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/hmofa/ Meta Thread #2 Anonymous 10/11/2021 (Mon) 05:06:41 No. 1324
Direct any and all /hmofa/ meta discussion here, so the primary FurChan thread isn't clogged by off topic posts.

>Links for convenience:
[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo
Here’s your new thread. Use it if you want to or not, I don’t care.
But why? Last thread was pure autism achieving nothing. Nothing good came out of it except retards whining about the same shit over and over again which i admit i am guilty of it too but overall it did nothing but give that autist what he wants which is attention
In case anyone wants to vent about Burzum without shitting up the they can use this place. Again, I don’t really care if you want to use it or not.
I'd say it's to contain the autism.
Alright I'll bite last thread I wasn't there but looking through the archives it seems that one of the posts saying his classic "You're a shizoprenic /x/ user" charade was replied to by someone saying he wasn't the the /x/ user and that he was paranoid so in response it replied with this so it's safe to say that he uses this to further shit up a thread using Dylan as a ruse to further shit up the thread and of course I'm not saying all who accuse someone of Dylan as him but seeing so much of someone accuse someone of being Dylan to an almost spergy tier makes me thinks it's been done multiple times to further shit up the thread and to brought up later by him to prove a point about any anons accusing him of being Dylan are just "stalking" him I'm sure we will get another collage as the same as last time where he took multiple screenshots from here and called the anon who was accusing him of being dylan as delusional and take note this post was deleted for whatever reason along with other posts that he usually spams the thread with
(178.63 KB 1080x670 2553636271.png)
(180.93 KB 1080x863 IMG_20211012_125303.png)
(43.48 KB 1080x303 IMG_20211012_125434.png)
Forgot images. These were all washed off by the janny
(213.65 KB 1080x641 IMG_20211012_125348.png)
(144.17 KB 1080x544 IMG_20211012_125337.png)
(252.95 KB 1040x648 IMG_20211012_125211.png)
All in all it's pretty funny that even he is aware of how sad his life is
Was about to say how posting gay porn would this justify saving the thread but you can’t reason with this fucking no life
(6.54 MB 498x410 funny dog.gif)
yeah that whole thread pretty much convinced me to stop posting there, its really depressing
>The entire thread right now
I dont think thats burzum are we being raided right now?
Zoofags, not even once.
Well what I am essentially trying to say with this is he probably used the dyalan as a way to shit up the thread and make people who accuse him of being dylan look obsessive, giving more merit to the idea that this isn't Dylan
He has always been in the thread. I remember when someone posted a dragon he would shit out lines of text telling them to go back to scaly. now he just calls them zoofags and uses other resident shitposters as a cover.
okay? what's wrong?
I'm the guy who was witchhunting "feralfags". You're an idiot for believing I'm [named boogeyman], especially after all that happened in the thread with the falseflagger and shit.
cool, then you shall be ignored just like rest of the resident shitposters.
I don't think its him though besides wasnt it all a misunderstanding about some story about ferals and one anon who thought he meant dragons ward vs some anon who thought he meant Wedding the dragon. I dunno to much since I've tried to filer it out
Fine by me, you do whatever. I'm still gonna sling vitriol at people who post blatant ferals.

The guy I was fighting with got roped into it by the falseflagger zoophile that janny annihilated. He thought I was against a story with actual anthros but I was just ranting about The Knight's Ward, which shouldn't be included in the story masterbin due to being human on feral content. I don't even remember why I brought the Knight's Ward, I was using it as an example or something going back and forth with the lowercase pikatoja poster.
I mean if you are the one that spammed the thread to living hell then yes anons will think you took a shit on it but it seems that it just some idiots falseflagging especially the ones posting the anti-scaly rhetoric
I admit I may have gotten a bit out of hand, I made the police and court posts and the furry wojaks and repeatedly told the zoofags and their defenders to fuck off but I definitely didn't do it alone. I don't know how many else could of joined in, with /hmofa/ having to experience burzum every day it seems, some people jump in and throw fuel to a fire before scuttling away and doing nothing more and some people just outright throw themselves into the thick of it.

I know the anti-scaly tard, he was posting gore of irl lizards and spamming 'gb2 /scaly/' at all scaly content. Not me, I was reporting his posts on the day that happened. I only insulted the guy posting quadruped scalies. I don't even hate on them for posting animal genitalia like cookies or cloacas, even though I feel like I should. I take most issue with pics of clear non-humanoid forms, because that's feral no matter what way you spin it and thus shouldn't be in /hmofa/. Zoofags are notorious for being obnoxious and they won't leave if you allow them to feel at home.
Doesn't Knight's Ward's dragon have an anthro form she turns into? Seems like hmofa to me.
Yeah, I actually only learned that just now so everything I said about it before is now invalidated I guess.
So you shat up the thread and acted so much like our resident shitposter as to be nearly identical while not actually knowing what you were talking about? Good job, Anon. You sure showed them.
No? The story had nothing to do with it. Fags posting quadruped ferals was the kickoff.
Well not him but arguing with him over a non-issue was pretty dumb and could be labeled as 'burzum' tier but it seems to be a mistake on your part on their was genuine posting about ferals there even if it was just one guy fucking with the thread
No wonder we lose people so fast shit gets narrowed down so fast you can't post anything anymore. Soon some anon is going to come along and say short stacks are child coded or some shit. Dragons have always been allowed and then that faggot comes along and shits up the thread because he hates it.
Again not him but there was a spaming of feral stuff so that's why he went a little rogue as for the dragon stuff he already said its alright as long as it's anthro which he mistakenly thought as story had a feral dragon hence all those arguments last thread
Anthro dragons yes. He is right that feral dragons do not belong, human like level of intelligence or not and even I can see how suspicious it is everyone going against him keeps making the same claim that he just hates dragons and thats it even when he already elaborated that isn't so more than once now.
pepper drawer here, maybe i can ask here and get a reasonable response. do people actually like her? if i was unintentionally shitting up the thread i'll back off, it's just hard to tell whats a genuine criticism and whats a shitpost
there are a couple of very dedicated people that have shit on, and I mean this literally, every single artist and writer that have ever come through the thread in its entire history
there is not one single artist that didn't get chased off by the one or two retards that shit the place up, you are definitely not alone
pepper's great, the people who are actually here to look at cute waifurs love her
you can't have nice things on 4chan
I really don’t mind her. As long as you keep everything hmofa in hmofa then there’s no reason to hate you. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I thought Burzum spoke for a majority of hmofa but once I realized he was the only one who gave a shit I stopped caring.
>these two people dictate what is posted
good one. True dragons have been accepted there have been stories with dragons, quit kidding yourselves.
also stop spamming /scaly/ and falseflagging shit retard
I like her well enough. It's always nice to see some new content. That's exactly why the shitposter is going so hard on artists and writers. He's trying to kill the thread through sustained harassment and his standard MO is pretending to be multiple people. That's why there's always a flurry of activity when he kicks his shit off. Sure, there's a chance there are some genuine retards in the group who are helping him along, but in general you can count on the fact that what seems like a lot of disapproving posts is just the shitposter's autism in action.

You have to remember, people who are just content don't talk about it a lot. I don't respond to every Pepper post I see, but I like that they're there. But the shitposter responds to every Pepper post a minimum of three times over.
He literally spams everything he sees three fold. Each post is about a minute apart or he doubles up with his phone. It was irritating to see what happened. Made me want to stop drawing/writing for the thread all together because fuck that faggot. Even though that would let him win and he would just move onto another thread to kill it off.

People should just not engage with the negativity all together.
(108.20 KB 1756x988 All Together.jpg)
People should just not engage with the negativity
I had been dealing with that before and knew what was going on, what got to me was any kind of positive replies just stopped, so i assumed either the thread lost interest in her or nobody wanted to reply to keep the shitposting down
Look man, I like Pepper, I think she's a fun character. I'm sick of these asswipes shitting up the thread, but nothing is going to change.
I want to know who the fuck that castration-fag was
(988.43 KB 1312x1552 1633985696664.png)
Like I said at the end of last thread, it was Burzum trying to start shit.
>Look how quickly he responded to anons who complained about it
Whenever the shitposter isn't around, the thread moves at a comfortable pace. When you get a thread where he's around, he's probably at least half of all posts. There have been times when he got his ass banned, and a thread past the bump limit suddenly lasts for hours longer.

What I'm saying is, normal users aren't around to immediately react to something posted in the thread. The shitposting is false activity and not indicative of the activity of normal users, many of whom just lurk.

Also, still waiting for that AR-10 pic.
AR 10 pic? was that a request i didnt see lol
Just remembered when Burzum started namefagging a week or 2 ago, he used BigRussman’s name saying how he loved cock or something along those lines.

Dylan was the one who called out BigRussman, why is Burzum namefagging him?
>Dylan thinks some Anon is his Schizo protégé
>Ends up spamming the same images and copypastas again
I can't tell who's worse, him or his /x/fag he keeps talking about?
(142.08 KB 1080x681 Average_CS_Major.jpg)
Wait he's a CS Major?
(34.36 KB 655x527 02f.jpg)
Also besides Dylan, I think there is another group of people who are currently raiding the general as well.
My suspect is a Discord groupe, but I cannot tell where it is.

Mostly I see activity around 9PM-10PM EST for the last few days, and not account of Dylan here and there. Mostly the last time where there was a suggested raid, it was something about women or trannies. I am used to Dylan but something wasn't right there a few nights ago.
Funny how he said nothing about it.
>It's almost like he's the one who posted it to stir up shit.
(72.59 KB 660x483 ar10stewardess.jpg)
I guess. It was my response to the Pepper with gun thing. People were doing rare guns, and it's one of the few rare guns that was thrust in the hands of young, attractive women. The KLM acquired a few for polar flights, where they were intended to blow away polar bears in the event of an emergency landing. So stewardesses were actually trained to handle a full auto 7.62 battle rifle. Which is pretty wild.
Today Burzum/Dylan has been toon:

>Other generals
he's a plague on the board.
He got banned earlier but ban evaded like normal.

I’ve reported a fuck ton of his posts recently but I have yet to get banned. I think if you report under evading spam/post filters instead of spambot you’ll have a less likely chance of getting banned which is what I’ve been doing
not sure if this could be it, but there was a guy who through some petty discord drama got really pissed at me(pepper drawfag), enough to create 2 or 3 threads on trash just for shitting on me at the time.

no wait I remember you! i think i got confused on the outfit you wanted so it got lost on me as i was doing other requests in the meantime. request it next time im doing those and i'll get to it
And now Burzum is going all out to shoo away the /x/fag, who I think is him. He's already samefagging.
there are several spazzing retards out there.
they spazz out over multiple things
LMAO Dude he’s retarded. That was a different person he posted as his “example,” which was me

Fucking dumbass
I can't tell who's bad, the /x/fag he's showing or him.
I have no idea about the x fag, nor do I care. trash is the only place I really visit. Burzum the real problem
>Gets told to shut up
>*spams blacked, gore, CP and beastporn*

Just watch.
I hate to say it but I think he realized he took it too far when he posted CP back in May, hence no further CP sightings as of late.

As least that I’m not aware of.
No, he knows he can get away with it if he keeps hopping IP's.
Funny thing about him, he says can check everyone's IP and yet he never does post it in fear of being banned. He's a fucking faggot.
I want to know is if he posted any more CP recently, specifically after May
(1.73 MB 854x480 1582763712061.webm)
Jannies will clear that shit up fast so we don't know.
That's why I have a screencap thingy ready just in case he does so I can censor it as proof. Honestly he's the biggest cuck in this fucking world.
If he did that, I would assume he would receive a permaban of at least a month for that, no questions asked.
You got it wrong, he’s just preserving the thread. Just like the Lord, Burzum works in his mysterious ways.
(374.84 KB 480x480 lv_0_20210824194200.mp4)
Honestly I want to see how far he can go. Since he's fucking dumb and retarded; I wanna see how fucking far he can go by posting in that general.

>Also keep in mind, he could be a Discordfag
Also its confirmed that he does Lurk here and mostly post replies to this general in /hmofa/.
If he's reading this, he needs to fucking stop posting and fucking fight for his nation before globohomo takes over and fucking locks everyone up into Gulags.
Oh wait, he's too busy whining about newfags and maggots.
Ironically I have not seen him here, nor in the 4chan thread. It’s 2 am in the UK, might’ve gone to sleep.
He lives in Australia.
What makes you so sure of that?
I think one of the Anons found his location there in a major city.
Tbf it does seem Burzum lives in the UK but I’ll check further on time patterns
I don't care if he's a Bong nor a Emu, he's not American.
Last spergout was 47 minutes ago, 2:09 AM UK time
Or either he shutted up
Looks like he didn't.
Don't screencap, just record the post number, board, and date.
Don't try to track a person's perceived location.

This board does not exist to doxx.
I know but now he's fucking spamming blacked and bleached shit.
>bleached shit
fuck off, nobody posted bleached shit.
>So he ignores the blacked shit
Ok faggot
Who's the faggots supporting the retard? Are these the same people who I have mentioned recently?
You already lied and said their was bleached shit nigger.
>White penis images are there
Stop gaslighting.
So you are the spammer. You know we don't care for your race fetish Bullshit so fuckoff
How do I know if you're not the spammer? How do you blanty fucking ignored the blacked posts but only cared about the white cocks? Race shit aside, there is are retards backing Burzum.
>How do you blanty fucking ignored the blacked posts
I didn't, I just said there was no bleach posting, contrary to what you said, there was only blacked posting, tatoos and all.
(99.75 KB 342x245 1634257010731.png)
We know its you, Burzum.
>How do I know if you're not the spammer?
>nigger spammer doesn't know about deadmimicked
Unironically go back
How do we get more /trash/ anons to come over here? So we can leave the retards spamming shit all to their lonesome selves
fuck you nigger, you are so insecure that you can't post your shit dicks on /hmofa/. Fuck you, maybe when your kind doesn't do 13/50, and MAYBE when my tax dollars don't have to pay for your BLM protest, then maybe I will think about it. BUT FUCK YOU.
(18.52 KB 400x400 1608166542588.jpg)
Honestly this is why we need a goddamn fucking ID system on /trash/ at this point. If he keeps fucking spamming the general; people will have a hard time filtering him with his blacked, gore and CP shit.

Are you the same nigger who talked to that other Anon about his white cock on /adhg/?
we were doing just fine today, everything was slow, but then this dumb fuck >>1414 had to spam the fucking thread.
Where is the proof? I don't see any (You)'s with those posts.
i know -whats- happening i just want a gameplan to evacuate /trash/ to a site that actually has moderators
I don't post in /adhg/, I am also not a negro.
(87.78 KB 496x758 samefag.png)
There are far more images than just those. You know he was found a samefagging as two people.
the ID system could work I'm surprised they have done it yet
(118.05 KB 500x548 1596840954246.png)
Also one thing you fags need to realize is his fucking triggers.
He hates /scaly/, he hates certain artists and mostly certain things.

