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(38.87 KB 1080x690 1640365119190.jpg)
/hmofa/ Meta Thread #4 Anonymous 01/10/2022 (Mon) 08:09:16 No. 3357
Direct any and all /hmofa/ meta discussion here, so the primary FurChan thread isn't clogged by off topic posts.

>Links for convenience:
[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo
first for death to shitposters
Previous thread:
(31.16 KB 521x521 Fox-Pepper-Pointing_Soy.png)
Filter anon here.
Responses to the filter have been positive so far.
But one thing I'm wonder about is criticism. I'm only a novice at regex, and maybe there's a person more experienced than me, who has a word or two about how I'm maintaining it.
If you have any critiques let them out.
Seeing his reaction to the new drawfag is genuinely unsettling.
At least with everyone else it's just a case of him hating every contributor to the thread, but this time it's just unnerving how personal some of the attacks are.
The fact he acts like a fucking creep, like what the fuck did she even do
Being female on 4chan, apparently.
It really astounds me he goes to these great lengths to gatekeep by stalking and doxxing teenagers on the internet. I wonder how one can get so low in life.
He didn't go this far with DM, it was always just "haha gook gook gook" and the very occasional "I want to rape Tory!", not whatever this is meant to be.
Does he really engage content creators on other platforms outside of 4chan? As in, does he go to their Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, whatever?
He has proven himself to stalk their social medias, the worst he’s done was comment some nihilistic shit on zzx’s story on AO3 under the name “Maggot” for some reason
as far as I know*
No, because if he did, he could be tracked and possibly doxed.
I know i'm not supposed to poke my cutie schizo bf, but cmon

I get easy (you)'s outta it and that wondrous feeling of someone looking forward to me posting!

no engaging, but I know he skimmed my twitter for my old art
I am still proud of how far I've come, and I love you guys for pushing me to improve. I know I'm going somewhere if I'm violently cringing at my old art.
I was gonna say to use the filter, but I'm surprised you handle him well.
Keep on trucking.
I've learned to internalize that feeling of "who gives a shit?"
If I'm tired and don't wanna see it, I'll just hide and ignore, instead of just ignoring.

it's insane how much my /hmofa/ experience improved by just ignoring. highly recommend yall.
He almost reminds me of GypsyCrusader except GC was better at trolling and he actually cared about kids
god, at least he was funny when he said nigger
didn't he get doxxed and lose like, everything? or did he go off the deep end and start meaning the shit he talked about?
He’s in prison for 5 years because someone snitched on a gun felony he had from 2018
As I keep saying, there is no such thing as "provoking" a person who already has his sights set on wasting all of his time trying to bring the thread down. Every time you post a sketch, it's the same three responses. It's usually three, for some reason.

And yeah, I've seen you visibly improve over the time you've been here. It's always good to see when people are going places because of the thread, despite the incessant shitposting. The thread got me back into writing semi-seriously a few years ago, and I'm also thankful for that. I could do more and push myself harder, but I'd probably have done nothing at all if I hadn't said "fuck it, I'm going to write about dudes boning animal women".
>Apelocked is not hmofa, and he doesn't not represent this general.
imma start drawing for hmoma then lmao
lord knows those dudes need some help
(78.39 KB 1360x868 689.jpg)
>You have your own little support group, but it won't last
>Looks like I struck a nerve. I know you care nigger and I’m not going to stop.
I haven't heard of people getting banned for reporting bur.
Think mods got the picture?
I’ve found it less likely to get banned from reporting under evading instead of spambot
Just don't report TOO much, by the way.
Not until they regularly rangeban him.
How often do you report?
Quite often unfortunately
How the hell is the most nigger-brained person on this site some white euro?
Algerian, according to his PowderGangers account.
this is some unfortunate samefagging
This is why I want a permanent move to furchan or some sort of private chat for write/artfags.

The reason why moderated online spaces exist is to cull the braindamaged. I just want a place to discuss HMOFA that won't get spammed by the same fucking incel daily, even if it's just a small place.
This place is pretty active right now. I suppose we should use the regular discussion thread more.
The regular thread is what I mean. This thread is purely a place to riff on the happening on 4/hmofa/. I want a permanent home either on fur/hmofa/ that's actively posted to (so encouraging more people to post there) or simply a write/artfag exclusive chat.

Maybe the latter already exists, and I'm just not in t because my output is a bit shit.
Part of me wonders what he would do if hmofa moved here, if he quits shitposting or moves to fuck up another thread.
>Maybe the latter already exists, and I'm just not in t because my output is a bit shit.
I know that feel.
He'd probably kill himself without the minute amount of meaning in life this gives him.
Perhaps put it out to a poll later today?
I’m sure he’ll celebrate and get drunk, then soon become sad realizing the only thing that gave him meaning is now gone because of him.
Well you can count me as a No vote.
Effectively splitting the thread because of the shitposter has never worked.
Hello Achmed! There's a good reason why your mother never loved you.
If only that was his real name
Three posts again. I think he's legit always posting on his desktop, laptop, and phone.
He posted that tomboy awoo as if people thought it wasn’t him which was hilarious
I dunno. Might just stop postulating and wondering and just do it.
Its part of his delusions to think that he is the smartest man in the room.

I know your reading this Jaque.
Your a retard and your baguettes are moldy.
Did you try refreshing the catalog?
Yeah, even closed out of the tab and it’s still that way.
(148.99 KB 1689x854 1640979948524.jpg)
Might be a glitch, then.
If only it was an actual ban
Nevermind, it got fixed now. He’s banned
Report when he evades.
The mod didn't just stumble upon the thread randomly.
>Pretending to be a concerned anon now
Lol how stupid does he think we are?
I feel bad for that anon genuinely trying to reason with burz. It's clear his heart is in the right place but I doubt burz will care, even if that anon is right.
Report Burz's doomposts as evading spamfilters.
And back to samefagging
(2.15 KB 346x52 Screenshot_29.png)
What if we reported burzum's twitter account?
>person thinking they have any amount of moral authority ends up being a nonce
why is this so common
Would reporting this spiritual nigger for "doxing" be appropriate?
I think so, don't you Pierre?
You’ve guessed his name like 3 times lmao if you’re going to post his real name at least post his dox
Tranny mods banned me for 3 days for reporting someone ban evading
How many times did you report?
Man, that sucks. Sorry to hear. Don't worry we'll keep reporting for you.
>sorry about my off topic rant, but someone please respond to my off topic rant so we can continue to go further off topic
Welp looks like I was banned too. Ffs
Guess threads are slow now because a bunch of regulars got the hammer?
There's literally nothing wrong with slow threads, the only ones we've had lately that haven't laster for at least 12 or 15 hours have been because of certain malicious posters.
You should PM that other artist that's in his shitlist. Maybe she'll get inspired by you.
I sense a disturbance
>nooo, I'm the only one allowed to avatarfag with those reactions
Mildly humorous
At least he's fueling images hashes for the filter
Just add every known image/gif of Anton Chigurh to the MD5 filter lol.

Isn't it ironic that Burzum is the king of prying naive person that Chigurh would want to kill?
>I know an anon's words don't mean much but hope things start getting better for you soon.
tbh it means a fair bit, it's been absolutely awful for a long time.
I'm newer here and I've never talked to you personally before, but I've picked up that you were going through some stuff.

I just want you to know that everything is going to be alright.
k, I did it. Left one of them though. Archives said they were only used by him, so I added them.
Also added a new catchphrase to the word filter.
Oh boy I sure do wonder if it's "Slam your fat greasy head against the pavement until your underdeveloped brain leak out of your eardrums, you retarded useless cock gobbling cum guzzling, zoomer faggot."
Doing God's work filter anon, thank you.
(257.99 KB 1000x1000 Happy.png)
that was me, just wanted you to know we're all rooting for you.
Good to see you again DM, hopefully you get better
At least it's a different spammer than you-know-who, so that's something new.
It's slightly annoying, but not thread ruining.
I like how it just introduced me to a pretty good story, net positive.
>Retard spammer starting back up
Can never get a break, can we?
This guy is so assblasted all because centaurs and monster girls aren't /hmofa/ material
(1.12 MB 1022x731 Its_all_so_tiresome.png)
Man I forgot I turned stubs off and just for a second thought the thread was ignoring autism for once.
Genuinely can't tell if he is shitposting or he actually thinks taurs and monster girls belong here.
He's clearly shitposting, he is just bringing up random unrelated shit that was never a problem and is equating it to his bestiality fetish.

he will get bored in a few hours if people stop responding, probably a few days if the realistic stupidity of the thread is considered.
>Isn't it ironic that Burzum is the king of prying naive person that Chigurh would want to kill?
Yeah, exactly. Burzum's a complete fucking retard who would not last 5 minutes in that movie.
>has spammed ISIS beheadings but acts like a teenager being edgy with rather tame dead animal pictures is so horrible
To be fair both are pretty bad but just remember that he posted an image of two dead children so acting like whatever that girl liked is worse is pure irony
Where did the crack addict and dysfunctional family crap come from anyway. Did he pull that one out of his ass?
Probably projecting from his own dysfunctional life. Does he strike you as someone that came from a loving, intact home?
Could someone please describe to me what those voca.ro links are
Vocaroo is a service for uploading snippits of audio, like imgur for audio.

The only person that uses it in /hmofa/ is You Know Who, so you're pretty safe to filter the entire domain.
Probably yet another "you will rot maggot" in le edgy voice that he does.
I know what vocaro is I just want to know what the audio is
It's not important what it is, it's probably just that faggot underage zoomer being edgy.
This is probably going to take a while
Just use the filter. If you're too retarded to sue the filter, just ignore the kid.
I’m too retarded to use the filter anyway so I just ignore him.
I think from now on at the beginning of the thread, we make a disclaimer about bait and shitposters, and also advise anons to use the filter.
We did for a while IIRC and brainlets still interacted with the zoomer.
>replying to himself hours alter after everyone ignored his little episode
He's fucking desperate for attention, man. Needs those fucking (you)'s to feel like his life has any meaning.
Even after all these years I'm astounded that the biggest nigger in this thread is some pale euro NEET.
a wise man once said that nigger is not a race, but a state of mind.
(168.88 KB 1276x1536 d8a8bee9e8e275cd17c2c628ae5d78ef.jpg)
True that.
I think that faggot from last night is back. Hide, ignore and report.
>back at the copypastas
Automated spambot
Can't tell if it is responding to itself or if it caught a newfriend
After the filter and the disclaimer was just posted? Probably replying to itself.
They all use a unique URL, despite being the same 30 second message. I don't know if vocaro has an expiration date for each submission.
Since the only way to filter them out is to remove all mentions of vocaro. I don't add them to the filter, too many legitimate posts will be matched. You're free to add that to the filter, yourself
The filter explains how to start using it. After installation, it's just as easy as copy and pasting.
Also, another update.
More autistic tantrums grows the filter.
(209.12 KB 540x331 1625625562608.png)
>If a newfag like me posts something but takes the bait, which I won't anymore
>I won't anymore
>Next line is replying to bait
Yea, it's samefagging. don't bother with him anymore.
(2.58 MB 416x307 1566462833912.gif)
Man he almost seemed real for a second.
(1.00 MB 480x244 Mime.gif)
What happened? He used to be "Lol faggot, use the filter if you're tired of me."
Took a complete 180 now. Rather than not being afraid of it, it's anger towards it. Even dissuading people from using it.
It's called being an attention whore who wants to be seen
Just ignore him
It's pretty much 100% guaranteed that he comes here to watch people seethe. Just don't comment on him and he'll fuck off. He fucked off a while back but came back once there were enough newfags who didn't know to ignore him.
Well seems like they can't do even that.
I shouldn't have even justified it at all, I'm done for the night.
It's been at least 4 years. This thread is the zoomers entire life.
(1.41 MB 2880x3600 1601923492084.jpg)
Another update.
What's the futanigger I hear occasionally? It's doesn't seem aimed at the end-of-thread futaposter.
The one who replies to half the thread is the same as the futa poster and brap/piss fetishist.
how long has mate been awake for
Since 4am est
What exactly has attracted so many baiting assholes to the thread lately? I'm not even talking about sperg prime, people like the futa faggot or Wolfychu or the one who posts the KKK shit every thread.

One dedicated shitposter is normal, two is unusual, this many feels deliberate.
Possible Discord raid? Another possibility is that since the fall of /qa/, the underage faggots from that board have trying to take root in other boards, mainly /bant/. Perhaps some of them found their way to /trash/?
They're just retards flourishing in a situation where the thread would shit itself for days on end if you tried to dig them loose by shouting at them
The odd shitpost once in a while is just a regular taking the piss and being playful. Futafag and the retard whose vocaroos make him sound like the guy from the krystal vore videos are their own thing. Wolfychu is a /qa/ or /s4s/ stray.
(736.85 KB 528x792 1636477855564.png)
>burzum leaves
>pedophile shows up
>/collared/tards raiding
Friendly reminder being a smug shit like
>haha what a great filter can't see him at all :^)
Is still talking about it and defeats the entire point of a filter in the first place
90% sure it's samefag concern trolling
It raises its blood pressure, causing the heart to develop scar tissue and therefore shorten its lifespan. Also just plain hilarity, net positive.
How about deleting all your posts in mainthread mocking and never talking about him there ever again. This is what meta is for.
That was the only one from me.
(64.87 KB 1575x789 smug.jpg)
Another day, another update for the filter. Both filters, specifically.
Reminder that the image filter is just as effective as the word filter.
Really feel like Bed-Man does it to himself every time with how he can't resist posting some snarky comeback or gotcha every time someone says about him.
I don't even like palicos but it's clearly just bait.
I don't have much to say about it other than encouraging the shitposters on purpose is a poor first impression.
Do you think this weirdo complaining about "purity chan" is a newfag or a scorned old loser?
Oh, its just the shota guy with a new story.
Just a shitposter, considering he went on about how monster girls were "always" accepted in the thread "for years" when that's verifiably false.
You guys should really stop accusing normal anons of being people they aren't.
Stop being a faggot and people wouldn't think you're a faggot.
Guess the muttposting wasn't getting (You)s anymore
>twice as many posts as the thread is minutes old
Why is it the thread goes from 20 hours to hit bump limit only for the next one to last 3?
It's all about the timing. It's NA hours so it's a NA thread right now.
>Thread is bad because of NA hours
>Not because of fags aimlessly shitposting
Stop trying to cover your ass faggot
>more english speakers are awake during NA hours
>more people = more shitposters
This really isn't a difficult concept.
start /hmfoa/meta.exe
>thread gets shat up by You Know Who
>people start complaining about it <= YOU ARE HERE
>people suggest moving things to a place he can't post on like 8/fur/, bbs boards, discords, etc.
>the same people crying and seething about You Know Who says that's a terrible idea
>return to line 1
More people =/= more shitposters. Aimless shitposters can come at any time regardless of timezone.
(55.84 KB 900x1260 Snake-Solo.jpg)
This is important for the filter.
For anyone using the up-to-date version of the filter, can you see post# 44800113?
I know he thinks it's "wow so edgy I'm just like him" but man the avatarfagging is cringe
There's an odd sort of comfort in knowing that burzum is exactly the sort of faggot to identify with the autist hitman from No Country for Old Men.
(927.16 KB 4000x3000 0726b1038abc77e0c5ffb257c13fb2cd.jpg)
Major change on the filter. I have notice a little problem with how Rentry changes the text from edit-mode to preview-mode.
Before, the filter was using a partial amount of its efficiency. I have now fixed the issue and the filter is now properly being used at it's full potential. I believe it will now be almost twice as effective.

I have made a notice about this, on the filter itself. Please let me know about any further issues.
It's somehow cringier than joker posting
Joker was very popular as a meme, and the characters itself is fairly funny. There's some self-awareness in it, and it seems to have carried across to the meme, with shitloads of people posting the character somewhat ironically. Kind of like that bit of art by hladilnik, with his opossum character in Joker make-up, which someone liked to post in the thread. The character is a slightly edgy/crazy nerd, so you're like "oh, it fits, that's kinda funny".

The same is not true for the guy for No Country for Old Men. He's played 100% straight, and everyone I've seen who praises the movie, character, and the actor playing him eats it up. They think the whole act with the coin and the cattle-killing device is menacing instead of edgy. I've been told the point of the movie is that there is no place for old style heroes in modern film, and that just kind of makes it worse. Because the hitman himself is exactly that sort of reactionary edgy of someone who's chief complaint with action movies is that they aren't "realistic". The character was outdated before he even hit the screen, and I suppose that's why mostly boomers thought it was a legendary flick and you don't hear all that much about it anymore.

He reminds me of Sylar, from Heroes. Same silly, emotionless edge from a weird-looking white actor. It's no coincidence both are from the same era, and Heroes gets even less mentions these days than No Country for Old Men.
Honestly a very good dissection of the appeal of both characters. It's been a while since I've seen No Country for Old Men, I just remember it being an aggressively mediocre Hollywood affair.

Makes sense he'd latch on to something so surface level and "haha so cool" rather than identifying with an actually heroic and aspirational character like pic related.
Is that the movie "Children of Men"?
Yes, you should really watch it if you haven't. And go in to it blind, so dont read the rest of this post.
You know if That Zoomer watched that movie he'd have a meltdown about REE NIGGERS and hate him despite the fact that he assures the continued survival humanity and puts that element above his own life and political goals unlike nearly everyone else in the movie.
I'd say it's got some nice shots, but the most memorable part of the movie is the hitman dude being edgy, and its ending. It kills the main character off-screen, which is definitely kind of a statement. But it's not a very comfortable movie to watch. Children of Men is a good contrast, because its technical skills is very high. I'm frankly not wild about its characters or premise, and I think it's too much on the nose politically. As in, introducing a character as a good guy by showing how many anti-Bush articles he wrote is a bad way of dating your movie. But the cinematography is fantastic, and I don't think it's been surpassed yet.

But yes, the shitposter would never identify with a character like that.
(3.19 MB 1644x1350 com.png)
>As in, introducing a character as a good guy by showing how many anti-Bush articles he wrote is a bad way of dating your movie.
I think the introduction of Jasper with the panning shot of his articles is less "he's good because of these anti establishment articles he wrote" and more so "the world and government is this fucked up" with the final article it lands on; the government denying torturing his wife, who we see in the next shot as totally silent/unmoving. Braindead.

It also informs why he's in hiding, the state sees him as a enemy and would likely torture him too.
It's been a while since I've seen this movie, because I don't even remember that. The political angle in general was just part of what didn't really work for me. This general anti-government attitude given in by attitudes of the time. Not that there's anything wrong with anti-government attitudes per sé, but I've found this idea of being one step away from fascism to be a strange fantasy of martyrdom for a lot of people. It tends to snap me out of my suspension of disbelief.

Then again, some people have some awfully pointed ideas about the disease currently sweeping the globe and the means undertaken to curb it.
(1.95 MB 1080x1258 schizoaesthetics.png)
Which of these movies do you think the zoomer will make their entire personality next
My bets are on Taxi Driver or Falling Down.
I like this thread being used for something other than endless complaining for once, it's nice.
I can't tell if the thread is being autistic or if it is being shitposted in.
>thread going nice and slow
>always one weirdo who has to start something
Why can't we just have nice things
Are you talking about the Dussy fag?
I really don't like the word "wholesome" as a descriptor, or at least the way the thread uses it. I don't know if it's a case of just overuse or what but it really feels a lot of times like it's just a catch-all term to mean "what I like" as thread policing.
I much prefer calling things cute instead.
I was but this thread is another good example
"Wholesome" just feels like a reddit-tier word. Right up there with "pupper", "doge" and announcing "unpopular opinion but [popular sentiment]"
>it really feels a lot of times like it's just a catch-all term to mean "what I like" as thread policing.
That's exactly what it is. It's a buzzword for uninteresting people to seethe about shit.
>Wholesome - "conducive to or characterized by moral well-being."

