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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #870 Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 01:38:34 No. 1048
>"Post-Christmas Stupor" Edition

--Pastebin stories--

By Aimbot.exe
>Raine's Lingerie Incident - Part 2
>Raine's Lingerie Incident - Part 1

By Kaktus-nsfw
>Amorous Argentine

By Oliver_Hart
>A Red Winter

By Cobalt Blue Sphere
>Garrison Duty

By Flex_Puke
>Undertow (Line 265)

By A_Smiling_Face
>The Horsemen, Sentinel, and Raven (Line 1271)

By Quoth_THE_raven
>Mechanized Memories 1.5 - Epilogue: Eunomia

By Happy_Dragon
>A New Father

By The_FFI_Database
>FOUND: Tattered Journal (2/2) (Line 178)

By Strong_Anon
>Meet Me in the Woods Tonight

By Idontwantthis
>Necromouser: Un-Dead of Winter

By Draggron
>Crocodile Comfort

By Witryso
>R. K. Smith and The Treasure of Epicness (Line 105)

By Mal0_Anon
>Foundation Tales

>>Masterbin with all the stories (I will try to stay updated with this)<<
>>Writing Guides, Media Links, Misc<<

Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/27355533
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
(237.54 KB 2496x2680 EMpXbl7VUAAwsRu.jpg)
(1.51 MB 1363x1677 1562752580590.png)
(146.78 KB 1010x1280 8e5920f470356e6f1bdbee79fc2ed2e3.jpg)
first for big cuddly yeens
Anyway, I wonder how many more years it’ll be until burzurm finally stops, either by him killing himself, someone who care about the thread becoming a mod/jannie, or the thread successfully moving offsite.
I'm waiting for the emergence of an all-purpose fur-oriented chan. I imagine /hmofa/ is not the only general that suffers from the lack of moderation on /trash/.

I don't think this site is quite configured to handle a bunch of people with different interests as of yet.
how so? and how could it be better?
I guess it's hard for me to tell one way or the other, but my main concerns would be:

>handling abject spam en masse (Captcha? Volunteer mods? User IDs?)
>site uptime stability (is this being hosted somewhere that can support decent traffic and that has DDoS protection?)
>security (preventing phishing/driveby websites, exploitative files, etc. from being posted)
>codebase management (are there enough people who can work on the site so it doesn't randomly combust?)
>maintaining a base level of post quality, unlike what we see in the main general

There are more high-level than anything, but I was under the impression that this was meant to be a basic bunker instead of a full-fledged site.
it is what it is. if people want it to be a basic bunker then that's what it will be
as for all of those points, have you gotten any indication that any of them aren't being met that made you think the site isn't being implemented properly? just wondering if there's something I'm missing here
Sorry, I extrapolated my sense of the website's infrastructure from the relatively niche purpose of the board as it currently stands. If you're already prepared for all of those things, I don't have any qualms about the site implementation.

The main obstacle would be getting traffic here and nurturing an honest population.
yeah for sure, I'm not really holding out hope that the site will be discovered in any big way. I actually haven't ever linked/advertised it anywhere other than the first time when 4chan went down and I linked the alpha build as an alternative during the downtime
and no worries about assuming the jankiness of the stack, I get that. honestly if I didn't have so much free site hosting credits saved up I probably wouldn't be hosting a deployment build anyway
Well, the era of comfy was short-lived. It was a nice treat though.
at the time of writing, seems mellow enough
Merry new year, /hmofa/gs.
Happy New Years.
(284.60 KB 1226x1258 20191230_234901.jpg)
happy new years boys
may yeen come to you in the new year
(1.35 MB 2827x3263 MelYeena.png)
lmao flatt titlet
(75.05 KB 979x1200 ENVLmdzW4AAImcS.jpg)
wtf rude
dark sticcyeen a cute
(105.19 KB 650x874 ENSwz7-W4AAjbHI.png)
(75.24 KB 491x726 ENSwz79XkAERLX-.png)
(55.73 KB 582x523 ENSxAlWXkAcRLeF.png)
rats, the rats, we're the rats
Fool's Find's revisions on finally completed. Now to start work on the next story segment. Enjoy. Or don't.
(68.26 KB 859x720 the.jpg)
I'll make sure to check it out once I work through this... 6 story backlog, lul
thanks writefriend!
> thread 404s
> two new threads
> old thread resurrects due to deleted posts

i too wish i didn't have a backlog and could just read all the new stories
>> old thread resurrects due to deleted posts
What happened in the old thread?
same garbage that happened every previous time
Burzoomzoom has managed to get his posts pruned twice in two weeks. Maybe we're onto something.
oddly this double thread thing has been working out pretty well
both have survived 2 days and not even at bump limit
I thought the thread I stuck in felt a bit too slow, but shitposting only affecting one thread was nice
To keep my fellow fags in the loop, I hope to have the next update for Fool's Find out by tuesday or wednesday, and from there, work on keeping to a weekly schedule. Not sure how that's going to work out, but I will attempt to stick to it.
required viewing
i mean listening, whatever
Just saw this link posted on /v/ how long has this been a thing for? Thank God it has, trash is just another hentai board at this point.
It's calm and mellow, not to mention it has moderation. I know most folk use 4chan in its various forms to escape it, but the utter degrees of shitposting some /trash/ threads have sadly make this necessary.
Sadly, more people just post in the main thread and go into hiding instead of hanging out here, near as I can tell.
kek, where was it linked on /v/?
It's a cycle. Nobody's here because nobody else is here to talk to.

