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(441.01 KB 1422x2204 ScarletRide_0_u18chan.jpg)
Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 08:16:47 No. 27
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #759

>"Fluffy Foxxo" Edition

--Pastebin stories--


By Idontwantthis
>Altruistic Intent (Line 422)

By Anon_The_Shitposter
>Vanguard Anon and Padmayan Adventures

By Narric
>Stars and Gods (Line 39)

By Oliver_Hart
>The Leaves of Fall (Line 6271)

By Sham_
>Late Night Lovin'

By Jesu-Christo
>Michelle: Ma Belle Monstre

By McDoogle
>Beginner's Luck

By Somethingaboutsharks
>Where Kitsune Wait (Line 1876)

By Karnazomb
>Core-Chan Fic
>Thirsty for Love (Line 31)

By Reynaerde
>The Witch's Ball (Line 976)

By Kaktus-nsfw
>Scars (Line 1407)

By SabatonBabylon and Akella
>Coronation Day (Line 614)

>>Masterbin with all the stories (I will try to stay updated with this)<<
>>Writing Guides, Media Links, Misc<<

Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/25097720/#q25097720
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
who took a piss on the server rack
Hiro's probably just having a laugh
In the meantime, here's an awoo
(348.73 KB 1155x1141 comfy.png)
wasn't expecting gookmoot to fuck trash that quickly
Pretty comfy to know someone's autistic enough to make a whole backup site just fir the thread.

>This is meant as a moderated alternative/haven for /trash/ threads that are dealing with spammers or excessive shitposting.
Jesus Christ. When was this made? By who?
(259.46 KB 472x843 1566879261388.png)
Fix your servers gookmoot
They'd better not be dead from his incompetence.

Don't know who made this place but I wish it luck as a back up.
Posting and lurking without all the 4chanx features is gonna be painful, but it's nice to see there's at least something in the interim.
For on topic, I really should get back to writing. I've been sitting on this for ages, but so many other creative projects have been eating time as well. Ah well.
>t. Dragons Next Door writer.
(138.77 KB 828x823 66f.jpg)
When I become a Janny, I'll ban all kpopfags and yeenfags and bring /hmofa/ to its former glory!
(532.72 KB 1280x578 SPOILER_yeen.png)
Friendly reminder to fellow writefags, don't be afraid to upload your stories to other sites. SoFurry has readers, extensive tagging system, and is welcoming to greentext and second person. FA barely has any readers and an ancient upload system but it's stable. And there are a lot of other places out there.
(2.79 MB 406x446 1563561824836.webm)
pls do not be mean to the yeen
what the hell is even going on in the /trash/ thread?
(1.81 MB 1800x1323 EClAJEzU8AAaWW0 copy3.png)
Semms the website is in the process of shitting itself.
That and some tard having a fit over the implication that furry porn is furry.
Hopefully mystery furmoot actually lives up to his promise of moderation.
(850.47 KB 1021x1100 1434706343.sayuncle_karileesmll.png)
This is the end of /trash/
Yeens deserve they own holocaust
not just /trash/ either
(584.52 KB 1007x1084 EClxBAzXUAA_qVx copy.png)
I get the feeling said tard is mostly throwing a fit over the implications of a moderated thread.
Interesting. Who even is the host for this, one of the other writelads or something? Seems oddly specific and the investment in this seems more geared towards either big generals or people with a large affection towards the board.

Not complaining, but Im still gonna just visit the thread and not here tbh.
G'night kids. I'll see you all tomorrow if the threads are still deads.
i sure wonder who could that possibly be

with the increasing frequency that the whole site collapses, its good to have a backup
Yeah, with the 8ch situation and 4ch having pretty high outages I'm actually pretty happy this is here. That's probably the answer to >>47, furmoot probably just wanted to make sure there was still a home for furshit.
Well there is a banner using Armain's art so I assume it's someone from /hmofa/ at minimum. I have a strong guess on who but I could be wrong.
(1.26 MB 1110x1553 1559477646494.png)
That's right! Only good waifurs are allowed.
>8chan is dead
>4chan is dead
long live furchan!
Go back bros it's alive
(953.90 KB 1920x1080 d9ea7b8671a117c4cd82970e00127a0f.png)
i'm keeping this open in case of tantrum spirals
the existance of this thread is getting justified more with every shitpost on there
(214.24 KB 1500x1352 EChfYfkWwAcUmsV.jpeg)
Best of luck furmoot, I hope this place sticks around.

>inb4 site goes down in few weeks because he forgot to pay his VPS bill
(583.40 KB 1280x905 1528480079086.jpg)
I wish /trash/ had mods
We all do, m88. We all do. I just don't like giving one retard the satisfaction. At this point, it might be ideal to make placeholder threads there and content/quality posts elsewhere (even here) under a duplicate OP.
(239.79 KB 864x900 1483481092.serandite_01_rap.png)
Might as well christen this bread with at least one raptorpost. Don't think I've ever posted this one.
>I just don't like giving one retard the satisfaction
what do you mean?
we leave the shitposters to their own devices, they declare their victory, and everyone moves on with their lives
or they can keep shitposting on /trash/, and the actual thread remains here

should start putting a link to here in the OP
sure it might get a surge of garbage, but it'll improve visibility and people will eventually realize to migrate
except certain people are barred entry
If this place doesn't burn down I'll post my next update here as well. Whenever that is.
so this is a new begining for us in this new place. hope this will last for some time
>what do you mean?

I don't take Ls lightly. That's just what it feels like to me. In any case, I wouldn't emigrate to one place whole hog, but I can definitely see keeping actual discussion here and the old thread as just an anchor. Puts more work on the baker, but it would improve the quality of the thread overall without sacrificing visibility.
Also, I'd recommend posting updates and stories on /trash/ under a universal keyword (something like "/updatehere/" or "/newstory/") to put less work on OPs.
You do realize this thread outside of when 4chan is breaking itself again functionally is exactly as if there were a discord for the thread, aside from the lack of usernames, right?
Let everyone keep the thread bookmarked for when 4chan is down, but keep all thread use to the real 4chan thread when there's nothing wrong.
>imageboard = discord
not really? more like the 1+ year old idea of making a board on 8chan or some other place with moderation finally made real
Stow it with the Discord FUD already, it's beyond tired and wrong. It doesn't even apply here, and matters fuck-all anywhere there isn't proper moderation. If this were a /co/ or /lit/ thread, you'd probably have a point, but we're talking about /trash/, which has less moderation than /b/.
>a literal chan is a discord
You're a fucking joke at this point
That's the key word here.
Of course an anonymous tibetan washing machine assembly board is not the same thing as discord, but FUNCTIONALLY, as far as a general on a 4chan board is concerned, they are. Because all it serves to do is split up the """community""", make it so people only post to one or the other, and both ultimately fall apart with the infighting the split cultures bring.
People only shit on discords in 4chan generals for that reason, lets not replicate that same scenario with discord replaced with another imageboard.
It's already fractured, you nonce. the thread isn't nearly what it was before shitposting became a full-time job. """Communities""" need moderation to exist, and 4chan does not OFFER it. We can retain visibility and continue to develop elsewhere if
Anyone wanting to remain entirely in one place just wants to perpetuate what's happening there right now. Is it one retard? Yeah, at the moment, and it might even be a mod itself just shitposting because it can. I got warned for trolling it on /trash/ once. SPECIFICALLY trolling (GR3: Trolling), despite that not being enforced, and despite what I was doing not qualifying as trolling by any real metric, in a thread where it was doxxing other contributors. We can't prevent anyone feeding it, and we have no moderation. Elsewhere, we do. Let the /trash/ thread continue to serve as a detour sign, keep the discourse here.
its either migrate here proper or stay on /trash/s downward spiral

honestly why stay there when theres barely a thread anymore
(109.53 KB 1384x1336 D_SeSADWsAAMn2E-orig.jpg)
current hmofa thread is already derailed
why even bother
I cannot imagine a world in which trash remains unmoderated and the thread continues to survive.
It's already about as divided as I can see it getting between the shitposter(s) and contentfags.
was from the start
almost every post has some shitpost after it
> surely my constant shitposting will be able to kill off that other place by having everyone escape my shitposting there
So if I have updates for a story, should I post them here and the /trash/ thread?
I see no reason not to, everyone will likely see it no matter where you post it.
(65.69 KB 500x700 IMG-20180910-WA0000.jpg)
>Try to reply with image
>Only posts image
Wat. Desktop version on phone is interesting.

Anyway I'm figuring on just updating on both. Probably just copypasta the release note between them
/hmofa/ needs writer to grow. People already know what 4chan is and /trash/ is a secret board. Moving here would be a deaf sentence. We will reach more people on /trash/ and thus get new content.
(349.39 KB 837x955 1548494524820.png)
>deaf sentence
But anyway, that's just not true. We lost all our content creators many times before due to trash being unmoderated. This just has to become well-known enough to work.
>this place has no archive
>no red clover when you get (you)'d
>people coming back will have no Idea where we went.

You can solve a lot of the shitposting by not responding to them. Decent moderation and low shitposting over high exposure and content has only ever worked for /v/ and /pol/ going to 8chan and in the end, most of them came back.
There's an archive button on the home page tho. Don't see anything on it yet but that might just be because no threads have 404d.
The other stuff sounds like shit we should try to convince whoever made this to add.
yeah and you'll get like one update tops before they give up on that mess of a thread
>We should totally stay on 4chan even if it's unmoderated
Having seen the thread's state, fuck you for saying that. I never want to go back.
(99.77 KB 1386x1498 EDPv-mtW4AAKqFG.jpg)
Indeed. This place is actually pretty comfy.
Can confirm I definitely have updated less because of it. Kills a lot of the fun of hanging out there, and not hanging out and having a good time kills a lot of motivation to work on a /hmofa/ story instead of any other project. I only really drop in to post updates anymore
Hopefully it cools down, but we shouldn't abandon the general on trash, and use that as the official thread #. I like writing reviews for a story when I'm done reading it, not that I'm a writer, but I think it's nice to give them feedback. So instead of clogging up this thread I could write them there. Hopefully were luck and it just one chronic shitposter and he kick the bucket one of these days. I don't see this problem with other generals on their so why ours in particular.
not going to happen
we finally have a shitpost free thread, and the fact that this place even came to exist should be proof enough of how bad and for how long it has gone on for

trash has stagnated, change needs to happen
>we finally have a shitpost free thread, and the fact that this place even came to exist should be proof enough of how bad and for how long it has gone on for

I dont want to be agressive but sacre bleu, get a fucking pair dude. This shitpost free thread wont exist forever, I started in /trash/ and ill remain there if I am able to, mild or severe shitposting in a few threads or not. Been there since forever and the last thing I am doing is abandoning the place I started writing for because of a single shitposter thats slowly getting on the mod's nerves.
(37.00 KB 680x523 large.jpg)
I fucking hate everyone who's ever replied to shitposting I hope you're happy
it's a 2 year old problem, anon
finally i will be able to post my waifurs without google's permission
Its mostly just the dude replying to himself 90% of the time and certain somebodies getting triggered and answering sincerely, because yknow, thats the BEST way to dissuade a shitposter, give it attention and post shitting on it
Yeah. The # unique of poster has been stagnant at 50 for quite a while. We shouldn't abandon the thread but it's good to know we have a comfy alternative.

Although the only thing I hate about this place is that even the thumbnails of gifs are gifs. It's really testing my no-fap (more like fapping in moderation).
What is even this website? Who is the owner of this thing?
here's the thing though: they still take up posts and nobody will want to post anything of substance and have it drown out
thread goes past bump limit sooner, which will then be used as flimsy justification for further shitposting
people check up on the thread less and less frequently as they see that thats all thats going on, and eventually just leave for good

the problem is still there, no matter how much you could get everyone to ignore it
Thats why you bloody counterpost and incite discussiona and post related to the topic so the thread is at most slightly tainted and not pure trash. You defeatists autists are so damn wierd, you can make and host an entire bloody website, but you cant even try to incite good discussion on the thread you suposedly like so much you make a seperate website to serve as a backup.

What even is the logic in that.
>forced discussions defeat spam
yeah, right
y'know there's a reason hmofa threads in its golden age lasted longer than a day, not just a couple of hours
Because the population was way smaller and the content newer to the place so not many interacted or had a big interest in it. Hide the bad, produce the good, if you dont you are just being a defeatist.
>gif thumbnails
Good feedback. That functionality can be easily changed if people want it.
For the future, this may become useful
(97.94 KB 1100x850 ECxC2zBWsAA6XHa.jpeg)
This is just a really well drawn cookie, it's nicely understated which makes it much more appealing.
(98.32 KB 1100x850 ECxC2zDXsAAJUSq.jpeg)
>on the thread you suposedly like so much
the concept and ideas behind the thread
the actual thread has been on a shitpost spiral
there is no sanctity for the thread on trash, but what has built up around it
minus a few obvious things

also why does this sound like some sort of victim blaming
pretty sure the poster count was around 80-90, nowadays we're in the 50s
surely this has nothing to do with the constant shitposting
>Hide the bad, produce the good
no one's stopping you
>if you dont you are just being a defeatist
as if trying to outspam a spammer was a good fighting strategy
(119.05 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
I used to preach that myself until the retard started accounting for half of the replies in every thread by just responding to every other post with its usual brand of trolling. Trolls will go away after getting bored; obsessives, however, only escalate in their efforts to attract the attention of the people over whom they obsess. We don't just have a dedicated trolling problem, it's evolved from that.
(54.54 KB 480x542 1564686102552.jpg)
I fucking hate you all
(47.81 KB 422x422 1558706105127.jpg)
(2.59 MB 2299x3648 1565008177714.jpg)
its dumbster fire down there. and it lasts all around the day? how did we even managed to have the threads working in the past years?
(72.90 KB 184x184 1562457461866.png)
>Getting close to finishing up stuff to post on the thread
>Figured now's a good time to check up on it to see how things are going, whether to wait for a new thread or if I can squeeze something in there now.
>"I'm sure it's just yeenposting and milling about posting the same stuff as usual" I say, into the void
>I see not but bedlam of shitposting and a alt thread over here.

I guess I'll hold off till things cool down. Gives me a chance to finish this last bit and do some stuff on the side.
Either way seems nice here; if because of no shitposting currently.
It doesn't WORK when you and the people you want to respond to you are each being bombarded with enough low-energy shitposting to drown you out. I would normally agree with you, but /trash/'s moderation doesn't enable that tact.
don't you bring the yeenposters into this, we only ever posted waifurs
(373.30 KB 1119x1440 7872343299.jpg)
I'm not saying yeenposting is bad; quite the opposite in fact.
I was just observing that that was sort of the status of the threads before I was around last.>>115
whereismysocks posted a paste (https://pastebin.com/dgHGpvp5\) that read: "I'm not dead, just lazy", but recently he removed it. I hope he is alright.
We hate you, too.
Socks never died, he just found an awoo gf
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Socks made this board.
>Socks has spent the last few months becoming furmoot rather than writing
It WOULD justify him somewhat, but still give RV REEEEE
There'd be a global rule against posting felines if he made it.
(1.69 MB 1439x2232 sarahdoodle.jpg)
you all wrong
i've just been busy procrastinating
True, true.

>i've just been busy procrastinating
Damn it, slave, get to writing!
(102.17 KB 1023x1024 1567014809140m.jpg)
>Not furmoot
>Not giving us collie
(887.19 KB 600x900 Volfa-Update-2.png)
(246.86 KB 931x1280 1560207705297.jpg)
"The comfy/wholesome shit that you and other writefriends pump out can cure depression. It's basically a public service at this point." - Anon #25134843

I really like this quote from the 4chan thread, but I can only interrupt in 2 ways.

1) Since your stories cures depression, your work is on the level of a puclic service (Compliment)

2) Since your stories cures depression, it's your duty to write as a public service (guilting / demand)

I really like this quote b/c I use the first interpretation. I thought it was almost "banner tier" for /homfa/, but I'm not sure if the majority sees the first interpretation and also I a bit afraid it gives off a "wholesome purist" sort of vibe, like something that would have driven off cheeta_anon and early oliver. So is this a really good quote or not?
Good night to all of you have a comfy day or night. i will dream great comfy dreams
Just put it in for now, no harm and guys like Oliver can handle being the "outliers"
I hadn't thought of #2 before your post
You're thinking a little too much into it, but I won't deny #2 is a thing - it's just usually true of situations drawfriends usually find themselves in at some point. In that instance, he was extending gratitude to those of us who are choosing to share our work, even if we're doing so at our own pleasure, which is true.

