed VN in development.
(46.88 KB 605x670 E-ZM_tnXoAgxhcj.jpg)
Please tell me more. This greatly interests me.
Also apologies if some replies look like Burzum, I don’t have any hmofa images saved and I’m too lazy to save them so it may seem like him projecting but it’s not.
Well well well
Can you stop?
>Well well well
A bunch of anons were worried you were gone for good. Probably that.
Some anon is making a vn and was looking for art/writefags
Here's a link to it https://mega.nz/folder/7UIAxRxL#M9Ymjvm-11NL7qx6ljk5MQ I haven't played it yet but people seem to like it
(43.90 KB 1893x150 Screenshot_5.png)
Who wants to bet this "Robert" guy is actually our dear old friend Burzum?
Somebody's upset their shill bit stopped getting replies
Nah, I doubt it. It was actually kinda funny.
I swear to christ it's always the same anon that has to reply to him every single time.

And I know it's not samefagging since it's the same exact typing patterns as the one who replies to posts from half a day earlier, and the one who admitted that he couldn't help himself but reply when told not to.
Well, time to take a break for a few days. At least we had a pretty decent run of threads before the spergout this time.
Yeah, what else would I expect.

Lovelocked posts his main art account and the schizo loses his mind.
The schizoid says I’ve now been marked

Honestly, I wonder if Burz/Dylan or whoever the hell the current schizo sperging out is will get tired.
The fact that he's going harder smells of desperation.
I think ultimately he's getting angry over the fact that he's not really doing anything.
He has literally shitposted nonstop for 40 hours once. It's anyone's guess how long he will go this time.
He probably takes like 20 amphetamine pills every day. In case you don’t know what it’s like, I take them regularly and it wakes you the fuck up. You can do nothing but responsible shit.
Reminder that no matter how pathetic you feel browsing a furry-in-denial thread on 4chan, you're never as pathetic as the one spending days on end trying to kill it.
(248.36 KB 1573x2214 480126804.jpg)
call this site whatever the admin/mods/jannies whatever at least know how to actually ban
Let this be a lesson to never put your personal info anywhere online. Call me a boomer but idk what the deal is with people just putting it all out there nowadays. I don't see any sort of legitimate reason to do it.
Nah, you just have common fucking sense.
Man he’s trying really fucking hard, wonder how long it’ll be until he gets his first (you)
I'll do it.
I'll fucking do it.
>Burzum right now
Managed to be productive today.
Wrote a story and played some guitar and violin, ignoring the shit flinging. Not considering myself pathetic in any way.
I'm just gonna try to ignore him for as long as I can TBH.
Well sorry I thought I was being very funny.
>what zero attention does to a mf
Apparently, it drives Burzum insane. At least I think it was Burzum who posted the joker laugh.
(764.94 KB 3490x3124 jej.jpg)
I go even further and put in fake personal info online lmao
>I don't see any sort of legitimate reason to do it
Attention. He's been here long enough to know that Burz will use any and all personal info against him.
the fuck is happening with the thread?
Where did all of these mile a minute autists come from all of a sudden? Even without burzum these threads are flying by for no reason.
Wheresmysocks hopped in so it’s very active right now
(5.45 MB 498x589 caption.gif)
post your best burzum memes
Yeah it's way too fast. Thread's full of zoomers. Haha, get it? Because it's going fast and zoom-- ah, fuck it.
(1.36 MB 188x192 skool.gif)
>things going fine, nobody responding to his spergout
>then people start arguing with him
like clockwork.
Why are you investing this much time into making memes involving him? The whole point is to ignore trolls, not feed them more content.
Because it’s funny, plus it only takes like 2 seconds to make them lol
(834.72 KB 216x481 unzips_dick.gif)
Why does Burzum have so much against Radolabre that he has to go as far as to cyberstalking him, it’s really fucking creepy
I wonder what it would take to reignite the Kiwifarms thread. Really want to bring up the fact he posted child death but I highly doubt anyone would be there to see it
Because it's bait and gets a response out of you, how hard is that to understand
This is literally it lmao and no matter how many times it's said ppl continue to act confused about it
>ppl continue to act confused about it
Oh, they aren't confused. It's clearly several anons giving him attention. Their little faggot orgy is what prevents us from having a good thread.
Huh?? Why is he bringing this up now??

You guys think some shit happened?
(276.21 KB 750x1000 1632696182405.png)
To whoever wrote that fucking kiwifarms article, good fucking job. This is why we can't have nice fucking things.
Shit is getting pretty interesting now…

Is he actually telling the truth?
I believe whoever made that didn’t expect Dylan/Burzum to go on that Kiwifarms thread since it’s been dead silent for 8 months, but I guess it confirms his obsession.

I really don’t know. It could be Dylan and Burzum are two different people or it’s just projecting. I got no idea. Shit’s very wild.
I feel like I'm the only one who's aware the Dylan and the other one are different people. Dylan:
>uses spambots
>A script kiddie
>Doesn't use 4chanx filenamer randomizer (If the posts he made today are actually him)
>Spams manually
>Uses 4chanx filename randomizer
Is it even possible? That Dylan and Burzum are different and there was never any self-projecting?

I have no idea dude. This is really fucking strange. I want to say he’s lying but it’s very possible he’s not.
dylan is having a meltdown again
There’s just no way there can be more than one shitposter who’s able to do this consistently almost every day. There’s just no fucking way.
You'd be surprised at what a single sufficiently bored autist can do.
t. has had way too much spare time in the past
Starting to get the message that the schizoid is more obsessed with Lovelocked than radolabre now
Yeah no shit, he latches on to whatever easy bait he can, just like he did with deadmimicked and everyone else who does something he doesn't like.
Yeah he's probably going to keep at this for days on end. Good on LL for continuing as normal though.
(54.42 KB 876x235 Quick-And-Easy-Hiding.png)
Quick and easy post hiding for 4chan X.
>Stubs: Show stubs of hidden threads / replies.
Disable this.

>Recursive Hiding: Hide replies of hidden posts, recursively.
Enable this.
Gotta give LL credit for that.
>twittertard faggot that lurks hmoma and shitposts in hmofa posts quotes from sandnigger subhumans telling how niggers are not human
Holy crap the massive fucking hypocrisy. He and his faggot enablers should seriously go back
I think it’s a great idea to add 2002 to the filter please
He’s posting paragraphs! RUN!!!
>shits himself over everyone replying to Lovelocked
>conveniently ignores one of his beloved oldfags doing the same
Holy fuck how does one not get bored from saying the same shit over and over for hours
Fuck Lovelocked.
He doxxed himself knowing that Burz locks on to any info he gets and spams the threads with it. Hes seen it happen to himself and others a hundred times. I didnt mind lovelocked before, I didnt care that he had a breakdown in one of the threads, I ignored it when he would talk about marvel or kanye. But jesus christ its been a week of LOVELOCKED IS A GAY NIGGER NO HES A BASED ARTCHAD for half of every fucking thread with no end in sight.
Lovelock always replied to bait so the fact that he chooses to ignore it now while every threads on fire about him just makes it look like he knew what he was doing when he linked his twitter.
Threads were the comfiest they had been in a while and then this shit happened. I need a break.
(1.14 MB 1803x1454 1632436187503.jpg)
>Wake up, check the thread
>See storm of autism
What the fuck happened, guys?
I really can't say I disagree at this point, and I even said way back with the reddit guy >>398 about alternate accounts being absolutely airtight.

