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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #870 Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 01:38:34 No. 1048
>"Post-Christmas Stupor" Edition

--Pastebin stories--

By Aimbot.exe
>Raine's Lingerie Incident - Part 2
>Raine's Lingerie Incident - Part 1

By Kaktus-nsfw
>Amorous Argentine

By Oliver_Hart
>A Red Winter

By Cobalt Blue Sphere
>Garrison Duty

By Flex_Puke
>Undertow (Line 265)

By A_Smiling_Face
>The Horsemen, Sentinel, and Raven (Line 1271)

By Quoth_THE_raven
>Mechanized Memories 1.5 - Epilogue: Eunomia

By Happy_Dragon
>A New Father

By The_FFI_Database
>FOUND: Tattered Journal (2/2) (Line 178)

By Strong_Anon
>Meet Me in the Woods Tonight

By Idontwantthis
>Necromouser: Un-Dead of Winter

By Draggron
>Crocodile Comfort

By Witryso
>R. K. Smith and The Treasure of Epicness (Line 105)

By Mal0_Anon
>Foundation Tales

>>Masterbin with all the stories (I will try to stay updated with this)<<
>>Writing Guides, Media Links, Misc<<

Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/27355533
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
I think I may have been unclear in my last reply. I agree that this site functions better than 4chan in terms of tech and moderation, but it will be difficult to actually get people here if they don't know about it. You can have the perfect website, but that is only half the battle. To my knowledge, there is no external advertising of Furchan, so it relies entirely on word-of-mouth to gain traction. You will also have to fight the inertia of existing generals like /hmofa/ to get them to fully migrate here.
That's it's greatest weakness, and one that could be overcome, perhaps even remaining cost-selective (the sweet spot being that yummy unicorn sprinkle-flavored maximum yield for $0). I'm just not sure if that's possible without shilling on other bunkers (as we see happen here), or joining with other bunkers in a global registry of interconnected boards (an effort undertaken to regain something like Infinity through partnering Lynx bunkers without triggering coldtires himself). I'd love to see the day this site even takes in just /hmofa/'s regulars, but without an ongoing conversation at most hours of the day, /trash/'s siren's song will still command more attention just yet. In any case, might be a better discussion for the meta thread, not that any activity here hurts.
(110.13 KB 326x281 zoom.gif)
she looks like a tide pod
(211.89 KB 1600x1200 set.jpg)
Almost all of the horror stories that I've read are about anon being chased by a cryptic anthro or something similar, do you guys know any horror stories where anon and his waifur have to work together instead?
anon what are you doing
Testing the "delete post" option and trying to make my post a little more readable while I am at it, the first post will disappear when you reload the page
(80.69 KB 480x497 20200918_203216.jpg)
How are you nerds holding up? Life's been funny the past few months.
Not bad. Was hoping to get cracking on a new format for a story continuation and, while I've done one episode (and a little mini short too after I asked for a request from a friend), the second episode has been kicking my ass so it's dragged productivity down.
(293.12 KB 1200x1672 EiK3i9vWkAcjxc5-orig.jpg)
I got a yeen, so that's pretty sweet
(322.74 KB 3600x2175 225f64447b477a9f2b744a46dc4c575e.jpg)
What story are writing, Anon?
A followup to Firebrand and Pariah. I've got a bunch of scenes in my mind I want to get to but I'm essentially writing episodes and filling in the spaces with just... well, stuff that I hope is entertaining and comfy, sometimes emotional, etc.
One of the things giving me the most trouble is the part which links the episodes together. I don't know if you're familiar with the original two, but the main story-thread will follow the main characters seeking to improve after seeing a therapist and getting some advice. Said advice is sound, but it kinda goes against their status quo.
Everything else is very slice of life and the reason I decided to go episodic to begin with; the main story isn't quite strong enough by its own merit, but it's also too important in story to be dealt with in a single short tale as well.
Wait, it was you that commissioned that hyena? That's what I call money well spent
Well... Good luck with that, man
I was not, that art was a gift from Mousguy
I do own the character and the art though
Some combination trying to write, draw, and ruing my existence because my head's wired wrong. I can't feel any joy in anything and no help with that.

That was yours? Veeery nice.
Wtb job making peta mad
I kinda forgot this site existed after a history purge. Still writing slowly. My job's gotten weird with corona, almost like I'm back in the NEET life.
My personal life’s been kinda all over the place lately. Besides that, I’ve been incessantly lazy with writing, and to distract myself further, I’ve also been catching up on movies I missed as a kid.

