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Site Disruption and Future Anonymous Board owner 02/17/2022 (Thu) 06:24:27 No. 256
The old webserver exploded. No idea why, but the backups were fine and the instance itself was working so it was easy enough to salvage config files and other things. It's sort of a good thing, it finally motivated me to upgrade the backend from the now 2-year-outdated version it was on. New backend should be much better, and much more memory efficient. Some things are of course broken, for now the frontpage images are broken and captchas as well (though regular users won't notice that last one). This all brings up a question. I just took 2 days off work to spin up a new environment and get dependencies in order. That's a lot of money to invest into this project that, to date, has already cost me a fair amount. I never expected any returns, but at the same time I don't think I still have such a huge drive to preserve that anonymous thread culture I was such a fan of that I can justify such large expenditures. So what do I do to make this worthwhile, other than offlining and ruining everyone's fun and wasting my own time? I might add a donation link to help pay for hosting and other bills.
>>256 Seems image uploads broken for now as well. Will work on that later.
(325.96 KB 1042x1187 manedwolf_dogbone.png)
>>257 testing
(35.18 KB 551x534 EHddfNFX0AEmy-R.png)
Alright that's most of the important functionality back. I'm going to stop active development for a while so I can go make up for the time investment. You guys play nice on here.
Images aren't being uploaded anymore, do you plan to fix this soon?
(1.21 MB 3065x2620 5621321564.jpg)
>>263 test
Issue, it turns out, was with the backend. There was an emergency patch a few days ago that I didn't see because I hadn't fetched, it was specifically affecting .jpg files. All should be good now.
>>275 K, thx.
(452.44 KB 2048x1536 Fangzoi_looking_at_you.jpg)
I'd be ok with a donation link. While the site doesn't see as much use as it used to I think it's a cool project