I'm 42316526
I made a thread but a Anon was like,
>Yeaaaah, No.
The last real post in this site's hmofa general was 2 days ago. If not even you are posting there, how could you convince anyone else to?
>I'm surprised they have done it yet
Because /trash/ is a afterthought to quarantine furry/etc content, i don't think it even has any dedicated mods, just globals.

and tbh IDs would instantly imrpove bascially any board
Look at the deleted posts.
>and tbh IDs would instantly imrpove bascially any board
It helps certain boards like /sp/ I believe.
I posted there today with a story I'm looking for feedback on. I want to make this move happen because trying to post or get feedback on writing on 4/trash/ is awful.
Honestly if you want to go big, don't post stories on 4chan; you're just going to get a niche audience. Try FA or any of those normie sites. But if you want to remain here, I suggest posting updates here nor on /hmofa/ when Buttzoom isn't fucking sperging out. That's my honest thoughts.
(24.21 KB 1400x193 23434234234.png)
Also speaking of the devil, this is clearly him wearing a fucking mask to think he's someone else.
>implying giving in will help
>implying he wasn't posting his own "triggers"
>implying you're not the shitposter
You're probably right and I'll likely post on all those places. I am mostly just looking for some feedback on my writing style, and hopefully find someone or some place for proof reading.

Also some validation that my core idea isn't completely unlikeable.
(26.56 KB 477x402 1624898499036.jpg)
And why do you feed into him? He's clearly fucking switching VPN's in the thread right now and pretending to be someone else to fool Anons who don't know him. At this point he acts like a child who doesn't know what abuse is. Also stop calling other people out if you think who is who, the mods here can trace IP's to pin-point who he is, and he's already banned here.

It's all fine.
you can pinpoint where the thread went to shit down to a single post https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42376666/#42384411
How long until every single last draw/writefag has abandoned this community?
I think he was even the Judy Hoppsfag as well to continue it.

Lots, sadly.
soon if shit like what happens in the /trash/ threads continue/ those posters on /v/ who just bait furries with the "she looks like she fucks human men" bait
Is Burzum a /v/fag as well?
That is what I am trying to figure out at this point.
it wouldn't surprise me if there is a group of them on /v/ just to get other anons/furries to hate /hmofa/ anons
I think maybe Snoot Game was the catalyst for a lot of the /v/ stuff happening.
And like that a Discord post has been made in /hmofa/, this could part help the theory that Burzum could be using a Discord.
(107.71 KB 500x628 1623085293477.png)
New thread made, be careful of what he does.
But Anon, giving in to his demands is feeding into him. What are you going to do, then? Tell Lovelocked to fuck off because he's black? Go back and tell DeadMimicked to fuck off because she's Asian? Tell literally every creator to fuck off because they're underage according to the shitposter?

It's useless, and it's part of every extremist's strategy. Trust me, I see my own government suck extremist dick left, right, and center, and they haven't stopped hating us.
>Trust me, I see my own government suck extremist dick left, right, and center, and they haven't stopped hating us.
Let me guess, USA?
I honestly pity you.
Discords are pretty common in this day and age, it's -the- chat app now. A lot of 4genderals have one anyway.

I've considered making a /hmofa/ disc but trying to tard-rangle channers that don't have a 1min post timer sounds awful.
Making a Discord is a hard choice at the moment, I don't think anyone will join it - not even Burzum. But if you do make one, I hope you know what you're doing.
I honestly don't like discords on the merit that I just don't like making an account. The fact that I can always come here with no commitment either way makes things comfy. I've also had generally bad experiences with people in discords acting really smug for no reason, so I think i'll pass.
it's a god awful idea sadly
it just ends up with a completely different kind of drama being born form it
Discords single-handedly kill generals, do not
Honestly, I don't think discord is the right idea if anything, I think that'll kill the general.
Fag, you haven't seen how it treated /hhg/. Once a general for people to talk about a show until Discordfags ruined it with their drama.
i think we should keep a link to /fg/ up in the op, and try to draw more ppl to post here.
It sucks, Anon. It really does.
I've made and moderated F-List channels of 100+ before. That's about it for experience... The thing is, on F-List users usually have the wits to self-filter their retardation which limits how much actual moderating I needed to do. They're socially adjusted enough to not post shocking content or spam the same thing over and over. The fact we're here even discussing this shows that's not something trash users can do.

I get the apprehension about making an account. I personally have a main for IRL friends and a burner for porn/shitpost/etc discs.

The only discs I've stuck around in for 4chan ones are from /toy/ and /mecha/ and they're honestly pretty chill. Discord is just a medium to get people together and talking - good comes in, good comes out. Shit goes in, shit comes out.
And you think that's a good idea?
Is there enough room in the OP paste?

Not long before Muttland goes into a civil war, after that it's game over. There is nowhere else to go.
Since I think a bit of positivity is always nice sometimes, I want to appreciate you a lot for, despite your faults, generally being a pretty tolerable lot. I almost feel like the narrative has flipped nowadays and generals tend to come up with more coherent conversations than any random thread seems to do and shitposters aside I've learned quite a lot of interesting things and hope to see this general survive.
eh...4chan has rules against advertising other chans.
>And you think that's a good idea?

This site actually has moderation, spammers get blammed in minutes, rather than never at all

The only rules enforced on trash are illegal content and loli.
/trash/ will always be our true home. Though.
And global rule #4... Hell, don't even joke about breaking global rule #4, on 4chan.
I like this place as a bunker but not as an actual place to have consistent threads. you will NEVER get as much traffic or new people here as on /trash/
Update, two baitposts has been posted by him:

>Border Collie
>Loli Tanuki
Being beholden to a board is retarded. Go where the community is, not the venue. And right now, the community is largely here.

True but that's illegal content too
I would have never found /hmofa/ if it wasn't on /trash/.
>>Border Collie
That's Sarah you imbecile not the gay collie
If we give up the actual thread this general will actually die.
I never would have found /flg/ if it wasn't on /tg/. Then it moved to /soc/ and f-lsit chat when it got banned off /tg/. Then it moved to /trash/

Threads move, anon
(32.15 KB 500x500 1594524491087.jpg)
What generals are there left?
Honestly /hmofa/ is like the main general for /trash/.

/hmofa/ is never going to go away, and the shitposter has nothing else in their life than shitting it up. we can still use both boards, but having a lot of activity here would be really nice. the shitposter cant do anything here
this man is Based and Correct
This, honestly Burzum will soon cave to the general. A day will come where he will just suddenly stop and give up. But I don't see it happening for a while but it's inevitable.
my thought exactly just because some childminded retard can't grow up and move on isn't going to stop me from enjoying talk about hmofa with other likeminded individuals
Yeah until he finds your IP and still keeps calling you someone he simps over. Honestly I await the day he gets permabanned from 4chan.
4c permabans are so fucking rare sadly
Other Options
>[ Alt. Thread ]: https://furchan.net/b/res/1324.html
>[ Moderated Thread ]: https://furchan.net/b/res/1324.html
>[ Furchan ]: https://furchan.net/b/res/1324.html

I going to try to make the "[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]" a wiki page so we can go back to only having 3 links in the OP. Maybe combine the hmofa homepage with the GPG?
>I going to try to make the "[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]" a wiki page so we can go back to only having 3 links in the OP. Maybe combine the hmofa homepage with the GPG?

Sadly this wont happen anytime too soon.
I don't think adding this thread to the literal op of the 4chan thread is a good idea.
why not? attract more people here
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #1647

>"The Creation of Sarah Jr." Edition


By DeepInTheWoods
>An Unexpected Visit

By alephkeller
>Assignment Risk (Ch. 22)

By Shatteredpaladin
>Changing Seasons [Revised]
>Hunting for Ruby [Complete]

By Doublespace
>Here's your story, asshole (Ch. 8)
>The Many Adventures of Valiant Knight and Noble Steed

By Digiridoguy
>The Fire in the Flood (Ch. 3)

By Bed-Man
>The Priest of Myrrah (Ch. 2)

By derrandumbthrowaway
>That One High School Hotshot (Ch. 11)

By Sample_Family
>Raised by Humans (Ch. 12)

By Kaktus-nsfw
>How about those Spooky Spindly Shadowy Sinister Senoritas? (Ch. 38)

By CaptainDood122
>Home Movies

By Trashbin
>Trixi the Clown (Ch. 5) [Bonus #1]

By Lovelocked
>Wendigo Wife (Page 2 of 4)

By Codanon
>Coda (v0.0.9)

[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo
[ Alt. Thread ]: https://furchan.net/fg/res/4225.html

Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42376666
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
What if a janny who actually gives a fuck comes across that OP?
When has a janny that actually gives a fuck EVER come across something on trash?
accidentally linked the meta thread, links should be correct now. I think we should wait a few days before posting this, just so everyone get's an opinion for we just want to post the new OP once and not keep changing it.

Also it's a good time to make sure this won't get out thread in trouble or anything like that. 4chan has a lot of unwritten rules.
why would the janny care?
Not only what >>1490 anon said (Global rule #4 I think regarding advertising and/or begging) but also that time we got an influx of people who spammed the official furchan /hmofa/ thread but likely the mod here dealt with them quickly.
if a janny bonks the thread, we dont do it again. chances are they wont really care, and we can have higher quality threads here

its not gonna hurt to try
furchan is already linked here: [ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo
y'know burz can just simply spam report the thread or something hopping on multiple ip's till the jannies show up
Honestly, I meant to say Mod, the jannies don't do shit.
(158.34 KB 850x1029 1608675778379.jpg)
Here's a list of shitpost images you can be filtered out. These images are only posted by the shitposter and no one else. I guarantee that false positives are not a thing.
Go to 4Chan X settings, go to 'Filters', click drop-down box and click "Image MD5", then copypaste the entire filter list.
4Chan X required. Recommend to enable Recursive Hiding and disable Stubs, which is located on 4Chan X settings.
List if filters: https://rentry.co/sksge
Can you post a gallery of the BL'd images? so we can verify whats on it?
My biggest fear is that they start autobanning /hmofa/ threads
Then we move here
then the general dies
We'll find a way, we always do
All chans but 4chan wither away
You can copypaste the hash into desuarchives, but not if the hash has a "/" in it.
Here's an example: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/ohpxHcVZX5pshJpMWQTmVg/

Pick a random hash and try it yourself.
We literally cannot exist without constant traffic.
7chan is still around
8chan only died because the glowies got to them. And it's back as 8kun
16chan is still around
420chan is still around
torchan is still around

alt-chans provide a different flavor and often being slower than the mile-a-minute retarded normie spam is part of the appeal.
There's 9chan though it's a .tw address...
Actually, you can search up hashes with "/" in it by replacing the slash with an an underscore
So either burzoom or some shitposter with a massive hate boner for the US, has shat up the /trash/ version of the thread... Welp, at least I posted my Borzoi Night Witch short story before the shitstorm.
yeah I saw that I'm not surprised it was nice and quite for a while
Man the threads sure come in waves. It's almost like they get banned then after the ban falls off they return.
I don't think its burzum. It's a really common trolling tactic because every time someone so much as whispers "America bad" you get a legion of rednecks that'll happily derail a thread to defend its honor.
>you get a legion of rednecks that'll happily derail a thread to defend its honor.
You're god damn right you filthy fucking commie
america bad
>Reminder that lovelocked is a nigger
>*proceeds to spam blacked*
>You need to go back to hmoma faggot
>*proceeds to spam gay shit*

I know he’s trying to kill the thread but holy shit please just pick a side
Oh boy just got a ton of (You)’s from the schizo himself, he actually got all my replies this time.

Funny how in one of the screenshots of me he provides he leaves it out of context where I was referring to his CP posting.
I really think you'd all be better off actually using this thread to discuss the main one instead of turning it into another play-by-play /burzum/ thread.
Could you stop giving him ammunition? I don't see how this fixes anything but him to shit up the thread even further
Can you dipshits just fucking stop? Half the time you're all just as guilty of shitting up the thread as he is all because you want to get in that epic win "gotcha" moment, as if that's not just going to encourage him to post more.

And don't give me that
>it's past bump limit so it doesn't matter
excuse, because this happens on almost every single thread.
How many of those posts are even people responding, though? Maybe there's one or two tards, but I get the feeling the vast majority of the "replies" are him just fluffing his own cock. Either way, the policy should be one of total non-contact. But that encompasses every "response", because they're just as guilty of shitting up the thread, and functionally identical to the shitposter.
>I see my own government suck extremist dick left, right, and center
man I wish that was the case in literally any western government then atleast some good things would or could happen.
Either way he has samefagged before in a falseflag way

I also remember fchan, which I think would be relevant to /trash/ regulars.
(66.17 KB 1024x326 Screenshot 2021-10-17 090855.png)
>thread is weirdly slow
>even got to page ten
>turns out he was shitting up other generals
Man this guy is a dedicated ill give you that. As for the snoot drama whether if it was intentional or not ill wait for what the devs explanation is
Can someone explain to me why Burzum is addicted to some /x/fag for?
I got a bad feeling he's samefagging.
Of course it's him samefagging. Whenever someone replies to hours old bait out of the blue for no reason, it's him trying to stir up shit. Just remember to hide, ignore, and if necessary, report.
>Another episode of Buruzm having a confused Schizo moment
(502.92 KB 1100x688 1604222647094.jpg)
Updated image blacklist, be sure to copypaste it.
Read >>1499 for info and >>1506 for testing.
yeah I saw that he's was shit up the snoot thread
guys got a agenda that's for sure
(1.54 MB 640x640 coca.webm)
He's still going act it.
Every time he screeches schizos, it's him who is the schizo. Seriously if the Anons are above 18, jannies cannot ban anyone since it does not effect the rules. Plus if Burzum is really scared and lashing out, maybe he's scared knowing that time always ticks and the new replace the old. Life is Life.
(123.35 KB 752x819 Screenshot_10.png)
>there was a guy who through some petty discord drama got really pissed at me(pepper drawfag), enough to create 2 or 3 threads on trash just for shitting on me

Hey iPaint(?), Foxymilkies here. I remember that guy, because my discord was ground zero for his spergery a few months ago. Feel free to call me a retard if I'm wrong about the drama you're talking about, but here's the full story:

>Anti-pepper fag makes a post in my discord crying about how sketchytoasty (pepper's owner) banned him from his discord for begging sketchy to promote his art
>decide to feed anti-pepperfag's ego (because i thought it would be funny to), and agree with him on pepper being a shit waifur (and my waifur being superior)
>I think he also got mad because sketchy had like 5 drawfags (including you, ipaint) who drew his OC for him
>I decide to make a low-effort "virgin pepper vs chad victoria" meme in the chat for some quick shits n giggles
>he copies it, and creates a post on /trash/ (without my permission) to make it look like I am the one calling pepper shit. (pic #1 related, I think you drew it and posted it in that thread.)
>I didn't really care that he did that, it gave me some laffs
>sketchytoasty makes a callout post on twitter calling out anti-pepperfag for e-begging
>antipepperfag gets even more pissed, spergs out even harder in my discord
>it is at this point i knew i fucked up
>starts making anti-pepper and "pepper blacked" threads on /trash/
>makes anti-pepper memes, even going as far as using my username in one of them to cover his sorry ass (pic #2 related)
>leave him alone to his own devices and let shit cool down

I guess the moral of the story is to NOT do what i did, and to ALWAYS bully your friends when they're acting retarded so they don't embarrass themselves online.