Waifurs are still cool, though.
Looks like shitposteng's back on the menu, boys.
But is it as popular as the Travis Scott burger?
(912.66 KB 2400x2700 IMG_20200930_173106.jpg)
(536.87 KB 1657x1107 IMG_20200930_163646.jpg)
(100.88 KB 1200x1312 1578298836678.jpg)
How're we doin', fc/hmofa/? Last couple of /trash/ threads had sone really interesting topics going.
Are you referring to the science fiction discussion?
It appears the general has reached critical mass.
In case it wasn't obvious it's still the same guy shitting things up, he's using the same tactics as before. The roommates stuff is just his newest cover.
>get back from work
>/hmofa/ thread expired? Cool, no problemo, lemme just search for the new one...
Oh god, what the fuck did I just walk into?
Glad I'm still not ready to start uploading anything.
Yet, anyway.
(727.22 KB 867x1116 1601600167826.png)
Are you guys excited for spooktober this year? Any of you doing anything special?
I did some seasonal poetry (for /scaly/) last year and kinda made up a semi-spooky thing for the event that some folks liked. Then, that Christmas I decided to take an existing work (A visit from St. Nicolas/T'was the night before Christmas) and change the lyrics to fit the thread and it seemed to strike a cord.
Planning something similar for Halloween this year, just need to find the right spooky or Halloween focused poem to modify in a similar way. Maybe The Raven or something.

While I do intend to do a Halloween episode to a story I'm working on it's unlikely to be in time, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.
I've been writing a spooktober green for a year and a half now, and socks is on year two of his
I wouldn't bet on either of us releasing lol
I wanna be, and I'd love to make this the first I participate in Inktober, and actually finish some writing, but my health and work life are failing harder than my motivation and flagging attention span for once. It sucks, because I felt such momentum a little while ago, and I wanted it to carry me further, but the last two weeks really debilitated the muse.

I'll still try, though. Anyway, birds, gentlemen.
Burzurm is Smiley's evil alter ego
mans really got his shit nuked twice in one thread
Smiley or Burzum?
(6.85 MB 656x486 Protection-massiveattack.mp4)
A test video.
I like this! What'd you use?
I used a free app called youcut video editor. I just made that one as a quick test on my android phone. On PC I like using youtube-dl and ffmpeg. I'm happy that you enjoyed the video.
I'm gonna post this here for now. I will post it in the main thread soon (in the next couple of days) when I actually have the first part of the real story ready (it's written, I just don't have the time to sort out the upload stuff right now), so I'll post them both at the same time then.

A Candace being Candace short story called "Cages". About Candace as a teen, in trouble and pushing her luck in detention. It's not exactly /hmofa/ except for the fact it's obviously the same characters from Firebrand and Pariah.

The autism is proliferating. Send help.
Always seems to come in waves. I just hope it's gone in the next few days.
Got another story episode to upload soon. Although I don't know whether to wait until my name's dropped off the listing before uploading the next part. I don't want to keep bouncing myself up and feel like I'm hogging space.
I guess if I do only upload when I drop off it also means I get more time to keep working on future parts between uploads. I did say it would be semi-regular...
Sorry Deleted it, will post again:

Is this showing up as offensive to anybody?: https://pastebin.com/p0GhnHRz

I just want to make sure that the pastebin filters are flagging my code snippet. There is nothing sexual, racist, or explicit in here, so why are they flagging it?
Still showing as offensive on my end.
One of my SFW stories is flagged too, although admittadly that story does feature racism as a story point (fantasy racism, but still) as well as swearing, but nothing sexually explicit outside of someone using the word "tits".
Welcome to the new world, I guess. Glad I predominantly go through Sofurry.
went to archive stories again via perl non-api scraping. Alot of the stories are now "Offensive Content", I can circumvent this by scraping the raws. I don't think pastebin is going after pornographic content, just content that makes them look bad (And maybe keep scrapers from looking at them?) for they said my code snippet ( >>1894 ) was offensive even though there is nothing in there but code to sort through the masterbin.
(246.36 KB 1912x1200 1602441611947.jpg)
This thread has been around for quite a while, huh?

Should we make a new one?
So what if it's getting old? It's still only at 0.2k posts. Making a new one now wouldn't bring any benefit, unlike the last one where it was getting hard to simply open the tread for some people due to its size.
Quick question: Is there any other place besides this board where people from the thread/with this interest hang out? Mostly because I'd like a place to shoot the shit about writing without having to sit in the main thread.
None of which I'm aware--that's precisely why this bunker was created. 8kun, or whatever it's called now, might offer a more visible solution in the future, if it's ever better than "absolutely awful in every feasible way 10/10 - IGN."
Happy Halloween, /hmofa/gs
So we hit bumplock on this thread due to what I can only assume is the shittiest bot I've ever seen spamming. It was super easy to clean up, but honestly this thread's getting a lil long. I won't go through the process of unlocking it, if you guys care about bumping you can just make a new one.
Retards infesting the main thread again.
I am not a retard
New Thread