I've lurked 4chan for maybe a year/year and a half now and I'm just noticing the hatred for furries there. Makes no sense to me considering they let MLP stay there, and I'm surprised the mods aren't seething with how many blacked and tranny threads there are in the adult boards given their tendencies. Oh well. If this is my new home then so be it. Wassup?
It’s an ironic hatred at best. Any time a furry character is featured in a game, people latch on to them. It’s mostly the mods just being ultra stringent with the nonfurry rule, since threads totally about games featuring sfw art will sometimes get deleted or, if you’re lucky, be put on /trash/
(351.88 KB 1432x1837 EG0IeuwXkAEYRx2.jpeg)
Update for Fool's Find. Not a long one, but it's something. Starts at line 875. Enjoy. Or don't.
Going forward, I hope to get onto a weekly schedule. I can't promise future updates will be long ones, but I will at least attempt to get something out every week.
always nice to see more content, thank you bed-man!
(166.30 KB 1113x1280 1579458212.jpg)
It's not ironic, it's just board culture. You'd have to have been in a chemo thread or around for a weekly Furiday raid on /b/ circa 2009 to know. The reason we don't still have a /furry/ board (luggage lad made about three iterations before purging it entirely in the mid/late-aughts) rests almost solely with the attitudes the admins have toward the furry fandom itself. You'd need to unrelentingly lobby gookmoot for a new /furry/ board on the feedback page and on /q/ if you want to see any change in that area. Funny enough, moot made /mlp/ as a containment board for ponyfaggotry because it was propping up everywhere. Moot was still in his "bastion of free speech" mindset at the time, and didn't want to blanket censor it entirely unless he could justify it - so he gave them a board and established GR-15.
though ironically, by creating /mlp/ as a blue board and banning ponies in all other boards he effectively banned pony porn from 4chan
(1.60 MB 1478x1023 when the joke hits just right.PNG)
well played, ceo of troll inc. well played
Hey look! A new post!
With my apprehesion about posting anything on /hmofa/ still at a massive high, I'll just leave this here;
I've finished act 1 of Making It. I don't know if anyone here's read it when I posted it in the previous furchan topic, but it's a slow burn adventure story following a ratfolk woman and a human knight, an equally slow burning romance, a prophecy and it may never actually have full lewds, or at least it might have lewds that I'll make as a side thing so the story keeps relatively clean since most of the people who've enjoyed it have done so with no pretense that it will have actual sex in it.
Also, I recommend following the Sofurry link in the pastebin, as the story makes use of italics and even a section with alternative spacing and more. You can access it without an account, just click that you're over 18 and it'll let you read it on there.
Hopefully someone can enjoy it, at any rate.
Also I've started work on a human on kobold story but that's very early in creation.
> "waspfus being weird" story in thread
(65.69 KB 614x352 1510630259715.png)
(132.44 KB 2021x2821 1484525070623.png)
(68.18 KB 1868x1945 1484788514846.png)
> strong makes loka oneshot
> https://pastebin.com/khzsS8tc
I love this fluffy lizard
Ok, so Fool's Find is coming along decently to my liking, so here's the most recent update. Line 1079 is where it begins.
Feedback, criticisms, comments, etc, are always welcome and helpful.
Mattariel here, and yes I’m posting here to avoid main thread drama. I’ll try and post relevant stories on the main thread myself in the future but I’ll leave them unnamed because a certain element doesn’t seem to read so hopefully that stops me inadvertently burning down another thread. Thanks to the anon who posted Making It.

So I’m slowly putting the finishing edits on a human on kobold story (or the first act of a longer one), but I’ve got some doubts whether it’ll be worth posting and I could use some opinions.
I’m not sure on this one, considering the discussion about bugpuss recently, also no tits.
Secondly, it’s alternating character third person (only brief parts told from the kobold’s perspective right now but more action based stuff later will use it, otherwise it follows the human guy) which feels like a bad fit for /hmofa/. While Firebrand and Pariah got views and feedback, the semi-recent post of Making It got readers (based on the pastebin counter) but no feedback. How much of that was because it’s nonsmut or it being in third person, I honestly don’t know.
Thirdly, it takes place in a setting where I’ve written stories before that are kobold on dragon, dragon on dragon, etc. I don’t know how much that might alienate some folks.
Lastly, I could convert it to a pastebin, but I like using elements that aren’t pastebin friendly, with format shifting (basically some text emerges from the right to demonstrate mental communication) which I can replicate via other means but I know it can break depending on what size screen people read it on, and stuff like italics and bold characters which obviously I can imitate by other means. There was some of this on Making It, which is why I posted the Sofurry link at the start of the pastebin version as it comes out as intended on there.

Thanks for any consideration. If people think it’s unsuitable I might still post the sofurry and FA links here in case anyone is curious, but I’ll leave the main thread in peace.
A hmofa story from the perspective of the female character is still a hmofa story though. Plenty of people have done pov changes in their stories.

As for the cloaca thing, that's up to you. If someone were to ask me outright, which would you prefer, I'd probably have to pic a "regular" human vagina, but as far as reading goes, I guess I don't really care. But, that's just ME, some rando on the internet.
Rando opinions are exactly what I'm after, so thanks. I don't really hang out on the thread any more because of how being known on there makes things.
And sure, I get standard vaginas are going to be preferred, it's just that this is based on an existing setting I've made and already established the biology side.
You keep saying that, but to be 100% honest: I have no idea who you are. Good? Bad? That's just the way it is.
That’s fair. I accidentally shat up the thread once because someone started drawing attention to some of the other things I’ve written and I responded like a moron to him. I’m letting the incident get the better of me, but all the same, I’ll still keep on the down low in the main thread.
I like female POV and nonhuman vaginas
was actually thinking about writing a full female POV story earlier but I'm a lazy piece of shit
(3.75 MB 1256x1798 hotd.png)
(Part 1)
Sorry for Posting this here, I just want to get more opinions on this. Hey guys I wanted to talk about something that has been eating me up inside. I apologize in advanced for being an autistic sperg. The topic is going to be about Volfa, a wolf anthro, from the following story:

>Hair of the dog

It is a classic story I am sure many of you have read. Art of her can be found in the pic related. Anyways, the main question I want to ask is “Do you believe that the night Volfa and Anon met was her first Sexual Experience?”. I believe that the answer is yes. Now let me say, I don’t usually care if the anthro is a virgin or sexually inexperience, but this story is an exception, for I believe it makes the most sense with Volfa’s character. She never mentions or hints at any past sexual experiences or relationships. The biggest details that warrant this question is how raunchy, unsubtle, and confident Volfa was about sex. She never hesitated once in being sexual with “Little Red”. This was one of alfa’s first stories here and he has stated the events were rushed and characterization was not as good as in “Happiest Place on Fur”. Now I don’t believe that every sexually inexperienced gal has the be a blushing virgin, but a lot of people in writing tend to think so when virginity is a central point of the story and their is a lot of stories in the masterbin that have anthro with Volfa’s confidence, but they make it more obvious with off had quotes like “that was pretty good for my first time”. I like to think her confidence and bravado is the result of her infatuation with “Little Red” and her confident raunchy demeanor was ever only around “Little Red”.

(Part 2)
There are several hints in the story that suggest she was lonely before she met “Little Red”. I believe that having her first sexual experience with “Little Red” makes the whole “rushed timeline” easier to swallow and their relationship more meaningful. I like to believe that Volfa, being (probably) the only monster/human offspring in the monster world, along with the fact that her mother died at birth, makes her want to somehow gain a connection to the human world to more or less justify her existence and feel closer to her mother and rebel against her fathers wishes to keep the human and monster world separate (probably making her feel like a mistake that he regrets, even though this is certainly not true).

