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Feature Request Thread Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 21:50:51 No. 1
Post requesting features you'd like to see or discussing the suggestions.
number of unique IP's would be nice.
Absolutely this
Individual threads don't work for Qutebrowser, meaning I can't scroll. It works find in the catalog and thread scroll.`
Interesting. Can't say I'm at all familiar with that. As for the issue, is it a problem with scrolling on the board view (furchan.net/meta/) or in a thread (furchan.net/meta/res/1.html)?
thread (furchan.net/meta/res/1.html)
Interesting. From what I can see, the frontend just loads cells in dynamically using the same set of inputs whether in thread or board view. It almost treats posts and threads the exact same, even uses the same functions.
So if you can browse on the board view you should be able to browse on the thread view.

I honestly have no idea how Qutebrowser works or what it looks for to enable scrolling, maybe posts need to have an attached element with a numerical counter or something? That would require engine modifications, and we're already overdue for an engine update so I don't think that's a project I'd want to embark upon right now.

As for >>22 >>23
unique IPs will be in the new version of LynxChan I've heard, so that feature is coming once the site updates. It's just a matter of syncing up local changes and making sure the database doesn't suicide. This is something I may not get to for a while. For now this site is kind of on upkeep mode, though I'd obviously like for it to work for all users (Qutebrowser users included).
Eventually I'll have to transfer site hosting and when that happens, that's probably when I'll get back to this project and update everything.
I just want to get notified when I get a reply I'm on mobile or maybe a (you)
Yeah, unfortunately that'd be a backend tweak or the mother of all plugins, so it would require some serious dev time. I asked the developer that created the backend this site is running on about (you)s over irc once and he didn't seem to be a fan of the idea, so it seems unlikely. Believe me, if it were easy to implement I would have done so already.

On the plus side, mobile support is somewhat doable and when I get around to updating the engine I'll probably implement that at the same time with support for a certain chan browsing app, so that should help you out a lot.
Sweet glad to hear
The site lacks https/tls
I agree with this. This is important to implement. Also I assume as the site develops we will be getting other features as well such as custom CSS. Not a deal breaker but it would be nice to have.
if theres any way we can help either with donations, merch, telling others about this board, or even helping with lynxchan development please let us know
Do you know what would be really cool? A mascot.
But what kind of mascot accurately portrays the desire to bone animal women?
An animal woman, obviously.
something needs to be done to stop the bot posting it is very annoying
So, I can give a bit of a spread on what can be done there.
The posts appear to be botted, but they're coming in at rates indicative of a human poster making them. I can confirm this by looking at that big spam attack they did a couple weeks ago, it was entirely done on only two different IPs. Usually with an actual bot setup you'd use a different IP for each post, but as is it was really easy to clean up with a simple IP delete.

The solution to full bots is to implement captchas, which I can do very easily since it's built in the the LynxChan engine. But it would be annoying for regular users, and honestly the spam is pretty easy to clean up once a day or so (there's only ever a couple random posts here and there).

A filter wouldn't be effective because there's not much to filter when they're changing IPs and can just change their copypasta/image.

If you guys want to put on a captcha, go ahead and weigh in, but for now I'll just keep cleaning it up as it comes in.
Alright, I'm going to roll out captchas for now. We'll see if it does anything or if it's just an annoyance.
Alright, you all should be happy to know that I've finally gotten around to adding SSL support and mobile support.

As explained in >>199's guide, you have to install DashChan first

Then install the FurChan DashChan extension:
you should get on 2.5
Starting to think I should. Been getting random crashes ever since setting SSL to mandatory, which seem to have resolved by setting it to just enabled. Very weird behavior.
>setting SSL to mandatory
are you sure you need to
Nah, and I figured as much when I just set it back to enabled.
The workers are still crashing, but haven't hit any catastrophic ones so far after making that change. No idea what's causing it, logs seem pretty unhelpful.
how did you make node use the certificates
Just set the permissions on the key and certfiles such that node can access them. You think that's the issue?
idk ask stephen
That seems to be the plan. Thanks tho, bud.
Okay, update on mobile app - testing revealed that it wasn't loading boards for a while due to complaints about an "invalid certificate". After a little digging around in the source, I figured out that DashChan for some reason requires a fullchain SSL certificate to validate it. After reimplementing fullchain SSL (it was previously disabled for testing), it is now working again.

