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Why do so many artists think this way? Anonymous 04/03/2022 (Sun) 14:10:12 No. 4769
it seems like day after day there's some furry artist verging on poverty then they start doing personal piece after personal piece with their donation links in the description if i like your art i want to support you by buying a commission this is like the furry version of panhandling except they shove a picture in our face and say "money please"
>>4769 emergency commissions are a scam by and large, yeah been saying that for a long time every other one I've seen is "my dog is sick and I can't afford vet bills because I can't work because of my chronic condition" literally translates *directly* to "hey I can't handle stress and am already proven to be terrible with money, I'd like to take on dozens or hundreds of obligations simultaneously with payment for them up front, surely this won't go wrong!" the saddest thing is that fools still fall for it anyway