(Part 3)
In all, I think she is very particular on who she opens up to and making her out to be promiscuous or having several past relationships doesn’t make sense with how immaturely and desperate she sometimes act in the relationship. Like trying to relive the night they met with background actors and her getting drunk. Anon did not like that she was not having a good time, for they thought they were going to be separated again and she wanted to somehow make the memory of hime more potent, so anon took her home can cuddle her, while she tried to get out and say they should be doing all these raunchy sex acts, like sex is the only thing that mediates things in a relationship (evidence of her lack of relationship experience). And by the end she just breaks down and cries. I like to think that all of these “desperate” actions are b/c she finally found someone she can pour here feelings into and her raunchy ness is a result of her being “pent up” by her not having any sexual experience or partners before, for she ties sexual and emotions intimacy together, leading to her only being sexual with someone when she knew she would be able to have them emotionally too forever. Those are my thoughts, sorry for dumping this much autism in the thread.

(Part 4)
Evidence for first time Sexual Experience

1. Lines 223-231
>”You don’t have to do anything for me. You gave me everything I could want just by being a good sport and some great company.”
>Everything she could want?
>That catches her off guard completely
>”W-well, I mean, from a human, I don’t....”
>You squirm a bit at “human”, and Volfa’s ears fold back
>“Ah, dammit. That’s not me. I shouldn’t let that prick get under my fur like that.”
>The mischievous side of the dark wolfess returns
>She takes your hand in one paw and puts the other on your shoulder as well
>”That’s a privilege I only give to my Little Red.”

2. Line 301
>”But the night is young, and we do have a lot to try out before the sunrise.”

3. Line 762
>”L-Little Red...Anon, please! You’re m-my lifekin! You’re my LIFE!”
>was actually thinking about writing a full female POV story earlier but I'm a lazy piece of shit
What can I say that will motivate you.
that I've already gotten my degree and I don't need to focus on courses lul
If this is too cringey or if you think I am posting this to the point of spam please let me know and I'll delete these post.
When it starts taking multiple posts it might be worth pastebinning it. I like story discussion, but it's one I haven't read so I can't really contribute.
That's good to hear. I keep that in mind in the future especially, when posting in /trash/.
(2.35 MB 1500x2200 1578747875771.png)
Waifurs with superhuman abilities: yes or no?

- novelty
- could make things more convenient

- danger
- [roaring feelings of inadequacy]
Funnily enough I was going to test the waters with this concept in a dream sequence in a story that otherwise takes place in a realistic setting.
As far as I'm concerned, it's cool so long as you don't make that the only remarkable thing about them, and that the powers serve a purpose.
one of the best kind
In Opposition - Act 1. Human x Kobold, cloacal sex, some action and adventure.
>this was supposed to be a happy place
wheres the deus ex "electronic old men" variant
Is toothandscale furry moot?
forgot pic
(3.25 MB 3784x2928 40692496743.png)
are you talking about the banner image? I think that's a pretty common meme
Wait our thread is stickied now?
All threads of high cultural value are stickied so in another raid they don't get 404d. Not really necessary since the autoarchive lower bound was lowered way down anyway, but just an added precaution.
Danger is a pro, at least for me.
(483.10 KB 658x720 Snowroserivenstar 1.png)
(385.88 KB 1090x624 snowroserivenstar 2.jpg)
>no eldritch waifur to explore mind-bending new dimensions of pleasure with
> tentacles on guy
> without butt stuff
most excellent
(18.33 KB 1743x597 I dream of Pipes.png)
This general hasn't been used in a while. The writefag thread here is more active, but I think it's more appropriate to put this here. I'm not posting this on the main general mainly because the /trash/ general has devolved once more and I can't get a healthy discussion going. I also know this place is less populated...but also has a higher concentration of Writefags, drawfags, etc. Many of the content creators have come here at one point or another. It's their attention I want and frankly I don't know any other real way to get the message out.

This is Jacklin, it's been awhile and I'm not planning on writing anything for the general for a very long time. This is for a couple of reasons, but the main one that is pertinent to this post is this: Pastebin isn't enough for me anymore. If I want to make something for the general that despite all it's autism I still can't help loving, I need to go further. This is the pipe dream to end all pipe dreams.

A Visual Novel, built and written with that same quality and charm that was seen once from 4chan and only once: Katawa Shoujo. I only have vague ideas, flashes of images and moments for disjointed stories that don't have structure yet. But it's the VN layout and skeleton I want to discuss instead.

I never liked the idea of a 'bad ending' in games in general, especially in visual novels because what a bad ending 90% of the time is, is a "non-cannon" ending, IE a waste of time. I want a linear VN that tells a single particular story. Well, you may say, that's not much of a game, even if the story is still good you still need choice and consequences. This is my response:

Five main characters, five waifurs, that can be paired up in any which way you want in successive order from route 1-5. This little drawing I threw up in MS paint should give a small idea of what I'm thinking of.

Basically at the start of the VN (route 1) you would pick which MC you want and go through their introductory chapters with your standard decision making until your choices fell on the waifur of your choice. Each MC is *not* a blank slate but their own person with problems, needs, wants, quirks, etc. Once the MC-Waifur path as been set it's a linear story from there. Then Route 2-5 plays in a similar manner until you finish your unique combo which results in...something. I dunno what yet. Perhaps there is a 6th path between another predetermined MC-Waifur pair whose ending changes based on your route pairings. Or it just ends on route 5 and with the knowledge that you still have...20 alternate combinations to make. For a total of 25 various pairing combos, assuming my math is right.

Let me say right now: this is literally insane. This will probably never amount to anything but I've been thinking about it long enough that I can't ignore it. The Post character length isn't long enough for me to discuss how the routes could potentially interact with each other or if the routes would all happen at the same time with a clock reset for each different route, or if they would come after one after another in terms of the time that is passed in the context of the VN. Artists would be needed, sound people, writers-Especially writers! I couldn't do this on my own. I've never once interacted with Ren'Py in my life. The amount of work that would be required of a small team of /hmofa/ enthusiasts would be monumental. Furthermore, other than this little announcement, I don't have time to do this seriously right now. I have other writing projects I'm working on with deadlines I've set for myself. If I took this seriously it wouldn't be until later in the year.

But I want to send the message out right now. I want the writers and artists who visit this place to know. I want word to spread along the grapevine. I know a few writefags have probably messed around with Ren'Py in the past. With all this corona virus shit going on, maybe this is a time to tinker around with the engine again.