Anyway, just skimmed through the last bread. I didn't even post in there and it spent several posts sexually fantasizing about me. Top fucking zozzle.
(246.77 KB 805x1266 1510142542317.jpg)
Gonna put this here, might give it to the actual /hmofa/ thread when it calms down for a bit.
Had a prompt that I've been working on for a while, but it's become obvious to me that I'm not able to follow through on it.
Basic Skeleton : Anon is a Insert generic scientific field here researcher, currently doing rainforest preservation efforts in Costa Rica. On a trip to a remote outpost, he winds up going off-road and wrecks his car.
Not being able to find the road / path he was taking again, he finds a river nearby, and starts following it to try to run into a sign of civilization.
He's able to take care of himself well enough for a few days due to his field and some practice roughing it, but he's starting to get run down.
Winds up running across a Fer de Lance anthro lady, something something this happens.

Additional ideas / thoughts :
Snake name? Chess / Chesk?
Injured hunter, large cut on back, failed hunt / trap backfire?
Standoff w/ anon until he realises she's barely staying upright.
Takes her to nearby den, has small first-aid kit from (crashed) car.
F.A booklet w/ sections for local anthro species.
Stitches on snakes?
Anon has to hunt / gather nearby to keep Chesk alive.
Knows local plant / animal species because research job.
Needs help/info to know where to properly find stuff.
Standoff w/ other hunter / send for help from snek village?
Has to seperate hunted animals so as not to stretch wounds while healing?
Eating more than usual due to blood loss / recovery?
Stir crazy / boredom story time due to being stuck in den.
This sounds like something you've put a lot of love into. You should try again or sit on it, if you give it to someone else you might end up regretting it.
I've been sitting on that for 6 months. I've tried hammering out things a few times but I just... can't get anything. I have absolutely 0 confidence in myself as a writer, and the last time I forced myself to do a story I stressed myself out hardcore for a month and had to get someone else to finish it for me anyways.
Someone taking this from me so that my retard brain can stop stressing about it would be a favour.
You've clearly put a lot into it. Mind if I ask what's stopping you from jumping into writing it?
I've tried a few times.
I have a lot of trouble going from "Here's a good outline / some basic ideas" to "Here's how they connect and the intermittant details".
I get caught up trying to make things work, and wing up frustrating myself without making progress.
Even if I try working on a different section of the story, I just wind up blocking myself a few sentences in.
Like, if I could get someone to probe my brain and see how I see things, there's probably a whole story there. I just... can't write it.
(535.87 KB 2093x1052 Lillly_shaded.png)
Also, like, if someone likes the prompt and wants to take it on, I can certainly add input for stuff too. If the author wanted to pitch ideas or just brainstorm stuff, that's something that I'm a lot better at then trying to write a narritive.
Try with alcohol. Don't recommend relying on it, but it helps break out of snags like that. That sort of thing effectively happens because you're self conscious. It helps a lot to write for a few hours without worrying about it
Can't due to medical reasons.
An alternative I've found is hard excerise, if you've achieved a runners high then it has a similar inhibition lowering effect.
(413.39 KB 830x880 1539463744123.jpg)
where do i get a gf like this bros
I wish the thread would get better, but if nothing else this place may be a nice alternative.
Morning thread, how is everyone today?
(492.79 KB 1001x1280 4f19418259a49466cb4553934920418c.png)
Pretty legit
(278.87 KB 1000x1321 3-24-19-Shira-VUKO.jpg)
Busy at the moment. Finally finished up stuff for the thread, but might wait till a new one starts up before I post. That and I need to get some final opinions on some parts.

>Also this place needs more rats
this place is actually really nice but
furchanX when? i've gotten used to hovering over images to view them among other things
goddamn that first one is cute
Oh cool place. is this where the content gets actually discussed?
i think so
Based anon posting the link in the thread. I'll try to contribute in some way
You're such easy prey for shitposters
I don't see much shitposting
whats the file size limit here?
(2.38 MB 2144x3225 boxingroo.jpg)
(497.43 KB 1600x2560 63b29063cb34c077491cac711102d855.jpg)
(329.98 KB 900x936 1334597613.nicroze_nic_kanga.png)
Actual reply box at the top says 8mb.
I don't know if that means for any one file or cumulative for all files on a post, since you can do multiple.
(245.74 KB 1649x2048 a809cc9cb60f75f4717f1c8c7e402a31.jpg)
cumulative I think
Yep, just tried and it looks like you're right
(95.59 KB 1367x1539 D-AncKLU0AAwa58.jpg)
(98.86 KB 1367x1539 D-AnbAxUIAAjyzU.jpg)
(98.02 KB 1367x1539 D-AnZqQU8AAwpYn.jpg)
how do i play videogames and read stories at the same time?

also i hate that pic related didn't continue
(2.15 MB 1740x1500 EB9RxSnXUAARcdo copy.png)
Unfrotunately you can't. The best you could do is to listen to the story with TTS software.

Alternativvely find a video game designed for blind people and play that.
(133.33 KB 806x1024 1cjn3ccjq_1532484698020.jpg)
It is quite the dilemma.
There is >>3 though for ways to play games and fug waifurs at the same time.
You could try text-to-speech I suppose. I've actually tried it and it's not as bad as it might sound. Although, things like misspellings are annoying to deal with from time to time.
(202.52 KB 912x1280 opossum.jpg)
If you ever meet your waifur, would you tell about it to other Anons?
(252.95 KB 811x1129 1co9cf7d4_1537514489217.jpg)
you bet your sweet ass I would, anon
unless it was a condition of having her, then you'd have to kill me before I'd spill
(188.31 KB 2000x2121 ECwZ6rxXsAE4rWw.jpg)
I would but no one would believe me. Speaking of I have a real fox gf, she's very fluffy.
(68.47 KB 807x519 best friend.png)
Finish your stories Socks
How many writefags actually visit this place?
Me, though I imagine most of them only come to weather the shitstorms.
Well, that's at least two then. I try not to make myself known since I'm still regretful in causing a shitstorm when I posted a story prior.
One more write lad reporting in.
Prospectful Writefag checking in
>Tell anons on 4chan about my waifur

If there was a way to limit who I tell it to then yeah, but to just post that on /hmofa/ on the /trash/ board is a bad idea. There is a healthy population of complete perverted animalistic sociopaths lurking that board, I don't want them trying to find me and my waifur.
To be fair, I'm one as well.
Good to see there are writefriends here, sort of gives me faith this might become a thing.
/hmofa/ with actual moderation sounds really sweet.
I'm here, seeing how exactly this place works. Furchanx wen?
Furmoot seems to hang out in >>>/meta/1
Though it's probably better to ask for specific features since he said specific app support like clover is hard
(145.95 KB 1240x1748 0b8af0034a9f494e050c75327d13ce8f.jpg)
Long as its not overmoderated it could be serviceable
They haven't even deleted >>150,
>>110, etc.
Seems pretty lax so far.
Red lobster standing by
Count me in as a writefag that's watching this place
(6.14 MB 4096x3798 D6jq95rXkAAH9BO.png)
(3.02 MB 1250x2000 FuQYcZ6.png)
>that gif
goddamn that's hot

also that's more than 8mb of total filesize
furmoot must have stealth patched it to an individual limit instead of cumulative I guess
Drawfag technically, but that hasn't stopped me from writing some outlines for some stories I want to write
(1.43 MB 1333x2000 1501203642101.png)
(1.83 MB 2000x1500 1501203681392.png)
It's a very nice gif. No idea what anything else you said meant though.
you used to only be able to upload 8mb total between all your files
now it's higher as you proved
I guess probably 24mb now
Kobolds are my jam.
In other news, yep, /hmofa/ is once more a shitstorm.
(204.55 KB 1422x1733 DsA-BR5UcAISK1R.jpeg)
Almost don't want to check anymore. Oh well.
Let's just let this place be better, no need to get hung up on it.
(186.70 KB 553x700 1537859307545.jpg)
i guess its time to hang out here then
anyone who knows any old writers, see if you can hook them up here
(531.49 KB 1612x2048 EB5H500VUAAfANu.jpeg)
(85.49 KB 1034x1199 EBwahVfUEAMLHWX.jpeg)
The best way to do that would be to link this in whatever ret story is active right now.
But I'll bet most of them know by now.

Also, on another topic, cats are superior to dogs.
(38.96 KB 629x680 EDPv-mtW4AAKqFG.jpg)
Coincidentally I'm working on the beginnings of a kobold story right now, going to be a fun one to write.
Fuck yes, can't wait for more kobold green
(1005.15 KB 1992x2500 villagebold.png)
(415.30 KB 1590x1410 illustration2_by_zamzi-dcyuhtv.png)
(405.46 KB 1336x1527 MPHKo.jpg)
Time for Mighty to swoop in and shill his characters ceaselessly.
By which I mean I am also here.
Holy fuck she's cute
>raggedy clothes but clutching a book and smiling
Why do I get the feeling she's got a super sad backstory?
Going back to kobold stories once I finish my current /hmofa/ one. They're what I consider my main works at any rate and I've been away from them for ages.
>kobold stories are my main works
Were you from /kbg/?
/kbg/ and /scaly/ originally, yeah.
(1000.90 KB 1820x3200 mightyph_by_blkvkt-ddevt2r.png)
As befitting a Mighty Character, she doesn't have a set backstory to her really.
I've punted around the idea of past slave, where she wound up getting that black bow to cover up damage to her neck from collars.
As with everything I've ever done though, that's really not set in stone.
Did you write a lot of /k/ stories? Heavy in worldbuilding?
Never written for /k/. I've only been writing for others for a few months and I started in /scaly/ and /kbg/
(2.44 MB 1400x1084 EAF-XZ4UwAEiM3D.png)
>past slave
>wears bow to cover damage from collar
I fucking knew it. Would teach her to reed.

Ah. Thought you were a guy who wrote a bunch of weapons-related stories for /kbg/ a while back. Glad you're here though, looking forward to more kobolds.
(1.08 MB 2530x3692 mightyphmar19-1.png)
Hey, she could also just be a cute village kobold gal who happens to have a bow she favours.
Thanks, that means a lot considering how contentious my first /hmofa/ story made things when people looked at my past work.
hey furmoot, if you're here I just wanted to say thanks
I know you probably haven't been thanked yet for making this but it feels so fucking good to finally have hmofa back
oh you didnt bankrupt yourself from comms yet?

i am into kobolds
i want to, out of nowhere, pick one up and senslessly rut her until shes literally full of cum
(674.37 KB 853x1280 Chick BHA.png)
Test post to see if trips work because I like flavortext.

Bankruptcy via comms is impossible if you work hard enough. I'll share some stuff here later I'll be getting back soon enough.
(966.25 KB 1993x2627 CuteButtMightypoohead1.png)
(768.75 KB 1723x2200 8-15 - MightyPH.png)
(3.02 MB 3508x2480 mightypoohead (12).jpg)
Nah, not for lack of trying.
I'm having some concept art of her worked on so hopefully I'll be able to show/post that with more details soon-ish.
How does hmofa feel about a writefag commissioning art that is pretty spoilery? Specifically for events that aren't in the story yet.
Couldn't you ask the artist to keep it secret until you reach said points in the story? A temporary private commission, since I know some artists prefer to have their work out for all to see but I'm sure you could work out a deal.

Coincidently I really need to get some cash together and get some stuff done for the characters in my stories. It's a bad type of jealousy seeing all these characters realised when all I have are words.
If there's an artist worth their salt, it should absolutely be no problem.
(742.84 KB 2000x2000 1567398456435.png)
tah dah
She's planning something
I could but I don't like keeping these things secret for long. I'm mostly wondering if it ruins anyone's enjoyment of the story or if other writefags have given this thought before.
Who is she? New character?
you base this on sham's cat?
Oh man I didn't even look at the other thread, didn't get it at first.
Very sweet of you, drawanon.
sum dude was posting his blind cat and it made me think of a mischievous Helen Keler type
I didnt even realize it was sham cat lol. I saw blind kitty and thought of blind kitty gf shenanigans. more on that later.
Its kind of amazing that this just popped up out of nowhere with no one taking credit, no gloating, nothing.
It must've taken a lot of work to make this and it has to be hosted somewhere, and there's been zero downtime so far.
Whoever our secret benefactor is, he likes us a lot.
Lusting for furry ladies has been a thing since at least some part of pre written history. More for mythological reasonings but you get the point demand will generate supply
I guess so. Even so, thanks furmoot. Now don't fuck it up.
Shit, meant for >>220
One thing I do worry about is becoming an insular community without influx of new people. Or worse, influx of the wrong people.
Yeah I always worry that when it comes to niche communities like this. Its why /kemono/ on 8chan was dead as well even though it was pretty much this thread as an entire board
I do wonder which is the better thread for writing or concept feed back tho
One way to find out. Post stuff here and see what happens.
I'd sad this one is slower but probably good for feedback. I was also thinking maybe we should renumber the ones here or something.
Okay, well I'm currently editing some smut and the thought and I'm wondering if I should change up the waifu of it. Its just straight bdsm smut but I'm pretty peculiar about characters and wondering what might be some ideas you guys would want to see
(857.93 KB 1280x1280 1537045847.skykain_harem1.png)
post link in the OP of next thread
some people will get mad about it, but they cant be mad about it forever
and the more they derail the thread about it, the more they justify its inclusion
I asked for feedback the last time I updated my story in the 4chan thread and got nothing, so... I don't know.

People tend to be pretty enthusiastic about general ideas in the main thread, though.
Change up how? Species? If so, I always advocate waifurs that don't have many stories.
(1.01 MB 1280x905 cw.png)
I don't know about that, I hope that his autism is limited to /trash/ but I'm worried that he will follow us to this website and keep shitting the thread by posting his disgusting fetishes, the ones that technically are permitted in the rules but everyone hates. If we will make this our official "/hmofa/ bunker" then we should think about this possibility first
If by ideas you mean species, then I would give preference to the most underrated ones, or you can do a poll or something
this place has moderation for a reason
Advertising a site like this in the OP violates a global rule and can potentially get the URL blacklisted.
plenty of generals have discord links and such in the OP
(2.82 MB 1728x2540 1.png)
You mean like his obsession with little boys or are you mad about polyamory or something like that?
(293.63 KB 862x1280 res.jpg)
are there any stories with a opossum despite Acid Rain?

If you all want I can put it in the "/HMOFA/ General's Pastebin of Goodies": https://pastebin.com/wpdsc7nC
The one titled ">>Writing Guides, Media Links, Misc<<" in the OP.
That's not a bad compromise
What are some underrated ones?
Yeens (among artists, they've been getting some talk in the thread)

Yeens have the advantage of being pretty easy to convert to from awoos. Just a slight snout/teeth change, that short mohawk they have, and some spots and any big muscle awoo becomes a yeen.
There are almost no lizards. Birds aren't common in stories. On the mammal side there are a lot but off the top of my head, dolphins and squirrels stick out.
Otters, Ferrets, Weasels, Wallabies, pretty much every Mustelid or Marsupial is uncommon.
The idea of an otter or Weasel in bondage is p funny. Ill look into some different types and get something drafted
I'm pretty partial to tube-shaped animals. I'm planning to write some science fiction next, so I might consider a space variant.

I was originally thinking of a space cat. It's a good trope.