First thing that ran through my head when he posted his art account was how much burzum was going to have a field day with it.
It's just depressing. Literally two faggots are constantly spamming each other and feeding each other over and over again.
You’re saying it as if his whole career should ONLY revolve around 4chan instead of doing what he wants. Dude, go fuck yourself. You should be proud that an hmofa artist is able to do things on their own, but you just care more about the thread itself.

Yeah, Lovelocked did that knowing Burzum would have a field day, but Burzum doesn’t matter to the fucking world.
This is a dumbfuck attitude. You have someone who grasps at every straw to destroy the thread, but somehow you bumblefucks figure it's actually the fault of anyone but the shitposter. It's the same shitty logic I see with people who think terrorism is going to stop if you ban people from drawing Muhamed. This idea that you have control over the irrational is bullshit. The shitposter shitposts when he has time, as he has done for YEARS before he found out Lovelocked's skin color. Before Lovelocked even showed up.

This guy goes after everyone. He went after Deadmimicked, he's going after those two fox-posters, he went after Happy Dragon, he even went after me. And I'm nobody. Stop being a total retard, or consider not coming back from your break.
Fucking thank you dude. How can you be that fucking stupid to try and blame the artist for freely doing what they want? Of course the schizo is going to have a field day, but it’s not as if it’s lovelocked’s fault, not at all.
You retards are so blind with hate for Burz that you completely miss the point of the post. If youre willing to let lovelocked get away with anything just because he draws sometimes then go make a discord for him so we dont have to watch you all suck his dick.
Again, Lovelocked isn’t entitled to be on 4chan. He didn’t one day just decide to make an account just so he could get Burzum to kill the thread. Burzum wants the thread killed, so he’ll go after anything and everything.
How much do you guys want to bet that the feral fag who keeps posting ferals is the same dude who made that story with the one-armed waifur in the previous thread (who by the way already has a story btw)?
Where the hell did you get that idea?
Take look at the dude's stories. All canines and feral
the guy posting feral is buttblasted at the cookie worship so he is spamming ferals to "prove a point". Don't fall for it.
Watch this thread die and Burzum comes back out of his hidden corner to start assblasting again
>Don't fall for it.
I was the anon who posted the "He's going all out" bait image.
I think it's two shitposters at the moment: b****m and whoever was doing the anti-scalie spam a while ago. The posting style is very similar.
>find the mods of trash
>find the boards and generals they love
>stock up on 4chan passes and vpns
>copy and paste every fucking post that burzum puts here until they do something about it.
>thread going nice and slow for twelve hours
>immediately goes to shit within one
Every single time
What does this go under for reporting?
people would come here if the owner wasn't such a lazy shit
>no (you) system
>still using r9k duplicate system instead of creating a new one
>no way to tell which one of your pis is a duplicate
>no inline quote links
>needs a quick reply system
>still has several bugs I have encountered
>needs a post count

>>no way to tell which one of your pis is a duplicate
Actually, this is in here. You can't post duplicates
That sounds fucking retarded, and an easy to earn a ban.
>go shit up other generals with pasta easily traced back to /hmofa/
Sounds like a great way to get posters from those generals to raid /hmofa/, retard.
You almost wonder if burzy genuinely has BPD or something, hyper-focusing on an idealized version of "his" thread and lashing out at anything that compromises that view.
Because we get banned for reporting the spammers' obvious rule violations instead of them getting banned.
Burzum got banned. Mods = Gods
I don't understand the namefagging but at least he's kind enough to self-identify for easy ignoring.
Missed this while I was at work. Good riddance for now.
I might’ve reported a fuck ton of his posts because I was getting tired of it…
Aight looks like its time to wake up Janny by hopping on multiple ip's to report the faggot again
For what though, I want get him too.
Get to it now, anon, he's spamming again.
Absolute irony of calling someone pathetic when you're schizo gatekeeping a community you don't even participate in.
He truly is a tard, isn't he.
That's because his occupation is a troll. Being ironic is part of the trolling course.
How ironic can it be if you spend every waking hour of the past 4 years trying to kill it though?
Imagine getting worked up because someone posted about you on a dead kiwifarms thread, let alone still visiting it 4 years later.

Actual obsession. I never would think in my life someone would go this far to kill a thread, my god
The only justification for shitposting this long is that a large bet was made. The bet being that he can kill a general and the other side of the wager forgot to add a time limit.
That, or the shitposter is just a fag from another board who got angry at people saying 'she looks like she fucks human guys', and wants to kill the phrase from the source. Kinda like Barneyfag.
Gonna have to go with the latter. Burzum doesn't seem the type have friends IRL or online. Remember, he spends 12 hours a day spamming the thread, when would he have time for friends.
It's not, it's absolute obsession.

You wouldn't do things like background check every single reaction image posted in the off chance somebody said something you don't like eight months ago or meticulously trawl through somebody's twitter or reddit account if it wasn't.
he got nuked again
(52.62 KB 870x179 149710948.png)
Someone should take one for the team and report this post, so that the mods would definitely have to read it.
and he's back
>wah wah you post thing I dislike to spite me :((
Yes, you massive crybaby faggot.
Hey I made that post, don't report me!!!
>I might be wrong, but isn't Walsh known for using scriptbots, while Burzum just manually spams. Also, Burzum's general posting times match up for Britbong posters, while Dylan is an aussie.

Read the kiwi farms thread. This dude is a known liar, like really huge liar; setting up multiple fake accounts and going so far as pretending to be someone who is mocking himself.
(579.16 KB 2048x1536 1585621439370.jpg)
Can Kiwi find a way to track him? He needs to be thrown in jail.
Do you have a yellowbook for Adelaide? If not, then I don't know what to tell you.
Is he from Adelaide?
It's where he went to university, I figure he's a local from there.
Definitely resides in South Australia territory, if you are really gonna pursue this.
Honestly the retard can trace IP's with each 4chan post, if someone can do the same with his, he could find his. But due to him using VPN's, its quite a challenge. Also, didn't he have a YT page as well with his real name? Has anyone checked on Facebook for him?
He is either using a very obscure VPN, or a dynamic IP.
I doubt it. Isn't it impossible to post with a VPN on?
(220.33 KB 1200x1011 Yeet.jpg)
>dynamic IP.
I think it's more then this.
He can easily evade bans like under 5 minutes - and he's in love with certain artists. Also Facebook is back online if anyone wants to look him up. Plus there are Twitter pages out there that hunt pedophiles and zoophiles if anyone is wondering.