Anyway, I hope this clears up any misunderstandings or hard feelings. Cheers.
(124.77 KB 928x1744 pepper commits suicide.png)
holy fuck, this is a lot to unpack lmao
so first of all this is actually sketchy, i don't think ipaint posts a lot. at least not recently.

>banned him from his discord for begging sketchy to promote his art
specifically he was messaging the bigger artists there like waga who i'm friends with, asking them to follow him, then sending back a wall of text when they ignored/said no about how artists are assholes. (there's more to the story, but this was the main reason for the ban)

>I decide to make a low-effort "virgin pepper vs chad victoria" meme in the chat for some quick shits n giggles
yep I saw that, and I did draw the virgin chad image to join in on the shits and giggles

>sketchytoasty makes a callout post on twitter calling out anti-pepperfag for e-begging
funny thing about that was he had already blocked me, so that meant he was checking my twitter afterwards. absolutely rent free.

i never even saw those images actually, i only ever saw this one (personal favorite)
(146.74 KB 1920x1080 nigga-pepper.png)
(201.67 KB 1900x1324 unknown.png)
>i don't think ipaint posts a lot. at least not recently.
huh, I always thought those MSPaint doodles of pepper you post were done by ipaint... the more you know...

>yep I saw that, and I did draw the virgin chad image to join in on the shits and giggles
Kek, I love that image, thanks man.

>i never even saw those images actually, i only ever saw this one (personal favorite)
fuck it, have em in full resolution lmao
So...Burzum is a Discordfag?
No, we are talking about a different shitposter who i personally know for a FACT isn't burzum (believe it or not). But it is very likely that buttzoom is a discordfag as well.
(3.52 MB 470x360 1619149454151.gif)
>Burzum is a Discordfag
I keking knew it
that's a pretty fucking shitty thing to let happen
God what are these effortless one liners Burzum makes up, what a fucking nuisance
Guy probably has legit Asperger's, as well as an (un)healthy dose of autism.
He's trying to make up for not shitting up the last thread.
Whatever, just report for evading
He wasn't on his computer when LoveLocked posted great content last thread. So I guess it's his way to cope for missing his chance to cyberbully.
>Burzum talking about how teen brains are underdeveloped when he himself has mental maturity of a 14 year old who just discovered 4chan.
He's just a big crybaby, nothing more nothing less
Do you guys think he's using a spambot now?
What the actual fuck is he onto now
It seems to be a schizo battle. Just keep reporting them as spam evaders and as spambots. Hopefully a mod will wake up and take pity on us.
Nah, this is samefagging to the extreme. Report everything you see
nvm he’s here
He's just throwing a tantrum because nobody was taking the bait, every single picture uses the same filename hash and is posted the minimum time between posts.

I'm guessing it will "conveniently" stop once the thread hits bump limit.
53 posts and counting… Wow
You guys wanna bet this will continue onto the next thread? Might very well happen.
So don't make a new thread for a few hours. Make it at like 10am or something, when mods are actually awake.
Yeah. Please. Though part of me wishes he’d continue then get banned.
forgot file
There are no schizo battles. There is only one, who often pretends to be multiple people. That's why you never get one without the other. Ever notice how when someone like Lovelocked posts something it's either nothing but support, or three near-identical posts desperately trying to seem like universal rejection?
He is still here by the way. He doesn’t want to stop.
He’s just under 100 posts

and he called me a moralfag because I called him out on his cp. Yikes…
Easiest tell that it's just him is when he only whines about people complaining about the posts, not the posts themselves.
Yeah this a spambot. Dylan is back.
No new post.
If you know you know.
My favorite song by Pusha T
It's weird to see autism evolve from spamming actually offensive images like al qeada beheadings, hammer guys, etc. in the mid 2000s to 15 years later people just spamming soyjaks.

In 2007 it'd kill the thread outright. in 2021 people just move to alt chans, discords, etc. for the tantrum to end.

Do these kids actually find this sort of shit offensive?
It’s finally over
It might just be a practical matter. In 2007 you could have all sorts of shit on your HD, and it wouldn't be a problem. But getting caught with a terrorism folder today would be trouble. Not to mention that the places where you can find that shit all have the world's intelligence agencies all over them.
I don't think it's anything highlevel like that, we're talking about children here, there is no calculation behind their actions. I think zoom zooms are just genuinely offended when their opinions are put next to the ugly MS-paint face. Since they consider it offensive, they themselves use it as a insult.
Which one is more annoying, a gore webm that doesn't play until you expand it or a bunch of ugly reactions?
neither are annoying, they're both signs of a childs tantrum which is funny. Gore spam has more chance to repulse people thop
Man this guy, can't even give a sandwich without him unleashing the demonic chants.
I'm surprise it took you this long to realize that the shitposter is completely irrational at every moment and attempting to reason with it is makes you as delusional as he is.
Next time, never reply to him again.
(284.73 KB 960x1133 1605487290581.jpg)
Buttzoom tactic #1
>Take pot-shots at random Anons who you think who is who while trying to start something
>Do this until you get bored nor until you upgrade to tactic #3: Maggot posting
Here comes the wojaks
He's pretty butthurt about something lately isn't he?
(466.58 KB 360x360 3122312312323.mp4)
Someone get your screencap tools ready, I got a bad feeling he will be posting CP
It's either him or that butthurt furfag from /v/ who spergs out whenever someone posts "made for human dick" or some stupid nonsense in his retarded Ratchet and Clank threads.
What if I told you that they are the same person?
Just report for spambotting
Remember the 4chanX anti-shitpost filter that was posted around a month ago? I'm kinda making a 2.0 of it. Still the same, but much better at matching shitposts, and avoiding false positives
I'm confused. I was expecting wojak meltdown or some goreposting. Instead there is nothing. Is the weakness really treating him like the insane relative and just going 'uh huh, thats nice dear' and posting around him? Or did he get banhammer'd?
Nah, he was awake for more than 16 hours so he fell asleep, most likely in his seat. Retard literally spent his entire day attempting to troll one thread on fucking trash. What a pathetic waste of space.
Wow. he really is the crazy drunk uncle of hmofa
I got a feeling that Dylan is actually not Burzum, because it does seem plausible based on the posting times are coming from UK rather in Adelaide. Although I feel like Dylan has been using automated spambots again or Burzum just bought one.

Anyways, I doubt Burzum is going to post CP again. Though calling me a “moralfag” for calling him out on it seems like a warning he’ll eventually do it again.
(948.48 KB 1080x2340 1634661898133.jpg)
He's just samefagging to start shit, he deleted the post that had an edit profile button.
Why is it in French tho?
(166.78 KB 599x202 Screenshot_12.png)
so, it turns out burzum follows me?
Is that is Twitter?
No, just a guy he's cyberstalking.
>Trying to question the reason for a madman's actions.
Is this actually his twitter?
(43.27 KB 1861x323 Untitled.png)
All he is proving here is that he has been saying this same shit for years, and no one was buying it even back then.

Also, by spending all of his time obsessing over the thread's past, isn't he just guilty of the same thing that very post is arguing against?
currently channeling all of my negative energy into hoping burzum agonizingly burns to death in a house fire
Anons of /HMOFA/, lend him your energy!
(974.21 KB 1280x712 wdsxnrn1z9f51.png)
Forgot pic.
(1.87 MB 3000x4000 Epic_Rap_Battles_Of_Waifurs_.png)
(609.87 KB 1500x1122 Controversy.png)
Foxymilkies here again,

It seems my mere presence can throw our resident gatekeeper/schizophrenic/autist/manchild/etc into a fit of rage. Apologies for "ruining" the sunday thread, I just wanted to contribute content after all.
Do you use filters? I suggest you use them if you don't, there's a link to one in this thread.
Yes, I infact do use the image and text filters that a fellow anon developed here. 4ChanX is truly a godsend. I have no idea what (he)'s posting, all I can tell is that he's REALLY mad based on the amount of hidden/filtered posts popping up every 30 seconds.
he's going in to maximum overcope
Oh look, another thread going to hell because people can't just ignore his posts and stay on topic
How long do you think this one will last? 3 hours? 4?
>cuckzoom admits he's a NEET
Explains why he has the time to spam /trash/ threads all day every day. Feels good knowing his life is fucking awful.
>Implying this wasn't obvious from the beginning.
It's nice to hear it straight from the incels mouth.
Homeowner chads, we got him.
You're right, Anon. In fact, everyone should just stop posting art, stories, and any thread-relevant content. Just stop posting new threads altogether, as it's the thread itself that triggers him so much.
Have you ever heard of hide, ignore, and report?
That's worked so well bro over the past 2 years wow
>Remember to hide and ignore all bait and off-topic posts
Below every single new thread post
Better than fucking engaging with him, retard. All you are doing is helping him to shit up the thread.
I'd rather have one retard sperging out and being ignored than five more encouraging and helping him derail the thread.
I like laughing at him though. They're a total fucking loser lmao
If you're giving him exactly what he wants, how does that make him the loser in this scenario?
Laugh at him here then. Stop shitting up the thread for no reason.
He's giving me exactly what I want; poorfag incel cope
Fuck you faggot. You are reason we can't have nice things. Cause you keep feeding the schizos.
Then you're actively aiding spergzum in trying to destroy the thread.
I like watching schizos schiz, tis what i do
(111.07 KB 849x1184 photo_2021-08-03_04-47-59.jpg)
>In fact, everyone should just stop posting art, stories, and any thread-relevant content. Just stop posting new threads altogether

Not him, but I've been contemplating what might happen if we were to "go on strike" for a week or so. no new /hmofa/ related threads, posts, etc on /trash/ for seven days. All /hmofa/ related discussion relegated to the furchan threads. We let burzum win, but take away the only thing he loves at the same time. call me naive, but after a few days, he'll get bored and move on to trolling other generals (or kill himself).
That is a terrible idea.
You may not like it but setting up gates around a community is how you keep it cohesive.

It's why rich whites living in gated communities.
not to be rude, but do you have a better idea?

>inb4 "uhhh just hide and ignore dude"
(124.15 KB 680x776 Why-you-should.png)
(79.71 KB 566x542 Use-the-filter.png)
>Better idea than "hide and ignore"
Better than hide and ignore, AUTOMATED hide and ignore.
Use the image filter that's posted here, this is what just the image filter hides in the thread.
If you disable stubs, it will completely hide them and not show these annoying chains of stubs.
OK, you clearly don't understand, so let me make my point clear: This asshat has never needed an excuse to shit up the thread, and his trigger this time was someone posting content. That's what sets him off most of the time. He isn't some sort of subtle troll-master mythical creature who must bait a response before cosmic law allows him to shitpost. Most of the responses can be safely assumed to be by himself, as he's shown himself to be a habitual samefag. So yes, the best response is to simply ignore him. But an indirect response is still a response, and that's what you're doing when you're blaming other visitors of the thread for responses that are very likely to have been made by the original shitposter in the first place.

tl;dr: Nobody is to blame for the shitposter's shitposts but the shitposter himself.
yeah I already have 4ChanX, automated filtering, and all of his insults and images filtered. my screen looks just like your screenshots, but it still doesn't make the thread any less shit; and judging by the lack of on-topic posting in the main thread, i'd say a majority of posters agree with me.
Still wondering if making a invite-only hmofa for The Real Ones is worth
>inb4 discord is for zoomers
What do you want to use instead Skype? TS? IRC?
(4.37 KB 302x22 Stubs.png)
>my screen looks just like your screenshots
No. Just look what happened to every other general on the board that decided to get a discord.
I'd join tbh. it would provide a nice escape from the chaos of the main thread. Though, a discord would defeat the purpose of the furchan threads
huh, never noticed that checkbox before. thank you anon.
I'm not too worried about making furchan obsolete - a place to discuss hmofa without buttzoomer/newfags would be strictly better.
I legit do not know what happened, or why. I do think Discord is better used for more focused discussion.
the guy got tried shitting on the thread and moved to /v/...
now he's just making furry threads and shitting them up with "she looks liek she fucks human men"
Literal schizoid
We should not move thread here, until furchan no longer rangebans Atlanta ranged VPNs
Fucking yeenfaggots.
falsflag, yeens don't post peens
It's Jacklin.
Atlanta is cringe though
>thread is entering tranny argument mode
I'm so fucking tired of this.
whoever derailed last thread with that dumb tranny conversion greentext needs to consider the rope
The fuck happened this time
Nah, I'm not a yeen guy. It delves to quickly into futa territory which I'm not a big fan of.

Sorry that my story update seemed to be the catalyst for shitposting. I was expecting a divided reaction but a thread to devolve into shitposting, not my intention.
the continuation of yesterday's "foxymilkies hate hour", along with the usual.
>banned again for reporting stuff
One of you nerds bang on the IRC so that trash gets a fucking mod already please, I'm getting kind of sick of having to not report half of the shitposting to not get a 3 day bean trial.
>>banned again for reporting stuff
Probably reporting someone that's completely innocent rather than going after said person and the cubfag. I don't know
Considering how I was reporting the guy talking about anal presence and societal symbology on the thread, nah, I don't think I friendly fired.
I got banned when I reported as automated spambot, but I’ve reported at least 100 posts under evading and haven’t gotten banned
>buttzoom spammed his collection of "anti-foxymilkies" images last thread
>report him for evading my image filters
>come back an hour later
>they're all gone
bros... does this mean the mods are actually doing their job for once?
he'll just be back at the same time tonight
I didn't notice any deleted posts. Are you talking about thread #1664?
Trash is where mods put things they don't want to moderate. Hoping for a mod to fix everything is probably a lost cause.
To think that all this wouldn't happen, if 4chan didn't remove 'ban evasion' as a report option.
I'm starting to think that the option was never there to begin with. I know there's a phrase for this phenomena.
kinda like how TF2 Demoman's bottle used to break and people began to doubt that the bottle could brake in the first place.
I think it’s merged with evading spam/post filters
Why is it so hard for these retards to understand that he is an attention-whore, and that they should stop talking about him? He diverts the thread from talking about fuzzy wahmen into talking about him because he needs stimulation. If newfags actually took our advice, he wouldn't shit up the threads nearly as hard.
Yes. I could be going insane, but I swear those posts got deleted.
I'm hoping it's a step in the right direction. It could mean we're making enough noise for the mods to take notice.
love how burzum assumes the personality of "guyz im totally legit 4chinz oldfag h4x0r L0L!", when in reality, he's no older than 17 by my guess.
Why do these retards insist on engaging with him?! DO THEY LIKE THE THREAD GETTING SHAT UP?
It's a really common thing from posers. They'll quote some random factoid they learned on a youtube video like "remember when /g/ was guro?" and then they'll spaz out like any newfag would
simply put, they are newfags. burzum's is a """""genius""""" when it comes to trolling newfags.because, he is 100% guaranteed a response from them every time, simply because they do not know to hide and ignore like the regular posters in this general.
Not really, any fucking tard can bait. That's why 4chan is so shit, because the fucking newfags and shitposters feed off each other. If nobody ever fucking responded to him, he would have fucked off a long time ago.
4chan is a incel ouroboros
here come the wojaks...
You'd think he would at least try to pretend he isn't the one spamming the thread
>This post appears to be an automated spambot
What mental illness, extreme autism, NEETdom, and unlimited welfare checks do to a motherfucker.
it's always obvious whenever he gets mad over anons complaining about the spam rather than the spam itself
Daily Reminder that they'll die penniless and alone.