I don't know about what the others were doing with the word but it certainly doesn't seem to fit the definition. Wholesome as a descriptor has a lot more nuance and depth to the meaning than just "cute" too. So I rather like it since something could be cute and wholesome but could also be wholesome but not cute. They fundamentally mean two different things

>Bitching about people using words you don't like and labeling them reddit-tier
>"a catch-all term to mean "what I like" as thread policing."
>"That's exactly what it is."
this post is a Wholesome 100 Diamond Hands Epic Narwhal Bacons Reddit Moment
The fuck is the brap faggot's problem? It's every other thread anymore.
I'm almost certain this guy is the Wolfychu autist.
No shit that shota story was bait. He wasn't even trying.
Another shit thread, wonderful.
Getting sick of the "dude lmao sneed cope!" shitposting
(formerly chucks)
How likely is it that the replyfaggot is actually Wolfychu from last year?
Not convinced, wolfychu was just a /bant/ autist looking for easy (You)s. The replyfaggot/futafag/whoever he is is just a regular dumbass who is just a regular annoyance. With how he responds to anons cling him out on replying to half the thread, part of me genuinely wonders if he knows how much of a retard he is or if he's just actually autistic and thinks he's doing nothing wrong.
What about the monstergirl faggot?
A different bitter Anon.
The only ones I'm convinced are the same are replyfaggot and the futafag, other than that I really don't think it's all a single shitposter with split personality disorder.
>Weekend thread all week
It gets better, right?
There were some hiccups, but I enjoyed the last couple threads.
I'm not enjoying this one at all, though.
I dunno why I bother sticking about honestly. Better to just follow my favorite artists/writers off site.
>one bad day due to like two shitposters
>"thread's dead don't know why I come here"
/hmofa/ always survives no matter how bad it might seem
It's more like 50% good posts 50% posts. Constant buttzoom meltdowns. Constant random other shitposters like monstergirl spammer, amerimutt spammer, etc.

I know the thread will stick around. I just can't be bothered to visit as much.
Last time it was this bad was in November.
I guess our definitions of good/bad are different because December was awful, worse than November, especially around Christmas/new years.
(565.67 KB 1038x1280 1622763623915.png)
Another day, another filter update.
Does 4chanX work for mobile devices? I sometimes browse at work.
No sadly, because it requires an addon, either ViolentMonkey or TamperMonkey, and they don't have mobile support.
If there's a way to filter 4chan comments, on mobile with regex, I'll gladly mention it as an alternative.
I don't get the anons who immediately shit themselves when art is posted of a character who has other non-hmofa art of them and have to post that art as some sort of gotcha. No shit not every female anthro character is in a relationship with a human male, but it's not like the thread hasn't reimagined existing characters before.
I know it's just shitposting but it happens often enough that I'm not certain it isn't the least bit genuine.
Gee, I wonder who could be concern trolling while never contributing anything of worth.
It's not burzy if that's what you're implying, the file has an e6 hash instead of 4chanX masking it like he uses.
They have the same copied [1] filenames from the shitposting in the beginning of the thread, I'd wager it's probably the same replyfaggot as then.
[1] filename just means they copied a image URL in to the image box on Chrome. That's it. A lot of anons do it.
It was the futanigger, he is always posting sfur in the thread.
>replynigger still doing it
Not sure if it's autism or persecution complex or what but the revolving door of schizophrenics still feels weird and unnatural rather than normal shitposting.
At least it's all just obvious samefagging this time.
Months ago, we had Kot spammer, '>though' bot, and "Jin is a tranny" shitposters. What is this new wave of autists?
qrd on replynigger and futafag?
Quick rundown time:
May or may not be the same person who replies to tons of posts one at a time with no regard to how old or how baity it might be.
Futafag started posting futa shit in the beginning of last year under the name Bringer of Futa, which uses the same weird typing patterns.
Some /bant/ meme, not unique to /hmofa/ and you still see it pop up in other threads occasionally.
>Jin tranny
One of Wolfychu's autism catchphrases

Not sure what the current weirdo's deal is other than being a spamming faggot and seemingly genuine pedophile.
I'm pretty sure it is the same shitposters as before trying new tactics.
>He's reading our posts here.
I bet it's the same guy that went through a tantrum about Sarah. Same faggot looking for something to hook on to, and then go nonstop about it for days.
That was Burzum, we know this because he also attacked Mousguy and Strong as well.
Watching one nonce complain about another nonce all is pretty funny.
kind of wish people didn't fervently believe "burzum complaining = it good" all the time because now you have someone who genuinely deserves it after spamming the thread and posting literal pedo shit, but kept getting replies because he was complaining about them
Best we can do is inform anons and content creators on who that writefag is. We need to send a message that we will not tolerate pedophilia or shotafaggotry.
Most of the people who were defending the guy either didn't know or were the usual suspects.
Been off the thread for about a week. To be honest I think it’s best for me to stay away from there. In my 8 months of being there nothing has been really accomplished and I don’t really find the point of engaging in drama.

To you guys, I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully you get treated well.

And to Burzum, I hope you’re reading, you don’t have to worry about me anymore, so any posts about me or my “orange ball” is completely pointless from now on. Call it a success if you will. I’m done here, hopefully you end up in a mental institute or jail.
>lurked a slow 6-hour thread until one single person posted
Absolutely obsessed
>I may have inadvertently caused the thread to be shat up over a single complaint avout the foxgirl
>slow thread
>suddenly three burzum bait posts

Any minute now he'll samefag responses to that bait, just wait and see.
I'm guessing muh evil racists is the Wolfychu fag, he always did the same whenever someone posted Averi
Annnnd he did.
>Blacked porn
What a loser.
Yeah, but he hasn't been in the thread since like the middle of December.
>that horrible bait post of "I would much rather have a pedo than a racist"
>Reminds of the meme that was made. "I may be a pedophile but at least I'm not racist"
In all honesty, I'd rather have neither. Thread would a lot less schizo'd to death that way.
>thinking you can please a madman
He's a massive racist himself and used to post CP to ruin the thread. Whenever has giving in to the demands of radicals ever worked in the history of the world, anyway? They always find something else to be angry about, because they enjoy fighting for the cause far more than realizing the cause itself. That's why they're fighting in the first place, rather than fucking off and doing their own shit.
>waah drawfags don't belong here
>when not long ago he's whining about all the drawfags that have left
I know none of it is sincere and it's all just trying to start shit but it's always funny to see in action
Post in question https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43889462/#43890206
(Also one of the thread where he got banned which is fun)
Thread for new edgy characters for Burzum to base entire personality around.
Kind of cringe, mate
Yeah what a massive fucking coincidence wolfychu and you know who both appear in the same thread only fifteen minutes apart.
(706.07 KB 2800x3600 836a7e90e18c7daf10e59b439b08a373.jpg)
another day, another filter update.
>Burzum starts sperging
>Always one retard who has to egg him on to shit up tue thread further
Why can't we have a normal thread for once?
Can we give a big shoutout to LL for somehow being the most consistent fucker on this board? He stays in his lane and gives the thread art so he can improve. No outside shit.
Wish the guy would draw more actual hmofa art instead of mostly solo waifurs but it's nice that he's not the one shitting up the thread with drama.
I'm almost certain this zoomer fighting Burzum is just Burzum himself samefagging. Cringy as fuck.
I did my time.
Ban expired?
Waiting for my next one, as usual.
There we go-
>It's futile
That's why you be smart and not mass report all of his posts.
Only report the really bot-y ones like his catchphrases and usual image reposts, I rarely get hit for those ones.
I mass report him all the time and never get banned for it.
Sorry to bring it up but its pretty obvious that he's samefagging. Luckily I don't think many if any anons are falling for it.
Just in Case:
Who, replyfaggot or Burzum?
No one. That's my point, keep doing a good job and ignore the bait.
What the fuck is the replyfaggot's problem and why has he gotten so much more annoying in the past few weeks?
Futafag is getting more desperate I suppose. He hates the thread and wants to kill through rampant shitposting.
Also, I know for a fact he is the brapfaggot, and I am certain he was the muttposter from last year.
Lots of dober girls getting posted this week.
(245.46 KB 660x990 1598327453706.png)
Now they are here as well.
When is the /ss/ fag's execution date?
Hopefully soon. I'm now almost 100% certain he is also futafag as well.
The thread wouldn't get derailed by shitposting as easily if we ever actually fucking talked about waifurs instead of just posting images with a 1-word description of what they are.
Well the comfy slow threads were nice while they lasted.
(456.12 KB 772x1000 1643918417373.jpg)
>Autistic Carmelita posting attracted Burzum back.
Not surprised in the least.
That was probably the fastest doxing I have ever seen him do.
Probably because the image he posted was on his personal twitter. takes 10 seconds for a reverse image search to pull it right up.
Why does this guy always insist on feeding Burzum?
It's him samefagging. I'm convinced.
I hope we get our 18-23 hour threads back soon. Last week was great, until now.
Burzum was gone quite a while this week, almost felt comfortable enough to start posting again.
I don't know if it's just me needing a break or what but I'm really getting tired with the thread recently.

I'm sick of flavor of the month spamming, I'm sick of dipshit anons biting every piece of tired old bait, I'm sick of retards like replyfaggot and anyone else constantly trying to start and derail shit, I'm sick of full threads going by with nothing of value posted. I know none of this is new but it all adds up and really gets old fast.