Here is a few:


Here is a start; also if you have any other proof - report him to the local authorities.
That is why I say obscure, most kown VPN's will be blocked. If he is really using popular VPN's that means he is buying a new 4chan pass ($20) every time.
(73.27 KB 640x620 1563549413192.jpg)
Then the mods know his bank account.
wait. He is a confirmed pedo?
no, b/c he uses bitcoin. They may possibly no his coinbase account.
Yes? Mate if he was a fucking shitposter who did it shits and giggles, he wouldn't be going this hard; let alone fucking using more VPN's and passes. Wasn't there a underage beheading he posted before?
I think it's just more of him using multiple devices at once. If he was using dynamic IP or VPN, then we wouldn't have had that week and a half of him not posting.
Basically, a few months back he posted an image of a child getting murdered.
I've seen him post CP before.
The animal deserves to be shot in my books
Also he has a youtube channel, I believe he's into IT shit.
Makes you think.
(187.40 KB 1481x856 1624982273854.png)
Someone has the Kiwi Farms page, right?
Someone needs to update it and spread the attention. Right now we have ourselves a faggot who needs to be manhunted.
BigRussman here, yeah the same dude who made that Kiwifarms post

What I REALLY want to know is

Are Burzum and Dylan different people? Did Burzum post CP but not Dylan?

I didn’t expect him to see that post so fucking quickly since that thread was dead for ages, but I might’ve struck a nerve with him. Why would he react in such a way?

I really can’t tell if he’s telling the truth through all the bullshit in his mouth.
I believe its the same person.
I need proof that its two separate people.
Good ideas
Personally, I don't think so. If it were Dylan, he would just have spambotted the thread all the time, like the scriptkiddie he is. But Burzum manually posts all that shit, and most of it is unique posts too.
Another question

When I made the post to Kiwifarms it seems to have done damage to both sides and I felt some regret to that. What’s this new spark that’s making you guys go after him now? Did anything important happen while I was gone or just the same old spergshit
I think it's irrelevant at this point. We go after burzum and dylan. Dylan has lied so much in the past that if he isn't burzum and he gets effected he deserves it.
He's getting more aggressive in his raids, mostly his mental health is getting worse and worse. Now he's a pedophile.
I mean I already knew he was a pedo, but did he straight up admit this shit??

I’d like some screenshots
Jannies deleted posts of him showing child getting murdered and possibly raped.
God forbid that is archived...
You mean he fucking did it again??
Has he done this in the past?
4chan attracts personalities like dylan/burzum. There is no shortage of mentally ill people on benifits or living with their parents on 4chan that would be able to assault a thread like this.


so many others. What I think makes this unique is that it has been going on for years and he has been able to show up in EVERY SINGLE THREAD.

I really hope we can get him soon or relatively soon, shitpostin begets shitposting; just look at /qa/. Personalities like burzum are attracted to the feedback he gets from the thread and they will pick up on this. Fortunately burzum is contained to a handful of generals so it might not be as attractive to shitpost in our general for them.
Yes he has

But I want to know if he did it again
not him, but I am not finding anything in desu desu. If buruzm did post CP in hmofa, I would suspect a lot of talk about it.
He did, other Anons saw it
I just want an explanation as to why people are fed up now and what’s going on
God fucking dammit that coward.

How long ago?
Probably because shit like that gets reported and pruned on desu as well.
Him attacking Lovelocked, like all other drawfags. We're sick of the zoomer and nigger copypastas, his shitty music tastes, his endless thread derailment, and his general negativity.
(65.07 KB 900x600 Eyv0YbVWEAEVTAp.jpg)
It's a fucked episode, thank god I wans't there. Take note from what Anons said, they have seen him do it again. I honestly want him in jail for his crimes.
>I just want an explanation as to why people are fed up now and what’s going on
nothing big happen, besides him getting banned and nuked and immediately coming back. How he is posting 80+ post in every thread. How he has been doing it for years. People are just fed up.
Alot of newer people mistake burzum as just an overly autstic and metal member of /hmofa/ as he tries to gate keep everything.

Let it be known burzum in no way shape or form likes or has ever liked /hmofa/. He only talks like he cares about the general b/c he is trying to spur infighting. Just now in the thread he said DM was better than lovelocked despite him months ago spamming that DM was a gook and photoshop her cartoon face over a A. Wyatt Mann cartoon.

He is only trying to destroy the general, so don't engage with him like you can reason with him.
How old is he anyway?
He comes here. Is there a way we could try to find his IP, or does he have to post here to do it?

Not may people come here. You can probably narrow it down by the time of day, frequency, and the such. If it is a dynamic IP we can get the range, if it is a VPN we can get the VPN. He post so much that I still thing a large scale analysis akin to >>1133
(1.50 MB 300x400 1622302676916.webm)
Ask the Admins of the site if they can review all the IP's, including mine and yours.
If it really is Dylan, somewhere around 28. More likely, in my humble opinion, it's someone far younger. I'm thinking maybe 20-21 considering how much of a projecting faggot he is. Also, he speaks like one of those kids who discovered 4chan during the 2016-17 election season. Just my thoughts on the matter though.
He's also a /v/fag who mostly hates /v/fags.
Ironic, really.
bigrussman pls stop you are derailing the thread by engaging with him.
I am not him retard, anyway.
He's now posting in /adhg/ as well now.
sorry, I usually click the post number to open the reply box, forgot to delete the post #
Lmao, also go check /adhg/
He’s going to try and kill three boards at once now:
/hmofa/, /adhg/, /collared/

Good fucking luck with that, you’ll go insane quickly
He's such a retard
>>your mere existence is enough to trigger the shitposter
>live rent free in his head
I will never stop posting here, just wanted to make this clear :)

How much you wanna bet he's baiting?
>Posting lyrics
He's a schizo at this point.
that was how he got his name in the first place, newbie
Is this the one where he was hijacking threads because of that game? Honestly thought he would use that to act retarded again and sperge out about how it's a tumblrina game or something
I feel like today was the most mask-off he's been in a long time, actively admitting he just does it because he hates the thread. Always fun to see him getting clowned on, even if the thread runs a bit off-topic for a while.
None of his "arguments" or "reasons" are credible they are just excuses to derail the thread. Everyone trying to argue with him and call him a hypocrite or say that he is just as bad as the things he is arguing against are wasting their time. He knows this; he hates hmofa. And I still suspect it may be dylan walsh. People keep saying it isn't b/c it doesn't match his posting style in scaly, but those people lack critical thinking. He isn't a robot; he's human, he is doing all of this b/c of some mental enjoyment/issue. It's not his job, so for his techniques to change from objective to objective would be expected.