Also, I never see mongooses. And mongooses are cute.
Mongooses, mongeese, or mongii?
(229.95 KB 190x250 1557124090565.gif)
These might not all fit in your story but I keep a list of underrated waifurs

sea turtle
cottonmouth water moccasin
Northern Water Snake
komodo dragon
african wild dog
raccoon dog
>Leaves of falls just got 8,000 views
And that's how we can do it, if an Anon writes a story and then link it to this thread, we can get some influx of new people, of course the majority are not going to stay, but it's already enough to keep the thread from stagnating.
So shilling the site from the stories lmao thats p good and non invasive. I can dig it
(189.93 KB 1280x1083 DPEw6yqVQAEWh_u.jpg)
would you a yeen schoolgirl, anon?
>waifur-luminati "hidden" link at end of paste
I think it's smart but a bit silly.
(101.51 KB 1280x1024 IMG_20190902_225629.jpg)
I a simple man
I liek awoo
maybe one day I will get more into niche animals like all the other cool kids smh (testing word filters)
>socks wanting to branch out
I don't believe it
(807.87 KB 1480x1507 1562811658958.png)
(285.49 KB 1516x2048 EB11dkrUYAAu5zg.jpg)
Awoos are fine, anon. No need to feel down about it.
Looks like Murlwoo.
I'm not a pedophile, anon.
woah now anon, I didn't say anything about being minors.
tons of girls in hs over 18, and tons of girls in post-highschool type deals that have uniforms like that.
(233.86 KB 1348x1800 1549489788571.jpg)
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
I actually didn't mean it that way tbh
was just thinking of how all jap media is about schoolgirls and posted a pic, nothing to do with pedoshit
How does newthread feel about BIG girls?
When spelunking is a possibility the size difference is probably too great.
I like’em but I typically ‘switch off’ my kinks when I make stuff designed to be read by others; maybe having a nod here and there if, and only if, I feel it might add something interesting.
Big is good, but limited to like 8', maybe 9', by which point your dangerously treading macro territory.
(902.95 KB 1200x2100 EDgSEuWU4AANa5K copy.png)
Fuck that's hot.
Pretty much rape, but still hot.
Well it's said hypnosis only lowers your inhibitions and anything you do while under is a reflection of your true desires.
Okay, but a married man can have a desire to fuck another woman and not be a scumbag.
In fact most do.
"lowering his inhibitions" would be pretty fucked up there, no?
(1.14 MB 960x1200 spy.png)
Damn, we need more content with opossums
(112.24 KB 708x1280 1524366442400.jpg)
Write it, Anon.
(117.66 KB 905x1280 1567099549.wolfschtein_sora.jpg)
Gottdaymn, that is one choice poss.
You fuckin' know it.
Unfortunately I've got my opossums in my rat folder so they're kinda hard to pick out.
(1.62 MB 837x1089 1986.png)
What makes opossums and rats so appealing anyways? They are supposed to be pests but they also never fail to make my dick diamonds
hey anyone here want any art? it might take a while cuz i got other things to work on but theres a high chance that I'll get to it eventually
Sure, sounds good. More is always appreciated!
Draw a cute otter or possum doing something wholesome with their anon
(206.13 KB 1026x2047 D7wd-8KXYAAgQ1y.jpg)
I second this >>279
Shortstack otter sounds nice.
Is that you, stick-figurelad? I'd have to second
Dumb question, does this site not have a way to see date/time of posts?
What do you mean? It's right at the top of the post. There's also options in the settings on the top bar above the page to set it to local time or relative time.
not for phoneposters it dont lol
It must not show up on mobile, my bad
Oof, yeah looks like that's not an option. Could always request the desktop version.
(224.87 KB 812x1000 bunny.jpg)
anything is good
It's under settings.
which one of these is settings?
You gotta request the desktop site, I had to do that too
>phonepost on furchan
>no post timestamps
>loose track of time
>time passes, how long your not sure, but your still huddled in the corner of a dark room phoneposting.
>grow beard, muscles weak, malnutrition
>looks like you haven't seen the outside in months.
>yet you keep phoneposting
>see blinding light and hear a faint awoo from the middle of the room
>it's her
>it time to leave
>to a better place

this is how I want to go.
293 GET
(350.65 KB 960x1280 2019-08-22_Tiger_guide_01.jpg)
I'd warn you about post quality or something but I think the shame of your failure is punishment enough.
top fucking kek
(351.76 KB 1280x1024 1567563344892.png)
it hath been done
Oh fuck this hadn't even updated, super nice!
Love me some otter.
(552.76 KB 500x1023 1565458204167.png)
fucken saved
massive thunder thighs but i love the expressiveness
(122.64 KB 900x1200 DzImtaPW0AEkNa-.jpg)
(660.51 KB 1500x1600 1567534429399.jpg)
>massive thunder thighs, but
Dude, the thighs contribute toward making it perfect.
(1.49 MB 2190x1950 1567354378.spacedimsum_horse.png)
(373.75 KB 1181x1228 156263937921.png)
10/10 would not touch
thanks dan
(887.28 KB 1530x2100 COWBOY HOLDHANDS.png)
rootin' tootin' cowboy shootin'
> colt koch
> owo belt buckle
(246.80 KB 2000x2353 EBjN7pMXoAEzOii.jpg)
(251.17 KB 1280x1017 1548728065870.jpg)
(590.67 KB 981x1256 1539743907938.png)
(211.09 KB 1718x1150 WWGD.png)
(176.24 KB 1694x1268 WWID.png)
(104.72 KB 1662x576 WWJD.png)
Re posted from the /HMOFA/ 4chan thread where I was replying to a writer who got the SUPREME COMFY TAG (context: https://pastebin.com/dBVB0h3f ):

To be honest, I am still debating whether to keep that tag and the rest of the comfy indicators. Here are my reasons:

>I am worried writers without it would see it as me saying there story is not as comfy
>it can bias readers toward certain authors and dis-sway them from others
>impossible to be objective, it is the opinion of one guy

This is the only part of the tagging I am having trouble on. I created it for there are obviously comfy and non-comfy stories. I take on a conservative tagging approach where I only tag if I am 100% certain, so a lot of stories without comfy indicator tags are left up in the air or I have gotten to them yet. For instance, a story like "scars" may be comfy to some, but others may not see it that way b/c of Norton's uneasiness about his "relationship" with Ava. Another example would be "lightning in a bottle", those who haven't read it before may become anxious if they ever confess their love instead of be "friends with benefits". Here is some magnitude ratings off the top of my head.

Leaves of Fall, Roo'd Awakening, want of an alpha = supreme comfy
Stalker, Hungry For A Bear, anything my Jacklin instead of (underneath the armour) = undecided, no tag
Obsession = anti-comfy

Once again my whole goal of this is to be able to find a nice comfy story b/f bed, plane, trip, etc and the ones with the supreme comfy I can bet money that everyone will find it good. I would really enjoy with you all would give some suggestions to this problem of mind if you could.
I just don't see why you need to use a lennyface or a dollar sign or an @ symbol to represent things like comfiness etc.
Why wouldn't these just be regular tags like the rest? Abstracting them out such that you need a legend in order to understand them just seems like a pain to me.

As for writers being mad, allow them to submit their own tags or request some tags' removal if they want - you just tag them if there are none or you think some are missing and should be there. Seems like an easy solution.
"Supreme Comfy" vs. "Comfy" would be subjective I think. Might as well stick to 1, if overall tagging is the goal.
Agree with >>314, why use special symbols to represent those things? It just makes it harder to read.

Also it looks like you missed a ton of very relevant tags on a bunch of stories lower down in that list.

Not that I don't appreciate the effort though, it's great that youre doing this.
>Also it looks like you missed a ton of very relevant tags on a bunch of stories lower down in that list.
Oh, I am not done tagging, I still have a lot of stories to go.

>why use special symbols to represent those things? It just makes it harder to read.
I am definitely going to fix that up when I'm done. I use them to help navigate through all the stories quickly remembering which ones are finished, comfy, etc. I usually read and tag a story several times and usually with stories like it so I become familiar with what to look for. I can definitely change some of them when I upload an updated version again no problem (I do all the tagging on vim, so it is real easy to use regexp to replace symbols with proper tags at the drop of a hat). Thank you for you alls feed back so far, I am really loving it.
you can regex match and replace on notepad++ and co, no need for vim
I mean use what you want, but it's not a unique feature or anything
good luck with the tagging and reading, friend
(190.77 KB 1280x1024 1567655389982.png)
(316.04 KB 1030x1013 1567655706609.png)
based and kabedonpilled
Holy shit that's nice
Good work murlanon
Love their shading and faces. Well done, dude.
Sweet. More turning the tables on big dominant girls please.
don't understand why this would trigger someone on /trash/
(194.84 KB 1082x806 1563897123.png)
>Cuddle with your waifur in the morning
>Your coworkers start asking if you bought a dog
You seem to be forgetting just how absurdly petty at least one of the sadly regular assholes is. We’re talking someone who saves and posts stuff he ‘hates’ and has such a fixation on anyone who doesn’t have his exact tastes and uses the same slurs over and over.
I’ve been a regular on a few threads, every one has their thread shitheads, but /hmofa/ probably has the worst I’ve seen.
mr. writefriend
bring me a wife
make her the fuzziest I've seen in my life
give her a snout for sniffing and scritching
then tell the humie women to stop their bitching

writefriend, I'm so alone
don't have nobody to call my own
please write a comfy scene
mr. writefriend, write me a dream
(66.61 KB 316x1381 1470378478724.jpg)
(300.52 KB 296x262 1565931517382.gif)
bretty gud
YWN cuddle with your casual bottomless waifur.
Imagine, if you will, the smell.
raccoons are extremely cute
I want to marry the shit out of her

Also, checked
mighty's character?
(774.96 KB 2514x2800 im213.jpg)
(359.71 KB 1920x1080 489043848904.jpg)
raccoons also need love
what happened to Somethingaboutsharks's Pastebin? He set it all to private.

(342.74 KB 1766x2660 EDzpvdGUwAAsADe.jpg)
(335.26 KB 1665x2595 EDzpvdFUcAEn0sT.jpg)
(310.82 KB 1525x2507 EDzpvdGU8AEkr6Q.jpg)
They're still on his SoFurry account.
(17.82 KB 235x235 1554920040500.png)
(347.84 KB 1525x2507 EDzpvdGVAAAZwaV.jpg)
I missed one
damn those are hot
jeans tight over thighs, my god
(263.03 KB 1126x1280 happy girl.jpeg)
>Jean overalls
(1.11 MB 2550x3300 kc_IA89-mph-0816.jpg)
(745.12 KB 871x1280 lr9ntA7.png)
(720.36 KB 6000x4000 pAtfXgD.jpg)
Yup, one of mine.
Naomi, a Rat / Raccoon.
Daughter of Rebecca and Luka here.
Idunno who you qre but you've got pretty good taste, Mighty.
(162.92 KB 1200x1089 C74TynkVYAAaS57.jpg)
I'm Mighty, obviously.
And thanks, I tend to have a bit of a "compulsive showing off of characters" habit.
Wish I had the artistic chops or money to show off my characters. Instead I'm politely waiting until such a time as someone's inspired by my stories enough to take a crack at drawing them or I happen across a financial windfall where I can justify paying upwards of $100 on a decent piece for one.
Being one of those middle ground writefags no-one ever talks about is a weird feel.
I feel that
(256.01 KB 1200x1617 ED05ibiXkAANYKN.jpeg)
i want to hug and fug her and tell her everything will be fine
(91.12 KB 600x800 ahnassi.jpg)
>you will never be Ahnassi's special friend
(249.18 KB 2000x2000 ED0ZPvYUcAAxIh-.jpg)
I want the awoo to put the collar on me...
Por que no los dos?

Okay yeah that might be a bit awkward actually.
(89.60 KB 640x767 1e7tuyt859m21.jpeg)
I do wish this thread was more active. Been pretty dead for the last couple days.
(791.04 KB 299x168 1533966630601.gif)
> nipple pop
(529.09 KB 1280x1411 1564797410272.png)
This thread may be slower, but the quality is way better
That's true, but still. Feels like a lot of wasted comfy potential.
(621.84 KB 2393x4000 190901_ToothAndScale.jpg)
(554.56 KB 600x800 avanteraffle_lowres.png)
(678.11 KB 836x1071 snekyeenapublic.png)
quick dump, don't mind me
Hey, Mattariel here. Got a sequel to Firebrand for you fine folks!
I'll have to give the first a check later, love me a good mouse
Based writefriend. Thank you for this blessing.
(316.44 KB 1845x2660 EEDWdLpU4AAGpOa.jpg)
(306.65 KB 1845x2660 EEDWdLqU4AI3a_J.jpg)
(256.63 KB 1845x2660 EEDWdLoU8AEpOnd.jpg)
Shortstacks are the purest form of love, prove me wrong.
Hint: you can't.
for you
"The End" got updated on the 4chan thread
Shitposting is on the rise again in the main thread.
Agreed. Pretty gross with the child porn this time. How are you guys doing tonight?
What's everyone drinking?
Doing okay, just watching the slow trickle of views for my latest story while writing something else.
Not drinking though. Had a heavy dose of rum last week and I suffer poorly from drinking consistantly.
having a bit of sumpin' ale
it's okay
but yeah, /trash/ thread is bad again

have a yeen for your troubles
Putting off writing a paper for my capstone course and drinking cheap whiskey
(1.14 MB 1250x900 trespasser.png)
What do you guys think about stories with an apocalyptic setting? Are there any others besides that one with the lioness?
I'm not the biggest fan of the (post)-apocalypse. It doesn't lend itself too well to comfy stories, either.
There's all the Fallout ones, like the snakedog one Socks did
>It doesn't lend itself too well to comfy stories, either.
Why not? It doesn't have to be full chaos. Nothing stops writers from making a story about Anon and his waifur looting a deserted town, or building a house in the countryside after a catastrophic event
update when
(567.32 KB 1002x701 1508161915538.jpg)
I do not find the loss of civilization, which essentially defines the entire genre, to be particularly comforting. And if it is done in such a manner, I often find it jarring.

I've got family that went through war and loss and such. That sort of stuff tends to stick with a person. In itself, that would make it hard to write. I mean, I've seen requests for stuff that's part of my family history... but I'm never going to write it.
(1.20 MB 2834x3787 Double_Snuggle.jpg)
(217.04 KB 2000x2000 D663lftUEAA3KAU.jpg)
(120.42 KB 500x522 31897561359.png)
sad but true
(380.24 KB 824x1560 Word Bubble.png)
Tag list and tagged stories are getting too big for me too handle with pencil and paper. Going to use TECHNOLOGY (and a thesaurus) to create tagging libraries and increase tagging workflow. Also I need to make sure they make sense and aren't retarded. It may be a week or two before I resume tagging stories. Pic related was just me goofing around with a tab delimited txt file of some tags I have made up to be used in the future.

When I resume tagging, I am going to be tagging more recent stories so I could get possible feedback from authors an readers. Thank you Authors, Artist, Deimos_Lynx (Keeper and Updater of the Masterbin), and every other anon in /HMOFA/, for this opportunity to engage in a hobby I enjoy.
do you have any experience with databases and SQL?
this sounds like a classic database theory problem. could probably make a little system for it if I had the time/energy.
Thanks, I might look at that in the future. For now I am just going to make a rudimentary library or "bin" so I can get back to tagging as soon as possible. Basically I want to be able to have tags that are consistent and non-redundant and be able to change tags or merge tags under a new tag, and have these changes be recursively applied to the /HMOFA/ catalogue text file. Even though I've only gotten into the whole "Computer Thing" a few years ago. I don't think it should be too hard. If it comes down to it I can probably just bashscript, grep, vim, and sed my way to victory. :^)
you're going to actually have to learn how databases work if you're going to do it the way I'm talking about
like, learn about primary and foreign keys, many-to-one vs other types of connections, how actual database charts work, tables vs other shit, etc

but once you learn it all you could probably bang out a decent representation of a tag system on sql workbench in a couple hours, then ever after it's just a few scripts to add or delete a tag and customize the tags on a story
I'd make stories table entries, with authors and titles their primary keys (since a story can lack an author but would then probably have a title), with all tags as normal keys and links to sequels foriegn keys to the sequel's title and author
or maybe assign an incrementing ID number to each story to make it more foolproof
wouldn't need to worry about shit like cascade deletion due to the simple nature of the problem
I am going to change "might look at it" to "going to do it", but that will be in 1-2 weeks from now, when I finally clean up my tags and transfer everything from paper to computer. I will definitely post questions about technical and semantic issues and ambiguities during my process of creating a /hmofa/ SQL database in the threads for "Community Feedback" and for advice/help from anons like you. Thanks again for helping me pick a direction for this whole tagging thing.
np. of course if it winds up being too much work, there's no shame just doing tagging on a pastebin like normal.
Godspeed, tag-anon. You're doing damn good work.
Almost forgot. Do you have any suggestions where I should start learning about SQL: sites, books, etc?
honestly I have no idea how one would go about learning it on their own
I took a class in college and then learned more on-site during an internship
maybe just googling around for lessons on basic databases or intro to databases or something

it could be a fun project and it's a cool thing to learn, but honestly maybe it's better off just being an ad-hoc tag system applied directly through text editor. Idunno
Yeah maybe I got a little to excited there, I haven't even look at it and I am acting like it's set in stone. I'll do some research and come back with what I find to see if I can get some advise. No matter what though, I will eventually get to something like that, if not SQL, for I like the idea of a "software system that enables users to define, create, maintain and control access to the database" since my motivation for this whole "tagging thing" was to help increase access and interest for /HMOFA/ stories.
I believe it. put a lot of work into trying to help this thread out myself
good luck
So how high is the bump limit here exactly? We have to have passed it by now, right?
Is thread just not 404ing because there aren't enough threads to bump it off?
Probably helps it's just slower overall maybe?
Good question; guessing yes
this thread's gonna get pretty long then
(90.69 KB 851x1200 D9MSXGKXYAMlniM.jpg)
(71.74 KB 488x576 1539022691494.png)
I want a washboard flat kobold girlfriend
You could write a wrapper script to insert / query tags easily. Sounds like a fun project that isn't too much work.
Flat is justice!
Seriously, though, I like all (realistic) sizes, but I find kobolds, and lizards in general, work well flat. Just have to emphasise those hips.

