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(2.79 MB 1389x2776 1602049583725.png)
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #1140 Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 23:32:27 No. 2256
>"Final Frontier" Edition

--Pastebin stories--

By Cash25
>Anon and the Tentacle Cat (Line 403)

By Red-Nine
>End of Active Obligated Service (Line 2387)

By yomgopollo
>You Are Papa Bear (Line 285)

By Anonymous
>Deer Story Snapshots

By Kaktus-nsfw
>how about those spooky spindly shadowy sinister senoritas (Line 2305)

By J. Joe
>Extra Fries

By Anonymous
>Levantine Stripeless Pocket-Tiger
>A New Life

By Dargast
>Turning the Tables (Line 123)

By Doph
>Now This Is Shitposting

By ThisIsARealAccount
>Advent Provides (Line 2028)

By A_Smiling_Face
>Recycled Rat Story

By Witryso
>Baby Blue Moons

By Umbra_Invicta
>First Contact Procedures (Line 1347)

By Mattariel
>Halcyon: Episode 3

[ Story Masterbin ]: https://pastebin.com/SAC4tSvY
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://pastebin.com/wpdsc7nC

Previous Thread: http://furchan.net/fg/res/1048.html#q1048
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
(1.41 MB 1280x768 1564103542394.png)
(2.28 MB 1280x768 1601828236.saf_64.png)
There really needs to be serious consideration about moving the main general populace here. I can't remember the last time that there was a quality /hmofa/ thread on /trash/. And now the Twitter kids and resident shitposters are lowering the quality even further.
>twitter kids
You sound just like the shitposter who is messing up the thread. He is the only one bringing up twitter via screenshots when nobody else is.
You realize people like FoxyMilkies respond to the shitposter and make things worse, right? It's not schizophrenic self-responding from what I can tell.
Sadly the thread just turns into a warzone of autism, and it isn't exclusive to /hmofa/. As soon as you get someone who enjoys the responses from assholes like Burz and/or Dylan, the thread is all but doomed since even ignoring them doesn't work; they feed off of each other like the worlds most homoerotic 69 (which probably isn't too far from the truth, considering how deep in the closet Buzzy seems to be).
The only thing I've seen help is waiting for it to reach fever-pitch, then it runs so hard that reporting the massive spam actually works, bans are put in, and /hmofa/ is saved for a brief time.
Certainly glad the next episode of my story isn't ready yet; it'd just get (even more) lost in the shitstorm.
It's literally impossible to tell who is replying to who. It's not like FoxyMilkies replied to him using his twitter account. And "Burzum" is known for replying to himself. Genuinely curious: are you new to the thread? This one guy has been shitposting like this for the longest time. I think he is genuinely mentally ill. He takes screen shots, use photoshop, and goes through all kinds of effort just to endlessly post buzzwords and other nonsense in the thread. His goal has always seemed to be this >>2263 . He wants to create drama and stoke flames for whatever reason.
Been hanging around /hmofa/ for about a year and a half. Posted a story when I started and that induced a shitstorm because Burz decided to explore my catalogue and found non /hmofa/ stuff and tried to slap it around the thread as proof of whatever the fuck he thought he could get away with. Not gonna lie, it made me feel pretty shitty that I was the root cause, but I've since stopped giving a shit (and my name oddly doesn't seem to cause a reaction any more).
So yeah, pretty familiar. I only generally post when I have something for people to read, the occasional writers question and that's about it. I would respond to feedback but I don't really get much, if any.

I've seen shitfits in places like /scaly/ and that's why I've seen threads get purged of this nonsense before; Dylan started overreaching his usual shitpost quota and mass reporting of his shit got his stuff removed, and I believe I've seen similar with Burz before as well.
Nah, Mattariel.
Oh. You shouldn't feel bad for what that threads-shitter did. He literally does it to every single writer that come there. Kaeos had a m/m story in his pastebin and burzum went ballistic.
I'd had shitposters attack my work before, that's fine. It was how about 70% of a thread was one big argument that started from his attempt at exposure.
As said, I don't give a shit and keep expecting my name cropping up when I post my work to cause another attack, but I guess the guy spends so long chasing up every new name he doesn't really have time to keep track of everyone he's attacked before.
It's amusing, despite how frustrating it is for the thread; this is his life, apparently, because fuck knows he doesn't actually do anything else.
(182.63 KB 1261x2048 hot tub yeen flex.jpeg)
(450.33 KB 1910x2048 hot tub yeen.jpg)
(221.09 KB 1291x919 EPjarTHWkAAn57x.jpg)
I had to double take, b/c I accidentally read that as "I'd had shitposters attack me at my work before".>>2269
(447.12 KB 1082x1017 2a0937b3c9d0b28f1b81b0c9f71e11f4.png)
I personally would have waited a month and 2 days before making a new thread
Burz vehemently seeks out absolutely anything even slightly incriminating on new anons and blows it way out of proportion, but his claims are still often true. E6 was into pony gore, Kaeos did mention underage homosex, and Strong is a mutt. This "zoomer invasion" isn't much different. /hmofa/ is advertised on /v/ on a daily basis and foxywhatever is advertising it to his twitter followers, which are really not good sources to get new anons. Among other things, they're more likely to respond to his posts, exacerbating the problem. Aside from him not being able to post here, moving here should drastically slow down the influx of new users and allow them to be more effectively integrated by older ones.

