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(441.01 KB 1422x2204 ScarletRide_0_u18chan.jpg)
Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 08:16:47 No. 27
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #759

>"Fluffy Foxxo" Edition

--Pastebin stories--


By Idontwantthis
>Altruistic Intent (Line 422)

By Anon_The_Shitposter
>Vanguard Anon and Padmayan Adventures

By Narric
>Stars and Gods (Line 39)

By Oliver_Hart
>The Leaves of Fall (Line 6271)

By Sham_
>Late Night Lovin'

By Jesu-Christo
>Michelle: Ma Belle Monstre

By McDoogle
>Beginner's Luck

By Somethingaboutsharks
>Where Kitsune Wait (Line 1876)

By Karnazomb
>Core-Chan Fic
>Thirsty for Love (Line 31)

By Reynaerde
>The Witch's Ball (Line 976)

By Kaktus-nsfw
>Scars (Line 1407)

By SabatonBabylon and Akella
>Coronation Day (Line 614)

>>Masterbin with all the stories (I will try to stay updated with this)<<
>>Writing Guides, Media Links, Misc<<

Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/25097720/#q25097720
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
(51.11 KB 700x847 heresy_u18chan.jpg)
Do you jnow the definition of insanity?
I've changed my mind, durr
stick around, apparently you're an amazing traffic generator
Yeah, that's excessive.

I have no idea how far he went in his other stories, but he's actually made FluffKevlar a character in this one. A genderbent character.

This shit ain't healthy.
Well, shit. I honestly had no idea. Work is privated and I'll go dorment again.
(150.08 KB 210x265 1520987580140.png)
(6.12 KB 194x260 1525271034037.jpg)
(7.98 KB 153x172 1312115823345.jpg)
>he's actually made FluffKevlar a character in this one. A genderbent character.
oh shit what the fuck
(167.85 KB 967x952 IMG_20191110_203556.jpg)
Durr. I say this as someone who doesn't want any writefag to quit, but ya gotta jump of FK's dick buddy. Make an OC universe or set something in a different established uni. I'll read an attempt at something different but no one wants to see you do the same old song and dance.
This was a mistake that was caused by misinformation. I'll correct it some time in the future.

I'll make sure to stop. I already have something planned that's not related to FK.
I'll be honest, I really thought I'd seen a post somewhere of FK asking people to stop writing fanfics sometime after you posted that pic with him giving permission on the trash thread
but looking through the archives I can't find anything
if it really didn't happen my bad, I feel kinda shitty for somehow bringing so many people out with that one point lul
You don't need to feel bad, the hate is deserved either way. I shouldn't have posted it here anyway.
you don't deserve hate, man
I wasn't a fan of your older stories and I haven't read your newer ones so I won't comment on them
but not liking a story has nothing to do with hate
I hope you keep writing, and if I really somehow incepted a false memory or something and fk really is cool with fanfics then follow your bliss I guess
Can't remember the last time a thread didn't hit bump limit in under 30 hours. It's a nice feeling, even if it's probably ephemeral.
(84.72 KB 1200x1140 EJE1es0U0AAofQh.jpg)
(90.02 KB 1289x1318 EBPpwsjUYAEfZna.jpg large.jpg)
the calms are always comfy
(977.68 KB 1280x942 1526713403813.png)
(132.14 KB 350x350 shanty.gif)
No kidding. It reminds me of when the thread was in its infancy and we pretty much only had cheetah_anon as a writefag.
Also, pirates.
(217.85 KB 1041x810 Butte1.png)
good byoot
i don't know if i should post this on /meta/ or something, but, was i the only one who noticed those imageboards advertisements here? like, how do they even know we exist?
we are listed under certain threads on the lynxchan main board as being a chan run using lynxchan

it's likely hopeful new imageboard admins trying to increase their traffic by advertising to people that were already looking at new imageboards
Few weeks ago, I said I was going to have markdown tag catalog by Christmas and after reviewing the state of the catalog and my scripts, I decided to instead focus on major modification the tagging system and get alot more stories tagged. After that will I work on Markdown catalog, which should only take 1-2 days after I implement these major modifications. As of right now I do not have a time frame, other than I know that it will be done, For this whole project has launched me into a love for "computers/programming" and everthing I am working on here helps be progress in those "skills".

Back on /hmofa/ subjects, there are several mistakes in the catalog ranging from missing urls, wrong tags, and other mistakes. I have been leaving them there for I want to make sure my new modifications can catch them. I am also going to start change my tags and section titles to more "appropriate" terms. When I first started this, my plan was just to document unfinished stories, but it blew up once I found perl, so there is some "legacy" terms like

>'scalie' which needs to be changed to 'reptile'
>'snep + racoon = snoon' = snake/racoon hybrid? I need to reread that story I don't recall any of Strongs stories had that kind of hybrid. I am pretty sure this is the megan story I recall, and if I recall she is a hybrid b/w snow leopard and racoon?
>I named the series that consist of "Spaced Out" and "Purple Veil" as "Purple boob alien wolf" and that and many others need to be changed.


