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(262.80 KB 1764x1388 snow_leopard.jpg)
/hmofa/ Meta Thread #3 Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 15:00:27 No. 2344
Direct any and all /hmofa/ meta discussion here, so the primary FurChan thread isn't clogged by off topic posts.

>Links for convenience:
[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo
(4.44 KB 326x135 Screenshot_20.png)
oh c'mon now he isn't even trying to hide it anymore.
something something only zoomers use "though" in sentences or something.
Actually it's a new /bant/troon meme, the wojak is their latest attempt to evade mods. It'll pass in a week.
the /qa/ refugees at soyjak.part are currently raiding everything. I am not going to link it (it was already linked in this thread). But they are now going for boards where they wont get banned immediately, like /s4s/ and /trash/.
remember when memes were actually funny or at lest tried to be funny
New metathread what’s up
Not much threads pretty good right now
Man the obsession with radolabre

It’s so depressing
I hope randolabre uses the filters. They did a great job last thread.
Yeah. I’m more concerned about the fact you take your time to find shit about someone on the internet just to get them off something. I want to know why you would go that far
You're not accusing me of anything, right? You may have mistakenly used 'you' and not something like 'it'.
2nd person perspective
america pls go and stay go
>nihilistic copypastas
It's going to be one of those days, isn't it?
>Regular OP was banned
That wasn't me by the way, I just didn't make this thread because it was the middle of the night.
(9.31 KB 470x105 ztg schizophrenia.png)
Someone getting uppity in /ztg/ because somebody mentioned his boyfriend.
Lmfao that’s so sad. The fact he doesn’t stalk just one thread is honestly such a huge low. I wonder if he has a bot that detects someone saying Lovelocked
The filter is able to match all of his posts and the pointless replies by people taking the bait, minus like 3 posts.
What is the wolfychu autist's deal, anyways? Long-term shitposting or just mental illness?
It's a /bant/troon that somehow found its way onto /trash/, so just ignore it. Based on eberything I've seen from his posts on /bant/ and on /trash/, he just seems to be an attention-whoring retard.
So mental illness, got it.
/bant/ is genuinely the worst cesspool on the site.
Well, after /qa/, but since that got shutdown, and all the /qa/dittors migrated to /bant/...
And he's still going at it, holy shit.
>Vergil from DMC
(133.56 KB 228x228 srs bobby.png)
>he uses the exact same images every time
>he's physically incapable of making a post that doesn't include the words new, nigger, maggot, faggot, 19, etc.
>yet he'll samefag for hours over multiple IPs pretending to be different people when they're incredibly easy to detected/filter
Unless I'm missing something 4chanx or an equivalent isn't available for android. I'm stuck in this weird situation where at home on my PC the thread is amazing, but whenever I peep at the thread on my break it's usually schizo'd
I wonder if Burzum would go as far as to doxing LL and giving away his real name and wherever he lives. I’m sure he’ll get banned immediately but he’ll get away with it as always.
He's a loser with infinite time to be a dipshit without any hobbies, friends or significant others to occupy his time. It'll happen eventually, just a question of when.
The worst part about that happening is it will most likely make LL go away while he goes off and brags about how he made the 19yo nigger faggot leave and that he’s “the savior of the thread.” Though he’s probably too much of a coward to actually post info, he deleted a pic of radolabre’s location.

>tfw the chaotic good side of you wishes that burzum would swat someone in the thread just so he gets sent to prison for 20 years for false reporting
I think the most likely fate for burz is going out like lowtax: killing themself 15 years after they were relevant and the few people that actually remember them pressing S to spit on his grave
>all paths lead towards purity posting
Looks like someone found themselves at the wrong thread, adhg is getting blacked spammed right now

their loss
fuck off cuck
I swear to christ it's the same anons making the same shitty arguments about the same shitty tradwife/virgin/purity shit over and over
>You have to be at least 21 to post here
>Reminder that this poster was born in 2000

I am once again going to have a fucking aneurysm
I hope you realize it's intentional and he's just looking for every way to attack people.
Nah, everybody is tired of you pushing mental cuck gymnastics on the thread. Maybe reddit is more your speed.
I haven't posted anything in the thread dumbass, I think all of you are annoying for constantly derailing the thread over the same arguments
There is the one anon who always have charts ready, to make sure the shitflinging goes as long as possible.
Use the filter.
So tired.of.the exact same anons having the exact same argument about shit no one cares about. Now I gotta wait for the thread to 404 before I can post story updates
Use the filter, I have the number 21 filtered exactly for that copy pasta
you are embarrassing your self with these replies, who are you trying to fool?
People want a thread without furry degeneracy, why can't you just leave them alone?
Just like last time you're in the minority. Go post your charts we all filtered them anyway, I'm gonna post waifur
>who always have charts ready
Remove the token anthro picture and it's indistinguishable from your average /pol/ thread
why do people feel the need to shill their social manifestos in a furry porn thread, I thought people hated when artists couldn't separate politics from their art but it's okay when it's the politics I agrre with right?
>Just like last time you're in the minority.
No matter how much you keep telling yourself that it won't become true. You come here to bitch after anons shit on your post. How about you fuck off from /hmofa/ if all you do is shit up the thread.
Anon I'm currently caught up in someone's range bag I couldn't post if I wanted to, I just dont care for thread irrelavent stuff being posted.
dude fuck off
start shit get hit dipshit
It's the same anon as the last meta thread accusing everyone saying not to derail the thread of being burzum, he shits up the thread and blames everyone else for it
stop replying to yourself dipshit, it's obvious.
Case in point.
I'm honestly only hanging out here because I heard there's cp spam out on the normal hmofa side of this site so i'm not too inclined to go over there, hope it clears up
it obvious though. Your the only one that has a real hard on for hating non-whores that you posted this >>2392. Do you really think that their is more than one person that even remembers that much about last thread. Of course you would remember it b/c you got so utterly btfo. I'm sorry, but samefagging and turning this place into your echo chamber is not the best way to go about things stop posting bullshit like >>2392 and we won't have a problem with you.

Period. End of Discussion.
There is the /fg/ thread, it's hardly active but good for when the main thread is unusable like now.
Furmoot please give us IDs
>thread goes to shit
>new CP links appear on main
I just love it when Burzum tries to justify himself posting cp by calling everyone around him a newfag zoomer etc. I’d much rather he go to prison than kill himself so he can get his anus and colon completely shattered
>gives us ID's
>mobile posters/vpn users use it to fool everyone to thinking they are not samefagging.

the only way for ID's to work is to ban all VPN's amd the majority of mobile networks like 4chan
Yes this would be good.
I'm pretty sure he's actually burzum. He's got the same exact way of posting. Concern trolling that his spam is for the good of the thread, pretending there's a consensus that he represents, and using massive amounts of samefagging to make it appear so.
Regardless of who they are they're retarded
(959.24 KB 600x800 1633418573646.gif)
couldn't agree more

>Concern trolling that his spam is for the good of the thread
see >>2392
>pretending there's a consensus that he represents
see >>2386
>and using massive amounts of samefagging to make it appear so.
(141.23 KB 634x1400 panda-sit.jpg)
I posted the filter on the main thread, so I might as well post it here too. Let me know about any suggestions or issues.

Link: https://rentry.co/fsdnd
4ChanX required.
Be sure to read the first couple lines of text in the link.
Always remember to hide and ignore.
I feel famous now that Burzum has copied most of the replies I’ve made here and put them in the thread. I hope I can be on that level of living rent free as Lovelocked.
(1009.03 KB 500x229 learn this power.gif)
Why do I feel like the pedo poster is the same one who rent frees about muh whites muh mutts
I'm the one that likes triggering americans and I am not a pedo.
For not being American you sure do obsess over race like them, stop posting off-topic shit in the thread.
(9.01 KB 236x227 thisshiteveryfuckingday.jpg)
at this point, I am certain that the pedowhore poster, schizograph purity poster, amerimutt-hating /pol/tard, and all other "concern-trollers" are just burzum's alter egos. when will you sheeple wake up???
I'm not burzum, just 'ate mutts. simple as.
>would swat someone in the thread
would it surprise you that he's stalked at least two people to dox them?
He has crossed the line where it is considered doxing, sure, but he hasn’t gone all out. Even if he has LL’s old art, radolabre’s first name and city as well as his social media accounts, he doesn’t have their full names or addresses.

Though thinking about it I fear more for radolabre’s well-being since Burzum knows what city he lives. Based on his obsession and with some luck he could manage to find his address easily. It’s scary to think about that.
Well stop sperging about mutts every thread, or go back to /int/ or /pol/, you are just as bad as Burzum
That fucker tries anything IRL, the law will fuck him up, don't worry about that.
The reason I keep my life partitioned into work, personal, and each hobby is people like him. I'd be even easier to find than your examples if I didn'r
I can tell this is going to be yet another under 6 hour thread.
A new kind of shitposter has entered the general.
Please kill me.
the faggot changes it up every so often. from spamming wojacks to other dumb shit.
LOL, and his saladposts were just deleted.
The "though is a zoomer word" thing is so retarded, he'll reply to me even though I'm in my 30s lol
That one isn't Burzum though, it's a /bant/fag shitposter who didn't get the memo.
I don't know /bant/ memes because I don't go to containment boards
Apparently for evasion too.
I never expected mods to actually do that. The one thing they need to do to be fully based is to give B a permanent rangeban
Is that what the 4chan.org/bans said?
Add "/>though$/i;boards:trash" to 4chanx.
That hides every instance of >though and nothing else.
Even on the off chance a post says ">though you are...", it wont hide it.
Hides the /bant/ faggot and no one else.
Burzum doesn't show up in the thread so better fill the void instead of having a decent thread for once.
Moderately annoying.
I swear to god, I know it's the same guy who spammed the blacked/bleached stuff, the shota stuff, and the muttposting. At this point he is just as bad as Burzum is.
This might be hard to comprehend, but there's so much shitposting because the thread is made up of shitposters. I'm the one that made amerimutt.webm and I haven't posted today.

"It's all burzum" is cope.
Definitely not buttzoomer because they're not posting hanged trannyjaks and other assorted /qa/dditor spam
What gets me is he's going to miraculously reappear next thread and say how this "proves" whatever delusion he's spouting this time.
Burzum returning is the opposite of a miracle.
Even if he does, he wouldn't even directly acknowledges or reply to that Wolfychu tranny faggot and to the blacked/bleached spammer.
A couple threads ago we had a huge argument about bleached vs blacked or whatever the hell and our good friend Dylan was nowhere to be found. Then he came back, then he leaves when the discussion turns to transgender shit... I'm not saying it's all him but I am 99% sure it's like 99% him. His only goal is to fuck up the general and that is how you fuck up the general. Even if it isn't all him in the replies I would bet my life that it's him who starts it.
To be fair it’s nearly 4 am in London so he’s probably asleep right now.
Though I honestly think Burzum is a group at this point.
I thought he was Australian?
Anyway I could see him using bots too. Or maybe he just has some insane sleeping schedule built around fucking up the general. The terrifying thing is that's not even very implausible.
The only upside(?) to this that I can think of is that I have seen a lot of hmofa debates on other boards like /v/ and angry posters might be finding the general through that. If that is indeed the case then it's possible it isn't all Dylan's doing. But it's hard to say.
>Burzum is a group
An anon in the /hap/ transplant did say most dedicated shitposters were one group and the description matched burzy's style, but at the same time provided no real evidence and it's hardly something unique when it comes to trolling the site.
Nah that’s Dylan. If you look at the usual “You need to go back/Zoomer maggot” posts the time is consistent more with London than Australia
>a huge argument about bleached vs blacked
it really wasn't, it was just straight up blacked spam
And the bleached spamming afterwards?
definitely the same blacked spammer, seething because nobody accepted his fetish. And at that point people just ignored him, and he fucked off.
If he is a blackedfag, why would he have bleached furry porn on his computer?
it doesn't take long to search the bleached booru
Your problem is thinking somebody who jumps at the chance to destroy a thread at a moment's notice actually believes the shit they spam
Trannys deserve the rope though they got that right.
Pepper isn't a tranny though.
well /qa/ did get the nuke so unless he saved them all he may be having trouble getting them as easily as it used to be
So it's just him switching up tactics? Well that makes him more easy to ignore.
I said nothing about pepper, stop projecting
(48.19 KB 800x600 1635475025939.png)
T-They won't do anything to Pepper, right Anons?
In case you haven't known. This whole "Pepper is trans" is just a phrased spammed by a single retarded autist.
I think it's the wolfychu poster doing it.
See >>2364
Main tells are spamming shitty bimbo art and calling it "anime", calling any thread-created characters like Jin or Pepper trans, or talking about Israel or alt-right-related politics out of nowhere like a Redditor.
(16.70 KB 347x191 22222.png)
Typing this seems to help with shutting that faggot up.
where are we on the second IRC message?
IRC? I think you're talking about the messages we made for 4chan.org/feedback.
If so, I think 3 messages have been sent so far.
One Anon sent one, I sent one, and another sent one. The only problem is there’s a lot of shit on Burzum it can’t fit in the entire message. I suggested someone make their own google doc but I doubt moderators would read that.
>you furlovers
How convenient this faggot shows up right as the spambot does
Always in Americanoid hours
For what it's worth I don't think any of the shitposting now is the result of anons biting bait, so that's somewhat promising. It's the same exact ones as the past few threads replying to each other
>tranny tranny tranny
>cope cope seethe furfag
>mutt this dilate that
The time to mass report is NOW
He is intentional evading spam filtiers
Retard is in /adhg/ now
Oh no! Anyway...
>Retard is in /adhg/ now
no he's not? Are you coming here again to complain b/c anon's aren't into your cuck fetish? Get a life.
>You don't belong here posting begins
It must suck knowing that your hated everywhere you go.
(512.59 KB 867x668 1635944095202.png)
Just dont want him in either /adhg/ nor /hmofa/, cope sneed.
the only one copeing here is you mister "sucking girlfriends ex's cum out of her cookie"
Can you even trace IP's retard? I just don't want Buttzoom shitposting. Stop false flagging you retard.
(29.33 KB 640x466 1574734946490.jpg)
Now my suspicion is now growing, how do I know it's not you, buttzoom?
>everyone that disagrees with me is burzum
>NOOOO you're X, you're Y!
I'm neither of them you mongoloid.
(57.10 KB 700x812 1604440930394.jpg)
Also I remember the same filenmaes and posting since the previous generals. You cannot fool me you retard, I know this is a setup.
so that makes the anon you disagree with burzum? Do you realize how retarded you sound?
Why are you defending him?
(1.89 MB 1280x720 8868768.mp4)
And I was right
right about what?
Yo what's good my slime? Cactus jack fucked my boy puss. Can I get a slatty patty hold the sus sauce.
If you're gonna act non-white stay off furchan pls
Are you going off the deep end?
Honestly I know Buttzoom is raiding /adhg/ and /hmofa/. Talk about mental illness...
what makes you think he is raiding /adhg/?
1: look at thread
2: identify the zoomers brand of autism
3: use the meat mush between your ears to form the connections
(1.02 MB 432x480 1636809583904.webm)
How about you go look for yourself?
I'm not seeing it dude. There is none of his patented zoomer callouts or unfunny spam.
get filtered
you should get your head checked
Wolfychu we know its you.
you have gone absolutely bonkers
please don't respond to the schizoid
Why did burzum start shitposting /hmofa/ as soon as people here started telling you to fuckoff?

