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Fuzzy Drawthread! Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 06:28:06 No. 453
Post and discuss your fuzzy art you've made!
(3.86 MB 2700x2400 cyberbird.png)
(2.08 MB 2560x1890 catching Z's.png)
(440.35 KB 988x1524 PR longgirl -2.2019.jpg)
(26.07 KB 318x241 1557795990779.png)
(147.98 KB 553x756 1539725746349.jpg)
I didn't think I'd post here again, but I think I'm whiskey'd enough to have one last go with some ooold unfinished scribbles, lol.
(689.10 KB 732x691 1539725746348.PNG)
(463.73 KB 1453x1998 Snakey.jpg)
(100.55 KB 283x288 1539725746349.PNG)
I don't draw much. It's awful, but that's it.
(818.66 KB 2000x2160 butts.png)

These doodls warm my heart oodles
(224.08 KB 3040x2356 EH_OyIkWsAIf7K2.jpg)
those are some very nice doodls!
is that a raptor femanon?
they're some nice doodles, keep it up

Keep drawing I see potential.
Don't die on me, /fdt/.
(1.17 MB 1646x2006 20200405_135628.jpg)
Here's my sad attempt. Ill practice more.
Thanks anon! Maybe I'll post more in the future.
You should! I have no artistic ability what so ever and its one of the few things I get jealous about. If you have some natural ability: I.E. if you just have the inclination to draw, do it. If you doodle everyday you'll get better and better. Then at some point you'll 'evolve' in a sense. Not because you think "I'm getting better, so now I must upgrade" like you're in an RPG. But because you're bored and want to do something different, like use colored gel pens or even those watercolor pens.

Just draw something, every day.
Thanks that's honestly one of nicest things a stranger has ever told me. Ill keep up with doodling but I need to invest in some lessons and proper drawing tutorials. And of course tons of practice. Maybe I'll even post more of my doodles here... At least the presentable ones anyway...
Cute but dangerous
Imagine a woman whose thighs are plush, downy feather pillows, and whose smile is to die for. Also, finally had some free time to try coloring.
Nice colors anon
It looks pretty good so far. Nice job anon.
(386.04 KB 1152x2048 ESdUvyhWAAAs5tI.jpeg)
(381.86 KB 548x745 EU7StPgUEAMxQjk.png)
I would like to get my art to this level. I really like the rough sketchy look of these pics. I know a few artists who sort of do this like fk and plague of gripes. Any tips or ideas?
I need to practice more with drawing really... Thanks for the tips anon! Good luck to you.
Man, this joint is depressingly dead. Anyway, I've got a new shitpost doodle I'll post when I get to use it elsewhere first.
Oh, and same to you, dude.
(582.95 KB 909x1071 20181227_101033.jpg)
Don't focus on the negatives, anon. In time we will become a more active board. Here is a doodle from a quest thread where, if I remember correctly, anon wakes up in the countryside and finds an abandoned farm. He meets a vixen who lives there and the two work together to bring the farm back to working order.
Nice drawings, dude. The farmer sketch is not mine, someone else made it. The only doodle I posted is that deformed fox head a few posts up lol.

I had a few more doodles in mind that I never got around to drawing and even a few story ideas that Ill post about in the write feedback thread.
Thanks, I really appreciate that. Try doodling more, especially subjects related to your stories. It's cathartic, and it really helps move the process along. Having visual references for your characters on hand, especially your own drawings, helps make them feel much more tangible. I'd certainly like to see your story ideas - I'm sure many would agree.
Thanks anon. I posted my ideas in the write feedback thread if youre interested. Ill try to post more doodles as time goes on
(58.92 KB 499x472 draw_fox_test.PNG)
Anon who made >>1684 here. Here is another drawing attempt. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can improve my drawing skills? Resources, links, practice tips etc would be appreciated.
It's been awhile; nice progress. :) I like your style, but first and foremost, you'll need to acquaint yourself with a stabilization feature, and try to work on steadying your lines. You should benefit from some simple shape studies (drawing from life is helpful, but you can start observing the way environmental effects interact with the way you see an apple or grape bunch, for example), too. That said, remember to only study b e t w e e n whatever subjects fancy your muse, so as to avoid the trap of prioritizing what someone else (*cough*/ic/'sretarded*cough*) perceives as "progress" over what you truly love about drawing. You're making progress, so you're already on the right track!