And I know a certain troglodyte is going to point to this post and say it somehow proves him right, but it's just nice to have somewhere to complain for once.
Holy shit dude, you took the words out of my lips. The thread has truly been ruined by those retards.
Just checked /adhg/ and it's the same shit going on. Mass-shitposting and image dumping. And the same arguments for it: "it's on-topic, so it's okay".
>this post appears to be an automated spambot
Shit, show me a post in the past hour that isnt shitposting.
How do I ban-evade using mobile? Asking for a friend.
(116.46 KB 728x728 1631664468745.jpg)
They just keep feeding.
I think my problem is visiting other threads which have none of the problems we do and are so much more comfy or friendly to content creators, then you go to /hmofa/ and it's a thread like today's.
Plenty of other generals have their own schizo, but yea it's hard to go to something like Kobold General and see no shitflinging. That general has been smooth sailing for four years now, good for them.
I don't want to fucking even peek to see how the kpop, raceplay, and /co/ generals are doing.
I put all this blame on the faggot that spammed ">that 30yr boomer who..." to every board in the site, which causes the birth of the boomer wojak, and then the zoomer wojak many years ago.
Imagine cracking burzum's dick like a glowstick wouldn't that be funny
Imagine your waifur castrating Burzum haha wouldn't that be funny.
I don't think mine would be like that, but it would be cool to see someones more aggressive waifur do it. could be a fun community activity when the omniwaifur grants us our salvation.
This fucking nigger is getting on my nerves
+1, this is getting old fast.
What is this guy's major malfunction anyway?
Is the shitposting even worse than before? Haven't been to the thread for weeks now, since I'm not willing to sink hours into 4chins atm and I know I would if I dropped by. Even lurking these threads started to feel like a full time job.
Replyfaggot is flooding the thread with technically on topic shit in order to make the threads go faster.
Gamma poster is 100% correct and I find it funny how every reply are the biggest offenders to what he's complaining about.
(160.01 KB 800x800 1642841059019.png)
Another day, another filter update.
Word filter: https://rentry.co/fsdnd
Image filter: https://rentry.co/fsdnd
(207.07 KB 631x887 filter_.PNG)
Ok, I'm having a boomer moment here, sorry.
What did i do wrong?
>non-slob non-blob Trish
Still kinda fat, but still better than 90% of Trish content, sadly.
(325.99 KB 878x986 Mal0-Transparent-V2.png)
You copied it correctly, it's just that it doesn't recognize a certain flag ('s'), for some reason.
Many issues relating to "invalid regular expression flag" are linked to an outdated browser. If you have Firefox or Chrome, maybe updating might be the fix to it. Your browser just doesn't support the 's' flag, and might be added in a newer update.
Am I right about it being outdated?
Thanks fren.
More or less, I'm using palemoon. It's a fork of older firefox builds, it must not have implemented that feature yet.
Is the version higher than v28.8.0 (2019-12-10)?
>Implemented Regular Expression /s flag (dotAll support).
>butthurt about an edit
>copes with muh "used good general" argument
But I thought we were the ones that were butthurt? Aren't we newfag?
How come none of the spergs come here?
Probably because they got banned here. I know Burzum is permabanned for spambotting the thread two Christmas's ago.
And we are back. Nice.
>>3669 I care more about the potential loss of the little booru we made here, than this meta thread.
Why does this guy act like such a massive faggot in the thread. >Hurr durr you guys are so autistic and are like incels. Does he enjoy acting like a massive retard?
>>3672 >Does he enjoy acting like a massive retard? Yes.
>>3669 Neat
What set him off now?
(275.17 KB 1000x1020 7db0ba9624ce2045a60d2e5a3d9bf8e7.png)
>>3675 Probably just him samefagging.
>>3676 This is almost always the answer. It's very noticeable that he uses several devices to chain shitposts and pretend he's different people.
/used goods general/i;boards:trash /(?=.*used goods)(?=.*sloppy)/ims;boards:trash Thank me later.
>>3678 >/used goods general/i;boards:trash /(?=.*used goods)(?=.*sloppy)/ims;boards:trash Lifesaver
Is used goods faggot the same guy that spams those incel charts and graphs (I wanna flog myself for saying incel), every time a writefag story features a waifur that doesn't fit into his virgin tradwife standards?
>>3680 >Is used goods faggot the same guy that spams those incel charts and graphs (I wanna flog myself for saying incel), every time a writefag story features a waifur that doesn't fit into his virgin tradwife standards? lol shut up faggot, just b/c science proveing that have multiple sex partners in your life time is bad triggers you, doesn't mean their is some conspiracy to get you. The guy spamming that shit is doing it over some OC and a another furry OC pic.
>>3680 >>3681 My theory about the used goods faggot is that he is that /v/ schizo who was spamming soijaks back last year. Apparently the reason he was doing it was because he was upset over people posting /hmofa/ art of Rivet in his Ratchet and Clank threads.
>>3680 If I had to wager I'd guess he's the one who posts the Family Guy vomit gifs in any other thread where human on anthro is posted. Nothing to worry about, just hide and ignore and filter it if necessary
>>3684 Speaking of filter, here's the MD5 hash for the Family Guy puke gif, for those curious. /J0LonvrsIvXC0M8umjBTMg==/ And here's proof that it is the .gif file. https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/J0LonvrsIvXC0M8umjBTMg==/
>>3685 And the other .gif: /iFZhU7hH6oNBHUc3c4Cr1w==/ Proof: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/iFZhU7hH6oNBHUc3c4Cr1w/
Guess we were bound to have at least one thread go to absolute shit after a relative lucky streak.
Looks like I'm gonna have to click the drop-down menu, and add that Ash Ketchum pic to the MD5 Hashes.
>>3683 He's also the purity spiral brony who's acting as interim gatekeeper for squirtzone
>>3680 >>3690 >t. shizo
What's this faggot goal anyway?
>>3692 To derail and destroy discussion in /hmofa/, obviously. Have you never heard of our resident schizophrenic, burzum before?
(54.57 KB 640x640 1644354961016.jpg)
>>3693 >Have you never heard of our resident schizophrenic, burzum before?
I've realized that the thread has become oversaturated with artists, there's no point in posting mine when it's just gonna get ignored in favor of some new guy who's been drawing for twice as long as I have. Peace out faggots, see you again next week.
It makes sense, doesn't it? The amount of effort I put in isn't equal to the amount of praise I get, so why bother drawing stuff for people that doesn't care?
Nobody would miss me if I left, so I will.
(491.72 KB 200x112 1370144429028.gif)
>>3695 >>3696 >>3697 >Seeing other drawfags as competition for attention rather than potential collab partners. >ISHYGDDT Drawing for attention should never be your main motivator. Especially on 4chan. You either draw to contribute because you like the content or you do it for self improvement. Instead of bitching about people who've been doing it longer than you why don't you put in the time and effort like everyone else to get that good instead?
>>3698 >Seeing other drawfags as competition for attention You faggots need to stop saying this because you miss the point of posts like those entirely. You think it feels good to post something in the thread and get absolutely no reply? No, obviously not. You wouldn't know though since you probably haven't posted anything yourself.
Fuck I'm so sick of Missy it's unreal
>>3700 More than a quarter of the thread and about half of the previous ones (not counting the thread where we split) have been filled with missy shit. This autism has gone to far.
>>3700 >>3701 seethe
>>3701 >>3700 it doesn't help with the new artist drawing his progress through the story meaning the rich get richer while there are dozens of other deserving stories in the masterbin without any art.
>meaning the rich get richer while there are dozens of other deserving stories in the masterbin without any art. >the rich get richer Envy is a terrible thing, if you a writer maybe try developing your characters so your story won't suck ass. Maybe do something for the thread so you can get your mind off of how hard Missy's excellence makes you feel like a failure. How about reviewing or tagging some stories for people like review anon?? Or try to deveolop real waifurs like bioAnon.
>>3704 >envy Maybe but it's sure as hell disheartening seeing it plastered over thread after thread when any other story updates barely get two replies. How many of the current updates in the OP have any art, let alone anywhere near half a dozen new sketches in a single thread?
>>3702 Shut up nigger. It's /hmofa/ not /missy/ >>3704 >if you a writer maybe try developing your characters so your story won't suck ass. Maybe do something for the thread so you can get your mind off of how hard Missy's excellence makes you feel like a failure. How about you stop being that much of nigger and add a fucking rope to the fan above where your pedestal is and wrap it around your neck. Then kick and let yourself fall. There are far better stories and ones that are equally recognizable that have little to now art. Like I told to the other nigger, it's /hmofa/ not /missy/
we seriously have to start gatekeeping /hmofa/ the right way again.
(106.42 KB 678x678 1632483672661.jpg)
>>3707 What do you mean?
>>3708 >discord fags >rape fags coming back >Ntr niggers returning >shota and loli niggers >unironic use of le epic basdjaks >the fucking missy spam for several thread on end >among many others
>>3707 And what way would that be? The forum is public and the jannies don't give a fuck about /trash/, so no moderation. I don't see how the traffic could be moved here without either attracting the unsavory elements or assigning multiple mods for 24h/day surveillance.
(165.09 KB 1059x1500 b7819bb32376a9a141ca5f545957ff9a.jpg)
>>3709 Most of those are the result of one shitposter trying to get (you)'s. The Missy shit is annoying, but like other people said, it will end eventually.
Holy fuck, no wonder the author of Quar and Ray ditched. One post from a woman and the back half of the thread drowns in shit.
>>3712 Where? I just opened the thread and don't see any posts drowning in (You)s. What was that about?
>>3713 Nvm, checked the earlier thread already. Nice shitstorm. >>3712 Because she's a woman or because she's a writer?
>>3713 Previous thread. Author that got tired of us and left got sweet talked back into dropping a huge update on us, then got quickly chased off again. I'm reading through the new content now to see where things go, but if these fucks keep us from getting Part 3 I think I'll be pissed.
>>3715 It's a shame that the only place on 4chan for a hmofa thread is /trash/ If there was a hmofa-focused thread on a board that was actually moderated and less explicitly pornographic, you'd get a thread that's way better than current /hmofa/.
>>3716 no fucking shit welcome to furchan
>>3717 Yeah bro let me go to the main furchan thread Oh wait it's fucking dead
>>3718 Maybe people need to start shilling it in the main thread. Maybe we can replace that tf2 server link with the furchan link.
>filenames aren't hashed It's a poser
(247.45 KB 1838x2756 1633124155343.jpg)
>>3720 No shit. Anyone who has actually experienced Burzum's reign of terror would be able to tell that. Replyfaggot must be getting desperate.
How long do you think he will continue the larp?
>>3720 It's most likely the cuck faggot.
>>3723 My money is on replyfaggot.
>>3724 whats the difference?
>>3719 We tried that. Mods suddenly cared and nuked the thread for advertising.
>>3724 I say it’s the cuck faggot. Guy can’t handle people who have standards. Also the replydaggot sounds like a made up term by the cuckoman when the whole thread calls him out on his shit
>>3724 I think it's purityfag. He's already been chartposting a lot and last thread there was some schizo talking about gatekeeping the thread more, curiously around the time this shit kicked off.
>>3728 I'm pretty sure chartfaggot is just another one of replyfaggot's personas. Like I said before, he's desperate for attention.
>>3728 >>3729 >purity fag Is that how you cope with anons calling you out cuckfag? That they are all the same person?
>>3731 >nobody ever talks about "cuckfag" >nobody ever spams the thread with cuck material >suddenly three posts on an obscure board talking about "cuckfag" >desperately stating they're not the same person >after the appearance of a spammer who can't stop talking about his purity ideal It's obvious, bro. Just stop spamming the thread.
>>3732 meds now
Can you guys keep the shitposting to trash It's annoying to have every single goddamn thread involving anthros on any other board inevitably devolve into people spamming Missy and "she looks like she fucks human men"
(2.78 MB 2214x3231 groundhog2.jpg)
https://rentry.co/fsdnd Time to reintroduce the anti-burz filter, feel free to disable it once the impersonator becomes bored and switches to a different tactic to shit the general up. As someone who made the filter, I also believe it's an impersonator.
>>3735 How long till he gets bored then (assuming retards stop feeding him)?
>>3736 This has been the third attempt of a burz revival since he (hopefully) died at the start of the Ukraine invasion, but it's also the most persistent one yet. The range of when it will stop isn't narrow. Could be right now, or a couple weeks.
(2.21 MB 2048x1152 1629696947307.png)
>>3737 It's not very convincing anyways. The real Burzum would have reintroduced himself by spamming smegma or some other gayshit that he would have gotten banned for. This feels too tame.
Can we start reporting the vocaroos as spam?
>banned already lol
>>3740 Maybe that fag should simply stick to posting 'used goods general'. Low effort, and no bans.
>>3740 How the fuck did he ban-evade so quickly? Did he just delete the incremating posts?
>>3742 It was a proper ban since the previous Thread was back below bump limit
>>3743 That was literally withing 5 minutes, what the fuck.
>>3742 >>3743 >>3744 >>3741 He most likely using multiple devices (celluar data and local wifi) or multiple 4chan passes or discord raid; who the fuck knows. In case some of you are retarded don't reply to him or the people replying to him like the cuckfag. Just ignore him, he probably reply to himself several times to generate artificial interest in his post.
>>3745 >he probably reply to himself several times to generate artificial interest in his post What's even the point in doing that? What's the point in spamming some semi obscure thread on /trash/ of all places? Just why?
(302.52 KB 2000x600 1651988711714.jpg)
>>3746 Plenty of reasons >Schizophrenia or general mental illness >Fried dopamine receptors >Attention-whoring >Larping as anti-furry oldfag to destroy largest furry community on 4chan And the list goes on.
Since he got banned and evaded, what did you anons report him for?
>>3748 Automated spambot, doxing.
>>3745 Is cuckfag in the room with you now, Anon?
>>3751 Yes cuckfag. Stop replying to him like a fucking retard. In fact stop replying to all shit that you think is stirring shit up. We only have 300 bumps per thread, so please don't fill it up with your "crusade" against the shitposters real or not
>>3752 >shit up entire threads with chartposting and flame wars against non-virgin waifurs >no no, it's this shitposter only I can see who's at fault
Looking forward to the same shitty Martha pictures being spammed for the next month like with Averi
>>3753 You shit up threads when people state their preference in a wish fulfillment thread. Anon's post charts when you constantly berate them on what they like. You assumed that everyone who wanted a virgin was the "used goods" poster and you lashed out like a child. I wouldn't be surprise if the new burzum impersonator is you honestly. Either way, the way you constantly reply to shitpost makes you no better than him.
>>3755 Honestly, it doesn't really make sense for the 'used goods' poster to be pro-virgin, considering all the times he has spammed furbois.
>>3748 Automated spambot, doxing/personal info (Twitter screencaps occasionally stick), and in some instances breaking US law (sustained targeted harassment, yelling "fire" in a crowded room, that sort of thing).
It's December 2021 /hmofa/ all over again.
>>3755 >everyone I don't like is one person You can't seriously sit here complaining about shitposting when you defend the fucking chartposter (if it's not you in the first place). It's spamming the thread, Anon. It's shit. It makes it a worse place for everyone. And every single time I've seen a thread go to shit due to this goddamn discussion, it's purityfags who feel the need to relentlessly shit on others, or even go after writefags for writing non-virgin characters. But this petulant claim that everyone who isn't down with your thread policing is one singular phantom spammer takes the fucking cake. This entire discussion got started with one of you (probably just you) making the bold claim that the new spammer must be the same person as someone who told him to stop being a cringelord God knows how long ago.
>>3759 Your the only one that uses the term 'purityfag' so you can shove what ever lame excuse for your gullible replies to shitposts (real or not) far up your ass. All people ask you to do is not sperg out because people in the thread have standards and are not attacking any story or author because in their statement of said standards. Nobody gives a shit about your "crusade". In fact if you think they are shitposters don't reply to them at all.
>>3760 Claiming that everyone who responds to the burzum impersonator is one person is a massive cope. All people ask you is not to shitpost in the first place. Don't make excuses for a faggot like chartposter because muh standards. Nobody gives a fuck about your standards, and if you don't spam the thread incessantly the moment you see something you don't like, nobody is going to sperg out because of your standards. But every shitposter thusfar has shared your standards, so don't be surprised when people see a pattern.
>>3761 You wouldn't happen to be the guy posting beef curtains, would you?
>>3762 No. Stop coping.
I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but, for a few years now, the /hmofa/ threads on /trash/ have been plagued by a spammer calling himself Burzum. He regularly doxes content creators, threatens to kill random anons, and spams gore. Reporting him only seems to stop him temporarily, since he ban evades, often within minutes of receiving said ban. Recently, with the invasion of Ukraine he had gone quiet but in the past few days, he has resurfaced. He has already ban evaded more than 3 times in the past 2 days, and the threats have only gotten worse. I'm writing to ask if you could rangeban him or something so that me and the other anons can have a decent 4chan experience. Thank you, A concerned anon. Does this sound good?
>>3764 Should throw in some evidence. Have some Desuarchive links to his deleted posts.
>>3765 I also recommend looking at the reply chain of >>1801 and >>1967. Just to give examples. But I like how much you wrote in a single paragraph. When you provide evidence, make sure it's the recent examples, from days ago.
>>3764 I'd be more interested in finding where he refugee'd himself to and reporting him for draft dodging.
>>3761 >Claiming that everyone who responds to the burzum impersonator is one person is a massive cope. I didn't, I am calling you a massive sperg who retaliates against anything that is not within his preferences and creating discord when their wasn't any. Your a gullible faggot who needs to reply to every post you have grievances with. >All people ask you speak for yourself cuckfag. People who give a shit about the level of shitposting don't give a shit what I say in the /meta/. Because I keep it in the meta. You on the other hand have a need to fucking reply to every "shitpost". People posting their standards or likes are not shitposts or malicious if they are not actively attacking or putting down another anon, story, or author or are blatantly bait or spamming. You are carelessly accusing people you don't like to be Burzum or a Burzum impersonator as a pathetic attempt to silence them and to associate their likes or post with burzum so they can be taboo. If you actually cared about the shitposting in the general you wouldn't reply to them, you would ignore them and report them, instead you engage with the "alleged shitposters" provocatively so that if the thread wasn't shit before it becomes shit now and then you turn around and blame them for it, when your just being a little faggot. Also chartposter is based soley on the fact that he makes you seethe.
>>3764 Send it to "4chan feedback"
>>3767 >Burzum gets extradited from Poland by the Ukrainian government and gets shot for desertion /hmofa/ kino ending
You know, for a guy who hates twitter, Burzum certainly is on it a lot. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
>>3768 Look purityfag, you can't concern troll about the thread and then say a prolific shitposter is based. If you support shitposting, you hate the thread. And if you scroll up, you can see your own samefagging posts accusing "cuckfag", who's apparently anyone who tells you to stop spamming the thread, of being the burzum impersonator. So you getting triggered over people accusing you of anything is complete bullshit. Nearly every thread has had purity shitposting, whether it's ruining half the thread with charts, replying to every pic with anal, or the used goods posts. Just stop spamming the thread. You're making it a worse place for everyone.
>>3772 >And if you scroll up, you can see your own samefagging posts accusing "cuckfag", >he thinks >>3762 is me Call the mod, have him verify himself that you are full of shit. You are the epitome of "everybody that I don't like is "thing"" >Nearly every thread has had purity shitposting, whether it's ruining half the thread with charts >replying to every pic with anal, or the used goods posts. Dear god and your even going after the anal enjoyers! I am 100% sure that chartchad (those charts have been posted on 4chan for years) has like 3 charts at most, that analchad is in fact multiple anons, and the "purityfags" are just regular anons. >So you getting triggered over people accusing >people it's just (You) >[they're] making it a worse place for everyone. They are making the place worse for you, and I love it. I love that fact that you have concocted this boogieman of a shitposter than posts charts, likes virgins, post anal, and calls you a cuckfag. Look, I don't like it when someone says "x is a slut because y" under my favorite stories, but that doesn't mean I am going to go mental and try to start a shitflinging contest because you deluded yourself into thinking that all of the things you don't like in the thread is because of one anon. Your nuts. Crazy in the coconut cockfag. Yes COCKFAG, because you are too much of a massive fucking faggot to be cucked by a women.
You two dipshits have done this for literal months, give it a rest already
So you're telling me the literally who artist that nobody has really talked about or reposted art from since they stopped posting reappears on virtually the same exact day as the draft-dodging subhuman?
>>3775 meds
>>3775 Stop fucking responding to him you idiot.
(788.48 KB 246x258 1534475148156.gif)
/hmofa/ can't catch a break can it?
>>3778 I swear to god, on their own replyfaggot or burzum are just merely irritating, but together it's like Godzilla and King Kong having gay sex together in the thread.
>>3778 Battered wife syndrome general
(50.13 KB 414x474 1644304811153.jpg)
>>3773 >You are the epitome of "everybody that I don't like is "thing"" >it's just (You) How are you this much of a retard?
>Not a single 'used goods general' got posted since he 'came back' It's pretty fucking obvious who's doing this. And I still don't know why he keeps up with the illusion.
>>3783 Why the fuck does it matter if he is who he says he is. He's still shitting up the thread either way.
>>3782 >>3783 nobody cares, give it a rest you fucking schizo
I am reporting everyone of his post under either automated spam bot, evading filters, or doxing. I have multiple 4chan passes to continue reporting him in case I get banned for "abusing" the report button. Also I think we should make an email to here: https://www.4chan.org/feedback We must make it eloquent.
>>3786 retard is a hypocrite about everything he says, news at 11
(41.28 KB 1016x186 fagggot.png)
>>3783 Unironically kys
QRD on /x/ schizo?
I sent an email to feedback. You all should do the same.
>>3791 >Thinking Jannies will care With all due respect Anon....
>>3790 literal nobody that burz uses as an excuse to shit up the thread just like everything else, it's not worth thinking too much into anything he says
>>3792 Ask them to rangeban him, also I sent one off earlier. Maybe the more people complain about him the more mods take notice.
>>3794 >Jannies issue rangeban >He jumps VPN's and IP's Anon you're not the first person to ask for this.
>>3795 Well then what the fuck do you do, this is Barneyfag tier.
>>3796 I hate to say it but this is an offsite issue.
>>3797 What, KILLING him?
>>3798 I wish lmao. But asking Jannies to ban him won't save the general. He can do whatever he wants - when he wants. And no, before you ask many Anons can't even find where he lives.