Really not big into asking, especially due to the drama I caused on the main thread last time I made myself known (although thankfully avoided that when posting the story), but did anyone have any feedback for Pariah? I was worried that Firebrand was a lightning in a bottle scenario, and while I’m sure plenty of people were turned off because of what else I write, I’m just curious if it was enjoyed otherwise, or if my concerns managed to corrupt the story and make it worse. Thanks if you read it, regardless.
What about a post-post-apocalyptic setting though?
It has potential, because it allows you to sidestep a lot of the tropes I find annoying about post-apocalypse stories. You also avoid essentially forcing yourself into having to write traumatized characters. At the same time it lends itself to making good science fiction type points, using its new society as a jumping-off point.

It's pretty broad in terms of what you can do with it, while post-apocalypse stories will invariably be survival type stories.
(139.46 KB 1188x1098 1563770902724.jpg)
Can't say I have read all of it, although I enjoy some rodent girls, I'm not a fan of femdom, but from what I read I think it was a well written story.
Pic Unrelated.
Thanks. I hope you finish reading it, anyway, because their dynamic is not as straightforward as femdom. Candace is just high energy and fiesty against Max's steadier approach so I can see why it shows like that. I'd like to say more but it might spoil things.
I take it you read Firebrand as well?
(115.56 KB 1890x1554 EEEXxT-UEAAu_oy.jpeg)
>shota and rape are the main talking points in the thread

I want off this ride.
> anon really pushing his "i cuck your waifur" meme
> yeens = gay
> dominant female = gay
> submissive female = gay
> larger female = gay
> smaller female = gay

its all gotten real old already
(1.10 MB 1812x1108 Hugs-fourchan-trash-19389150.jpg)
it sucks for sure
so it goes
>introduce myself with /hmofa/ material a while ago.
>get attacked by assholes because they drag the fact I’ve written non m/f material out in an attempt to shame me.
>today, same assholes engaged in a goddamn war zone of every damn fetish that’s not /hmofa/.
I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. One has to laugh, or they’d cry.
Where do those retards even come from? It's fucking /trash/, of course people have degenerate fetishes.
Considering how fetishes aren’t exactly a controllable thing, I’ve got a simple live and let live approach. Even stuff that completely grosses me out, like torture or personality death fetishes, I just ignore what I can.
Sadly won’t be doing content for the thread for a while regardless. Already made the mistake of jumping directly into a sequel once and it’s not a mistake I wanna make again. When I do the story should be far comfier and hopefully I won’t damage my writing with my anxieties. The response was understandably lukewarm thanks to my screwups but at least it puts the narrative in a place better suited to more fun, less contentious material.
I've taken the same approach, ignore stuff I don't like. To be honest I rarely even read the thread anymore, just grep the page for new pastebin links.
Anyway I hope you'll write something for us again, don't let the opinions of anonymous shitposters affect your writing too much.
It wasn’t just the hostility from the trolls, but Firebrand did better than I ever imagined it would, based on the details from Sofurry, whereas Pariah fell flat.
Still, what’s done is done, and as said, it leaves the characters in a far more comfortable place to make less serious stories of the couple just doing things together with their relationship more concrete and both sounder of mind.
When I do return, I’m undecided whether to do shorter, more isolated ‘episodes’ or another longer story. Going by what /hmofa/ seems to prefer I might go episodic.
Did they remove the option to report loli/shota on /trash/? The discussion/content being posted is rather unsettling, but it doesn't look like there is anything that can be done to counter it.
(77.09 KB 1000x495 mother here to support me.png)
I hope you don't let the thread scare you off
if need be just fuck 'em, stop going over and just release and hang out here
Not the thread as such, but I can’t discount the atmosphere there does make putting time and effort more of a struggle.
No, as I said prior, even the reception of Pariah on Sofurry was lukewarm in comparison. I know I was really concerned that I’d caught lightning in a bottle with Firebrand and nothing I made as a sequel would stack up. My proofreader assured me this wouldn’t be the case but my own concerns took hold and probably dragged the quality down.

With the grimier aspects out of the way with Pariah, though, it opens things up to more lighthearted stories in the future so hopefully that will suit people better. I’m currently rewriting some of my earlier stories for my other series. As it stands I have scenes for Max and Candace in mind that I can flesh out into shorter episodes, as well as maybe change protagonists but keep the world. We’ll see what I get more inspired by nearer time, but probably won’t be for a few months.

I’ll still hang here and watch /hmofa/, but I think I’ll only give updates on here. You’re good people.
Yes please, I loved Pariah. I am a big sucker for in depth characterization; I loved how we were able to see what makes Candace Candace.
only for posts with pictures
nice digits
it doesn't matter anyway, I tried reporting the shota porn that got posted couple days ago and absolutely nothing came of it, even though the thread was only like 100 posts in
absolutely pointless to expect moderation on trash
I'm glad that aspect was enjoyed. I guess having a heavy focus on a character a some people wholly dislike (based on some responses I did get) was always a gamble, considering the highest praise my proofreader gave was that he understood her now. Don't know if he actually likes her, but understood and found her interestng.
My doubts aside, it was still fun playing a balancing game with Candace; to give her some very strong positive traits but some equally strong negative ones.
It'll make the sequel, or the episodes, an interesting play in demonstrating that the therapy will reduce her negative traits, but at the same time make sure I don't turn her into a Mary-Sue. There's a reason I'm probably gonna call the stories collectively the "Candace being Candace" series.

It's a shame, because /trash/ has such awesome freedom but sadly that's a huge double edged sword. Especially when folks refuse to stop feeding the trolls.
(175.12 KB 1003x796 1568564491493.png)
(89.22 KB 735x735 IMG_20190915_132705_155.jpg)
oh yea
love the series of anthro-ized reaction images you do, it's real fun
(118.41 KB 1350x1179 1568584106161.png)
(312.74 KB 379x332 371.gif)
there is not janitors on /trash/ only global mods who are incredible slow on deleting post that are breaking the rules
Vuko here.

I suppose it's good to post this here as well. It's a month late, but I wanted to give back to you guys since I've started doing requests. I always mull over not being able to do all of them, but I save every request I get for a later moment. And while it's not all of them, that moment is now.

I hope you enjoy.

you're a beautiful mans, vuko. we all missed you
This is some stellar work! Outstanding stuff, man.
Really makes me want to blow some cash on getting some commissions done for my characters at some point. Goddamn bills need paying though.
(106.42 KB 678x678 1561332496120.jpg)
my man. love em

quick, post on new thread
Can I put this in the art links section of the pastebin?:

And it would be cool to know if you had any other imigur image links that had images not on your furrafinity account.

Also to the whole thread: do you all have suggestions/ideas of other artist and image links that should go there?
dimwtdog, triuni, and jiji
(2.85 MB 2292x3500 Guy-Shira-Curious Melody-Vuko.jpg)
(2.23 MB 3209x3494 Dro-m'Athra-1-Vuko.jpg)
Thanks, I missed me too; literally. Wasn't in the best place; but it's about taking steps right now.
Just gotta squirrel that little cache man, but yeah bills are bills.
Done and Done
I suppose I wouldn't mind. I'm considering making one big archive of all the requests I've done in one place (so people don't have to dig through twitter or try and crop them from the big images on FA/NG), and I've been pointed to Catbox for that. Though I would like the feature to add commentary to each image so I can relay what the request was and such.
Does STALKER count? Oliver did one in the STALKER universe that's good
(82.52 KB 963x1200 EElgm1uVUAAzovl.jpeg)
I guess I'll post my shit here, since I was asked to
I make no promises
I liked it. Some solid characterisation, and nice scene setting. All I will say is there are some parts that are worded... let’s just day you use more words than is likely necessary for simple actions. It’s something I’ve learned to be mindful of and by all means ignore me, because I’m still learning as well, but unless you’re intentionally going for specific actions or heavier details, the reader can fill in the blanks themselves.
As an example from 107, just to demonstrate what I mean, I’ll post my attempt to trim down while still getting the same result.

"You need to use your head more," she said, sighing, "we can't keep losing out on potential business like this." She released me and stepped back, already calm despite the fact she was absolutely right.
Nah, it's helpful to get that kind of note. Honestly, I don't do a lot of editing for my stories, if any sometimes. It's a habit I probably need to get into, though.
Considering I've had little success from /hmofa/ as a rule, I'll say to take my advice with a pinch of salt, but I find learning to trim down parts can really give emphasis on others. Readers can suddenly notice the extra details the protagonist does, and start worrying about what it might mean.
Noone really gives a fuck about the shit I post on the thread, so getting any kind of feedback trying to help is great.
I certainly know that feeling. In the end, so long as you're enjoying the writing process, that's the important part.
(651.46 KB 1913x1937 KMiSEMH.jpg)
Holy shit, you actually fucking did it, I can't find words to thank you for the things that you have done to this general.
Also, I have to say that you draw really good backgrounds
(849.69 KB 3360x2100 I think I know what I'm doing?.png)
Hello its me, the anon who tags stuff. A week ago I said it would take me 1-2 weeks to return back to tagging stuff. As of now it will be 1-3 weeks from today, until I return to tagging stuff due to work related things and making scripts and junk for tagging (pic related). I can guarantee that the time to get these scripts right will be worth it for my workflow. Thanks again to the authors, Deimos_Lynx, and all the other anons who make this project of mine possible and enjoyable.
Excellent stuff! Always really cool to see someone inspired and grow from it. Godspeed, dude.
I am trying to find free time to write again but with work how it is Strong and I and both hard pressed to get spare time to write. I'm also trying to find an artist who's okay with drawing real proper despair still.

For now have a guilty waifur.
oh no
sorry to hear it man, hope things get better ad we get more soon
no pressure though
Uh-oh, why is Jasmine now Punished Jasmine?
(484.44 KB 695x1280 1564698748555.png)
cute bat!
(910.74 KB 2181x1500 LOVE ME.png)
why are yandere/dommy waifurs so based
especially yeens

imagine being courted and manhandled by a stronk girl
(1.39 MB 2951x3842 IMG_5816.PNG)
Hello? Is this thing on? Great!

Some of you may remember me. Most probably don't, but that's okay. I've come here to say I'm not dead, and in fact, I'm live right now! Hope to see you folks there!


Love, <Retconned>
(427.66 KB 1024x750 1530657217831.gif)
Its a shame that When people think of hyena's they always default to spotted hyenas. Which tends to bring the more cringy parts of the community out
(1.87 MB 2600x1841 hyena dominates anon.png)
(1.37 MB 763x900 IMG_20190915_084648.jpg)
(158.67 KB 415x793 1259506097.ecmajor_yenayena.jpg)
while I see your point, I wouldn't blame spotted yeens for the 'tism
they do have the most interesting social structures and dimoprhism
some people are just too obsessed with dicks to not freak out at a clitoris

stripeys and browns have their own charm though for sure
(872.45 KB 1280x1238 0oMlJCOv8gI9HA4WfTz8Wg_u18chan.png)
Oh for sure, I never have an issue with spotted yeens. Anatomy or otherwise. Being stuck in 90's Punk/Anarch biker culture however. Are yeens the niggers of the anthro world?
cool it with the slurs, this is supposed to be comfy
Lord, Okay Let me rephrase, Are yeens of a certain Socioeconomic situation where thier culture feeds into thier own percieved ignorance and poverty resulting in less than optimal maturity and intellectual growth

Thanks for stopping by, those who did! Gonna be trying to get back on a mostly-daily schedule, around midnight CST.

That's how their often portrayed, but a lot of that comes down to erroneous stereotypes about the actual animal.
Actual spotted hyenas are highly intelligent and highly social, not too far behind primates in that regard.

Basically what I'm saying is that if The Lion King were realistic, it'd be called The Hyena Queen.
eh, I dunno if I buy the whole "hyenas would be hood" rhetoric
lions are also african but never get that treatment
hyenas are mean and bully each other, but they're also crazy social and known to treat humans pretty well if they know 'em
not to mention they're on the more clever side of mammals, pretty soundly beating most canines in practical intelligence and beating all but humans and some primates for social intelligence

but seriously c'mon now you can't pretend "I didn't say black I said X" works any more. fuck, it's banned on 4chan now technically. if you mean hood say hood
I'm not pretending anything, I agree with how hyenas are I'm saying that i dislike the way they are portrayed my question was more rhetorical than anything else but I guess people miss that
no I mean about the word choice
just saying I was on /k/ when that was basically what everyone was saying before /pol/ invaded
"no no not all black guys are n*"
it's a tired excuse in my opinion

it's a legitimately interesting question other than that though
(1.54 MB 1000x1400 Absolute_Degeneracy.png)
Y'all like cyborg waifurs?
And anime husbandos?
(2.83 MB 345x260 1545348983795.gif)
>And anime husbandos
i was with you until this part
What about being the anime husbando?
(247.76 KB 432x560 n5p1aQg.png)
>What about being the anime husbando?
(113.63 KB 610x599 1558741515039.png)
do you guys prefer mostly anthro, or mostly feral ratio?
>Mostly feral
Read the thread title, peruse the images. This isn't a feral thread, and keep in mind, it IS moderated.
(119.30 KB 1407x2186 EEC4ZISXsAIbPLh.jpg)
I mean on the scale from human to feral, since "anthro" is a range on it
where on that range do you prefer

read the post again
You already have it. Read the thread title again. If you want to start /ztg/, go start one.
I really don't understand what you're trying to say here lmao
>Why are you trollblocking me brah xD
dude, from human to feral is a big range
I literally wanted to talk about which end people like to lean toward
and then you didn't like a zootopia pic for some reason?
getting the feeling I'm the one getting trolled
I like a closer to human personally, though sometimes it goes the other way. Depends on mood I guess?
That's a pretty innocent topic Anon, give it a rest.
(155.80 KB 3008x1260 Figure 1.jpg)
Are you saying everything between human and feral is "anthro"? So if we were to graph a arbitrary furry character it would lie between the two extremes on "anthro"? I believe pic related is what your trying to say.
interesting, I've heard people say they switch preferences before
I don't personally, I'm always around a 25%/75% split on human/feral
I've been told it's sort of a split between sexy and cute, where the more human anthros are sexier while the more feral ones are cuter, so it can depend on mood
yeah, that's pretty much it
I mean on the very extremes, like sentient feral or catgirls, it's not quite anthro
but it's pretty easy to see there's a range, right?
Sure, I buy that. I'm more in for sexiness so it makes sense, and I guess when I like more feral characters it's kind of a sense of cuteness.
Never thought about it like that before.
(54.54 KB 1320x1160 IMG_20190903_070142.jpg)
(204.27 KB 760x1000 DubnlscVYAAWPaA.png)
(291.84 KB 1324x1080 EBz6sFbXYAAGqFx.png)
I wish /trash/ had actual moderation. The shitposting and constant bullshit arguments are killing my willingness to even show up what little amount in the /hmofa/ thread I do.
(182.57 KB 1648x1648 IMG_20190504_223807.jpg)
it's why this place is here
that's some consolation at least
Best to just keep both threads open and only post in /hmofa/ proper when the morons aren't in full swing.

How many people even misbehave in the thread? Doesn't seem like more than a handful, but it's a very loud minority.
>Anon, give it a rest
I'm a natural cynic, I can't shut that off. Besides, I said the same thing about Faygo back when he started up, and now we get to enjoy rousing discourse about the wonders of rape, NTR, and shota. Hate to say I told you so, but...