Anyway, look at this picture of furry Cortana.
Hi, This is Melissa and I am a experienced photographer and illustrator. I was confused, frankly speaking, when I came across my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without my permission, you should know that you could be sued by the copyright holder. It's illicitly to use stolen images and it's so filthy! Take a look at this document with the links to my images you used at [IP TRACKING LINK] and my earlier publications to get evidence of my copyrights. Download it now and check this out for yourself: [ANOTHER IP TRACKING LINK] If you don't remove the images mentioned in the document above within the next several days, I'll write a complaint against you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property. And if it doesn't work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.
Edited last time by r00t on 11/26/2020 (Thu) 04:18:51.
Fucking 4Chan thread at it again
I wish everything would just move here
what's stopping you-know-who from also coming here and shitting it up?
(565.90 KB 1802x3000 EBJUXaEWkAATBTP.jpg)
This place is moderated unlike Trash
There's a guy right above who got banned for spamming
This man has been shitposting this general since the beginning, always attacking writers and the such. He possess skills for research and Photoshop which are likely rooted in his autism. He has demonstrated time and time again he is willing to same fag a thread as different posters and literally argue with himself. What if he has multiple personality disorder?
I also think there should be more gifs of hmofa dancing. I could only find one.
Last dump, I swear. It just gives me hmofa motivation for stuff when I can see all 9 gifs.
I wouldn't be very surprised
He's clearly fucked up in a lot of ways
Man it's nice that a 9 gif dump only takes 3 posts here
> "my interpretaion of newfags leave"
> his interpretation of newfags leave
> its exactly what i asked for ree
> why cant the glass be full and empty at the same time im getting so emotional
Dude attacked me for writing a femdom story (before /adhg/ was a thing). Weird thing is, from what he said about it, he must have read a fair part of it. And it was a long story.
Lel, moderation. I was the site's first temp-ban, and that was just for drunken muckraking. I deserved it. r00tmin's fairer than is even deserved in most cases, but vigilant. They care for and curate this bunker well; it hasn't ever been on the table for induction into any 8chan revival scheme from what I've seen (not that I'm necessarily opposed; I super-respect their integrity). I just wish more happened here to help justify the effort they put into it a lil' more. Wish I could help with more drawfriend-otry and public critique in the writing general, or (very selective) shilling even, but I digress.

Sorry for being a shit that night (to admin and anon), by the way. I still feel bad about it. I can't even recall why I sperged out, but as is the case with rampant alcoholism, the only thing that really sticks is the regret. But I'll still gloat about holding that distinction like the filthy rebel I am, lol.
He doesn't, he's just masking himself behind myriad aliases on a thread-by-thread bases by d e l i b e r a t e l y swotching toktiks and adjusting his dialogue. Keep in mind, on the occasions he's gotten ip-banned (wherever possible to get the mods on board in irc), his posts were deleted instantly, all at once, between all of his usual haunts. I won't elaborate as to what that means, fill in those blanks. It just makes it a little easier to perceive in the moment if you're looking at each thread wherein his actvity is spare, if you catch my drift. When its efforts comprise half of a thread's posts, you won't see it as much in the others.
>there should be more gifs of my hmofa dancing
Making dancing waifur mene gifs (yes, t h a t dansing) is one of my personal goals. Alas, it remains an as yet-obtained perk of a higher powerlevel my procrastination dangles out of reach.
Nobody's asking for that. Nobody's asked for that.
(123.66 KB 340x245 EAlQDHTWsAA9Fzj.png)
oh hey, you're still around! nah man, you're good. I was sperging out too, kept that argument going way too long lol. you got unlucky and had a comment right after the mod came in, only reason I didn't get punished for that one
good times tho
(3.99 MB 2554x1437 oh shid.png)
Disregard that, I somehow misread your post.
Thread refreshed a split second with r00t's warning after I hit post and i was like
Glad to know you're still here, too!
(464.81 KB 560x448 raavenpen21.gif)
(632.08 KB 600x338 temoru.gif)
(2.97 MB 520x293 1557287769898.gif)
(1.36 MB 800x450 1512933461467.gif)
(2.75 MB 400x500 1512076955044.gif)
>One guy took to twitter to get mad at one shitposter
>doesn't know we have a problem with /BLACKED/ posters
Who does this?
If you're talking about who I think you're talking about then honestly I kinda feel for them. All the /pol/ shit that's seeped into the thread is really tiring.
>feel for them
He posted a screencap on twitter to complain about something really tame for our general. It's not /pol/ shit. 4chan has always been like that, the difference is that most anons make carlos-tier racist jokes just to have an edgy humor, while /pol/tards make nigger hate threads, post crime statistics, and other lame stuff. /BLACKED/ is just next door to us, so of course the anons are going to be on edge, especially since Loona is a particular character they like to black. Blacks have fetishised themselves and are fetishized by other people to the point that them being drawn in porn is immediately linked to BBC; the majority of black hmofa art is /BLACKED/ art.
I think it's kinda shitty to fall for the shitposter's bait, and then take to Twitter to pretend everyone in the thread acts like that while adding some casual racism yourself. They're two sides of a retarded discussion that feed off each other, but we get to catch the blame for it. And if this guy is in the threads on the regular, then how does he not know about the shitposter?

