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The Webring wants YOU Anonymous 04/28/2020 (Tue) 17:53:12 No. 187
Hey there, furry lads,
I was wondering if you guys were any interested in joining the Webring, which is a federated system of imageboards, think of it as a group of sister boards helping each other out in times of need and advertising each other's website (but to anonymous imageboard posters). It would really help with our lack of certain boards that you yourself already host. Lemme know if you're interested and if you are, consider browsing anon.cafe or fatchan.org to join the project.
Thank you for your time.
(1.74 MB 1078x5023 NishiChaneruTensei.jpg)
I am not sure if this a serious post or not, but I'll give some shitty counter-points:
>anons over there might despise anything having still connection with 4chan (in your case - /trash/ furry general threads backup) I didn't lurked 4cuckchan for a long of time (thanks to webring mentality), but some general threads were alright, including /xen/.
>although there's already /furry/ board, but it's mostly bumped by and is full of <buc< shit nowadays
>anons on the various IBs of webring hates each other for many of reasons that includes, but not limited to IB Admin allowing to host certain fetish board
>webring needs to be updated if new IB joins, and it's seems to even possible for one IB admin to "blacklist" other IB from showing up in their board list, although it's supposed to happen if said other IB is being shady
>there's no separate entity/site but maybe I didn't lurked good enough to check current webring without board blacklisting, only through related IBs. This causing conspiracy about IBs fighting for webring control, thus creating pic related. On positive note, however - anon.cafe hosts /shelter/ for anyone in the webring.
>if boards creation is allowed, it's either 8moe cancer (unrestricted-sh board creation - spams webring + defeats the point) or "please make an account and fill the form and we'll say if we want this kind board or not" while not tipping on what content they look for, don't mind or will refuse. Oh boy, I sure like to create useless accounts.

Yes, I am aware of necroposting.
This sounds like a good idea, if it doesn't bring drama here or propels this IB into their drama.