>>3796 Stop acting like an autist about it, there's been three fucking metathreads talking about this same exact thing and the only thing that actually works is not giving it attention.
>>3800 This and filtering him. When you understand his filenames and posting styles then you realize how he works.
>>3795 You can only use VPNs with a pass. So rangebanning him will force him to have to use a pass and with those you are banned based on your pass ID, not your IP.
Keep reporting him and emailing to feedback. Our 2000th anniversary is coming up. We should make a new thread on furchan for that just in case.
>>3791 >Quote his post to bypass the filter Filteranon here, that issue can be fixed by tagging the 'recursive hiding' box in the 4chanX settings.
>>3804 Also, I appreciate you sending your letter btw. Good job.
>>3785 >everybody I don't like is "thing" Retard.
my bad here nobody cares, give it a rest you fucking schizo(s) Now fuck off.
is he raiding the aggie?
>>3808 Yes. We have to wait until pleb or LL shows up to ban him again.
you fucks better be blowin up the report button right now
>>3810 Wojak shit gets deleted pretty quickly, right?
>>3811 quickly? That varies. Gets deleted, yes.
>>3807 Is this true? Did Burz impersonators scare kaktus off?
Y'know those low-effort, single-reply, and bot-like puke reaction images? Here's some MD5 hashes for them. /J0LonvrsIvXC0M8umjBTMg==/ /iFZhU7hH6oNBHUc3c4Cr1w==/ /tFt+Ba0sH4UASA0d+HQAIw==/ /a860jRA/R8BF5AUU4PxPoA==/ /R1EVYx1dtVdLJuqKM5lJsw==/ /fSyDeopc1JY3Kvr4x9LI2A==/ /Ov1HU0RXn/cPnJhJXSPsaw==/ Plug the hashes here, so you can see what gets blocked out. https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/_J0LonvrsIvXC0M8umjBTMg_/
Might as well add the "malding" reminders to the filter as well
I am going to assume you are shitposter if you keep posting this
Hey, does all this ISIS extremism warrant a report under rule 1 (extremism)? I looks like it, but I'm assuming to getting banned for misfiled reports (if it isn't) gives a more harsh ban.
>>3818 > but I'm assuming to getting banned for misfiled reports (if it isn't) gives a more harsh ban. lol, pussy. I use the report button to hide his post unironically. Haven't gotten since he has shown up and if I do I just get another 4chan pass (it gives me an excuse to buy more crypto)
>>3819 Report his ISIS glorifying ones under rule 1 for me and check back on me later. Not ones with random sandguy, but those posts with the giant ISIS flag, an ISIS salute, and other shit. Him shilling some fag's ISIS soundcloud looks like a violation of rule 1 for promoting extremism.
>>3816 /malding pedo sandnigger larper/i;boards:trash
>>3814 He wrote and updated, even when he was around. I doubt it.
>>3817 It's either replyfaggot or a genuinely mentally stunted anon.
>>3817 He's wrong, too. Burzy is at least in his mid-30's. Might even be pushing 40. >>3818 All that shit is literally illegal in a lot of countries. Potentially, you could even go to the authorities over that one. Might be a good thing to do it for the soundcloud stuff, at least. I highly doubt that site wants to be the springboard for ISIS shit.
always a good time when he's this pissed about content being created
>>3825 He's not pissed about content being created. He's pissed about the thread existing.
(929.58 KB 497x287 1623723776046.gif)
>stages of a /b/tard >oldfag >fascism/racism is lumped with: >loving cp >trying to corrupt everything >failiure in life >liking tranime >masturbation to anything
At least he's actively admitting he's ruining threads now, usually he would just deny it and blame everyone else. Progress!
>>3828 Who fucking cares stop talking to him. You're not a therapist.
>>3829 What if he were?
(370.69 KB 362x272 Screenshot_20220525-155323.png)
I know everyone's been bacn and forth over it being real or poser but I thought this one was interesting. Duplicate filenames wouldn't happen like that if it were hashed with 4chanX
>>3831 Also I'd report that one for doxxing, her or not it's still creepy as shit
hope you fags are actually reporting all of these
>>3833 I at least reported the "ashly" spam as doxing. I won't push my luck a report multiple times.
>>3833 You can report the gore spam. I don't get worried for reporting those kinds of posts, especially if they're flooding the thread. >>3834 I should help with reporting that too, when they come up.
>>3814 It's not that what happens, people just happen on to these threads and just the same way they go away, seemingly out of nowhere. It's part of the internet, people got other things to do, video games to play and other threads to frequent.
Kinda odd how it started after people called burzy out for being a pathetic traitor, isn't it?
>>3833 I reported a post of some guy having a meltdown and spammed the thread with salads, cuz I was talking about slightly chubby anthros many months ago. If that can get someone banned, then I'm sure gore does too.
>>3838 I got banned for making a STALKER reference itt because it was "meaningless gibberish" or something
>>3838 >>3839 Was this on trash?
>>3840 Salad posting was on trash, yes.
(1.98 MB 1689x1080 KEEP MOVING.png)
At this point i keep wondering why /hmofa/ simply doesn't fuck off 4chan and start its own community in some other site, like a forum or another chan mirror, leaving the 4chan thread an exclave.
>>3843 you people say this every single time we have a bad thread even though you always get the same exact answers
>>3843 Maybe because we're all 4chan users? The best scenario is the /fur/ board being made, even if it mods make it a blue board.
>>3844 None of us should have to endure an entire thread's worth of child porn and gore because the mods are too lazy and retarded to clean it up. There are greener pastures.
>>3844 >you people say this every single time we have a bad thread even though you always get the same exact answers has anyone actually tried to start an exodus though? It's not just 'a bad thread', it's been constant, nonstop, for years on end. >>3845 >Maybe because we're all 4chan users? 4chan kinda sucks ass and 4chanX is the only thing that keeps it in a working state honestly. >The best scenario is the /fur/ board being made, even if it mods make it a blue board. sincerely doubt hiroshimoot will make one.
>>3845 >the best scenario is the /fur/ board being made you do know what happened last time it happened, right?
(76.86 KB 1568x311 Capture.PNG)
>>3848 Is this conformation that this spam is just him trying to jew us(false flag both sides)?
>>3849 No, it's the OTHER shitposter starting him off again to shit up the thread. You know, the one who was shitposting during his absence.
>>3849 I've decided to put his comment into the filter. My explanation is that whoever is using the filter is already aware of his presence and no longer needs a redundant reminder.
Again with the fucking diagrams
>>3852 wow! Cuckfag shitposting attracts the diagrams. Who would have thought?
The political shitposting was surprising but not unexpected. We are living in an age of mass propaganda by regimes such as Russia/China, not to mention the wests on domestic propaganda. Every board has been having problem with /Chug/ posters >/gif/ >/k/ >/tg/ they openly plan out raids to /k/. Trying to get Ukraine threads banned. Not saying it should be expected, but paid shills, bots, and hyper trolls have become a reality.
>>3852 psst 28z+PgZBDmzfwpr57Z+9CQ==
>>3853 How about you stop fucking taking the bait you absolute brainlet? He wants (you)'s and you keep obliging. Or maybe you are another shitposter since you are clearly incapable of not shutting up.
>>3852 >filtering the chartchad sperg Not very based, cringe even
Kinda funny how much he spergs out over the gif spammer, clearly he's the only retard allowed to shit up our thread.
>>3858 I don't even care, cuz I have that bot filtered.
>>3855 I'm starting to think burzum did nothing wrong.
>>3852 Redpill me on the diagrams I don't frequent the thread much anymore
>>3860 What is this?
>>3855 scientific charts showing how having a bodycount greater than 0 has detrimental effects in all categories
why is there nobody in the furchan /hmofa/ thread?
>>3860 Sketchy is honestly right about elitism but it's also silly to get upset when 90% of the shit tossed towards him are obvious trolls
>Sketchy is honestly right about elitism but it's also silly to get upset when 90% of the shit tossed towards him are obvious trolls >90% of the shit tossed towards him are obvious trolls No he is WRONG, due to most of the shit that gets toss his way or shitposters, /hmofa/ is not 'eletist' There are two main types of posters >posters that have the time and energy to contribue >shitposters 1 shitposter is a crowd 2 make if feel like the whole general He has connected with /hmofa/ through aggie, twitter, and other non 4chan ways, so why is whining all of a sudden?
>/hmofa/ #2000 went relatively well. I was so afraid it will become as terrible as Christmas 2021. At least my worries didn't come true.
>>3866 This is why you never drag anyone to /hmofa/ from the outside of 4chan, where they don't know what it's like and how to handle it.
>>3866 >not elitist See any given thread where an anon vehemently denies being called a furry or there's rant after rant of how much more wholesome and superior /hmofa/ content is compared to regular furry art.
>>3860 How did burz sperging make things better?
>>3869 >there's rant after rant of how much more wholesome and superior /hmofa/ content is compared to regular furry art. This isn't elitism, this is just pride and common sense if you look at the average furry >t.furry
>>3860 I'm starting to think faggots like you should just stay away from the thread if you hate it so much.
Why cant we have a nice thread without those two faggots having to shit it up every time?
>>3869 it's just new burzum, I don't think there is more than one guy.
>>3874 you fucks better be reporting
>>3871 It doesn't really matter whether HMOFA is better or worse than any other fetish, but the people who feel the need to go out of their way to defend themselves when hmofa gets compared to normal furries weirds me out. No one who asks that is being genuine and even if they are, there's no real argument you can make to change their mind, as it'll just be percived as being defensive. It is getting kinda funny watching people accuse eachother of being shitposters like a town of salem game, though.
>I can't report anymore It's up to you guys now
>>3876 It could very well be burzum replying to himself. I believe he is using 2-3 devices, with one of the having an 4chan pass. The reply chains to his post very often follow the pattern of 30-60 second time intervals. At this point in time, you can forget trying to humanize burzum, this person or people is actively trying to kill the general. He is not trying to gate keep it, he is lying, he is trying to kill it.
>>3878 I don't think the "it's burzum sockpuppeting" explanation works here, I've seen people act like this even during shitposter downtimes. It may very well be Burzum asking the question but i'm fairly sure at least a good bit of the responses are genuine.
Filter anon here. I have updated the filter during the meltdown, how's the thread after you anons updated?
(30.66 KB 558x263 Capture2.PNG)
>>3877 I did report this one as "appears to be an automated spambot" at the very least.
To the potential newfags, burzum is an unironically mentally ill man that has going on 5 years now tried to kill the thread via his schizo antics.
(25.85 KB 668x112 evasion.png)
>>3881 report more you pussy pic related is him trying to evade spam filters
I dunno about you guys, but Burzum overreacting to people saying the most innocuous stuff is honestly hilarious.
>>3876 > feel the need to go out of their way to defend themselves when hmofa gets compared to normal furries It feels like posters trying to justify to themselves and how they totally definitely aren't XYZ. Just like what you like, who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks or calls you?
I personally find it really hard to not call out when impersonated, and even harder when someone falls for it.
>>3887 who is impersonating you?
Don't care if I get banned. I will keep reporting.
what now?
>>3890 You look polite so far, what's the point you're gonna make to the mods? something about linking different chans or something?
>>3893 yeah, and they told me no, because it counts as advertising.
>>3893 Does this not count as intentionally evading spam filters?
I think this the same nigger that did the Sarah is a whore spam months ago.
>>3896 You think? He just tries to find reason to shit up threads.
>>3893 I forgot my password, so I had to register another account. Here is my second attempt at trying to find out the appropriate use of the "intentionally evading spam/filters"
>>3898 >Unless it's illegal That's a good time to mention how he constantly attempts to dox and cyberstalk any artist that he doesn't like. The harassment for the artist of that glowie waifur is a perfect example. He even did death threats to her. Proof: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47990712/#47995240
>>3896 Spamming an artist's off-topic art in an attempt to get people to hate them while they all have 4chanX hash filenames. Take a guess.
>>3900 Guess I jinxed it or something because look what just started up again.
The entire image filter is broken, because the retards at Rentry decided that word should be a new tag, and not do [mark]word[/mark] like a normal person.
>>3902 The issue has been fixed. Adding a space between each hash fixes the problem.
Does anyone know how to get around a range ban? it's been over two weeks and I don't know why i even got it.
>I blame >retconned's chat >tumblr suicide >twitter migration >/v/ spam >pastebin purge >snoot game https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/22132998/#22146448 >>22146304 Mostly chatfags like coughingfit, he's here I can recognize his posts Cuckfort underagefags, newfags and few other retards >>22146290 No. >>22146327 But you're doing the same, that is literally what an NPC does. >>22146344 Yep, what a shame. >>22146362 schizophrenia >>22146367 He left shortly after red*itconned drama >>22146385 Nah.
>>3904 Don't they give a reason why? What the fuck did you do? Did you evade?
>>3906 I don't do anything, it just says I'm range blocked.
>>3907 Gonna have to talk to the mods in IRC for that. Yes. Use the embedded appeal tool on the banned page to appeal your ban. Read the entire banned page carefully before disputing your ban. Note that some bans require you sit out for a few days before allowing you to appeal the ban. If you believe an error has been made, or you are being mistakenly affected by a ban meant for somebody else, contact a moderator on IRC at #4chan @ Rizon. Moderators are available to assist users with bans and technical issues on the website. PM a moderator (operators in the channel denoted by @ or % symbols before their name) with all relevant information, including your IP address if banned. Please note: this is a public channel, everything you say here can be logged and repeated elsewhere. Do not release your personal information in the channel! https://www.4chan-x.net/4chan-irc.html
>>3907 Also, you could be range blocked due to using a mobile data, and not wifi. There's a difference between being banned, and being blocked. Stuff like mobile data, VPNs, and Starbucks wifi is blocked. Stuff like home wifi isn't blocked.
(105.56 KB 1080x789 Bullshit.jpg)
>>3908 This is the message I get when trying to post.
>>3910 Yea. Talk to the mods.
>>3911 I'll give it a shot but I'm not expecting much, Thanks for trying anyway.
>>3907 They won't lift it if your region is found associating with spambotting or annoying /sp/'s and /g/'s mods. Believe me, I'm in Florida, and my mobile network was rangeb& for years until moot and I went back and forth about it. Based on our convoys, I never expected the CEO of Troll, Inc. to come through, but he did on several occasions. I haven't tried emailing Hiro. Haven't needed to, obviously, but maybe try speaking with him directly?
>>3913 **convos Effin autocorrect lmao. oops
(20.15 KB 833x220 bullshit2.png)
So I tried the irc thing and couldn't get any help, I guess I'll just have to go back to lurking.
>>3916 Have you tried turning your pc and/or wifi off and on again? I've had something similar happen to me ages past and that one simple trick helped.
>>3917 I tried my phone and my computer restarting did nothing
>>3910 Did that [More info] actually have something informative? >>3918 Have you tried using a public wifi, preferably in multiple locations? Even if just to confirm whether the problem lies on your end or it's your whole local area. Otherwise, I don't have anything other than going right to the source, as >>3913 said.
What happened to wakarimasen archive? All I'm getting is some crying anime girl gif. Did it die, like the ghostbin and booru is in process of?
>>3919 I tried a pc 30 meters away and I was able to post, but this entire situation makes no sense.
>>3921 But have you tried it with your own devices? Also, have you tried clearing cache and cookies? Maybe something there is interfering.
>>3922 I even tried different browsers, my personal phone and pc didn't work but the computer in the barn did, it runs on a separate router so maybe that had something to do with it.
>>3923 After trying to post on 4chan at work and getting a message that I'm banned for Proxy/VPN on a date I didn't even use the internet on there, I can safely assume that it's the router that the ban curse was placed upon. Using the phone as hotspot fixed the problem, didn't have any other wifi to check if it's only that one or the area itself. Point being, just switch the routers to circumvent the problem, since I don't know what exactly the problem may be, much less how to fix it.
>>3924 So, it seems mobile data is blocked and so is my home's internet router it might have something to do with the new security package bullshit we got but the weird thing is mobile data used to work just fine and I got blocked in both at the same time
(120.63 KB 226x207 86f.png)
>>3925 Well, then the best I can do is wish you good luck, anon. Good luck.
I haven't really taken any interest in the general since leaving in 2018-19 due to what happened to /scp/ so I'm not really up to date with all the autism that has occurred since other than Dylan shit and the increased amount of crossposters leaking into other boards. Gotta ask though, does Burzum spill his autism over in /v/ too? Can't tell
>>3927 He spams in /adhg/ occasionally but otherwise recognizable burz autism is just our thread.
I know it's just /pol/ shitters this time but I really wish anons would stop thinking engaging and mocking him in the thread is going to accomplish anything other than just helping him derail it and kill any actual discussion like he wants. You're not being funny, you're being another pest.
>>3929 Remember it's usually samefagging at himself. With basically zero moderation in /trash/ you can just samefag a thread to bumplock and nothing'll stop you. It's really obvious when it's old bait from the start of the thread being replied to out of the blue, he's wiggling the hook.
>>3930 if only there was a mod who loved hmofa, would have them easily snuff out the autism just like /lolg/ has their own personal mod always watching
>>48461086 >>48461101 >You niggers would literally whiteknight anyone, no matter how black, young, gay, female or out of place they might be. >And all because you hate me more. That's pretty pathetic. >If you actually have no problem with zoomshit tumblrinas posting here then you too don't belong in hmofa. Braindead faggots. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/15001158/#15008272 >>15007846 Because instead of discussion and porn it's infested with egotistical writefags who's loyal followers will flame anyone who complains. Instead of discussing >getting wolfed We get 6th grade writing generic fanfic that repeats itself over and over with no variation, if you EVER point that out the legion of white knights who honestly think some fat sweaty nerd writing garbage fanfic is worth defending will decend on you calling you a troll 5000 times before they declare the thread ruined by everyone but themselves. ... >>15008301 >>15008317 whiteknighting is hard, do you guys shine your armour? >>15008362 what >>15008374 >Why do you come back I come here for porn and discussion, not attention whoring writefags
With the years of dealing with that deranged loser, now I understand why there are a noteworthy occurrence of physical abuse and beatings, inflicted by asylum staffworkers, inside mental asylums. It's insufferable.
>>3933 Anon don't make fun of him, this is literally the only thing he has in his pathetic life stopping him from killing himself.
>>3934 Assuming he has schizophrenia, his mind is already killing himself, for him. Let's hope for it to degrade more and more, until Alzheimer's kicks in or some shit.
Okay this'll be offtopic as hell for /hmofa/ but I want expert opinion and winding my here is about good as I can get. Just what the hell happens with /adhg/? Its either the purityfaggot claiming thread is shit unless it caters to his niche snuff fetish or whatever, the unironic pedophile constantly trying to preach the virtues of child abuse, or the one hyperargumenative shitlord using the place to satisfy his compulsion. You guys are experts (against your will, poor bastards) on schizos. Am I seeing our own autistic nutbar samefagging there or is it cursed with multiple shitposters?
>>3936 Most likely the latter. Threads can very easily be dominated by one or two dedicated shitposters.
>>3936 >purityfag And dropped. Only shitposters use that term. Most likely what is happening is /adhg/ is not putting up with your bullshit replyfaggotry.
>>3936 It's just the same as our thread, shitposter(s) using any vaguely divisive idea to ruin as much of the thread as they can. >abusefags don't belong here >anti-abusefags whine too much Are all the same people arguing with themselves over something 99% of the thread doesn't care about, yet it's enough to completely derail it because it looks like it's more anons than it is. Sound familiar?
>>3936 > Its either the purityfaggot claiming thread is shit unless it caters to his niche snuff fetish or whatever > purityfaggot Are you the "cuckfag" that everybody is talking about? Or are you using "purityfaggot" as someone who doesn't want to deviate from a narrow guidelines of what he arbitrarily defines as /adhg/
>>3936 >purityfaggot https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46370302/#46379808 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43836630/#43841105 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46422825/#46441861 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46468440/#46474728 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46639014/#46641060 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46690551/#46698584 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46969448/#46986295 >unironic pedophile https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19466934/#19482471 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40759310/#40768176 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40980953/#40983454 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41244037/#41257381 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41260241/#41260260 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41689566/#41692332 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41875371/#41884973 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43465265/#43471663 >hyperargumentative shitlord https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/15615397/#15620942 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/22132998/#22146762 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40895179/#40897646 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40980953/#40981044 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42131654/#42137955 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42288818/#42296835 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43363051/#43365489 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43876466/#43889432 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44380943/#44391113 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44601583/#44614927 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47098304/#47100288 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47098304/#47105606 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47158306/#47173521 ..... >>3704 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47125740/#47139584 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46669269/#46688767 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42362679/#42371552
Is there a reason age-related words haven't been put in the filter yet? Only the autists and thread derailers use them
>>3942 There are a good amount of age-related phrases in the filter.
>>3941 >anon calls a guy who calls everything a whore in order to sew discord. If you actually believe that these post are a result of his opinions on sexual morality and not just him trying to spam and shit things up then you are fucking retarded.
I still don't have the clear picture. Did burzum get permabanned and a new retard has taken his place?
>>3945 Permabans don't exist. We assume he died.
We need a filter for the doberman spammer.
>>3947 You're always free to add that yourself.
>>3947 Stop being so assblasted about the dude. I know for a fact that you are one of the fags who gets pissed regulars call you out and the shit you post. I know for a fact because one of you said "If I can't post my shit that the dobernigger can't do so either" (paraphrasing). So fuck off you retired ass wipe.