But I've only ever seen two people with pronouns in their Twitter bio's who weren't total nutjobs.
(31.92 KB 699x206 asd.png)
> get mad
> be a clown for a week straight
> get tired and try to act tough
you can't make this shit up
(161.66 KB 1280x1280 1510881701604.jpg)
(105.63 KB 472x574 1447439864887.jpg)
(801.27 KB 900x809 1527093664960.png)
Have content creators actually left b/c of what shitposters say?


Pls, if your a content creator, pls don't leave b/c shitposters with time on their hand say things. r/hmofa is private, searching for /hmofa/ on sofurry and furafinity is literally wading through degeneracy.
so many wonderful stories
so many wholesome reads
so many adventures
(532.21 KB 2166x2221 aVVr0Oe.jpg)
(117.11 KB 509x423 1594606225076.png)
So many ways to say "I Love You"
(161.36 KB 1036x1021 EQ1Us2HU0AAz5bG.jpg)
that last one
(595.62 KB 1418x2005 En2WbPzUYAEqtgY.jpeg)
(201.05 KB 2048x1260 En8LB33XYAA2yLG.jpeg)
(236.89 KB 2048x1356 EoBFM-PUYAAPUX0.jpeg)
>Blacks have fetishised themselves
It's almost all white people doing that. Unmask every /BLACKED/ poster and I guarantee you'll find nothing but pasty white guys.
(1.83 MB 1361x1706 1526781131064.png)
(472.14 KB 755x1000 1446998062097.jpg)
(2.23 MB 2387x3174 1518122325267.png)
Are you saying a lot black men don't fetishized themselves just as much being one of the largest group of narcissistic racist in existence?

If so let's agree to disagree and continue posting furry women.
(215.89 KB 2047x1216 EoGWdzaVkAEX2aA.jpeg)
>unless you get some kind of study to back you up
And even then you can make a study say just about any bullshit you want it to if you try hard enough.

And I missed one.
anyway, I don't really care about this crap anyway
it is really cringe to edit melanons to white anons, whether or not you're insecure about /blacked/ taking over your thread, but this ain't 4chan
none of this is a concern here, since retards that would do that can just be, you know, banned lol
(79.43 KB 494x548 1606775954613.jpg)
(415.13 KB 864x1080 1606793581246.png)
(201.66 KB 1811x1331 1606779788517.jpg)
Alright, everyone's gonna be unbanned. Let's keep discussion like that to /b/ in the future, none of this was particularly nasty but it's for the best to keep it out of this general.

Talking about things from the 4chan thread is fine, but arguments that spawn from those arguments should be related or go to /b/. Thank you Anons for keeping things pretty much civil.
(1.08 MB 1080x1080 omniwaifur.gif)
The Omniwaifur forgives you all for your sins.
It's very nice being able to post multiple images at once, but dear god does it look hideous when done en-masse.
How so? Looks fine to me. Is there something in that pic that bothers you anon. Do you not believe in the power of love?
(1.19 MB 4093x2894 EfjnaQHU0AAElew.jpg)
yeen is the one true god
(537.53 KB 1600x1538 omnipurr.jpg)
(981.98 KB 2894x4093 1606591712758.jpg)
(230.44 KB 960x1280 1550733254806.jpg)
(2.34 MB 1940x1604 1566193509806.png)
(412.71 KB 1280x1280 1495906635747.png)
(124.15 KB 600x450 1474653928557.jpg)
(1.46 MB 979x754 1559524175541.png)
(89.90 KB 1173x714 1559673970095.jpg)
(72.30 KB 800x800 1526890717642.jpg)
yeah, file info could be hidden under a dropdown for sure
still better than 9 single picture posts in a row, but there's improvements to be had
(219.65 KB 560x480 1560726384208.gif)
(190.38 KB 800x466 1531100404676.gif)
this is so fun
(1.61 MB 800x588 1588716889021.gif)
(3.67 MB 1280x720 1562483601807.gif)
ok I'm done. It's all out of my system
>bite and claw marks
hot desu
> hm, hm. i see
> this man smells of horny
(459.02 KB 978x852 1605995106235.png)
(104.52 KB 960x1280 1606502262753.jpg)
extremely, dangerously based
(373.75 KB 1181x1228 1556335102972.png)
(380.75 KB 1200x1050 1566231703167.png)
(184.11 KB 568x1280 1566489939.spectrosz_fullart.png)
Unshackle the Cackle
(645.87 KB 2478x1476 EoO48YOVgAAA53c.jpg)
(225.65 KB 1124x2048 ElsOQUvVMAAZ34S.jpg)
(1.52 MB 1200x848 1596301439.mlice_home.png)
(754.18 KB 746x840 EdGCxshXoAEnTeV.png)
(483.13 KB 1280x1207 1531835776.focou_altie2.png)
(189.86 KB 1013x1280 1563943621.temoru_alt.jpg)
(201.34 KB 1280x1150 1563943362.temoru_hyper_luv.jpg)
> remember hyper light drifter was an interesting game
> look up playthrough
> there's a newgame+ mode where you play as dog instead of the dude
> dog referred to as a she
> check FA
> find actual hmofa