So if this interests you, put the word out, tell your discord servers: Jacklin's gone crazy and he wants to put together a team.
You should put this in the regular thread too, when it calms down.
Hey jacklin, is there a good way to get in contact with you? Not about this, though I have opinions on the project structure being too wide. No, I keep missing you when you show up in the 4chan thread.
Maybe, I dunno. Another thing is I don't want to announce my presence so largely on the main thread. Especially since I don't have anything new to put out.
I don't post often, I just lurk these days and maybe read a story that catches my eye. Ways you can contact me would be:
Pastebin if you have a pro account, I do not so I've never actually talked to anyone with it, except Blokfort when he wished me well after I had been hospitalized.
There is also the fiction.live account I made specifically to stay in contact with various writefags via Retcons CYOA material. That has pretty much died though it seems.
The best way would probably be Discord or Email then. I have a hunch there is/was a discord content creators have been using on the downlow, but if it got out or expanded to more than a few people than the general would understandably throw a shitfit.
Send me an email at jackalmauer@gmail.com it's a throwaway email I made a long time ago that I never use. I prefer Discord however since I can respond faster. Hit me up on email and if you want I'll send my Discord user tag for easier conversation or vice versa. If I'm right about there being a discord group then send an invite if you want.

Sorry for all the obscurification. I'd rather just put my discord tag here and now since not a whole lot of people visit this site. But this general has proven to be very persistent in its electric spergaloos and I just don't have the time to put up with it. I can't even keep up with what is going on anymore in terms of shitposting.
Either way, regardless of how you or anyone else wants to contact me, I'll be on the lookout
Sent you something pastebin. I forget that the pro account has uses beyond unlimited private and unlisted pastes.
(243.14 KB 1277x1300 1574823256284.jpg)
Hello fellow fags, I bring an update for Fool's Find. Starts at line 1574.
More will be coming when this particular stretch of the story is finished. Maybe in a week if I can keep my motivation going.
Well, I'm giving up on the main threads for now and I really can't be bothered to work out which thread's going to be kept running. I'll just post this here with the hopes someone makes the next PROPER thread and includes it.
Act 2 of In Opposition.
It's for the best, honestly. The other thread just never stops with the shitflinging. I wish all the writefags and actual feedback/reviewanons would migrate here and let the autists and retards have the old thread. It just keeps getting worse every day and there's no way to cull them from the thread, so might as well move on.
I have a hunch that once a really big piece of content is put out the shitposting will stop...temporarily. I remember when Oliver was doing his weekly 'Leaves of Fall' updates and Burzum pretty much stopped entirely. I think this time it'll be Roo'd awakening that puts things back on track (no pressure).

But this does actually go back to a question I've been wondering about when I said I was thinking about VN stuff: Is this general/community/whatever worth that amount of effort? On the surface, I'd say no. But I'd still like to pursue it anyway because autism. Other writers should probably be asking themselves that question too.

Since I put down where people can contact me I've gotten in touch with a few people already, so feel free for more to reach out. Really what I think furchan should be is a more insulated general for people to bounce ideas off of and maybe even collab. This board also has moderation so if shitposting happens again appropriate steps can be taken.
This can also be an opportunity for other writers/artists to directly connect to one another. Who knows if I'll ever actually make serious steps towards a VN. But if someone is reading this or the above post I made and is inspired to try a similar concept, go right ahead. I feel we're on the precipice of creating something truly lasting, I can only guess at what that may be though.
Lurker here to let you know you are inspiring/encouraging me, not to make a VN, but something just as "grand in scale". Thank you for going "crazy".
(101.99 KB 954x1218 EUY7zvCXkAIFOgs.jpeg)
(64.47 KB 1077x788 ET-a6MhXQAAM7C0.jpg)
(413.10 KB 2894x2039 ETtD29DXkAEKFyU.jpg)
it's hip to fuck bees
(123.65 KB 607x583 EU-JDcKWAAYzupj.png)
Welp, I probably could've held off on posting the first time, since I've gotten the next update out a lot sooner than usual. This update starts on line 1798.
check your paste when you get a chance
(449.88 KB 1101x1240 1586580962748.png)

Update on line 1004. Sorry about the delay. I hope those who read enjoy.
I think I'm done going to the main thread from now on. No real point in bothering anymore.
I don't really read many comments there anymore, just check to see if someone posted an update to a story or post some pictures (I posted the tooth bun pictures). It's honestly kind of a cesspool, the filter gets most of it but I don't really read much that isn't filtered. I wish this place was more popular or more know just so the threads could migrate but I think that chance has past. Sorry to hear if someone was shitty to you there you certainly don't deserve it whoever you are friend.
The way the main thread reacts to some of the longer lasting and prominent named people against others makes me glad I'm still fairly unknown myself, and certainly haven't been writing long enough to develop a reputation. I just take the very occasional nods as a little mood boost and let everyone fawn over their favourites. I don't mean anything negative to the people who write said favourites, mind you. I haven't read most stories as I just don't have the time to read stuff like Leaves of Fall since I only have time to read or write, not both.
It's not that anyone was shitty, it's just that I'm so tired of the place. It's constant shit, bait, and arguing over pointless crap, and I've had enough of it. Going there just either annoys me or makes me ask myself why I'm even there. So, I figured it's time to stop asking that question and just finally get away from it all.
ohh yeees
Hello whoever's here, this is Bed-Man. I'm leaving the main thread and have deleted my pastebin. If you wanna read my stuff still, it's on furaffinity and sofurry, just search for my name.
I see no further reason to continue to bother with the main thread anymore, especially now knowing how a lot of people feel about me. So, I'm just finished with that shithole.
I'm not giving up writing, I'm only giving up on the thread. I'll still show up here every now and then, since it's a hell of a lot better than the other place, and may occassionaly link to one of the other sites if I have a new story in the future.
The only thing I agree with the main thread about is you shouldn't be so down on your writing. It's one thing to be self critical as it helps a writer develop, but refusing to take a compliment insults both yourself and the person who offered it, so that serves no-one. Even if it's basic platitudes, it's at least a sign that someone cares.
Besides that, yeah, the place sucks because of the perpetual shitflinging and I tend to step away every so often and I almost never post. I guess I can be thankful I'm in a strange place where I seldom get more than maybe one or two comments when I upload. Funnily enough the main thread I write for, /scaly/, almost never comments on my writing. I might get one or two people say they look forward to reading it and I almost always get some shitstain insult it, which no other writer seems to suffer from.