Of course, the first few posts in the recent thread pretty much close the book on any questions as to whether they're the same person.
(323.08 KB 506x900 EEb5k3xWwAAqkYe.png)
I don't shitpost, I can guarantee that
fayposter is definitely a creep but your little freakout about my question was dumb
it's an obviously on-theme topic that can generate good discussion
I'm genuinely not sure. Likely just a few who're full on militant, compounded by people who enjoy joining in.
>but your little freakout about my question was dumb
>A freakout
Lel. I'm not the one freaking out, guy. If you ask risqué questions, expect a little grilling, we're still on an imageboard. It gets a little hot from time to time. Taking it with grace is more persuasive than griping about it. I posted this in the other thread, have something soft and warm to land on.
(156.26 KB 2048x1593 ECyeSVEUcAAZfP-.jpeg)
look, I don't want to start shit. but this >>477
is called a freakout

whatever. have a waifur
I might not be many people, but they do it often enough I'm probably going to end up just posting my story updates and then disappearing until the next update. I genuinely can't stand the rampant faggotry and back and forth shitflinging. And I know, >4chan, but the thread wasn't always this way, and I'm just getting tired of hoping it'll get better.
Without moderation, the shit won't improve on its own, so why bother sticking around?
The state of the general makes me hesitant to invest time into writing for it at all. Why bother posting content if there's a good chance it gets smothered by shitposting?
He got upset and shitposte without responding to your points. It happens. Let him have his retreat and just take the win.
This is why it's best to post stories elsewhere. I post on Sofurry and the success of my first /hmofa/ story keeps me wanting to make more (even if the sequel didn't do anywhere near as well). I also get invested in my own characters and want to at least see them reach a satisfying ending.
That and, as always, the joy of writing, for practice.
I get it, trying to do exactly that
people seem to get good responses after posting things here
the thread can be good sometimes, so long as you do it when the really bad ones are asleep
This is why I started posting my writing outside of the thread as well as in. It's easier to keep up the motivation.
This is why you don't write for the thread. Write for yourself. Do it because you enjoy it.
what if you don't really enjoy it, but you enjoy recognition and approval?
Then I suggest posting outside of the thread, mostly on SoFurry since barely anyone reads stories on FA itself. Or learn to draw since that's a good way to get attention.
That's called having a job that happens to be about writing. Find a job getting paid for it. I certainly don't work for the joy of it; writing is my source of escape, but it's one I hope to turn into a career I enjoy if I get good enough.
Yeah, passive-aggressive redditposting's gonna "win" the day for you, whatever that means. You sound real impervious to criticism and suspicion when probing with weird questions during primetime for the /trash/ general, you must've taken sensibility training from SOB.

Don't let that stop you from writing, especially if you enjoy it. The general's great for jump-starting your creative passions, but don't let it control them. You can update it here for discussion and post it there for the optics without hanging around. The thread's not going away anytime soon, and we'd be sad to see its state drive you away. Hang in there and do what brings you joy. Listen to

is the case, share it in both threads, but openly request comments here; we still love to talk about writing and plot. That hasn't changed.
first, you started the passive aggressiveness with your "read the thread" attitde off the bat.
second, redditposting doesn't mean anything.
third, the question wasn't weird or provocative or anything. it was a classic hmofa idea and art prompt.
fourth, I wasn't the one that said anything about winning anything. your issue there isn't with me.

stop the stupid argument
>stop the stupid argument
Your question was weird and provocative and you followed it up with borderline feral porn. Stop playing dumb because you got a little heat for it and feel free to stop responding any time if you're secure in your big boy shoes.
leave that shit in trash, faggot
Stop now. First and last warning.
(933.35 KB 1248x1280 53d0d8897447947367b2fee84487a1c6.png)
fucking good
Leave what shit in /trash/, you fucking retard? Every time some idiot comes into the thread asking if it likes [x], they get pissy about being told off and spam it relentlessly. It's a litmus test that's intended to push the boundary on what's acceptable. Oh, /hmofa/ doesn't like rape? Gonna spam it. /hmofa/ doesn't like pedoshit? Here we go again. YOU leave that shit in /trash/, we have this to get away from derailment and unwanted content, not freedom from getting reamed for wording questions poorly. We've done it countless times, feel free to ask specific questions like digitigrade vs. plantigrade, do you like tapetums, slit pupils, tines that function as olfactory organs, certain specific animal traits, etc. You come around asking, "Hey /hmofa/, on a scale from the family dog to human women with nothing but cat ears, what gets you the hardest?" expect some pushback. Again, this is still an imageboard, feel free to stop getting your feefees hurt over some minor friction. You made this a multipost ordeal, I just criticized you over it and questioned your intent, especially when you gave a stock "WHY YOU CANCELING ME, BRO?" response.
Banned for one day. Don't do this again.
Okay, just read your post, I was typing. I'll drop it.
(1.72 MB 3090x1500 5'11 vs 6'1.png)
giv weeb yeen gf
>Savage headpatting intensifies.
(686.85 KB 856x1200 1530025374.skykain_skykain01.png)
(773.65 KB 856x1200 1530025484.skykain_skykain02.png)
wtf was that
Some dude having a breakdown I guess
In other news, you have excellent taste
(1.00 MB 2560x1500 jackal robo-nurse.png)
(241.33 KB 1080x1080 wholesome.png)
do you think she can toast bread and make paninis with her defibrillator hands
>horsing around
>haha make fun of her
>her hands end up on your chest
the medic always ends up as the most dangerous melee class
I love the audacity on her
>alone on a friday night
I like to imagine she's been a hopeless virgin her whole life leading up to this too
just one day she's like "you know what fuck this, hey you, you're my boyfriend now"

or maybe she always acts like this and it's why she's unpopular/a virgin, like that one girl from watamote
w AI furs
(739.95 KB 1280x1539 1562131.png)
When our technology gets advanced enough so we can have wAIfur robots, should we also get sapient AIs?
Pic unrelated
You're the real deal, Vuko. The bat girl request was mine.
This made my day
(48.72 KB 920x1120 IMG_20190903_070140.jpg)
ye, I like their art
(740.78 KB 1280x1610 534523.png)
I'm pretty sure that's a machete, ma'am
(597.02 KB 1500x1500 d015ce88618c3d91c8e846ff3e7fad57.png)
aw rats
(124.72 KB 957x1280 1565137519459.jfif)
(906.78 KB 966x1024 1566428034731.png)
>Savage headpatting intensifies.>>531
Tsk, forgot this site does that. nvm
Talking about the quick reply keeping old text after closing without posting?
The fix is probably really easy, but I'm trying to get into good practices so I've been waiting to set up a dev environment and rollout changes rather than do it on the production server.
I'm working on it though.
Ah, cool. Yeah, it's not a big deal but that would be a really nice feature. Only reason I didn't notice the text was I uploaded the images using my dinky writing laptop screen forced the text box out of view so I didn't even realise it was still there.
(422.25 KB 2035x1857 EFBrHnJVUAABTzD.jpeg)
(306.18 KB 1600x2087 EFEF-DDU4AAnCh4.jpg)
(1016.12 KB 2364x2658 mightyph502.png)
(625.92 KB 1451x1338 ZiGDXBS.png)
(958.98 KB 1594x2101 L8D274S.png)
(140.71 KB 1600x900 EFFoqSlWkAASLfk.jpg)
>want to start new story
>need to plan things out
>hate planning
>start writing on a "side project"
>4k rambling words in two days
>unsure of quality
>unsure if I'll even put it out there
>unsure if editing it is even worth the effort
>still want to continue so I can get to the fetish-heavy stuff I have in mind


It was just a silly idea and I just started hammering it out. Those could have been 4k words into the story I actually promised myself and others I'd write.

>already have an idea for a short story based around Vuko's art of my request, too
got some experience with that
the way I see it, there are two mutually exclusive ways to write
you can plan everything out and try to hit each plot point at you go and be hyper perfectionist
which for me sets off my anxiety but it works well for some rare supermen
or you can just spam bullshit and release it without worrying too much

if you do that second thing enough you'll get good enough at it that it might not matter too much
Yeah, I've always been more of a pantser. This is also an idea I got because I recently read The Island of Dr. Moreau, and I got the idea of a kind of pastiche of it for a fetish story. Except I've only introduced the first anthro at the end of those 4k words. So it's pretty fresh in my mind, and I'm just following the general structure of a story that already exists.

For my other idea, I've realized I'd need to work out the in-setting logic a little more. It's science fiction, so I need to know what exists, what's possible, and I'd need to plot out the actual... you know, plot. Figure out what people want, where they need to go, and how it leads to human/anthro love, and also filthy human/anthro sex.
This is close to the gardener vs architect argument. Gardeners plant the story seed, knowing roughly what they’ll get (fantasy, romance, action etc) but they never know how much of a yield, whether there’s anything worth clipping off or replanting (side plots developing on a whim, shutting down others that aren’t fruitful). Basically the pantsers.

Architects are the ones who sit down an plan everything out to the tiniest detail, which can make things less inclined to deviate.
Tiny site update:

The dev environment is now a thing, and comment field being cleared when closing quick reply window has been implemented.
However, you might have to clear your browser's cache in order for the change to take effect right away.
>tfw architect

Damn it, I need to get back to writing my story instead of managing minutiae.
That may be the first time Ive ever seen a developer address and implement a QoL request one-on-one like that
Kinda cool to have our own resident m00t
Indeed, based mods!
(490.29 KB 500x257 yeen coming for that dick.gif)
I want an eldritch yeen gf

I'm live again at the same address, for those interested~

(128.00 KB 1770x940 EFGLhQuXoAEPwy-.jpg)
>tits on an anthro
(1.34 MB 2000x2000 yeen_hmofa_themabs.png)
(1.42 MB 2000x2000 yeen_hmofa_bigspoon.png)
(5.64 MB 300x300 ae8.gif)
W E W lad. Take it easy on my poor heart.
(562.65 KB 1200x854 1525190639394.png)
i have a weakness for wAIfurs
also witnessed
(303.40 KB 960x600 Tags so far.jpeg)
Getting there, tag-anon! This is gonna be great!
nice, always good to see progress
> biggest species related tags are canine followed by wolf
But dogs do have tits, they just don't do anything until they're pregnant.
in that case
you know what to do
I wonder (((whowoo))) could be behind this unexpected turn of events?
I need some comfy, stat.
(225.75 KB 914x1280 1569185531.abananaman_pups.png)
I got a PupS delivery girl
This is a good woofer, thanks.
> chloe
why does this seem familiar?
monkeys and humans fucking in space
(160.60 KB 1180x1539 f056e9be3bb28aada25f0536b593c31b.jpg)
not unless its a space meow
(910.74 KB 2181x1500 LOVE ME.png)
>meows and monkeys
bet you bitches don't even get humie dick
no humie would want a wallflower like you

pic related is me getting hot human cock like the alpha I am
Would you guys mind a semi-incest story with an adopted main character who fucks his step-mom?
I know anything outside of strict handholding love is a little taboo.
that's not incest, just potentially awkward/hot. We already have a few "semi-incest" stories.
if my doujin sites are anything to go by, the nips already made a word for this kind of thing
something similar (pseudo-incest) has already been written in the thread's history, to minimal disagreement in my opinion
go ahead
Warned you, fellas.
What are you crying about?
>It said, wiping the tears from its reddened cheeks
So much for that warning.
(1003.94 KB 3360x2100 perl + waifurs = happiness .png)
Hello it's the anon who tags. I will return back to tagging in 2 weeks at the most. When I figure out how to remove my name from the .git file Ill try to post something to github. Here is what I have or will complete with my work so far:

To help me tag better and faster:
> Tagging workflow: hyperlinks allow me to click a link in my catalogue text file on my computer to take me to the corresponding text file of the paste on my computer.
>Opening fic text files automatically opens my notes
>developing syntax/regexp standards for the catalogue to account for human error when typing things to catalogue txt
>1-2 length keystroke commands allow me to go to the exact line of interest from an output from a program that analyzes my catalogue txt file.
>...alot of other stuff...
To make a better tagging catalogue:
>tagging thesaurus to get rid of or increase redundancy
>https request that allow me to know the date created, edited, etc. and let me put those values in the library. Takes me 20 minutes to get this information for every paste in the library (does not include time for html parsing and data storing). Any faster an pastebin.com will ban my IP.
>regexp sequences that allow me to transfer my weird cryptic tagging symbols and operators to something that everyone can under stand

My goal is to make a dynamic tagging system and workflow b/c 4chan and its non central way of doing things. I also want to tag in a way that is closest to what the author would agree with (as hard as that sounds), which means Conservative and objective leaning tagging. However, there are some relatively more subjective tags such as comfy. So far, if the author says its comfy then the tag comfy will be there, the rest that are tagged comfy are just me saying this story would most likely be relatively less emotionally stressful or triggering(lol) than the other stories if its not already obviously comfy. (just thinking about the grey area of the comfy tag is stressing me out, lol)

Once again thank you to the writers, artist, deimos_lynx (creator and maintainer of the master bin), and the feedback of anons and writers in the thread. And thank you to all the anons and writers who reached out to me about mistakes in the catalogue and help.


Dear anon_the =_shitposter,

If you were following my postings you would notice that my screenshots have your story(vanguard and padmayan adventures) pulled up, it was the last story I was on before I embarked on this endeavor. I haven't finish tagging it, but I thought it might be humorous for you to know that I am using your story out of circumstance to test my scripts, my tagging system, and syntax. For instance, I spent a good hour trying to make the phrase "a blend of human and desert fox" stay highlighted when my cursor was on the same line. Just thought that was kinda funny/cool.
To be honest, you're putting in a lot more effort into this tagging thing than I do in my stories
You probably won't believe me, but I think what I'm doing is way easier and requires a lot less effort than writing a story. Sure it might take me hours to write up scripts and debug things and the process can be overall exhausting, meticulous, and stressful, but in the end I can get direct objective feedback by simply evaluating whether or not the script works. It might take me ages, but eventually I will probably get around to a solution. With writing a story, I feel the lack of immediate and plentiful feedback along with less defined and objective goals can make it a real nightmare. Not knowing if your on the right track, wondering if the effort you put in will actually improve story, constantly wondering what the majority of people think about your story, since most if not all don't provide feedback, so you have no idea where you need to improve, balancing writing for you and writing for others, spending so much time working on a story that you lose the spark that motivated you in the first place, but you continue anyways over the stuff you do have a spark for, because people are already invested in it and you'd feel guilty in letting them down, worrying about whether you should chose long/short stories and big/small updates in order to keep people engaged in your story, spending several weeks on a update and post it to the thread only to get no replies or if your desperate for actual feedback getting only a few replies that say "nice" or "great story, I like it" (I'm guilty of this), and many more things. To summarize, I think the lack of feedback and clear goals (what people like: subjective and varied) and the absolute amount of creativity needed to put story on paper can be an Olympian effort compared to programing scripts where every term and phenomena is documented, books and blogs galore, feedback immediate, and any obstacle I run into can be solved with copy/paste from stack exchange (Note: I do not speak for other people who code/program). Besides that thanks for compliment

>inb4 I'm just being modest
I have tried to attempt to write stories, several times. I never understood how a normal person could do it, just write a good story and keep improving. On 4chan and the like it really sometimes seems for y'all a thankless job, so I hope I can help more people appreciate y'all s efforts with my tagging.
I've come to terms on never getting feedback, so I don't let it get me down when nothing happens after I post some shit. Not that it matters, since I usually just post then leave the thread, since again, I already know it's pointless. Plus, the thread has become absolute ass anyway, so there's even less reason to stick around.
Yeah, feedback would be tremendous, but /hmofa is probably the worst place to get it because of the active trolling.
It's one of the reasons I'm so damn glad I have a proofreader who's both critical of my fuckups but also lets me know when certain parts really stand out.
It seriously gives me hope I might some day be good enough to write professionally, even if I've still got a long way to go.

Shitposting aside, feedback still seems to be pretty decent when the author solicits critique and enough eyes catch the story. It's just a matter of hitting a good time to post the writing.
Feedback is a really give/get product of time and effort. Most responses to story update posts are immediate, more acknowledgements and implicit declarations of interest that precede actual perusal of the stories being shared. It's a very good practice to read a chapter or two into a story, take notes, and pen critique from there. Generally, others will follow that example and chime in too. Jacklin just got some great feedback in the 4chan thread and that's encouraging me to do the same.
(610.82 KB 1920x1200 1570074445716.png)
No matter how big or small
Anon loves them all
>multiple amories
never works...
real tho, great job
extremely curvey
I mean at least you could store more weapons than you could before?
the girls dont get along, huh?
(109.81 KB 1600x1200 IMG_20191003_220421_670.jpg)
(239.35 KB 1207x1280 1569898286.theredghost_poofy.jpg)
(179.93 KB 1000x1500 EFvMBZVXoAA19hL.jpeg)
(1.72 MB 936x1280 1546676676.png)
jesus christ she's yuge
would pay immediately
why is there a large bird telling me about library books at 4 in the morning in my bedroom
She just told you the reason. Don't make here repeat herself.
Hey guys, it's Durr. Most of you may not know me, but I used to write for the old thread. I heard this thread was a bit better, so I figured I might as well post my more recent stuff here. People seemed to like these, so I'll post them here to test the waters.