(1.13 MB 480x360 I am the Liquor.mp4)
Better start counting down the days until the Schizo finally breaks mentally. You don't want to be here when it happens. I rest my shitty case.
you are making it obvious. You need mental health.
>what spending too much time in the /meta/ thread does to a nigga
>Another episode of Buttzoom trying to pin shit on people so he can get away with it
>trailer park boys
incredibly based anon, that was filmed like a hour from me too lol
(1.88 MB 320x214 Oh shit, im sorry.mp4)
Based TPB enjoyer as well.
you need help anon
(4.85 MB 640x360 ratchet.mp4)
>you will never steal lawn furniture with ricky
why live
(72.22 KB 960x719 1595479563923.jpg)
>Imaging spending every waking hour of your life shitposting in a furry general
Talk about lowlifes
Ratchet is a based waifur, sadly nobody wants her
furmoot better hurry up
rivet is the grill lomabax (tfw everyone forgot angela)
are you shitting up the /meta/ thread just because anon's on /adhg/ have different opinions than you? That is absurd anon.
Is it bad that I cringed when I saw the PS5's ads for it? I knew all the porn of her and just seeing the ad...
you are making it obvious anon
(7.40 MB 480x360 You and your fucking games.mp4)
Dude can you shut up? Seriously.
this thread is for disscusing burzum and his antics. shitting it up with your petty drama and samefagging only make it difficult for the rest of us. THIS THREAD IS NOT YOUR PERSONNEL BLOG.
(233.47 KB 828x460 kennedys.mp4)
They 100% knew what they were doing lmao. Furries work there, they knew.
Stop replying to the schizoid. Report, have a happy conversation, let him seethe and mald, move on.
(518.01 KB 800x510 grenz.mp4)
I can tell there are two of them, just ignore them.
but these conversations have nothing to do with burzum? This site is hard to use enough already without all this added autism.
(2.07 MB 426x240 lego germany.mp4)
Please consider doing your coping, seething, malding and dilating somewhere that isn't here
you are making no sense, why are you shitting up the meta thread?
(1.03 MB 480x480 SHAMK.mp4)
please stop
are you intentionally trying to make the meta thread unusable?
(450.57 KB 1066x832 1624848327542.jpg)
What the actual fuck is going on here
Burzum is posting here
burzum spiral. Local schizo is accusing everyone as burzum and he is going insane
(927.87 KB 640x360 You didn't need to post that..mp4)
This, all of this
guy is calling anon with different opinions on /adhg/ burzum and sperging out while he is doing it.
but I was talking about (You)
Sounds familiar >>2393
We past the burzum even horizon. Nobody can't escape not even shitposts.
yes, I am calling you a sperg anon
it's almost like having a second public forum with the same lack of moderation was a fucktarded idea
nah furmoot did this on purpose. He knows the jannies don't give a shit, so he is offering /hmofa/ on /fur/ we can take it. Or continue complainimg on /b/ about a general that will never be properly moderated on /trash/
furmoot responding to reports a day or two after the fact isn't much better than sporadic responses on 4/trash/
furmoot responds to reports immediately if they are not on /b/. He has been getting overwhelmed with the CP spam as of late.
Whichever one of you fags this is really needs to stop responding to it
this is buttzoomer
America Stop Posting 2021 Challenge
Enjoy White boy Winter
You're more than welcome to contribute something in its place instead of bitching about shitposting with more shitposting
I'm posting content but the entire thread is just mutts
>mutt mutt mutt
>American seethe
As annoying as the off-topic shit
(3.86 MB 1920x1080 432432432234432.mp4)
>Euros and American whining over some fucking kid with a gun
Seriously, can both of you both shut up?
>4chin but muttland and britbongs are IP banned
(1.66 MB 320x320 1632434272720.gif)
You will always be a cuck
Virginity or she is a whore
America #1
fuck niggers
If you stop ruining the thread and I'll post more sk8
(2.50 MB 320x240 1622404791996.gif)
>If you stop ruining the thread and I'll post more sk8
>I'm the one ruining the thread
cope and seethe
>tranny fox
>AND mutt posting
Yah you're the one ruining the thread
I thought the whole point of this place was to be a place to escape retardation in the main thread and comment on it? If this place itself becomes retarded it doesn't even have a reason to exist.
Truth is, the retardation and schizo posting is from thread regulars. Anywhere involving this thread is going to be retarded.
It wasn't like this 2 months ago. The metathread up until then had lasted several months.
I hate weekends
This. I'm going back to sleep.
>All these new IPs of ntr shit
Yup, I think it's a raid.
Definitely a raid now
I'm so fucking sick and tired of this shit. It's become so damn monotonous. All this he said she said discord twitter faggot drama, the near endless coping with eceleb waifur wars, and with constant shitposting too. The general can't catch a fucking break.
Like I said before, it wasn't this bad 2 months ago. Back in September, we could have actually decent discussions that didn't devolve into shitflinging. I don't want to sound like Burzum here, but I that the recent newfags of late are really having a negative influence on the thread.
he is most likely using his phone data to generate to IPs and larp as multiple people. He is using a flooding tactic where he imposes his lie by drowning out the truth. Soon other anons believe it and it derails the thread.
he is opportunistic. He doesn't give a shit about lovelocked, pepper, or sarah. And is just using it as an excuse to shitpost other the guise of being "on topic"
Yeah, I remember some pretty decent threads a couple months back. September wasn't that bad, but it's only gotten worse since October. I don't care if I get called a shitposter by a bunch of coping newfags or whatever, I haven't posted in the thread for weeks now so go ahead. I'm about fucking done with it all anyway. Just becoming too damn annoying. I also noticed what you have, what with the rampant uptick of newfags and offtopic posters shitting up the thread. Today is just another day to them, because they don't care about this general or what it used to stand for. They all just want a quick dopamine rush and a neverending stream of attention. Of course, by not fucking gatekeeping properly (or at all, mind you) the thread is beginning to be subverted by these bastards. It's a slow and painful transformation, and I don't want to be here when it's all said and done. Burzum, for all his inane machinations and shitposting aside, he was fucking right about them all.
I think you are right, it is pretty weird how Burzum has not made an appearance in the thread yet.
It's you-know-who who made thread by the way, he put the schizo and sheep story under Radolabre when he's the only one who linked the two while the premade OP had them separated.
Not to be rude, but what do you suggest we actually do to gatekeep properly?
To add, the same was done with the previous kangaroo OP and the two deleted early threads.
This is why I'm consistent in the new thread message.
Wait, so you're saying last thread was made by Burzum?
not him, but he has been caught making threads before and posting normally like nothing happened. Namely this happened after he sperged out about the snoot OP that was made the day the sticky 404'd. He got banned along with his new thread and everybody saw.
>he was fucking right about them all
No, Burzum gatekeeps actual posters, but will never go against any faggot that tries to shit the thread up
Burzum NEVER acknowledges when a Blacked faggot starts spamming.
Burzum NEVER acknowledges when a Bleached faggot starts spamming
Burzum NEVER acknowledges when a Wolfychu faggot starts spamming how every hmofa OC is a tranny
Burzum NEVER acknowledges when a new poster types ">though" on every thread
For Wolfychu and ">though" those two showed up very recently, but not once did Burz tried to scare them off, even when they're the one thing he hates the most: a newish /hmofa/ poster.
You know that image of a collie getting fucked by a horse and those images of Pepper fucking furboys? When Burz gets banned, those images also get deleted.
Don't ever say that he was right, because he never intended to gatekeep actual shitposters out.
See: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43330471/#43347031
He's the only one who made the connection between this anon and Radolabre, which he does with any others who post goats or sheep.
The pre-made OP towards the bottom of the thread has the stories listed correctly, Radolabre near the bottom where he should be and the new story under Anonymous. Next thread (which was made early) changed it to move both under Radolabre, which was continued for this thread and the other two early ones. Notice this one doesn't have a previous thread link either, which shows it was edited when he posted it.
burzum is an actual neet, this I am sure of. Meaning that this general is basically his life. He can work overtime just to create a trall of samefag post to give the illusion of a thread. He is addicted to starting discussion no matter how negative it may be.
Question: do you know if the British government will deny people welfare if they are convicted of hate speech? Asking for a friend.
No it's fine, you're not being rude at all, I should've worded some stuff better in hindsight anyway. But to try and answer your question, I think the first step should be acknowledging the problem and talking about it. Anons should know not to respond to these posters, and to not give them an inkling of "acceptance". They cannot be reasoned with and they cannot be tolerated, for they only wish to subvert the general for their own sick kicks. Then whenever offtopic stuff is posted or spammed people should know not to reply, and instead to make at most one post clearly stating that it's offtopic and doesn't belong since it'll no doubt derail the thread. You can't control all the newfags though, and they'll unfortunately bite the bait over and over again. It's really up to the more experienced and versatile posters to lay down the law and not to bend the knee to these fags. However this is an unrealistic expectation of mine, and all the generals problems won't go away just like that, but I'm honestly kind of lost on what else can be done this late in the game.
I know he himself isn't "right", but much of what he has said is. Like you stated, he should despise these posters, yet he is nowhere to be found? I believe he himself is responsible for much of the threads strife, but not all of it. I know at the end of the day it's just concern trolling with him, and he doesn't give a shit about the general, but those concerns are validated daily. Forgive me if I came across as starting to stir shit or side with him, for that was not my intention. I'm on his shit list if you must know.
In case you need more proof, he spergs out after I pointed this out in the thread itself.
I told you we should have waited a few hours before making a new one.
Real schizo hours right now.
>burzum was right because his spam making up literally 50% of the thread somewhat degrades the experience for everyone involved
That's just a self-fulfilling prophecy. This guy samefags so much he probably actually thinks his alternate identities exist. I've been around, and I've never seen a shitposter this dedicated. How do you even know those responses are genuine, and not him stirring up his own shit? I guarantee you he does it a lot, maybe even more than he even gets genuine responses.

I'm sorry, but saying he's right is retarded.