Now, as a caveat to this, I will say that since I only make a pastebin version for /hmofa/ which I make after posting the story elsewhere, the positive comments I get through Sofurry might be the people who actually enjoy the content and follow me, but I can't prove this. In the end, though, I'm glad you'll be carrying on with your writing, but it never hurts to accept that sometimes people do enjoy your stuff, however silent the majority and acerbic the minority are.
It's not really that I'm negative on my own writing, more so that I never understood anyone who compared me to better writefags. Anyway, if saying I wasn't all that good was enough to piss people off, then I should've left like a fucking year ago.
What happened yesterday is fucking with my motivation to write now, though. It shouldn't, I should just brush it and that one cunt who tried to tear me down off, but it keeps repeating in my head.
Always best to remember 'better' is relative. Different people like different things, after all, so if someone genuinely puts you on a similar footing to people you consider better than yourself, it's a sign you're doing something right. In the end, that's all that matters. Universal acclaim is all but impossible, as even the world's greatest authors have people who call them shit, or hacks or whatever.
Be proud, dude.
> new XCOM game revealed
> main thing is that you have a human-ayylmao combo squad

Holy shit, you weren't kidding. I so want to like this but I really can't stand the "marvel comic book style" cutscenes. Seeing that it plans to be a more story focused game I don't think I can get it, hope it does well though. Canonizing Snek waifus is very nice though.
Beautiful, let /hmofa/ relationships become more popular so there can high quality waifurs in abundance.
(2.16 MB 3447x2432 ewgengster 1.jpg)
big FURRED girls from outer space
here to BODY SLAM the human race
How big are we talking exactly? Also where is this image from or what's it based off of because it seems like I have seen before. It looks familiar.
(242.42 KB 1280x1085 2012062-1.jpg)
(2.28 MB 1718x1500 2004832.png)
(347.80 KB 1280x1050 1553762276237.png)
Hey guys, Bed-Man here. I'm making a new story, and splitting it into little chapters/segments for convenience. What I've got so far is just a basic introduction to the MC, but the next chapter/segment will have the story take off with the actual adventure.
It's not strictly /hmofa/ content, however. So, if that's a dealbreaker, well now you know ahead of time.
At the moment, it's title is "A Simple Adventure," but it's mostly a placeholder until I can think of something more interesting.
Sounds like an idea to me. Good luck Mr bedman.
(198.98 KB 1280x959 EYyS_Y9XQAEFWu2.jpeg)
(448.98 KB 1200x1080 964.png)
(100.44 KB 242x262 idle1_1tests.gif)
(182.02 KB 242x262 acknowledgetests.gif)
Anyone remember or have that picture with the hula snow leopard girl that was in a computer simulation with the caption "come dance with me anon"? Please post it if you have it.
(433.79 KB 1108x715 1534308496183-1.jpg)
Thank you anon!
(1.80 MB 2429x2774 1547775517319.jpg)
Would you buy a daki of your waifur? If so, which character would you get?
Summers the last few years have been hitting high temperatures, so a body pillow is beginning to look attractive. But the more traditional varieties might serve that purpose better.

And I guess a character of my own creation. I'm not snuggling up with another man's waifu.
>he's really going to shit up thread 1000
He's so predictable it's sad.
Such are the ways of the shitposter.
>Ignore new content, including artwork and greentexts
>spend 200/299 replies on (You)s for the same tired series of shitposts so monotonous, they might just be scripted
You could just stop giving it (You)s; save that recognition for contentfags. Just a thought.
You have to realize that's just him talking to himself right? It's something he's been doing since the start. When no one interacts he "pretends" to be someone else to continue shitting up the thread. Hell, only reason I know something was up was my filter closed something in the range of 2/3 of the thread.
(991.81 KB 2592x1108 Happy 1000-From Vuko.jpg)
Even though it isn't the main thread, thought to share this on here cause;

Happy 1,000th thread /hmofa/, here's some more backlog requests.


Apologizes in advance for having to login to see it. Imgur sucks; but it's the way for me to make commentary for each pic in one place that I am aware of.
(48.02 KB 960x951 cat_angel.jpg)
There are websites that will print out a custom one for you so maybe you can get your OC waifur commissioned and then get a daki. Perhaps you could also get a cooling gel pillow for the inside.

Already been 1000? Wowee.Time sure does go by fast. I remember first stumbling into those threads back a few years back.

Maybe this is just an exercise in futility, but how viable would it be to slowly migrate the authors, artists, and sane /hmofa/ fans away from the main (aka sinking dumpster fire) to here on the furchan sanctuary? There has to be some way.
I had this huge post talking about how the main thread will never die and how this thread will rot in comparison forevermore but I got fucked over and lost it all so I’ll just summarize.

>4chan will always be more popular, that’s just a fact
>main thread is more active, both in content and activity
>writers and artists, old and new, browse the thread and pump it full of content
>most don’t see a reason to be here
>this thread is dead in the eyes of some of the main thread posters
>“He” isn’t there 24/7
>the main thread is very popular compared to most other generals on 4chan
>this thread moves at a snail’s pace compared to the main thread
>some newer main thread posters might not even know about this place

>it’s not impossible to migrate people over here, but unlikely
>some could jump ship if this place was more active and better advertised
>some will never leave because this place isn’t 4chan

I imagine a lot of people stay there because there’s lots of discussion and content. If you move all that over here, then more people will move here. That would be the key. The problem is most content creators, popular ones included, don’t browse this place to begin with.
I've always got it open on a tab, but sadly I'm not one of the contributors anyone talks about which both takes the pressure off, sure, but also means I've been messing about with non-/hmofa/ material for a couple of months (as well as health slowing the process of making it down). That and I favour bigger uploads rather than the episodic stuff most favour.
Personally I feel like we would need a near-nuclear level event on the main thread for people to consider migrating here wholesale. I'm talking about Him somehow dragging several threads through a full shitshow style event and strong hints that He will keep up the pressure. The most I've seen is one thread going to shit then things calming down for most part, and even if He tries again, it tends to get buried beneath normal activity.
(84.57 KB 1484x1548 miki star.jpg)
>I'm not one of the contributors anyone talks about
Same goes for me. If I suddenly started posting here regularly, nobody would care.
>I feel like we would need a near-nuclear level event on the main thread for people to consider migrating here wholesale. I'm talking about Him somehow dragging several threads through a full shitshow style event and strong hints that He will keep up the pressure.
That would require some maximum-level spamming on His part. Even then, I'd expect most people would be back to the status quo by the time He slows down. Some would ditch the place, but it's hard to say many would permanently leave, especially with the popularity of 4chan.
The problem is critical mass. We've got some regulars on here, but it's hard to keep a discussion going, which leads to a self-reinforcing circle where the board slows down because people visit less regularly and post less regularly. In comparison, if there's shitposting in the main thread you can just wait for a while and then return, most likely to an entirely new thread. And all in the time you'd have to wait to even get a response here.
(12.67 KB 238x183 pickaxe.jpg)
If only there was a way for us to be able to grow this board. The idea of having a small dedicated imageboard of anthro fans and artists/authors sounds comfy and potentially the grounds for new and unique content. This needs to happen organically or it feel forced and it wont work out. Maybe in time something will change.
I’ve talked about it on the main thread before, but /hmofa/, both the general and the idea as a whole, is catching on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the main thread gets too big to stay on 4chan. Whether or not they’re gonna move here is up for speculation, but it’s a possibility sometime in the future.