Out of Place (Starfox)

More than enough

Out of place may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the other two are much more general. I'll see if I can make something new for the thread if I'm not immediately bombarded with murder. Hope you guys can enjoy at least one of them. For those of you who've been wanting me back, consider this me coming back.
(14.01 KB 275x279 560009771337.jpg)
ITALIANON, why aren't the megafile urls in the doujin master dump working?

(1.54 MB 500x283 1570504619019.gif)
>dead writefag returns
who dat
(972.04 KB 3360x2100 OH SHIT. OH FUCK..png)
taganon here with a very sleepy checkup thing. Tagging will resume 1 week from today. And I will add the following features in 1 week:

>tag list at the bottom, can go to it by pressing (ctrl-f + ;;).
>typing (ctrl-f + {tagname};) will find only tags and not random sentences and title words.
>getting rid of typos and weirdly archaic symbols and junk

what I want to eventually do (coming in a few months or sooner)
>creation date, and last edited date for each story in catalog that is updated every time I update the catalog (automatically) at a daily frequency if they see the pro accounts again.)
>html CURLING of desuarchive to archive /hmofa/ and to other automatic shenanigans, I already do it for the pastebins just need to make it automatic and do HTML parsing.
>lots of other stuff but too tired to think

Once again thank you to the writefags, deimos_lynx, the artists, and all the other anons that make this worth it. I would name alot more but I'm tired and I need to make a proper list. (for example, ITALIONANON)

I really like doing this b/c of this general I am learning a programing language, improving my spelling and reading, learning to organize better, and appreciate others people's preferences when it comes to fics and smut. Remember to be really loud on what you want out of a tagging catalog and what you want in https://pastebin.com/wpdsc7nC. Their there for the anon's of the general and you alls opinon should shape them.

Sorry if there is typos, I am really tired. The tagging script thing is taking so long b/c I am adding alot of checks and balances so I don't accidently delete or undo changes. THank you and goodnight.
gotta watch those periods
oh and which of the following do you all prefer

tit fuck

hand job
I prefer boobjob and handjob
(1.35 MB 3360x2100 there is currently an attempt.png)
pic related I want to try something to resolve this, but this is way in the future.
if it's an automated system, you could do it the way e621 does
if you search a tag that's synonymous with another or implied by another it just redirects you
like if you search socks it will automatically search legwear since socks is implied by legwear
that's what I was thinking but it's going to be months before I can implement something like that and it would have to be external to paste bin. I also want to see if I can get a hold of access to any database on species, video game titles and character, holidays etc etc. but the prior are just wild fantasies at the moment.
I'm with
but otherwise, titfuck works just fine.

Welcome back, dude.
the shit just keeps happening over at trash
>mfw I haven't browsed /hmofa/ for a few days.
>mfw I'm a happier person because of it.
I fully intend to announce a continuation to a story relating to the thread when I actually make it, but goddamn if the presence of certain assholes, and thus my ignoring thereof, hasn't been a positive change in my life.
Same here. I've been away from the /trash/ thread for over half a year now and have been feeling great. Every time I'd post a story update I would be called out or pushed away by people who had personal issues with me. I'm honestly glad someone told me about this place, as I whole heartedly hope I can post my stories in here without the entire thread collapsing into chaos. I probably won't post my stuff on /trash/, but I will definitely post it here.
I want to modify the catalogue ( https://pastebin.com/dBVB0h3f ) that you can easily find tags with ctrl+f. Here are some suggestions.

>[wolf, larger anthro][non-smut, pettingi,f:pov]

Alt. that alows tag searching via "<C-F>;tag_name;"

>[;wolf;larger anthro;][;comfy;non-smut;petting;f:pov;]

>[;wolf; ;larger anthro;][;comfy; ;non-smut; ;petting; ;f:pov;]


What do you anons think?
I don't understand why the second would be better than the first

There's some hope for /trash/ as of late, seeing as the board's spammers have been getting banned. Maybe the mods will actually handle reports on mass shitposting and/or thread derailing at some point.
once joined the IRC and asked the mods if they'd consider looking at hmofa during one of the worse spam sessions
they banned me
it's never gonna happen
(78.35 KB 1280x720 capire.jpg)
There are no semi-colons anywhere in the catalog but in the tag brackets. If you were to search for a tag via ctrl+f, you can type ;tag_name; and get words that are only tags. For example, let try something everyone in this thread can participate in. Below are three hypothetical stories that could exist in the catalog. Let say you want a story involving wolf waifurs. To find these stories use "ctrl+f" and type either of the following:

A) wolf
B) <semi-colon>wolf<semi_colon> (Ex: ;tagname;)

By wolffucker
>where that one wolf fucks
DESCRIPTION: Anon, fucker of wolf women, finally fucks his first wolf women, and his first women ever, but little does this wolf-fucker know that this wolf will be the last wolf he'll ever fuck, for according to wolf culture: if someone wolf fucks a wolf women they must wolf mate for life. How will Anon the wolf fucker deal with getting wolfed due to his wolf fuck?
[;wolf; ;timber wolf; ;larger anthro;][;pure smut; ;sex; ;short story;]

By whereismywolf
[;wolf;][;sex; ;comfy;]

By strong_wolf
>Price of wolf
[;wolf-fox; ;hybrid;][;sex;]

Conclusion: semicolons allow for fast searching of tags, also I can have multiple catalogues made on the fly for generated via by perl scripts I have been working on (They will be done by next week now, something happen at work and now I have to learn how to weld aluminum for a deadline) for anons who like the look of commas. Feel free to criticizes anything retarded in this post.
fuck I meant capisci
makes sense to me
I just post my updates then immediately leave the thread until the next update. No point sticking around, especially when there's never any feedback. Plus, shitposters, bait, and retarded arguments aren't helping any.
Upside: not spending so much time on the thread has actually helped me stick to my weekly schedule.
The paradox is that the thread is just more distraction when you're trying to write. And the dedicated shitposter(s) drown out helpful comments with their incessant garbage.

But it's not like I've found other places to be more helpful.
(363.72 KB 2698x710 this.png)
What do you guys think about pic related? I am asking here because there is less shitposters here. IMO, I believe stories like this one that are mostly /hmofa/ are ok, and should be put in the masterbin. We will get more /hmofa/ content that way.
I'd personally say that so long as it features the subject matter, it shouldn't matter what else is in there but good luck selling it to the more militant shitposters on the main thread. I have a story I'm making that'll have /hmofa/ material but I won't be posting it on that thread (though I will post it here when it reaches that part) because I know it won't be liked otherwise as it's not the main focus and other details that would be spoilers.
How many writers have we lost because of the state of the general? Regardless I hope they find this site instead of abandoning it all together.
I'll freely admit I'm a /hmofa/ regular but I imagine a fair few people are disillusioned by the treatment. Having typical trolling is one thing, but the constant barrage of shit some of the self-imposed 'authorities' pull is something else. Ignoring them is one possible but I've seen half a thread get dedicated to their garbage and it personally makes me feel bad for stopping people celebrate the topic matter like a thread is supposed to just by announcing a story and naturally the identity of the author trigger these utter fuckwads.

If I'd know how bad it could get I probably would have never finished the stories I wrote. It was a request someone made and I started before they added some really gross subject matter they wanted (scat, rape, torture, etc) that I didn't want to be involved with. I finished it because I hate leaving stories unfinished and I wanted the practice, and I still have a third story in mind, but knowing posting it will cause a massive shitshow means I'll keep busy with my more routine stuff in the meanwhile.
I'm NOT a /hmofa/ regular, I mean.
Taganon here. I will continue tagging again today, but i'll still be working on scripts to make the tag catalogue better. I didn't get done what I wanted in time, but I did revamped the tag catalogue some what and created a tag list. To search for a tag just put semi-colons around it when using crtl+f:

Catalogue of Tagged /hmofa/ Stories (WIP) : https://pastebin.com/dBVB0h3f
Tag List: https://pastebin.com/83H7TWuf

I am currently trying to find a language syntax that I can format the to to make it easier to read and use, so pic-related. So expect that to be coming soon. I also have other /hmofa/ projects I trying to do, but I want to wait till I get something made before I make any promises. Thank you for time.
I'm such a luddite when it comes to this stuff, but keep up the damn fine work, dude.
Ok I picked a syntax will take a few days to implement to the library via the code:


What Do You All think?

thank you
New thread when?
(148.59 KB 1200x953 EHGy4AGX0Agr5f2.jpg)
the background or whatever you're using on that paste doesn't play nicely with people using night mode custom css, I'd change that back to normal

no one's making new threads on this board, so this thread won't get bumped off... ever.
no point in abandoning a practically immortal thread
Night Mode? I am not a pro-user so I don't know what it looks like. Anyways that is really really odd since every programing syntax has a dark and light syntax scheme. So if people in night mode won't be able to easily see my Perl and vim scripts? Anyways to solve this problem I just made 2 Library paste bins one with no syntax and one with Julia syntax. Since I do all my editing offline their will be no difference in the paste what so ever besides syntax use. The tag list was also changed to no syntax, thank you for pointing that out.
I don't have pro either
I just use a custom css filter someone made for Stylus (chrome extension)
left is normal paste, right is yours
https://pastebin.com/0y2zsVBD (Custom CSS Friendly)
thanks bud!
(1.56 MB 3360x2100 Harder than it looks.png)
By Anon_The_Shitposter

>Vanguard Anon and Padmayan Adventures
[fox, multiple][Warhammer 40k, slight gore, post-apocalyptic, firefights, scientific/technological jargon, plot focused, waking up to snuggles, comical, shenanigans]~
A vanguard, named Galectha, and his anthro fox companion?, named Sunny, travel to a uncharted post-apocalyptic world of fox like creatures called 'Padmayans'. Here they intend to go into disguises as Padmayans to gather information on the planet. However, one female Padmayan is suspicious of them and despite her peers not believing her, she sets out to expose Galectha for what he really is, an xeno.

Feedback (WARNING: I am NOT a writer): Story was engaging like a cartoon and had as one anon put it "Invader Zim" vibes. Too early to tell how light-hearted it will stay especially when the anon thought he saw "black crosses", which I assumed foreshadow some coming danger from a particular any of the Warhamer 40K. However, I could gamble on this possible remaining in a somewhat comical tone, due to the one black hair fox "devil dashing" after anon. IMO in seems to be setting up for both foxes, but it is, once again to early to tell. There is a lot of jargon that some readers will not understand such as flir and lidar, but it could be argued that this is the price for better flow. Changes in scenes, time, and character positions can be more emphasized like if sunny is or isn't there, he could make a remark on it, relevant size and positioning of their camp to the city, and sense of direction and scenery in chases and city walks. This is not due to the absence of these details, for I am certain I could find all these details in a meticulous read through, but it's better to make them more prominent as so to pick them up more naturally

-Azuhmier (aka taganon)

*I put my paste bin name so I can find my post easier in the desuarchive.
(273.38 KB 1322x903 Big_Halloween_Awoo_gf_2.png)
Have a comfy spooky season with ur new werewolf gf
I don't have work today so please complain about my tags. tell me what sucks and what doesn't. What is bloat and what is too specific?

Tag List: https://pastebin.com/83H7TWuf
Google sheet of tags and stories that allows commenting: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qavAZD8OaFmXuKLwqNFYRAXEtvYWsPw1Vu0s3ZGiwo4/edit#gid=2139537396


>tag for a waifur that is not only /fit/ but muscle thick and buff: https://www.sofurry.com/view/1369458 , https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33156138/ . inb4 thicc. This is also thicc but not the tag I am looking for: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33230258/ , https://www.furaffinity.net/view/29761633/
>/fit/ vs. athletic: which is better?
> what is a tomboy to you? Are "Get Ready", "Time of the Season", "Cry of the Wolf", "Happiest Place of Fur", "Sooth n Nail" and "ruth the bat" stories about tomboys. If not what are they b/c they are not "girly girls".
>the meaning of lewd and it's usefulness as a tag
>tag for stories who go in real detail about the sensation of naked skin and intimacy with fur and floof.

REMOVED TAGS (too subjective and made my head hurt thinking about it

pure smut
relationship focused


There are 2 types of tags:

1) tags that help you find the story
2) tags that help describe the story once you found it

At the moment I cannot differentiate b/w those tags in the tags list. Thus I am currently categorizes all the tags to help smooth my tagging and to delineate them in a future version of the taglist. Also my categorizing will help create separate list for smut, species , etc, but since I don't know easy way to do this via a problem this will take some time, in which I don't currently have and estimate for.

To further help the tagging system I am identifying, tag families, synonyms, tag prefix and suffixes. For now this is painstakingly done through excel, but hopeful I can learn enough about programing and databases, that I can find and utilize online word databases (Species, verbs, prefixes, thesaurus, etc.)

- Azuhmier (aka taganon)
I know this is sorta off topic what you asked, but I went through your list of tagged stories, and some of my stories have odd tags I don't get.
For instance, Space Croc is tagged with 'undali,' but that's just a name I made up for the alien race, it's not a real thing. And then for My Sunshine, you put "adopted" despite adoption not being in the story. Lastly for Wake me Up Before You Boko, you put "cum swelling" which again, was not in the story.
Thank you for your feedback and don't worry your post is very relevant.

I guess I thought that was another "video game race" that I hadn't heard of. I just removed the tag.
>cum swelling
I think I might have misspelled cum swallowing, if that was in there. I just removed the tag.
When I was reading that story I got the impression, if I recall, that the anon took in the anthro as his daughter, and I called that phenomena: adoption. I just removed the tag.

I apologize for any misrepresentation of your stories by my tags. I am streamlining and making protocols for my tagging methods, so mistakes like these will be less likely in the future. And thank you for the providing us with your stories.
i like
ooh, very nice
big flat chested awoos are for loving
>main thread having a meltdown again

It hurts to see how they've massacred my boy.
I'd almost be tempted to look at what's going on, but then I just have to remember why I stopped visiting it to begin with.

It's having a meltdown b/c somethingaboutsharks set his paste to private:

>Where Kitsune Wait (Line 2303)

and asked it to remove it from the paste bin. I only wish I would have downloaded it before he set it to private.

He is one of the best god damn writefags there and it be a shame if we loose one of his stories that has generated so much art.
Any writer worth their salt may have to do the same at some point, at least if they take their work seriously. I think of people like Snekguy who's gone the honest route but keep their work free, but then there are those that either keep their 'for fun' work utterly separate from their true works.

I know I've had to start pondering about whether I'll need to purge my old works if I ever actually write my novel, or whether I'll go for a patreon route like Snekguy, or whatever.

Of course it could be something utterly unrelated, but that's just the way things go, sadly.
(128.03 KB 540x305 So be it WRITEFAG.png)
Very well, WRITEFAG. I'll just have to accelerate my plans. Soon you will face the full power of the /HMOFA/ side of the force.

Seriously, though, I have plans and I am accelerating them, I am keeping it vague b/c I don't want people to find out who is really behind this post.
Judging from SAS's posts a month ago when another anon asked if he was okay, I have to think it's less a professional move and more of a mental health one.

Eh, nobody cares about my stuff anyway. It's more just a statement of fact based on what I've seen happen to some folk when it comes to taking up writing over the hobby level.

That's always going to be the other majority. The fact that people are freaking out rather than trying to be understanding is largely why I don't go to /hmofa/ anymore.
I will say there are some genuinely awesome people on the thread, but the worst of /hmofa/ are so obnoxious that it beggers belief.
>nobody cares about my stuff anyway
a lot of write fags like to say this, and I don't think you realize how wrong you are
Not to be a dick, but you can just not stick in the thread. Just post your stories/updates and bail. S'what I do. You don't need to seemingly give up like this.
>>nobody cares about my stuff anyway
>a lot of write fags like to say this, and I don't think you realize how wrong you are
I really feel this. I mean, I was a small nobody writer in another thread that had some really good writers. I kind of wish I hadn't stopped because I know people were interested in my story, even if I was kinda shit at pacing and foreshadowing. Some of the ideas had some people talking though but I just stopped, I let my inner perfectionist ruin it. Even when I tried to restart it I failed dismally, barely getting a sentence down before stopping. I really don't know where other writers get this idea that no on likes their story, I personally have read damn near every story the generals made since about thread 30 and man. I still wish some people would update even years later. Writers leaving hurts but I respect them for putting in more effort than I ever did.
This approach isn't great if you actually want to have a discussion about your story update. It's unfortunate that shitposting has made the general inhospitable, but it just gives the homewreckers what they want when the tide shifts from the main focus of the thread.
I'm not SAS, but the reason a lot of writefags feel this way, myself included, is likely because engagement and feedback has become near nonexistent these days. A while back, nearly every story had at least one or two posts giving real feedback, not just "like it" or other inane postings.
I originally started writing for /hmofa/ in the hopes I'd be able to improve myself as a writer with all the legit criticisms and helpful advice at the time. But nowadays, I don't even stay in the thread anymore, because I know nothing comes of my updates or stories.
I'm only speaking of myself, but I assume other writefags feel similarly.
Yea, I gave up hoping for genuine discussions long ago.