Homeowner Chads win again
(9.27 KB 784x171 Screenshot_15.png)
oh boy... he's now creating MORE alter egos. absolute mental illness
6100 being Based tho
He's got to have some serious health problems from posting literally all the time (ex. Carpal Tunnel)
Any of you notice that anytime furchan gets a mention there's suddenly a pedolink bait thread here? Almost as if 'someone' is deliberately doing it trying to scare off anyone that actually bothers finding furchan?

Strangely enough he's evolving. Keeping the obvious track going and using his phones for gaslighting and doomposting. It's not much of an evolution mind you but it proves that after enough failures he is in fact capable of learning.
I want to see his fucking electric bill for all this LOL.
Who the fuck is Pexi and Zell
Gaslighting, he's trying to make cover for his bullshit far as I can tell. Unless some major oldfag of hmofa knows those names but I doubt it.
They don't exist, just the incel making new identities to LARP as
(42.20 KB 750x697 1620625249144.jpg)
I havent posted in a few days and yet he is still going.
Don't feel too bad about it, it's not your fault. He is just literally insane, that's all.
We need a non public bunker to filter schizoids and newfags
That’ll never happen. If we made a discord he’ll find it
>Any of you notice that anytime furchan gets a mention there's suddenly a pedolink bait thread here?
now that I think of it, yeah... very interesting indeed. I honest to god hope his mom finds his CP collection one day.

>Strangely enough he's evolving. Keeping the obvious track going and using his phones for gaslighting and doomposting.
how the fuck does a NEET like him afford to own 10 phones/laptops/desktops/etc????? does he live with other people? if so, how does he justify sulking in his room for days on end to troll a Mongolian basket weaving forum??? does he have a source of income? these types of questions keep me up at night.

On top of that, I wanna see his internet bill lmao
Infiltrating a private invite only disc would be difficult
For all I know I believe he isn’t Dylan. Yeah Dylan was a shit liar but I do believe that Burzum lives in the UK since his posting times are more consistent with the UK than in Adelaide. He’ll usually start at around noon and ends sometime around midnight.
>burzum is a britbong
Shame, incel cant let his rage out with a school shooting so it resorts to shitposting
Well, there is always mass-stabbing people.
I believe you, because Dylan himself said it recently. He seemed pretty mad about people claiming that he's burzum. But, Dylan has been known to lie and make alter egos in the past, and burzum, when accused of being Dylan, always responds wih "no, Dylan is the shitposter from /scaly/" (possibly done to generate notoriety to inflate his ego?). Overall, I stand by the possibility that burzum and Dylan could be separate individuals, but could also be the same person. I also find it very interesting that both of the most diehard anti-furries on /trash/ live in the British commonwealth...

If burzum really is bri'ish, how come he hasn't been arrested for being mean on the internet yet?
Because he isn't being mean to the protected classes. Still anons are right, thinking back he does be active by european time. If he's not in the UK he's there somewhere. It would explain alot of his insanity to me though, europe isn't exactly having a good time out there lately so some guy going insane as it all falls apart around him is plausible. But why oh why did he target furries of all things for the source of blame? There are plenty of more actually guilty parties out there.

Eitherway we probably got another 2 or 3 hours before he starts nodding off if he's in that region. Least it's easy to ignore him and his schizo sockpuppets
Also that one twitter account he posted which was actually his because he didnt crop it out since he’s a fucking retard, it was in French. Might check France as well.
Hes a incel hed get overpowered by a toddler
I said this before in the earlier thread:

He has a child abuse fetish and shitposting on the internet is the closest thing he can get to it. He’s hinted at this many times, especially the couple posts he made a couple months ago about a serial murderer who tortured teenage boys in the most horrific ways imaginable.

I’m betting he’d want to do the same, but can’t because he’s such a fucking coward despite being a NEET.
okay if you aren't making shit up that is horrifying. that would mean if we ever actually finally drove the freak off he'll have finally snapped and started hunting children in meatspace...
Also forgot the fact that he posted a naked child being executed and admitted to it on more than one account
(40.32 KB 390x364 1630645510744.gif)
jesus christ. I'm suddenly seeing that anon that baited with daughterfur abuse in a entirely different light. That was him wasn't it?

wtf we have our own hannibal lector or someshit
There's always been freaks on 4chan. Maybe that's just what he hates about modern 4chan. There's less of them these days. I don't visit /b/ anymore, but visiting that place regularly years ago was basically a guarantee to see that kind of stuff. I even know the picture described in the image, as it was posted quite a lot.

So I guess that's just it. He's one of the old crazies who just never moved on, never mellowed out, and never got his shit together. Just forever stuck in his teenage angst phase. Ironic.
50/50 that he's a oldfag NEET that hasn't grown up with everyone else, or that he's a 13 yearold that has made being a ~epin 4chinner~ his identity from watching youtube "documentries" on 4chan
(91.18 KB 1024x1024 1583280523862.jpg)
This story is getting sadder and sadder
>A story about an oldfag who will never move on knowing that his site that he loved is now changing as time goes on
(38.64 KB 486x659 1605669656116.jpg)
>Maggot posting is back
>You don't belong here worm, posting is back

Looks like some retard woke Buttzoom up.
It's retarded. I've been posting consistently since 08 but I never got sucked in to the dumb shit and actually progressed in life. Really clear some of these faggots don't have a wife lol.
Started back in '10 when /mlp/ was a huge hypetrain back then on the site, but I soon moved on as I saw the site changing as the years go on. I do miss Divegrass and the Prix on those sport streams.
Eh. My only real concern is that /b/ has gone from "anything" to 90% porn dumps. Most of the slower boards I visit like /o/ are still simmilar. /g/ is a hellscape and has been largely taken over by /v/ and phoneposters arguing about fucking screen notches as if anyone cares.
Woke up at 2:25 AM
UK time, probably took a nap
(220.70 KB 446x649 1595382193901.png)
Yeah knowing his use of vocabulary and style of posting, he could also be a /brit/polas well on /pol/.
(122.94 KB 511x671 ahem.png)
rate my poetry, I call it "Ode to Burzum"

burzum, burzum, anti furry!
spewing vile verbal slurry!
insults to keep homos at bay!
And to drive newfags away!
your skin is brown, and you eat curry!
burzum, burzum, anti furry!

you are such a pathetic NEET,
you probably masturbate to children's feet!
grow up, go outside, and get a job,
instead of pulling on your 2-inch knob!
you spend all day in your cum-stained bed
trolling some random furry thread!
instead of being a productive individual,
you decide to flex your photoshop "skills"
making edits, solving CAPTCHAs
spamming shitty copypastas
listening to garbage death metal
I hope you burn your hands on a hot kettle!

you think all posters are underage maggots
but I think you are a giga-faggot!
every thread you whine and whinge
your posts are so very cringe!
so I have learned to hide, and to ignore
because, you are such a vapid bore!
your brand of trolling is too off-the-shelf
you really need some mental help!
on your hard drive, I hope your mom finds CP
so she can turn you in to the authorities!

you think your ideals are much, much bigger
but really, you're just a fucking n*gger!
a pathetic excuse for a human being
a manchild, is all I'm seeing!
living in bongland, how can you cope?
not by molesting children, I hope.
instead you shitpost all day
I think you're really, REALLY gay!

Find a rope, tie it to a tree
get a camera, and film it for all the world to see!
I hope your death is very gory,
I'm sure it will not be boring!
and while your family (if you have any) mourns,
I shall be joyously fapping to furry porn!
(1.43 MB 360x238 1598788197540.gif)
(48.57 KB 600x528 40Keks.jpg)
(41.07 KB 750x750 eric.jpg)
Well I think he's mad. Thats some vicious samefagg'n right there
>This post appears to be an automated spambot
How do I become a janny so I can dedicate my life to destroying burzums?
Trash has no jannies.
Our only hope is that mods realize the the tenth 'kys newnigger' they banned is actually a rabid ban-evader.
they should really open some /trash/ janny positions tbh. it's become popular enough
That'd be admitting it both exists and has validity. Like hell are they gonna do such a thing when they can just keep pretending
I mean, they literally made it and now it exists. The board clearly has a need for moderation with the amount of spam it gets and how many times a global has had to come by to remove a retard from our and other threads.
Oh shit, yo.
Brand new anti-shitpost text filter for 4ChanX got dropped. New and improved version of the previous one.
Tell me what you think?
Filter link: https://rentry.co/fsdnd
Gud filter for the usual bait, doubt if it'll spot his samefag'n though
>thread hits 300
>burzoomer revs up that autism
A zoomer would of gotten bored of this by now. I'm with the oldfag gone insane theory, this is too much dedication for a teen and far too much effort. Has ban evade down to minutes, entire selection of copypasta, dedicated wojak folder 100s strong, and at least 2 phones he random walks IPs with to falseflag via postercount manipulation. And when he drops the act you catch glimpses of a genuine pyschopath, not a shitposter. Mentally ill and insane. Oh and I forgot a spambot tuned for multiple modes now, can't forget that.

I thought I'd only see this level of madness in the old quest threads of /tg/ where people fought wars samefagging votes.
That's what recursive hiding is for. It automatically hides any replies to filtered posts.
There are no posts that reply to it that are worth showing.
Burzum appears and so does the army of "random" anons who can't help but talk about his every post

What a coincidence.
Ah yes, the “adolescent filth” and namefagging, two and two go together
>I hate burzum so much, I wish he would go away
>let's complain about burzum completely unprompted and keep giving him attention
it's all so tiresome
can someone in britbongland just shank him already
>implying the zoomer doesn't just reply to themselves
(1017.85 KB 844x1200 a38a9fbd014e25c0d57f4ec247833c46.png)
Give us an address and it would be taken care of. BTW you can't shank people in Britbongistan due to local laws banning knives. But last I checked you could still beat people with a baseball bat.
>find out who he is
>spread rumor he said something anti-Islamic
>take bets whether the terrorists or the government get him first
>lose the money when he's just stabbed by a rando in his local Tesco
Really not doing yourselves any favors saying how "evil" or "deranged" he is while talking about doxxing and attacking him.

Just stop sparing him the brain power holy shit.
I'll pay 0.1BTC for accurate buttzoomer dox
Yes, Anon. Making a single off-color joke about the guy who's made a career out of shitposting is exactly the same as making a career out of shitposting.
If anyone can give me burzum's dox, I will make them a full-colour, full-body drawing of any character of their choice.
>lovelocked forgot to take his trip off before shitposting
Was it him all along?
(441.97 KB 533x358 1587004122927.png)
Please don't talk about Doxxing here, take it to private DM's or something like that. I don't want this site to be held accountable.
No, burzum just copied his trip
Burzum copies the trip into the name field, he did it with DM before
Wow, you're retarded. That makes me afraid that there are other anons that believe that now.
Anyway, you can filter the name of the shitposter, while not filtering the real lovelocked.
Add this, as a new line, to 4ChanX Settings -> Filters -> Name.
/^Lovelocked I\+CQzRE1rKH$/
I dont use trips because I'm White that's why I dont know how they work
I'm just saying that if credible info is dropped here with a bitcoin wallet address attached that 0.1BTC will be sent to that address
Nice try Mi6
I'm fairly certain you're talking something actually illegal and have to assume you're a glowie. go and stay go, hunt missy or someshit like you're supposed to be
Welp I got banned for three days. Oh well.
For what?
Reporting as spambot when it’s literally acting like a spambot.
Sounds about right, the mods on 4chan are assholes like that since none of them want to go into trash so they're liable to blam both parties and go back to LARPing in qa. Jannies are nicer than them
Yeah, I wonder why he is still namefagging
https://youtu.be/a3_PPdjD6mg forgot to attach link
At this point I think they've given up on actually trying to remove him and give token efforts while also punishing the reporter. He ban evades like a fly on crack so they're trying to get the reports to stop since they have to enforce it if someone does report on global rule breaking. In their minds that fixes the problem because they don't have to deal with it anymore. It's like how cops won't go into certain parts of their city some places.

As for our resident cancer I think it's either a bot while he sleeps since it only sets off when lovelocked drops art. Either that or he's being insanely lazy.
>Implying they care enough to identify certain shitposters, on fucking /trash/ of all places
accidentally made a fucking thread instead of a reply

>up at 2 am posting nihilistic quotes, thank god for not making me resemble this man
With him getting reported at least once a fucking day? I imagine they've been forced to by repetition. I've done the mod gig in other places (never again, god no) and if there was one thing we did it was swap stories and compare notes. This has gone on long enough they probably use /hmofa/ as newbie hazing and a learning experience. You got to admit trying to tard wrangle someone as persistent, technically competent, and NEET as this guy would be eye opening for some dewy eyed new moderator that thinks he's gonna be the good guy of 4chan. Small wonder only the nastiest powertrippers stay on tbh
Which is why I wanna make some sort of private place without him. Mods won't do shit, least we can do is make a incel-proof bunker
>End of threads a shitshow
Okay seriously now, how much of this is It and how much is you guys just letting loose the autism? I can't tell whos posting what
It's just him after posting for 18 hours straight AGAIN.
It's amazing what one gets used to. I see wojak and spam and just go "oh, he plugged his phone back in." now. I guess this is how infantry back in the major wars got used to sleeping through artillery fire.
He really doesn't like being called a schizo, doesn't he?
What madman likes being called mad? His phones got ban'd though, he's down to PC atm judging by image filenames.
Wow he's going all out tonight. Ain't SOP waiting for page 6 or lower before dropping a new thread?
>More spamming
I'm fairly certain the wolfychu autist is a separate poster than burzum, he's just a regular schizophrenic.
He was posting all night too, with "Anime cat waifur" shit. Why the fuck hasn't he gone to sleep yet?
Who the hell made this. They made is a page 4 with hmofa in the subject box
It's the wolfychu autist.
I always wait until page 7 before posting a new thread, anything before is someone else
>t. usual OP
>Usual baker getting jumped by newbies that took the bread out early

What I thought was going on. Guess we got newfags being overeager, or fresh out of a fastboard where threads die in minutes after hitting bumplimit.
Nah, like I said earlier, it's Wolfychu schizo, if you check the fake thread, all that's in it is "anime cat girls"
Is this Wolfychu stalker some new schizo we have to endure?
Also, updated word and image filter. Info in the rentry and somewhere in the thread.
Can't tell. It's either shitposting since it's always the same fucking pic, or one really annoying weeb furry. I'm leaning towards shitposting so lazy I feel like I'm in a sthg thread from /vg/. I can recognize the artist he took the bait pic from. She's made dozens of those ballroom dress pics for cash. Maybe hundreds by now. Lazy fuck only uses the one
(9.26 KB 1222x152 Screenshot_16.png)
this shitposting is getting way too esoteric for me... I'm outta here
it's in Hmoma too :v
(78.48 KB 896x611 1583540528528.jpg)
>A new retard is now challenging Buttzoom
Oh god, please make it stop.
(87.41 KB 300x335 1584140482017.png)
So wait, you fags are saying there is a NEW Schizo in town, worse then Burzum and yet is a female Youtuber that wants to take down /hmofa/ as well? Jesus fucking Christ, I think this has gone far enough here. All I wanted was to post about waifurs and read stories as I work on projects. Is that too much to ask? God, it's not long before a Discord comes and we will end up as the same fate as /hhg/, where you have Discordfags avatarfagging while yelling about bread and neckbears.
Don't know much, but it definitely ISN'T that YouTuber.
Place your bets on how long the new guy lasts.
Thankfuly not that bad. Instead we seem to have picked up an actual autistic with a fixation on weebfurry or some vtuber. Granted thats still annoying but not nearly as actively malicious as burzbutt. Just possibly retarded and going to take every single bait dropped. Or possibly just a new shitposter but one of far more garden variety behavior and liable to get bored and go mess with easier targets. If nothing else Burz is hardening the regulars against basic bitch shitposts.