Otherwise this thread will likely just rot in the shadow of the main thread, whatever happens to it in the future, as long as it still exists and it’s still active. I can’t see it dying though, not by a long shot.
We got a small decent thing going on here. In time things will probably pick up here too.
Stupid personal nonsense I wanted to get off my chest, sorry to bug yas. I assume most of you probably read Happiest Place on Fur so you know what I'm talking about. I haven't quite finished it, but there's a chapter towards the end with two examples of better parenting than anything I've ever gotten in my life. It really hit a nerve at just the right time. I'm usually such a cynical jaded jerk if I'm totally honest, but that had me crying in the bathtub.

I don't know if the author even reads this thread, or if they care. I guess I just want to say thanks for that moment of personal insight.
I've been mulling this idea in my head, but I'm no writefag so I'm dumping it here. If I ever have too much money I might commission this.

>/faohm/, female POV
>anon gets isekai'd on to her doorstep
>MC spends few days trying to get intimate with him
>it's clear anon is not interested and MC has to cope with that

There are many ways this story could go
>1) MC gets cucked and anon gets together with somebody else
>2) Something happens, love wins and they live happily ever after
>3) MC snaps and chains him in her basement

Anyway, if this inspired anyone feel free to do whatever you want with it.
Definitely don't do the first one.
oof sorry to hear that anon

I dont think the first scenario is cucking since they were never together to begin with so there's no infidelity involved (which is a good thing). Maybe that story and ending could work out if it was settled in a mature way with proper closure. For example the anthro has to come to terms that even though she has feelings for her friend, he loves someone else and that's okay. Perhaps it could be a lesson on being straight forward with communicating your emotions and understanding that relationships don't always turn out the way you would like.

The second scenario is cute but cliche.

The third sounds just like some kind of sexual femdom fantasy.

So if you want just to write smut, the third. You could also try the first one if you want to write something with a little more complicated emotional story with drama in it. It's up to you.
I’d prefer first because I like character-based stories more and the other two don’t really give off that feel to me. But that’s just me, I know a lot of people would be content with the other ones.
As I said, I'm really hesitant to write anything myself. I'm an ESL and last time I wrote anything longer than a forum post was years ago. I will probably try writing one-shot greentexts before attempting to tackle a 'real' story.

Cucking wasn't the right word to use but I couldn't come up with anything more fitting.

>relationships don't always turn out the way you would like.
More or less what I was aiming for. The way I imagined it, she would feel entitled to his love and and in progress only push him farther away.

>The third sounds just like some kind of sexual femdom fantasy.
You got me, that's exactly what it is.
(277.50 KB 595x842 Jake and Hans.png)
I don't active much on here. So I'm just gonna post a gift for a friend on Discord. My human male character and her feline character
Whenever there's art of a feline character with their mouth open, the only thing I can imagine is loud meowing.
(986.30 KB 768x1366 666666.jpg)
out for blood
>Perhaps it could be a lesson on being straight forward with communicating your emotions and understanding that relationships don't always turn out the way you would like.
That is 99% a cope mindset. There was no relationship to begin with.
pure autismo, their relationship was as friends and nothing further. The part where it "did not turn as you would like" is where anon did not return the feelings of the waifur. He wanted to just be friends with her and thats it.

reading comprehension, do you know it?
>anon gets isekai'd on to her doorstep
>MC spends few days trying to get intimate with him
>Trying to get in the pants of some creature that showed up on your doorstep in the first few days.

I will now accept you apology, preferably written as a haiku
(776.12 KB 1493x1408 Candance_sit_Mattariel_l.png)
(293.29 KB 1089x1645 Candance_selfie_Mattariel_.PNG)
Just had these drawn for my fiery mouse girl Candace from Firebrand and Pariah (series now known as Candace being Candace).
Not 100% sure whether I wanted to share them on the main thread without any sort of story update, but I'll just mention that once I finish what I'm currently doing, I'll certainly look into a third story.
Which, coincidentally, means I should ask; one of the things that stopped me doing a third story, besides my presence causing a shitstorm around the time I published Pariah, was that the story didn't quite garner much feedback overall compared to the first.
If anyone here's read these stories I'd be curious if anyone had any feedback.

Also whether people would be satisfied with said third story being more a series of shorts. I've wondered about a less messy main conflict after the heavier tones of Pariah and while I have something, it's not the sort of focus that would work for one big story, rather a goal to achieve over a number of events and simple interactions. I could certainly use any opinions from those willing to give them whether that still sounds interesting and thanks for any interest.
>more Cadance
>third story
>comfy story
>comfy series of shorts

>besides my presence causing a shitstorm around the time I published Pariah
knock it off, this is 4chan were talking about, people don't create shitstorms b/c reasons, people look for any excuse to create shitstorms.

Also just go in the thread and ask for feedback, make this exact post, we are on a role with anons giving feedback ready, also pixelated hobo is doing a crusade and he said he is going to give real feedback to every single of the 700+ stories in the masterbin. He is going to get to yours.

Also Also. If I remember correctly, yours like many others did get alot feedback probably b/c it was lost in a torrent of shitpost, and the people who did reply didn't actually really give feedback rather got triggered by cadence punching Max. Which if I recall, read like he didn't even care to put the situation in context of the solid and strong relationship they had, and rather the anon flipped out at the idea of your girlfriend/lover hitting you. Don't pay too much mind to these people. They did the same thing with Charlotte in CoTW.

Some anon flipped out on how Charlotte was a "manipulative whore" because she had sex before she met Jake and practically to advantage of him sexually. I wholeheartedly understand the complaint OUT OF CONTEXT, such as if it would happen in the real world. But these people don't allow themselves to be consumed by the story rules and setting. If I remember correctly:
>charollete was bio engineered to be a waifur, her directive was to find a human mate. She is not a normal organism. She is a prisoner of her own biology.

Cadance punching Max is nowhere near as bad as was Charollete did to Jake, but I believe the same people who are getting triggered by it are probably taking it out of context. And if they weren't they did a poor job of communicating that
Cheers for responding. I'll probably post next thread since the current one's on the way out.
Main thread is experiencing periodic shitstorms again.
It’s tiring to see it cause it’s all the same old insults and barring the new people, everyone should know to just ignore it. I’m convinced nobody actually interacts and it’s just one person behind all the shitstorms.

I’m lucky that He tends to be most active at times when I’m asleep.
Yeah, I've always had the same impression as well. There's some sort of formulaic manner to the posts that's shared between a lot of them.
>same old insults and barring the new people
>There's some sort of formulaic manner to the posts that's shared between a lot of them.