"Stand in the ashes of a trillion writefags and ask the ghosts if feedback matters"

Cobal Blue Sphere
Dancing Spider
SabatonBabylon and Akella
My attempt to respond to a tiny discussion about one of my stories essentially killed a thread (half of it, anyway) with shitposting. Then a discussion not dissimilar to this on the main thread also triggered the same assholes, but thankfully it didn't collapse the thread but both circumstances made me feel awful for having that effect.
It's hard to want to post anything identifiable (be it a story or making your identiy known) when you know it's going to make the thread openly worse. It honestly makes me feel like poison.
I suppose that's one way to look at it. I wasn't looking to improve as much as to get the story in my head out. Improving was going to be a side effect of writing for longer. I guess that's why the lack of discussion for my story never actually hurt my desire to write it.
(144.05 KB 1044x1623 IMG_20191014_023242.jpg)
spooky digits for a spooky post
>tfw on the list
ayy remembered somehow boys
But you're not at fault. The shitposters are. You can't blame yourself for being a victim of their bullshit.
I know, and thanks. There's just no winning move when the shitposters are that determined, but if me not making myself known (and resisting any urge to even browse the thread) removes one source of their fun, then so be it. As >>661 said, I'm just gonna upload when I actually have another part written and just leave.
(179.72 KB 800x1280 1570470508866.jpg)
Why not start a thread here specifically for writing criticism/ proofreading/ discussion?

If there's enough interest, I could make one. It could be a nice place to get other's thoughts on your stories without the background noise of the main thread if we can get enough people to participate in it.
should we link that thread and this in the paste bin of goodies": https://pastebin.com/wpdsc7nC

If shitposter come can't the mods just ban them?
I think that would be a good idea. I like giving feedback wherever I can, so having a venue dedicated to that purpose should help for anyone who feels similarly to me.
I was worried about having to have a bunch of alert mods at first, but honestly it kind of seems just the threat of moderation is enough to keep things in check for the most part
I guess we could? I really don't think shitposting would be a problem here, and if shitposters do come they will get banned.

In terms of the writing critique thread, what would you guys want to see in the OP?
Should we include resources like the Writing guides paste in the op, for example? Maybe something else that may be useful?
a /fit/ style sticky would be helpful for basic things
Ok if I do put it in. How do you all want me to phrase it?

Alt. /HMOFA/ general with moderation
- http://furchan.net/fg/res/27.html#q676
/HMOFA/ writefag feedback thread

Furchan /HMOFA/ general (moderated)
- http://furchan.net/fg/res/27.html#q676
General for writer feedback

/HMOFA/ general with moderation
- http://furchan.net/fg/res/27.html#q676
Feedback General

and where in the paste bin of goodies (https://pastebin.com/wpdsc7nC) do you all prefer
>front and center
>priority of master bin and jacklins op guide (meaning pasted before them)
I think 3 looks good.
It'd probably be best to put it in the writing tips and guides section, or just above/ below it, imo.
For the feedback thread, I would describe it as a "dedicated thread for writer feedback". "General" may give some people the wrong idea.

The threads from here should be no lower than after the tag list.
I can't speak for everyone, but it looks fine to me.
That should work, I think.
(665.24 KB 1000x731 1510839777091.png)
Alright, here's what I have so far. If any of you have any suggestions for stuff to add/ change, I'd appreciate your input. I kind of feel like it's missing something...
Also, I'd also like some ideas for an OP pic. Maybe a picture that has writing/reading in it.

/hmofa/ Writing Feedback Thread

Post your greens, ask for critique, and provide feedback for others.

>>New to writing? Consult the Writing tips and Guides pastes!<<

>>Looking for feedback on your story?<<
-Try to clearly state what it is you want input on.
-Have patience! Good critique takes time to articulate!

>>Want to provide feedback?<<
-Try to address as many of the concerns the author specifies in their post as you can.
-Try not to say that you simply liked/ disliked something! Provide reasons for why it is good/ bad.
Fuck, I didn't realize I was so slow I turned into a ghost.
Guys do you hear that?! I think something is trying to contact us from the BEYOND! Oh vengeful writefag, please forgive us for disturbing you eternal slumber at 7-11 with no feedback to give as tribute. So in the name of our lord and savior Alfa_Barf, peace be upon him, return to black, black self-critical pit of self-doubt and unfinished goals where your perfectionism will never allow you to rest.
muh opinion:

Post your greens/pastes, request critiques, and provide feedback for others.

-Try to address as many of the concerns specified in the author's post.

-Avoid saying that you simply liked or disliked something! Provide reasons for your critique

>OP pics
pics related
That sounds better than what I had, thanks for the input.

I'm going to head to bed and check the thread for more suggestions in the morning before making the thread, so if anyone has any ideas for things to add or change, now would be the time share your thoughts. I want this thread to be as good of a resource for writers as it can possibly be, so I'd really appreciate your input to help make it just that.
The thing is, you do have to ask for feedback. I did, last thread, and I got a lot of useful feedback. Of course, I asked for feedback because I was feeling really iffy about the story, and got that confirmed in spades. So it's back to the drawing board, or writing something completely different. It makes sense in retrospect. Aside from poor applications of skill, I forgot to follow my own rules.

But most people aren't going to give feedback if they aren't asked. Shit, most people aren't even going to chime in and tell you they're reading, let alone give a detailed response of what they enjoyed and didn't.

Shit man, writing is hard. I've had this hobby for most of my life. I always thought I was kinda OK. And here I am, making rookie mistakes. Whine whine, moan moan...
>I'm on here
Happy people remember me, sad people think I'm dead. I'm going to say right now that I left because every time I posted anything, the thread would self destruct. This on top of the most vocal group being the most hateful, I just kind of stopped writing for a while. I was really nervous when I came into this thread, but my attitude completely changed when I saw someone get banned for shitposting. Literally made my day.

I tried working on something to post in the thread, but the last piece of advice from /trash/ kept me from continuing. "You're really good at making the same thing over and over again." So, I stopped and am still pondering what to post. I'm not posting what I've been working on since March, as that dumpster fire still needs a lot of TLC and a few parts of it are still unfinished before I just kept going with the story. This on top of it being more or less the same thing as a few other stories has me really disheartened and am probably not going to share until it's at a stage where sharing it will not mean social suicide. I'll keep working on other stories while I continue forging on ahead, since I do enjoy writing a few of them.

Remember, feedback is important, but strongly worded and emotionally charged feedback only makes people angry. Enough whining from me. Time to get back to writing.
that is not a list of dead writefags that is a list of all writefags in the masterbin.
Writing feedback thread is now up

Have at it lads
(66.58 KB 1024x1001 image0.jpg)
As the guy who wrote "Krystal /ss/" as a quick joke, then sadly watched the thread fucking implode, let me tell you that you shouldn't let anything in the thread get you down.
you fed the single worst shitposter's fetish and reinforced his shitposting and attention seeking
I mean, I don't think you should blame yourself or anything but people who were around could see that nuclear fuckfest coming from miles away
we have /ss/ stories in the masterbin
I know all about it
the krystal one was specifically made in response to a request that was posted constantly in nearly every thread with shota porn and almost always turned them to shit
then after the fact it was revealed that it was burzum that requested it when his posts got mass deleted and he got banned

the subject is whatever. not something I'm into at all, but I'm not one of the guys that goes ballistic about it. it was the specific person that was enabled that was the problem
I doubt it was actually him. Burzum probably posted /ss/ to egg on the issue while the original requester laughed.
maybe. for a bit after he was pretty embarrassed/defensive about it, though now he denies it was even his post (though it obviously was)
Well, Burzum is an embarrassing human being, after all.
All I wanted was for a story to be a stricken.
Turned into reassessing damn near everything to do with this writefag thing.

Someone gets part of it.
I'm sure this isn't the place where you want to spill your guts, but I hope that you find peace in whatever you decide to do.
I hope you can at least still enjoy writing by itself. The good that taking up the hobby for me, even if nothing comes of it and I never make a penny, will be enough. It’s given me confidence, helped me lose weight and I’ve made an honest friend through it.
I'm currently looking at things and how I want to proceed. It's not going well.

Results vary between people. I'm glad you've had good returns, but net results for me haven't been so great these last couple of years.
Don't get me wrong. I've learned a lot by putting writing out for other people to see and gotten some good pointers on writing. However, I also burned out bad on editing months ago and haven't recovered.
I'd trade everything I learned and accomplished with writing to not feel burned out.
Why there are so few posters itt? The rest of the posters don't know that this place exists or they just don't care? Or all the original are gone and there's only shitposters?
Where does it show the number of unique IPs.
I phrased it badly, I meant that there are less posters in this thread compared to the 4chan thread (Although there were a lot of posts recently), and I asked why that happens
Is English not your first language? I will try to answer every interpretation of your post.

>why is there not as many post per hour (pph) as the 4chan thread?
moderation, combined with people not knowing about this place even though the link is in the pastebin of goodies. Casual phone posters can easily miss this

>why so many post in this thread recently
something about somethingaboutsharks or something and writer feedback
(959.73 KB 1200x1600 2026009.jpg)
Mindshare. We can't sell this board where it actually matters, and Infinity's dead, so no shot at a new userbase. We can try to rep. it offsite through pastes (clearly marked or not), but making journals on FA and SF would probably be more lucrative. With resprct to 2^2chan, putting headers on popular stories saying "We're more active here, come and visit us at www." might even get slammed by a mod enterprising enough to click through a few links. I'd like to brainstorm this, I think it's worthwhile. It's sad that this thread's activity is predicated solely upon 4chan's goings on and events therein.

Uh, have some pics that're super easy on the eyes. There haven't been many pics for a few posts now.
(689.95 KB 1920x2743 aaa9b2ffbbd29c7825af89b169753efc.jpg)
Or one, the others didn't upload. I'll try another with just one image.
(694.25 KB 1236x1600 1563341810945.jpg)
Sorry, I usually don't fuck up THAT badly, I was writing in a hurry.
But anyways, I wanted do discuss ways of bringing more people to our board
I think it's not worth spending more time shilling this website there, as you said we already posted the link, if they aren't posting yet it's either because they don't want or they still haven't seen the link, which eventually they will. And also, 4chan is dying, and when it does, the immigration to this website is going to be inevitable
>and Infinity's dead, so no shot at a new userbase.
Yes, but its bunkers are still up, I don't know how active they are or if they are some sort of gayops like the alt chans, but it's worth taking a look at it, actually, someone just invited us to their webring >>>/meta/21
>There haven't been many pics for a few posts now.
Yeah, its basically a meta thread now
(101.17 KB 826x806 20191024_142939.jpg)
butts lol
>Those links
I'm gonna hit that Yikes button and pass, famalams.
give me a quick rundown, what is this nefarious individual.
I want to touch her bum
I think I can sympathize. I've been trying to get some new stories off the ground, but it's a slog. It's like I can only write mediocre shit. That didn't bother me when I was still telling myself "it's only furry smut", but for some reason I now think I've got something to prove.
Writing is a skill like any other. Practice brings improvement but you'll also hist plateaus. They suck to get past. It can also be really hard to see how far you've come. That's why, on rare occasions, it's good to go back and look at what you've written in the past. Not if you can't help but cringe, but if you can look at it and see the mistakes you've since corrected in yourself.
Unless you're experiencing burn out. I don't really recommend that method then. You'll either feel compelled to fix the mistakes but can't make yourself, or negatively color your opinion of the story.

So yeah. I can sympathize with what you sound to be going through, for sure. Sadly I can't really relate right now, at least not with what I'm going through currently.

Have a picture to break up the monotony.
(691.68 KB 1920x1200 FaceButtXD1.png)
butts + ur face = B)

So like this?
Gottdayumn, my face is blessed now.
What is the problem with the links? And who is "alogware"? I tried to search it but I didn't find anything.
im in a ori mood
how would humans and guardian spirits coexist?
Wh-where's the picture?
Working on a filter to make the main thread easier on the eyes. Let me know if I can add anything else to it.

(94.23 KB 612x792 1571886718830.jpg)

Did thing to pastebin of goodies: added table of contents and made is searchable. This is only temp for the moment to see how it works, apparently pastebine has the raw data at the bottom that messes with everything, but will see. I want to implement something like this in the tag catalogue for when I separate the tags by subject.

-Azuhmier (aka taganon)
(6.64 MB 2658x2627 anya_lingerie_full_cloac.png)
(6.65 MB 2658x2627 anya_lingerie_full_normal.png)
I forgot the picture.
Have something that was in the pipes before I started re-evaluating.
Incel and cuck/ cuckold. That should be pretty much everything.
Graduated to 4chanX filters from adblockers eh Tooth? Glad to see you're still working on that stuff.
Thanks, I added those.

His filter was pretty amusing. Not sure if there's any way to spread this link without alerting a certain someone, but hopefully, some people can find this useful.
do you have a link to tooth's filter?
It's not the same type of filter as the Pastebin.

choose your fighter
>one big
>one nub

Why not both?
(613.86 KB 1920x1200 sex.png)
(533.00 KB 1920x1200 nurb.png)

Choose your fighter
oh you silly heretics
(132.93 KB 664x949 moo2.png)
cow tiddies
4chan thread's dead
it does that sometimes
Aaaah, so THIS is why the sped supreme was typing like it was intentionally avoiding a filter. At least we know it's a fan of the furchan.
report them for intentionally evading post filters
its there in the dropdown menu
Add 'blog.'

I have been, don't worry. Not that anything'll come of it.
Holy fuck, what happened in the trash thread? I've never seen the thread get shit up that hard before.
Shitposter sperged real hard once he figured out people were using filters to get rid of him. You would think by now he'd get bored, but I guess he really doesn't have anything better to do.
you must not have been around too long
we've had worse
Updated. No sense in limiting the paste visibility now since he's confirmed he comes here.
We're already well past the limit of the reasonable. This sort of bitter commitment to making oneself angry is rarely seen outside of specialized sites and subreddits. The only way he'll stop doing it is if he somehow, magically unNEETs himself.
(806.97 KB 681x950 1569655137512.png)
I think he's suffering from split personality disorder. Either that, or extreme narcissism.
(778.72 KB 2400x3300 2028540.jpg)
It's more than just shitposting, it's obsessive behavior. It doesn't want recognition from just anyone, it wants to think it can influence a specific group of people. A jilted writer or someone who lacks the skill but wants to feel like a participant makes sense, which is why some assumed it might be Durr. Durr had a specific retaliatory response to criticism (crosslinking), this isn't it. I'm passed guessing because sperg supremacy is just not worth the effort at all, especially with how low-energy its game is. I just ignore it, refrain from giving it (You)s, and carry on as normal.
guess what its feels time, motherfucker
(66.61 KB 316x1381 1470378478724.jpg)
Yeeeesss, now this is what I call artposting. Make 'em feel those forbidden feels.
"Cow finds a loving partner" arc when?
it's going to be anon's human son lmao
>cow has to diddle the adolescent son of her ex

that's cruel
she hooks up with his estranged brother whos familial ties she doesnt know about
that would be too boring tho
aight who forgot to make the thread
(202.61 KB 1060x1200 8fd250ae262bf79ccab97cdfa5a01c2a.jpg)
>"Dr. Anon, I'm CIA"
>tfw 2004 was 15 years ago
16 in a couple of months
bros 1990 was 200 years ago i cannot even believe it
(333.32 KB 1295x1357 Venus.png)
no it wasn't BAKA!
(787.11 KB 1200x3670 1572228327997.jpg)
Fug, I wanna go back.
the first is early internet cringe, the second is regular sane people, and the last four are all retarded apes flinging shit
only the first two describe anything about the past or present, the other ones are just about people being losers or idiots
looks more to me like
> kids
> ordinary people
> edgy teenagers
> late stage addiction
Happy sorta late Halloween, fellas. God or gods bless, etc. Enjoy a little D A N G E R .
If I pull that tape off, will I die?
was that the raptor that rapes the other raptor or am I getting them confused?
It would be extremely unclever.

