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Lesbian Anthros Anonymous 07/30/2021 (Fri) 00:14:49 No. 3956
A thread for furry girl on girl.

Starting with the rarest combo, human female on female anthro.

Though out of all species, this seems like the perfect fit for sneks. Especially Vipers, the all female race with the mile long tongues. Not that I have any content to back that up with.
(72.84 KB 1000x747 Rouge and Topaz lez.jpg)
(309.96 KB 1753x1024 Rouge and Topaz lez bite.jpg)
(250.72 KB 662x1000 Rabbit and Clam les.jpg)
(825.25 KB 1200x849 rabbit bees les.jpg)
(141.35 KB 900x1235 lezbunnies.jpg)
(5.69 MB 2772x1940 Haru Juno lez.jpg)
(116.43 KB 960x640 les trib.jpg)
(1.74 MB 1500x1189 les.png)
(332.54 KB 900x1160 Sequential Art les.jpg)
(95.08 KB 661x800 Feline and Mouse les.jpg)
(146.14 KB 582x724 lesbian space elf and kitty.jpg)
(141.55 KB 892x1280 les2.jpg)
(698.54 KB 4500x3000 fuzzy lesbians.jpg)
(1.31 MB 1280x972 interspecies lesbians.jpg)
(249.61 KB 984x1200 biting lez.jpg)
I'll even allow for some group sex.
A rather uncommon niche you have anon
(3.82 MB 1920x1234 totesfleisch8-2221932.jpg)
(207.81 KB 702x1280 copperroach-2698198.jpg)
(1.12 MB 1280x1153 killioma-2818906 (2).jpg)
Finally, some proper intimacy
(1.77 MB 1800x1800 miss_rain-2511969.jpg)
(277.60 KB 1067x1280 rosie_(artist)-2840912.jpg)
(221.00 KB 1280x919 dramaticdino-2835431.jpg)
It's criminally underserved! Say what you want of /hfofa/, but even /lfur/ fell through faster than /sfur/. Granted, no thread survives without OC, I'm just surprised there's so little by way of writing.
(395.11 KB 1200x885 sunny_way-2456040.jpg)
(518.66 KB 3180x4096 maxmushroom-2609397.jpg)
(242.25 KB 667x1000 juzztie-2835341.jpg)
(96.24 KB 596x800 deer lezzies.jpg)
I only recently came across https://pastebin.com/6YmjWVam
and am interested in more, but the link to part 2 doesn't lead anywhere.
Tail penetration always seems to be rarer than I expect it to be, in any scenario.
And because any good thread needs stories, here's one that features some lesbian action (albeit as part of a threeway with a human male)
Including some of >>4085
I’ve semi-outlined an hfofa story, but I can’t work on it because it’s a sequel/spinoff of another story of mine. I’ll post the basic premise for feedback and suggestions:
>Arctic fox lady, born in Yukon and raised in NYC and (later) Rhode Island
>She has a blind sister, whose relationship is fragmented at best (which is what the prequel story focuses on)
>After her sister moves out of Providence, she also moves from the city to Wilmington, Delaware
>hfofa love story
That’s about all I have so far. Also fun fact about Wilmington: it’s here Fight Club takes place.
Is that prequel story still in progress?
Yes, which is mostly why I haven’t started on this one. But I’ve been in a mood to write some fxf recently, so I thought I’d flesh this story out a bit.
Since it came up in the trash thread, I've been thinking that there's nothing in the description of /collared/ that would prevent human females from doing the anthro dominating.
(1.18 MB 2419x2021 Lop butt.png)
There's so much porn of Lop, but none of Ocho, much less porn of Lop AND Ocho.
I'd love to see some 'before and after'.
Before, when they were happy sisters sharing their love together at home, and after when Lop is a prisoner that Ocho plays with as she pleases.
(154.88 KB 715x940 lesbunnies.jpg)
Playing Goddard gets into some nice female dragon on female human action by chapter 3
Welcome to Moreytown lets you set up all sorts of anthro relationships. hmofa, sfur, and more importantly both furry females together and hfofa.