This person has shown they have nothing better to do than to spam 4chan 24/7, he has LOTS of free time.
Just a reminder to all that we have zero opsec here. Discussing strategies out in the open gives it the opportunity to come up with counters.
Dylan here.
Nice, finally found the thread where you all stalk me. I'm having trouble fully understanding what kind of shit show you cunts are brewing up but I can answer any questions. Btw I have never posted on hmofa (except when I made that post denying I posted cp like a week ago). I've also not trolled /trash/ or any website for ~8 months.
Came here from desuarchive as usual.
And also is it 1-2 of you stalking me, or is this like some kind of autistic secret society? Let's keep it civil since I'm getting really tired of constant daily posts about me.
no one cares you lying sack of shit
>this post appears to be an automated spambot
Funny how you post here at the same exact time burzum decided to shit up the thread. Your a CP loving pedo, whose going to rot in prison once we report you.
(4.15 MB 480x260 burzyboyisafraid.gif)
The burden of proof is on you to prove that I'm burzum, not the other way around. How do you think I could possibly prove that I am NOT burzum, retards?
Besides, no matter what I answer with, you weirdos are totally obsessed with me, to a legitimately unhealthy degree. I think you're just stalking me out of unjust spite.
You have a history of being a lying sack of shit. You have earned the right of nobody taking anything you say as truth; thus, the burden of proof is on you. If you were truly here to redeem yourself you would use your tech skill to identify burzum, but we all know that you are burzum. It's truly fun watching you squeal as you realize that your actions have consequences, pedophile.
Only stops when anon points this out
Somewhat interesting.
Even if it isn't you, at the end of the day we smash to shitposters/pedos with one stone. We know who you are, we know where you live. Your're fucked.
Also it's 11pm in australia and 2pm in the UK right now, so your point is fucking dumb. It's possible for two people to be on at the same time.

Yeah I lied about being some danish artist or something what, 2 years ago. Shocking.
>If you were truly here to redeem yourself you would use your tech skill to identify burzum
I actually have a massive amount of work to do irl. When I made my post before I finally got some free time. I don't have enough free time to dance around in your weird little gay stalking party. It also doesn't directly concern me so I'd rather stay neutral.
>Also it's 11pm in Australia and 2pm in the UK right now, so your point is fucking dumb.
>he thinks this some how refutes that the post on 4chan and here line up exactly on time posted.
Burzum is on like, every fucking day mate. Look at the archives. Your acting like it's some insane coincidence when he's literally on for like 10 hours a day, generally during times that overlap with peak aussie hours.
>dylan is already hyperventilating that he is going to be found on CP charges
>He can already see Tyrone and Bubba ready to tear open his asshole
>Implying he isn't into /blacked/, and that he wouldn't be turned on by this.
No, specifically:
>Australia's law enforcement is literally becoming gestapo-tier and they could jail me for believing in democracy
>You cunts have become more and more active over the past year, and I want to stop your madness before you mail me a fucking bomb or something

If you had a band of mentally insane furries stalking you for 1+ years thinking you're some random cunt, how would you react?
I can't wait to see the headline
>Dumb Aussie fuck sent to prison for CP stash
>Police arrest pedophile with the help of the hacker known as 4chan
>If you had a band of mentally insane furries stalking you for 1+ years thinking you're some random cunt, how would you react?
We have been stalking burzum, not you. The fact that you decide to show your face here when we start to do some real analysis on his post, shows that you are buruzum.
You do realize the Australian government most likely already has all your data? You do know ever since Hiromoot bought 4chan, he's been selling everyone's data to the government and megacorps, right?
I came here because about three weeks ago someone made a post with my name in it (desuarchive) saying that I posted child gore/porn. I checked the kiwifarms, which I usually do when some autistic shit is happening, and someone made a post accusing me of it.
Before then I simply ignored your really bizarre behavior, because I thought it was some harmless autism. Now that's spiraled out of control and you're conspiring to track down info about me, send false reports of illegal activity, etc.

True, but they literally have a law allowing them to "modify data" which I don't trust. They could see I don't have a very positive opinion of my country and plant actual cp or some shit on my computer. Australia is moving into literal communism and I'm not joking. I'd rather not attract any eyes of a totalitarian draconian state, even if the reports made are false.
you're fucked
The internet is serious business. You should have been more careful.
reminder to report dylan to the appropriate authorities
Real edgy. You know when you make actual false reports, there can be legal consequences, right?

Haven't posted in /trash/, except to clarify that I'm not burzum, for over 8 months at this point. So "be more careful" how? I don't even visit that shithole.
>false reports
Dylano, my hombre, you nigger, if it was a false report you wouldn't be sweating even one drop. The report goes immediately to whoever posted it since you can't even remotely indict someone for what they haven't posted. You giving this much of a shit means you did it.
I don't think you understand, you aren't australian.
>Feds take my technology
>They find a meme with a knife in it or some shit
>"Oi mate this is extremists content"
>They see 4chan.org on my internet history
>"Oi mate isn't that those hackers sites"
>20 years in prison for terrorist content and being part of the elite hacker group known as anonymous

On top of that, you cunts have literally been jerking off here in the shadows, talking about shooting me, etc in various gruesome ways. You've gone from edgy to literal death cult over the course of a year because you think I'm some random fucking bong. It either stops here or spirals out of control to the point that one of you fuckers goes to my house and tries to throw acid in my face.
>it either stops here or spirals out of control to the point that one of you fuckers goes to my house and tries to throw acid in my face
God I hope so
>It either stops here or spirals out of control to the point that one of you fuckers goes to my house and tries to throw acid in my face.
Sow the wind, reap the hurricane. If you were actually innocent, you wouldn't have one bead of sweat in your pretty little forehead of yours, but you sure as shit got some dirt sullying your hard drives and tech. Enjoy your shit my homie, if you didn't wanna get caught by the feds, you shouldn't have posted a hung child in a thread about human men loving female anthros.
>If you were actually innocent, you wouldn't have one bead of sweat in your pretty little forehead of yours,
Okay so imagine you wake up, and the crazy band of 100+ insane furries has gone from slightly annoying, to creating large threads dedicated to tracking you down with threats of violence. How do you react?
I want to know how you specifically would react to this situation.
I would regret being and autistic pedo sperg who stalks and lies so much he has a kiwifarm dedicated to himself.
> This user is impersonating the furry "CLB". Their history of misinformation is why they are banned. Do not implicitly trust this user's posts.
>autistic pedo sperg
Post proof of this.

>who stalks
Post proof of this.

This is true to a small degree on my thread.

Seriously, the problem with you faggots is you just pull massive accusations out of your ass.
(138.14 KB 336x326 epic_lulz.png)
You're forgetting the best part:
>I want to know how you specifically would react to this situation.

Thing is that these ">100+ insane furries" are literally just some nerds that you don't have to interact with at all, and yet you chose to constantly, continuously do so in a downright beyond annoying way, culminating in massive spam, shitflinging and in this case, posting a hung dead child just to offend them.

How would I react? I'd first of all be ashamed of myself for even being this autistic. Secondly I'd regret being so stupid as to rile up the autists to actually act. Thirdly, I'd feel like a retard for being so stupid as to post something like this or to even piss em off enough as to make them think I did it while being in Australia. Like, what kind of answer are you expecting retard, you literally made this situation happen, you aren't gonna get sympathy.
dylan trying to get others banned for posting/linking CP
Wow shock and horror dude. I'm still waiting for any shred of proof that I have stalked a single person or that I'm an "autistic pedo sperg".
(141.86 KB 718x473 CLB_Convo01.png)
you're fucked
>Thing is that these ">100+ insane furries" are literally just some nerds that you don't have to interact with at all, and yet you chose to constantly, continuously do so in a downright beyond annoying way,
I have not interacted with a single user of the hmofa general until three or so weeks ago. Again, the burden of proof IS ON YOU to prove that I have spammed your general, not me. I cannot prove that I haven't done something.