I don't know about that, but they definitely take it seriously. They convicted a girl for posting rap lyrics on Instagram. That country is as close as you can get to being a totalitarian hellhole while still pretending to be a liberal Western democracy.
Hey man, I was just saying my peace. I'm done after today. Like I said before, I don't want to start shit or whatever but I can't help but agree with him, even if it's all just fake concern trolling on his part, those concerns are validated to me. Either way, I hope you have a good rest of your day, anon.
(183.11 KB 1200x1600 Whatthedogdoin_2e0d19_8979811.jpg)
Seven hours.
It's been a while since I've seen him this dedicated, but he's pretty much always watching the thread. I don't think I've ever seen Lovelocked post without receiving insults within five minutes. I've never seen someone this pathetic, and I think some people like the Anon up there might just be subconsciously turned off by simply visiting the same places he does. It's like going to your favorite bar, but there's a known pedophile just always hanging.
It's just pathetic, really. Spending all day on the Internet is one thing, but rent freeing about a furry thread on an unlisted anime image board is a whole different level.
And the worst part is Lovelocked and Radlabre continue posting no matter how much he cries about them, I can't imagine that feels good.
That next IRC message sounds really good right about now
>thread finally calms down
>immediate yeen spam
Cool thread guys
I fucking hate yiggerfaggots. They're so goddamn obnoxious.
First post literally says the thread is made for yeens.
Let them have their fun.
Also, the pic with futa yeen is a new ip, obviously trying to start shit, just ignore it.
pretty sure thats psuedopenis but eitherway fuck that shit
I have another message almost ready to send. But I'll send it when the time is right.
The whole shitshow that was the last couple of threads may look like the perfect time to send it, but it was not.
What are you guys even on the yeenposters are the only good part of these last 5 threads or so. You'd really rather more purity sperging and polshit?
it has to be burzum or dylan, no one else would whine that hard about people actually posting waifurs instead of shitting up the thread with them
Moderately annoying
How long do you think this will go on?
Nobody is biting and all he has left is spamming reposts, that should get him banned at some point.
wheresmysocks was a staple so probably never. Our only hope is for socks to never tripfag again. And for anons to refrain from ever posting sarah.
Just for a while though, maybe wait a month, until he gets bored of it.
no forever. People can't even bring up 'Time of the Season' without people sperging out.
Well, look at that. You faggots complaining about a few yeenposts really didn't know how good you had it, did you? Take a good look. What's going on right now is spam.
It's one fucking guy, he does this fucking thing every week. Just don't bite his stupid bait and we will be fine.
>you guys shit up the thread
>you then run off to furchan to seethe about it
I don't know why I even bother any more.
Anon, you're taking the bait right now. This is concern trolling 101.
On the bright side now that he's blown his load already, all of the pics can be added to the filter now
These threads are proof that anything involving anthros will result in autism
this. We should just let hmofa die. It is for the best.
Do you really have nothing better to do on a Monday? This is getting pathetically weak.
If Burzum wasn't able to kill this general in 4 years, what chance does he have?
burzum didn't kill the general. Wheresmysocks did, buruzm is just reacting to the fall.
None, how many times has "it's over" or "just let the general die" been posted yet here it is
The only thing that strikes me as odd is including Whisper in all of the bait. When's the last time she was relevant?
socks is probably going to go nuclear now and slut up Sarah. Or private his twitter. Good Riddance.
Someone ask furmoot to permanently ban this guy.
>anon doesn't like my furry commissioner leech
>he must be burzum
It's pretty sad to watch socks fall from grace.
(567.88 KB 1078x1808 1637532934608.png)
(530.91 KB 2788x472 1637580391168.png)
(234.76 KB 2156x456 1637581309967.png)
so let me get this straight
>socks commissioned sarah with a furboi
>Autist find out
>he lies and says it's a humie to calm down the turb oautist
>then for no reason he feels to come back and add fuel to the fire by admitting it was a furboi and lashing out at the thread

you make things so much worse when you acknowledge them.
>someone comes to thread
>they provide content
>thread enjoys content
>someone finds small detail they dont like
>proceed spam it
>destroy 5+ threads with autism about shit that doesn't matter
>content creator leaves
>threads seethes about lack of content
>doesn't write
>doesn't draw
>comes for free art and compliments
>always derails the thread
>waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh you should respect 'content' creators.
It's just a bunch of autism and the sooner everyone forgets about it the better.
Commissioning and posting art is content, anon. And it's exactly that that has you seething.
socks and his OC are a thread staple. It will never be forgotten now that burzum has them within his sights. This is, no joke, the end of /hmofa/.
I'm seething that someone who hasn't been relevant in years not make things worst by acknowledging the shitposters. He is just a free art whore.
the dipshit, said it himself that every time he comes here people flip out, so why did he think it a good idea to tripfag during a shitstorm?
>pays money for art
>posts it here
>"they're just a free art whore"
And what do you do, exactly?
I pray you never have to experience the furry community and it's cancerous commissioners.
You're replying to the shitposter if you haven't noticed.
/hmofa/ presents Fuzzy Women: The Musical
(106.42 KB 2246x306 deleted post.png)
I believe Burzum has had his sights on Socks for about a month. Pic related.

It’s all so predictable. Right as Sarah spamfest stops Burzum comes back in to call everyone a phoneposter born in the 2000s. It’s just sad to see how low these people are.
that is what he does. He searches people's post for anything that could be decisive, and once he finds it, he goes all out: smiley, lovelocked, e621 anon, Radolabre, and many others. I wish wheresmysocks didn't fall for his bait because it was quite obvious that everyone believed him when he said it was supposed to be a human. But burzum shitpost and samefagging made up the whole thread. All those posts of Anons going on long rants about socks were him. He even slipped up when copying his post from the other thread when he also copied his yous like a dumbass.

(752.16 KB 1440x3120 Screenshot_20211122-141424.png)
>go on to 4chin at work because bored using data
>ban was for a burzum tier post on /vr/ recently
>Pretty sure.its the same image and everything
Is he near me oh god oh fuck
In those threads most posts were straight up just him samefagging. As in, more than 50% of the posts were by the same person pretending to be multiple people pretending to be doing it for the good of the thread. He's mad. He's probably sitting there telling himself what a good time he's having, but he's genuinely insane.

A terrifying prospect.
Did this faggot seriously just accuse me of being two different posters because we both used apostrophes? This loser will reach at anything.
Accuses others of what he himself is or does.
Textbook shitposting 101
>1 week ban
Still not enough for oomer and wojaks posters.
I hate when anons say that the entirety of /hmofa/ blew their shit over a couple of lines, when in reality, it was a single faggot blowing everything up and samefagging for multiple threads.
I think there were some a good bit of anons upset at first but they didn't dwell on it.
they didn't dwell on it, after sock confirmed it was anon.
Yeah the autist just kept saying “muh damage control free art no content”
I checked desuarchives, and no, he never posted that image (I know he posted that image a lot, but not that one exactly, it has different dimensions and filesize) on /trash/.
>he is trying to stir shit up again
>he won't dare post the images less he gets booked for ban evasion
Who cares now, if you use the filter, he's nothing now.
Did he get banned recently?
Because newfriends like him refuse to use the fucking filter
he might of gotten softbanned, which makes sense. Mods don't want to give people incentive to blast them with reports expecting them to delete it everytime.
"Sarah is a whore"
is not in the fucking filter
I think some anons are afraid of legit posts getting matched and hidden by accident.
They don't know how rare those false positives actually are. The last false positive was weeks ago when an anon did a spin on Burz' generic comment and said "lovelocked is a white aryan".
I just leave stubs on and occasionally snoop at them to see if its worth looking at.
what is the best plugin to use for 4chan x on firefox? GreaseMonkey?
The best I can do is add the same 6 images, that the shitposter posts, to the image filter.
The yeenposters were the true heroes. They drove off the shitposters and filled the thread with waifurs. We were lucky to have them.
they didn't drive off shit
I use violent monkey
Have you found anything worth looking at? I guessing that you haven't.
>both of the bait threads were at 11
>the shitposter came in and bumped them both just now
he is going to try to link them at the end of the thread mark my words.
No not really. Most of the stubs are shitposts or replies to shitposts
Working as intended then.
You shouldn't worry about missing any posts, because I use my filter in a special way. It's in a way that makes me monitor every matched post, and I'll tinker with it, if it matches any posts that should be or shouldn't be hidden.
why do put the effort in to maintain the filter anon?

an ungodly amount of spite for the posts of a single retard? a righteous need to protect the experience of fellow thread goers?

the endorphin rush of knowing the thread regulars dont even see the shitposters years of wasted effort?

regardless, what you do is appreciated
Mostly for the artists and writefags
Just got back to the 4chin thread, what happened? Bunch of replies to deleted posted
Just a normal anon made like 4 posts and just died for some reason.
I made three post really quick, but then I felt like It was spamming so I deleted my three post.
He's brining up the /x/fag again, how long until he posts the "tripecode dox"?
(729.57 KB 360x360 1424214241.mp4)
You know this brings a good question, what was Burzum's worse meltdown ever?
>wow I hate this shitposter
>btw what's his top 10 all time hits?
this tbh. i don't remember the shit he does, he will be forgotten the day he stops
ok you got me there
FilterAnon doing god's work. he truly is the unsung hero of the thread.
First time using the filter, I don't see any of Buttzoom's posts. It's a godsend.
Why does Burzum hate this one poster for?
Buttzoom hates any popular creator.
He hates everyone.
Hide and ignore.
(381.69 KB 480x479 1585261472660.png)
Honestly he needs to get a life at this point. Sooner or later, I might ask someone to draw him being pegged.
Don't give it content or attention. The sooner we stop talking about it the sooner it'll neck itself.
max stirner was a literal cuck
I know, the filter is a good help.
Also, I got a feeling he's the faggot who is posting fart pics.
(30.49 KB 645x773 1637704110860[1].jpg)
That was me because I like brap (I'm not buttzoomer you can tell because I'm not bri'ish)

Accusing any random anon posting content you don't enjoy of being buttzoomer isn't conducive to a good thread.
there are threads for your kind sub-human. Stay there.
(3.47 MB 640x1136 video0-1511.mp4)
Just dont do it again

Braps are nothing Anon, Pedos are worse.

Furry girls can brap too anon.

Rgardless, attempting to derail a thread with cope over what, 5 posts for a fetish you don't enjoy is dumb. Whenever someone posts shit I don't like (ie piss) I just don't reply.

Only things that need hard wedding out are collared-tier posts, mlp and pedo.
I didn't reply, but since you admitted it I want to tell you that brapping is highly frowned upon in /hmofa/.
ok *braps*
I wish I could pay a german scientist to forcefully turn you into a human unipede, so you have to live with those braps for the rest of your life.
(156.74 KB 640x640 AAAAAA-.mp4)
sounds Based
Fuck off fag, go make your own threads. Your disgusting fetish is not welcome in /Hmofa/
>Burzum is now getting ignored due to the filter
>He has to get creative

He's alike a flea who has to find new ways to suck blood, one of these days will he will stop, hopefully
(3.35 MB 640x360 1617435363229.webm)
Some notes about Burzumn's behavor:

>Twitter Artists
Burzum has an hate towards artists on twitter, he legit collects IP's, stalks and mostly beings to false flag as people to trick artists, his main target is lovelocked, an black Anon who draws art for /hmofa/. We do not know what Burzum's main attentions are, but if it goes to public doxxing, ie, posting SSN's, street addresses and mostly threating IRl, then the authorizes will shut down the site. And /pol/ will blame the kikes per usual without knowing.

>That one schizo from /x/
Burzum has mostly a hate towards one Anon who mostly posts on /x/, "Tree" or whatever it's called mostly uses /ng/ - Nobody General on /x/, mostly a general filled with retards who mostly think there is a guy name "Nobody". Buruzm however, thinks mostly he can use that Anon as a way to justify his actions to show the general that since that Anon uses /x/, therefor all Burzum's actions are mostly normal and should be respected. It could be known that Burzum knows where he lives and mostly knows his IP location, but older generals show that the /x/fag mostly made him very very butthurt, to this very day.

>Peper, Sarah, BLACKED
Burzum has a tendency to post BLACKED shit as a way to derail the thread. If the general gets to a point where he wants it, he would mostly spam images from BLACKED to mostly counteract any on-topic posting. He would mostly use "blacked" logic and say that whites are "Weak" and mostly need to be removed. Reports come out that mostly Burzum could also be the same person who could be spamming BLEACHED edits as well. We don't know for sure.

Burzum mostly is a bisexual freak. He posts on /hmoma/ and mostly has confirmed gay images on his drive. Either from children from being killed to ISI copypastas, he's fucking gay. He is confirmed to post on /hmoma/ and mostly attacks the artist who draws Pepper and mostly lovelocked.

Either spamming the tranny noose wojack or just chasing the "/x/fag", Burzum does posts on that general as well. He does has a tendency to tell faggots to go there if he doesn't like them, but to only trap them there and tell them to go to /hmofa/. We call this the, "Ping Pong" effect, there you tell someone to go there, and pretend to be someone else to go there. It's quite easy, oldfags mostly use that to fool newfags who don't know.

