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(176.15 KB 669x594 8da34bd.png)
/hmoma/ – Human Males on Male Anthros Anonymous 03/08/2021 (Mon) 03:37:46 No. 2941
/hmoma/ – Human Males on Male Anthros
Thread #184: Bunker Edition
<Recently Updated Stories>

By ToothAndScale
>Gay Collie

By Anonymous
>Bun Greentext

By SMZAuren
>Strange Lands, Stranger Hearts

By DivineHerd

By Bizzmass
>The master

By Anonymous
>Kefmar's Offer /gmad/ (reupload)

By Dijkstrawoo
>Fatherfucking Revenge

By Anonymous
>Utan Vongamee

By Mal0_Anon


By Anonymous
>Anon gets bullied sexually by moths

By Anonymous
>The After-game Special

> Stories sorted :https://ghostbin.co/paste/hk5q8
>Stories: https://ghostbin.co/paste/g9azk (Updated)
>Stories (alternate): https://ghostbin.co/paste/hk5q8
>Recovered Pastes: https://ghostbin.co/paste/wbddw
>Story Prompts & How to Write: https://pastebin.com/CRnx7uqK
>Edit bin: https://catbox.moe/c/wby09b

>Previous thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/36846338
>All our past threads: https://desuarchive.org/_/search/boards/trash.desu.meta/text/%2Fhmoma%2F/type/op/
Is the main thread getting bad, or is it just nice to have a backup here?
the second
it keeps dying so I figured it'd be nice to just have a version that's always around
(7.82 MB 640x480 waifur_meme001.webm)
Here's another meme
damn, that's some seriously high quality memeage
though I think you're looking for >>2870
lol thanks, I thought we were starting a new thread so I posted it here instead
Hello, Furchan. How are you doing?
(39.83 KB 445x556 1472862588300.jpg)
As always, pining for a furry boy to love.

Same. We'll get there one day.

Also looking forward to the day when /hmoma/ can sustain itself on /trash/ without worrying about the thread getting bumped off during a brief dry spell.
(41.39 KB 900x900 Em-LghFWEAM4JyU.png)
(3.31 MB 1214x1472 EdqgcmOU4AA9Lqh.png)
I'm okay hanging out here.

Makes no difference to me, to be honest.
i'll keep this place in mind...
id fuck his butt
or whatever
Threads are getting forced off /trash/ in under 30 minutes.

If 4chan cared about anything other than ad revenue, then mobileposters would be blocked from posting.
(50.81 KB 1200x900 1615644498046.jpg)
What a fine place to YEET my collie boyfriend.
(92.08 KB 1536x2048 EwZcgr8WQAILEDG.jpg)
i showed you my panties
please respond
wtf sam...
either those panties are loose or sam is smol pp
canines are growers not showers.
bruh i been mobileposting on main with my Samsung Focus for over a decade we're to powerful to be stopped now
(118.51 KB 2000x1200 EgNymp6XYAInV0U.jpg)
(128.03 KB 2000x1200 EgNzE7TWoAEbRT9.jpg)
(157.01 KB 2000x1200 EgNzFxdWkAIOAjJ.jpg)
> find him lazying around
> pull his pants down
> spooge on his back
> fill his butt
(154.29 KB 2000x1200 EgNzHILXYAAHGc8.jpg)
oh shit it only posted 3 but it lets me put in more
what kind of creature is that?
(159.17 KB 2000x1600 EfP9qSkXgAUkQcx.jpg)
(108.61 KB 1800x1200 EfTpZcQU8ActdG6.jpg)
(217.71 KB 1800x1600 EfT9ZK5WAAIwJfB.jpg)
some sort of jellyfish ayy
with applied artistic license
need fuzzy bf, lads
just want to hug and comfort him when he's feeling low
and do the same for me
is that too much to ask?
(126.80 KB 2048x1536 1616277796982.jpg)
fluffy spider slut
(1.71 MB 2244x2244 thirsty_sam.png)
(338.32 KB 651x779 jetpack.png)
(302.66 KB 1744x2746 20201024_190914.jpeg)
now that's one gay collie
I bet he's never been a top in his life.
(134.86 KB 755x729 1616786902580.png)
Maybe, since he has only ever been with anon. I bet it's cute if you let him top you.
>bumpfag intentionally slides this general off the board along with other ones he doesn't like
Feels bad.
get a load of this waspness ass