a suprise of the highest pleasantness
and i am now really into it
(186.72 KB 694x1262 8749879654123.png)
that's fucking awesome, new waifur discoveries are great
(32.19 KB 209x148 hmofalightdrifter.png)
> rangeb&d
someone post these on the thread
gochu fam
(455.76 KB 1280x1729 87ce1881f42c84bf0564b0974ef2ba73.png)
god singlepic dumping is such a pain in the dick
many thanks
all i can hope is for others to also find joy in strange science-fantasy future dog
I know that pain
>Can only post from wifi
>work recently blocked 4chan over the building's network
>have to walk to the front of the building just to access the crappy MAN so I can sate my shitposting addiction
(450.33 KB 1910x2048 hot tub yeen.jpg)
(182.63 KB 1261x2048 hot tub yeen flex.jpeg)
(221.09 KB 1291x919 hot tub yeen ref.jpg)
>be poor indebted worker at hot springs in medieval fantasy land X
>one day huge gnoll warrier comes in, starts throwing around gold like it's confetti
>catches your eye, you immediately look away but it's too late
>pays lord to have you oversee her bathing
>has you personally scrub down every inch of her with a wet rag
>feel every single bump and muscle on her body
>grabs you and pulls you in halfway through, says she has to return the favor
>sits you in her lap and washes you down
>thoroughly groped, picks you up and takes you into her room after
>next morning slams a bag full of coin down on your lord's desk, the fucker literally sells you
>new yeen wife carries you away in one arm, zweihander in the other
Sweet Jesus, that's good shit Anon.
(171.00 KB 591x602 EmUWaG1VoAAY1Tf.jpg)
of course it is
it featured a yeen
(512.67 KB 2431x2040 Eot3VMyXcAAG8ce.jpg)
(504.77 KB 2179x1520 EouG9LTUcAAYoAw.jpg)
(499.88 KB 868x1228 EoobOjoXUAA_xlY.jpg)
What in the ever-loving fuck is going on in the main thread right now?
Just some autism. It'll pass.
We were doing so good the past threads. We gotta fill in our weekly shitposting quota I guess.
Humans are very good at ignoring problems until said problems begin repeatedly kicking us in the balls. That's why furchan tends to sit dormant for a while until the main becomes so godawful that a couple of anons pop in to point out that the main thread is shit. Then they go back to using it after things cool down. This site isn't much good as we currently use it. As others have said before, this place needs to become the main /hmofa/ thread. Then again, that's always easier said than done.
>As others have said before, this place needs to become the main /hmofa/ thread. Then again, that's always easier said than done.
I’d say something like that borders on impossible. It would require activity (which we don’t have here) and an incentive to post beyond being a bunker when the main thread turns to shit (like content, which we also don’t have here). There’s also the fact that some may not post on the basis that this place simply isn’t 4chan. That place is one of the most well known websites on the internet, and getting a general that averages 70-80 posters per thread and is even fairly known outside of 4chan (compared to other generals at least) to move, in addition to making this place open/advertised enough for new people to discover it, would be a monumental task.