>Child Porn, Gore
Burzum does have videos of children being killed, it has been proved that kids have been killed and mostly he does possesses illegal material that could send him behind bars. His direct location is unknown, but mostly rumors say that he lives in the United States of America nor Great Britain.
>He now posts gay shit
I fucking knew it, he’s gay, that’s why he hates /hmofa/
He’s in the UK, posting times are more consistent there except times he’s awake for 18 hours
>A gay Bong who fucking lost it all
Is England that third world
(374.84 KB 480x480 lv_0_20210824194200.mp4)
Okay I will confirm it, Buttzoom is a gay.
After all the years dealing with the retard, all of it has came to this fucking moment. How worse can this faggot get? I bet he's a fucking bottom.
Looks like he compressed one of his images to avoid the filter lol
No, just new.
Lmao, he even tried to copy that one post to compare to that /x/ schizo.
Also, how do we know which posts are Wolfychu's and Burzums? I have a bad feeling they are dating..
Dating? Definitely not
I bet they share a Discord. Notice how buttzoom goes quiet when people call him out as gay?
Also why the name wolfychu
>Implying anyone would want to read your shit
Stop lurking here, nobody cares about your shitty "exposing" posts you bumbling buffoon.
Some Anons started to bring it up, reminds me of Chris Chan.
like to take a moment away from burzum discussion:

>random /bant/ anon mocks people saying “though”
>also mocks people saying “tho”

what do they want us to say, th?
Should we add that filename to the filter?
theres a couple different files but sure, also add >though and >tho
Filter already covers and shuts that shitposter up. It's been hiding his posts for like a week or two.
I know and it's amazing.
(17.50 KB 560x190 burzum cope.png)
I always find it funny how he'll just shotgun (You) a bunch of random posts lol
(320.66 KB 296x172 holhol alert.mp4)
The absolute state
I don't care, the only thing I care about is tomboy waifur supremacy.
I just want a thick mommy waifur and call it a day.
Love how he decided to use inspect element to disprove it
Also to add, why did Burzum compared the schizo with "mostly" for? Burzum, answer this.
(799.44 KB 640x360 y r u gey.mp4)
>Buttzoom avoids being asked why he's gay
>Sudden argument over cookies
You know he may be the biggest crybaby on the site but you're all not doing yourselves much of a favor by whining about everything he says here. Just ignore it and move on.
Yeah totally Anon, your advice is 100% the best.
He's never going away.
>That one Anon stops posting
>Burzum stops posting

Something isn't right here...
i know this is old but
>be burzum
>shitposting for 16 hours straight
>calls everyone a maggot and tells them to kill themselves
>zzx uploaded a new story
>perfect opportunity to show him who’s boss
>go on archive of our own
>name yourself “Maggot” and comment on his story that he needs to leave
>mission accomplished
there’s always going to be a paradox
>Thread mostly on topic
>Suddenly he talks about the /x/schizo
Is he obsessed with that faggot or what?
Honestly if he hates these people then why doesn’t he do anything? If a /pol/fag did this, he’ll doxx them and round them up. Instead we have YEARS of the same words-the same catchphrases.
i would be surprised if he hasnt felt any chest pain by now based on how long he’s been shitposting for
He will do the following before he passes out:

>Call everyone a Phoneposting parasite
>Use ISIS Videos
>Call out everyone a "Maggot"
>Post that gif where a dude is in a straightjacket
>Call out lovelocked and Toasty
>Call out the schizo from /x/
>Falseflag as other people

List goes on, he is really rotting like he says. You are currently watching a man collapse.
And yes, as time goes on - Burzum will have to deal with more newfags and more content creators. He might use bots soon to post CP/Gore to chase everyone out. That might happen when mostly he breaks, be ready in case he does that. I know you're lurking, retard.
>tfw someday burzum will suffer an agonizing death from the numerous chronic health problems he has accumulated over the years from non-stop shitposting
A day will come when he will stop posting. He will be cocky now saying he won't stop, but the day will come. It will come to you and me as well.
Burzum will stop posting because he'll hang himself. I'll stop posting because of realistic VR waifurs with haptic feedback on my dick.
(96.82 KB 700x1000 FDtIxl0WUAQDanS.jpg)
"we are not the same."
(55.56 KB 700x683 1594854558848.jpg)
Here he goes with his Amerimutt shit.
>This thread's going a bit too well for my liking
(57.35 KB 500x501 1623627952381.jpg)
Why is he repeating for, its boring and stale.
You retards bite the mutt bait every fucking time and then come here to seethe about it.
Then do something about it
I'm the one posting the mutt bait, mutt
England is not a country
Continentals aren't white.
Don't you have screenshots to post or something, retard?
No I just like making mixed-race "people" seethe
Well Im French, I don't know why you find joy in this shit for.
Why would you admit to being Muslim like this?
Free Cornwall!
(107.94 KB 591x265 1583371769275.png)
Says the Bong who has the most Pakis in his fucking nation. Go watch Rate my Takeaway as you watch your country collapse.
I said I'm White not bri'ish
>Angloid trying to cover up his tracks
You can't fool anyone, you're Empire will never return.
>I'm not a mutt but I hyperfixate on race like one
Burzum said that someone will take his place once he’s gone??

What do you mean?
Also could be wolfychu
What the fuck is going on in the thread?
Here comes the CP, Gore and Wojak spam.
Right as I go to sleep. Can't wait for 2 threads to go by before I wake.
Last time he posted CP was 6 months ago unless he did again. I think it’ll be blacked spam.
Anon I haven't slept in two days due to bad fucking anxiety.
sucks to suck lol
Thread during the day
>mutt spam lol cope seethe
Thread during the night
>resident crybaby throwing a tantrum over nothing
It's all so tiresome.
(28.86 KB 640x360 video0.mp4)
(2.43 MB 1280x720 1591176906160.webm)
Doesn't Burzum know that everyone is above 18, right? 4chan cannot ban anyone.
It's almost like he intentionally acts like a retard to rile up the thread and doesn't believe a word he says because his goal is to disrupt it as much as possible.

I would have thought you guys would have picked up on that with how much he larps as an oldfag despite never contributing so much as a single anthro image in almost four years while actively saying he hates the content posted here.
>I would have thought you guys would have picked up on that with how much he larps as an oldfag despite never contributing so much as a single anthro image in almost four years while actively saying he hates the content posted here.

Anon he has traits of a gay submissive male. Think about it.
>I dont read any stories, they are all made by zoomers.

And there you have it.
(173.29 KB 640x1464 RYNZuNC.jpg)
100000$ Burzum is a zoomer
>You have to be at least 18 to post here.
welcoming zoomers to post in the thread
See >>2637
After all he "monitors" /hmoma/ and admitted to having a twitter account ("private so it doesn't count" apparently). Odds are he's either a literal NEET who lives on NHS autism bucks or a zoomer with too much free time on his hands.
>he's either a literal NEET who lives on NHS autism bucks or a zoomer with too much free time on his hands.
Probably both
What traits does he have specifically?
Looks like the faggot who lost his shit over Sarah is arguing with himself
He's also around when he isn't actively shitting up the thread, and he'll respond to Lovelocked very quickly. I'm actually surprised he didn't respond to Blokfort dropping a link to his new comic given how he regularly drags up five year old shit out of the blue. There have been times where I thought he was gone, and then I learn he's been ruining another thread during that time.

But he might just have an office job and work from home. That's one reason I've been in the thread more myself. There's been very little difference between corona times and NEET times.
(177.69 KB 540x720 1584135628204.jpg)
Burzum is a good example why the United Kingdom needs to collapse.
Prove me wrong.
I was born in the UK and emigrated out AROUND 15~ years ago and I honestly agree. Country is a shell of its former self.
(what western country isn't though?)
>all this autism over a picture of a thicc dog
(1.68 MB 3035x1946 1636982979616.png)
>visit family for thanksgiving
>want to use my new free time to get a lot of writing done
>get really sick right at the beginning and do nothing but lay in bed and sleep the entire vacation
>got no writing done because i was in so much pain
>terrible throat, terrible cough, terrible headache
>didn’t get a thanksgiving dinner
>i go back home tomorrow
Man. But at least I played Skyrim for the first time.
Freest rent in bongland
(880.35 KB 720x720 disc0rd.mp4)
>Come home from a long day of work
>Working on a personal project
>Come to thread to lurk
>See the tard broken and spewing muh logs and faggots
This is why my waifur died.
Enjoy your covid
(78.81 KB 1226x1047 sha burgr.jpg)
I feel so fucking stupid when I don't automatically sense a burzum post.
which one was the buRzum posT?
FIIK anymore, seems like every single post in the last 20 minutes is its own bait.
Trust me, a few more months of this, you will start to notice a pattern.
The person calling everyone incel is either burzum or just another shitposter that needs to be ignored.
That's why you hide and ignore all bait, regardless if it's obviously burz or not. Generally if a post is insulting the thread at large it's bait, like the incel or mutt shit.
This futa faggot is really getting on my nerves
I'm glad he keeps his autism to dead threads so i can just ignore it.
He doesn't, he's the same one who constantly posts brap and piss pictures and the castration ones this thread.
I'm not good at keeping track of peoples speech patterns, so ill just take your word for it.
How do you know?
He just has a very particular way of speaking, lots of weird phrases and run-on sentences.
Last thread he replied to an accusation pointing this out by claiming someone was impersonating him, despite that post not having a name.
I will admit the Grubhub one is kind of funny
I fucking laugh every time its posted
I had never seen it before, and I'm still smiling. I hope someone posted it to their twatter.
>lots of ... run-on sentences
that's a majority of /hmofa/
It is pretty funny
we're going to have an incoming schizo attack later today
How do you know?
he already started elsewhere
Seriously who is this >Though fag
Either a bot or a schizo.
>you will never be able to live rent free like /x/ anon and lovelocked
why live
You don’t want to live in his head. It’s a nightmare.
him shitting up other threads is probably true. he’s probably doing that right now
Person schizoing about American politics and the person spamming mutt at it are the same person, prove me wrong.
i was the one sperging about politics but deleted my post a few minutes later and someone decided to post it again. sorry about that
(206.44 KB 1390x817 leggy sez.png)
I live in america (a decent part of it) and I don't understand at all why other Americans think people care what goes on in this country. Kyle fucking Rittenhouse has 0 impact on the entire rest of the world yet we literally cannot shut up about it to everyone else on the planet.

For now I'm stuck in this godforsaken hell surrounded by retards. I cant wait for democracy to collapse upon itself yet again.
>I live in america (a decent part of it) and I don't understand at all why other Americans think people care what goes on in this country. Kyle fucking Rittenhouse has 0 impact on the entire rest of the world yet we literally cannot shut up about it to everyone else on the planet.

>For now I'm stuck in this godforsaken hell surrounded by retards. I cant wait for democracy to collapse upon itself yet again.

America is the only relevant western country. Everyone else is cucks with no rights. Americans don't talk about America to non-Americans rather non-Americans are obsessed with us. Kyle RIttenhouse was a very important case that impacts the world for all media treachery stems from the Americas.
This poster has no healthcare
People who can pay, pay for healthcare. If you are in poverty or low income, you essentially get free healthcare and can come to the er every other weak for the sniffles and shit.

I am sorry that our supremacy has caused you to lose sleep.
>Unable to spell basic, everyday 4 letter words
>"Actually we're superior because our socials services resemble The Congo more than Singapore"
This is why people laugh at us anon. Please stop.
keep being jelly eurocuck
Read my post again. Do you need a reading comprehension worksheet to brush up on your reading skills?
you are not a real american.
Oh no, an illiterate zoomer doesn't think I'm a real American! I'm so, incredibly hurt. I value the opinions of uneducated children very highly.

Go live in your pod and eat your bugs till you die of preventable disease.
Your eternal cope sustains me.
(19.57 KB 699x771 FB3NcXvXoAUCeOs.png)
>For now I'm stuck in this godforsaken hell surrounded by retards. I cant wait for democracy to collapse upon itself yet again.
I was talking about Americans like you, anon.
Stay poor.
>seething liberal american hater is a shafaggot
Imagine my shock.
I'm not "LIHBRUHL" I just hate the government. it's run by other Americans, who are by majority retarded.
Stay poor.
America Will Rise after we kill the ohter traitors in minecraft
Molon labe.
Genuinely can't tell if they're trolling or if they're so retarded that they're still high off of decade-old koolaid
seethe kin of burzum
Great, now burzum thinks I use discord.
>I cant wait for democracy to collapse upon itself yet again.
Not him but to be honest democracy is very retarted.
Sucks to be you for biting and engaging instead of ignoring it like you should have
(119.63 KB 720x828 IMG_1862.JPG)
I know.
national socialism or monarchy is better
>national socialism or monarchy is better
Any of the variants of "le evil fascism" are far superior but you are correct. As for Monarchy that is also correct.
Democracy is failing because national identity was subsumed by ideological identity after WWII. All these non-democratic answers people come up with have at their core the point that national culture will be unified again. The way it is now democratic systems are being used as a means to an end, which lowers their validity. It's very hard to trust into a system that's constantly called into question for cynical, self-serving reasons by people who are overtly trying to move towards a society where they have total control.
This poster has no healthcare
go back to leftypol redditor
>wojak spammer is also a pedo
Not really shocked.
Ive never been more shocked an appalled by anything in my life.
Nice to get that little bit of confirmation though. The image hash and image name of the trannyjak they posted this thread is identical to one from a previous thread spamming.
Two conclusions we can draw;
1: They're a pedo
2: They browse the thread regularly even when not spamming.

It's possible they're actually a regular poster that has random spaz attacks, and that they're reading this very thr.ead.
Maybe they're the kind of scumbag that derails the thread unless they like what the thread is talking about at the time.

eg: "My waifur is the only waifur worth talking about"
Likely. If someone with more autism than me wants to check what the discussion was on previous thread before/during spam and see if there is correlation, feel free.

They're definitely manually doing it.

Last thread it was skyrim/argonian talk, and they spammed links to some shitty /v/ thread
I'll keep an eye on it from now on, too busy to actually go back and check previous threads though.
All I did was post about Sha not liking pedos and now retards made it political, sorry guys.
Remember to only post things that trigger lard-elementals during euro hours.
stfu eurocuck
What a wacky coincidence the muttposter only shows up after the wojak spam stops
You have to remember that being antipedo is now political and intrinsically antisemitic.
Its unfortunate but thats how it is in the modern era.
>/pol/cel is a pedo and spams trannyjaks
Say it ain't so!
Please stay on the 4chan thread we made this place to get away from you
I'm a semi-regular here im trying to warn you how to not trigger the main thread ffs
Yuo are european. Your opinion does not matter
he's right though
And once that ends /bant/tard appears.
Today is just full of coincidences, isn't it.
Who the hell is "pro pedo" here? Did you miss the part where wojak-spammer is the only one against pedocide? Wojak-spammer is one in the same with the one going "AAAHHHN ITS THE JUICE" in every fucking thread.
No hes not they are different people.
>thread ruined by basedjaks
>then the Americans show up to make sure the next one is retarded too
None of you deserve the content we create for you.
stfu burzum, /hmofa/ is an American tradition not a european one. /hmofa/ was started by american on an american website where the majority of people there are americans. Get fucked britbong
actual brain damage
stop feeding it dipshit, all he's doing is shitting up the thread and blaming everyone else for it
You're just making it worse fuckwit.
Is ruining one thread not enough for you?
This poster has to be burzum with how dedicated they are to this but
lol, you get triggered easily burzum. Sad that I can see through your leftycuck bullshit?
So we have
>wojak anon
>/bant/ anon
>america anon
no. just you burzum
(120.71 KB 600x450 1637981507370.jpg)
NTA, but I'm pretty sure Burzum is permabanned on this site for spamming last year.
So, this feralfag, does he post from an iOS device every time he posts an image?