>Like, what kind of answer are you expecting retard, you literally made this situation happen
No I didn't. For some reason, and I literally don't know the cause of this, you have been fixated on me and believe I'm burzum. It's your fault entirely, not mine. Although to be fair I could have not been a retard 2 years ago and I wouldn't have a thread. But still, you CHOSE to target me specifically.
>I have not interacted with a single user of the hmofa general until three or so weeks ago. Again, the burden of proof IS ON YOU to prove that I have spammed your general, not me. I cannot prove that I haven't done something.
Dylan, buddy, there's no burden on anyone. There's no kind of burden on me or (You) because you don't have to prove or I have to prove you are fag, we all know you are. If you aren't, the police won't do shit, but your sweating means they will, and that liberates us all from trying to prove anything to one another.

>Although to be fair I could have not been a retard 2 years ago and I wouldn't have a thread. But still, you CHOSE to target me specifically.
You could have, you didn't, you left such a bad impression people are not framing you, correctly or incorectly for keeping and posting a picture of a childs corpse. Shouldn't have been a retard and been so obnoxious.

Again, there's not going to be an inch of sympathy. Got what you deserved boyo.
>If you aren't, the police won't do shit, but your sweating means they will, and that liberates us all from trying to prove anything to one another.
You don't understand that you are mentally ill. Even if the feds take my tech away and make me unable to work for months, you'll want more. Because for you I'm practically some kind of antichrist. That's how absolutely insane you people are.

>You could have, you didn't
Happened 2 years ago. Everyone involved has forgotten I even exist. Including me since I wanted to put my fail shitposting career behind me, but now you cunts have to drag me back again.

>Shouldn't have been a retard and been so obnoxious.
Man, almost as retarded and obnoxious as having 100+ furries post about you every single fucking day, accusing you of being someone who, in the past, has apparently had an entirely separate dox with social media, location, etc. If that's true, why not use the dox you ALREADY found of burzum like a year ago, retards?
It's somewhere in the archive if you want to dig it up.
>Happened 2 years ago.
*Fuck me it actually happened 4 damn years ago
>more damage control
>Because for you I'm practically some kind of antichrist. That's how absolutely insane you people are.
Nah, you are just an obnoxious retard. Don't inflate your importance like you are a dobson comic.

>Everyone involved has forgotten I even exist.
Seems to me like they didn't. Good job on being so awful that people remember you even now.

>If that's true, why not use the dox you ALREADY found of burzum like a year ago, retards?
Mate, we don't really care about *you* being burzum or whatever. Whoever it was, they got reported and they are on the way to get dunked. If you haven't visited in literal years but kept checking in enough to have it be "retarded and obnoxious", well something is wrong there, you are clearly contradicting yourself.

You haven't interacted with someone for so long but keep checking in to a place you don't like? You keep saying it's all filled with shitters but you supposedly haven't even been around, why would you even check a den of degenerate hand holding? We got you here sweating bullets over totaly not being Burzy-kun, yet we just reported one guy that clearly was him for the hung child pic, if it wasn't even remotely someone in Australia, why would you even give a shit? It ain't adding up Walshy, what's the sitrep.
>2-4 years ago
>Including me since I wanted to put my fail shitposting career behind me, but now you cunts have to drag me back again.
>I've also not trolled /trash/ or any website for ~8 months.

Already caught lying. You really are the lolest of cows.
You spammed scaly for months
>Good job on being so awful that people remember you even now.
You remember me because you think I'm burzum you fucking idiot.

>If you haven't visited in literal years but kept checking in enough to have it be "retarded and obnoxious", well something is wrong there, you are clearly contradicting yourself.
No, I check desuarchive every few weeks or every few months, because as I said you cunts keep mentioning me. https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/dylan/ - that link is what I use. I don't visit hmofa specifically, I just take a quick peek at whatever random autists are posting about me.

>why would you even check a den of degenerate hand holding? We got you here sweating bullets over totaly not being Burzy-kun
Several years ago I was infamous because I would spam /scaly/ a lot. This created a mindset where I check on what people are saying about me to scout out the general "census" on me. Like I said, since I no longer really shitpost, it's more of an infrequent thing, but I still have some knowledge on what you have been saying about me. And I know some things about burzum but not all.

>if it wasn't even remotely someone in Australia, why would you even give a shit?
Your 'people' have posted on public websites that I have posted child porn/gore. How would you like it if I found out your real name, made a kf thread, and went "yo omg this dude actually beheads dogs and reverse fucks their throat". It's a public website.

Look at the dates on kiwifarms, retard. Minus the burzum shit. Last post was 2018, and the clb dilemma was in 2017. I was being conservative with "8 months" when it was probably closer to 1 1/2 - 2 years.
2 years ago is 2019 you shit.
(258.41 KB 500x500 santanny.gif)
(314.52 KB 500x282 santago.gif)
(1.75 MB 500x284 sanyana.gif)
Dylan has already proven himself to be full of shit in this thread. Already caught lying.

Consider Suicide Burzum.
Lmao, Dylan is going to get smacked by the aussie feds and b*rzum will still be there shitting up the main thread and laughing. Peak comedy.
>Last post of my actual trolling was in 2018
And? It proves my point more, I haven't shitposted for THREE fucking years, instead of two.

Lmao fucking idiot.
Nice try dylan


But as you can see here, burzum (aka you) is going to be tracked.
You're just a schizo, bro
>You remember me because you think I'm burzum you fucking idiot.
Nah, you were just annoying.

>I don't visit hmofa specifically, I just take a quick peek at whatever random autists are posting about me.
So you shitposted "way back" but you constantly check on your rep with some autistic scaledudes and the ocasional fuzzy handholder. Why on earth would you do this if you find both to be autistic as hell and stupid, if you actually stopped and didn't care you'd just dump it and move on with your life. Nevermind that trying to kill a general is already fucking pathetic and your spergouts beyond laughable.

>How would you like it if I found out your real name, made a kf thread, and went "yo omg this dude actually beheads dogs and reverse fucks their throat". It's a public website.
I said how I felt up above my dude. You've been annoying enough to be memorable/known as another fag, played a retards game and won a retards prize. It's all falling into place as it should, and if you are innocent, you'll chill.

If you wanna actually prove you aren't burzum? Be nice to the Kiwi mods instead of a rampant nigger, apologize and post the proof. Burdens on you, not us mate.
>I was being conservative with 8 months
>no it was 1-1.5 years
Hey Mods, the type of public IP checking done earlier ( >>303 ) on the VPN user could come in handy here
I'm being heavily conservative retard. It's not like I have a fucking calendar where I plot out what months I shitposted. Past few years went by fast as fuck as well.