Shitposting are memes and memes are shitposting. People do it without thinking.

also check EM
it happens
I must witness those consecutive gets, mentlegen; well done.
(2.47 MB 2560x2560 album.png)
You will help your hyena friend with her album project, right, Anon?
wtf YES
would help tuning her whoops for her new hit, "Sound of Da Yeens"

(184.03 KB 1280x885 Vyssiní Anṓnymos.jpg)
(184.88 KB 990x819 A taste of what's to come..jpg)
>Title: Post CL
The Rat, once contrived, is now retired
better now on prose for a hundred eyes.
The glacier shall receive a facelift too.
But soon is the time for what I promised;
your inheritance, your Paradise Lost.
You shall gloat to the entire clover
of this end result of your general.
Two years writing, just as much time away
and still he is nameless, but now he yearns
for her to know him more than just ‘Anon’.
For good or ill, this God shall have his wish!
and her, this Goddess of the howling moon,
shall wait until time decays and resets
for her long-pined lover to return home.
I'm a lil scared ngl
*giggle* I'm in danger.
What kind of music each waifur species would be into?
>hyenas and coyotes like stoner rock
>hellhound waifur is into dark techno
>opossum gf listens to post rock
Hmm... I'll spitball for fun:
Deinonychii - Thrash, metal, etc.
Dakotaraptors - Americana, folk music, electro(new)swing
Space Utahraptors - Jazz (jazztronica and classical), blues, horn-centric music
Crocodilians/gatahss: Deep horned instruments and constant b-flat notes
Cobras: anything they can groove and "dance" to on the fly. Cobras love air banding, becoming physically and viscerally involved in their routines as the tempo shifts
Pythons: DnB, Indie rap, 80s hip-hop
Ferrets: Early-aughts/aughts-nostalgic Eurobeat, pop, Hamster Dance sorta stuff.

Das it, mayn. I might think of more. Have one of my many unfinished/undelivered things to help catch some lurking eyes.
>Space Utahraptors
>not trash metal
>or at least crust punk

nibba plz
Or, OOORRR, hear me ooouut
>Weeb opossums: Anime OSTs abd cute Engrish dialogue compilations
Change my mind.
>thread was made in December of last year
>Christmas is in four months

Time flies, yet our dreams of waifurs will never be realized.
(78.75 KB 768x1280 opossum_woman.jpeg)
I was thinking of something more like: "opossum gal listening to post-rock while riding a train to her work". But I guess that works as well
(265.89 KB 500x1250 1582165971.lavasi_gothpossum.png)
That actually sounds kinda cute. Very urban and modern, perhaps, for her, maybe even lonesome and dreary. What would her longing be, I wonder? Does she dream of mustering the courage to pool her money together, hitch up a ruck, and go backpacking across the continent?
>thought I was going to get a story written
>had to force myself to write it, ended up giving up on it
I want to figure out what type of story will capture my inspiration already. I'll try again tomorrow.
Might be worth spitballing ideas. Just short briefs you can add to over time and see which one keeps making you think deeper on the topic.
My keyboard stopped working so I sadly can't do any of that.
For spitballing? Just get some cheap ass paper or a barebones ledger. Nothing flash, just whatever you can use to tear up and throw away if things don't flourish.
On each page, left hand side and halfway down, write your basic premise. From there, draw branches above and below it with little extra notes, ideas and moments. On the back of the page, once there's enough branches and ideas, try and write a brief synopsis.
How do I fix my perfectionist tendencies when it comes to plot and prose?
I like using an extension of the Pomodoro technique.

Time yourself for a short while (e.g., 25 minutes) and just write what comes to mind. No revising, just typing and adding new lines to your document.

Then spend 5 minutes doing your revisions. Once your time is up, continue working in the same cycle until you find a good stopping point.

If you want to get away from spending too much time on re-reading your work, bounce ideas and excerpts off someone else. You could post your WIPs here or in the main thread as well, if it helps. You'll get some reinforcement that your work is likely better than you believe (we're all our own worst critics) and you won't be spending nearly as much time hemming and hawing over minutia (trust me, I'm guilty of that myself).
Any chance of maining here until the shotard with the weird laugh and hideous overbite is b& for the umpyeenth time?
(1.71 MB 1111x1256 1597547877881.png)
welcome fren
congratulations to bloke forte
(248.69 KB 1123x1253 hyena_bullyedit.png)
I think 4chan and discord are down?
Unironically they're working fine for me.
(261.16 KB 564x737 clean_them_yeen_beans.jpg)
RIP my internet I guess
can't load like half the websites I use but the other half are fine
Could be your ISP. Mine is great at fucking up in the early hours of the morning when I do most of my writing, which can make playing ambient music a pain. Thankfully I can just use my data on my phone as a last resort, but yeah, sucks sometimes.
General has turned radioactive. Need to wait for decontamination.
I already stopped lurking on the main thread
Then where else do you go? This website is no more than an emergency bunker.
(432.12 KB 1500x2250 EhTcWiRWAAA4HOv.jpg)
only because that's how we use it right now
what's stopping us from using it any other way?
A lack of traffic or advertising to generate a stable user base, for one.

I'd love for this website to become /trash/ 2.0, like back in late 2015 and 2016, but with some semblance of moderation. But I think that ship has sailed, unless the site owner intends to do something extra to promote the existence of this website. The occasional mention on the main thread isn't going to cut it.
>something extra to promote the existence of this website
There are already a lot of reasons to use this site over 4chan, you don't need to solve captchas, no third-party java scripts, this place isn't a blatant honey pot, moderation, no shitposters...
Of course this place isn't perfect, there is no https and public proxies are banned, and I don't think this is going to change anytime soon. But I still prefer it over 4chan.
I think I may have been unclear in my last reply. I agree that this site functions better than 4chan in terms of tech and moderation, but it will be difficult to actually get people here if they don't know about it. You can have the perfect website, but that is only half the battle. To my knowledge, there is no external advertising of Furchan, so it relies entirely on word-of-mouth to gain traction. You will also have to fight the inertia of existing generals like /hmofa/ to get them to fully migrate here.
That's it's greatest weakness, and one that could be overcome, perhaps even remaining cost-selective (the sweet spot being that yummy unicorn sprinkle-flavored maximum yield for $0). I'm just not sure if that's possible without shilling on other bunkers (as we see happen here), or joining with other bunkers in a global registry of interconnected boards (an effort undertaken to regain something like Infinity through partnering Lynx bunkers without triggering coldtires himself). I'd love to see the day this site even takes in just /hmofa/'s regulars, but without an ongoing conversation at most hours of the day, /trash/'s siren's song will still command more attention just yet. In any case, might be a better discussion for the meta thread, not that any activity here hurts.
(110.13 KB 326x281 zoom.gif)
she looks like a tide pod
(211.89 KB 1600x1200 set.jpg)
Almost all of the horror stories that I've read are about anon being chased by a cryptic anthro or something similar, do you guys know any horror stories where anon and his waifur have to work together instead?
anon what are you doing
Testing the "delete post" option and trying to make my post a little more readable while I am at it, the first post will disappear when you reload the page
(80.69 KB 480x497 20200918_203216.jpg)
How are you nerds holding up? Life's been funny the past few months.
Not bad. Was hoping to get cracking on a new format for a story continuation and, while I've done one episode (and a little mini short too after I asked for a request from a friend), the second episode has been kicking my ass so it's dragged productivity down.
(293.12 KB 1200x1672 EiK3i9vWkAcjxc5-orig.jpg)
I got a yeen, so that's pretty sweet
(322.74 KB 3600x2175 225f64447b477a9f2b744a46dc4c575e.jpg)
What story are writing, Anon?
A followup to Firebrand and Pariah. I've got a bunch of scenes in my mind I want to get to but I'm essentially writing episodes and filling in the spaces with just... well, stuff that I hope is entertaining and comfy, sometimes emotional, etc.
One of the things giving me the most trouble is the part which links the episodes together. I don't know if you're familiar with the original two, but the main story-thread will follow the main characters seeking to improve after seeing a therapist and getting some advice. Said advice is sound, but it kinda goes against their status quo.
Everything else is very slice of life and the reason I decided to go episodic to begin with; the main story isn't quite strong enough by its own merit, but it's also too important in story to be dealt with in a single short tale as well.
Wait, it was you that commissioned that hyena? That's what I call money well spent
Well... Good luck with that, man
I was not, that art was a gift from Mousguy
I do own the character and the art though
Some combination trying to write, draw, and ruing my existence because my head's wired wrong. I can't feel any joy in anything and no help with that.