Is /trash/ down for anyone else, I keep getting error 500?
>>3950 Yeah me too, the images don't open on any of the threads
>>3951 Well shit. I was worried I was just me. FA and e621 seem to be down as well.
>>3951 Is it just no images showing up or is the entire site down?
All sites that use Cloudflare are having issues, is all.
>>3949 Eat shit nigger. Stop posting your nasty fucking dogs as if everyone wants to see that trash. You can fuck off forever.
>>3955 You are the only one complaining.
>>3956 Nah there's been multiple people complaining.
>>3955 Better get started on your filter then
>>3955 I don't post Dobermans you fucking retard. You complain every fucking thread about him. Every time and you're equally as annoying as the other nigger and his gang of retards circle jerking eachother to fuck the thread over. I know as a matter of fact you're new because just a month and a half ago your weren't here. And for the most part no one was complaining. Then you came along started posting your shit, image dumping, and acted like you own the place, you projected your idiocy onto him and turned your self into the victim when people called you out.
You seem to have me confused for someone else. What images am I posting? I want to see if you know who I am.
>>3919 >>3921 Speaking to this, "public wifi" networks are private networks that are publicly availed to patrons of establishments, and they block sites all the time. That said, they're more like access points to servers that may not even be located near you, and anyone can use them until they get banned for whatever. Try restarting your router, or learn how to send requests for new IP addresses to your ISP's DNS. A mobile network typically operates on a DNS that assigns new IPs by session, so toggling your data might work unless you're region-locked. If you're region-locked, try switching bands (it's automatic by default). DNSes assigning IPv4 addresses aren't locked as frequently as others.
>>3955 Lmao and what would you prefer to see, o content czar? The only thing dobbie does wrong is rehash from what seems like a small pool of content a little too frequently. I'm not that nta, andI've liked dobergals for years because their artwork has a tendency to favor fitness and immaculate booty. What's sticking in your craw over his tastes that's so "nasty" to you, hm?
>>3962 As long as you keep policing the content I post I will continue policing dobershitter.
(2.50 MB 480x270 DIE_MOTHERFUCKER_DIE.gif)
>>3960 >>3963 >WAHHH STOP POLCING THE THREAD >LET ME POST WHAT I WANT >IT'S HUMAN MALE ON FEMALE ANTHRO SO IT'S ON TOPIC >WAHHHHHH >https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48425322/#48434807 Shut. The. FUCK. UP.
>>3964 Also you didn't know which poster I was until I said it. Typical faggot.
>>3963 >you Nuh-uh, I have a pretty strict "no whining" policy, and I don't begrudge tasteful anthro females of any species. What content are you "not allowed" to post?
>>3967 Meant for >>3963 screen is bork
>>3957 >source: my ass
What the fuck is happening in here
>>3972 Someone's having a meltie, or at least is pretending to. Probably one singular person samefagging for attention as is the case 99/100 times.
>>3970 Hmmm... >search my callsign for funsies >I've been schizo@ed when I'm not around pfffthahah, oh for ffs, I don't have the time to be conceited enough to have alerts sent whenever I'm mentioned lmao Not dobbie, btw. In any case, I'm seeing bad faith spamming associated with this, but I'm not seeing concretely what the gripe is. Chubposting? Birbposting? Cat/dogposting? Those aren't banned.
>>3970 Not one person in those links is me you schizo.
>>3975 Birdfag, as in the feral general's birdfag? I mean, this isn't the feral thread.
>>3972 A conversation thread regulars have had multiple times in the past. Faggots like >>3975 and the one who was just dumping images of the glow dog (to start shit) thinking that they can just come in a post what ever they want just because it's under the guise of the golden rule of /hmofa/ "Posting is regulated to being Human male on Female anthro". Posting fat shit, bimboshit, image dumping, etc and when called out they act like kids telling those who called them out to "stop policing the thread" or "stop gatekeeping". This is one of the reasons way thread quality has decreased because any form of valid critic of the thread is ignored or burzum posting and thread regulars are sick of this shit.
>>3977 >muh thread regulars Who cares, you probably post trash nobody wants to look at but you act like you’re shit don’t stink.
>want to swoop in with some prompts or topics to spur some thredtalk >both are an absolute, double lariat mess Yer on your own, I have enough shit going on. Stop feeding them (You)s. If it's a spam fest, take good conversations to the /fg/ thread. It's that ezpz.
>>3979 Dinosaur
https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/45893298/#45911531 >Replynigger: >wastes at least a tenth of a thread with nothing posts >intentionally replies to old shitty bait to derail the thread >never posts on topic >despises human edits >posts brap and piss at any opportunity >posts futa shit in every thread >more than likely is the used goods faggot >What an asshole https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/45866451/#45893545 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/45621676/#45638081 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/45831943/#45839333 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/45911481/#45938784 >Used goods spammer shows up at the same time as Futafaggot >Hmmmm... https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47158306/#47172702 >doberfag is the replyfag https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42034155/#42041819 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/45412091/#45421881 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44552355/#44562070 >'You have been marked.' https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47071153/#47081005
>>3977 You can leave at any time.
(40.33 KB 714x429 1623198849249.jpg)
>>3982 >Want to thread quality improve? >What to remove the shitposters that plague the thread and return to wholesome posting rather then frequent fetish posting? >Sorry, You have to leave the thread
>>3984 >Want to thread quality improve? >want thread quality to improve?* >inb4 hurr durr typo
You fags better be reporting it as a spambot.
Took a break from the thread a few months ago so I could focus on self improvement, best decision I made. So it looks like nothing has really changed. Hopefully it does get better for everyone
>>3986 This. I can't be the only one that reports when he can? Remember to only report a post when it can appear to break the rules with or without context.
>>3988 I fucking wish there's a textbox, to allow the addition of added context and details. The same like with reporting illegal content
>>3989 I'd rather have the option to report with a primary reason and secondary reason. So many posts I'd report on some boards with primary: trolling and secondary: exceptionally low quality
How about we rebrand to /hmoaf/ (human male on anthro female), while our schizo keeps /hmofa/? If he comes up to shitpost and spam on the rebrand, then the attempt is considered a failure and we simply go back to /hmofa/.
>>3991 Sure. I was also a fan of /haa/ when it happened.
I report every single announced report. Seems like the report feature is being used by self important shit stains that don't like certain art.
>it's another species bait episode Question is if anyone will fall for it today
>>3994 >everything I don't like is bait
>>3995 This, but unironically.
So has LL quit the thread? I haven't seen any of his work in a minute.
>>3997 Maybe he got bored, maybe he's lurking.
>>3997 I think he dropped something for thread #2000. I think >>3998 is most likely. Maybe he lost enthusiasm and will come back once he recharges. Whether or not he'll be back, I hope he's doing well.
>>3997 He was in for the party background aggie. So most likely he is just lurking.
(522.09 KB 640x340 minor_spelling_mistake.mp4)
>>3984 >>3985 i couldn't resist
>>3991 Why yes, that's what /fg/ is for. Rather than make fifty "decoys" on /trash/, let melty-chan schizo up the 4chan thread until its nap time and just bring the conversations to the /fg/ thread.
I haven't seen burzum in hmofa for a while.
(32.67 KB 400x400 1625900074002.png)
>>4003 Are you serious?
>>3997 yeah, I think I'm out. maybe I'll open the thread and read the new stories (that Bridgette one has really got me hooked) every once and a while but I'm totally done. drawing for you guys now is a drag. sorry. >>3999 thank you for the well wishes, dude. I hope you're kicking it too.
(1.08 MB 2450x1761 1622485992197.png)
(3.31 MB 2002x2993 lovesketches16.png)
(374.47 KB 1024x768 1613121919552.png)
>>4005 Hopefully you'll drop by one's in a while, I enjoyed your art and you greatly improved over time.
(35.17 KB 450x600 FM3quWXVEAAA7-V.jpeg)
>>4005 That's a shame to hear, I've been a big fan of your art since the start and I'll definitely miss it. But if you aren't really feeling it then it's better to end on your own good terms than to go down in flames and spiting everyone like some people would. I at least hope that's the case instead of something that actually happened.
>>4005 >lovelocked actually likes my story holy shit! I know I'm new and shit, but thank you. Your art is good, I don't blame you for fucking off at all.
/hmofa/, /adhg/, and /collared/ are being spammed with shitposting all at once. Is there a link connecting all of this? There's no way for it to be caused by three, separate shitposters.
>>4009 You are underestimating how much of a hopeless basket case he is. He has nothing meaningful to invest his time or energy into but to cycle VPNs in multiple tabs of multiple threads and spout meaningless noise everywhere. He doesn't work, he's not undergoing education and he has no social life. What you see here is what he has done in the hours between being asleep for several years every day with few interruptions. It's entirely possible that he was gone for 2 months because he was institutionalized and just figured out what he has to say in psych evaluations to get out and invest his entire life in being a minor nuisance on the internet again.
>>4010 Are the rumors that he's a 38 year old brit true?
>>4011 The anon who kept advertising that claim was a shitposter himself, always engaging/feeding and not ignoring. So I don't think so.
None of you are anyone's personal army, but the wojak spam is an appointment time to report it as such. I'm aware the jannies genuinely don't care but with enough reports they'll likely begrudgingly ban him(for a while until he ban evades).
>>4013 *appropriate time to report Sorry
>>4013 Ah sweet, mods deleted it. Looking at the other posts by the shitter is interesting. Looks like he only makes comments to derail and shit up the thread.
>>4015 Pretty much. After everyone started using the filter his old habits just didn't work anymore. He even keeps a tab here open like a jilted ex trying to figure out how to get into the metaphorical house again. Best counter is as always giving him the italian parent treatment. Namely ignore him and work around him, we all know what the end result of that is and get some quiet in the aftermath.
>>4013 The good thing about soyjak spam is that mods have an iinnate hatred for it, which makes them more willing to delete those posts.
Soon, we'll get our 18-23hr threads back.
>>4019 What are you planning to do?
>>4020 Mostly just waiting it out.
(294.41 KB 960x966 t4te8pnli3o61.png)
>>4022 defeatist attitude anon, you're no better than burzum's cringe rick and morty nihilist copypastas
>>4023 Not as defeatist is it appears. I'm waiting, and it's going to be a long wait. The wait is aggravating more than anything, but the relief will come eventually. Hey, the longer the wait, the better the relief will be. The pic was just relatable and matches what I feel.
What was this absolute garbage fire of a thread?
>>4025 They don't know that the meta thread exists.
What is it who you guys dismissing any form of valid critic of the thread as burzum?
>>4026 It wasn't just that, 90% of the thread was just noise in text form. Lots of words and sentences with nothing in it
>>4019 Nothing wrong with fast threads. Quality is what matters.
>>4029 When has there ever been a quality fast thread?
>cause problem >complain about problem Dang, our shitposter sure is a subtle and cunning one one
Constant spergouts with zero ways of stopping them without self-moderation (like filters) happen in pretty much all generals on /trash/. So I think it's not only /hmofa/ that could benefit from using furchan, at least as a shelter or rally point. There must be some way of spreading awareness of this site further in /trash/.
>wagecuck as an insult >admitting he has nothing else in his life than shitting up the thread and playing video games Nothing we didn't already know but I'm proud of him, admitting you have a problem is the first step towards fixing it
This looks like he's calling for a raid, which is reportable. As always, the more reports pour in, the better
>>4033 >nothing else in his life than (...) playing video games >admitting you have a problem is the first step towards fixing it What is there to fix? If anything, he's living the dream.
What's with that fag wanting to advertise /hmofa/ everywhere. This looks like jewery. An inside job.
>>4036 It's the same clown as always. He's samefagging as always and has been doing that gimmick for years. It has never done anything, if anyone comes to /hmofa/ and they usually don't they leave within minutes and then he floods the thread pretending to be clueless newfags. He's done this for at least 3 years now and it never did anything substantial and this time will be no different
>>4029 Fast threads implies that there's currently a schizo meltdown.
>>4032 I don't know about furchan as a shelter. But the staff have to know one of the most popular boards is a shit show full of literal spamming schizos.
>>4036 I've been unironically mentioning /hmofa/ on /b/, and anyone mentioning it elsewhere isn't me. The one person who claimed to be advertising it elsewhere had his post deleted.
>>4040 Why the fuck would you want those losers on /hmofa/? Have you seen the state of /b/? Are you trying to kill /hmofa/ for good?
>>4041 While /b/ as a whole isn't as good as it was ten years ago, I still have faith in the s/fur and g/fur threads there.
>>4041 That's exactly what he wants, it's everything short of explicitly calling for a raid
Everyone be sure to report calls for raids on every board, not just /trash/. In most boards mods are very generous in handing out bans for that offense
>>4042 Fuck off, and stop posting and shitting up our thread faggot.
>>4046 Because s/fur has good people in it which might make new content if they knew about /hmofa/.
>>4048 I've been on sfur before. It's literally just image dumping and discord faggotry, like with that tranny who rants about conservatives all the time.
>>4049 He knows exactly what he's doing
Is the guy who was talking to the mods on IRC still here? I think they should know if that guy is a problem on other boards too.
>not liking something isn't bait I'm going to pretend the faggot posting his "rules" isn't being facetious for just a second. Not liking something doesn't make you a shitposter, even if you state that in the thread. What DOES make you a shitposter is throwing a fit every time it's posted, posting your "rules" against things that have been accepted on the thread from the start, and actively looking for arguments every time you post in the thread. But it's all just concern trolling anyways.
>>4051 >talking to mods in IRC ever being in anon's favor There's no point, just like venting in /qa/ or the special feedback report whenever a mod posts
>>4052 eh there are posters treating this place like a dumping ground for anything that's a woman so there do have to be some boundaries set
>>4054 There's a difference between thinking someone trying to push their imaginary rules on the thread and saying there should be no boundaries. I personally think faith is more important than explicit definitions of what does or doesn't belong. You could argue Assignment Risk or First Contact Procedures doesn't because they're just scaly aliens rather than actual textbook definition anthros, but they were also both posted in good faith in respect to the thread rather than trying to run around yelling how "this fits!" like the current shitposters.
>>4029 Yes there is I have a job and hobbies outside of just browsing the thread all day
>>4056 So does everyone else. Just read the archive.
>>4057 I'm not going to trudge through hundreds of posts when most of them aren't talking about anything all that interesting
(1.26 MB 640x368 pain.gif)
>calls it bunker >decides to link it
(1.53 MB 1589x1368 1649214553345.png)
I do not understand anons that post constantly. I don't even post in every thread... I only really post if I have a update for my ongoing stories, if I have commissioned a piece of art, or if I found a piece of art that's good and hasn't been posted before.
>>4060 I like worldbuilding discussion, so I mostly post for discussion.
I just want comfy posting to return and for the shitposters and festishposters to gtfo. Apparently that too much to ask.
>>4062 Saying anything about the fetishposters makes you a shitposter.
(140.25 KB 1904x761 Capture5.PNG)
What the fuck is this? Can a Russian/Ukrainian/? tell is, is this a meme or is chromozoom having another meltdown?
>>4064 The most reasonable thing is that the cute purple cat has her source in Russia, or some other slavland. Just a bit of fun, in my eyes. Don't get worked up on it.
Looks like he's on another rampage. Report all applicable posts to scrub the thread at the very least.
This banlist fag is getting on my nerves.
>>4063 No it doesn't fuck off faggot
It's pretty encouraging and a great credit to /hmofa/ that shitposting is actually getting ignored 99/100 times and that shitposters can only rely on other shitposters for replies
>>4069 Yeah. I've been getting better about this. I used to reply to them, but now I don't. I'll think of a good reply, but realize, "While this is good discussion, and I feel my reply is good, I'm certain my reply will help lead to less actual hmofa being posted" so I don't.
>>4070 That's good to hear. My approach to them is reminding myself that they care about nothing they post, all they care about is attention. My life is finite and I don't plan to waste any valuable seconds I will never get back on them.
>>4070 Wish more anons would come to realize this. No matter how much of an epic pwn comeback you think up,all replying to a shitposter accomplishes is getting them to post more because you gave them encouragement for more attention.
>>4070 There was a time where most hmofa posters already knew that, and I try and give that same advice whenever I see rampant shitposting. I'm glad you learned it now but you should have realized it much earlier and plenty of other anons haven't learned it either. I'm just venting.
Sorry to >>49045053, the filter triggered a false positive. My fault. I have immediately tweaked the flaw.
>thread is slow >drawfag posts new content >thread suddenly bombarded with new posts at a rapid pace until OC is well out of view >thread goes slow again I can't be the only one who keeps noticing this. I've been seeing this for well over a year or two
He found a new gimmick. How long will he hold on to this one and spam it day in and day out? My guess is 5 weeks, which is less than usual, but this gimmick is so weak that he will probably ditch it early and go back to another gimmick he has used before
>>4076 What? The 'x was born in y'? He's been saying that for a while.
>>4077 The China thing as a subcategory to the whole "hurr durr mutt" thing. Seems like he stopped already. Back in the day he would latch onto something mentioned into a single post and make that his main bait gimmick for weeks. Saying this out loud will probably influence it since he's reading this thread. I noticed that any activity here in the meta thread makes the shitposting in the main thread extra butthurt following within a very short time
I occasionally browse /adhg/, and apparently some drama happened that drove off an artist who used to post there regularly. Anyone know what happened?
>>4079 Not really a regular there but from what I gathered it's just the latest gimmick from the same guy complaining about abuse or light dom posters and playing both sides. Since that stopped working their latest gimmick has been complaining about pedos and their enablers no matter how little of that there might be, while targeting anon200000 for drawing underaged characters and anyone who thinks they're being a schizo (sound familiar?) It doesn't help that artist actually drew legit shota stuff and that's what makes me feel a bit uneasy about them.
>>4079 >>4080 I feel suspicious of this new drawfag. Every single time he shows up he posts the same two pictures and never anything new and the thread gets spammed with vapid and meaningless replies as soon as he shows up, often to posts that are several hours old. However the fact that there's never any new content from that drawfag and only annoying tripe in text makes me think that it's an impersonating shitposter trying to make that particular drawfag unpopular in /hmofa/, for some reason. It's not like it's the first time we had to deal with false-flagging about artists or writers
>>4081 I don't know what new drawfag you're referring to but this is the /adhg/ one I was talking about https://twitter.com/Anon2000000
For anyone wondering, the current shitposter is a disgruntled autist from /ztg/ who used to spam the threads any time incest, lesbians, or a ship of Nick or Judy with anyone but each other was posted. He also (obviously) hates human on anthro and I know for sure he's also posted his puke gifs in the JOI threads.
So we have the anti-doberanon and now we have some fag hating on kelly and kelly's artist (wouldn't be far off if it were the same guy). Where the fuck did they come from? /b/ because of that fag linking the thread in s/fur?
>>4084 I doubt some random from another board would know Kelly's name, it's probably just one of the other shitposters like the ones who constantly reply to burz.
>>4083 Probably not a new one, just one of the usual suspects with a new gimmick
>>4084 >kelly Who is Kelly?
(1.60 MB 5000x5000 1619999168816.jpg)
(861.28 KB 2000x2000 1642300870064.jpg)
>>4089 Ah, yes, I do know her. Just forgot her name. I love both of these images so much. I had such a big laugh.
>>4089 I love how all the skateboarders are T-posing. What's Kelly's background? I've only learnt them for so many thread characters, but not all of them.
Is the thread quality genuinely slipping down or is just the fact that the thread is being bombarded by a few posters? Either way, do you all think it's time to split off the coomer posts into their own thread?
>>4092 I think the easiest solution is, other than for characters made by people in the thread itself, to exclude any female anthro images without male humans in them. I value discussion much more than image posting, myself.
>>4092 Both thread quality is going down because of those certain posters. And it's the same braindead coomer/fetishposting spamming shitposters that post their undisierable shit and then complain about muh puritins. And then go on to have a hissy fit with mr mudslime for the rest of the thread. I hate them
>>4092 >>4093 >>4094 the thread is fine
>>4095 t. spamming shitposter
>>4092 >time to split off the coomer posts I misread this as "Conner posts" and was about to be sad.
He's really fishing for responses, kek. The last post I reported as "a call for a "raid"" dunno if that's correct but whut ever.
Now that is some next-level samefagging
>>4098 Same Anon as this one. Reported the "list of zoomers" as a dox. If you aren't start reporting all his relevant bait.
(422.51 KB 1920x1080 1657369879019[1].png)
Mass migration when?
>>4101 Where did you find this?
>>4101 This is probably fake. If it isn't, I'll miss /n/ a lot.
>>4101 I keep hearing about this news everywhere, then I go to 4chan home page and it shows nothing. Also >As of Sept 18th >It's July Are people that gullible?
(184.02 KB 595x608 1618934501162.jpg)
What the fuck is going on? I leave to go play some games and the thread has turned to shit.
Looks like the flooding moron is back.
>>4106 /adhg/ has its own spamming retard to deal with that people can't seem to comprehend the idea of hide and ignore, which seemed to spill over into /hmofa/. Now it's just waiting retards encouraging each other to spam the thread.
Always the same shit. I fucking hate it. They've pissed me off
>>4109 Then make the next /hmofa/ thread here. Be the change you want to see in the world.
(11.29 KB 307x310 1630110952598.jpg)
>advertising the thread making it more mainstream just because of you hatred of burzum leading to it's destruction >Shitposting so hard with other fags feeding you on leading to the destruction of the thread as a whole Two Sides of the same fucking coin
Resident schizo should really learn about using TOR and fuck off there forever. >Obscure >REALLY obscure, impossible to get popular and overrun by 'zoomshits' >No women >No kids >Full of edgy, /b/tard losers living together. Basically nothing but people like burz >Can do whatever, no consequence There's the solution. It's the perfect place for him and I have no idea why he hasn't fucked off there. And before you say the obvious, there are imageless chans.