>So you shitposted "way back" but you constantly check on your rep with some autistic scaledudes and the ocasional fuzzy handholder. Why on earth would you do this if you find both to be autistic as hell and stupid, if you actually stopped and didn't care you'd just dump it and move on with your life.
Again I typically spend like 10 seconds every few weeks checking it. It's not like it takes time away from my day or anything. And "way back" I used to enjoy seeing the (you)s I harvested over night, it was like a retarded christmas. That's sort of mentally embedded within me now, I have to check what people are saying about me.

>trying to kill a general is already fucking pathetic and your spergouts beyond laughable.
That's true. That's why I moved past being a shitposter.

>Be nice to the Kiwi mods instead of a rampant nigger, apologize and post the proof. Burdens on you, not us mate.
I can't prove that I'm not something, retard. Like dude use your damn brain. I literally cannot prove that I'm NOT burzum without releasing a fucking fifty hour long documentary of every single moment in my life.
Don't care
Didn't read
Still reporting you to the authorities
>That's true. That's why I moved past being a shitposter.

Considering how I'm pretty sure you above said you still do it on occasion, I can't really take you too seriously, but alright, if you say so.

>I can't prove that I'm not something, retard. Like dude use your damn brain. I literally cannot prove that I'm NOT burzum without releasing a fucking fifty hour long documentary of every single moment in my life.
No, you still can prove to a reasonable ammount of doubt that you aren't him. You can say how you've already been doxxed and how the IPs don't match the areas of the world. How your own timetable doesn't allow you to coincide with his time. How your own posts have a different structuring and wording than his, how his filenames and images used as different and so on. It's actual effort but if you are so clearly *not* him, you can prove it easily if you actually try. You won't, of course, be it by stubbornness or the fact you actually are Burzum despite your insistence otherwise, so you'll be known as him that way.

You have an option to actually clear your name and to not be associated with it if you prove it, but sure thing Dylan, don't even try. No sweat off my back or the ">100+ autistic retards" who think you are Burzum.
ok dylan
>Considering how I'm pretty sure you above said you still do it on occasion,
I don't.

>You can say how you've already been doxxed and how the IPs don't match the areas of the world.
My old aussie IP is available on kiwifarms, while burzum is apparently from the UK. Problem is, even if you got burzum's IP, you retards could just go "Oh he's using a UK vpn/proxy"

>How your own timetable doesn't allow you to coincide with his time.
Again this can't be 100% proven outside of straight up doxxing where I work. I already said earlier that I posted when I had free time, but that wasn't good enough for you. Because burzum was apparently posting around the time I started posting here, the retarded conspiracies just started all over.

>how his filenames and images used as different and so on.
They are. Just read the filenames. For example, the /scaly/ spam I did years ago with corrupted images used 'correct' filenames. As in, they were actually based off of generators used by sites like furaffinity, e621, etc. Burzum doesn't have any skills with programming or IT, while I do. But it's still not good enough for you. You could just say that I'm doing some "double agent" shit while quoting the kiwifarms page. Not to mention, the average anon is too retarded to even comprehend basic shit like that.

The problem is that the burden is on you. No matter what I fucking do, you are the ones who decide whether or not I'm burzum. Jesus fucking Christ could come down and absolve me, and you could be like "um actually this is a psyop".

Anyway, gotta sleep.
Now, if I had some spare time I could help you with your burzum problem. Like I said I have some tech skills. But someone has posted this thread to the main general like a dozen times, so burzum can easily see me. And in this case, the enemy of my enemy is certainly not my friend. I'm stuck between two forces of retardation. Bye fags.
>Burzum doesn't have any skills with programming or IT, while I do.
His ban evading tactics say otherwise.
His scrambling of his filenames say otherwise.

cope and seethe dylan you are going to rot in prison
>Anyway, gotta sleep.
>proceeds to call lovelocked a nigger in the /hmofa/ thread
How is the IP scraper thing going?
>ban evading tactics
literally just use a phone I do it every time I get banned for reporting him
>scrambling of filenames
4chan-x does that for you
ok dylan
>The problem is that the burden is on you. No matter what I fucking do, you are the ones who decide whether or not I'm burzum. Jesus fucking Christ could come down and absolve me, and you could be like "um actually this is a psyop".

As the guy you answered to, you kinda gave up before you even tried. Like you said there, every single thing is finished with "but you wouldn't believe me", despite the fact you can still try and get some actual truth, or an aproximation of it, you don't because you already decided you failed.

So, you dug your own grave. Don't act at your leisure, no skin off my back Dylan. Just don't forget the offer to actually stop being called Burzum's always on the kiwifarms.
/scaly/ here. Kindly keep your bullshit contained here instead of letting it spill out across more generals on the board, you fucktwits, its the least you could do if you're all going to start a self destructive drama or whatever. Nobody else cares.
ok dylan
Retard, I'm addressing Dylan because he starts shit like this. That also goes for the rest of you, stay in your fucking general and don't post in ours. Your resident schizo already came by because of this.
lol eat shit fag
Just in case you aren't joking, we don't actually control anyone anon. If a schizo goes rampaging, it's not like we or even you can control them and their spergery, we just do our best in our end to be comfy and do our thing. Trust us, we just wanna keep rocking and to let folks enjoy their thing too.
You're talking to yet another resident schizo
ok dylan
I wonder who could possibly want thread regulars from each general to start fighting instead of blaming the one actually shitting up the entire board?
It's real easy to contact 4chan mods on IRC, they are just assholes: https://www.4chan-x.net/4chan-irc.html
does anybody here know python or know how one would get started doing this in python?
>says to come here from desuarchive
>expects us to believe he just so happened to find the meta thread about him from desu alone
>expects to think he knew about this place b/c he is burzum and knew exactly where to go where people were talking about him.

Nobody believes you, this meta thread isn't easy to find, especially on desu. How would even known that a furchan existed? Why would you need to search for it if you didn't know it already existed? Just typing in your name would not even get you close to anything about furchan.

Also, how do we even know your dylan, you have provided no proof of this in the thread.
Gonna speak as if you are the actual Dylan posting.
You were a massive liar, and you struggling to convince people that you're not a pedo is the consequence of being being a liar. People don't trust your word.
I have no idea what's going on here and there's no chance I'm going to go through and read all this shit.
Do not doxx people. So long as someone doesn't interrupt the flow of this website, they will not be punished.
The discussion of happenings on 4chan is allowed here ostensibly because this is /b/, but it is not the purpose of this website and it should not be construed as such.

Also, with some old experience on this subject, I can tell you guys that burzum was in fact a different person than dylan. He barely even spoke english.
That’s hard to believe.

I just want to know why Dylan would search his name up in desuarchive to see people talking about him? Also Dylan mentioned Burzum has no computer skills yet Dylan has a degree in CS and Burzum can evade in minutes. It’s hard to believe.
I keep telling you, Burzum uses multiple devices to ban evade. A normal ban only blocks 1 IP address connected to a single device, while a rangeban blocks all IP addresses in a specific area.
>Also, with some old experience on this subject, I can tell you guys that burzum was in fact a different person than dylan. He barely even spoke english.
I know that you really don't want to get in trouble for us doxing people (were not). We are just trying to compile evidence with the scrapes that dylan is shitposing in more than one general.