Because in that case its just the iOS guy leading a double life, hes reasonably OK otherwise.
LOL the argonian posting wasn't the wojaker, I was just posting argonians to drown out the wojaker.
samefagging wont save you eurocuck
They're implying that argonian posting triggered the spammers autism, anon
Spamming usually just ruins the thread further, but in that case it actually spurred meaningful conversation.

In any case, stop doing it.
Well, I'm pretty he spams wojaks regardless of what's being posted. He literally does this every few days when his previous ban expires.
Is burzum the guy who is always seething at Americans?
I'm an American and even i do that, although never in the main thread. My countrymen are so retarded it hurts.
>My countrymen are so retarded it hurts.
Why do you spam it here like it has anything to do with the thread though? I fine Americans (not leftist ones) to be capable of more common sense than western Europeans, but I don't constantly say that in the thread.
If anything he's posting the /pol/-tier takes on American politics because he knows it's guaranteed to derail a thread. He just spams "eurocuck" and "america numbah wun" and the thread goes to shit.

inb4 burz replies to this with some 2014 talking head youtuber level take
>ESL larping as an American
Spend a few more hours on duolingo pajeet.
>/pol/-tier takes on American politics because he knows it's guaranteed to derail a thread
>/pol/-tier takes
It's 4chan numbnuts. Everyone has /pol/-tier takes. The thread doesn't get derail from that, the thread get's derailed when burzum who is a known liberal cuck, freaks out about it.
I have not seen anyone post "eurocuck" or "american numbah wun" outside of this thread.

Americans seem to be living rent free in your head buddy. You might want to go get that checked out.
Yeah it's 4chan, and most people that have been here more than a few months like you have experienced character growth.
>The thread doesn't get derail from that
It just did.
Feralfag floundering rn.
I'm talking about this thread. It's also derailed. Also good job on spell checking this post, I get a lot of second hand embarrassment when people make basic mistakes in their mother tongue.
All I see is Anon's having a conversation until you show up and throw a hissy fit spouting "Ameerimutts"
This thread got derailed by you. For some reason you want to you this thread as your personel space to complain about americans when we created it to talk about /hmofa/ shitposting. Fuck off, you are not wanted here.
Who the fuck is 'feralfag'?
Pretty sure the palico posting is just Bed-Man
Don't you have a school shooting to attend or something?
Wow, I need no further proof that this poster is just a shitposter not here to actual engage in discussion.
Lots of reports.
We've been over this before. If you guys want a fully unmoderated /b/, you're going to have to deal with off topic and low quality derailment.

If you want moderation, I'll moderate discussion. You've weighed in before that you want this place to have unmoderated discussion, and that's fine. But I'm not going to just moderate "what you don't agree with" without moderating the things you want, like casual racism and /pol/bait.

Until you guys show that you actually want a moderated environment here, moderation will remain on /fg/ only, outside enforcing the global rules for obvious legal reasons.
>like casual racism and /pol/bait.
no wonder the /hmofa/ thread on /fg/ is dead.
Keep this place unmoderated. One should pool resources from /fg/, just because some anons are refusing to use it over the 4chan thread. They just rather complain than use the actual solution that has been created.
>not being able to sperg out over race as much as a blacked or bleached fag is why the thread is slow
sure thing buddy
Wasn't me. But have you considered that someone might be abusing the report system for shits and giggles?
>Not making sure globohomo tries to niggerfy our thread.
>not using the 'nigger'-word to fend off negroes
And how well has that worked for burzy harassing Lovelocked for months?
I'd gladly sacrifice the right to say certain words in exchange for a decent metathread. This thread was created specifically to complain about schizoposting in the main thread and how to counter it, not so the schizos could take their sperging here.
When are we reaching total meltdown mode?
that is just spam by a retard
>I'd gladly sacrifice the right to say certain words in exchange for a decent metathread.

Why are you so obsessed with a metathread when we have an actual moderated thread, you know, what this chan was made for.
>Lots of reports.
definitely the American hater
Will you guys ever stop seething about someone else seething at an anons seething? Absolute fucking snowflakes I swear to God.
Will you stop your seething at people seething about someone else seething at an anon's seething?
Here we go again, some anon seething about characters that aren’t pale ivory.
it's more complaing about negro characters. We are fine with everything but negroes.
Report the soijak spammer. If you're afraid of getting banned for misfiled reports, then don't because he always gets banned (if the mods are awake that is).
My theory is that he posted the old Blokfort art himself, then proceeded to fake most of the discussion, and is now Wojakspamming because he's pissed no-one took the bait.
(186.80 KB 626x360 I WANT PROBLEMS (2).mp4)
>Be a NEET from the UK
>Have endless cash
>Have endless VPN's to avoid Jannies and Fags
>Can trace IP's and track down Feds and Glows
>Mostly can use that same power to save people and mostly help improve the site by dealing with Globohomo and such
>But instead you just endlessly spam on a furry board and Furry general because you're that dumb
I don't understand why wojaks don't get blocked by the filter.
Because those posts eventually get deleted.
You can still add them to your own filter by going to Filter -> Image MD5 to each shitpost. Very easy.
So what caused this meltdown?
Same as all others: Nothing. Don't get stuck in the thought trap that nutjobs like this can be pleased into laying off. You'll just get roped into doing their job for them.
Just a shitposter that hate /hmofa/.
My guess is that it's some autist from /v/ who fucking hates it when anons, on thinly-veiled furry thread go, "She looks like she fucks human men" and decides to kill it from the source.
Isnt that the same faggot who rants about that /x/fag?
It’s Burzum. I remember the same jak spammer getting banned then ban evading a few minutes later. Then after that got banned, Burzum comes back in to make fun of radolabre. And it comes in on a regular basis.
You mean that Ratchet and Clank schizo?
Refresh the thread.
Spammer is banned.
Oh you newfag child
Wow, the mods actually did something at a reasonable speed this time.
>Expecting him to just go away
This. Now watch as Burzum mysteriously appears in the thread and starts calling everyone zoomers.
about 12 hours late
I guess /hmofa/ is /acrg/ 2.0 now. There have been no new developments, so why post?
Also, how likely is it that the guy who keeps posting this shit is the same guy who sperged about Sarah last week?
0%, that was 100% burzum who did that last week.
>one of the most discussed characters in the thread
>drama directly related to the thread

Gee, Anon. I really wonder why people would talk about /hmofa/ things in the /hmofa/ thread. It really stumps me, it does.
>giving twitter users the time of day
$20 says the guy seething about napalm is buttzoom
(120.04 KB 834x418 jd29.png)
Huge apologies for the anon who wrote this. Filter matched your comment, which hidden it.
What matched your post was from a flaw in the filter, where it will match a post contain "new[x]" (x being any letter, so newfag, newscum, newmaggot, but also legit words like newbie and newsstand) AND "phone" (to match phoneposter/phoneposting). Filter saw 'newspaper' and 'phone' and matched because of it. Flaw has been dealt with.
Again, huge apologies. Hadn't had a false positive like this in months.
I guess I need to update my filter because that post was not hidden for me.
(540.16 KB 657x796 1638555553508[1].png)
That thread was pretty bad until this retard showed up, had a hearty kek.
Breath of fresh air compared to the thread going retard over the same bullshit as usual
>muh White
>muh mutts
This thread is going too well, I see
IRL photos are quite funny to be honest
Just unbelievably funny to see someone bite some basic bitch bait that fucking hard and spend the rest oft he thread doubling down lol
(46.55 KB 1024x891 1638560488183.jpg)
>why are people so mad at my post

solid kek
(216.93 KB 220x220 bad-sick.gif)
>same image hash as one used by Skeletor
He's amogus
It was a good reaction image, soi stole it.

plus its the same image he used on that post.
Fuck I hate weekend threads
How do I install 4chanx on firefox?
>Yeah that will increase the amount of people using the filter.
If you're too new to know how browser plugins work I don't even want you on 4chan. Maybe Twitter is more your speed
What goes with it you nigger? Grease monkey?
>he desperately tries to fit in with the le epic 4chin bad words that mommy says he cant say
summer never ends
You are a nigger.
The only requirement is to install Violentmonkey (from the Firefox Addon Browser), and then hit the 'click here to install 4chan X' button.
>Massive schizo hunt for the /x/fag is now underway again
I don't understand this
>Implying there is anything to understand.
But why does the person live rent free for?
(107.99 KB 396x385 238[1].png)
Stop responding to bait. Stop responding to a response to bait - that response is usually just the baiter samefagging. I swear you guys are actual fucking zoomers with how chan illiterate you all come off.
blackedfaggot is obviously responding to himself
Easily 4 anons responded to the "this is bait" post. No IP change, all within seconds.

I get you guys have good intentions - but please seriously consider not posting.
Those vocaroos are Burzum's voice
(4.61 MB 800x800 243324432.mp4)

1: Burzum uses a Discord to shitpost in the general, there is no way he's doing it on his own without help from anyone else

2: Wolfychu is Burzum, nor Burzum uses Wolfychu as a personality.

3: Burzum and Wolfychu are dating and are a couple that shiposts

4: MI6.
It's not, speaking far too clear for someone with a cock in their mouth.
I don’t click on them so describe it to me
It's just text to speech for his muh edgy waste of thread space
Someone really needs to create a disclaimer for the beginning of the thread explaining the shitposters of the thread and how to avoid responding to them.
You think these dipshits will heed it? Half the schizos like the two flavors of /pol/anons are just retarded, easily triggerable regulars.
We can at least try to limit the damage, by stopping other anons from getting involved.
Just wait a week for the next American mass shooting and the thread will be full of "X IS SO BASED!!!!!" over and over. It's inevitable, happens every fucking time.
That's not what I meant. I'm talking about regular occurences. Back when Dylan was still schizoposting in /scaly/, they had a disclaimer warning people not to interact with him, and it seemed to mostly work. Of course, in the end they doxed him to make him go away permanently, but a disclaimer would make a good temporary solution til a more permanent one can be found.
Hot take:
Ban burgers from posting, unless they have a pass and increase the pass price to $50. Further, passes need to be removed when posts/posters using it have been banned three times.
In addition (and this can and should be done in general), ban phone posting in addition.
This will get rid of most shitposting.
On all boards.
Maybe they can exclude /b/ from that, because it's 99% bots/spam/shills already.
fuck off lefty cuck
The internet minus American politics would be perfect.
Found the shitposter

Maybe not perfect, because there'd still be lots of retards left, but it's a step in the right direction.
In general, I'd say that private, unrestricted use of the internet was a mistake.
>I'd say that private, unrestricted use of the internet was a mistake.
The summer of 1993 never really ended.

nice samefag samefag. But shitting up the thread with your mutt memes makes you no better than burzum, burzum.
lefty niggas mad as hell.
For real. no cap. Bout to send my bitch freya to steal dey asses. Fucking Eurocucks.
(42.83 KB 132x159 the sideeyes.png)
(275.18 KB 679x894 1471_twerk.gif)
Ah shit. Here come them pipein hard niggas. GLad yall make it cuz. Baptize in muddy water. we dae south you know what im saying. Deadass
(82.88 KB 256x256 1637263612937.gif)

Kek, shitposter american hater eurocuck lefty cuck getting mad that someone called him out on his bullshit
(5.79 MB 498x775 wolfuchu.gif)
And instant confirmation that I'm right.
How? Your shitposting attracts shitposting, stop sperging out about Americans in the thread.
(117.58 KB 665x1280 maaty-s.jpg)
Everybody calm down.
I want her to break me
(51.67 KB 811x262 it's all so tiring.png)
>nearly exactly a minute apart
Always thought purity posting was You Know Who
yeah it's 100% him, posting his usual arguments and pictures. same hashes/file names as always
How long until that stupid chart comes out?
Money on the one spamming Pepper being the same one whining about her out of nowhere so he can prove how "awful" she and anyone who likes her is?
(67.22 KB 960x540 E3Ues2LXIAcQzaT.jpg)
>Bur was always the only one that posts pictures of Pepper fucking furboys
>Multiple people are replying to it
person trashing pepper = person trashing roxanne = person seething about muh purity = burzum. It's all about starting a argument and derailing the thread, nothing to do with his actual or supposed views.

Fuck this faggot we're adopting the gun cat
>person seething about muh purity
Don't mix Burzum with wanting non-slutty waifur you cuck.
Regardless of your opinion on how much a slut a drawn image is, the current poster (burzum) is only mentioning it to try and derail the thread. Stop taking their bait.
I really don't blame anons when it was only brought up maliciously about certain characters to derail the thread
Comparing this thread to the last one is night and day. Last thread was incredibly comfy, this one is just the burz and people retarded enough to reply to him
Since we can't post the furchan link in the OP without getting banned, we should start posting links in the body for other stuff.

