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(218.74 KB 1280x1208 1565607249147.jpg)
/hmofa/ Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 04:35:31 No. 2870
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #1183

>"Reason for the season" Edition


By A Smiling Face
>Haunting Noire

By CT_Anon
>Date With a Tigress (Line 154)

By Oliver_Hart
>A Long Way From Home (Line 1051)

By Kaktus_nsfw
>How about those spooky spindly shadowy sinister senoritas? (Chapters 17 [Last 10 Lines], 18, & 19)

By Changed_Daily
>Secrets of the Don (Chapters 5 & 6)

By Zig-Zag-specialist
>The Wake-Up Call

By Toga
>On the Fringes (Chapter 15)

By Space_Weasel
>Voxian Milk

By Mattariel
>Halcyon: Episode 4

By Dargast
>Lucid State (Line 128)

By Mirukane
>Because You're Mine (Chapter 3)

By sumfag
>Oh No (Line 546)

By Cash25
>Anon and the Tentacle Cat (Line 403)

By Red_Nine
>End of Active Obligated Service (Chapter 4)

[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo

Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/34909652
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
(110.47 KB 1600x800 21649124619.jpg)
>I don't think I've ever experienced this "fall" thing.
Same here. The most I've ever felt is a cool breeze and occasionally temps that reach 40 degrees. I've also found it funny how when the entire country (including the states that have deserts) is cold and Florida is just like, HEAT
(337.32 KB 877x1171 1618637472603.png)
(189.74 KB 1274x1280 111PostWithUpdates2020.jpg)
Pardon my recent radio silence everyone, and especially to Power of Alchemy and the fellow who I was planning voice acting with. I was intent on finishing this by the end of the first week of September. I wound up editing this for about 2 weeks and I for one think its far better than the initial draft I had made for this chapter.

Either way, I now present to you the first chapter of the HSR Rewrite: An Interrupted Morning Its about 3k words long, and starts about 2 years before the original did, but those years will go quickly, in the span of about 2 more chapters.

Just be aware that Julia will not appear until chapter 4, and it will be from her point of view

>AO3 Link

>SoFurry Link

Please critique it as you see fit.

I'll put what story update you want next with the renewed interest in tribal waifurs.

If anyone wants to review it and not post it in the thread just send it to me over sofurry, AO3, or even pastebin.

Some odd sentences or missing words like
>After what feels like an eternity of slightly “Nathan? What are you doing here?” She asks
(1.79 MB 1827x4032 Tailfur.jpg)
I didn't polish it up but here you go
Thanks I'll do a super fine comb through soon
(331.35 KB 531x1000 Rubi.png)
What games would you guys like to see /hmofa/ stuff modded into?
Any games
>that use those big character portraits tha take like half of the screen.
>with romanceable characters.
>with party system, especially those where you get to spend the long journey with the same few characters, making them friends you made along the way.
>that have waifus, make them waifurs. There's a whole industry of straight romance vns with somewhat regular human looking anime girls but anything furry that's not strictly kemonomimi is either regular qtpiery or bara qtpiery. And half of it is for subs anyway. Is hmofa really that niche?
So, most of the games I can think of, really. I'm being consumed with a lonely lust, the least you could give me is some interactable porn so I can uselessly spill my precious seed to imaginary concepts like the rest of the weebs. 3d is pd and the outside world is filled exclusively with shaved monke anyway, so why should I bother with anything else?
Very nice.
>didn't polish it up
Makes her look like she's wearing one of those armored scifi bodysuits.
I just want to see a Morgan roguelike, where every time you start the game you get a new antisocial Christmas cake, assembled from the random parts of uncountable species.
(76.00 KB 948x719 1628051759016.png)
This sounds like incredibly good fun. With Morgan's Skate Club being a thing, some other anon might pick this idea up at some point
Final main chapter of this act of Making It for your perusal.
(656.90 KB 1272x1800 punk_rat_ride.png)
(675.85 KB 1272x1800 punk_rat_succ.png)
I binged the whole thing a few days ago. I really like your writing, and I'm enjoying the story so far. My only "complaint" is that I was hoping for Prim to fall for someone a little closer to her age, considering that she's soon entering her early thirties while Falkshire is old enough for his hair to start whitening
Thanks for reading! And I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. Still an act epilogue to go.
I needed Falkshire to be more mature, and while he has signs of ageing, he’s only got ten years on her. He’s just a lot more world-weary from war, dealing with the nobility in his day-to-day and the circumstances of his family passing away that’s taking its toll and aged him faster. And as much as he presents himself as the calm and gentle soul, there’s been allusions to that aspect cracking which isn’t helping.
Prim’s helping a great deal in that regard since they’ve both had a lot of bad shit happen to them and have fought on. As much as our insight into Prim’s perspective shows how much his help has given her a second lease on life, it should hopefully come through that he’s just as reinvigorated by her drive, wit and skill.
And I’m sure the fact that she’s thicc in all the right places doesn’t hurt the reinvigoration either.
(2.76 MB 1400x2335 truegrave9-2894432.jpg)
(281.55 KB 1191x1684 filthypally-2851960.jpg)
(1.42 MB 1760x1280 azheos-2835447.jpg)
I'm in a similar sitchy to
I'm a native, but I grew up between here and the southern tier of NY, so I know what real autumns are like. They're a fond memory; nil err vent, forsooth, a vestige of the waning warmth I left behind in life's summertime, before the equinox of my ill-spent youth.
but yeh, liek, I'll take a break from endless sunshine and 100°f temps for a while, though I'm fearful for my peppers on the frigid nights. No complaints here otherwise, lol. I just wish we'd get a dang hurricane. I need to go storm chasing out west already.
Such is our lot in life, fellow Floridamen. At least we have cold gator whimmin to help keep warm with our body heat, because that's what you humies are—err, We conscientious, warm-blooded neighbors are for, amirite or am I right?
are you bitches