> still no butt filling images of him
>black and yellow striped heart
I never noticed this before, yet I greatly enjoy seeing such a minor detail.
(634.18 KB 1844x2048 08735a4a8076a52111281350df9c0ce1.jpg)
/hmoma/bros, where you at?
cranking it to demon boys and ladies and trying to learn how to draw
for unrelated reasons
Based, I hope your artistic journey is bountiful.
(647.08 KB 1192x877 1581378332660.png)
Eh. Kinda procrastinating on the scalie greentext. Not sure whether to 'Feel It' and write a more casual block of dialogue of mundane stuff of the two characters screwing around. Also thinking of how on earth I'm supposed to write erotically, because most trains of thought will just graze off in order to avoid going all purple prose over like a character's appearance or actions. Granted, I am also certainly overthinking this in general.
Less thinking, more keyboard mashing in order to string words together and establish a fictional setting. But for real, just get down what first comes to mind, then go back and revise later. You'll get too hung up if you agonize over every tidbit as it first comes off your fingertips.
hey, random question
theres a bunch of stories by the same anonymous author which i am looking for the complete collection of
they all appear to be in the same universe with bird aliens called the vox, i believe
anyone got a list of all their works?
these are probably what you're looking for, don't ask me how I know https://rentry.co/cesiax
im not seeing the two stories i read in there, 'language barrier' and 'creamy bird shampoo'
Anybody from the recent wave of traffic a /hmoma/-goer? Seems most people are looking for asylum from the fast /hmofa/ threads, but I may as well check and see.
u guys need to just move over to /trash/'s hmoma thread our general dies everyday we need life support from u niggas
(217.92 KB 1754x1580 E7L2MmLX0AEB_gv.jpg)
wouldn't that be a reason for you guys to come over here instead, since these threads don't die if there's less activity 'cuz the board is slower?
Unfortunately, /hmoma/ on /trash/ seems to be targeted by bumpfag whenever he goes on a spamming tirade. It's difficult to keep the thread up when we have a comparatively small userbase.
I wouldn't be against it if content creators were to crosspost between here and there. That way, we can have a stable stream of discussion here without fear of it disappearing into thin air.
I'll just drop this
>get warned for reporting spammer
I fucking hate janny so much
Oh shit, I didn't even notice this was /hmoma/ lol. Sorry guys.
Maybe it's because the spam is manual and not a bot. Not that I agree with it, but it's a possible explanation.
You're right, but janny got rid of another manual spammer just a few days ago, and that one was clearly not a bot. The current one posts stuff that "appears to be" a spambot-- not replying to anything, off-topic copypastas-- so there should be even more of a case for it.
Anyway, I won't take up any more of your thread with my butthurt.
(1.43 MB 2253x1689 need jealous bf.jpg)
does anyone have a mega dl or something of all pics of the collie sam? Don't really have time to go through the hundreds of threads just to manually download each pic

(also why did squiqqles delete their furaffinity?)
Here, let me know if this works. Not sure if I have everything that Squigor's posted on 4chan, but I think I've got most of it. Includes Twitter/FA rips; probably missing a handful of recent pics though from these.
this works great thanks man :D
(24.41 KB 800x600 image_2021-10-30_140750.png)
(22.01 KB 800x600 image_2021-10-30_140757.png)
(17.61 KB 800x600 image_2021-10-30_140802.png)
Howdy. Not sure if we'll ever get any real activity here compared to the main thread, but appreciate the cross-posting nonetheless.
probably not, the thread isnt needed as much as hmofa's but i thought i would try stirring up some posting anyway
he's so goddamn cute
The tab keeps say 4 new posts when there isn't, strange
It'd be cool if there were 4 new posts here. Too bad this site doesn't really garner traffic outside of people who already visit /trash/.
that might change though. trash's hmoma is pretty terrible rn
(2.75 MB 1349x1000 succ.png)