>ability to search threads
Search for threads. Search for post. Search across boards. Search only specific boards

Make the catalog button, and the button to the right of it, show up not just when inside a thread

>duplicate image prevention
furchans biggest advantage over 4chan is image dumps, but to ensure quality of image dumps a system that prevents users from posting duplicate images is a MUST! Identify what images are 'duplicates' in the reply box.

>MISC/Would be Nice
Ip count, image, and page at bottom right like 4chins
Inline quote
>Search for threads
This functionality exists in the catalogue.

>Make the catalogue button visible from board page
It is.

>Duplicate image prevention
>IP count, image, and page
>Inline quotes
These are good recommendations. It would take some doing to work these features in, as they're not built into the LynxChan backend.

Currently I'm on very passive development / holding cycle due to busyness. I will keep these features in mind for the future though, as IP and post count was already a planned feature before.
(1.64 MB 495x258 1615782120351.gif)
(40.33 KB 461x415 1616204756268.jpg)
(170.46 KB 1728x710 this.png)
>This functionality exists in the catalogue.
>It is.
understood, I see it now.

>Currently I'm on very passive development / holding cycle due to busyness. I will keep these features in mind for the future though, as IP and post count was already a planned feature before.

'Image duplication prevention' is by far the most important one. It's the only thing keeping me and others from dumping more images and telling people to dump images here, unless they start a new thread and only dump the contents of a folder in a single go.

I also forgot another feature that is important, only second behind 'Image duplication prevention'. And that is showing the 'image size' and total 'image size' (in relation to the 8mb limit) in the reply window. You can see the lack of these features in the 3rd pic from the left below.
Okay. I have the ability to enable r9k style unique image requirements, but I imagine this would actually prove to be more of a problem than a feature. I'll enable it for now, but if the majority weigh in that they want to be able to repost their favorite reaction image or something in a new thread, it won't stick around.
this is temporary right? I thought a 'duplicate image preventer' was supposed to work on a 'per thread bases' not on the entire board?
It would take development time to figure out how to localize it that way. I can of course disable it if people end up not liking the feature in the meantime.
I don't know about others, but I am taking advantage while this feature is here to make image dumps. Only issue with it, is that it doesn't tell you which images are duplicates, so it's a game of trial and error.
How hard would it be to have a pastebin like feature on this site? Like maybe the instead of posting to a thread you can put it into a pastebin. Could even have accounts for editing? And then share that link elsewhere.
I considered it very heavily when pastebin went down. I'd love to do it, but it would involve setting up an actual webserver instead of running off the lynxchan built in webserver. That's not such a big deal, but it does require me to actually pay attention and put in effort, so it hasn't happened yet.
Sauce Nao/Google Search implementation for media like 4chan?
they have extensions for that

latest images do not show webms.
Does the site have an archive yet? Would probably be nice to keep track of what little bursts of activity we get.
This site has always had an archive. You can find it on the front page.
What is the point of filtering "infamously" on /fur/?
The word "fam" was filtered as on 4chan, to "daddy" rather than "senpai" because it's more relevant to the furry crowd. It's been removed until I can make sure it only applies on individual words.
Please implement date of post and time. Helps when reading back so you can put the message in context with time.
Prevent users from posting duplicates in a thread, not the entire board.
I don't really understand, this is fully implemented. If you want to use server time rather than local time, use the settings menu up top.
I think he means on mobile.
I want a captcha to keep the CP posts away.