Like that /sarah and frens/ thread, we should utilize this board for things like that. Think of this place as a rental conference room. It should get people familiar with the place so more people use the thread here.
(320.88 KB 164x90 pee-panicking.gif)
>when the drawing does something that I don't like:
You fags assuming nobody ever complains about anything in good faith is the biggest problem with the thread.
stfu cuck
we talked about this a while back. Your sluts and whores will gain traction because no one likes that shit. Now shut the fuck up.
Will never*
(167.69 KB 1552x1168 My wife that I love.png)
Good thing Friendly Neighborhood pepper is not a slut.
You say that but people pretend that any post shitting on a waifur for being a slut is by burzum.
>meta thread
>only ever talks about what people are already talking about in the thread
>claims to not be burzum
>spams the thread exactly like burzum

OK, so we have now established that purity-seething = burzum. So if burzum comes here to seethe, ignore him.
Ok burzum
>purity-seething = burzum
yeah no. Go take your whores elsewhere cuck.
You (You)'d the wrong guy retard
>expecting shitposters to click the right button
Explain how that's a shitpost, burzum. Look up the goddamn definition of a shitpost and explain how that's a shitpost.
(3.93 KB 197x57 klaj54a5.png)
For you-know-who.
He doesn't even make it difficult.
>the CP in the /sarah and frens/ thread still hasn't been removed despite reporting it yesterday

How is there not some kind of autocatch for those hosting links or the language yet?
Made a thread about it: https://furchan.net/meta/res/251.html
Hopefully they will start catching it sooner.

They are also probably going to ban be due to my thread being to cringe (based) for their meta board.
>Burzum goes on a rant
>suddenly, the "anime" guy is back.

I'm guessing most of the mods that were deputized way back are gone now. It looks to be mostly r00t and maybe one other mod managing things for the most part. Hope everything's alright, seems odd for cp to sit that long.
i took care of it, but I don't get report alerts like r00t does
Damn, seems like every thread now just gets crashed and burned right at the start.
how do I live this rent free?
Every goddamn weekend
>not enough you have burz crying that LL won't e-date him
>but now some other spastic has to spam the thread
How likely is it that Wolfychu is behind the sonicposting?
Draw for the thread and apparently be black.
LL's good at both.
>HEY GUYS LOOK IS [Insert Schizo Screenshot here] AGAIN!
What does he want us to do again?
Autistic filenames make me think so
We gotta update the filter soon, we all know he can see our IP's.
It's this faggot >>2789
Few times he posted other than images is the weird ESL-isms like "You to." that he always uses when posting his gross shit. Not like he's a stranger to trying to destroy the thread with off-topic images anyways.
Why are Sonicfags so fucking autistic?
Why are Sonicfags so fucking autistic?
Filter gets updated almost every day.
Are you talking about the eggspam?
>Eggman spammer got banned which made mod notice burz and banned him too
burz is still seething at Duke Anon
>Mods ban and delete all of his spam.
>one post is given to thank the mods for their duty
>then everybody goes back on topic

like it should be.
>gets home from work
>sees plenty of replies to deleted posts
>check archive
>burzum crying about LL
>both get banned, the latter evades multiple times
>still gets banned

Would’ve been nice to see that in real time
Definitely starting to think he’s using a VPN. How can he have this many devices?
what is a dynamic IP
>Ban-evading yet again
HMOFA truly lives rent-free in this fucker's mind.
Not surprised. The very moment he was going to wake up he was going to ban evade. He managed to accept defeat and sleep it off.
(85.87 KB 900x675 1588720733976.jpg)
Okay let's be real; Buttzoom is just plain up retarded.
OP, what did you do now?
Thought he was about to shitpost the next thread into oblivion. Wonder what happened.
I think last thread was made by him and he got banned again, which is why it got deleted randomly.
It's not like OP showed up here and explained the situation of the sudden 404 thread.
Wasn’t there for that. Doesn’t show up in the archives either. Strange.
We should probably make sure he doesn't do the same thing to the next thread.
Sorry but what happened?
Burz may have hijacked the previous thread, which is the reason why it got deleted at only 282 posts.
If it was hijacked by Burz it would’ve had said something in the OP, like how he replaced Radolabre’s name with Redditor. Maybe mods got tired of him ban evading and just removed the thread, who knows.
Well, if I really wanted to put in that much effort I have 26 different devices that I could post from, random repaired computers and old phones and whatnot.

But I just don't do anything to piss off the thread in the first place.
>muttposter feeding and encouraging burz over and over
it's all so tiresome
That’s who it is now. I think they’re friends or something.
Like with all other cases, it's very likely to be burzum himself. It always goes like this with the supposedly non-burzum shitposters. They're just as omnipresent as burzum himself, and post in broadly similar styles. Just because one time he says "maggot" and the other he says "mutt" doesn't mean they aren't doing exactly the same thing. If it's pathetic and it's spam, it's burzum. If the reaction to that observation is some flavor of "noooooooo, I'm totally my own kind of retarded purity spiral you should just let me spam the thread, I'm doing it for the thread's sake!" then you definitely know it's burzum.
God imagine being so assblasted that you have to ban evade at least six times over the spam of multiple threads.
Genuinely one of the biggest crybabies I've ever seen on this site.
I'm am so glad they nuked /qa/. It set a precedent for the global limit on spam and schizo posting.
Wojak spammer only got two posts before ban.
LL really is the only drawfag who cares, huh.
goddamnit dudes where'd the rest go? greener pastures?
We had one one or two threads ago.
(41.07 KB 518x141 oltayq0749141.png)
Yea, I'm adding Jin=tranny shit into the filter now. Fucking annoying.
I also want to refer you guys to >>3011
Do what that post says.
we still have
>sketchy toasty
>paper anon
>mornin dove

(75.76 KB 1015x551 loonafag-is-burzum.png)
okay guys, there's no way that yhis loonafag isn't burzum.
He is. And he is posting in a way that makes it hard to get him banned. He is doing the ole, reply to himself or post blacked shit and then complain about the blacked shit.
Honestly, it's so gay how he creates these personas to antagonize posters and create enemies that do not exist, simply for the sake of "killing" a fucking furry thread of all things. Truly a sign that he is an extremely disturbed and lonely individual.
we need to find his minecraft server.
>no dimsum
how can you forget our game dev god?
The Loona faggot is a genuine separate poster, but now that's going to be the latest flavor of autism he'll use for the next month.
LL, sketchy, and dimsum are the only ones who are really active. The rest pop in every now and then to drop a drawing but don't engage much, myself included.
>The rest pop in every now and then to drop a drawing but don't engage much, myself included.
can confirm. the shitposting was taking up too much space in my mind, so I mostly lurk now.
>t. fox milk
Yet another artist that I cant find in any of the archives.
He still claims he’s “preserving the thread,” and when I asked him why posting CP would help he just told me to shut up, among other things he’s done including pretending to be artists asking for requests, and he attacked LL long before he said he was black as a “newfag.” Someone brought this up to him and he said “you need more proof.” Shut the fuck up lol
If it makes you guys happy.
Schizophrenics #1 cause of death is suicide and have a life expectancy 20years earlier than the average. Don't forget the high chance of dementia as well.
Hopefully a cure for schizophrenia happens after his inevitable death too.
Well he did say he’ll be here for another 4 years. 8 years of shitposting on the internet in total. Like he always has hopefully he is lying.
We shall persist and the shitposters will inevitably crumble. do it for her.
>Report Burzum
>Check occasionally on https://www.4channel.org/banned if I'm banned or not.
I haven't heard of anyone getting banned for misfiled reports on Bur recently, but I still check from time to time.
I'm on the wiki
>Burzum sees people's IP's
>Maggot posting begins

What do?
He can't really. He is just bullshitting.
(1.42 MB 640x1136 1638886036718.webm)
Nah if you check the Kiwifarms page, he can hack people.
Also if this is Burzum (Which I doubt) I have a slug round with your name on it if you ever choose to pay a visit.
>>sees people's IP's
What does that mean? Are you talking about the 'Mark New IPs' option setting in 4chanX?
>He doesn't know you can find IP's on 4chins
look at this newfag
Dylan isn't Burzum tho, I thought we made that clear. The connection between them is extremely thin at best.
I don't care, they are all the same.
Well, don't tell people that Burzum can hack them. You are making him sound more dangerous than he actually is.
God you guys are paranoid about this singular, lonely incel.
(351.09 KB 480x480 3424324423243.mp4)
He needs a gf and he needs a life. Imagine doing this shit for four years and never stopping.
Reading the wiki page really makes them seem very similar, the worthless gay rage, the broken record samey responses over and over again, the fact that both have been around for 4 years.

The fact that these personas not being the same guy is even a question astounds me.
OK, upon reading more of the rest it just seems like some retarded furry being mad about dylan doing his thing on discord and some old streaming platform. kind of weakens the connection at least in my mind.
>Yell Schizo over being British
Is England that bad
Well you didn't have to fucking feed him, but yeah, it's a shithole.
burzum is french
So it’s been a while since this was sent, but I just wanna say I ended up testing negative. So whatever it was, it wasn’t covid.
>No one will ever accept you for who and what you are here.
Please stop feeding Burzum in the main thread, just report his posts as doxing and spam.
I’m not feeding him, only reply I sent was to LL, and I report his posts under evading/spambot.
Well tell the whoever's writing those homoerotic posts to stop. I can't, I'm on mobile data.
This is either Burzum samefagging or some other retard
(22.59 KB 640x559 77b.jpg)
>burzum admitting a chimp is smarter than him
(202.21 KB 952x963 rmeinde.png)
Reminder to update the filter if you haven't already.
>Tell them to hide and ignore.
>They still keep feeding him.
>this thread is going a bit too well for my liking
If there's one thing current year /hmofa/ has going for it it's the sheer assblasting ability with how much these people seethe over the thread.
My apologies to No.44025978, your post was a false positive. I have changed the filter accordingly.
We've had a pretty good run of a week~ or so of most threads being good tbh.
Welp, looks like you jinxed us.
Sure is a coincidence every schizo crawls out of the woodwork at the same exact time, isn't it?
(60.57 KB 559x509 Scroogedisney.jpg)
For the rest of the holiday season, we should refer to him as Ebenezer Scrooge. Won't do anything in terms of stopping him, but it would be funny, kinda.
I wonder if he calls us maggots because he's too polite to call us faggots.
>I'm not burzum but I'll bitch the exact same way as him while using the same exact insults and complaints as he does
many such cases!
Well, you don't need to provoke him further into shitting up the thread. Instead just complain about it here.
I'm starting to think that the guy who responds to all bait posts from hours ago is Burzum samefagging as a zoomer.
It was really strange and uncalled for…
This faggot is really getting annoying
>before Christmas
>thread is normal and msot threads are 15+ hours
>during Christmas
>it's all poltards and pedos seething in 2~ hour threads
Conclusion: poltards and pedos don't have friends or family to spend time with. As the normal people logged off to have fun they stayed online to seethe.
That's already so well known that it doesn't prove anything, it just follows a fact.
Throw apple up, it falls back down. Visit thread on a major holiday, only poltards and degenerates are on.
Yeah I'm pretty sure this is a Discord raid.
It's the same exact
>wow based based based
as the shota weirdo from the other day, makes sense to me
Definitely. So do you think they're all Discordfags?
Alright real question here, whats more likely, newfags taking bait like dumbasses or this new cycle of tardation being the newest act of our local jackass?
>writefag posts updates and sneak peaks of new material
>everyone ignores them to continue politisperging
It's all so tiring.
Mix of newfags and regulars. The anti-America and pro-America brands of /pol/ spam has been happening for at least 6+ months now, I imagine that's largely, and regrettably, regulars.
Just how it goes. Plus it's pretty damn deliberate baiting, I wouldn't be surprised if I payed better attention the sperging kicks off anytime a writefag/drawfag shows up with content. Just try to spot it and say hi.

Why though? It's really damn obvious bait ffs, thought we all hit up /hmofa/ to get away from that shit for a bit, even if just to look at some tits.
>Why though?
Because they're retarded. Every single person squealing or "america number one" this or "mutt" that is genuinely retarded.
Discord or not, the fact that all these different shitposters are attracted to one thread when no other general on /trash/ deals with this tells me something fishy is going on.
Many generals on /trash/ have their own dedicated schizo.
Exactly, schizo singular
Not minimum two or three different mental patients with their own brand of shitting up the thread.
Friendly reminder that burzy was caught samefagging just a couple of threads ago, so more than likely the effortless responses are him.
It's either the best schizo routine I've seen a samefag pull or newfags showing their zoomer. Wonder if they even know what kind of shit discord and all that shit they wanna push is in favor of and quietly condones.
>posting the same LL image when LL hasn’t posted in the thread (under his tripcode at least)

at this point i’m sure as hell that LL won’t get driven off the thread but he’ll just move on from it and burzoomer will brag about how he “got rid” of LL for months
Like dogsmith he'll move on once the commission/patreon money hits six figures and the NEET will pretend he somehow won
Same with DoctorDJ, even though I wasn’t around when he was, it seems like he went into the broader art world to make more money which is something I can respect
Also wanted to add on that Securipun has lurked in the thread before. I remember one time someone was bitching that he didn’t like people making edits of his art then secu came out and said he’s fine with edits as long as no one takes credit for his art. Pretty based artist
The only thing that can stop Burzyboy is giving him a hardware ban, if only 4chan mods had that power
How would a hardware ban exactly work?
Getting hardware banned basically means you’d have to get a new PC. I don’t know if it works for virtual machines though or if there’s another workaround.
>The politisperging starts once again.
Welp, another thread ruined by retarded anons.
what /pol/ mindrot does to a mf
Not surprised to hear Burzum has an IP tracker, no wonder he’ll always pick out the right target
He doesn't, he is just bluffing like he always does. Why do you always take everything he says at face value?
Either he is or he isn’t, but 90% of the time he’s able to tell which posts are mine or not somehow. Plus he probably ban evades with a VPN. But you’re probably not wrong, this dude is a liar.
It's a dynamic IP, I wish people would stop giving him way more credit than he barely deserves.
Not giving any shitposter attention regardless would go a long way to helping the quality of the thread.
Then mods are retarded and don’t give him a rangeban after evading the 10th time
ffs if he had that he'd doxx like a nutter. Or have actual employment someplace and not waste his life fucking with us like this, anyone claiming to know your IP like that is either an admin, mod, or full of shit and if he was a mod they'd of yeeted his ass already with how much he spergs over anything. He's just that autistically focused and knows how to sniff out easy marks, namely anyone actually entertaining his crap and trying to be reasonable with him. He's not nearly as smart as he wants to claim he is. On the flipside he's also developed a low cunning from doing this shit for actual years now. Why you gotta beat newfags over the head about it, they think they're dealing with a garden variety shitposter or bitchy anon. Nope they're dealing with an actual autistic NEET that's dedicated his life to this.