I’d love for this place to become more active because I really dislike the current state the main thread has been in recently, but I just don’t see it happening.
(426.30 KB 1598x2048 EokwLQsWMAkswC_.jpeg)
I don't think it's that crazy. small forums have taken off with much more niche categories than this. the only real reason this site loses its audience is because /trash/ exists, but if it's going to be so unbearable it's not really competition
If this website was added to the general OP, it may work to bring in a trickle of posters. Honestly, slow-paced and moderated beats whatever state /trash/ is in now. /hmofa/ really is an outlier for the board in terms of productivity, and it doesn't deserve death by paper cuts.
spirit waifurs
I don't think this place would be able to sustain itself as a niche board. I've seen this stuff happen before, when the grognards of an old board moved to a more private place. Eventually it just petered out. Which was a shame, because the old place was ruined by shitposting in a way worse than what's going on in our threads.
(652.75 KB 4000x2500 EpUDHb9W8AAg5qN.jpg)
The problem is that there isn’t any consistent way to advertise this place. Without a way to gain the attention of new posters, this place will only see a decline until death.
>by shitposting in a way worse than what's going on in our threads.
Care to tell us the story?
It was a closed board for P&P RPG's. You had to get a mod to make a thread for you, so all the threads were active games. Eventually the old Admin who'd set this up left, and people from the regular board who had a grudge against some of the people on the RPG board convinced the new Admin that the restrictions were a mistake, or unfair or something. Then they flooded the board with spam.

It was a good place they ruined. There was an emphasis on high quality posting, and it's the thing that got me into writing in the first place. Half the games there were homebrew systems, or adaptations of existing systems.
That's neat. I've always wanted to try getting into tabletop RPGs like Shadowrun, D&D, and the like, but I've got nobody who plays IRL around. We're those like CYOAs, or fully articulated games like the above?
There's nothing wrong with playing with a group of friends who are also new to the entire thing. In a way, it might be better. We had one experienced player in our group, and we tended to believe he was correct about the rules even when he wasn't. As for the site, they were fully fledged P&P games, except the GM did all the rolls. And while I suppose a lot of people would call fuckery on that, because he could just be making everything up, I guess it's an example of how proper the board culture was that people trusted these GM's to do the job. Speaking for myself, I rarely fudged rolls.
How about them pastebins
%% Azuhmier %%
Catalogue of Tagged (I are owner) /hmofa/ Stories: https://github.com/Azuhmier/hmofa/blob/master/Library.jl
Masterbin (November 16 2020): https://github.com/Azuhmier/hmofa/blob/master/masterbin.txt
Masterbin (November 16 2020): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k/edit
I uploaded all 700+ pastes to my github, so the links in the masterbin and the catalouge work. Let me know if some links are not working, especially in the mastebin. Nearly All the links in catalouge should work
%% Toothandscale %%
hello all, Tooth here
two years ago, there was a rash of paste nuking both due to writers going nuclear and someone spam reporting pastes they didn't like *ahem*
at that time, I wrote a python script to backup the entire masterbin recursively and stored that copy in a google drive
it is, of course, extremely outdated by now -- I never maintained it because frankly I do not come here much anymore, nor do I pay too much attention to new stuff
that said, for all those in this trying time who are looking to download their own repository of the masterbin, I will share the drive publicly here
keep in mind, this is the masterbin as it appeared 2 years ago this month. it is missing everything that has been released since then, but could contain many stories that were nuked between my archival and now
%% Autistic Chad %%
Somebody already archive ALL the /trash/ paste, like ALL, of them.
Yeah, that's what I'm hoping to find somewhere at some point. I can't imagine I wouldn't enjoy it, everything about tabletops clicks with me. Guess the trick'll be finding a new group of friends to play with, 'cause I ain't got friends like that. I knew one friend, an ex-marine and commercialdiver, used to play locally, but he moved up north for work.
(348.75 KB 2048x2048 loona.jpg)
What if we set up a repository for /hmofa/ stories in this domain? It will grant us independence from other websites, will possibly generate more user traffic and they are .txt files so the server wouldn't have to do too much work
I've actually been thinking about that for a while now, way before the pastebin meltdown. The main questions are how to set it up.
Would it be tied to trips, or to (god forbid) accounts? Would it have an actual text editor, or just a simple .txt upload system?
All stuff to think about.
(26.60 KB 503x325 index.png)
The masterbin could be some sort of index like pic related, it's simple and gets the job done, the only problem with this is that I don't know if search by tags would be possible. We could use the upload system already implemented in lynchan and use trips as authentication. There is also a lot of writers that already moved to AO3 and SoFurry, in that case we can simply take the files from those websites and upload them into the repository.

But in the end it's up to r00t to decide if and how this repository is implemented. And I am not even sure if such thing is even possible
the issue with that as I see it is that the site is currently agnostic about what kind of furry content can be hosted here
there's no actual tie to hmofa specifically other than that it's the only big general here right now
so, it would be weird if the site had a story hosting system that was necessarily tied only to this thread's masterbin
That's not an issue, the system doesn't have to be exclusive to /hmofa/, any other general can host their stories if they want to, by separating masterbins in different folders several masterbins can share the same index. For example:


(I deleted the previous post to fix the formatting)
I'm willing to put a system like this into action. The issue is, who is allowed to upload to it? I probably won't be keeping up with every new story that gets posted in your thread.
To be clear, going through the LynxChan upload system (by which I assume you mean the quick reply uploader) goes through the LynxChan engine. Getting that to write to a directory synced to a tripcode is possible, but would take much more dev time than just setting up a single directory and having one person add things to it. It would also be more open to abuse, since anyone would basically be able to upload as many text files as they like to any number of directories based on tripcodes.
lmao I got b& on 4chan until the 1st for "doxxing"
>setting up a single directory and having one person add things to it
We could choose a trustworthy person (like Deimos_lynx, Azuhmier or other well-known writer) to do that, other generals could choose their own maintainers as well. I think that as long as the maintainers' write privileges are limited to their own masterbin there wouldn't be any problems
Maybe self-hosted pastebin (or even git) service on a subdomain?
Pastebin + git here would be amazing.
If that's actually possible, dayumn does that make me moist. But is it a practical long-term solution?
Bud, I've spoken with the staff about this in irc before; they (or a good number of them) do not want KF links posted anywhere on 4chan. I realize that isn't an explicit rule, but you may interpret that to mean the stigma permeating KF's history & reputation is inbuilt into GR4. Shitposterchan is really not worth the attention he's getting from you, Foxy, or anyone else. When shitposting overwhelms the thread, don't play into the game - ignore it, use a filter, or try to carry on here for a little while.
or just move here
>when shitposting overwhelms the thread, don't play into the game
I've advised the same thing a million times in the main general, but all it takes is one or two bad apples to spoil the thread. The ideal, comfy 4chan /hmofa/ general is no longer feasible on /trash/ given the board speed, size of the populace, and inaction by moderators.
(4.61 MB 4000x2500 2307905.png)
I like the way you think. Wish that'd happened already.
Same, since it started with the first waves of gore and ISIS spam about... sheesh, it's really been three years. Criminy.
Anyway, it's possible to enjoy good conversation despite the shitposting, but you have to tune it out. When others start jumping in, extol the importance of restraint once and just move on over here or elsewhere for a bit if they're still being played. It's no biggie, most posters will at least return for the next thread anyway.
oh shit
most of the pastes are back up?
at least one paste went from almost nothing to back full
Still region blocked, it's been a year, why can't they just regionally ban /sp/. Anyway,
Mysterious and frightening but fiercely protective Awoo. Numerous hostile encounters with humans have taught her to keep her distance, but she regularly puts her life on the line to protect the very people who treat her as a monster. Tries her best to pretend it doesn't hurt when villagers scream at the sight of her. Loves unconditionally and just wants somebody to love her back
>that last line
Legit made me tear up.

Yeah. They're veeery quietly reversing whatever it is they've done from their end. Might be that they realized most of their Pro account holders are Chinese crypto/datafarms (potential buyer in the PRC?), Hollywood think tanks, and authors of wholesome fursmut who have adapted it into an appurtenant archive.
(369.82 KB 1700x2800 1572568497014.jpg)
Oh yeah, since I'm beaned I'll post the haunting noire things here
Also if anyone feels like telling the poor bloke in the other thread the archive is on my SoFurry as "Haunting Noire"
Also, sorry this is so late, I've been busy with family and doing work with and for my folks.