Is the next part finally coming out or are you just feeling horny?
(285.48 KB 1633x757 unknown.png)
>no susie wife
ready to cry
>Got banned for reporting all the spam
Welp, that's a shame. Ah well.
i have long maintained that the modes and jannies are the primary soijack spammers
I wouldn't really put malice into what I can just lump as laziness and a lack of bothers anon. Mods and janitors are just like this sometimes, one day they help out, the other they ban you. Hard to give anyone direct accountability when almost everyone is anonymous. Only a few names are infamous enough to really get any rep, like Abib.
(123.33 KB 1063x900 1632249116028.jpg)
i suppose it is a 50 50 flip of malice or incompetence
Got banned as well.
Mods and jannies are the sole reason the site has become so shit.
Instead of using the rules to keep the good anons in, they drive them out by bending or inverting rules and ignore obvious ban evading and spam. Then they ban the anons who report rule violations and those who complain about it.
Anons contributing to threads (even for "productive" threads like translation releases on /a/) or board-specific topics get banned for bullshit reasons, while shitposting threads and their posters go on for days upon days.
Gives that rumor about mods and jannies being invaded by t*mblr and r*ddit to destroy the site all the more credibility. Even more if some of the IRC conversations I've seen throughout the years are legit.
There might be a few mods left who are ok, but not many.

Malice in my opinion.
They try to hide it, but it's so obvious when you compare it to how the site and its moderation used to be. Mods seem to just sit on their high horse, power tripping without consideration for the community now.
That, or it's pure algorithm fuckery - in which case it's flawed to no end and needs to be looked at.
Why do the even have a report button on /trash/?
>Why do the even have a report button on /trash/?
But that isn't even one of the report categories. The closest would be reporting it for loli.
That's what "violates US law" is for.
If they don't want reports aside from that, they should change or remove the report categories for /trash/.
think you guys should take it to the /b/ thread?
Checking the manufacturer directly might be more productive than the WalMart listing.
I'd just been wondering when HYSA was going to have James start looking up porn too.

I've compared Where Kitsune Wait to a harem anime before but many of those girls are interchangable, and at this point it has boiled down from a harem to a threesome.
Whereas Doublespace has made one where we could actually have an argument over who is best girl. The answer is Stacy,
https://www.sofurry.com/view/1767336 - Epilogue for Making It for anyone who's steering clear of the main thread.
Sorry it's late. I screwed my arm up last week and it's still on the mend, but I wanted to get this done so I can at least get onto the planning phase of whatever I decide to write next.
Should clarify; epilogue for ACT 2 of Making It.
(268.83 KB 803x652 1633047676225.png)
comfy time is here
(245.31 KB 1194x900 oh my.png)
Pre-alpha of what is to come: https://rentry.co/hmofa

This is the most information saturated version of the hmofa library. The masterbin that will eventually replace the one in the OP will not be like this and will be more like the masterbin is now in terms of content: only stories from /hmofa/; No tags or descriptions; slight change in formatting.

