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Feature Request Thread Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 21:50:51 No. 1
Post requesting features you'd like to see or discussing the suggestions.
can i get uhhh
> post box gets cleared when you close quick reply
> change clover icon on tab from green to red when you get (you)'d
> there are no (you)s
Currently on the list:
>download button for images
>make media thumbnails static

The (you) system is currently not implemented at all on LynxChan's backend, so it would require a lot of dev time unfortunately.
As for "post box gets cleared when you close quick reply", what do you mean by this?
Even though I said that thumbnail gifs were annoying because of no-fap and they were distracting, I didn't realize there was a hide option for the images. I don't know what the rest of the anons think of it, but a very good pro for thumbnail gifs, is that you can obverse several at the same time and know if it's worth expanding it and saving it. Usually one has to open every individual gif in order to evaluate it, and alot of the times the static image isn't very good to use to judge the gif's animation quality on. With gif thumbnails one can asses the animation quality instantly.
if you click to reply, then close the quick reply window, what was previously written stays there
Ah, I see the issue. That is pretty annoying.
I'll try to get around to fixing that, should be a somewhat simple fix hopefully.
Clover support for mobile posters.
And also /pol/ style thread post ids so we know when a shitposter is replying to their own posts to derail the thread.
Clover support is possible but requires a 4chan-like API and cooperation with the Clover dev(s) since they require hardcoded support. This is something you'd have to bring up with the LynxChan devs.

As for visible poster IDs, I am personally not a fan. This site will receive moderation, so it shouldn't be a huge issue in terms of post quality. I don't think i'd implement this unless there was a very large outcry.
Much as I love anonymity, I definitely appreciate the value in IDs.
IP-hopping is trivial so I don't think IDs would do much good.
>download button for images
Click on the filename after the dimensions.
Haha oh damn, I didn't even realize that was a feature of this frontend. Not super clear tho so I should probably still make that button but still.
That's not a FE feature, tho. It's a back-end one.
Very interesting, looks like you're right. Search turns up no real work on divposts container in the frontend.
Odd that that kind of formatting is handled on the backend but sure.
So nojs users can download files.
Also, of course I'm right, I wrote the damn thing.
Oh damn, hey there Stephen!
Didn't expect to see you around here.
(697.00 KB 1080x1266 85b.png)
Are you serious?
Top right, the button that looks like a catalogue.
number of unique IP's would be nice.
Absolutely this
Individual threads don't work for Qutebrowser, meaning I can't scroll. It works find in the catalog and thread scroll.`
Interesting. Can't say I'm at all familiar with that. As for the issue, is it a problem with scrolling on the board view (furchan.net/meta/) or in a thread (furchan.net/meta/res/1.html)?
thread (furchan.net/meta/res/1.html)
Interesting. From what I can see, the frontend just loads cells in dynamically using the same set of inputs whether in thread or board view. It almost treats posts and threads the exact same, even uses the same functions.
So if you can browse on the board view you should be able to browse on the thread view.

I honestly have no idea how Qutebrowser works or what it looks for to enable scrolling, maybe posts need to have an attached element with a numerical counter or something? That would require engine modifications, and we're already overdue for an engine update so I don't think that's a project I'd want to embark upon right now.

As for >>22 >>23
unique IPs will be in the new version of LynxChan I've heard, so that feature is coming once the site updates. It's just a matter of syncing up local changes and making sure the database doesn't suicide. This is something I may not get to for a while. For now this site is kind of on upkeep mode, though I'd obviously like for it to work for all users (Qutebrowser users included).
Eventually I'll have to transfer site hosting and when that happens, that's probably when I'll get back to this project and update everything.
I just want to get notified when I get a reply I'm on mobile or maybe a (you)
Yeah, unfortunately that'd be a backend tweak or the mother of all plugins, so it would require some serious dev time. I asked the developer that created the backend this site is running on about (you)s over irc once and he didn't seem to be a fan of the idea, so it seems unlikely. Believe me, if it were easy to implement I would have done so already.

On the plus side, mobile support is somewhat doable and when I get around to updating the engine I'll probably implement that at the same time with support for a certain chan browsing app, so that should help you out a lot.
Sweet glad to hear
The site lacks https/tls
I agree with this. This is important to implement. Also I assume as the site develops we will be getting other features as well such as custom CSS. Not a deal breaker but it would be nice to have.
if theres any way we can help either with donations, merch, telling others about this board, or even helping with lynxchan development please let us know


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