The story itself is like a smaller scope version of one of Swann's regular Moreau novels. This one keeps the focus to gang warfare, whereas each of the books in his quartet start there and then escalate to unraveling a bigger conspiracy that concerns the fate of humanity.
(702.58 KB 4096x4096 creepy.jpg)
Looks like pussy contains growth hormones.
TurboMissy will finally be able to get Leo's dick.
(139.44 KB 850x848 Katia Quillweave tailfucked.jpg)
(1.16 MB 1250x906 canine.png)
(2.81 MB 2400x7403 worship.jpg)
(249.88 KB 900x676 natives.jpg)
Some good ones from the latest trash thread.
(1.57 MB 2520x1280 joi.jpg)
(110.58 KB 800x800 wrestling lesbian.jpg)
(1019.40 KB 1254x990 les with dog.png)
(271.39 KB 1060x1100 bean and bon leztrib.png)
Promising story called "Dragon Lust" from the writefriend General
Image unrelated.
(967.35 KB 500x281 Vastra who.gif)
I now realize that this couple would have been way more fitting for that post.
(347.30 KB 606x875 Vastra Jenny who.jpg)
(1.10 MB 1158x1400 les snout.png)
(3.77 MB 2560x1440 les.png)
(101.49 KB 721x1000 Friendship is Carrots Page06.jpg)
(110.35 KB 721x1000 Friendship is Carrots Page09.jpg)
(105.16 KB 721x1000 Friendship is Carrots Page11.jpg)
On occasion, ponies are good too.
(303.94 KB 1200x1848 PeachesandCreamPillowTalk4.jpeg)
(152.07 KB 1200x1925 PeachesandCreamPillowTalk5.jpeg)
(298.06 KB 1200x1824 PeachesandCreamPillowTalk10.jpeg)
Miu is a pretty good source of lfur in general.
(2.43 MB 2211x3246 Cat and Mice lez.jpg)
A lil' art dump for interest.
(115.14 KB 985x1280 lez.jpg)
little late, but still in season.
I've yet to see a snow leopard girl with a white dog girl & another would be Mirage & M'ress

The best would be the Cheshire cat Disney animated verson rule 63 with Tim Burton's Cheshire cat also rule 63. An animated version of this with sex audio while pressing their butts together would be awesome.
>>4290 Finally got the AO3 for it so I can keep up. It's up to 5 chapters now, but Ch3 is where we get a great dragon woman on human woman scene. https://archiveofourown.org/works/34538953/chapters/89725186
Here's one that's more xeno than anthro, but the human woman does call the alien girl "bo peep" because of her slight resemblance to a sheep. https://www.reddit.com/r/HFY/comments/nx83ma/we_need_a_deathworlder/
(1.66 MB 350x197 Julie and Simone.gif)
>see this book on discount at the local bookstore https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QWTY18H/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 >description on the back seems mildly interesting (and heavily implies lesbians) so I jump into the first book not expecting much >Immediate descriptions of a world that humans share with anthros >they live together, work together >Totally wasn't expecting that >Then I put 2 and 2 together and hope builds that I may have accidentally stumbled into an hfofa story >Nah, main couple is two human girls So close. The author was right there, but she had to take the boring option.
>>4863 they were probably lowkey into it but pussied out for fear of people not liking it and wanting to publish
>>4864 It's an interesting setting at least. Humans as "Paper" castes because we're fragile. Anthros as Moon castes because the myths say their form and power was a magical gift from the skies. And the Steel castes that are all the hybrids between the two.
(48.89 KB 600x480 Amelia Jane lick.jpg)
(71.71 KB 800x417 poke.jpg)
(474.66 KB 3000x2000 lopunny.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahVKiBDMBHw[Embed] >>4863 Reading further, toward the end of the second book one of the paper girl's lion ex-girlfriends shows up. She's flirty, causing trouble, possibly still has feelings for her, and starts her introduction with a human/anthro lesbian kiss, so there's that.
(115.59 KB 850x1183 Michiru.jpg)
(253.28 KB 850x1146 hands.jpg)
(52.87 KB 1200x675 Lop and Ocho.jpg)
(2.70 MB 600x337 cleo.gif)
(80.94 KB 850x710 Torque and Kelly.jpg)
>>4863 >>4980 In an ironic twist, there's more hmofa in the series than hfofa, after they introduce two side characters in book 3 who are a human male and hawk female that do nothing but make out with each other from the moment they meet.
>>5044 Cute.