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>>/fg/5055 >>5052 https://www.sofurry.com/view/1886549 And the first chapter of the act.
>>/fg/5052 Mattariel here. Got a new act of In Opposition that's just about finished, so here's a goofy interlude for now. https://www.so
>>/fg/5051 I can't post on the thread because my internet is shit. Anyway, MSC seems to have a problem running on my test pc. than again,
>>/meta/286 >>285 While I agree that blanket bans are generally a shitty solution, this sort of abuse has to be cracked down on hard. If le
>>/fg/5050 >>5049 >break the rules >get banned woahhh who could have... expected... I like both red boards and blue boards. Blue boar
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