>>4112 He is only in /hmofa/ to shitpost. He never cared about the thread and he never will. He is not an """oldfag""" either, he was not present in 2017, he just materialized out of the void in about 2018 or 2019 and has been bitching about how everything was better in those "old days" he never saw or had any hand in and he has been doing that every day for 3-4 years now. He is only in the thread to be a nuisance and he pretends to feel strongly about stuff to annoy you. In reality he feels nothing. Best we can do is not waste our time acknowledging he exists, because everything he says is as meaningless as his existence.
>>4112 Thanks for reminding me Tor exists. I should use it, i2p, and Freenet again some day.
>>4113 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49337819/#49347051 >socks knowingly responding to the thread's resident retard and giving him ammunition Can you fuck off? >>49347051 >>It really doesn't matter, I know I'm right because I was there unlike you. /hmofa/ was the comfiest general on trash. It was so comfy that I had no reason to shitpost, I enjoyed every thread. Newfags are in denial because they weren't around. Well, sucks to be them. All they can do is seethe and be delusional. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43363051/#43365489 >>43363190 >>43363260 >>43363395 >>43364389 >>43364472 >>43364581 >>43364693 >>43364807 >>43365030 >>43365142 >fuck tooth >fuck mous >fuck socks >I left in 2018 when this place became headed by the discord furry cabal, who'd do nothing but shill their OC's here as "hmofa", only to have them fuck anthros on the side. >There were only ever using us for free art of their OCs. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43376153/#43381952 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46987554/#46990642 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40352757/#40368057 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46690551/#46698584 >>2413 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/22122357/#22123758 https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/Oq6-AS6DlM15Fs2NytzqrA/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48638966/#48639021 >Community is more important than content. >>3941 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/22132998/#22146762 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/22132998/#22146726 >>22146448 >>22146531 >Can confirm, the vast majority of write/drawfags now share directly with each other *specifically* because of the polposting and shitposting in the thread. >share >The vast majority of them are not even active anymore. >>22146600 >Your basement, zoomer. >>22146631 >He's not here, you can't fool me jew. >>22146664 >The vast majority of them are not even active anymore. >They are still active, they just only share their content with each other over discord and on FA and other sites under different names. >>22146726 >They still post it here, brainlet. But the amount of content they produce nowadays is pathetically small. >>49346685 I really do miss the comfy 2017 days
>>4084 I hate doberanon too and I have no issues with saying it
I dislike everyone who posts images without human males in them.
Ah, the old "I'm a former writefag/drawfag, but I left 5ever, because the thread is bad now" shtick. What a classic, haven't seen this gimmick for a while.
/dmC+89yU4ibOfB+z/C9xJg==/ /VeE7z8kkQpIjBlW51nh5uA==/ The "/u/burzum" shitposter hashes to add to your filters if they aren't already.
>>4119 /hh13SvMfrpKeW3lcnu+88g==/ /krMm6+gqoeLEuJhAtoRVCg==/ And the "x years old" wojak ones
Shitposting list faggot is really pissing me off since all it does is encourage other shitposters to spam what he bitches about
>>4122 I have a story with a cloacal sex scene that's coming up in the next few weeks, so I look forward to the ensuing shitstorm. No such thing as bad publicity, right? It'll make a fun return to the thread.
>>4123 You imply shitposters read anything actually produced by the thread instead of just bitching about imaginary problems, the list retard outright admitted he never read any of the older /hmofa/ content that had everything he whines about.
(2.39 MB 4000x3000 Viper.jpg)
My filter, in the OP, is only for one shitposter, but I have also included other shitposters in the past. 'Used goods general' faggot, and that one bot that only said ">though" months ago. I'm thinking of adding the banlist fag in the filter too, it's clear that that individual is a shitposter. He may appear with genuine and benevolent with entries like 'rape' and 'futa', but the true intention is to cause controversy with other, non-issues, like 'fish' and 'aliens'. Whenever an anon complains about those unnecessary points in the list, he can just fall-back and call them sickos for defending and condoning the more extreme entries. If it isn't obvious already, remember that this pic is banned, based on the list.
>>4125 Yes, please add that to the filter. It might cut down on the posts encouraging him with (You)s
>>4124 The problem is I consider inhuman genitalia as a tag worth mentioning, so I doubt I'll be able to avoid the sperging out. On the other hand, it's the third act of a story which already had plenty of such smut already (and it's one scene out of a fair amount of action and plot) so I guess I'll see how the thread's acting at the time.
>>4125 I don't think anyone would have a problem with adding some of the other regular shitposters to the list
It looks like list faggot is the same as the elephant poster, no surprise there.
>>4125 Fish is fine but how the fuck are aliens and robots tolerated? This isn't even shitposting that's just content that does not belong.
>>4128 >>4125 It should be a separate list since that one is solely for burzumposts.
Looks like it's the same flooding idiot from before. Politics bait as usual too.
What the fuck happened while I was asleep and why were none of the shitposters reported for violating rules?
>>4130 What, you'd kick your waifur out of bed if you suddenly found out she was from another planet, or was made of synthetic parts?
>>4130 We've had wAIfurs since the beginning, fuck off.
>>4133 The Usual. Sadly
>/adhg/ explodes the moment /hmofa/ cools down Really gets that noggin joggin
>>4136 Unfortunate. >>4137 Yeah I've suspected we had the same shitposters for a while now.
>>4135 Stop posting whatever you feel like faggot
>>4139 According to your rules even Krystal Fox would be banned.
(414.50 KB 700x934 Chibi.jpg)
>>4130 Are you aware that banning aliens would remove a good chunk of ALL sci-fi stories in the masterbin? Have you ever thought of that, seriously? Vipers are also one of the most popular waifurs to discuss, draw about, and write about; it doesn't help that 'nagas' have been added to the list too. That means the pic, of the post you replied to, offends TWO rules of that trash list. And don't forget other sci-fi stories in development, FCP got updated and this was the reply to it. An actual, well-liked story that adds content to the general: "No aliens that shit belongs on /xenomorph/" (https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49404794/#q49405170) It's clear that that list is intended to encourage shitposting.
>>4137 >>4138 If anyone's a regular in /adhg/, consider raising awareness about furchan. They could establish their own shelter thread in /fg/
>>4137 So, this Ruckus guy is /adhg/'s version of our schizo? Shits up the thread by not going a single minute without mentioning the artist he despises? Am I right?
>>4140 They are not my rules and Krystal was never good so that's a good ban
Whoever made this post, I agree. It's all a combination of regulars leaving because of mr mudslime's incessant shitposting, fags coming and moving the goalpost so far on what is acceptable or not, and people getting to comfortable and not gatekeeping.
>>4145 These all seem like either completely benign or virtual non-issues to begin with. >harem Barely in any /hmofa/ content, WKW's love triangle is the most prominent from what I can remember. >anal In plenty of stories in the masterbin and only gets seethe in the thread itself from what seems like the same few anons. >drugposting Other than haha funny weed cat pokemon I've never actually seen this. It's annoying when they're spammed in the thread but so is anything else. The same goes for the cringe banlist, he bitches about things like robots and aliens as if people are posting porn of Gundam and little green (wo)men, when it's actually appropriate things like Mechanized Memories, Assignment Risk, or even the occasional Synth or Protogen is fine. Hell, Botty's Synth girl was just the OP image and there wasn't a single complaint about it.
>>4146 To add onto this since they were just posted in the thread, I should point out that it's always the same exact posts and images made in response to the list. The same horse pussy image in response to donut, the same "don't wake the kids" image in response to cookie, and the same lioness pride scenario in response to harem. It seems more like a select few shit-stirrers rather than a prevailing issue.
Very nice of the Anons to go into detail about what pisses them off and harms the thread. Surely nobody will utilize this information to do exactly that.
>>4147 The thread is generally good at ignoring bait, but when both shitposters are present at the same time they reply to each other for hours. Either that or it's the classic samefag cycle of >create problem >complain about problem
>>4146 Not entirely. Harems, just because they have barely any content in the masterbin doesn't mean they haven't been posted. It's had a increase being obnoxiously posted compared to the one Human male and one Female Anthro that have always been posted. For anal, no it isn't the most popular fucking fetish in the thread. That poll that was made was retarded and the few anal fetishfags don't count for the vast majority. And one in particular has lead to the posting of "anal gland" crap leading to brap posting. Frankly enough if it does get to out of hand what's stopping fags from posting scat (It's been posted before mostly as shitposts to spite others) and scapegoating saying "IT HAS HUMAN MALE AND FEMALE ANTHRO SO IT"S HMOFA ACCEPTABLE". As for the drugposting, the WEED LMAO cat it has been frequently posted from what I've seen just like the sonic fag. Shit like this can't get out of hand. It wasn't like this several months ago. I've said it before and I'll say it again. People will disregard any form of rightful critique just because they want to "own burzum".
>>4150 I think you're misinterpreting what I'm getting at. I'm saying the amount of it that exists in /hmofa/ content is disproportionate to the amount of complaining it gets in the thread. I say content because I'm trying to distinguish between what gets posted in the thread (much more likely to be posted just to spite other anons) and what's actually in written stories (which takes considerably more effort and is less likely to be a troll). I place much more value in the latter, and I feel like anons are much more likely to just ignore or overlook something they don't like in a story compared to regular posts. Take what you say about anal for example, yes you're right about replyfag and his brap obsession but I really don't think regular anal is some "scat gateway" like you say when it's included in a story. Star taking it up the butt doesn't suddenly make Acid Rain some untouchable work of depraved fetish material, nor the same for Where Kitsune Wait or any other ones we have.
>>4151 Anal and scat have always been related.
>>4152 Oh fuck off. Anal's not that bad.
>>4153 Anal is gay
>tries to astroturf >tries to start a feud with /adhg/ again >defaults back to larping as an oldfag with 'muh 2017' Is this moron for real? P.T. Barnum would have killed to get someone this willing to publicly broadcast that he's terminally defective for his freakshow
(79.56 KB 1000x1333 gaslight.jpg)
>>4155 When do you all think he'll get the hint that no one will bite? Im getting the feeling this guy's tism is bottomless.
>>4156 Well, there's the other guy who always replies to him to shit up the thread and he's either too stupid to realize that nobody takes the bait in earnest or just rolls with it so he can shit up the thread. Whenever he gets actual replies it's from clueless newfags, who ironically he greatest asset (which is also why he constantly links the thread elsewhere so he can pretend he is right) >Im getting the feeling this guy's tism is bottomless Obviously. He has trapped himself in a groundhog day of his own making and he has been living the same day again and again for years and is making zero attempts to actually start living a worthwhile life instead of investing his entire existence and finite life time into being a minor nuisance on the internet.
Consensus on Burzum secretely being a college zoomer?
>>4154 Anal is not inherently gay. There are many gay and bisexual men who do not do anal.
>>4158 He's an old british NEET
>>4158 Stop taking anything he says at face value
(496.12 KB 754x1256 1658038681220.png)
>>4158 I don't know which scenario is more pathetic. He's either an attention whore, falseflagging teenager. Or a schizophrenic, wannabe oldfág.
>>4162 Go with 4161. It is a pathological liar to the point of absurdity, constantly making shit up for attention. Treat the nutter like you would a younger sibling being a shit, even makes up nonsense like one.
It's funny that I haven't updated the filter since the second or so revision from about a year ago and it still catches 9/10 of his bait posts
>>4165 I still recommend that you do, other than the new additions, I've also made tweaks to minimize false positives and to fix issues.
>>4165 I've been away from /hmofa/ for some time, and it's legitimately both shocking yet, deep down, I suppose I figured that would be the case. I used to assume he'd slowly evolve his patterns, but nope. Same bullshit, maybe some mild word switcheroo, but that's it.
>>4166 I actually had the filter set to highlight, but just never bothered to keep it updated. I'll get around to it right now
I'm going to assume it's the usual suspects at it again.
>>4169 Well, it's blindingly obvious. The one with the same 'muh teenager' shit that's been going for years and the other one with the politics bait and replying to every shitpost pretending to be a clueless newfag. Every time the thread has been like this it's been going like this, except for swapping out a few buzzwords in places.
Is 4chan down for anyone else RN?
>>4171 It's having problems, yes.
>>4172 How long is it usually down for?
>>4143 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19466934/#19481725 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19466934/#19482471 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40759310/#40768176 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41244037/#41257381 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43465265/#43471663 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41689566/#41692332 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41875371/#41884973 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40980953/#40983454 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48844545/#48848721 >>48848644 >doberspammer complaining about shitposter >Something about the pot calling the kettle black https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42131654/#42137955 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42288818/#42296795 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44947745/#44970101 >>44969634 >twitter.com/Anon2000000/status/1454842886252552194 >Fucking end yourself, you teenage worm. Who invited that piece of shit here? He used to post his pedo art only in adhg. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42288818/#42291439 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48812550/#48815758 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49435748/#49436656 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/34310608/#34311495 https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/qWZySt7jZopW_cw0niYMxQ/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46016742/#46026896 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49534714/#49545288 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49503254/#49503384 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49454955/#49455399 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/38373893/#38376403 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49177782/#49194560 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48529252/#48540377 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48925202/#48946872 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44524852/#44530406 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47990712/#47992049 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48576107/#48586410 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48677220/#48690656 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42288818/#42296795 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48387460/#48398438 >>48397502 >You are right. >But I only target >p a r t i c u l a r i n d i v i d u a l s >not the whole community, >b l a m e >the white knights https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/15001158/#15008272 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40799368/#40808605 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44630962/#44633146 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48452134/#48461161 >who rush to their defense >f o r t h e c o l l a t e r a l d a m a g e. >And besides >It's not like I have a place to go, there is no alternative to these threads. /hmofa/ is the only general I still browse on 4kids. I guess this is why I'm so desperate but also determined.
https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43876466/#43889432 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/46669269/#46688767 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48576107/#48576193 https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/PF7U-YXtv7Ervu7PpsE2oQ/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/d15dxvX2q-MBk9sArHShtg/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40949319/#40951439 >>40951406 >he does it for just about every artist and author in this thread. >Wrong. I don't target the artist who drew >>40950407 this. And I stopped harassing DeadMimicked because she stopped blogposting. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41109593/#41109667 >Rot in Hell >Deadmimicked >Rot in Hell >Lovelocked >Rot in Hell >Paint >Rot in Hell >P*tecko >Rot in Hell >Cuck_zzx >Rot in Hell >Die https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40980953/#40981044 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41109593/#41109761 >the undesirables Armain e6anon KAEOS Alfabet Murl CheetahAnon Mal0 anon ChangedDaily Auren ToothAndScale MightyPooHead Xcube aka Foxymilkies zenith_exe Narric hoteboy_zzx Burzum Bizmass Wetchop (MIA) VukoJebina nothimagain3 Mattariel Patecko Radolabre Alonomous Scanless BurzMimicked Loveburzum Wheresmysocks Azuhmier Tooth VukoJebina Wetchop (MIA) MalagorAumarag Blokfort R3Incarnal Nomenclaturacur BnuuyL Imnotafurry12 nothimagain3 the_dogsmith waga thecumrat https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/fg8MUp2A9qvYYXDQDgV4dg/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/yCq69ZsYTVU3CG7jSsV7CQ/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/2NxaRd44Lx2wOvgLQcZdHg/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/_c485dhByFMVqjAmyl3ahQ/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/mDyhZIgVkufd2BdBqIeBZg/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/-fB0D7zsnRzTs5U2miCbQA/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/ZYJWn3GS2rJLfJGEar0T2Q/ https://desuarchive.org/_/search/image/rFxjvuGgXw-YdfzJv6rZZA/
https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40799368/#40804873 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40824875/#40826729 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/39057152/#39066732 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/39069639/#39073541 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/39076782/#39078856 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44601583/#44614927 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44916847/#44927443 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47990712/#47995318 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49251223/#49252611 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48015099/#48017620 https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/FLpiPhM9U6mKxP1ADmgEpw/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/nYWtMPGPKDPfv7_S5EOOXA/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/j2CpQvDF8TKBim6m4K9U3w/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/PF7U-YXtv7Ervu7PpsE2oQ/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/d15dxvX2q-MBk9sArHShtg/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48711079/#48713716 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48623218/#48625466 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47817923/#47820737 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49435748/#49440552 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48903890/#48906696 >Wrong, wrong and wrong. Literally all of them (except botty) are new. We had zero females here three years ago. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48576107/#48576193 >I like women, we need more women in hmofa. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/38559997/#38561846 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48903890/#48907082 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48903890/#48907334 hmofa 2017 0 female drawfags hmofa 2018 0 female drawfags hmofa 2019 0 female drawfag hmofa 2020 1 female drawfag hmofa 2021 2 female drawfags hmofa 2022 8 female drawfags Oh yes, and I actually forgot about the artist that made Buncel, she's a woman too So we have in fact 8 female artists I guess it's just a pure coincidence 1. Botty 2. DeadMimicked 3. Tandooki anon 4. Ashley. 5. Faust 6. >>48906172 7. Anin 8. Japanese foxslut whatever Also, half of them are Asian https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49289744/#49300782 >>49300561 >I'm not a newfag and I have to fucking idea who you are. >If I (burzum) don't know who you are then you are not important. ... https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/5M7PuBHYCUy6iv0dza8_Bw/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49146732/#49150397 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/41989086/#42004717 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/38559997/#38561787 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42623716/#42662637 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/25124730/#25132269 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/48007835/#48009781 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49337819/#49346685 >>3944 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42432053/#42439259
>>4176 Why are you spamming this shit?
>>4171 Worked fine earlier, but I can't connect to 4chan right now. It has the same symptoms as if my internet connection was down, but it's not.
>>4177 Bot programming malfunctioned.
>>4178 Apparently either DDOS attack, or something to do with Cloudflare
>>4180 Is it me or is 4Chan having issues again?
>>4181 I was just about to ask the same, it just stopped working for me too.
Hmm, "subhuman autists" is new and not included in the filter? Or variations of this
I bet this latest freakout is because I hinted at his waifur's story earlier in the thread and he wants to bury it under a mountain of shit before anyone new sees it.
>>4184 I think it may actually be 4chan being down for a short bit. He couldn't be a nuisance on the internet for 30 minutes and that triggered a major episode. I think it's extremely unlikely he actually cares about any content in the thread
>>4184 The only thing he's ever been truthful about is how much he despises the thread's content and it's writers or artists, he says he likes some older stories but it's the same as him pretending to be an oldfag where he only ever mentions the most popular or generic parts rather than anything specific he would have actually needed to read for.
>>4186 He just pretends for credibility. He constantly does full 180s to have more things to be a petty bitch about. Thankfully that is incredibly easy to spot, because he is so terminally online that he permanently lost the ability to not speak in buzzwords and those never change.
What's with all these posts are poorly disguised image dumps recently? Post after post with loose theming with a few words attached (if any). It was especially bad near the end of last thread and we're at 200 posts after barely 3 hours in the current one
>>4188 The thread does genuinely have a problem with people treating it as a generic furry general rather than specifically /hmofa/, you also see it with posts like "post X species" which could have been solved by a single e6 search. It's kind of understandable considering it's the most popular furry general on the board, but they just tend to focus on the solo unrelated characters in a vacuum rather than the actual human on anthro focus there should be. If you want to constantly post about Loona, I'd rather it be accompanied by a short green about her and Anon rather than just "I love her." This also applies to people like the Skye poster and dobiefag for the most part, although the latter does have stories in the masterbin. There isn't really a good solution for it short of creating an actual proper dedicated /fur/ board either, you can't exactly stop someone from posting in a thread nor force them to create their own general if they don't want one.