Welcome to /trash/ they barely care unless globals are broken. Which is why you don't engage his bullshit and ignore him. Eventually he chimps out and does something actually ban worthy.
Honestly using the thread has become a chore. I'd rather just use AO3/SF. Less comments/etc but far higher quality.
I don't know if I'd call it chore, just it goes to hell for set hours each day, outside those hours it's chill. If you want an actual chore/hellhole general check out /vg/. the gacha generals are softcore porn dumps and the second most active ones are dominated by spambots run by sperglords. /sthg/ alone has had weeks solid of one autist spamming and arguing with himself because he got called out for his shitty copypastas he'd been doing for over a month. And that fucker isn't the insane shitlord that spambots even harder 4-6 hours a night unironically burning though VPN addresses he pays money for.

Screwy as it is /hmofa/ is possibly the tamest general I lurk in.
Heard it's the weekend. That explains the shitposting.
So, do we have two shitposters? One is you-know-who, and the other is some autist that can't stop mentioning America?
I don't browse containment boards like /vg/ so I can't comment on those. I mostly use /o/ and /toy/ which are far comfier boards and are generally insulated from the normie-core shitposters that run /v/ and /pol/.

I still genuinely wish we had some sort of actively moderated space, preferably one only accessible by thread contributors (ie; writefags, drawfags). It'd weed out the trash quickly.
The pro/anti america shitposters are likely two regular anons, sadly.
Honestly? Probably regulars that literally cannot shut the fuck up about how shit/great murrica is to save their lives. And I'm saying that AS a fucking burger, whole planet is going downhill ffs, politicians are puppets, corps run the west and rot it out for short term profits, and most of the third world is sharpening the axes as we scream at each other over a nasty flu.

Containment my ass they're leaking constantly these days. Especially /pol/ since it's bursting at the seams with paid shills and agitators. Also, we ARE on a damn moderated site that'd police the shitters but nobody uses it. We might want to start changing that for content at least so it isn't buried.
Should we just abandon this thread and secretly make a new one? It's not like they are going to stop anytime soon?
Here's what can solve all of this. At least one of these.
>/trash/ getting jannies
>/trash/ having the remaining global rules
>4chan improving on ban-evasion detection
>Bringing more awareness through 4chan.org/feedback
>/fur/ gets made (least likely to happen)
I'll take none of it for 500 johnny. They can't even moderate the 'proper' boards they do have anymore outside of shotgun range bans and nuking entire boards. Pol and V losing containment was just the start, since /qa/ got blam'd it's been a lowkey fire across the site more or less with'em spreading far and wide.
Hark Triton, hark! Bellow, bid our father the Sea King rise from the depths full foul in his fury! Black waves teeming with salt foam to smother this young mouth with pungent slime, to choke ye, engorging your organs til' ye turn blue and bloated with bilge and brine and can scream no more - only when he, crowned in cockle shells with slitherin' tentacle tail and steaming beard take up his fell be-finned arm, his coral-tine trident screeches banshee-like in the tempest and plunges right through yer gullet, bursting ye - a bulging bladder no more, but a blasted bloody film now and nothing for the harpies and the souls of dead sailors to peck and claw and feed upon only to be lapped up and swallowed by the infinite waters of the Dread Emperor himself - forgotten to any man, to any time, forgotten to any god or devil, forgotten even to the sea, for any stuff for part of Burzum, even any scantling of your soul is Burzum no more, but is now itself the sea!
The muttposter has been doing this for a while, it's nothing new. It's all just massive samefagging to seem like somebody is dumb enough to reply to them.
I once again recall my previous observation >>3125. It's always our thread that deals with this brand of lunacy, you never see /ztg/ or /sus/ or any of the other shitty generals on the board deal with multiple shitposters this way.

It's suspicious as hell and almost flattering how free the rent is in their heads for them to what to disrupt the thread this badly.
That makes me curious on what was the cause for our shitposter to act like this. Usually it starts with what you said, an autist got called out and now he shits up the general as a form of revenge. But I there wasn't anything like that, burz just started spamming with for no reason.
It was the trans argument at the beginning of the thread. It's like a routine: an anon innocently posts an image, someone finds something they disagree with in the image, and the shitposters latch onto it to derail the thread.
Wrong. Many generals have their own schizo. I remember the guy that spammed blacked on the joi threads, before it splitted to JOI and Furry JOI. Don't forget /scaly/'s Dylan, another perfect example.
KPop and hg threads look like perfect places for an autist to spurg out on, when shit doesn't go their way, I don't go on those threads tho.
No not that. I'm talking far and far before that. I'm talking about that one event, the one started it all, that made him go "Fuck you faggots. Because of [insert 'minor thing I don't like' here], I'm gonna pledge my every atom to ruin this general, until the mods themselves focus me down."
Considering he used to be an unironic /pol/ fag ranting about nazi shit before just becoming bitter at everything, probably just angry that he gets of to furry shit and takes it out on the thread.
>posting from his personal "ironic" collection
Desperation setting in
What should we report him as?
and still nobody touches his bait thread
always automated spambot
automated spambot is the closest thing to his spamming, but there's always a risk to get banned for misfuled reports.
It's comfirmed, from the 4chan.org/bans page, that he gets banned for spamming/flooding and ban evasion.
Nevermind, I just looked at the new thread. I promise you won't get banned if you report those posts, that's the kind of spamming that gets deleted by mods.
>everyone would rather deal with his totally ironic spam rather than touch his thread
You love to see it
It’s always a bit strange when I see previously SFW artists start to post NSFW stuff. Especially when it’s of their previously established characters.

Like, a long time ago, an artist revealed in passing that they drew NSFW, but never posted any of it. And I recently checked their commission sheet and NSFW is marked as “won’t do for now.” I’ve never actually seen their lewd stuff, but it makes me endlessly curious. I’m not even sure if any of it is public to begin with.

Anyway, I thought I’d post this ramble here instead of the main thread, since it isn’t super on topic.
Just checked 4chan.org/bans. He got banned for 3 days for this stunt.
Should’ve taken a screenshot
Betting money that Burzyboy will come back and still try to maintain he wants to save the thread
Hardware bans wouldn't work because MAC addresses are layer 2 (local network) and pc hardware isn't visible due to browser sandboxing.
The only thing that would work is a rangeban, those used to stop me when I trolled /scaly/. He's probably using a dynamic IP since VPN and proxy addresses are blocked by 4chan.

inb4 seething for no reason
That's what I have been saying, but why are you here anyway?
Oh alright then, thanks for the info
I'm drunk
Sucker's bet. This does prove we have another dumbass doing the muttbait like alot of us suspected. Lot of things making sense about how it works now, two dumbasses feeding off each other's bullshit in a spiral. cut one out and they just sputter out. Man, how bad a shitposter do you have to be to lurk /trash/ and jerk each other off because literally nobody but another shitposter of your piss poor quality bothers?
>Ban evading already
Wish mods listened to us and just rangebanned him
(99.79 KB 393x391 1640827388393.jpg)
>He's already back
>Not even a fucking day
Rent free baby. man what did the Furlluminati do to him?
Because he's genuinely assblasted people in the thread are more talented than he is so he projects his insecurities into the only place he feels any modicum of power.
I swear I have never seen a more accurate portrayal of that old "STOP HAVING FUN DAMMIT" meme than him. You can practically feel the insane neet rage boiling off his posts.
He’ll go to defend those shitposters killing the thread and say that “they belong.” At the same time he’ll reiterate he’s “preserving the thread.”
>He's samefagging
baby wants his (You) fix it seems
He really just asked people to listen to him
It's always incredibly obvious when he replies to a post without including ten different insults towards them.
Mod message when
>ZoomergetoutREEE doesn't work
>Concern I swear I'm helping guise doesn't work
>Samefagging doesn't work
Anyone else noticing a pattern yet? I think I am.
I’ve noticed how sad it is for him to reach for this much attention
Yeah, I think we need a new letter guys.
Also, make sure that there is nothing strange with the new thread when it comes. He may try to hijack it again like this morning.
Filteranon here.
Any comments about the filter while I was gone, has it been doing it's work? I've been away on a holiday-related break and I'll rather die than tinker with the filter on a touchscreen keyboard.
Having the feedback message be a "let someone else do it" task is an issue. Nothing is stopping you from making your own message, and previous meta threads have posts about what the message should look like; ctrl+f "message" should work.
>immediately begins samefagging again
this is pathetic
>stalking kids on the internet
not surprising and also sad
Does anyone have the original message someone put in the metathread? I can’t find it
Here. >>1801
Also check out these posts too. Basically saying not to just copy&paste and make your own research.
I suggest talking how he's stalking a 16yo, that's a good start.
Alright I sent it. Wanted to find the pic he would send of radolabre’s location but couldn’t find it, just went for the twitter pic instead.

I did put in that he is stalking that 16yo none of us care about, so hopefully mods do something. Please fucking rangeban him
And I would recommend anyone to make another letter just for good measure
Why would you say he is 16, he is 22.
Someone said he was 16
Oh well. I still put in the child porn and other ban evasions so…

I still advise anyone to make another letter because there’s a lot I couldn’t put in
>I belong here unlike you and that cumdump zoomshit.
Imagine actually samefagging this hard. What a fucking faggot.
It’s more sad honestly. Imagine spending 18 years of your life to raise your child and he ends up like this.
You think they bothered? You only get this kind of fucked up if you neglect them or abuse them. We know he's a pedo, a snuff enthusiast, and probably more fucked shit I'm forgetting. That is not a healthy childhood or healthy anything Anon.
Watch him acting like he’s the good guy now lol
(637.14 KB 640x787 Laugh.png)
>I'm still here because when I started posting here this general was good. It was really fucking good, better than any general on trash. It was comfy, slow but not too slow and most people here were just anons. No namefags, no dramas, no twitter accounts and cliques. I miss that hmofa.

Hey I do too, it stopped the day you showed up ya cockmonger! God the gaslighting.
Remember when he made that whole rant a couple months back saying he was a 19 year old fag and his dad beat his ass with a belt? I wonder if that was even half true
The only thing he did in early /hmofa/ was post youtube links and ISIS propaganda.
He was never a good addition to the general and was always a toddler.
>Burzum 5 years from now
Can an anon test the waters and report one of his posts? There's a risk for getting banned for reporting, but this is the kind of meltdown that usually ends in him getting banned.
Possibly, it'd paint alot of his pathology if he was a child abuse victim for being a fag. Think about what does hmofa love over any coomerbait or pinup? Wholesome, happy, couples. Hell even raising families and shit! Exactly the sort of thing he'd naturally loath after such a fucked up childhood. It would explain so, so much if it was true.
I’ve reported all his posts under intentionally evading filters and I haven’t gotten banned once. I’d advise everyone else to do the same.
I think automated spambot is better. But hey, you're not banned.
I’ve done spambot and I’ve been banned twice and warned once
Automated only counts if he's pic spamming or something obvious like a copypasta spree. If a mod actually camped the thread a day he'd figure it out but none of them are gonna do that for any board. What alot of them probably know by now is /hmofa/ has a serial shitter infamous for his IP hopping. It's why resident retard chooses samefagging/larps as his regular method and only goes for full autism gore purge attempts when it's obvious the bait isn't working.
Well he disproved he has an IP tracker, you can sleep easy at night
I think Buttzoom got mad because of all the anons posting about the wholesome great times they had with their friends and families over Christmas and new years while he did nothing but cry, cope and seethe on 4chan. He's angry that we're having better, more vibrant and fulfilling lives than he ever has or will.
Not like it's hard, just be employed or at least be a positive impact where you're living at.
Wow he really wants those (you)'s.
It’s kind of funny to see him call other people drama whores when he’s a drama whore himself
Really going all in with the samefagging since nobody else will bite, huh?
You know the drill. Report him for evading filters.
Always does. I also think he's even saltier about it since we had an honest to god off topic tangent that wasn't one of his baits.
What a massive attention-whore he is. He should kill himself asap.
Who do you think this Eggman faggot is? One of Burzum's new personalities, or just Wolfychu being a retarded autist?
Probably Wolfychu or someone else, but they don’t seem to shit up the thread as much as anyone else
>calls someone drama whore for using metathread more
>says he’s going to post about zzx every single thread

He doesn’t fail to fail
Wolfychu, same weird autist writing style and responses. Unlike tardy lardy tho he won't samefag so it's basically harmless, just annoying.
So. I've thinking (and drinking), this is probably inaccurate and not even remotely close to what his deal actually is but let's play devils advocate. Let's wind the clock back to these 'cozy thread' times he pines for in his samefagging sprees. Like he put it, before /hmofa/ got into generating it's own content and actually discussing things. What would it all be then? I submit the state of any slow thread such as /adhg/ where it's not uncommon to have extended periods of no talk. It ends up being porn/pinup dumps. Just a nice big smut depository. This is what he wants to go back to if we take his moral fag larp as sincere.