I decided to post this url now; just so people can use it instead of the god awful google docs version (no longer have to worry about suggesting stuff accidentally). I have really grown to hate it having to have to use it myself. But the googledocs will have to remain until the program is complete. So be warned when using this url, in that it is a really early version of what the tag catalog will look like.

There is only one slight problem: rentry has a max char. limit of 200000; the tagcatalog here has already reached 85% of that limit. This can easily be resolved by just splitting the tag catalog into two links; but I presume that messes with the table of contents. The masterbin uses a lot less characters that the tag catalog, so that should be expected to continue to be on one page for a good long time when it's finished.

Still not completely sold on the formatting and sorting, so if anyone has any suggestions you can email them to the email listed in the masterbin in the OP or say it in thread while mentioning my name so I can find it on desuarchive.

Remember this is an early early version and I am still testing things out, so don't be surprised when things change a lot out of nowhere (I will try to keep that at a minimum with this url, but accident and bugs happen)

- Azuhmier (aka taganon)
Really great work. I can't imagine what that would be like to figure out the tagging issues. Would be great to search what kind of content people like adventure/slice of life/science fiction and so on. Of course it would take the authors to put all that shit in.
Absolute quality work man
(865.21 KB 1936x2582 bat nurse.jpg)
(762.43 KB 1976x2634 momocat.jpg)
Halloween Waifurs
It's funny because "violates the law" isn't even a report option on /trash/, but "violates the law" will buy you a 30 day global ban on pretty much every other board. And, as mentioned, shota/loli is an option on /trash/, which seems to be the stand-in for cp & cub & all related.
Late to the thread, but hopefully you'll see this & maybe it'll work for you.

This is not really anthro/fur so much as sci fi/alien, but,

David Brin wrote two books, Startide Rising and The Uplift War. They were also published as single volume called Earthclan. His aliens are diverse and weird, and some qualify as fur/anthro. During the course of these stories, there are a lot of little details thrown in all over the place about how species use a vast array of communication methods, including body language & psi, an avian species that dances, etc. He gives platform to miscommunication errors as key plot points. I think these will give you value, even if it isn't usually first contact. Should those two books work for you, then move on to the Heaven's Reach trilogy, in which these communication issues get even more treatment, and the stories get pretty intensely bizarre.

Along similar lines, CJ Cherryh has written some intense sci fi around first contact and various communication methods/issues between species. Hestia, the Pride of Chanur, Serpent's Reach, 40,000 in Gehenna. The Chanur novels are just head candy fun for /hmofa/, the other stuff is a bit more exotic, esp. Serpent's Reach (scent/pheromone communication with insectoids) and 40,000 in Gehenna (non-verbal integration with reptile society). Voyager in Night covers an incident where an alien AI that is a ship 'collects and accumulates' various entities it encounters and they have to coexist & travel the universe digitized in its memory banks. Forever.

Brin & Cherryh are two of my favorite sci fi authors, so forgive my shilling. But, I feel certain these will scratch your imagination itch regarding inter-species communication & interaction.
Someone make a new meta thread
nah we're good
Just curiosity, but what triggers a *bumplock* for a thread? Is it age from the OP or too many days between active posts? Something else? Certainly isn't too many posts for this thread. Not seeing an obvious user manual with this explanation.
I get that James *is* a harem protagonist, and many of my problems with him can be applied to the genre but I don't like him as a character because he comes off as very indecisive and lacks self control, he comes off as extremely weak minded in a way I can't empathize with. Again, it's a problem with the genre. I know it's degenerate but I think I would enjoy the story more if he was an active horndog trying to fuck everyone shamelessly than this cliche nonsense.
I think that best girl is Caitlyn because she's really the only one who fully reciprocates and takes an active interest in James, and also she takes him out to do fun things instead of being a homebody. She's adventurous, the kind of person who would try anything once, and I love that in girls.
James doesn't deserve her.
Caitlyn has certainly been gaining points, but did lose a couple when she laid out that overly dramatic ultimatum.
I think the only dramatic part about it is refusing to see him for a month, as well as ignoring what he has to say about not being involved. Dialogue implies she's been burned before in this kind of situation, so I understand why she'd be upset, especially when James says he'll get around to banging Sava.
take all meta discussion to meta thread https://furchan.net/b/res/1324.html
Someone link me the story Missy and Leo are in, I wanna read this wolf girl's story