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/hmofa/ Meta Thread #4 Anonymous 01/10/2022 (Mon) 08:09:16 No. 3357
Direct any and all /hmofa/ meta discussion here, so the primary FurChan thread isn't clogged by off topic posts.

>Links for convenience:
[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo
I'm back after sleeping for a bit just to say that I didn't realize that "Don't respond to shitposting or bait" was a controversial opinion.
>>4334 sorry, I'm working on it
>>4331 Yesterday's nonsense made me realize that /hmofa/ - "complaining loudly about stories we don't read" might be my least favorite iteration of the thread. A lot like when it was Westgate before. That story had its problems, but you could have made up anything about that story (and posters certainly did), and get people riled up about how big of an affront to decency it is.
>>4336 >complaining loudly about stories we don't read The man read the story, he even gave the line number.
>>4337 "the man" wasn't the only person posting. Unless you're admitting here that he was a very effective samefagging shitposter, there was significant bandwagoning.
>>4338 That was the only complaint was from that man. The rest were just getting baited by that one anon getting mad at the critique.
burzum/cuckfag is now trying to poison the well by spaming "saved herself for you" to try to get people to hate it. Since that didn't work he is replying to himself now.
>>4340 It's literally just one assblasted anon spamming the thread because someone dared disagree with him, it's not some big conspiracy.
>>4341 >It's literally just one assblasted anon spamming the thread because someone dared disagree with him, it's not some big conspiracy. That is what I said the cuckfag/burzum is mad that the general hates his guts so he is posing as what he calls a "purityfag" and is trying to get people to attack him and stiffle good conversations. That failed so he is replying to himself. If you weren't new and were actually here before 2019, you would know that burzum did this alot.
Why do you think he disappears for a time and comes wriggling back? Does he take his meds or just gets board and pesters something else? I'm thinking the latter.
>>4343 The mind of Burzum is an enigma.
So we have a >shotafag >the fucking idiot unironically calling people incel >Rapefag All trying to fans the flames of incitation Why must weekand threads be like this?
>cuck cuck purity cuck human whore incel virgin cuck Can all of you please fuck off with this, it's all so tiresome.
>>4345 It's 4chan It's /trash/ 50-70% of the anons on that board are coomers. They need stimulus. A lot of them fall to shitposting. When they shitpost they feel in control, like they hold the fate of the general. They have no real opinions and post what ever shifts the conversation into their favor, they love wedge issues and get a sense of belonging when they can spark actuall outrage.
>>4346 stfu cuckazoid.
Add "cuckfag" and "purityfag" to your filters and most of it goes away.
>>4349 just filter virginity since it only ever comes up in the context of shitting up the thread
>>4350 >just filter virginity since it only ever comes up in the context of shitting up the thread No fuck you cuckfag. We have lasted this long and had many good conversations about virginity until you started to get ass blasted about it. YOU shit up the thread every time you see it. You are like a loser who sees a black person in art and then spammed blacked images so you can turn around and say "I told you so". This general would rather die then let you get your way you filthy fucking sperg of a shitposter.
>>4351 I don't get involved in your retarded arguments because you all just spout the same buzzwords and copy paste arguments every single thread it shows up, it's fucking tiring and I'm sick of seeing it all the time.
>>4351 You are literally the one who started spamming in this thread. You didn't have to, you CHOSE to.
>>4350 >>4352 That's not true at all though dumbass. At some point you're going to catch actual discussion around virgin anthros. The retard slinging "purityfag", "incel" and now pretending they're someone else is the only one deliberately shitting up the thread. NOTICE the pattern of their posting. Its just burz doing his insane routine over and over, unfortunately someone is always going to get baited to respond but that doesn't mean you should filter everyone else along with him. They're probably even expecting you to do that.
>>4353 >>4352 cuckfag/burzum is spamming the thread you fucking retard
>>4354 "Actual discussion" like the current shitfit about virginity retreading the same exact tired arguments?
Cuckman is really determined to shit up the general.
>>4357 > like the current shitfit about virginity retreading the same exact tired arguments? List my cucka, people were not talking about virginity. They were talking about an ex-pornstar until you threw a hissyfit and equated not wanting an ex-pornstar to wanting a virgin. You made your bed NOW LIE IN IT.
>>4359 It's really not helping your argument that you so desperately want everyone who says anything to be the same anon you're arguing with in the thread, when I'm just sick of all you retards spamming the same arguments no matter which side you're on. But you'll just cry about cuckfag again like Burz and his zoomer obsession.