-Azuhmier (aka taganon)
Yep. There's also a federated system of bunkers running Lynx that are attempting to recreate something resembling 8chan.
(1.57 MB 2334x1266 HYSTN Fanart 1.jpg)
I did more than that. I completely deleted "The Cracked Pearl" as well. Maybe this should go in the writing general or even /hmofa/ on trash but this was the first time it seems that anyone even noticed. Which to me means that I ultimately made the right decision.

The stories aren't gone, I didn't delete them or anything like that. They've just been unlisted. If you have the links (which are still in the general story list on /hmofa/) than you can still read them. They won't be going anywhere.

At the moment I feel that I need to move on from the general, at least for now. Writing stuff for an audience that really, and I mean REALLY loved what I wrote gave me such a huge drive to write for this small little audience of maybe a hundred people. The problem is that I like my work a little too much and know that with a lot of retooling I can put at least one or two of those stories out for publishing. Hence why these "draft zeroes" in a sense have been hidden from public eye.

When I first got the immense critical reception from "Underneath the Armor", it was better than any liquor I ever drank or kinky sex I ever had. It gave me a feeling of gratitude to try and write something even better, to give the audience that had given me such a huge confidence boost, something that was beyond a good read, but a great read that hit me emotionally as well. I know I sound very pompous saying this, but when I still read, or think about the ending to Amaroq, or even when I listen to the music I had on when I was writing it at the time, I still get very upset and emotional. As such I've made it a goal to someday get that work published (with a different name, and definitely no anthros, and a lot of redrafting) and dedicate it to my parents. In just trying to write something that I thought this small audience would like, I accidentally wrote something that is much more meaningful to me. Oops.

Over time I began relying too much on that dopamine hit from someone saying something good about my work and now I feel stifled by writing only for a small board on the internet. It isn't enough for me and I know that if I just kept it up, I wouldn't be happy. This all culminated in my last project "The Cracked Pearl" being given lukewarm reception. Not only have I moved on from the board, it seems its moved on from me-and that's all right by the way. People seem to really like the new writers when the board isn't devolving into 300 shitposts and accusations. I recently read Crocodile Comfort and I really like it.

Another things was that "The Cracked Pearl" was moving away from a traditional /hmofa/ story and in general is just the story of a person who also happened to bang a milf dragon and a big titty moth gf along the way. I'm still writing the story and I know it's going to be a killer. But the fact of the matter is for the audience to get to the relationship and lewds they'll have to go through 50k+ of fantasy adventure where the main character is still a young teenager with no romantic inclinations towards the rest of his friends. Very few people will put up with that and I should have recognized that sooner. I deleted it because I never want to keep something uploaded that I have no intention finishing and blue-balling a reader. It happened to me enough times to really hate it.
(1.76 MB 1920x1874 HYSTN fanart 2.jpg)
>Is Jacklin kill?
For now. Maybe someday I'll return and write something that I won't end up having greater ambitions for. I've been recently thinking of a sequel of sorts to "Underneath the Armor" and would take it in...a somewhat new direction. I've been given a lot of flak for writing what are basically anti-social characters with some sort of brooding conflict or bad past that they have to deal with. I can't really deny that. And with this potential sequel with a new protagonist it would be like that as well. But I'd like to counter-balance that with the Anon of that story playing with his Pupper-son who can't speak yet and only makes small 'borfs'.

But I'll still be lurking, and chances are if you're reading this (A site for a subgroup, within a subgroup, within a subgroup, within another...) you probably already know how to get in contact with me if you want to message me about something. I'll probably make a post on the general thread at some point, but with how annoying the shitposting is constantly I generally don't even care enough to visit. I prefer the new /adhg/ anyhow, despite how specific it is the general spirit seems more in line with old /hmofa/

Still, I will always been indebted to this board and the people that helped to make it. Without that support I wouldn't be here thinking that I could actually write something that meant anything to anyone. Fuck, if you told me three years ago I would write, not one, but multiple manuscripts the size of smaller novels I would be floored, it wasn't something I was expecting.

You are all so wonderful.
(811.54 KB 1017x1270 f05962e6ebdabff47cf8cfe7ae122519.png)
Not him, but I kinda figured that's why you unlisted them. That being said, best of luck getting your writing published, my dude.
Whether or not your future has anything to do with /hmofa/, I hope that you can continue finding satisfaction in your writing.
(1.03 MB 1812x1853 big ass and titte.png)
(858.31 KB 1976x2505 christmas magik (2).png)
(499.66 KB 1358x1553 pandass.png)
whats happening forum

its ya boy

merry christmas
nice curves as always, murl
> murl
> "nice tits"
> dan
> "nice cock"
its a fucking conspiracy i tell you
Well sheeit, I always expected they were just unlisted, but I hadn't realized The Cracked Pearl was gone 'til just now. I remember how excited you were about it. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling confined, but it's great you're broadening your prospects.
(2.44 MB 2466x1800 North Pole.png)
Merry Christmas!

to you as well, drawfriend
spacedimsum give me life
wtf raindeer
would hug and kiss
can't believe they named the deer after a harness, how did I never know this
(1.19 MB 1969x2059 12-25-19-VUKO.jpg)
Vuko here.