He isn't pissed about newfags and zoomers. He's pissed his porn flow got disrupted. In an era where porn and pinups are obsessively cataloged by multiple sites. All of this is a giant, years long temper tantrum because he's too stupid to learn how to browse by tag.
He shat up the thread even in the so-called "goldenage" he pines for. His first contributions were ISIS videos. If we "went back" he'd still be a mouth breathing spastic.
>anon observes thread is slow
>immediately devolves into nonsense
I really wish you would all stop trying to "understand" or reason with the schizo when he's never posted a single on-topic post in the history of this thread and just uses muh golden era as an excuse to gaslight the thread into thinking he's an actual oldfag.
Oh he qualifies as oldfag, it's just he's the rancid milk kind of old.
Wrong, oldfag implies he's part of the old guard which provided some inherent founding value to the thread, not being a parasite who cries for years about the state of something he doesn't like or partake in.
I'm guessing the muh amerimutt bait stopped getting replies?
Just wait until peak American hours and it'll start right up because it always gets replies.
He's apparently moved onto incels. This just making shit up to keep trying to bypass the filter now.
The reddit-tier religion bait too
All of this bait is fucking reddit tier yet you idiots keep biting it.
For a guy that supposedly hates nigs he really loves chimping out like one don't he?
>lovelocked off having a social life like a normal person
>comes back
>burzum is just waiting for him
>instant replies

I know we keep saying it, but goddamn, this guy is pathetic.
>This post appears to be an automated spambot.
the LL/burz dynamic is proof that niggers can be based and that whites aren't inherently good
I derive a small amount of fun from the lottery aspect I get when posting with my name present on /hmofa/. I don't post my stories very often any more because of a number of reasons, but I seemed to evade his notice last time several months ago.
I suppose I'm just lower on the hierarchy of retarded hate-focus groups because I barely use social media. Here's hoping when I finish my current work, I'll get a fresh dose of his completely banal, flaccid hatred.
No shit, anyone who isn't a literal teenager or /pol/ aspie could figure that out.
>burzy throws a bitch fit every time Lovelocked provides new art for the thread
>Lovelocked more than likely uses the filters and never sees a single one of his crybaby posts
Who the fuck keeps responding to Burzum like a tard. Just let him squeal at a brick wall, no need to dance with him.
I strongly advise you all to please report Burzum’s posts under evading/spambot, the more reports the more likely mods can see (hopefully)
It's 100% samefagging and shitposters
Watch out for bait threads.
>claims to not harass vuko
>gets called out for putting vuko at a homosexual list he would post occasionally
>”And? That’s nothing.”

This man is in constant denial
Denial about what? He knows exactly what he is doing. Don't let him gaslight you into thinking he has any standards at all.
He focuses on high profile creators and new creators most of all. Artists of any sort get all of his attention, and I swear I've seen him put in a request from a new artist only to tear apart the result when it was posted. I'm not high profile, but I've also been targeted by him under the guide of "saving the thread" type stuff. He's definitely in some kind of purity spiral, and his racism is no doubt genuine, but ultimately he hates everything in the thread. It's weirdly utilitarian how he's trying to use his /pol/ sperging as some kind of divide and conquer crowbar.

I'd be willing to bet good money that most of the time, it's himself. Occasionally you might get someone who isn't familiar with him who bites. But it's a simply litmus test: Whenever burzum spamming starts up, suddenly all the secondary shitposts are there as well.
I think it's pretty obvious that the guy asking about pegging is brapfaggot.
brap/pedo/peg are the same juden
>thread is going well and LL shows up which could only mean one thing
Must be schizos sleeping hours
For now at least
There's always the optimistic angle that our boy finally couldn't take the pressure.
Well it was fun while it lasted
>he didnt neck himself
what a shame
>blaming artists for actions of the shitposter
You know he'd just pick a different target, right? Like he has always done? Until they leave for one reason or another? And even if you don't mean to blame LoveLocked, could you at least not be so retarded as to validate his shitposting?
I just gave him the benefit of the doubt, Burzum does always show up after lovelocked posts.Saying that lovelocked preludes the arrival of shitflinging isn't wrong but it is poorly phrased.
Definitely not blaming LL, it’s the shitposter’s fault for living rent free
I blame you for summoning him.
Can't tell if coordinated or immense samefagging
Oh it was for sure him savefagging.
The number of poster would go up by one but the posts all had the same wriring style. He was obviously switching from his phone then to his pc and then refreshing his IP.
What I'm trying to say is, associating shit with a drop in thread quality is exactly what he's been trying to do all these years. Given that strat validation is like tendies and autism bux to him.

When in doubt, it's samefagging. He has a very robotic way of doing it. Usually he adopts three identities that all post in the same clipped, single-sentence style because he's running from device to device.
I can’t imagine being this fucking obsessed, 3 posts in response to just one post by LL, what a crybaby holy shit
>changing spelling to try to get around the filter
He knows LL can't see any of his usual shit lmao
Even then LL laughs at it and calls him his boyfriend. All the racist shit he’s spewing is satisfying LL.
Pretty sure it's obvious the "lmao malding" are him samefagging too.
It's fucking hilarious, and a massive sign of the filter being a really, really good idea. Just the idea of this fag having to misspell his favorite word just to be seen is so good. I hope it progresses until he has to resort to saying shit like "knee gore" to get around it.
(43.64 KB 605x542 Screenshot_24.png)
poor guy, it always pains me to see drawfags get trolled by you-know-who.
>reddit r/nihilism copypasta
This post appears to be an automated spambot
It brings down the mood, nose the artist says that they don't belong in the thread and now he is crediting himself for being the filter
For someone that copes and seethes about "muh zoomers" he really types like one
He probably is one, for all we know.
Finally back from my holiday break.
Filter updates will resume as normal. In fact, one was already made.
>futa faggot arrives and replies to every bait post in the thread
Like clockwork
Yeah how convenient some """outsider""" comes in to attack the thread's content and burzy only lashes out at the anons calling him a dumbass.
He could be a little more subtle than just changing his IP.
Not to mention that he uses the exact same buzzwords as burzum.
And he's made a bait thread. hopefully no one falls for his retardation.
>Already filled with futafagging
As much as the thread would be better without the sperg, theyre just hurting themselves more than anyone else. Theyre clinging to the little bit of attention being burzum gives them, cause they must not have anything else to live for

They come back everyday to waste more of their own time doing something they hate. They’ll never learn to just walk away, so they’ll keep wasting years and years of their life they wont get back. Locked away in his room on neetbux, shitposting forever while waiting to die

I imagine most of the regulars don’t see his messages much through the filter. Writers and artists come and go, enjoying the thread then leaving when they get bored. But the sperg will never let himself leave, trapped in a hell of his own making
Could he die a little faster though?
Jesus Christ this is some terrible samefagging
>”outsider” comes in out of nowhere and immediately complains about ESL greentexts
>makes a “true hmofa” thread
He wasn’t even trying to hide it there, lol.
>slept for 4 hours
He's been doing this for almost 24 hours straight at this point, what a fucking loser.
>Doomposting again
I thought he said he was going to sleep.
Doomposting comes before suicide, this is a good omen.
Someone needs to make a Burzum bingo sheet.
That's what I meant when I said "doomposting".
Also fair warning that there’s a schizo in /adhg/ spamming gore shit, it might not mean anything but just in case they come to /hmofa/ and bring it over there, just thought I’d let you guys know
Like how much gore are we talking?
Doesn’t matter anymore, posts been deleted. Apparently they were spamming over a picture of Roxy x Loona.

But it was mostly faces getting blown off and other shit I don’t like talking about.
Looks like that LoonaRoxy pic was justed posted in our thread too. Might be a possible raid.
I doubt they can do shit, they already got banned. Unless it’s Burzum he would’ve spammed gore already. Plus the guy spamming in /adhg/ didn’t seem like Burzum, just some random schizo. He always replied to the OP.
Sounds like the shit that's been spammed in /hmofa/ before. Guy with a bear and a shotgun? I've seen that before. We've also had the ISIS spam.
Did anyone report his posts?
Just asking since I'd like to hear a possible cause to his ban. There's no way a mod just stumbled upon the thread.
No it was definitely a random schizo
Imagine wasting four years of your life trying to kill a thread,only to get banned time and time again while the evil newfag zoomer redditors continue posting as usual.
At least they seem to have caught on pretty quickly
Genuinely creepy how fast burzy's approach to her turned around, christ
Just give it a couple more years and he'll finally be old enough to be living on his own and he'll either die or be too busy to shitpost for extended periods of time.
"a g-girl, and a n-newfag?!?!??!? WOAH MOMMA!!!!!!!!! HUMINA HUMINA HUMINA BAZOOOOOOIIIIING!!!!!!!"
-burzum, probably
> Spammer from day one is suddenly the gatekeeper
> "dude that wasn't me. It was?just someone who writes exactly like me"
> to save /hmofa/ we need less stories less art and less content in general and just become a porn dump
He can't be sincerely this stupid. Thinking that anyone would fall for this bullshit
Calling it now, two thirds of the spergposting in the thread right now is him talking to himself.
All hail Burzum, the supreme gentleman.
>JK of course
(2.96 KB 355x70 hrteagrf.PNG)
Why are you here?
>no point in gatekeeping this cesspool
>engages in gatekeeping behavior
Clearly, here only to annoy us.
>This post appears to be an automated spambot
I really want to know what goes through his head when he decides to name himself “Maggot” and continues to post nihilistic copypastas instead of acting like the very thing he hates, that would probably be better trolling
It's literally just his attempts to be annoying and try to derail or destroy the thread, try not to read too much into it.
And now he’s stalking a girl and being a creep. Great.
>priding himself he hasn't gotten bored in four years
Feel like it would be admirable dedication if it were anything other than trying to kill a furry thread on a hidden 4chan board
>gaslighting and pretending to gatekeep again
Has he convinced himself that this is what he's doing?
Has he genuinely forgotten that he started posting to "get rid of the furry Menace" or what the fuck ever
It's divide and conquer. Trying to get people who agree with his outward bullshit on his side. That's why he also pretends to be a random Anon going "burzum was right" in the same robotic fashion. Everything he does is aimed at trying to kill the productive nature of the thread, and harassing creators is the #1 way to do that. None of his politics or quality issues mean anything when it comes to that, and he'd try to bully away a 95 year old Nazi who killed minorities with his own bare hands if said ancient fascist only contributed to the thread.
I am once again reminding you all how much I hate weekend threads
>burzum acting like a pedophile
>hyperactive anons posting as soon as the cooldown
>loona faggot spamming s/fur and replying to shit bait
>almost 100 posts in just over an hour
What a shit thread.
There is no divide and conquer, because everyone hates him.
He want to kill the general, no matter how many times he says otherwise. And scaring away every single potential drawfag and writefag is his way to go.
Should the reports be for "dox" when he goes after artists? He is at least trying to find all he can about "Ashly"
100% "radlabre"'s greentexy is burzy right?
If mods finally show up, they'll answer that question for us.
I don't even take those bets anymore
no its 100% not buttzoom because he linked to a post he made saying its not him he made months ago!
yeah no shit. All of a sudden a cringe green posted by the one literally who he hates most while hitting every point he whines about, giving him more to complain about exactly when he needed it?
sure thing buckaroo
Gotta love the futa poster constantly trying to make himself more notorious than he actually is
>you forgot the eggman poster who definitely isn't me
>you forgot the futa poster who definitely isn't me
>you forgot xyz poster who definitely isn't me
Every time some other shitposter or otherwise is mentioned
Mods took care of some of his posts, but Not all of them.
Do you all think its him impersonating her or did she really shill her commission sheet on the thread?
I wouldn't put it past him to do that.
Probably buttzooms autism honestly
(8.51 KB 601x118 incel post.png)
100% him impersonating her
I'm pretty sure it was genuine considering it posted mere minutes after the FA post. Also, the last hours of the previous thread were quiet, and LL posted, so he wasnt lurking.
>I'm pretty sure it was genuine considering it posted mere minutes after the FA post.
Do not underestimate buttzooms autism
I think you're making him out to be more cunning than he actually is.
He's not cunning, he's just permanently online. He's done similar things with LL, posting this he posted to twitter/etc mere seconds later to 4chan.
This reminds me of that entire socks incident that happened in November. I feel like this could go on for hours.
I remember. It went on for like 2 days before he finally fell asleep.
Part of me feels like it was a random schizo begging for attention but I can’t think of anyone else who would do that for 20 hours straight. Even going onto adhg, hmoma, and writing an ntr greentext, oh what the hell do I know he was probably having a 240 BPM the entire time. Adrenaline got to him.
he's just british
French, remember the twitter account he was impersonating and forgot to crop
burzoomer being ESL makes sense with how often he repeats certain sentences.
Powdergangers, that was the name of the account, right?
Yeah and it hasnt tweeted since 2020 last i checked, though i didnt check replies so im probably wrong
Him being French or Algerian also makes sense since a lot of the retweeted shit I saw there had to do with French politics.
Updated the filter.
Also, this thread has 7 posts until post limit. Someone should get another meta thread ready.
Was just about to say that, thanks for your work with the filter
Made new thread.
see you soon