That was yours? Veeery nice.
Wtb job making peta mad
I kinda forgot this site existed after a history purge. Still writing slowly. My job's gotten weird with corona, almost like I'm back in the NEET life.
My personal life’s been kinda all over the place lately. Besides that, I’ve been incessantly lazy with writing, and to distract myself further, I’ve also been catching up on movies I missed as a kid.

Waifurs are still cool, though.
Looks like shitposteng's back on the menu, boys.
But is it as popular as the Travis Scott burger?
(912.66 KB 2400x2700 IMG_20200930_173106.jpg)
(536.87 KB 1657x1107 IMG_20200930_163646.jpg)
(100.88 KB 1200x1312 1578298836678.jpg)
How're we doin', fc/hmofa/? Last couple of /trash/ threads had sone really interesting topics going.
Are you referring to the science fiction discussion?
It appears the general has reached critical mass.
In case it wasn't obvious it's still the same guy shitting things up, he's using the same tactics as before. The roommates stuff is just his newest cover.
>get back from work
>/hmofa/ thread expired? Cool, no problemo, lemme just search for the new one...
Oh god, what the fuck did I just walk into?
Glad I'm still not ready to start uploading anything.
Yet, anyway.
(727.22 KB 867x1116 1601600167826.png)
Are you guys excited for spooktober this year? Any of you doing anything special?
I did some seasonal poetry (for /scaly/) last year and kinda made up a semi-spooky thing for the event that some folks liked. Then, that Christmas I decided to take an existing work (A visit from St. Nicolas/T'was the night before Christmas) and change the lyrics to fit the thread and it seemed to strike a cord.
Planning something similar for Halloween this year, just need to find the right spooky or Halloween focused poem to modify in a similar way. Maybe The Raven or something.

While I do intend to do a Halloween episode to a story I'm working on it's unlikely to be in time, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.
I've been writing a spooktober green for a year and a half now, and socks is on year two of his
I wouldn't bet on either of us releasing lol
I wanna be, and I'd love to make this the first I participate in Inktober, and actually finish some writing, but my health and work life are failing harder than my motivation and flagging attention span for once. It sucks, because I felt such momentum a little while ago, and I wanted it to carry me further, but the last two weeks really debilitated the muse.

I'll still try, though. Anyway, birds, gentlemen.
Burzurm is Smiley's evil alter ego
mans really got his shit nuked twice in one thread
Smiley or Burzum?
(6.85 MB 656x486 Protection-massiveattack.mp4)
A test video.
I like this! What'd you use?
I used a free app called youcut video editor. I just made that one as a quick test on my android phone. On PC I like using youtube-dl and ffmpeg. I'm happy that you enjoyed the video.
I'm gonna post this here for now. I will post it in the main thread soon (in the next couple of days) when I actually have the first part of the real story ready (it's written, I just don't have the time to sort out the upload stuff right now), so I'll post them both at the same time then.

A Candace being Candace short story called "Cages". About Candace as a teen, in trouble and pushing her luck in detention. It's not exactly /hmofa/ except for the fact it's obviously the same characters from Firebrand and Pariah.

The autism is proliferating. Send help.
Always seems to come in waves. I just hope it's gone in the next few days.
Got another story episode to upload soon. Although I don't know whether to wait until my name's dropped off the listing before uploading the next part. I don't want to keep bouncing myself up and feel like I'm hogging space.
I guess if I do only upload when I drop off it also means I get more time to keep working on future parts between uploads. I did say it would be semi-regular...
Sorry Deleted it, will post again:

Is this showing up as offensive to anybody?: https://pastebin.com/p0GhnHRz

I just want to make sure that the pastebin filters are flagging my code snippet. There is nothing sexual, racist, or explicit in here, so why are they flagging it?
Still showing as offensive on my end.
One of my SFW stories is flagged too, although admittadly that story does feature racism as a story point (fantasy racism, but still) as well as swearing, but nothing sexually explicit outside of someone using the word "tits".
Welcome to the new world, I guess. Glad I predominantly go through Sofurry.
went to archive stories again via perl non-api scraping. Alot of the stories are now "Offensive Content", I can circumvent this by scraping the raws. I don't think pastebin is going after pornographic content, just content that makes them look bad (And maybe keep scrapers from looking at them?) for they said my code snippet ( >>1894 ) was offensive even though there is nothing in there but code to sort through the masterbin.
(246.36 KB 1912x1200 1602441611947.jpg)
This thread has been around for quite a while, huh?

Should we make a new one?
So what if it's getting old? It's still only at 0.2k posts. Making a new one now wouldn't bring any benefit, unlike the last one where it was getting hard to simply open the tread for some people due to its size.
Quick question: Is there any other place besides this board where people from the thread/with this interest hang out? Mostly because I'd like a place to shoot the shit about writing without having to sit in the main thread.
None of which I'm aware--that's precisely why this bunker was created. 8kun, or whatever it's called now, might offer a more visible solution in the future, if it's ever better than "absolutely awful in every feasible way 10/10 - IGN."
Happy Halloween, /hmofa/gs
So we hit bumplock on this thread due to what I can only assume is the shittiest bot I've ever seen spamming. It was super easy to clean up, but honestly this thread's getting a lil long. I won't go through the process of unlocking it, if you guys care about bumping you can just make a new one.
Retards infesting the main thread again.
I am not a retard
New Thread