Wishing you all a pleasant holiday and yuletide. My hope was to have something to share for the holiday (taking more or doing more backlog requests); but unfortunately that will have to wait before year's end hopefully. There is much to do during the waning days ahead it would seem.

Hopefully everyone is having a good time this season; and I wish you all the best.
merr crismas vuko
Skeltal Clause is real!
>shitposter got banned, and all of his posts deleted
I guess I believe in Santa now.
A mod recently did similar (unsure if it's a full ban, but it certainly curbed their enthusiasm) for /scaly/
It really is a christmas miracle.
>My hope was to have something to share for the holiday
Heh, I can sympathise. Been stuck writing a story I thought I'd knock out well before Christmas and I'm on the cusp of having to rewrite, or at least deeply modify, and I'll count my blessings if I can have it done by New Year. I started the damn thing at the start of November, ffs. It's my own damn fault too, trying a story style I had no experience with and compounding it with my hatred for rewriting old stories since it feels stifling.
>Tfw almost word-for-word my present experience
Merry Christmas, me!
IIRC it happened a couple months ago too. I don't know why it happens so rarely, but when it does it's a breath of fresh air for a day until he comes back the next
lul, about time for one of those
hope the thread is a little more calm while he's gone
Some of of the posts that were his are hilarious. At least now we know he's a 5'2 tranny with a bbc fetish, straight from the horse's mouth. He also apparently really likes yeenposting.
(49.03 KB 736x883 1501810358338.jpg)
>He also apparently really likes yeenposting.
Which is a damn shame(if it's in a shitposting sense). I really find hyenas cute, especially the teardrop shapped ears(even if only 1 in 10 artists actually give them those ears). It's just too bad that the only one that gets attention is the spotted and only in a shitposter way. I kinda wish they had a better reputation but I blame disney for ruining it. At this point I subsist on gnoll content, even if it has it's own problems.
(47.12 KB 946x1280 EMQ5hpeXUAIqUiH.mp4)
yeens are great. I like 'em 'cuz they can reverse gender roles in a lot of situations
I'm not really into "femdom" per se, but the idea of being the pursued sex is pretty nice
>all those awful posts deleted in one thread
>on christmas of all things
I'm honestly just depressed that someone spends their christmas day shitposting in a /trash/ can
The quiet was nice while it lasted.

And this is unrelated, but can we make a new thread here already? This has become a pain in the ass to check on mobile.
The dedication of the shitposter ultimately is the worst for himself. Imagine spending so much time on something you hate. And then not even something you can share, which is impressive in its own way. If you're a black supremacist who also thinks Jews were originally black, there's a club for you. You can have homeboys to shout racially charged shit at people with.
I'll go make a new one.

He probably sees it as a personal accomplishment that he was able to drive away people from the main general by the powers of nihilism and shit.
hah, I was just in the process of doing the same. my template so far:

/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #870, FurChan Version

>"Tis the Season" Edition

--Pastebin stories--

By Aimbot.exe
>Raine's Lingerie Incident - Part 2
>Raine's Lingerie Incident - Part 1

By Kaktus-nsfw
>Amorous Argentine

By Oliver_Hart
>A Red Winter

By Cobalt Blue Sphere
>Garrison Duty

By Flex_Puke
>Undertow (Line 265)

By A_Smiling_Face
>The Horsemen, Sentinel, and Raven (Line 1271)

By Quoth_THE_raven
>Mechanized Memories 1.5 - Epilogue: Eunomia

By Happy_Dragon
>A New Father

By The_FFI_Database
>FOUND: Tattered Journal (2/2) (Line 178)

By Strong_Anon
>Meet Me in the Woods Tonight

By Idontwantthis
>Necromouser: Un-Dead of Winter

By Draggron
>Crocodile Comfort

By Witryso
>R. K. Smith and The Treasure of Epicness (Line 105)

By Mal0_Anon
>Foundation Tales

>>Masterbin with all the stories (I will try to stay updated with this)<<
>>Writing Guides, Media Links, Misc<<

Previous /trash/ Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/27355533
Previous FurChan thread: http://www.furchan.net/fg/res/27.html
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
FurChan archives:
I ended up making it before seeing your post. >>1048

Just post whatever is missing below it in the thread.
>animal/human hybrid
>why tits?!

might as well ask why they stand upright and talk too, you dumb-dumb