>The giggling stops the moment you put your key in the lock
>The bolt puts up a fight and you hear what seems to be multiple female voices laughing
>You draw your pistol and move through your home-office
>You see the eyes on your framed polariod seem to follow you while random distant footsteps stop and start
>Some hooved, some pawed, some clawed.
>You think you see bloody smiles out of the corner of your eyes
>Snickering and muffled laughing as you look around
>You walk up the stares feeling what seems like dozens of eyes on you
>You quickly turn behind you to see the shape of a teenage fox girl
>bleeding from the throat and crotch
>glowing like a faraway searchlight in heavy fog
>Then she just flickers away with a sound akin to a dying sigh
>So last night wasn't just a bad dream
>You dig around your desks for the coveted whitepages
>Finding what you need you turn around to see about two dozen ghostly heads with endearing smiles staring at you
>You hear what feels like distant fleeting cheering as you leave
>The cold, cold inside of your shitty car
>Right, you have to get down to 5th and Jackson to pay a certain Mr. Flamagank a visit
>but not before you make a quick stop at the hardware store and supermarket
>A quick detour and you have some Nair, a potato peeler, and a hundred feet of rope
>Helpful tools for, information persuasion, to call it
>You can hear distant cheering as you drive
>Probably just a high school something
>You pull up to the address, a van rental place
>You throw your new purchases in a satchel and exit
>You're greeted by a large Rhino
>"I need to speak with a Mr.Flamagank"
>"Yer speaking to him." He growls
>"This'd be better behind closed doors sir."
>"Understood Detective" He growls
>You follow him inside of the rental room
>It's warm all things considered
>He offers you a coffee which you accept
>"I need to know the name of one of your clients sir."
>"Fer wat?" He asks
>"They would either be a lead or the perp on the serial killer"
>"Is that so?" He says clearly interested
>"Yes, plate number 1456b1fs"
>"Lemme check my records, that is one of my vans, but many are long term rentals, so keep that in mind." He says going to the back.
>You sip from the coffee
>It's "coffee"
>It has all the taste of dirt in water and all the kick of caffeine a man could ask for
>Soon the rhino returns with a big file
>"here, take it and go. I'm only heling you because I know a family of a victim." He grumbles
>"Thank you"
>The file has some wonderful details
>Another name
>George Wittacker
>A name you're rather familiar with
>Well known too
>Owner of the largest delivery service in the city
>Also a city councilman
>Well you have your "persuaders"
>Now you need a plan
>And some, "situational friends"
>Skinning him isn't an option
>Waterboarding in diesel it is.
>Saves you the trouble of water sourcing
>And hides fingerprints
>Detective shit
>You drive down the docks and steal a rusted barrel of oil
>One of the large seals just tips his hat as you leave
>You return back home
>It's silent
>You sit down on your desk
>Watching the tapes
>You walk across the street to the convenience store
>A 40oz Mickeys Malt Liquor and a coke
>The teenaged human just looks at you with confusion
>You hand him two bucks and walk out
>You sit back down
>And the noises begin before you can put cold bottle to your lips
>Footsteps on the second floor
>Distant howling
>Muffled, far-away screaming and crying
>You watch the tapes, drinking more as you do
>You play them in the background as you plan tonight's gamble
>You know where the fucker lives and the exact layout of his home
>courtesy of the fire department
>You finish your drink and make some coffee
>You draw out plans
>polish and load your guns
>Pack your bags with tools
(3.51 MB 1242x1144 1608579599955.png)
(1.04 MB 1920x1280 1608823870362.png)
(182.06 KB 850x1093 1608762293133.jpg)
>For a night in the city it's oddly quiet
>No gunshots
>No screams
>Just the low rumble of your engine
>And the crushing weight of what will be your sins
>You watched the tapes again before you left
>A few at least
>Enough to make you believe God *might* forgive you
>You drive through the winding streets
>The image of the dead deadens in your heart
>You turn on Bishop's Avenue
>Just outside the Church a figure stands
>Bleeding from the neck
>Dressed in white
>Holding wilted roses
>She smiles, before her eyes turn black
>She lunges at your car teeth bared but fades before she can hit it.
>"It was the eve of my wedding detective" the seemingly distant voice says
>"I had had my first kiss just a year before" It continues
>"And what do you want me to do about it?" You demand
>A new voice answers
>"Give us our peace" It coos
>This one sounding like it was being slightly choked
>"Make him pay" Answers another
>"Suffer" another still
>"Repent" growls one more
>"Pay" they all say in unison
>You look to see if you have any drink in your car
>Nothing within reach
>You make another turn
>More figures
>Standing and grinning with glee before fading
>Each leaving what sounds like dying breaths begging you to make Mr. Wittacker bleed
>Whatever word they chose
>It doesn't matter
>Mr. Wittacker is going to hurt
>If he knows the killer he'll tell
>If he is, you'll see him in hell soon enough
>You turn down an alley between a commercial strip
>It ends in the drainage canal that backs up to Mr. Wittacker's home
>You park and throw a tarp over your ride
>You decend into the icy black winter water
>It's so cold it feels like it's burning
>You wade feeling your body chill
>You stare into the tar black water to see smiles
>They're still watching
>You take each step in silence as you move through the canal
>Your pistol is drawn
>Sawn off inside your coat
>Rifle slung over your shoulder
>The moon rises over the the canal letting the figures in the water be seen
>Just beneath the water
>Eyes hollow
>Black blood flowing from the neck and nethers
>As you near the high concrete walls fade into ever lowering
>You see the first house of the many manors
>You know they home you're looking for
>As seen from space
>The old adage rings true again
>He who sins the most prays the hardest
>You climb from the water hearing the cracking of your pants freezing