Either way, there's gonna be some fucking fireworks when they collide full tilt. Unfortunately I don't think it will be something awesome to watch like The Tick vs The Hulk.
No, the schizo is just a weirdo who is obsessed with the youtuber.
When was the last Burzum ban? Not the wojak spam bans, but the generic 'this guy is a maggot etc etc' kinds of posts.
Can't really say for sure but I want to say when he went on an absolute meltdown and spammed a fuckton of CP or gore? He went on a full tardrage iirc since we were ignoring him and having fun. Swear to god he's some kind of carebear cartoon villain, he just straight up hates others being happy and wants to destroy all happiness.
It was the dumpsterposting back in the beginning of September.
I have a message ready for the moderation feedback page that I'm gonna send tomorrow, begging for a rangeban on Burz. It will mention that time it posted snuff cp, admitted to posting it, and numerous examples of him getting banned and carelessly evading. All with links to show as evidence.
Inb4 "Mods ain't gonna read that shit"
all I can say is good luck and god speed
Good luck man.
Should ash for a /trash/ janny position to be opened tbh
That's probably a bridge too far with them. It'll amaze me if his appeal gets something done, but who knows they might do it try and cutback on reports out of /trash/, he's got to account for a dozen each week at the least.
I know but we an always hope. I'd happily Do It For Free to clean up the board tbh
Okay i honestly can't tell, is that burz or is this some really pissy anon there? Cuz if that's burz he's had some major restraint after his wojak phone got popped to only shitpost 3 posts from the bumplimit, that sorta greentext looks like when he's falseflagging or am I too tired to spot bullshit
Thread looks fine to me.
Off to sleep with you then.
maybe, just anytime I see zoomer, subhuman, and the other words he can't resist belting out I get suspicious as hell. He's the only one that uses them in hmofa since he can't hide his powerlevel
Try the HMOFA version of Barneyfag
I see the thread was too slow and comfy for his liking
He is acting as a catalyst for a self fulfilling prophecy. He has to work to make sure that each year the thread is worse than the last, so that he won't be a liar when he tells us how bad things are getting.
He's figured out we have newfags and smells blood in the water. I'd be more hateful of them but they really don't realize what level of bugfuck insane he is. They'll learn, oh they'll learn.
You’re going to find the CP too? If you manage too and they listen that might be able to put a nail in the coffin. Also on this pic I think he meant to say “was” instead of “were,” more proof he’s ESL.
(234.16 KB 625x915 My-Message.png)
I gave them an archive link to the post of burz posting that snuff image.
Desuarchive does not show the actual image, so in the off chance mods don't have the power to look at a long-deleted images in their own archives (If they even have one), I added a comment, that an anon made to Burz, describing what the image was.
I mentioned your pic in the message.

Here's the message that I already sent.
I'd also recommend you guys to send your own message to the mods. Talking about the mod's lack of notice and action to the ban-evader.

Be sure to write your message in a text document first, because clicking submit while forgetting to do the Captcha, will kick you out and you'll have to write the message all over again.
Man I just hope it does work.
He should have added "please" in there as well.
Make your own message to the mods instead of wallowing and hoping.
Another message can gives the issue more importance, slightly.
I'm not gonna send the same message twice in a short time, other people has got to do it.
Doesn't really help in my experience. It was polite, thought out, and he gave the proofs. Not much more you can do then that when making an appeal to mods. If it doesn't get a response I don't think spamming them feedback will either outside of pissing them off.
can you link me the evidence you included in your message? I want to use some of it in my message to the mods, thanks.
Please do some research, and try not to make your message exactly like mine. Don't just cv-paste the evidence.
It's important to make sure your message does not make mods think that it's a single autist spamming the feedback section, which it isn't, and is actually a group of anons tired of Burz's shit.
In fact, write the message here, so we can all see it.

The infamous post, previously mentioned, that got deleted for posting an image that violated rule 1:
(Don't worry, board owner. the image has been deleted and there's no evil shit in the link.)
>"You posted a naked hanging black child. Of course the janny is going to remove your disgusting post."

Ban-evading less than 10 minutes after getting banned for violating rule 1, in the same thread (made 20ish posts before getting banned again):

A post, same exact style, posted 20 min after getting banned a second time, in the same thread as the two above.

A post of him admitting to have posted the infamous snuff image:
>Keyword: "when I posted it"

One of the more recent bans he got, posted 20 minutes after getting banned:
https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42343951/#42344023 (A banned post)
https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42362679/#42363538 (A post of him evading 20min later)

A time when he made a thread, got banned, and then evaded to complain:
https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40613840/#40618370 (A banned and deleted post)
https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40618608/ (A thread he made, that got deleted as he got banned. Time matches all other deleted posts)
https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40613840/#40620371 (Him ban-evading to complain about his deleted thread.
Here's another thing.
I went to the IRC and told the mods about what to do against a rabid ban-evader. Mod replied and said 'If he's evading, just use the second best report'. Obviously that won't work, since anons always complain about getting banned for filling false reports. You should address that issue.
>steam screenshot with the city gets deleted immediately
Burzy posts the screenshot stalking the radolabre guy's steam account and friend, which has an exact city for the location. Second time now it's been deleted almost immediately after he posted it, so it was probably added to a dox filter.
He probably thinks it's threatening. But at this point I think we'd be astounded if he actually got off his ass and left the dwelling.
Like he could afford the plane ticket on a fucking welfare check.
>replying to every single post in the thread
That time of the month?
Wow he is triggered harder than a fatkid seeing candy go down a toiletbowl.

Me thinks he's mad HATSSSSS updated.
More like it's Halloween, and he can't resist. By the way he's going, he's going to get banned one way or another.
Automated spambot etc etc
Now he's banned.
I hope it's the same mod that read my message.
Could be, or not and he's gonna evade.
You were saying?
Well that was pretty fast wasn't it?
How much you want to bet he's gonna start calling everyone the /x/ schizo soon?
it's about that time for his usual shitposting spree so anytime now
At this point he feels kinda like the old principal skinner meme. He's not out of touch, it's the [ZOOMERS/NEWFAGS/MAGGOTS] that are wrong!
>everyone the /x/ schizo soon?
He's done that multiple times to multiple anons (including me btw) and yet he's far from correct due to the fact that that faggot doesn't post in /hmofa/ anymore.
Came back from work and uh, oh boy
Just another day for hmofa. Pretty sure it's passed out at least so we'll get some relief from that autism.
This fucking wolfychu retard is really getting on my nerves.
Me too. It's him doing the Eggman shit and the random waifur prompts as well, right?
His files are either FA filenames or weird names like the roach picture and he always Capitalizes weird Words, those posts I think are just a regular hyperactive anon.
And his politisperging?
I Don't think so? I'm still not unconvinced it isn't Burz larping yet. That or it's just low effort bait that works.

Random waifur thing is well, mixed feelings? Feels like an anon's panic response to when idiots can't stop responding to the bait and drag the topic anywhere but Burz's baiting. And being fair it works, it just also has a habit of pulling things off topic too. So it ends up with what're you gonna pick, completely shit thread or partially salvaged one? Not like spamming pinups works much either.

Need a better way of shutting down the bait because right now it's throw shit at the wall and hope it sticks with obvious results.

I'm pretty sure thats just Burz, he can't hide his /pol/ at all. Anytime that shit comes up it I'm willing to bet cash 9/10 times it's him sperging.
Talking about low quality /pol/ memes, I'm getting tired of seeing "haha 'white'" epic merchant memes and constant whining about various races showing up on the front page.

If you guys can't keep the bants to a higher expectation of quality there will have to be a rule, which I'd rather not happen.
(11.58 KB 678x88 Screenshot_17.png)
looks like he's starting to rev up his autism again, this time targeting HATSSSSSS yet again. DO NOT REPLY
So what happened with the message to the mods?
so his new target is missy huh?
Nah, it's just the wolfychu faggot sperging out again because no one likes his favorite artist.
>getting double fucked by schizoids and newfags feeding them
it's one of those days sadly
Weekend threads are consistently the worst
It doesn't have to be this way though. Remember back in early September when he was banned for a week?
I'm done trying to get the thread back on track
And now he evades. He's been banned 4 times this week he just keeps evading
He got rangebanned back then though. If he got rangebanned again, we could have a couple good threads for once.
I can't even tell who's trolling who at this point. I think this is the rare Double Schizoid Event
that's why I'm just doing something else instead of dealing with that dumpster fire
it's just two schizos and some newfags shitposting like they are on /v/ or something
threads are going to pretty bad for the next couple of days most likely because of this
Even after calling it out as low-quality bait, someone is still replying, and idk who. Also, I'm now three people.
(362.14 KB 521x779 1614023469388.png)
Reminder that both filters get updated multiple times a day.
Filter link is in the thread and info is in the link.
newfags don't know that
I would post it on the real thread, but I'm banned until tomorrow.
What are some good non-thread artists to commission /hmofa/ of that don’t have super high prices?
>content creators getting ignored
>schizos getting 80 (you)s
at what point do we consider the thread dead
>The child is fascinated with the anus and feces and engages in anal play etc etc some other gross and mentally ill mannerisms
Can you fucking not
It’s just really annoying and disgusting to see that copy paste. It proves something is seriously wrong with him.

He also decided to go through Lovelocked’s old art, he’s seriously stalking people over the internet, it’s sad.
>people laugh at the zoomers dead da
>posts a few tearful responses and leaves
You know what to do when it returns.
Yes, hide and ignore like you should with every bait post.
Welcome to the /missy/ tulpa general I guess.
I don't believe anon's are really believing this
I believe this is just some organized shitposting just because Missy is just popular at the moment
You're probably right. That's enough of the thread for me tonight. I hope you have a good day, anon.
/hmofa/ is now "let's make a tulpa general"...
/x/ is one of the worst boards after /pol/ when it comes to infecting everything else
It's not an 'infection' it is an enrichment.
(53.95 KB 512x383 unnamed.jpg)
Oh shit, he didn't even spam as badly and still got banned.
I think the mods are cluing in to this spastic
Maybe a mod got the message? Who knows, might’ve just been a one time chance
>he forgot to remove a (You) check on his post
Anon, I think you're wrong this time.
Look at the deleted posts in Desuarchives. Separate IPs. I doubt he switched just for one post.
>he's already back
Lol check it out he’s evaded already
smash that mfin report button
why do things have to be like this...
Hopping Ip's is one thing, but when you post, doesn't matter if you hop, that post you posted is still yours
Because some people don't want to have a wife, kids, a nice car and a big house. They just want to sit in moms basement seething about a thread on a underwater Tibetan basket weaving forum 24/7
Holy shit, banned again.
(26.25 KB 789x109 Ban.png)
(73.60 KB 795x181 Bann.png)
todays a good day
he already ban evaded. mods have to ban rest of devices before those 30 days are up
evading again, keep reporting! lets get this icnel range'd
>the blacked shit is still there
his most recent post is >>42836201 keep reporting mods = gods today
as much as we pin it all on this one incel there's definitely other shitposters
I'm tell ya there is more then just one of them now
True, but the ban he got, shown in the 4chan.org/bans, is actually the first of the 2 bans he got today. Meaning that mods are now aware that he's a ban-evader.
I hope that we can get a third ban, before the thread 404s. maybe mods do a three strikes, and it's a rangeban
That’s gonna need some luck
Just keep mass reporting his seething posts, maybe he'll finally rope himself if he gets perma ranged
So, the mod listened to the letter?
janny must have forgot to take his tranny pills for the day and is accidentally based right now
I'd say it's likely.
Keep reporting, maybe under 'evading spam/post filters'.
Here's a question, did anyone report the post on the 4chan/bans page? the one with the 'My ancestor :)'
It's be interesting to see if the mod banned him without any input from us.
Either he's ranged right now or he's laying low, no way that spastic could resist posting for this long
he's most likely laying low we'll see later tonight how he strike's the thread
I think in 4chan.org/bans, 30 days equates to perma.
zoomers back, post 42838610. report
is he dead? haven't been able to follow bans too closely
he's back
(98.19 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault[1].jpg)
he's back?
Really don't need a play by play for every time he wipes his ass, you know
>Got banned twice.
>Mods are confirmed to be aware that he's ban-evading (first of the two bans was for ban-evasion). >>1880
>Is still evading and posting.
The fact that mods are fully aware of his rabid evasion gives a glimmer of hope.
This is what being bri'ish does to a MF
I'm starting to get tired of this too
same I'm getting to the pint were I may just end up posting here instead of /hmofa/
Keep the play by play of burzoomers autism to his kiwifarms thread
Where’s his kiwifarms thread, because Dylan and Burzum aren’t the same
That's almost literally all this thread is for.
think he’s gone to bed now
no, this is the "hmofa meta thread"
you can talk about thread topics and happenings other than the minutae of one dude

who the fuck cares
I'm tired of opening the front page and just seeing nothing but news on everything burzum does, LITERALLY every waking moment from getting up to going to bed. I come here to get away from that retard, not to see nothing but his every goddamn sneeze.

You retards are legitimately fucking obsessed, it's pathetic.
This is the metathread. All we do here is complain about the shitposters. If you want legit discussion other than the 4chan thread, check out the /fg/ thread also on this website.
If you think that’s obsession, remember some of us have jobs and lives unlike him. He sits at his computer every waking moment to shit up a thread on the internet. He cyberstalks people so fucking hard it’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen. We’re not as mentally deranged as him.
I care dipshit

this thread is fur meta discussion. Go be a whiny nigger somewhere else.
He’s probably the same guy that blamed Lovelocked for revealing his main account and that it’s his fault Burzum shitposts about him, lmao
What kind of schizo shit is that, I have no fucking idea what you're talking about and you're assuming it was me because I don't want to see burzum on the front page every time I look. 0 goddamn IQ.
See, exactly this. "He's asleep now" isn't meta discussion, it's retarded. This thread is a monument to assblasting.
Why don't you guys try like, you know, ignoring him?
Trolls do it for (you)s and you post about everything he does. When I went full retard on /scaly/ they would ignore me (even through intense spam) and I'd get bored as fuck.
lmao look who's fucking talking either a faggot pretending to be Dylan or actually him. Either way no one is gonna listen to you
Okay then keep replying to your troll for all eternity. I'm sure that will solve your problem.
A lot of us actually do ignore/report him but once in a while a newfag comes in and takes the bait.
And there’s a big difference between you and him. Whenever he gets ignored, he doesn’t get bored. He’ll sperge out and start shitting up the entire thread. Whether it be nihilistic copypastas, wojak/blacked spam, sperging out against everyone, he’ll always find a way to shit up the thread when things don’t go his way.
it's probably you, so why don't you try killing yourself
Dylan isn’t Burzum
like I care or give a shit. They are all shitposters. They are all liars. Dylan is Burzum and Burzum is Dylan. So he needs to stop shitting up the thread.
Burzum lives in the UK, Dylan lives in Australia. Just look at the posting times and you’ll find it’s more consistent with the UK
Why is he here? Why is the guy who hates furries still hanging around? It's b/c he is burzum

There like serial killers who come to the police as witness to their crimes to see how much they know. So burzyboy why don't you fuck off?
>Burzum lives in the UK, Dylan lives in Australia.