>so utterly mindbroken he (You)s randos in hope of getting attention >the obvious desperation in this meltsdown >nobody falls for it You love to see it. For someone so elitist about maturity he sure acts like a child fucking up his own bedroom after getting grounded.
>>4183 Thanks for the heads-up. I'll think about it.
>>4191 You're toothandscale right?
>>4192 No I am not. I'm just an anon.
>>4193 Toothandscale wrote the burzum wordfilter did he hand off maintenance to you or something?
>>4194 No, I have not made contact with him. My filter was something that I made from scratch. I wasn't aware of it, possibly only because the filter, that he created, was only posted once in 2018. I would like to look at how he written it, but the github is 404'd.
>>4189 I don't know if you're the same guy who is constantly whining and losing his mind over those posts itt, but you should seriously think about the implications of being this restrictive. It's pretty much an unstated rule that if there's no human in the pic then the viewer is the human. There's so many artists that don't depict the theme at all, and a lot of posters not discussing stories will still discuss scenarios that are on-topic. If the characters you prefer don't get ANY appropriate art drawn for them, or story characters just get drawn solo, maybe you should just accept that and use your imagination like most people do.
New gimmick just dropped. Except it's the same one that was used to shit up /adhg/, gee whiz I wonder why
>>4196 NTA but I think he means when it's more about posting those (usually the same) images over and over than it is about actually participating in the thread topic. I don't think it's a serious "problem" like he acts but it does tend to turn into image dumping fairly quickly.
Is it me or am I seeing more naylor and nogshit posts being posted?
>>4199 Well, I like their art. No reason for me to complain
>>4199 >le edgy burzum name Yes, it's just you. Stop samefagging the thread with your /pol/ cope the second someone posts something you don't like.
>>4201 >thinking other anon haven't used the same name when talking about him >Thinking everyone is the same anon Lol Lmao even
Caught the thread at page 9 after 10 minutes of inactivity. Is there some ebin raid on /trash/ right now? That catalog doesn't look any different, so it may be bumpfagging
There's at least 2 retards derailing the thread with ukraine discussions, its been very consistent at this point
>>4205 Yeah well, if it keeps up at this pace we're going to need another filter
>>4206 Just add "Ukraine" and "Russia" to your filters, and boom, problem solved.
/pol/ ruins another thread.
I hadn't even noticed if people hadn't brought it up. Someone tried that bait a few hours earlier and I hid the posts because I could see where it was going. Then someone exhumed the ancient bait, but for me it was picked up by recursive filtering
New schizo?
>>4210 It looks like someone is having a meltie after getting ignored too much. Also the ban-list cunt has very slightly changed his gimmick because now not even other shitposters reply to it anymore
>>4211 It's a possibility that the banlist shitposter is the same guy posting the fuckmouse gibberish.
Can't we just have /hmofa/ threads here? This place is comfy and seems to be lacking in trolls, spammers, and assholes, unlike /trash/.
>>4213 Why aren't the threads here in the first place? Is the majority of posters just that opposed to migrating here, even though /trash/ is filled with all kinds of thread bothering trash? Wouldn't the peace and quiet here be preferable for relaxing? Also, less posts spent on image dumping, given that you can upload multiple pics per post. Aside from a few quirks, this place is superior.
>>4213 Why complain now? The thread was fine until banlist fag showed up.
>>4215 Has it? Sincerely has it? We still have shitposters on the lose regardless of banlist fag that rear their ugly heads every now and then.
>>4213 It's been discussed multiple times, but no serious moves have ever been made towards achieving it.
>>4213 Yes, we can have /hmofa/ threads here, and I'd like to try it. I'd just want the thread numbers to be distinct: we wouldn't make thread 2119 here, but thread 1 here. >>4217 All we have to do is post here. Something writefags and artfags can do is post stuff a day earlier here before they post it on 4chan.
>>4218 You know that we already have a /hmofa/ thread here?
>>4219 Yes.
>>4214 I've seen something very much like this happen with a comfy community a long time ago. It was a tabletop subsection of what was otherwise a normal gaming forum, and it was closed of from the rest. A sympathetic Admin basically had to give you rights to post there, so there were no shenanigans, no spam, etc. After a few years the Admin leaves for greener pastures and shitposters spun a tale to the new one that lead to it being opened up. Place was ruined, and we migrated to our own board with a large part of the community. Shit just wasn't the same, and you could feel the place dying. We were shut off on our own corner where no-one new ever came in and old users started visiting less and less. There's a reason the shitposter targets new artists, writers, and visitors above all else. A place needs an audience to thrive. Most people are simply not going to visit a separate site for a niche fetish all that often.
/hmofa/ is turning more and more into a scrollwheel exercise
>>4222 >We were shut off on our own corner where no-one new ever came in and old users started visiting less and less. Interesting, I actually found this place first (along with fchan and some other long dead boards) by typing, if I remember correctly, simply "furry chan" into a search engine. Then migrated to the /trash/ general for some non specified amount of time before leaving it due to the amount of time and effort it took just to monitor the thread while separating any points of interest from meaningless, unnecessary noise. I kind of like it here more, but yeah, the traffic here is nothing compared to the main chan.
>>4224 fchan was the first imageboard I ever found: I believe I found it sometime in elementary school. I later began using 4chan in my last year of middle school. >inb4 underage I'm in my mid-twenties, thanks. :^)
(10.93 KB 242x161 Elsie greets you.jpeg)
>>4223 press F to pay respex
>>4224 It's not impossible, but I'd expect more people to pop up in the more well known place. Plus, we'd need to already have a base level of activity to keep people engaged. And right now, we don't even have that.
>>4227 >we'd need to already have a base level of activity to keep people engaged Quality over quantity. The thread has been plagued by brainless repetitive tripe more than usual. Threads are constantly flooded with the same topics and pictures and the same lines of conversation over and over and over again every thread. The threads are blending together more and more and look increasingly the same. It'd be better for the thread to be slow, than to have all worthwhile content, discussions and posts disappear in a flood of repetitive low effort shit.
>>4229 Someone really likes that pic, huh. Too bad it's just theartistdidn'tevenbotherwiththeoriginalfurpatternandneckfluff/10.
>>4229 That dude has been trying to force the "LE WEED CAT LMAO" and it's getting fucking annoying.
>>4231 I posted the DO NOT STEAL one, but yeah your right.
>oh no, a double digit number of people are engaging in the thread now >woe is me, it is truly the end of times Sure, lets have a "comfy" thread where 5 people jerk off to the same 10 images with nothing new to post about for eternity. As if we ever needed a clearer indication that this faggot wants nothing more than to see the thread wither and die.
>>4233 Don't even think thats the permanent cancer tumor we deal with. Theres always been this one anon who bitches when the threads start going too fast. Best reason I can think of there is he only checks the thread like twice a day for pics/stories so if threads start zooming it's leaving him behind. Being fair thats annoying, I've had that shit happen to me once or twice when life happens. On the other hand everything is archived so it's not that damn hard skimming the threads to catch up.
>>4234 >Theres always been this one anon who bitches when the threads start going too fast. Anon, this isn't true. Many anons have complained when threads go fast. It's not just one. People want the threads to last longer rather than having two if not three threads a day. Quality rather than quantity. Stop trying to move the goalpost just so you can include absolute justifiable reasons why thread quality has gone down.
Quality > quantity, but the truth is, fast threads are no issue. Never have been, never will be. If I have a useful post to make, I'll make it. I won't try to condense ten posts into two by waiting, or something. There's also no issue with posting stories or art after bump limit is reached.
>>4236 Anon, do we really need 15 "Lol, buncel made for rape" posts in a row?
(59.01 KB 800x600 buncel.png)
>>4237 Clarification pls. Is Buncel made to rape humans, or is she made to be raped? Also, lol >rape.
(92.19 KB 765x1536 buncel.jpeg)
>be human >be on Earth because that's where your species evolved >there's a knock at the door >it's a Buncel >she looks just like the pictures on /adhg/ >"So, Anon" she drawls >"Is recreating meme threads from /mlp/ your fetish?" >you boggle for several seconds "Goddamnit no," you say >you scratch your chin "And gb2/trash/." >you pick her up by the scruff of the neck and punt her like a football >she flies off into the distance and vanishes in a twinkle of light >as she departs you can just hear her say >"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" >you close the door >fucking memes, man
I really don't like this new drawfag, it feels like all they do is flood the thread with off-topic or provocative posts with just the occasional odd Morty hmofa art. Advertising commissions in the other thread and "burzum" simping for them really doesn't feel right either. Maybe it's just me being a bitch I don't know.
>>4240 Nah, you're right, she's a fucking attention whore. Not to mention that Morty art is creepy as fuck.
>>4240 I don't understand how there are people in the thread still without the filter on. Its not that hard. Even just the breakthrough shitposter that comes now and then I can hide with two clicks. Literally the more you see it the quicker your brain will be able to identify this garbage spam and you don't think about it, just click hide.
>>4240 >"burzum" simping for them Except he's going off right now. I certainly hope none of you are contributing to the current shitfest.
>>4240 It's understandable, especially when she replies to burzum with no awareness. All her past appearances were alright and welcoming, but this thread is just shit. She's still welcomed to stay in the general, but she should stay on topic. /hmofa/ has volatile retards that will throw the biggest fit over anything, and she should be aware of them.
>>4244 For the briefest moment I felt the urge to say "No we don't, you faggot!" then I remembered this wasn't 4chan.
My big issue with Rock is that not much of his art is hmofa. The begging for money is uncool, too, for sure. Art with both humans and anthros, not just one or the other; that's all I want in a thread. (well, I actually like writing more than art, but still) So, if he actually drew hmofa art, it'd be fine. But he often doesn't. >>4239 Hahaha, what. This gave me a good chuckle.
(53.49 KB 650x588 she's really just curious.png)
>>4246 Are you asking for an explanation? On 4chan there's a My Little Pony board, /mlp/. One of the running gags/meme threads that keeps appearing there is "Flutterrape." It's second person greentexts ranging from blackly humorous to lolrandom silliness in tone based on the premise that (You) are in Magical Tiny Pastel Colored Horse Land, and one of them wants to fuck you, but you aren't into her. Part of the joke is that the one who comes to your abode daily to proposition you blatantly, attempt actual rape, or try to guess your secret sexual fetishes, is behaving completely out of character. She is shy, with really obvious social anxiety and maybe a bit of Asperger's, to the point where in the show she's barely functional and lives in a Unabomber style shack in the woods surrounded by an assortment of wild animals she's attempting to treat for various things as a pseudo-veterinarian. She's also considered by most of the board to be one of the more attractive and fuckable ones, if you like cartoon ponies, which is probably why people started making the threads. The second person greentexts are short and silly, with lots of cartoon violence and displays of cartoony ineptitude and gullibility from all participants. Too much explanation can be found at https://pastebin.com/uXvpYYzS
>>4247 Interesting. Thank you for the explanation.
Does the usual thread baker lurk here? Can you add the image filter aswell? Change from: [ Word Filter ]: https://rentry.org/fsdnd To (single line): [ Word Filter ]: https://rentry.org/fsdnd | [ Image Filter ]:https://rentry.co/sksge
https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/50172481/#50177287 >>50177244 >I've been in this general since the beginning, you dumb maggot. Do you really think I care about (You)s? How new are you? https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49955081/#49970405 >>49970365 >That is something you should of asked yourself before you hit the post button and gave me your sweet sweet (You)s faggoid. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/50082619/#50092685 >>50089938 >>50089881 Maybe that's because I don't h a r a s s content creators for no reason, you fucking retards https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/decocuck/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/decofag/ >>49970276 >Some overrated writefag who never updates, is a feral fag, and larps as an engineer. >Did I mention he never updates? https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/50172481/#50176397 >>50176236 >>50172692 >>50172716 >one of these post are of happy dragon. A known cuckold writer. When faced with reality he screams buzzwords like '/pol/' to cope with the fact his wife is carrying another man's child. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49162574/#49177813 >>49177302 >Not true. Mous, socks, strong, Alpha, idontwantthis, comfy, zigzag, oliver, fritewag, decofox, coughingfit etc etc they all showed up before the summer of 2018. Most of them stopped updating their stories after retconned made that chat. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40895179/#40897646 >Can we take a moment to address the oldfag SpaceDimSum who has the sense of humor of a 4 year old? Why do we tolerate ShitDickSuck in this fucking thread he adds almost nothing and only uses it to shill his retarded game. You can call him oldguard but he has the heart of a filthy fucking zoomer. Fuck ShitDickSuck and fuck his shitty game. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/50094584/#50096364
>>4250 Give a reason to why you post this gibberish.
hi guise what's going on in this thr
Has something triggered an episode or is this a scheduled meltdown going on right now?
>>4253 He does whatever he can to try and get through the filter, a sort of "diversifying" of his shitpost spamming. Its just an act of desperation.
>>4253 He's just following the voices in his head, the voices tell him he needs to put more hours in. I think he even did an all-nighter yesterday, which gives me a form of Schadenfreude at his shitty situation.
>Its the damm bible thumping/puritins that shit up the thread. >Not us the actual thread shitposters Sigh, why do I even bother
>>4253 >>4254 >>4255 >>4256 This might actually be Burzum. His only objective is to cause drama where-ever he can. No matter if it's to spread a lie, like the Zoey thing or vendetta put shade on authors like with smiling. Best we can do is filter and ignore. But new friends always fall for his shenanigans. Also fuck you filterfag for replying to what was obviously bait >just filter me bro It still stands that newfriends will come in and see the shitpost as more legitimate when you reply to it, so I have know idea what you are on about of just 'filtering you'.
>>4257 >filterfag I've been hearing that phrase a bit more than usual. What those that mean?
>make shitty /pol/ bait thread >hur hur look what some SJW posted gais >totally not me >the immediate response within a minute of posting is also totally not me It's new, I guess.
>>4250 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/23785885/#23789662 >Tooth makes filter to BTFO burzum >Tooth doxxes him Chill bruh >>23789662 >Tooth doxxes He doxxed himself when he posted his college email address in this thread. >>4195 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49473945/#49490811 Jul 2022 >>49490176 >>49490436 >>49490648 Nobody fucking cares about your stupid halfway functioning filter that you have to advertise. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/23785885/#23790323 Jun 2019 >>23790028 T** * ** aka toothandcuck https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/decocuck/ May 2022 >>48027713 kys decocuck Jul 2022 >>49617907 >>49617898 >t. decocuck Aug 2022 >>50246939 I heard decocuck didn't update his stories because his wife's ex now friend came over for dinner and starting talking about the time when they dated. Decosimp thought he could handle it until they started talking about the sex, so decocuck excuse himself to the restroom to cry, but to his horror he was also jacking off. He hasn't been the same since. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43363051/#43365489 Nov 2021 >>43363190 >>43363260 >>43363395 >>43364389 >>43364472 >>43364581 >>43364693 >>43364807 >>43365030 >>43365142 fuck tooth fuck mous fuck socks I left in 2018 when this place became headed by the discord furry cabal, who'd do nothing but shill their OC's here as "hmofa", only to have them fuck anthros on the side. There were only ever using us for free art of their OCs. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/23785885/#23792271 Jun 2019 >>23792128 You weren't even around when the threads were actually good, newfag. Jul 2022 >>49177302 Not true. Mous, socks, strong, Alpha, idontwantthis, comfy, zigzag, oliver, fritewag, decofox, coughingfit etc etc they all showed up before the summer of 2018. Most of them stopped updating their stories after retconned made that chat.
>>4260 Once again, give a reason to why you periodically post this gibberish..
>>4261 Seems to be normal part of the monthly meltdown. If you scroll up you see he has done this multiple times in this thread here. I assume he also posts this unintelligible nonsense on the 4chan thread, where it gets caught by everyone's filters. I think this episode was triggered by him setting off multiple bait traps since he apparently expects it to trigger an autistic rage fit like the ones he always has. For instance that /pol/ bait thread on the catalog which had several keywords in it to make sure everyone looking for the thread finds it and complains about it in the main thread (which didn't happen except for him samefag shilling it to get others to bite (which didn't happen either)). Too bad for him the other shitposter who always replies to him was off-duty for once, so every single one of his elaborate master plans to set off a shitsplosion failed. Hence the meltdown.
(11.94 KB 295x326 1624413147902.jpg)
>shitposts because some random sperg artist decided to engage with every single shitposter knowingly Oh how far have we fallen
You gotta love how butthurt he gets over the filter every time
>>4264 At this point I don't even need the filter. Just click'n hide+recursion. Gotta wonder what his assigned fed thinks of these shitshows though. He's got to be a watchlist somewhere with the shit dug up for the meltdowns, it's been everything from gore to actual CP to bad deviant art fetish pics. And the only reason he stopped the CP is because it made him eat a month long ban that actually stuck iirc.
>thread goes at 1 posts every 5 minutes >drawfag posts new content >thread explodes with fluff posts and it gets buried Okay, this has happened too many times now. This must be deliberate.
>>4266 Not sure which one you're referring to
>>4267 I think he's referring to how anytime a new story, greentext, etc, gets posted to /hmofa/ or the offshoot threads there's suddenly an autistic shitfit of obvious samefaggotry trying to shit on it or fling bait. Schizo literally nolifes lurking them all just to do this stuff.
What's going on with this dude with the horrible Nazi drawings?
>>4269 Just some anon's art, everyone has to start somewhere, the nazi stuff is probably just him being a little edgy.
>>4270 It's just that a lot of suspicious activity happens when he posts. Loads of sudden hangers-on and about three repeats of that "right-wingers can't draw" line, but none of the regular shitposting. He's passive-aggressively egging people on, too. Maybe I'm just reading too much into this, but I still don't like how much attention he gets.
>>4260 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43836630/#43841036 Dec 2021 >>43840999 This is pretentiously deep and disingenuous I know who you are, and you should stop shilling for the whore faction >>43841036 I actually dislike whores, so I guess you don't know who I am. Curious who you think I am, however. >>43841049 Don't lie to daddy You're the biggest shill and simp of whores and sluts Even mousguy and socks think you're over the line >>43841105 So you don't know who I am. Let me reiterate, I don't like whores. You can't namedrop me, just older writefags who apparently dislike me, and can't be here to verify your claims. That leaves one option: you don't know who I am. You're shitposting to create false drama. You're pretending to be a schizo and not even doing that well. You aren't worth responding to. Glad we could clear that up champ. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44799526/#44807250 Jan 2022 >>44807201 >Yeah Yeah well no one gives a shit you dickwipe SpaceDipShit isn't even that good. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49473945/#49490811 Jul 2022 >>49490176 >>49490436 >>49490648 Nobody fucking cares about your stupid halfway functioning filter that you have to advertise. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/50247831/#50264401 Aug 2022 >>50263855 >please use my shitty filter i beg of you No.
Heads up, /trash/ has a new spambot. It only just says 'rule34 [something]' but floods the thread with it. If it ever comes to /hmofa/, just report for spambot.
>>4269 >>4271 Paula poster is just a regular anon trying to improve his artwork. Lots of anons in the thread don't mind nazi stuff at all, nothing wrong with it as long as its on-topic. The "right wingers are X" and similar posts is our resident shitposter or someone very similar to him. If it doesn't look like "regular" shitposting it's because they're trying to change tactics in order to get attention, which means the filter is being effective.
>>4274 I wish he would improve his artwork without posting his cringy shit in the thread or people hopping onto his dick because they think his lack of subtlety is based. His work is fugly, and he should be reading about the fundamentals of art and practicing.
>>4275 If you're getting your dick in a twist over specific thread interests and the detail of their work you're gonna be in a lot of pain, that's your problem. Not everyone is a professional artist, and even those who are have posted "cringy shit" as you put it.
>>4276 Anon, people in the thread constantly get their dick in a twist over shit that deviates from their personal interests. The thread isn't a fucking monolith. His art is on the level of someone who just saw a pencil for the first time yesterday, and with the suspicious spike in posting that accompanies his kindergarten level stuff it looks a lot like shitposting. Would you be white knighting this hard if he slapped the hammer & sickle on there instead of the swastika?
>>4277 You're just repeating yourself now as if it changes anything. If you hate someone's art that much don't look at it I guess, I don't even see the Paula poster that often so it still confuses me why you get so bothered over that out of all the things in the thread. >Would you be white knighting this hard if he slapped the hammer & sickle on there instead of the swastika? I'm just saying it like it is. Nobody likes communists, not even communists like themselves because they're usually mentally ill. People aren't afraid of using the swastika here.
>>4278 That's my point. People tug his dick because of politics, and politics belong on /pol/. A few posts up is a discussion about another thread artist, who is much better, that's much more critical.
>>4275 seethe leftycuck