>You approach the home
>You see the man his living room
>You look around to try to find a way in
>His trellis leads to his balcony
>Maybe his door is unlocked
>You climb up the study wooden structure with ease
>The door is unlocked indeed
>You wait in his room for a time
>And just as you think there's nothing
>You kick a rug
>And find a compartment
>And inside is all you need
>A knife
>A mask
>Camcorder and tapes
>You find one labeled "Jessica Mylies"
>You pop into the vhs on his in room t.v
>Its a tape
>One you've seen before
>You look out to the yard
>You see the fox on the tape wave at you with a look of sorrow on her face
>You throw on your mask
>And take the chloroform soaking one of your socks in it
>You approach the man
>He's jerking off to one of the tapes
>You punch him in the throat and put the sock over his mouth
>He doesn't even resist.
>You get your rope and drag him to the garage
>You stuff the sock in his mouth and leave.
>Wading the mile up the canal
>Getting back into your car
>Driving to his home
>Pulling into his garage making sure no one sees you
>A barrel full of diesel in the center
>And anger
>so much
>You take the sock from his mouth and wait for him to wake up
>In the meanwhile you take the last empty tape and set up the camcorder
>"Who are you?" he grumbles
>"times up" You say
>"I don't know what you're talking about" he spits
>"The tapes, the knife, the mask, the chloroform? You know why I'm here." You growl
>"Detective?" he says trying to spin around
>"Is it you?" You demand
>"What are you going to do to me if it is? The police won't do shit." He laughs
>"I know. Now answer." You snap
>"Yeah its me." he says smiling
>"So Mr. Wittacker. Why?" You ask feigning interest
>"No fucking ANTHRO deserves that kind of purity or innocence. It needs to be taken, punished, ruined, broken. But you know that Detective, don't you." He says
>"Of course but why?" You press
>In the corner of your eyes you see a figure
>It moves to the corner shrouded in an unfitting shadow
>"Because, we're human, better in every way than a fucking ANTHRO, hardly even sapient, barely more than the animals they resemble." He reasons
>"I understand" You say leaving the room
>You grab his phone and phonebook
>You relish in each dial you make
>The bishop, the pastors, the principles, deans, and judges
>You leave a message to each and every one
>"Hi, its the Detective. I've found the killer. Meet me at Mr. Wittacker's home on Christmas Day if you'd like to meet him before we turn him over."
>Just as you say that more figures begin to appear
>And Mr. Wittacker begins to panic as you take your potato peeler out.
>"Can you see them too Mr. Wittacker?" You ask madness in your eyes
>"I can see your sins" You ramble
>"They haunt me more than you seemingly" You continue
>"What are doing?" He says paniced
>"The police won't do anything" You say
>"I figure I need to give back to my community" You say pressing the tool against the skin of his back
>"Now I'm sure we can work something out." He pleads
>"You're right! It would be a shame to open the gift before Christmas" You say reaching for the battery and alligator clamps
>You cut his pants off with a knife, not caring if you cut him
>He screams
>Nothing new
>You take the clamps and place them on his balls
>And then connect
>He shrieks
>Like a sinner in hell
>You punch him in the gut
>Over and over
>You remove the clamps and sit down again
>"Wasn't that fun?" You say to the sobbing man
>"Now I'll ask again. Was it really you?" You demand
>"Yes." He says unchanging
>You sit there waiting for the night to end, occasionally waterboarding him in the diesel
>You get hungry and eat his food
>You watch his t.v
>And as the sun rises the news caster talks about you
>How you're promising to meet Mr. Wittacker to tell him of the killer's identity
>You can hear the murmurs of a growing crowd outside
>At 9 Am you open the doors
>The crowd is in terror as to what they see
>"I promised the killer" You call to the two dozen odd people
>You hand the lead city investigator your crate of evidence before he can speak
>"Now, I know our amazing policemen won't do anything. So I found him, and he admitted it before I began to get some justice." You laugh.
>You lower Mr. Wittacker to the ground.
>"Now I leave you to them." You laugh seeing the figures begin to form around him
>Mr. Wittacker begins to start shrieking again
>Claw marks begin to appear across his face and arms
>The news team vomit as chunks of flesh being to be rendered from his limbs
>You smile as you watch the girls get their justice
>He starts screaming about how they deserved it
>How it was their fault
>And as his sins slowly begin to rip the flesh from his bone like piranhas
>You go the back of the garage
>And lift the rug by his tool bench
>Finding a shaft to some other chamber within the home
>You climb down it as the police finally realize what's happening
>At the bottom you hear crying
>A camcorder pointed at a crying girl
>A young falcon
>"Are you okay?" you ask
>"No, where am I?" She sobs
>"The serial killer's home" You say
>"Don't worry, he can't hurt anyone anymore" You say
>You pick her up like a piggy back
>And climb up the ladder.
>Mr. Wittacker is hiding in the barrel of diesel
>"Here officers make sure this girl makes it home safely, she was to be the next victim" You say handing the girl off.
>The officers turn to face you as you reach for a cigarette
>One you stole from Wittacker
>You put one Wittacker's mouth
>As if to light it before dropping it in the fuel
>It catches
>"oops" You say
>It burns your arm but you pull back before it sticks
>Mr. Wittacker is screaming
>You leave
>Getting in your car
>As you arrive home you see a figure standing by you desk
How do we make /hmofa/ slower?
Is this website specifically for based /hmofa/ content?
>all this hypotheticals for hmoaf dating sim >none base it off kaktusnsfw's story which gives the perfect set up for catgirl, wolfgirl and even kobolds embarrassing. lazy even.
>>3336 just let it cool off. It goes through these cycles again and again. If you've been around long enough you'd know
>>4915 anon you're replying to a post from 04/14/2021
>>4944 He let it cool off for fifteen months. I think that's pretty based.