That being said, and no offense, but you really shouldn't just come here and give your opinion, unless you know for a fact it's true if you are going to post under "Board Owner". This thing stretches all the way to kiwifarms, and a lot of us have been in /hmofa/ since it began and remember burzum through out the years. Saying that "it's not him" b/c "he barely spoke English" without referencing it any further. People have been studying this shitposter for years, and coming in here, claiming you haven't read anything, and saying we all don't know what the fuck we are talking about and giving some curt statement on how it's not buruzm, only makes this whole situation worst.
"devices" are irrelevant when consider IP.
That wasn't an opinion. Again, having a lot more and a lot older experience and data than you guys, I know the situation very well. There was a reason this site had to exist.

I have the data you are trying to find out in this thread, and I can tell you that the original burzum, who may or may not still be around (I don't know, I don't use the thread anymore), is not the same person as dylan. I cannot share the evidence I have. As for him not speaking english, anyone who was around during his initial blow-ups about 3-4 years ago would know this is obviously true. But on top of that, again, I have more information that can't be shared.

There are probably multiple malefactors polluting the thread at this point. I don't doubt Dylan could be one, and I don't really care - I care about this website, not any other. But he isn't Burzum, who is a single real person.
>It's irrelevant.
Explain the lack of shitposting from the 7th to 15th last month. If Burzum were using Computer skills to ban evade, then he should have been able to ban evade that too, yet he didn't. The only reason he wasn't able to is because of my theory of multiple devices, which is a lot easier for a person to ban evade with. This is basic 4chan knowledge, ban evading with multiple devices.
Additionaly, if it were Dylan, he would have simply used bots to corrupt the thread like he used to do with /scaly/ general. It just doesn't make sense for him to switch tactics to manual spam when such an easier and less-time consuming option exists.
Did anyone try contacting 4chan mods with the IRC thing?
Remember to tell them how he spams the thread, and harasses several anons with their personal information.
Long ago, I was trying to "fix the thread" too. That was the first thing I did. They didn't care.

The fact of the matter is, 4chan does not have an official furry board for a reason. They don't want one. /trash/ is an unmoderated trash can for moving irrelevant threads to from other boards, and any community on it is purely ephemeral from the perspective of that website's administration. This was the realization I came to years ago.

This website exists now, and it is moderated. If what you want is moderation to keep things on track, you have it here. There is no fixing a commons where tragedy is so easy to impart, without punishment, and affects so many.

That's my last input on this. You guys can continue to have this thread and worry about fixing the unfixable, but do not break any rules. And try to remember that there is a purpose to this place other than this.
“Reporting in this channel will result in a ban.”
>I cannot share the evidence I have.
Then we will trust our own evidence. Nothing you have said has convinced me or anyone probably that burzum is not dylan.

your theory would have worked if he wasn't banned multiple times on Oct 2 and 4 and still contiued to shitpost. Not to mentioned his recent bannings. It also doesn't take into account that he is a human and sometimes does something else, wich could explain your outlier

>Explain the lack of shitposting from the 7th to 15th last month.

How are you excepted to be taken with credibility if you cannot make statements that are verifiable true. I am not going to list them all for you, three from three different threads should suffice.

>basic 4chan knowledge
if you have a computer, a phone, and a play station in your house. They would all have the same IP. Different Devices does not equate to different IP's

Look I know you must be horrified by the aspect that anons are trying to dox Dylan Walsh and turn this place into kiwi farms and possibly getting this place shut down. Just deal with those people individually, don't punish the discussion b/c of it.
actually you yourself have just been put into suspicion, wheahter directly or indirectly. You at least may something that we need to know. Especially since about the time you decided to post this, burzum decided to spam the thread.
Are you seriously telling the admin of a website that they are "under suspicion"
Who the fuck are you? The 4chan police?
Holy fucking shit, are you a fucking schizo or something? Are you just fucking accusing everyone who doubts you of being Burzum. The board owner is now Burzum? Are you fucking insane?!!
wtf did anon IRC the mods and it worked?
Again, I don't care what you believe. I hoped that adding what I know would help lessen the paranoia, and thereby lessen the edging into doxxing that's happening here.

I will not tolerate doxxing, no matter how "deserved" it is. Whether you take my word that it's pointless or not changes nothing about whether I will allow you to use this website for that purpose or not. I'm still on the fence about whether tracking an individual's minutia on an anonymous board counts as doxxing, and you're lucky that I haven't concluded that it is yet.

You, on the other hand, I like. The world needs more humor.
You think the admin of the website that has been letting you gather information about burzum for months now, and giving a place where he can't spam, is burzum.
I'm actually astounded he didn't just hand out a ban for not meeting the local IQ requirements to post.
no, he got banned and immediately ban evaded.

>Again, I don't care what you believe. I hoped that adding what I know would help lessen the paranoia, and thereby lessen the edging into doxxing that's happening here.
You could have given yourself more credibility when you gave the dates there were no shitposting, which were easily verified as false.

I understand your frustrations, but trying to beat around the bush and tell us we don't know what we are talking about is only going to incite resentment. If you communicate to us that what we are doing is not tolerated, even as you say "tracking an individual's minutia on an anonymous board counts as doxxing", then you will find most of us will cease in this activity, including myself, b/c we have come to respect and love this place as a bunker from the thread. We will just go back to filters, trying to get this place more visits, and try to talk to the IRCs. Do you also want me to stop posting ban times of burzum here? I can do that. I can stop doing all of this if you want us too.

So please if we are doing activities that are questionable; tell us. Don't try to gaslight us into not doing it.
I'm guessing the retard linking this thread in the main thread is burzum to further increase attention on Him giving him what he wants
More proof you can ban evade with multiple devices:
>An IP address conflict occurs when two or more devices on the same network are assigned the same IP address. ... Because of this setup, no two devices can have the same IP address on one network. If this happens, the network becomes confused by the duplicate IP addresses and can't use them correctly.
Arguing with other people to stop replying is also adding to the fire. Anyone who is doing it genuinely should take their own advice and ignore the shitposter AND the repliers.
I don't know what that first sentence means, but as for the rest: fair enough.

In the interest of maintaining this place as a legitimate board for discussion and sharing, the tracking of individuals (anonymous or not), especially for the purpose of gathering information about them that you would presumably use against them, is now considered doxxing and not allowed.

Mentioning events on 4chan is allowed on /b/, and talking about a ban event if it is relevant to the thread and without the purpose of compiling information to doxx someone, is fine within reason.

This website should not become known as a place to doxx people, and if this step is necessary then so be it. I'll update the rules shortly.
Dude, they are talking about INTERNAL IP addresses. Not public IP addresses. They use your external IP address to ban you not your internal one. Changing devices has no bearing on your External IP address if they are all hooked up to the same network. This is basic IPV4 stuff.
Based mod clamping down on the autism.

All you need is a phone. Toggle the data off and back on and it grabs a new external IP.
I understand, I will cease of my collection/posting of data from desuarchive.

I will cease the scraping idea and will no longer try to "track" burzums where about through desu.