Yeah, that's from a short, textless series of images about a female raptor trying to usurp leadership of another tribe and failing her weird shibari initiation ritual.
If I look at it from the bottom-up, it's kind of like my twitter history.
(2.09 MB 1584x2112 1560311082952.png)
by Hindered

[deer][m:pov, contemporary]~
#You and a transient doe come to grow fond of one another despite meeting under less-than-ideal circumstances. As the two of you gradually piece together the details of her nebulous background, the consequences become increasingly dire

FEEDBACK [WARNING: I am NOT a writer!]
* Up until recently I have never given feedback before, so I would rather give no feedback than accidentally give opinion-oriented and/or uninformed nonsensical feedback for the sake of feedback. Basically as a literary scrub there is only so much I can be useful with in terms of feedback. So no feedback means I couldn't find anything that I could create constructive criticism for at my current level of literary knowledge *



- Azuhmier (aka taganon)
So this is how you spoil here huh: \*\*{txt}\*\*. Quite odd.
(503.13 KB 1020x1049 d7a5c6eb5bc665bf643a62169cef7a9f.png)
>thread is a see of minimized posts
the filter is working overtime right now
Pro accounts are now on sale again, but its pretty steep at 50$
(45.57 KB 650x460 ALERT.png)
They've been working to raise the value of LT Pro plans for over a year, but you could wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to see if they'll slash the price again. I got mine for $19.95 last summer.
Just a Reminder

Remember the Write fag Feedback thread: http://furchan.net/fg/res/693.html#q723 . If so it's getting a lot of attention. I know it has been slow for the past weeks since it's creation, and some of you who may have been planning on giving feedback may have forgotten about it by now, but here is just a friendly reminder.
Made small proto-catalogues with a few select stories to see how it would look. Would like thoughts, feedback, and wishlist type stuff. Hopefully I'll make the full markdown catalogue within the month.

https://pastebin.com/kGN1Mhkh (Ver. 1)
https://pastebin.com/A41VNy8T (Ver. 2)

New Features
>using ;tag_name; only searches the paste and not also the raw data at the end of the page
>clickable links
>still looking at other markdown capabilities
-Azuhmier (aka taganon)
I think the second version would work better, if only because it keeps stories in the same "series" grouped together.
It looks good by the way. You really outdid yourself on this whole tagging thing.
why does the auto updater not stop
its already gone to negative 62k
Jusk dicking Around with Markdown and having a blast so I thought I'd share this paste I made as a result of that


this paste isn't going to be anything official besides a place to test out markdown shenanigans and help me design a new "Pastebin of Goodies" and tagging catalogue in markdown and I just wanted to share it b/c I thought it was amusing. If there is any piece of art you feel not comfortable with being there, I can take it down, just using them to test the markdown stuff, unless it's a screenshot of a image-less 4chan post, that is mine forever.

-Azuhmier (aka taganon)
It's not fair. Literally one guy with a mental illness is the sole source of the shitposting.

>154 post
>28 posters

If we were able to get this guy perma-banned or exterminated we would have our slow comfy threads back.
that was the thought behind making this site, yes
(697.77 KB 1000x1697 EIS-2O1XkAAJ7Tl.png)
(259.57 KB 792x1204 1537750988.asiri_asirism[176].jpg)
Considering posting an ongoing story here. I know I could just go and do it regardless, but I figured I'd test the room.
How's everyone with the anthro female being the protagonist, and thus the focus of the perspective? Obviously I wouldn't be mentioning it if it wasn't eventually going to have some /hmofa/ material, but any smut (which it hasn't reached yet, but there's a firm hint by the end of the second chapter) will be very secondary to the fantasy story.
I would love to read it. Sounds Enjoyable, so do please post it here.
Ah, fine. I was gonna wait a while.
I present "Making It". A fantasy story of ratfolk mystery, prophecy and skulduggery. I'm mostly making a chapter between my main stories, so it's going to be a slow burner, although I recently uploaded it on my Sofurry and it garnered enough positive spin that I might start doing double chapter runs in the future.
No idea how long it'll end up being, but I have a sequence in mind, and again it's following the female anthro as the protagonist (A ratfolk, naturally), so if that's not your cup of tea, then feel free to ignore.


Feedback always appreciated.
(3.71 MB 2550x3000 2012867.jpg)
This is one of my favorite perspectives, there's so much to explore through the waifur. I'm writing something like that too, but in 3rd person. I'm definitely gonna check it out today.

Try not to think like that, it doesn't lead to any positive or even useful solution. I know it seems unfair, but we have alternatives like this bunker for a reason. Don't worry about what you can't control, it's simply not worth it.
Mine's in third person as well, just almost completely focused on the anthro female lead. There's only one example so far, but past events will be a mix of third person told in the protagonists perspective and other characters retelling parts of their background and the third person single will follow them for these parts. I was going to go first person for the flashbacks, but my proof-reader recently did a story doing the same thing so I didn't want to make it seem like I was copying.

Gonna do some fun stuff with this setup in time, but it's only a prologue and two chapters so far.
mighty is a big dork who doesn't post the good shit

also /trash/ thread is dead
anyone want to make one, i nominate pic related for OP
New and Improved "Pastebin of Goodies". Now with MARK DOWN (it's the same link as in the op):


-Azuhmier (aka taganon)
Better and better, man. Good stuff.
thread is really having a laugh with talktotransformer
(171.96 KB 1266x976 Alfa_Barf.png)
(114.17 KB 1250x826 Oliver.png)
(173.80 KB 1218x664 terminal condition.png)
(90.96 KB 1180x476 whereismysocks.png)
(2.41 MB 1080x1337 1535064180477.png)
I mean, the AI IS pretty fun to mess around with.
(1.86 MB 1720x1858 1573555784524.png)
now that's pretty mood
>There are no updates at all to this man.
The real update~~~is the one in our hearts
man this update fucking sucks
(611.30 KB 1080x1559 1553027518978.png)
Hang in there, buddy.
Taking a break from tagging to learn about sort, map, grep, modules, and OOP in perl. I recently tagged alot of stories but didn't post the stuff for I didn't have time recently to make the whole formated post. Here is what is in the works that I plan to have done within the month:

>Catalog of Tagged Stories in Mark-Down:
>Species List in the Tag list Pastebin

Also, I saw some anons as of late who showing great longing for marevag. Fret no more for a powerful wizard with questionable sanity has crafted the following fics:

By ACrazyWizard

>Student of the Sultry Tome
[horse, wings, larger anthro?][fantasy, short story, magic, fantasy, blowjob, edging, bondage, vaginal, sex, creampie]
#Anon is an apprentice scribe to Ofelia, Matriarch of Words and today she has an entirely new task for him to do.

>The Mare with the Black Blade
[horse, larger anthro][fantasy, short story, blowjob, boobjob, large breast, creampie, sleeping embrace, cuddling, slight femdom?]
#Anon is a squire for strong-ass female horse knight. After a tough battle she rewards him for taking so good care of here black blade.

thank you for your kind words. I plan on keeping the "series" titles in the new mark-down catalog

-Azuhmier (aka taganon)
that hyena-based AI on the terminal's been sending me some pretty funny stories through chat again
Main general isn't looking too good right now.
(73.72 KB 513x536 1547479362371.png)
when has it ever, for more than a day at best
(362.73 KB 452x710 1500653729503.png)
>Last thread was decent
>Take a nap and check back later
>M-mr. Anon, I-i don't feel so good...
I dunno. I try to be optimistic, but there's no winning the way things are currently laid out. It seems most of the writing contributions are just getting buried by spam and bickering, and writing is meant to be the life blood of the general. Even though I shouldn't care, it still makes me sad that a place whose most popular works are wholesome and inspiring can get dragged to the depths of the shittiest individuals.
I stopped the dump quietly
they've been raging at each other for like 50 posts now with zero input
I know I should've stopped earlier but honestly this is the dumbest thing to crash the thread over
I just don't bother going anymore. Whenever I have an update, I drop by for the split second it takes to post, but then I'm gone again. The thread's a fucking disaster, and I see no reason to continue sticking around there.
I have to wonder if this site can serve as something greater than a bunker. I know every niche community eventually runs its course, but it would be a shame for the general to fade away or continue living in a zombie state for a prolonged period of time.
are you saying it would be sad if the thread only continued here in a "zombie state", or that you want the thread to move here before it is destroyed and gets to that point?
If the threads could thrive here with moderation, that would be best. But that probably won't happen due to inertia. I don't want to see the general live as a shell of itself as it is trending now though. It's like watching its lifespan being snuffed out in slow motion.

your going to have to be more specfic on what exactly is wrong with the general. For it has it's up's and downs and I don't see a reason to give up on it just for a bad couple of threads every now and then.
>post story and/or identify self.
>because I've written non /hmofa/ material, the resident fucktards trigger.
>fifty to a hundred posts of shit flinging.
Strangest thing that I haven't had that on any other place I've posted stuff.
>post a kind of waifur or relationship dynamic that someone doesn't like
>the response is to spam gay pics, futa, gore, scat, etc
>50+ posts dedicated solely to screeching at you and each other
it's pretty objectively shitty at this point

Post anyway, for it's a resident fucktard (singular). Majority of people are lurkers and really don't care, this guy will make 50+ post and even reply to himself. This is why we have a pastebin to keep track of the stories and hard work. Sure the time you posted was when the resident shitposter was awake, but the majority of people are just here to read a story and they will read it in the op or the masterbin. You can think of the general as a continous thread form #1 to now, your post are more than the shitpost that surrounds it, and letting these people control your behavior instead of just ingnoring them is giving them what they want. Go in the desuarchive and you will see that people actually care: people ask questions about stories, are inspired by stories, are thankful for stories.
so your solution to "the thread isn't enjoyable" is "just don't let how bad the thread is make you not like the thread" because pastebins exist?
I know that the culture and stories have been around forever, sometimes I want to post pictures or topics and I can't. nothing you said had anything to do with any of the complaints other than "just deal with it"
I wasn't trying to give you a solution. I asked for a reason why you were leaving the general and tryed to give you a reason to stay. The only solution we as a general came up with was "moderation" where the nuances of that were discussed in your prior posts. If the resident shitposter was there (the one that always uses screencaps of desuarchive, uses terms like pantherfag", etc) would it be loads better, or is it a problem worst than that one Anon? For instance

>the response is to spam gay pics, futa, gore, scat, etc

I have only seen this done with yeens. Are you complaining about singluar instances or is their something wrong with the inherent culture?
*if the resident shitposter wasn't there
Other guy than the one you quoted, but if I'm given the choice of posting stories where I get respectful acceptance or post where not only I get insulted, but it shits up the thread for everyone else?
It's not much of a choice.

Sure, it'd be tremendous if the shitposter wasn't there, but there's no way to avoid him other than pure luck. Not to mention we've got people even admitting they've been egging shit on in this very thread.
if you're only aware of it with the recent yeenposting then you haven't been around long
he has, in the past, crashed every thread for months on end due to a fear that gays might be on the thread - despite no one posting anything gay during those times
he also spammed beheading videos and ISIS vids constantly for a multitude of reasons for a really long time, ranging from people talking about polyamory to writers he didn't like updating to just because he felt like it
the problem is systemic
This is one of the worst editions I have seen recently.
>there's no polshit here
>spam pol memes
can i make a request for some
good content
A worthy request, but probably hard to fulfill without more creators stopping by.

We also should make a new thread since this one is getting cumbersome to navigate on mobile.

Meant to link back to you.
(279.38 KB 1100x1400 1536348665682.jpg)
(88.85 KB 600x580 IMG_20191125_065225.jpg)
(135.14 KB 600x800 IMG_20191125_065228.jpg)
I have yeens
(106.56 KB 863x1280 1560508457029.jpg)
(124.30 KB 1280x978 1489069360.tehaxis_borb.png)
(374.63 KB 1344x1792 1560386192428.jpg)
H-h-here I go!
I feel like burzum and murl know each other irl and are just fucking with all of us.
I used to think they might be, you know, one person
But then I took an arrow to tne knee
What if Burzum and Murl are not two, not one, but zero people? In fact, these two personas are actually written by an advanced wAIfur whose prowess in shitposting has fooled us all.
Can...can one cuddle the yeen? It's another kind of touching.
why do you have so many of these
(1.10 MB 1812x1108 Hugs-fourchan-trash-19389150.jpg)
(1.42 MB 2000x2000 yeen_hmofa_bigspoon.png)
(2.69 MB 1250x996 1528729352.png)
yeens have always been for cuddling
or being cuddle by really
that artist just does a ton of those and also is one of the few that does good yeens
>Get IP
>Make it look like IP posted CP and get it perma-banned
>Switches IP get IP every time they shitpost (external link or something)
>there will be collateral
ALSO: not going to use CP. But it's the only thing as an example as a permaban. I am not a computer person so this may all be retarded.
They do get along pretty well
I don't get what you're saying
why are you trying to get yourself permabanned again?
Yeens are ugly
(16.82 KB 300x100 SB47sIv.jpg)
Wtf, very rude and uncalled for
(92.84 KB 1266x1926 EKLEHT0U4AEhPbJ.jpg)
(417.88 KB 1280x1707 tumblr_nseepgNnMp1qk93x3o1_1280.jpg)
(488.48 KB 1280x1856 tumblr_oc0wxbEcv91qk93x3o1_1280.jpg)
nuh uh
a cute!

I know, what a spiteful mans
Wala: a Species tag List: https://pastebin.com/tDgvmQ5S

Got behind when I said by the end of this month, what I mean to say in a month. Thus catalog in markdown is expected to be done by christmas. There was no way to easily make a species list so I had to make one manually (sort of) so I am still trying to figure out how to automate a species list. About to put in on pastebine.

-Azuhmier (aka taganon)
(196.27 KB 960x1280 1574951469368.jpg)
happy Thanksgiving, alt-/hmofa/
I am out of the loop. What is this meme about?
(164.67 KB 960x1280 1574958068924.jpg)
(171.08 KB 960x1280 1574961375904.jpg)
I dunno, i guess ladies with long or exotic necks
Someone's been making phone doodles using that ruler image as a backdrop in the main thread for a few days. There are a few others, too.
which stemmed from someone posting said ruler image in response to someone elses doodle of a character with a (somewhat) disproportionally long neck
very nice, though I can see someone trying to search for hyena and not knowing that they have to search for yeen. also gnolls are the same thing as anthro hyenas pretty much
and a couple of those seem really bad for searching, like "kingfisher". almost anyone is going to search for "bird" if that's what they're interested in, no one will search for "kingfisher" or "ratling" instead of "bird" or "rat". same with bugs
(901.14 KB 4096x2327 1574571943305.jpg)
The ruler image was posted in response to this.
is that supposed to be something?
(34.95 KB 400x400 yes.jpg)
Thank you so much for you feedback! I know it doesn't show on the list but this is how I do the taging:

I put at min 2 tags for species for each story

1) specfic: kingfisher, ratling, wasp
2) General: avian, rodent, insect

I am going to change avian to bird like you said for that sounds better and I am thinking of an other tag for wolverines and minks and the like until I find a better general tag for them.

-Azuhmier (aka taganon)
thank makes a lot of sense actually
good luck!
i see it now
Yeens are pretty and so is this site's design
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where is all this hatred coming from, anon?
dont mind him, his waifur has a really short neck and they're both jealous of waifurs with higher power levels in that area. sad state of affairs honestly
>Man, the main thread is really garbage right now
>Better go check out the furchan thread, it's probably bett-
Jesus, is the concept of a human man and an anthro woman just cursed? Why are there shit disturbers fucking everywhere?
Probably legit one guy.
Why thank you, I made it myself.
(1.05 MB 320x240 thumbsup.gif)
Kek, based furmoot
Fucking lol
blokfort did a good
> https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/26932640/#26941984
> linking directly to archive so people in the future won't complain
(1.25 MB 709x950 2425_Plush_Shelf-2.png)
yeah, is super awesome. he really managed to get most of the thread's best in there, really a great christmas gift
here's the pic just for ease for anyone here as well
A couple of awesome threads in a row today. Thanks Burzum.
I never check in here, I should do that more often.
I check here occasionally, but things aren't exactly moving here.
Oh damn. There's a lot more than there was when I first checked anyway, but that sucks.
Interesting that this place is still up then.
Well, keep checking. We've got a nice feedback thread.
I've been wondering about the same thing myself lately
(23.18 KB 640x715 1jxMAA0_d.jpg)
Double-recommending this, the writing feedback thread has been extremely productive. You should definitely take a look.
(84.72 KB 1200x1140 EJE1es0U0AAofQh.jpg)
place your bets on when the sperg storm starts
hah, he's been trying to bait in https://boards.4chan.org/trash/thread/27003330 as well
same images and everything
no one's taking it so far tho, which is nice
(921.82 KB 934x1600 ELJNN8qWoAAToos.jpg)
(238.21 KB 1000x1000 04fb2c0b464c50c886ff4d37a95c4ed3.png)