I study him more than you and this is false DYLAN == BURZUM.
Ok then prove it
PROOF: Dylan hasn't fucked off. Dylan is still here trying to give us "advice". Dylan is a known liar. Dylan has not given us proof that he is not Burzum. Even if irrefutable proof came in that they were different people, They should be treaded as the same person and are both shitposters and should be told to fuck off.
Whatever then, just report the wojaks under spambot
>He got banned again
Ban evading now
Really going for that fucking rangeban, isn't he?
he got banned again
Wonder if he’s going to ban evade right now
(169.17 KB 965x889 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.png)
Soyjak spammer
>banned at 17:21:05
Soyjak spammer #2
>Banned at 17:21:35
Random post
>Deleted at 17:22:06
Nah, just a random anon who deleted it. With the spambots deleted, it makes him look like an anon trying to start shit for no reason.
he's back
(41.50 KB 500x500 123312213231.jpg)
I'm gonna loose it if he keeps talking like a fucking comic book character.
Hello Dylan/Burzum. He got banned a second time. That is why the delete times are different. Now fuck off and do the needful.
you can report dylan for doxing too, when he does when he flips out at resident writers.
You mean the ones with radolabre’s twitter account?
How's the work on second Mod message doing?
The first message gave the mods some action, and they acknowledged the ban evader. I guess they underestimated that banning him twice wasn't enough. So maybe a second message can make them realize that he's actually insane and have to be much harsher.
Either Dylan is still lying or Burzum is up at 4 am still shitposting the thread. Does anyone know the record for Burzum staying up
I sent the second message. I also decided to add in the fact he’s the spammer and how he consistently harasses Lovelocked and Radolabre.
Cool. I estimated, based on the message I sent, they'll notice it at about a day and a half.
Me sending that message, that I sent of Saturday, and then seeing Burz in the 4chan.org/bans a few days later was not a coincidence.
Thank you.
if only we can kill the /Blacked/ and dogsmith apologist in minecraft will were at it
Well, both of those are just the reactions whenever Burz starts spamming blacked and linking DogSmith's Twitter.
The funniest thing for me is seeing how everyone here can barely write English. So I imagine everyone in the burzum cult is either ESL, underage, or retarded. Or some combination.

>Whenever he gets ignored, he doesn’t get bored. He’ll sperge out and start shitting up the entire thread.
So you continue to ignore him, idiot. He isn't going to fuck off if you ignore him for five minutes, you need to ignore him for multiple threads. He spergs out more in an attempt to get attention, if you ignore him he'll go more and more retarded until it fizzles out entirely.
fuck off burzum
It doesn’t fucking matter, he’ll continue to sperge out with anything in an attempt to kill the thread. We could ignore him for days or even weeks and he’ll still figure out a way to garner attention.
Plus there’s always going to be a person who shows up once in a while who will take the bait. Most of us ignore him but some people want to reason with him.
fuck off burzum, no amount of samefagging will convine us you are here on good terms. You hate furries. Why on earth would you still stick around if not to shit up our general with wojaks and blacked shit.
I’m not even Burzum what the hell
cute. Burzum is pretending that he cares. FUCK OFF
Funny how this image was posted literally 3 minutes before he started posting about schizophrenia.
Just because you’re schizophrenic doesn’t always mean you’re more creative than everyone else. In fact, try getting it fixed
It was only that and just one reply, he was shitposting until 7 am, woke up at 9 pm, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s dead tired right now.

It’s super unhealthy if he continues to do it. Have fun when you end up with heart failure.
(97.20 KB 1910x586 Screenshot_18.png)
Thank you for the links. I have also linked different posts to differentiate your message from mine. Here's what I have so far:
Definitely think this was written better than mine, but nonetheless the infos all the same. Thanks.
Great, I think that implies that 3 separate messages have been sent.
I have a draft for a second message that's basically a second version of the my first message, the one that kickstarted all this.
I'm not sending it yet, I really don't want to oversaturated their inbox.

the second-last sentence for paragraph one could be paraphrased a little differently. That sentence reads almost word-for-word from the other message posted.
For the last sentence on the first paragraph, it should be written a little differently too. I like the sentence, but I suggest deleting the bit about "Despite little evidence-", I find it unnecessary.

Second paragraph is very good. Remove the mention of him using bots tho (I think you're mentioning the wojak spammer, who I believe is a different, separate autist). Reason why is because there's no proof, or even evidence, that he uses bots, so it's worthless to point that out. As for the cyberstalking, that is 100% true.

For the evidence, I want to say that they're irrelevant. While I want the mods to know what kind of a person he is, the description for each link sounds like it's just just him shitting up a thread. Remember that we're on on /trash/, mods don't care about posts people don't like. Since you mentioned him cyberstalking, you need to provide evidence. You can go back a couple threads and find them, you should mention how Burz deleted his own posts like this to avoid detection from mods.
Here's a link to one of them: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42845899/#42865304

For the last paragraph, remove 'urge' and replace it with something like 'suggest', don't want to sound to commanding, we're just text in a letter.
When will it be safe to post in the general?
The wojak spam has happened at least 5 times now and has ban evaded, and Burzum is either gone and shows up at the end or he makes occasional posts between spam saying shit like “This is all zoomer fault”
I’m going to lose my shit if he keeps posting nihilistic copy pastas and short meaningless phrases
>You have to be at least 21 to post here
>I hate this 21 year old college kid
>I’m not complaining about the poster I’m complaining about the story because it was written by a college kid

Holy fuck this guy manages to contradict himself with everything he says it’s so funny
We already have words to explain that.
Irrational and unreasonable.
4/10 trolling, too many continuity errors
schizo is a schizo, more at 11
>"guys take the redpill"
>proceeds to be retarded dropping schizo manifestos every minute
Absolute state of this lad
>The Maggot comes forth
>The worm will climb the mountain
Is he watching ISIS videos again?
you sound closeted
(95.07 KB 1911x690 le_second_draft_has_arrived.png)
thanks for the advice. I did what you suggested and rewrote certain parts, and replaced the "evidence" links with examples of him cyberstalking radolabre and foxymilkies. are there any other changes I should make?
>admitted to posting snuff seepee video in /trash/
It was an image. correct that.

It's much better. I have a comment on the paragraph about the doxxing. Did he post people's faces? Is that one image he always posts, with the BLACKED hand on some guys face with cum, a face from an artist he's cyberstalking?

Rephrase "according to some anons", because that implies it might not be true, when it actually is. On the evidence you posted (https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42845899/#42865304) there's a trashcan icon next to the image, each deletion date is different, meaning he manually deleted them himself. You should move that sentence about post deletion to the link it's associated with.
I think the blacked image is Radrolabre's face. He may have gotten it from his Reddit account.
What's with these fucking pedofags trying to push their shit where it doesn't belong? In the past month alone I've been noticing a significant increase of posts that basically all sound like, "oh, well I only like female furry dommy mommy /SS/ stuff so I'm not that bad, she looks like she fucks shotas lol, lmao, etc." Is this just one guy or some newfangled attempt at shitting up the thread?
It's zzx, from a video or something, originates from twatter.
Nice meme digits.
Ok so it's true that Burz uses real faces, obtained from his cyberstalking.
>What's with these fucking pedofags trying to push their shit where it doesn't belong?
You aren't the only one who's noticed the increase of pedofags on /hmofa/. I've seen it on other boards. Lolishit used as OP pictures on sveral generals on /g/ (A blue board might I add). Surely it could just be a coincidence but still those faggots should burn.
Considering it's just one post every few threads that uses the same text, I'm guessing it's just an unrelated shitposter looking to get (You)s
>What's with these fucking pedofags trying to push their shit where it doesn't belong?
Could say the same about the one anon who's obsessed with anal glands and keeps posting his piss and brap shit every thread.
I think that’s Dylan’s face from the KF thread but correct me if I’m wrong.
>Do not respond to the schizo
>”You’re the parasite from /b/ you don’t belong here”
How does he even know that. I know it’s just to derail the thread but I wonder if he’s actually serious about it and genuinely thinks he’s right
It's just one of his catchphrases.
Don't think too hard on it.
Remember, he's insane.
buttzoomer is just a pullstring toy with 5 built-in catchphrases. There is no thinking, there is no comprehension, just retardation.
>I have a comment on the paragraph about the doxxing. Did he post people's faces? Is that one image he always posts, with the BLACKED hand on some guys face with cum, a face from an artist he's cyberstalking?

Yes. Just as >>1984 said, he used zzx's face for that BLACKED meme edit. burzum also posts what is believed to be foxymilkies' (albeit, covered) face on a regular basis.
alright, corrected the cp incident mention, removed "according to", fixed some grammatical errors, included a link to him evading after getting banned for cp, and submitted.

Best case is the mods actually take notice and do something, worse case is they say "lol we refuse to police your little furry club faget" and start banning /hmofa/ threads
thread has been slow so far, gonna bet he’s going to start some shit soon
There's some dumb shit brewing with the virginity stuff. A sudden three responses promoting some sort of purity standard is a pattern I've seen before. Thread's all quiet, but suddenly three different people respond to the same post? I'm not buying it.

He's shown himself to lurk before. We'd have a calm thread, then Lovelocked posts some new art and within minutes he's fired off several of his retarded posts.
(1.78 MB 4920x4161 vuiBQc3Tu.jpg)
(331.28 KB 1223x1541 REALITY.jpg)
>People don't like it when I say virginity is dumb, this must be burzum! Yeah, definitely not by dogshit opinions.

Called it. Now he's doing it here, too.
Now he's soyjacking.
If anybody is shitting up the thread it's you. The one would made a big stink about it, because people didn't like your shit opinion and now you are shitting up the general with soyjaks, because the thread is nothing like your twitter safe space.
Are you retarded? I am complaining about the soyjaks, stupid.
I know what your doing dipshit
Classic Burzum. Pretending to be both sides in a conflict of his own creation and doing his silly "for the greater good" spiel.
you literally put a giant bible quote in the middle of a bunch of infographics LOL
(127.43 KB 358x320 1636284809858.jpg)
I'm sorry. Does the bible quote distract you from the scientific findings that women with 1 sexual life time partner are better off every way you put it? I can take it down if it's...distracting.

I only posted it, to make you squeal because apparently you can't handle or let be a post saying virginity was good. You know what most people do? They keep it in the /hmofa/ thread because it is a genuine discussion, not something to soyjak over. Why are you wasting every bodies time because you were triggered by a funpost? Trying to make actual discussion or posting is burzum? You are a negative net benefit to the general consider becoming an hero.
(603.81 KB 3291x4096 1578617205740.jpg)
Nah you posted it to start shit, don't lie.
You're starting arguments to start shit and it contributes nothing to the thread
nice schizographics kiddo
Nice try nigger, but people can see your first post here >>1996

Maybe stop soyjacking and trying to insult everyone who doesn't conform to your ideology. Why do you keep posting provocative post that are in reply to no one just to shit it up?

>Actual science is schizo now
I'm not even any of the other anons arguing with you, I just think you're a retard for derailing the thread
okay burzum
How many of you guys are actual incels? Be honest

So this is burzum's new tactic? Can we moderate the meta discussion or is that a negative because this is /b/?
(382.80 KB 800x799 Torryinabox-Cleo-small.png)
This is why I hate weekend threads.
>doesn't quote any of the actual burzum posts
Fuck off burzum.
(192.54 KB 640x640 video0_35.mp4)
May I care for you a meme in these trying times?
(254.84 KB 500x700 concerned sip.png)
Getting a lot of reports.
Do you guys want this board moderated or not?

If it's gonna be moderated, I'm going to clean up the racism and shitposts like those guys wanted before, because honestly the frontpage looks like garbage when you losers get going.
If you don't want it moderated, stop reporting shitposts. That's what unmoderated means.
>I'm going to clean up the racism and shitposts like those guys wanted before
Never mind we don't want to be moderated
were you the one reporting post here? You fucking sperg?
Wasn't the entire point of this place supposed to be that the resident shitposter can't fuck it up because it's moderated?
point to the shitposter in this thread

see >>2014
Money is on all the reports just being the sperg saying everyone who disagrees with him is burzum
the replies not the post
I don't see any shitposting outside the shitposting board.
>somebody says something about virginity
>some rando get's triggered, starts replying with incel memes, and telling everyone to have sex
>tries to come here >>1996 and try to convince everybody that it's burzum
>get's called out
>shitflinging everywhere
>everybody is calling each other burzum
>the dipshit in the beginning really shows his colors here >>2013 just being straight up provocative
More like:
>someone describes what's happening in the thread in neutral terms
>even mentioning virginity as anything but a wonder that'll cure cancer triggers incels
>incel proceeds to spam thread and call everyone burzum
>incel proceeds to crosspost and whine about not being allowed to be racist
hasn't had sex
is currently having sex

>neutral terms
he is literally accusing the the anon of being burzum. You have no credibility.
yeah, not buying it. Maybe try not to shit up the thread with post just to provoke a shitstorm.


Next time don't come here and try to convince people that the anon that made a post that triggered you is burzum without any convincing evidence.
Are you seriously complaining about being called a samefag while calling someone else a samefag? See, this is why people are convinced this is all burzumposting. Because it's very hard to believe someone could be this stupid, and this fragile.
>Are you seriously complaining about being called a samefag while calling someone else a samefag?
I never complained about be called a samefag, learn to read.