And I will cease any information gathering/posting that can be used to identify, used against, or otherwise compromise the anonymity/privacy of an individual.
Thank you. I hope you can continue to enjoy this place in other ways.
>All you need is a phone. Toggle the data off and back on and it grabs a new external IP.
That has nothing to do with "multiple devices". That is just DHCP or "mobile networks" and those are almost always ranged banned like VPN's. Are you saying he is get IP addresses from a Celluar network from a DHCP of non-ranged ban IPs?
Ok guys, how do I talk with the king of /trash/?
There is none. That's the problem. No particular mod is in charge of trash. You can DM any of those mods (the ones with @ in front of their name) about it, they will tell you to fuck off.
Last time I was there I enter WHO #4chan, to see who was there, and they saw and said it was only me and him, and I got embarrassed and scared and closed the window.
Talk about the rabid ban evasion on /trash/ and what anons can do about it. Maybe suggest to the mods about adding 'ban evasion' as a option when reporting a post.
Say something like, "/trash/ is having a ban evasion problem" and not, "There's this guy on /trash/ who needs to be banned". Remember what this anons says >>1277
like do I PM them or something like

/msg @trashman tard on the loose in /trash/. He spams /hmofa/ thread everyday. He keeps ban evading. Please Help.
Maybe you should ask them if they could add more report options for /trash/ since shitposters flagrantly break the rules there and post illegal shit all the time.
Better yet, ask them to add dedicated jannies to /trash/.
I am not going to msg them until tom, since I might go to sleep. I heard they can take hours to answer PM's and I don't want to be told to fuck off, b/c I am to sleepy to form a sentence.
Let the thread know when your going to do the second attempt.
Looks like the schizoid has fucked off for now

I might take Dylan’s word with a grain of salt. It may be bullshit, but it does sound plausible
It's called sleeping.
(59.85 KB 2356x172 DW.png)
This tripfag is annoying.
(10.21 KB 570x170 Untitled.png)
>expects us to believe he just so happened to find the meta thread about him from desu alone
>Nobody believes you, this meta thread isn't easy to find, especially on desu.
Fucking idiot.
>I found it through desu
>post was on the same day you came here
Nah, nobodies buying that retard. If it really wasn't you, you would stop posting here and in the thread, but until then people are just going to assume it's you. Because as I just showed you are a lying sack of shit.
>Its impossible for you to just post the link itself
Tard although I highly doubt you and burzum are the same person I can understand why the anon still thinks it's you, although I'm pretty sure he came from either the scaly and luddmila threads from the looks of it what ever the case, You're still a faggot and if you and burz aren't the same person you both deserved to be lynched by a pack of feral basketball Americans
lol, dude just stop. You are shit at lying. What? Did you just so happen to have a six sense to know there was a furchan after you posted your first post to 4chan and You just so happen to be searching the desuarchives the exact day that was posted.

Where was this reply yesterday? Oh that's right, b/c you were lying.

At this point I don't even care if your burzum or not, I am just going to assume you are burzum b/c you have been lying through your teeth. And you wont FUCK OFF! Why would you stick around if you weren't burzum. You fucked with /scaly/, I am not going to forgive you for that, if your not burzum your burzum 2, your both collective shit, and don't deserve any distinctions. So yeah, when we talk about burzum it going be about your CP posting ass.
How do we even know you're the real Dylan Walsh?
Did someone catch the post dylan made to this post. He just deleted it, and it was pretty damning in that it showed he was still her to troll the thread, not as burzum, but b/c of our "obsessive stalking of him"
Lmao. I said
>He says as he spends a year attempting to stalk me.
I deleted it because I made a post afterwards and didn't want to create too many posts in a row.

>post was on the same day you came here
Are you literally retarded? It's the same day I came here because I found it, clicked on it, and replied to the thread.

>I can understand why the anon still thinks it's you,
Okay so there's no proof whatsoever connecting me to burzum, and the fucking furchan BOARD OWNER came in to say I'm not him. Motherfucker what else do you need?
You all seriously have some kind of mental problem where you are unable to even comprehend the idea that I'm not your boogeyman.
>Are you literally retarded? It's the same day I came here because I found it, clicked on it, and replied to the thread.

So you just so happen to be searching desu on the same day it was posted?

Your not fooling anyone.
we don't care what the board owner said. It on you to prove that your not burzum. How do we even know if your dylan walsh?
Yes, because since 2 weeks ago I've been on high alert because you fags have been posting a very large amount about me. Typically, stalkers post about me in waves, and when I catch a wave I look into it more. So since ~2 weeks ago, I have been searching my name on desu every day.

>It on you to prove that your not burzum
I cannot prove that I'm not something, retard. Prove to me that you aren't bumpfag. It's on you.
>So since ~2 weeks ago, I have been searching my name on desu every day.

Not buying it. You would have found out about furchan by typing in your name or burzums. Also how do we know that you didn't make the post here >>1310

How do we know your actually dylan?
You have a whole kiwithread full of your shenanigans on how you would make 500 picatrio accounts to harass people. Maybe you are burzum and not dylan, maybe you want to give this dylan guy more attention, keep posting as him to make us go after him.

You are nothing but a lolcow. You already know we are not going to dox you here more than what has already been done elsewhere b/c the rules changed so why are you still here? Did you actually become a furfaggot? Years later and your still arguing with "furries" on the internet, checking your name on their archives. Instead of taking this shit to kiwifarms you want to come here. Just so you know the more you post the more we suspect you.
>Not buying it. You would have found out about furchan by typing in your name
Umm yes, that's literally what I said dumbfuck. I said "I have been searching my name on desu every day".

>How do we know your actually dylan?
You don't, but I don't see a good way to prove I am Dylan, the same as I don't see a way to prove I am not burzum. Regardless of what I say or show you, you'll just deny it as usual. If the admin's word isn't enough, what could I possibly say to break you out of your paranoid delusions?

>You have a whole kiwithread full of your shenanigans on how you would make 500 picatrio accounts
Yes which I did several years ago. People change. Not like anything I did was especially horrible, I just acted like a retard and annoyed people for a while, big deal dickhead.

>the rules changed so why are you still here?
Because you don't care about the rules retard. You'll still just post about me every day regardless of what the admin here says. At this point, I am really sick of it. This has been going on for probably over a fucking year at this point.
You would have found out about furchan by typing in your name BEFORE oct 5 you faggot.

>If the admin's word isn't enough, what could I possibly say to break you out of your paranoid delusions?
Good. You understand. Now can you fuck off. If your lucky we will forget about you. But keep posting here and we will never forget.

>Yes which I did several years ago. People change. Not like anything I did was especially horrible, I just acted like a retard and annoyed people for a while, big deal dickhead.
kill yourself

>You'll still just post about me every day regardless of what the admin here says.

We stopped talking about you after the admin came here. Your the one who decided to post in the thread again using your gay little trip.

>At this point, I am really sick of it. This has been going on for probably over a fucking year at this point.
Nobody gives a fuck how this makes you feel, hopefully all this chatter about you will finally lead you to an hero and make the world a better place.