>>4278 Further adding to this and the useless mantra of >politics belongs on /pol/ In response to it. Guess fucking what? /pol/ cannot be used for politics anymore. Have you fucking looked in there ANYTIME past 2016 post election when orange man got in? It's a 24/7 shitshow of paids shills, moronic doing it free shills, alphabet soup agencies instigating shit, and slackitivists pushing the latest thing. It's impossible to get an actual discussion or debate there as anyone actually trying is dogpiled by shitposts until bumplock, or the thread literally shotgunned off the board via thread spamming. Quite seriously, /pol/ cannot be used for politics anymore. This is why it leaks everywhere and even into /trash/ at times. So don't be surprised when someone slips a friendship windmill into their art or if politics comes up as a tangent due to world building posts. If someone wants to bitch about it, bitch about how MSPaint the art was and his complete aversion to eyes where he clearly needs to improve along with shading. If you're that set on /pol/ stay in /pol/ go bug the mods to do their damn job and establish some fucking moderation on that board so it can function again. But we both know they'll either favor one side entirely or just ban you for a month for daring to make them work. t. an oldfag who actually liked debates on /pol/ before everyone and their dog thought a containment board somehow had the power to sway elections. Couldn't of been everyone sick of the do nothing congress slowly screwing them over year after year, nooo it couldn't be that...
>>4281 /pol/ is probably the most targeted board in existence, I agree. I didn't fully expect /hmofa/ to have a prevailing preference for more traditional sentiments like monogamy and love either, but its what turns it from a regular porn thread into something more special. The substance of the thread is important regardless of technicality, and content like that just raises the quality because it makes the interactions in stories and other media more meaningful and gives us better discussions in the psyche of the anthro lover.
>>4281 My entire fucking point is that his art is garbage and only receiving (You)'s because of politics. And regardless of how shit /pol/ is these days, that's no argument to turn /hmofa/ into /pol/ but with anthro's. You can always make another thread about it, which plenty of bait trolls already do. >>4280 >you must swallow every nugget of shit that pays lip service to the correct side of history or you're the enemy Yes, Anon, that's exactly what I fucking hate about modern left wing media, and exactly why I don't want the same behavior in media I still enjoy.
Should charts be added to the image filter?
>>4285 That's convenient. Added.
>>4286 Just goes to show how often the same faggots have their autism fights with the same exact material.
(1.14 MB 936x896 1656646094832.png)
>decides to start shit because why not >Blames others of shitposting while doing it himself >Acts like the victims when finished https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZOexuQsygY
>>4284 why? There is nothing wrong with it? It's just the local sex positivity cuck fag that samefags the thread to death when he sees things he doesn't like.
The poster who first complained about the story knew what he was doing. The first post seems like it could be a genuine enough criticism, except for the part about "immersion breaking" which doesn't quite seem to apply to the story in question. But the following posts eventually show the only intent is keeping an argument going.
>>4289 And with the image filtered out, the long train of dogshit back-and-forth is cut short.
>>4290 >The poster who first complained about the story knew what he was doing. You are delusional what he posted was genuine and much needed criticism to help anons not waste their time >But the following posts eventually show the only intent is keeping an argument going. Anon, he is not the only one who is sick of the cuckfags shit. We are not going to tiptoe around burzum and cuckfag just because it makes them angwy.
>And with the image filtered out, the long train of dogshit back-and-forth is cut short. The only dogshit is coming from the anon spouting 'incel' and 'purityfag'.
(58.62 KB 736x736 1660883683241232.jpg)
>>4289 Just shut the fuck up and don't reply when you see his posts then, you autist. They're not going change their mind and neither will you. All that happens when you get your panties in a twist is the thread is derailed. It takes two to truly fuck up a thread. If you had an iota of self-control nothing would have came up from it.
>>4289 t. anon that said 'used goods general' every moment a couple months ago.
>>4294 >Just shut the fuck up and don't reply when you see his posts then, you autist. I don't! You little shit, what makes you think I made a single post.
>>4295 it seems the cuckfag finally made it here.
>cuckfag >purityfag You're both the problem
>>4298 no one is a fag, the other is a buzzword developed by the fag.
>>4290 https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/username/happy_dragon/ Aug 2022 Happy_Dragon !!DyDeQuHLG7e https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/50288314/#50288314 Aug 2022 Warning: RANT >>50299843 >this sounds like a cool character let me go find out which story she is fro- >happy_dragon >way past tomboy >happy_dragon I don't have to read it to know that she probably had sex with multiple men in the past and yet you decide to call her a tomboy or "way past tomboy", even though it is only a shallow trait and she has no qualms with submitting her self to be sexually used by men. what a waist https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/50172481/#50172481 Aug 2022 >>50176236 >>50172692 >>50172716 one of these post are of happy dragon. A known cuckold writer. When faced with reality he screams buzzwords like '/pol/' to cope with the fact his wife is carrying another man's child. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/49289744/#49289744 Jul 2022 >>49299195 Exro, durr, happy dragon, hindered, nigger cash25, flex_puke, faggot https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/47417498/#47429926 May 2022 Happy_Dragon !!c/mroT1rOto If anyone that has had problems with Sweetheart Deal would be kind enough to contact me, I'd love to hear from you and forward your thoughts to my first readers. Until then, consider the series on hiatus. If it is truly unsuited for here (as was my original fear), then I do not wish to cause any more problems to the general. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/45033076/#45043029 Jan 2022 The Killer of Happy(ness) Took care of our problem, boys https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44569566/#44578842 Jan 2022 >>44578813 Shut up Happy your pretentious bullshit is stinking up the roum https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43876466/#43889432 Dec 2021 >>43889320 On the writefag front, he had a vendetta against smiley and happy for a long time, then tried to impersonate mousguy for a time. That failed because people started messaging him privately and figuring out the ruse. He's tried the tactic a few more times, but between actual trips and people getting more careful what they say as anon, it's easier to avoid getting duped. It ended up being too much effort for him, imo >>43889432 >Smegma I still think he's cringe, but he's 23 so I don't care . >happy Never happened. >mousguy No. >>43889464 Stop posting. >>43889476 I really don't, that's why I'm still here after all these years, because I still care about this place. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/50320454/#50320454 Aug 2022 Reminder that Ashley has a boyfriend. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44569566/#44578813 Jan 2022 I want to fuck Ashley...
(131.02 KB 906x1280 1654057721850.jpg)
>>4296 The formatting of your post here. First word is uncapitalized then starts proper capitalization after a period, it's the same as this dude who is one of the most vocal "purityfag". It's such an odd and specific way of formatting that it's pretty easy to assume that you're both the same.
(64.06 KB 605x231 Capture9.PNG)
Remember to report this as doxing. The mods don't care but when he gets banned again, I bet the "purityfag" and "cuckfag" will suddenly disappear.
>>4300 >>4294 >>4290 >people don't like waifurs that are whores >they must be shitposters Joking aside I like the theory, that burzum is the formentioned "cuckfag", which explains why he hates the writers that he does. The only time people complain about promiscuous waifurs, was when it didn't fit in with the story. There was noone lamenting that motorcycle hyena story for being "used goods". This is /hmofa/, we are never going to stop taking about virgin waifurs or lamenting when they aren't, that is how we keep the goon squad out and how we have the best stories.
>>4303 If every time that this topic is brought up you throw a tard rage and start to post charts upon charts, guaranteeing that the next 100-150 posts are nothing but shitfling. Then yes, at the end of the day, you're no better than a shitposter.
>>4304 >If every time that this topic is brought up you throw a tard rage and start to post charts upon charts Why do you assume it was me you little shit? Are you surprised that the thread came down on the "cuckfag" liek that? I only think the charts were based and recursive reply filtering works better than nonsensically filtering that single image.
>>4305 I wasn't referring to you. I used the word "if" specifically to present a hypothetical scenario, you easily triggered bitch.
>>4306 Sadly, that last "V" is for "virgin."
>You can't blame some of us when we get a little defensive of the place. When it ends up destroying the thread you're trying to defend, I certainly can blame you a little.
>>4308 the only one destroying the thread was cuckfag everybody else was just trying to tell him to fuck off without thinking. And that was just the anon who was giving his reason for the critique he never said he actually participated in cuckfags spergout.
>>4309 Replying to bait does nearly as much damage as posting bait.
>>4301 Look cuckfag. You can find that type formatting in every thread. He writes out "samefag" but then decides to write more. I can't believe I had to dissect that for you. Everybody does hate you, including me. Nobody cares for your sexual positivity bullshit and no amount of samefaging is going to change that. The thread went better once you stopped posting. There are no "purityfags" just regular anons who like /hmofa/.
(118.23 KB 1500x889 1654229255822.jpg)
>>4311 That wasn't the only time that he formatted his post like that. And I'm not "Cuckfag" just someone who's fucking sick of this "argument" happening everytime virginity gets brought up in any way. Just because I think you're a bunch of annoying faggots that are incapable of simply hiding and ignoring doesn't mean I'm your personal boogeyman that you've created in your head.
>>4312 >And I'm not "Cuckfag" Get fucked loser. You are the only one going schizo about this "purity fag" that is just everybody who happens to disagree with you. You even post like him, thinking you are smart by shitposting with hmofa pics so you won't seem off topic at a glance. I want you to take your opinions and shove them waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy up your ass okay? And contemplate how much of a massive fucking faggot you are that won't leave our general alone and has to reply with shitposts to everything that hurts his feefees
>>4300 >>4272 Can't you just post these to a pastebin or something. So they aren't clogging up the thread?
>>4313 Literally not him. I didn't even participate in the argument last thread, I only talked about it here. But if that's what you want to believe then go ahead you schizophrenic.
>>4315 >Literally not him Don't give a shit. You whine like him and shitpost like him then you are him. Nobody uses the phrase "purityfag" buy you/him. I am fucking tired of your ceaseless bullshit burzum has mental issues what is your fucking excuse? Don't answer that. It''s better if you stop posting all together.
(1.44 MB 1280x1646 1656162261792.png)
>>4316 If you noticed I put the term "purityfag" in quotations to explain to someone that I thought they were replying to "Cuckfag", I was just borrowing a convenient term for the sake of explanation, how is that shitposting? I never even tried to defend "Cuckfag" or his opinions. My only position is this >>4310. >stop posting I've contributed both well liked stories and drawings here, so no, I don't think I will just because some retard who's too deep into tribalism thinks I'm someone that I'm not.
>>4317 >I've contributed both well liked stories and drawings here. >well liked Doubtful. The most successful people in /hmofa/ don't get into petty bullshit. >My only position is this Just stop sperging out in the thread.
(370.36 KB 2048x1474 1627541008615.jpg)
>>4318 I wouldn't really say I'm "successful" but here's the proof if you really want it. https://rentry.org/Wolfu_smooching >stop sperging out You're the one who came here with wild, completely made up accusations. But okay, I will. I want this to stop anyways so I can go back to writing. It's just that there's nothing more I hate than when people put words into my mouth.
>>4319 smooch anon is not a artist
>>4319 Then thank god that was your only and ever story if all you do is bring fucking drama to this general. And I know you are going to bring drama because like a fucking retard you just associated your post here with your story and you. The thread schizo lurks here and will screenshot anything he thinks will seem "controversal" and he will spam it for months. So way to go dumbshit. Rule number one in /hmofa/ is to keep your drama from your work and you can't even do that.
(3.79 MB 4624x3468 20220406_175238.jpg)
(64.66 KB 500x500 Lynn_gets_bred.png)
>>4320 Yes I am lol. I've posted a couple of them from time to time but since I don't have a trip it's pretty much impossible to tell.
>>4322 Once again. I mean this in the most offensive way possible: you are a dumb piece of shit who made an irreversible mistake that will never be undone. You associated your story with your opinions and now burzum is going to go on a field day because you didn't lurk before you started posting.
>>4322 NTA, but good job getting yourself labeled a shitposter who spams the thread to death with pointless bullshit. I truly hope everyone in the thread starts treating you and your art like the baiting piece of shit you are.
You should contact the mod about deleting everything starting at this post >>4319 down. Including this post. Burzum may take pictures of this, but you can always deny them and say he used inspect element. Or better yet to not acknowledge the accusation.
>>4325 Nah, let him suffer. He wants to shit up our thread, he should be prepared to face consequences for his retardation. Otherwise he will never learn.
>>4326 I really really loved his story, so this is very disappointing to find out who he actually is. But that is life I guess, never meet your heroes.
>>4292 The only way that criticism could have been truly genuine is if the one who made it was a speedreading coomer who rushed straight to the sex, because the fact that neither character was a virgin shouldn't have been that surprising by chapter 9.
Maybe its because the filter catches unintended people but I don't see the so-called "purityfags" intentionally shitting up the thread. What are the chances the cuck fetishist, the guy calling everyone incels for preferring non-whores, and the guy constantly posting about how good polygamy is are the same poster? They all get off to being subversive like its their calling in life
>>4328 His concerns were that she was comparing his dick to other males that she had rather than just her previous husband.
ITT: people who create no content and contribute nothing bitching at people who contribute and create content
>>4331 >t. faggot who doesnt contribute to the thread other than incitation to start shit
I'm back after sleeping for a bit just to say that I didn't realize that "Don't respond to shitposting or bait" was a controversial opinion.
>>4334 sorry, I'm working on it
>>4331 Yesterday's nonsense made me realize that /hmofa/ - "complaining loudly about stories we don't read" might be my least favorite iteration of the thread. A lot like when it was Westgate before. That story had its problems, but you could have made up anything about that story (and posters certainly did), and get people riled up about how big of an affront to decency it is.
>>4336 >complaining loudly about stories we don't read The man read the story, he even gave the line number.
>>4337 "the man" wasn't the only person posting. Unless you're admitting here that he was a very effective samefagging shitposter, there was significant bandwagoning.
>>4338 That was the only complaint was from that man. The rest were just getting baited by that one anon getting mad at the critique.
burzum/cuckfag is now trying to poison the well by spaming "saved herself for you" to try to get people to hate it. Since that didn't work he is replying to himself now.
>>4340 It's literally just one assblasted anon spamming the thread because someone dared disagree with him, it's not some big conspiracy.
>>4341 >It's literally just one assblasted anon spamming the thread because someone dared disagree with him, it's not some big conspiracy. That is what I said the cuckfag/burzum is mad that the general hates his guts so he is posing as what he calls a "purityfag" and is trying to get people to attack him and stiffle good conversations. That failed so he is replying to himself. If you weren't new and were actually here before 2019, you would know that burzum did this alot.
Why do you think he disappears for a time and comes wriggling back? Does he take his meds or just gets board and pesters something else? I'm thinking the latter.
>>4343 The mind of Burzum is an enigma.
So we have a >shotafag >the fucking idiot unironically calling people incel >Rapefag All trying to fans the flames of incitation Why must weekand threads be like this?
>cuck cuck purity cuck human whore incel virgin cuck Can all of you please fuck off with this, it's all so tiresome.
>>4345 It's 4chan It's /trash/ 50-70% of the anons on that board are coomers. They need stimulus. A lot of them fall to shitposting. When they shitpost they feel in control, like they hold the fate of the general. They have no real opinions and post what ever shifts the conversation into their favor, they love wedge issues and get a sense of belonging when they can spark actuall outrage.
>>4346 stfu cuckazoid.
Add "cuckfag" and "purityfag" to your filters and most of it goes away.
>>4349 just filter virginity since it only ever comes up in the context of shitting up the thread
>>4350 >just filter virginity since it only ever comes up in the context of shitting up the thread No fuck you cuckfag. We have lasted this long and had many good conversations about virginity until you started to get ass blasted about it. YOU shit up the thread every time you see it. You are like a loser who sees a black person in art and then spammed blacked images so you can turn around and say "I told you so". This general would rather die then let you get your way you filthy fucking sperg of a shitposter.
>>4351 I don't get involved in your retarded arguments because you all just spout the same buzzwords and copy paste arguments every single thread it shows up, it's fucking tiring and I'm sick of seeing it all the time.
>>4351 You are literally the one who started spamming in this thread. You didn't have to, you CHOSE to.
>>4350 >>4352 That's not true at all though dumbass. At some point you're going to catch actual discussion around virgin anthros. The retard slinging "purityfag", "incel" and now pretending they're someone else is the only one deliberately shitting up the thread. NOTICE the pattern of their posting. Its just burz doing his insane routine over and over, unfortunately someone is always going to get baited to respond but that doesn't mean you should filter everyone else along with him. They're probably even expecting you to do that.
>>4353 >>4352 cuckfag/burzum is spamming the thread you fucking retard
>>4354 "Actual discussion" like the current shitfit about virginity retreading the same exact tired arguments?
Cuckman is really determined to shit up the general.
>>4357 > like the current shitfit about virginity retreading the same exact tired arguments? List my cucka, people were not talking about virginity. They were talking about an ex-pornstar until you threw a hissyfit and equated not wanting an ex-pornstar to wanting a virgin. You made your bed NOW LIE IN IT.
>>4359 It's really not helping your argument that you so desperately want everyone who says anything to be the same anon you're arguing with in the thread, when I'm just sick of all you retards spamming the same arguments no matter which side you're on. But you'll just cry about cuckfag again like Burz and his zoomer obsession.
>>4360 >It's really not helping your argument There is no argument. Everybody is sick of you and your constant whining blaiming the "purityfags" when you are just big mad that people are averse to promiscuous women. Nobody arguing in the thread right now gave a shit about virginity, they gave a shit about some lowlife trying to pester the thread about not being all open arms and shit about an ex pornstar story. Nobody said to not write it, they said not to expect it to be well received. And then the resident shitflinger got all ass mad about the possibility of people not having his opinions that he declared anybody being averse to a ex pornstar story must also only want virgin waifurs. Like really dude, blow you opinions out your ass if you are just here to start shit.
Filteranon here. All instances of the filter being mentioned in the actual thread aren't by me. I haven't mentioned the existence of the filter at all since it's been added to the OP. I only talk about the filter in this metathread. Two examples of this happening are the time an anon posted a poll about filter usage and the time right now by >>50372377 (I don't even have 'cuckfag' in the filter, but I am thinking of adding it soon). I have no ill animosity for anons that talk about the filter outside of the meta-thread; I appreciate that you're a fan of it, but please understand that people don't like it when things are pushed on them.
>baiting that fucking hard to absolutely no results Well I hope folks got hipwaders on. He follows the usual habit we're about to see another meltie because he's upset the general attracted a new drawfag apparently.
The voices in his mind told him that the new artist is unworthy.
I know you browse the meta threads, so I'm just gonna say this. Go to fucking therapy, man. Holy shit you fucking need it. Or try drugs, that too.
>resident cancer tumor spergs at new drawfag >new drawfag gives him the bugs bunny treatment I'll give him this much, newguy ain't afraid of shit. I'm a bit put off by his art style but if he's doing that kind of dunking he's alright in my books.
>>4322 I like that Lynn.
Knowing that he wasted another entire night to be a miserable lolcow, that's the kind of pleasure that I salvage from these threads. I don't even interact, I just watch and see him get mad over nothing.
>>4368 You better not be the one replying to him...
>>4360 >cry about cuckfag again like Burz Listen you absolute peanutbrain, the shitposter IS the cuckfag. He IS the person pretending to argue for the things he hates. Thread regulars aren't your fucking boogeyman, you're just flying into a blind rage because you can't recognize him. You are genuinely being tricked into thinking regular anons are spamming these shitty impressions. Even if there are 3 shitposters at once they might as well be the same person, they don't have the mental capacity to formulate the ideas or discussions that thread regulars have.
>>4369 That's what I said. I don't reply, trust me, I just watch him waste his remaining time, knowing that it's gonna be the last thing he'll ever do until he commits suicide, arrested, or similar fates.
I'm now morbidly curious. /trash/ has a small number of schizoposters with mostly distinctive styles. Has he started REEEEEing about "partialism" yet?
>>4372 Nah we basically only have our one and only since for better or worse, he has basically immunized us to garden variety shitposting. Shows very strongly if you stomach glancing at collared or adhg. Dunno why the hell adhg hasn't cut the rules shit out of their OP since it's literally a "HERE THIS IS HOW YOU PISS US OFF" list.
Would it be intrusive to start uploading new content to the hmofa on this board? I want to, to maybe lead people away from the shitpost cesspool but I feel like since it's so slow it would just end up being a personal art stash
>>4374 Why not both?
>>4374 >since it's so slow it would just end up being a personal art stash And there's nothing wrong with that, if anything, it would be good if the art posted in the /trash/ thread would make its way here also.
>Spams his entire brigdebot hate folder >Crickets.mp3 >Spams Autistic Artist Doxx folder >Tumbleweed.gif >Now spams random messages Vietnamese >Samefags his own bait to chum the waters >EmptyPool.jpg Man that was a lot of effort for jack shit returns on his part. It's like the digital equivalent of the scruffy insane hobo shouting into a parking lot.
>>4374 I don't understand what you mean by intrusive; having new content posted here could only be a good thing, for artists and viewers. It being slow is boon for the kind of visibility you really want. Plus, it really doesn't hurt to have your art/doodles/shitposts backed up somewhere reliably consistent, trust me. I'd start it in a new /hmofa/ art thread though, given the old one's a mess
>>4377 There doesn't seem to be any limit to the kind of cancer he will imitate for bait. I wish we had like an advanced AI or something that could actually pinpoint differentiate the lack of formation and subtetly because then literally none of his posts would get through and he would commit suicide.
>>4374 No. This imageboard is meant for posting on, so, post on it!
I always laugh when I he calls others mentally ill.
(120.61 KB 585x781 1661122667263207.png)
We're reaching 1000 posts. Someone should bake a new metathread soon.