>this is why people are convinced this is all burzumposting.
correction, this is why (you) are "convinced". Nobody is buying your lies after you just shit up the thread.
That’s the /fg/ thread, not this one.
Incels shat up the thread. Scroll up. Who's that triggered by a mention of virginity, posting graphs, and flying off the handle? You.
>tries to convince everybody that some rando anon in the thread is burzum
>literally trying to lower the quality of the meta discussion
>get's called out
>seconds later starts soyjacking with the inceljak
>comes here and starts calling everyone incels
>even going so far as making this post >>2013

you're not even trying to hide the fact that you're just a blatant shitposter.
(273.45 KB 640x686 1615498190509.png)

>unironically using the term "incel"
have you had sex?
cope, seethe, have sex, etc.
>noooo, I should be allowed to relentlessly shitpost without anyone saying anything about it!
(324.39 KB 1142x1736 mental illness.png)
posting this, just in case he tries to delete his posts.
I posted something on the /fg/ thread, if you want to get away from this and the main thread’s shitshows for a bit.
>diversionary tactic to "attack" people who prefer virgins
Unironically go back
>inb4 burzum
>inb4 copypasta
so you haven't had sex kk got it
he really is a schizo isn't he
he is trying to derail discussion by calling everybody incel.
Nobody ever attacks anyone for preferring virgins. It's always you faggots who start shitting up entire threads once you get a whiff that you don't represent literally every person in the thread. Always with the shitposting, the insults, etc. etc. I've never seen a single one of you make a coherent post.
"touch grass" and "have sex" are not coherent post.
frail, american incel hands wrote this post
ok retard
>It's always you faggots who start shitting up entire threads once you get a whiff that you don't represent literally every person in the thread.
I haven't said shit. I called him >>2045 out in the previous thread for being a faggot because people pushed back on his dogshit opinion on virgin waifurs and told him to STFU. It's another faggot shitposter that probably came from tumblr.
Tumblr doesn't exist in a meaningful way anymore. TWITTER, on the other hand...
anon. those are the same person. >>2048 is the shitposter who also made >>2045
>one person calls one of you guys a incel
>proceed to destroy two threads over it
And you guys wonder why artists and writers dip after a few weeks.
stop replying to the thread b/c the notion that anon's prefer virgin waifurs triggers you.
>everyone I don't like is the same person
These are two different people.
(3.13 MB 2006x1954 Take Them.png)
I really don't give a shit what a characters backstory is as long as they're hot. You guys having an autistic meltdown about it is genuinely embarrassing to watch.
the only one that is having an autistic breakdown is you my friend.
(2.34 MB 1050x1392 tribes_fanart.png)
>And you guys wonder why artists and writers dip after a few weeks.
I'm still here schizo
Sorry I forgot I was the one that spammed the thread with charts and paragraphs of shit no one cares about, I definitely didn't come to the thread halfway through a autistic fight over the virginity status of waifurs and try to bring it back on topic by posting content.
did you really get triggered by a single post with charts in it anon? Does scientific evidence scare you that bad? Also your spergout in recorded dipshit

why are you so triggered? Who hurt you?
Why the fuck are weekend threads so autistic?
autism is our super power
I get "triggered" by coming to the thread and rather than seeing writefags, drawfags, or discussions about hmfoa content and themes, I see off topic schizo posts about shit no one cares about.

This isn't any different to the maggot/underage/cp/nigger/tranny/etc spam you guys all blame on burzum. At this point I'm not even sure burzum is real, I think it's just you guys not taking your meds on the weekends.
(30.02 KB 600x600 1614666393965.jpg)
Have you ever considered the fact that your opinions are dogshit and that going on autistic posting tantrums will not convince people other wise?
You really love that word, don't you? And oh look, there it is in the first shitpost of this discussion >>1997 but you accuse others of throwing tantrums.
here are all of my posts here today
If you consider that a tantrum then sure why not anon. I just want to see on topic shit - the very fucking reason we even made a furchan thread in the first place. Keep continuing to have this autistic argument with someone else that, like you, doesn't want to post on topic.
2054 should be 2055 I hate how FC does quotes
you are literally throwing a spergfit write now, but keep thinking your shit don't smell.
I'm just gonna say "have sex" because I know it makes you mald.
>reasonable issues with the thread devolving from off-topic posts
>nuh-uh you're the one seething
I feel like there's more than a bit of projecting going on right now.
sorry anon we're now obligated to call you a cuck and post a 5 paragraph manifesto on why you're a cuck because you don't agree with our stance on the sex lives of digital furry women
are you done?
>Now that everybody is fed up with him calling everybody incel he is resulting to "blacked" posting.
you can't make this shit up
New IP, it's just another shitposter throwing more shit to the thread.
blacked/incel posting both rile up the same idiots in to taking the bait wholeheartedly as seen in this very thread so I can see why they fall back on it
buttzoomer is always on a new ip lol
IPs mean nothing anymore.
>shitting up the thread makes people angry
wow, who would have thought.
I kinda dislike how puritanical the thread can get sometimes. I'm a virginfag through and through but I swear we're nearly as autistic as those japs that broke the CD to a VN when they found out that one of the girls had a boyfriend. Not trying to start shit or throw shade I'm just venting, sorry if this has been brought up a lot
What do you think filters are for? hownew.ru
filters are for scrubs
so very new
If this was brought up any other time, I would have believe you, but seeing how it was the cuckposter who started shit, I'm incline to believe you are either him or ignorant.
I'm genuinely ignorant to whatever drama is currently going on, my single and only grievance is I dislike puritanical thread. I'm sorry if that's similar to what a shitposter is using and that was not my intention at all
Holy shit. How can one man be so triggered by anons preferring virgins

Ground Zero: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/42988334/#q42997459
There is no cuckposter, you dumb fuck. There are multiple people tired of your shit. Both in the 4chan thread and here it was you who started shitposting. That's why people hate you and even people who are into the same shit are questioning your sanity.

Just stop destroying the thread, for fuck's sake.
It just feels like the same few anons who cause it every single time, and then it always turns into witch-hunts over who doesn't *really* like virgin waifurs (case in point >>2087) instead of just dropping the argument.
people would actually believe you if you didn't show yourself to be a rampant shitposter. MULTIPLE/ALL people are fed up with your shit and samefagging isn't going to convince them otherwise.
>starting a hours long argument over the two words "touch" and "grass"
Not really making a good argument for yourself anon.
Dude, I didn't come to start shit or anything, I saw this was a meta thread where people can vent about the state of my thread so I thought I'd participate, I'm not whoever you think I am.
>hours long argument
nigga, you literally replied to the thread just to provoke people, you were trying to stir shit up.

Stop destroying the thread with your bullshit. That's literally all I'm asking.
the thread* i'm genuinely not sure why I said my thread there, sorry
I didn't even post in that thread, you idiots killed it before I could even post in it.
nobody is buying your act, stop posting for fucks sake. As this post clearly shows >>2095 You posted post with NO REPLIES TO ANYONE, just to start shit up

>everyone I don't like is a single person
It's 2021 and people still believe this shit. Embarrassing.
(115.48 KB 460x411 1625109680201.png)
lol, get new shitposting tactics then. Mass samefagging doesn't work on people anymore.
I really wish there was a way to empirically prove what posts are mine on FC because you're just wrong.
if you're so sure can't you just go call a mod and they can prove it?
/trash/ IDs when
furchan IDs when
/fur/ WHEN?
that's the dream but it'd probably be a honeypot like last time
that requires the 4chan staff to give two fucks about /trash/ which given it wasn't even meant to be a board in the traditional sense in the first place I dont have high hopes
>have vpn or mobile phone
>clear cookies
>reply to post
>SEE I'm not samefagging

We are a post-burzum board, we need post-burzum security measures
>bothering a mod to make a point to a shitposter
How can one man be triggered by the fact that some anon's have standards? How long is he going to keep this up? Is he Burzum?

I don't think it's buttzoomer. I think it's two anons each with a retarded standard for digital furry wamen having a spaz fight.
>I think it's two anons each with a retarded standard for digital furry wamen having a spaz fight.
How long are you going to shit up the thread like pic related >>2110 because people have different opinions than you?
Sure that's me, everyone that wants to post furry women without a schizo fight is me if that makes you happy.
it will make me happy if you stop throwing pissbaby fits because anon's simply express their preferences.
(37.97 KB 544x183 this anon.png)
I can't tell if he's genuinely schizophrenic or just shitposting
I think it's just one guy >>2115
Can someone please tell me what the actual FUCK happened
one guy that is a schizo
some anon got triggered by somebody saying they preferred virgins. So he decided to shit up the entire thread.
>anon says they like virgins
>other anon says that's cringe
>they proceed to destroy 2 threads and counting arguing about it
In the first thread we tried to try and keep it on topic with image dumps but its best to just let these kids get it out their system at this point. Weekend thread and all.
(16.73 KB 450x400 tiresome.png)
>usual virgin waifur spat like always
>two anons really can't drop it and continue for two threads
>one anon here convinced everyone who wants them to stop is one burzum
>plus a few more anons flinging shit for good measure
think that's most of the highlights
link to ground zero here posted here: >>2089

Basically some anon starting calling everybody incels for wanting virgin waifurs. You can see it here


he is currently trying to frame it by saying the "virgin liker" anons were schizo posting with the "incel" anon, when in reality, the incel anon was spamming the thread with these obnoxious post and derailing it.
Who needs buttzoomer when regulars shit the thread up for free
And you’re sure it isn’t Burzoomer

and also there was some wojak spam
Basically these post are him trying to push the idea that it was everybodie's fault and not one shitposter as seen in
It takes two to tango. If no one replied to the bait, it would have fizzled in to the ether and have been forgotten. But here we are, someone took the bait, and we're 2 threads down./
How many times will you keep doing this
he is still going, pic related
>shitposters finds out what riles up a thread
>they post that over and over knowing it'll get a reaction
wow shocking!!!
How about this time, we don't take the bait???
You are not just baiting you are spamming, you know this.
??? different posters retard. Hell call the mod if you want
We're simply asking you to not take the bait.
You see something retarded? You don't reply. It takes literally less effort than taking the bait. Simple! Please give it a go for a thread or two and see how it makes you feel.
As long as he doesn't reply to anyone he is fine

Since when did I say I reply to it?

>We're simply asking you to not take the bait.
You were insinuating that there were more people wrong besides the "incel" poster. People only started taking his bait once he started spamming.
Obvious guess is the current incel poster and the one fervently accusing everyone else of samefagging are one in the same.
Are you done shitting up the thread?
? dafaq you talking about. You accuse me of being of spamming and samefagging and i call you a retard and to get the mods to prove that im not samefagging
Honestly probably. I'm sure we're all just one samefagger tho.
>actual state of everything /hmofa/ right now
there is different time intervals where we all reply to you retard so i think that answers the question if people le samefagging. either your genuinely retarded or a shitposter

why so he can show you using multiple IPs? I'm not an idiot. I know how much of a schizo you are. And that is why I have been so confident of your samefaggotry. I have tard wrangled with your type for over 15 years. You most obviously ignore the blatant spamming here listed >>2124 And it makes it obviously clear who you are and that you mean nothing good for the genreal. If all you can do is spout "incel" and spam the thread. The thread is back to normal now DESPITE your provocative, post so if you can cease your bitching that would be great, or do you have to keep on replying due to your histrionic personality?
considering how dedicated to the schtick they are - could be buttzoomer? can't think of anyone else this hellbent on shitposting on a fucking furry porn thread

Case in point. You have to be brain dead to believe my post are burzums due to the mannerisms in which I am speaking.
so is just everyone the samefagging incelspammer? I know burzum is bad but I dont think you'll be satisfied no matter what anyone says
Call the mods then i dont care if they know where i live. because here are all my posts >>2129
Go on call the mods. Yea you wont cause its being increasingly clear that youre a shitposter

Is that all you have to say? Or are you going to continue making a fool of yourself. What you did is recorded


You are not fooling anyone.
looks like the poster who was spamming "incel", got triggered by anons preferences, and basically shat up the whole thread has wound down and the thread is back to normal. Thank god.
what the fuck are you even talking about? i told you how many times will you keep calling a samefag then you say im spammer then say you have recordings of me?
So...what is the news on the second mod message?
hide and ingnore
>they got filtered by all the regulars on 4trash so have resorted to spamming furchan
okay last mention about it was here >>1994
Did the mods even do anything last time
I am so lost actually first he said i was a spammer then that he has recordings??? am i the retarded one??? like i dont get it
hide and ignore, do not reply to it >2155
i dont know what the fuck you want from me man i ask what youre trying to say and you... i dont even know what youre trying to imply with hide and ignore
(280.71 KB 913x720 1509830815240.png)
if you want to do it yourself se pic
>welcome to /qa/
honestly it was for the best
Holy Based

I want to do it, but I feel like if I mess up (accidentally offend them or some shit), they will just ignore any mentions of burzum as "cry" wolf. 4cin mods are mean.
If you don't think you can do it without fucking up, don't do it. Not trying to be mean, but realistically, we have only so many shots before they get pissed at us.
(51.38 KB 1012x664 Hello Darkness My Old Friend.png)
I'm just worried I might do something stupid from a technical point of view. Like ping them or msg them in some way that only a noob would do. I already try to do it once and I had a IRC cheat sheet. I typed the command to see who all was in the chat, and apparently they could see me, I was so embarrassed I just closed the window and left.
People won't see you as you type commands on the 4chan channel. typing people won't see you typing /help, unless it's a direct message to a user or you made a mistake and forgot to add the '/'.
I visited the IRC once and talked to a couple guys, even to a mod about a question I asked.
But I guess it is pretty nervous to talk to guys who call themselves mods.
Just remember the BRIGHT RED TEXT on top of the chatbox and you'd be fine.
Why the fuck was the thread just deleted? It wasn't even at bump limit?
I was about to say, what in the goddamn just happened. Who the fuck did we piss off, no way we got bumped off the board.
Jannies got sick of our shit. Despite comprising only 13% of the /trash/ userbase, /hmofa/ accounts for 52% of all reports.
Nah, there are way worse threads on trash. And plus, there was no spam or shitposting that thread. They wouldn't have done it at 3 in the morning. Must be a glitch.
Maybe OP got banned for something and got his posts deleted.
I think we will find out in the morning what happened.
The reason shitposters like burzum post on /hmofa/ is because you retards clearly want drama and shitposting. I've never seen another general go into a 100-post shitflinging contest over someone literally saying "incel". Not to mention every single piece of bait is replied to at least 5 times with a shocking lack of critical thinking skills.
This is what happens when social media normies try using the chans. They bring their witch-hunting and drama culture over.
Didn't ask + ratio
Did you guys really 404 three threads while I was asleep? Holy shit
One just died out of nowhere somehow but yeah, a bit of shitposting did happen. It's impressive how the shitposter complained about super speedy threads but it's usually him that does it.