I don't have much by way of resources to offer, because I've only ever drawn by intuition, and used photos of myself for physical reference. I would recommendwwatching some media specifically on how to s t a r t sketching; there's nothing wrong with your sketches at all, but there are techniques to starting sketches and fun learning exercises that are SUPER simple (look for drawing with s-curves). I also haven't drawn in a while. I'm just drifting right now. Sorry.
(27.95 KB 239x527 unknown.png)
Thank you, friend! I've been trying out tips/excerises that I've heard from plagueofgripes. This sketch is part traced part drawn by me as an excerise to develop motor control and brush techniques. I feel that sketching is more difficult on the tablet than with paper and pencil because it's new and my hand is shaky. My unsteady hand is what I wish I could correct.

I'm definitely going to look into a shape studies, S-curve drawing, and stabilization features. Thanks again for your tips, anon! I appreciate it a lot! :)
Tracing is great practice and studying for just that, and it'll with picking up the basics and essential "feeling" for the forms you work with. There was a an exercise (from I think Proko) that entailed leaving one's pen (preferably a pen) on paper, and making continuous circles and curlicues without lifting your pen or arm away from the paper. If done for somewhere between fifteen to thirty minutes at a time, and practiced consistently, it was touted to aid with motor control and stroke confidence.

If you ever start up a Twitter art account, please feel free to chat me up any time in DMs; it's always super energizing to talk with others starting art. I'm not much more experienced, and anything helps with the climate as heavy as is these days.

Already feeling pretty jazzed now - thanks for dropping in again. Keep up the good work, you'll have a lot of fun with freehand drawing or just sketching when the itch comes on to try that out. I've never attempted to finish anything with polish (which I desperately need to change), but I've learned to belt these doodles out in very short time frames (five to fifteen minutes each). Helps with processing story content, characters, scenes, and such. And it's fun :)
(218.85 KB 1896x2049 IMG_20201024_101520.jpg)
(346.38 KB 1896x2049 IMG_20201024_101535.jpg)
(287.34 KB 1896x2049 IMG_20201024_101537.jpg)
Ooh, GlacierClear dropped some great breakdown basics. Some of these tips exemplify what I mentioned above. I love breaking down anatomy and form this way.
I had a twitter over a year ago but I deleted it. I have a discord I mainly use for keeping in touch with my friends. I guess I could talk to you there if you dont mind posting a throw away name or something.
Also, uh... lemme know if you do send a friend req.; this account is somewhat front-facing and I like to vet senders I'm unfamiliar with. Nothing troublesome, just lemme know if I should expect to hear from ya' so I know it's anon and not, "ey babeh send feet pix pls I rport u"
I sent you a friend request a few days ago my dude
if it helps my name starts with an O and ends with emojis... my
(486.69 KB 1490x795 RULES OF NATURE.png)
postan in the dead thread baybay
based! good shit anon, looks really nice
(452.42 KB 800x600 listen_linda (1).png)
Oh, hey. Not much to offer, but have this.
(13.10 KB 800x600 getIMG (100).png)
is it active here?
sort of, less than the 4chan thread but certainly not dead
other threads are less dead than this one
If you draw it, they will come.
(552.06 KB 1024x768 SO LIEK ANYWAY.png)
(968.07 KB 1432x2113 Capture+_2021-12-17-18-10-29.png)
(1.17 MB 1426x1721 Capture+_2021-12-17-16-57-24.png)
All dudes. I'll post my most recent blurbs (not super new, but I've shared these at least). I'm trying to get that magic back.
(1.05 MB 1280x1024 sketch1600045028485.png)
(1.58 MB 1024x1280 sketch1600029233194.png)
(2.14 MB 1024x1280 sketch1600032183984.png)
(231.83 KB 600x800 they sent the extra horny one.png)
(1.07 MB 1600x1200 comparicygn.png)
Ugh, I fugged up >>4781 for all my dudes. >R9K prevented at least one of... >R9k... Lel, ought to change that text. In any case...
>>4783 And the function... it's blocking reposts of deleted images, too. Probably from the Sarah thread
>>4783 >>4789 >>4790 so jack is furrymoot? >>4790
>>4791 Yep. I was even born in Joisey. Why else would I be so cursed?
>>4792 I live for hard-r conspiracy theories l
>>1909 Nice.