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Banner Suggestions

Feel free to suggest images for banners here, I can crop them into something nice so just go nuts.

If you want to make one yourself the size limit is 200kb and 300x100 is the prefered size but not required.

Suggestions can be global or board specific.

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Site Disruption and Future

The old webserver exploded. No idea why, but the backups were fine and the instance itself was working so it was easy enough to salvage config files and other things. It's sort of a good thing, it finally motivated me to upgrade the backend from the now 2-year-outdated version it was on. New backend should be much better, and much more memory efficient. Some things are of course broken, for now the frontpage images are broken and captchas as well (though regular users won't notice that last one). This all brings up a question. I just took 2 days off work to spin up a new environment and get dependencies in order. That's a lot of money to invest into this project that, to date, has already cost me a fair amount. I never expected any returns, but at the same time I don't think I still have such a huge drive to preserve that anonymous thread culture I was such a fan of that I can justify such large expenditures. So what do I do to make this worthwhile, other than offlining and ruining everyone's fun and wasting my own time? I might add a donation link to help pay for hosting and other bills.

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Feature Request Thread

Post requesting features you'd like to see or discussing the suggestions.

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CSAM spam

How do we stop subhumans and bots from spamming this board with illegal shit?

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Anyone has the origimal image? I think the artist is Armain

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I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to stop illegal images from appearing on your site. It also helps to block proxies as well. I think as an imageboard community we can stop this shit but we need to start taking measures to put an end to it. If you want to step away from your board for awhile don't leave posting open. It will get spammed. Just put it in read only until you come back. And yes, I'm posting this on all the imageboards I find. No I'm not a bot.

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Edit Please

A request to remove her shirt please.

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The Webring wants YOU

Hey there, furry lads,
I was wondering if you guys were any interested in joining the Webring, which is a federated system of imageboards, think of it as a group of sister boards helping each other out in times of need and advertising each other's website (but to anonymous imageboard posters). It would really help with our lack of certain boards that you yourself already host. Lemme know if you're interested and if you are, consider browsing or to join the project.
Thank you for your time.

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Is it just me or?

Is all of the code for this site just line for line bunkerchan's code?