Least new thread has some nice and comfy ass posting to compensate.
I got banned for a week. I guess this rules out putting the furchan link in the OP. B/c they will delete the whole thread over it.
(35.91 KB 480x360 1632094781125.jpg)
Fucking lmao, good one Anon. Guess we can't blame you for that one but shit, guess you were technically shilling it.
Stfu you aren’t even dylan
I'd say that if it isn't a 3day ban, you should appeal it.
The link is related to the general it's discussing.
Then again, that also applies to Discord links, which I fucking hate and should be bannable.
4chan is really anal about chan links rather than discord links.
(99.75 KB 342x245 1634257010731.png)
>Always very busy in life
>Don't have time to visit my waifur nor /hmofa/
>Every time I come on, I see buttzoom shitposting and doxxing anyone
>Mfw my waifur is gone because of him

Honestly why can't I be happy
Just use the filter.
Won't get everything, but that's what manually hiding posts is for.
who was she anon
Just checked the thread. Why is there a guy talking about eating his own cum?
You are surprised? This is 4chan.
Bo Burnham - Welcome to the Internet.flac
(183.53 KB 600x600 1488816422936.jpg)
Following up, just came off work from doing personal things. Only chance I can use /hmofa/ until the morning and yet here he is shitposting. How long until he starts going AWOL? I mean really AWOL, not the normal maggotspam and shit. I mean total spam, total schizo and to the point that he begins posting IRL images.
I have a feeling that if he is ever going to leave he’ll go out with a bang. A whole week of nonstop spam, ban evading, and maybe even cp. Wonder if he’ll be able to pull it off because mods’ll probably leave it at that after his second ban
Oh no, you're not our main bread baker, right?
That sucks.
I'm hoping one day, something will make him so angry that he will go into cardiac arrest halfway through a 200 hour spam marathon.
Just keep ignoring him and he'll hang himself.
He isn't, but that's why I usually try not to be inflammatory after posting the thread.
The hide and ignore reminder is there for a reason after all.
I don't think there is a "main bread baker" these days, the threads just go to fast.
>all these new IPs replying to itself
Imagine how far humanity would get if we concentrated this condensed autism on useful endeavors.
Someone should make a whole fucking google doc of all the shit Burzum has said and done then send it through the feedback system. Keep it private of course there’s no way he won’t fuck it up
He's not worth the effort or notoriety. He deserves to be forgotten.
Burzum if you see this, go right ahead faggot. How are you going to be able to prove I’m any worse than you are? Please just pull a Ronnie McNutt already.
Please stop encouraging it, here or there
THIS Ignore him till he an heros please
>we manage to ignore his jewery pretty well last thread
>he starts to spam soyjaks in the new thread

I predict he'll start baiting and spamming harder (perhaps even have a full meltdown) soon if he doesn't get the attention he wants. Just keep hiding and ignoring, and he'll eventually leave.
This is the source of the autism if you were curious. It's a website made by /qa/ faggots that got mad that their shitty board got dabbed on lol.

They are literally doing this shit by fucking hand too.
tbh I prefer the soyjak spam, because mods won't ban you for misfiling reports on them and they actually get deleted eventually.
It's taking them pretty fucking long, tbh.
The jannies and mods might be occupied with the soyjak.party raid that is about to happen at 1:50 est according to >>2203
Apparently, their retarded raid failed, so now can the mods delete Buttzoom's posts?
They're still likely preoccupied. If you check their main target boards and refresh the catalog you'll see soyjak threads pop up and be baleeted 30 secs later lol
I went to see how the raid went, It was a massive failure lmao. Each they only made like 5 posts per wave, AT MOST, before they get perma banned.
(5.43 MB 640x340 13232123132213.gif)
Shut up and hear me out. I think that Buttzoom has a Discord channel filled with people who rotate shitposting in the general. Notice how the same formula is dragged out every time shit goes down? This only works if there is a team going on, a good example is how discord raid servers work. They pick a time and yet mostly they raid by a script - either from CP, Gore, Wojakspam and etc. Also, I think Buttzoom has more people working with him then just him alone.
If that were true, there would be more IPs in the thread.
Could you even really call it a raid lmao.
When they posted their bans, it had raiding for the reason and it was perma too.
Looks like Buttzoom is lurking, he just got wind onto the theory.
It could be a real theory. I will dive into this more
No he's just a samefagging schizoid
huge if true. it makes sense, because it's not hard to imitate burzum's posting style, plus it explains how he is able to spam for such long periods of time, and lurk threads for newfags when he is finished.
Here's hoping.
Not real DM
>we ignore the schizoid
>the schizoid leaves to kill themselves
Wow who'd have guessed it's not like I've been saying that this entire time
Or he just went to sleep.
No no, that's the real Deadmimicked
How can you tell?
She has posted on furchan before and that's the same trip she has here.
Oh ok
>recent riot by faggots from /qa/, wanting to get their board back, causes mods to ban all wojaks, just like global rule 15.
I hope for this situation to happen.
Here's hoping, man.
To be pedantic, I think Wojaks are okay, but Soyjaks are not.
Nah, it's all cringe. Ban all wojaks and pepes so 4chan can rise from the ashes.
is it too schizo to think that blackedspam is flaseflagging by the shitposter in order to artificially force people to dislike lovelocked more or am I just being stupid
He already tried that months ago around the time LL had a bit of a meltie and nobody believed him, I'm guessing this is just an unrelated blacked poster.
Didn’t LL have a meltdown because people found out he was on blacked? If so I wonder why it didn’t take up until now for Burz to figure out he’s black
>black guy actually likes blacked
if that's true and not another "jin is trans" esque falseflag that's a first for me, every black guy I've seen hates that shit with a passion
The guy was just stressed out when he did I think, the only one who connects him with blacked shit is the one who seethes every time he posts.
So we're all in agreement the one posting about
>wow haha what idiots they are
is the one spamming all the blacked shit?
It will be revealed when mods delete his posts like last thread.
That’s assuming mods delete it
NO?! the faggot who posted the picture and then tried to bring the shitstorm to the next thread is most definitely the spammer
Why are you insistent on ruining the thread just to prove a point? Do you post race play and blacked images everyone in a while just t0 provoke attention? Are you THAT fragile?
Go away bro this is our safespace not yours
I am not an idiot. I know you are the samefag that has been spamming the thread. Why did you have to ruin a perfectly normal thread?
I’m not though??? What are you talking about
quit making a fool of yourself
Now you’re just pulling shit out of your ass I honestly believe you’re the one posting blacked
I know your the black spammer or at least provoked him b/c you can't handle your precious fetish being ridiculed.
I’m just going to start ignoring you now because you’ve outed yourself as the blacked spammer at this point. You’re just trying to start shit so the thread can die faster.
>you are
>no you are
I firmly believe it's the one who brought the previous thread bullshit into the current one, whichever anon that is.
I can understand how you can see that being the case but I’m definitely not him. He started blaming me for no reason. It’s definitely him.
your defending him though
>Yes I started this but it's not my fault
>I'm not encouraging it, I'm """""testing my hypothesis"""""
What an absolute moron.
this. fuck that nigger
HMOFA is dead, isn't it?
nah, just some uppity blacked poster, he will get bored eventually.
Nah, with the new wolfychu autist, the faggot /pol/tard spamming mutt memes, and what else, it's hard to have a decent conversation anymore.
lol, the mutt memes is not a /pol/ thing. It's shows up anywhere there is flags.
It's still annoying as fuck, and I wish they offed themselves.
kek, the blacked spammer is posting bleached stuff b/c people were calling him out. Now he is posting this shit so he can go "SEE /hmofa/ is a bleached thread".

you sound like a faggot that can't handle bants.
>getting this twisted up about mutt memes
This is why people from majority white countries post them, because it makes you guys seethe.
(152.39 KB 300x250 AMERICAN.png)
That's what the /fg/ thread is for
Stop defending off-topic thread derailment
(872.33 KB 640x640 amerimutt.webm)
I'll stop when you're white.
It's ruining thread discussion and you know it. I don't want to discuss race, I want to discuss HMOFA
My guess is you're the one posting race shit in the thread and then having the gall to complain about its quality
not just white majority coutries. Everybody makes fun of American goblinos and mutts b/c it is not just skin deep, people are making fun of their shallow corporate culture and consumerism. The american "mutt" is not just a mix raced abomination, it's a creature with a perverted and warped culture that favors gluttony.
not him but stfu, he was posting it at the end of the thread. And he was only doing a little bit of banter, unlike the blacked shitter.
No one cares, it has nothing to do with hmofa
Mutts are bugmen. All they do is buy product and murder.
Fuck your banter, it's been shitting up the thread for too long now.
Die for Israel
blacked faggots have been shitting up the thread like he is doing now
Woah, a collection of Based webms. Thanks anon! I'll be sure to save amerimutt.webm for future posting!
Anyone who posts race autism or anything trying to derail from the thread topic is equally guilty of the current state of the general.
Try to justify it all you want but it's true.
>Implying I can't hate both.
(496.83 KB 854x479 44f[1].png)
When do we make a discord or something we can actually have a space that's actually moderated? A space where people posting retarded shit out of containment zones get thrown in to the fucking sun?
quit shitting up the thread just b/c people won't tolerate your blacked spam.
fuck off
>complaining about anons telling you to stop
Burzum-tier deflection, try harder
Name me literally any other platform for hosting a community that is free, allows images/mp4s natively, and isn't an unmoderated hellscape like /trash/ and furchan
At this point, I'm willing to give it a try.
You realize only /b/ isn't moderated here, right? /fg/ is.
stop falesflag spamming then blacked fag
it took 3 days to removed pedospam bots from /fg/ im going to consider it unmoderated
Holy fucking shit, can those two autists fucking kill themselves? They already shat up two threads with their autism.
I'm assuming you're the one spamming and replying to yourself, and you're the one from the other day accusing everyone else of being burzum >>2014
nobody is going to stand for your dogshit fetish, stop spamming the thread because your nobody like it when you tested you "hypothesis"
backup thread at >>43107407, don't give a fuck about split threads
did you actually post the thread number rather than the link? kek.
this was meant for >>2288
type it yourself you nerd
delete your thread, the blacked spammer already got there.
are you fucking retarded? that's literally the whole point of this place
You really like that webm, huh?
It's just some retard trying to stir shit, he literally wants to make a discord. Most obvious bait in a while.

You're doing a good job furmoot, wherever you are.
>wherever you are.
furmoot took a vacation to eastern Europe to kill all the fucking slaves that keep spamming CP on /fg/, like my god just look at the logs.
Every thread there's always two autists that just can't stop posting about anything but the actual thread topic.
(66.37 KB 549x643 elon.PNG)
>tfw haven’t updated in more than a month.
Man, I really need to get to updating my stories. Although given the quality of the thread recently, I’m not in too much of a rush to do so.
Well you can blame these retards >>2259 for being just as bad as the shitposters they complain about.
(67.22 KB 960x540 E3Ues2LXIAcQzaT.jpg)
>Amerimutt spammer
>Kot spammer
>Jin is tranny shitposter
>Averi_headlocking_Dankula poster
These faggots weren't here 20 threads ago. What the fuck happened
first is just an anon here who thinks it's funny to shit where he eats, other three are the same wolfychu schizophrenic
>Averi_headlocking_Dankula poster
this poster is based shut watch your mouth
It's a /bant/ troon, I saw it yesterday and earlier today during the failed /qa/ raid. Same filenames for the pics, same Israel shilling and everything.
That makes sense, /qa/ apparently isn't completely dead so hopefully that brand of parasite will go back to their own board when they can.
I don't know they seemed just as braindead on /bant/ as they are on /hmofa/, so they might genuinely be a low IQ poster. Also, they had an American flag, so NEET?
it's almost like the reason there's constant schizo posts is because everyone in the general is a easily triggerable schizo that'll dump their autism in the thread at a moments notice
(886.42 KB 500x375 1565103440052.gif)
So judging from this shit, my theory of Buttzoom owning a Discord server is getting stronger and stronger by the day. He's acting like a Discordfag, I have seen his kind before all across the platform. And he's is not alone as well, I can fucking clearly see that he has more people working for him, notice how sometimes people like to be just like him and yet mostly shit goes down? One man alone cannot go this far, it's fatal at this point. Someone nor a group of people is doing this. God knows where though, someone needs to find the server.
I think you're overreacting a bit.
Right now it's the /qa/ and /bant/ autists posting off-topic shit, plus the anon who has to respond to everything continuing to feed them.

That being said Burzy responds to it right as I'm typing this so who knows. Certainly is interesting how he miraculously disappears and reappears when someone else is shitting up the thread.
How much longer do you think this will last?
it's always some blacked faggot or radlib trying to stir shit up and rile up the autist.
shitposting comes in waves with good threads in b/w. Stop being a pussy.
def liberal shithead
I'm so tired of the two Brands of Americans shitting up the internet. Please consider not posting and touching grass
stfu radlib. I woke up and guess who is trying to start shit in the thread? Ding Ding Ding. Fucking radlib.
(94.18 KB 522x342 1635284673094.gif)
(476.93 KB 600x600 ezgif-7-527688a2bbf0.gif)
send all shitposters to the /adhg/ camps for immediate sissifaction into waifur boy toys.
(2.31 MB 800x1200 1617250792972.gif)
>you destroyed my temple of worship
>"no NOOOO please don't suck my cock"
>*schlorp sssssssssccccccclick sholoooooooooooooop nom nom*
>"NOOO Please I didn't Me -ah- no harm
>*schlllllllllllllpfftttttttttttspppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttt schlop schlop drmmmmmmmmb ddddddddddddttttt*
(552.51 KB 180x140 tenccor.gif)
(361.94 KB 1456x1160 1636279115830.jpg)
>Judy's face after she just stood and watched her fellow officers rape the HLM shitposter
>A mental tempest in her mind and she can't decide to feel disgusted or turned on as her turn to kiss the pecker tip of the shitposter with her womb draws near
>a yeen watches from the patrol car
>satisfied to know that judy is about to become the "monster" that the yeen was jailed for being
>he love tube retracts as she awaits judy to take the mans innocence for the 3rd time.
>I hate shitposting
>Let me shitpost in response, that'll show them
You're both retarded for dragging off-topic shit into the thread
i'm not the one who decided to start shit dis mornibg, notice how nobody replied to you?
What about yesterday and last night?
libtard, radlib, commiecuck
please go an hero cuz you suck

shitting up the thread all day
cannot stop because your gay

samefaging to his very best
everyone sees you as a pest

posting blacked art all day long
go back to leftypol where you belong
yeah the radlib brought up politics up for no reason and kept trying to keep the conversation going. So fuck off sweaty.
And yet you responded, and fed him. All you had to do was ignore him, and eventually he would have gotten tired.
I didn't do shit. You are confusing me with another anon
next time don't start shit and complain that people responded
(2.01 MB 239x239 1636599753864.gif)
go get vored
(40.26 KB 168x311 schizophrenia.png)
Since this argument is autistic here's something else, good to know the wolfychu faggot is just an overall spastic and not just targeting /hmofa/
that is just a thirsty anon, let him be.
This, keep denying him (you)s and maybe he will go away.
lol, furmoot made /b/ a hidden board now. You can't find it in the board list.
you can still find it at the top as "off topic" you just can't see it in the "boards" link and the overboard or home
>crying about anons wanting to contribute to the thread
Good to see things are back to normal
How long 'til the jakkin' starts?
usually 5-10 minutes after no one gives him attention
not sure if the "foxes are sluts lol" anon is burzum, but he sure is acting like it.
burzum posts are usually pretty easy to spot, he just goes "KILL URSELF REEEE NEWFAG" over and over because he doesn't have a soul.
not all of his posts are like that. I think he is capable of posting run-of-the-mill bait as well. His posts are easy to spot because he replies to you in like 10 seconds after you post.
It's just one baiting retard, /as/ comment makes me think probably the one who always posts pedo shit
/ss/ not as
Generally speaking if the thread has more posts than it is minutes old outside of the first twenty or so minutes, then it's going to be another that lasts three hours.

Doubly so considering the IP count isn't increasing, so it's just the same few anons constantly posting. Fun.
(39.58 KB 450x263 Screenshot_19.png)
>"kill yourself new cumer"
>and now, pedoanon has returned
>replies to posts in mere seconds

yep,, it's burzum. except he's going without the burzum persona today.
What is the "though" shit about anyway?
Who do you think?