>>4360 >It's really not helping your argument There is no argument. Everybody is sick of you and your constant whining blaiming the "purityfags" when you are just big mad that people are averse to promiscuous women. Nobody arguing in the thread right now gave a shit about virginity, they gave a shit about some lowlife trying to pester the thread about not being all open arms and shit about an ex pornstar story. Nobody said to not write it, they said not to expect it to be well received. And then the resident shitflinger got all ass mad about the possibility of people not having his opinions that he declared anybody being averse to a ex pornstar story must also only want virgin waifurs. Like really dude, blow you opinions out your ass if you are just here to start shit.
Filteranon here. All instances of the filter being mentioned in the actual thread aren't by me. I haven't mentioned the existence of the filter at all since it's been added to the OP. I only talk about the filter in this metathread. Two examples of this happening are the time an anon posted a poll about filter usage and the time right now by >>50372377 (I don't even have 'cuckfag' in the filter, but I am thinking of adding it soon). I have no ill animosity for anons that talk about the filter outside of the meta-thread; I appreciate that you're a fan of it, but please understand that people don't like it when things are pushed on them.
>baiting that fucking hard to absolutely no results Well I hope folks got hipwaders on. He follows the usual habit we're about to see another meltie because he's upset the general attracted a new drawfag apparently.
The voices in his mind told him that the new artist is unworthy.
I know you browse the meta threads, so I'm just gonna say this. Go to fucking therapy, man. Holy shit you fucking need it. Or try drugs, that too.
>resident cancer tumor spergs at new drawfag >new drawfag gives him the bugs bunny treatment I'll give him this much, newguy ain't afraid of shit. I'm a bit put off by his art style but if he's doing that kind of dunking he's alright in my books.
>>4322 I like that Lynn.
Knowing that he wasted another entire night to be a miserable lolcow, that's the kind of pleasure that I salvage from these threads. I don't even interact, I just watch and see him get mad over nothing.
>>4368 You better not be the one replying to him...
>>4360 >cry about cuckfag again like Burz Listen you absolute peanutbrain, the shitposter IS the cuckfag. He IS the person pretending to argue for the things he hates. Thread regulars aren't your fucking boogeyman, you're just flying into a blind rage because you can't recognize him. You are genuinely being tricked into thinking regular anons are spamming these shitty impressions. Even if there are 3 shitposters at once they might as well be the same person, they don't have the mental capacity to formulate the ideas or discussions that thread regulars have.
>>4369 That's what I said. I don't reply, trust me, I just watch him waste his remaining time, knowing that it's gonna be the last thing he'll ever do until he commits suicide, arrested, or similar fates.
I'm now morbidly curious. /trash/ has a small number of schizoposters with mostly distinctive styles. Has he started REEEEEing about "partialism" yet?
>>4372 Nah we basically only have our one and only since for better or worse, he has basically immunized us to garden variety shitposting. Shows very strongly if you stomach glancing at collared or adhg. Dunno why the hell adhg hasn't cut the rules shit out of their OP since it's literally a "HERE THIS IS HOW YOU PISS US OFF" list.
Would it be intrusive to start uploading new content to the hmofa on this board? I want to, to maybe lead people away from the shitpost cesspool but I feel like since it's so slow it would just end up being a personal art stash
>>4374 Why not both?
>>4374 >since it's so slow it would just end up being a personal art stash And there's nothing wrong with that, if anything, it would be good if the art posted in the /trash/ thread would make its way here also.
>Spams his entire brigdebot hate folder >Crickets.mp3 >Spams Autistic Artist Doxx folder >Tumbleweed.gif >Now spams random messages Vietnamese >Samefags his own bait to chum the waters >EmptyPool.jpg Man that was a lot of effort for jack shit returns on his part. It's like the digital equivalent of the scruffy insane hobo shouting into a parking lot.
>>4374 I don't understand what you mean by intrusive; having new content posted here could only be a good thing, for artists and viewers. It being slow is boon for the kind of visibility you really want. Plus, it really doesn't hurt to have your art/doodles/shitposts backed up somewhere reliably consistent, trust me. I'd start it in a new /hmofa/ art thread though, given the old one's a mess
>>4377 There doesn't seem to be any limit to the kind of cancer he will imitate for bait. I wish we had like an advanced AI or something that could actually pinpoint differentiate the lack of formation and subtetly because then literally none of his posts would get through and he would commit suicide.
>>4374 No. This imageboard is meant for posting on, so, post on it!
I always laugh when I he calls others mentally ill.
(120.61 KB 585x781 1661122667263207.png)
We're reaching 1000 posts. Someone should bake a new metathread soon.