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(38.87 KB 1080x690 1640365119190.jpg)
/hmofa/ Meta Thread #4 Anonymous 01/10/2022 (Mon) 08:09:16 No. 3357
Direct any and all /hmofa/ meta discussion here, so the primary FurChan thread isn't clogged by off topic posts.

>Links for convenience:
[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo
first for death to shitposters
Previous thread:
(31.16 KB 521x521 Fox-Pepper-Pointing_Soy.png)
Filter anon here.
Responses to the filter have been positive so far.
But one thing I'm wonder about is criticism. I'm only a novice at regex, and maybe there's a person more experienced than me, who has a word or two about how I'm maintaining it.
If you have any critiques let them out.
Seeing his reaction to the new drawfag is genuinely unsettling.
At least with everyone else it's just a case of him hating every contributor to the thread, but this time it's just unnerving how personal some of the attacks are.
The fact he acts like a fucking creep, like what the fuck did she even do
Being female on 4chan, apparently.
It really astounds me he goes to these great lengths to gatekeep by stalking and doxxing teenagers on the internet. I wonder how one can get so low in life.
He didn't go this far with DM, it was always just "haha gook gook gook" and the very occasional "I want to rape Tory!", not whatever this is meant to be.
Does he really engage content creators on other platforms outside of 4chan? As in, does he go to their Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, whatever?
He has proven himself to stalk their social medias, the worst he’s done was comment some nihilistic shit on zzx’s story on AO3 under the name “Maggot” for some reason
as far as I know*
No, because if he did, he could be tracked and possibly doxed.
I know i'm not supposed to poke my cutie schizo bf, but cmon

I get easy (you)'s outta it and that wondrous feeling of someone looking forward to me posting!

no engaging, but I know he skimmed my twitter for my old art
I am still proud of how far I've come, and I love you guys for pushing me to improve. I know I'm going somewhere if I'm violently cringing at my old art.
I was gonna say to use the filter, but I'm surprised you handle him well.
Keep on trucking.
I've learned to internalize that feeling of "who gives a shit?"
If I'm tired and don't wanna see it, I'll just hide and ignore, instead of just ignoring.

it's insane how much my /hmofa/ experience improved by just ignoring. highly recommend yall.
He almost reminds me of GypsyCrusader except GC was better at trolling and he actually cared about kids
god, at least he was funny when he said nigger
didn't he get doxxed and lose like, everything? or did he go off the deep end and start meaning the shit he talked about?
He’s in prison for 5 years because someone snitched on a gun felony he had from 2018
As I keep saying, there is no such thing as "provoking" a person who already has his sights set on wasting all of his time trying to bring the thread down. Every time you post a sketch, it's the same three responses. It's usually three, for some reason.

And yeah, I've seen you visibly improve over the time you've been here. It's always good to see when people are going places because of the thread, despite the incessant shitposting. The thread got me back into writing semi-seriously a few years ago, and I'm also thankful for that. I could do more and push myself harder, but I'd probably have done nothing at all if I hadn't said "fuck it, I'm going to write about dudes boning animal women".
>Apelocked is not hmofa, and he doesn't not represent this general.
imma start drawing for hmoma then lmao
lord knows those dudes need some help
(78.39 KB 1360x868 689.jpg)
>You have your own little support group, but it won't last
>Looks like I struck a nerve. I know you care nigger and I’m not going to stop.
I haven't heard of people getting banned for reporting bur.
Think mods got the picture?
I’ve found it less likely to get banned from reporting under evading instead of spambot
Just don't report TOO much, by the way.
Not until they regularly rangeban him.
How often do you report?
Quite often unfortunately
How the hell is the most nigger-brained person on this site some white euro?
Algerian, according to his PowderGangers account.
this is some unfortunate samefagging
This is why I want a permanent move to furchan or some sort of private chat for write/artfags.

The reason why moderated online spaces exist is to cull the braindamaged. I just want a place to discuss HMOFA that won't get spammed by the same fucking incel daily, even if it's just a small place.
This place is pretty active right now. I suppose we should use the regular discussion thread more.
The regular thread is what I mean. This thread is purely a place to riff on the happening on 4/hmofa/. I want a permanent home either on fur/hmofa/ that's actively posted to (so encouraging more people to post there) or simply a write/artfag exclusive chat.

Maybe the latter already exists, and I'm just not in t because my output is a bit shit.
Part of me wonders what he would do if hmofa moved here, if he quits shitposting or moves to fuck up another thread.
>Maybe the latter already exists, and I'm just not in t because my output is a bit shit.
I know that feel.
He'd probably kill himself without the minute amount of meaning in life this gives him.
Perhaps put it out to a poll later today?
I’m sure he’ll celebrate and get drunk, then soon become sad realizing the only thing that gave him meaning is now gone because of him.
Well you can count me as a No vote.
Effectively splitting the thread because of the shitposter has never worked.
Hello Achmed! There's a good reason why your mother never loved you.
If only that was his real name
Three posts again. I think he's legit always posting on his desktop, laptop, and phone.
He posted that tomboy awoo as if people thought it wasn’t him which was hilarious
I dunno. Might just stop postulating and wondering and just do it.
Its part of his delusions to think that he is the smartest man in the room.

I know your reading this Jaque.
Your a retard and your baguettes are moldy.
Did you try refreshing the catalog?
Yeah, even closed out of the tab and it’s still that way.
(148.99 KB 1689x854 1640979948524.jpg)
Might be a glitch, then.
If only it was an actual ban
Nevermind, it got fixed now. He’s banned
Report when he evades.
The mod didn't just stumble upon the thread randomly.
>Pretending to be a concerned anon now
Lol how stupid does he think we are?
I feel bad for that anon genuinely trying to reason with burz. It's clear his heart is in the right place but I doubt burz will care, even if that anon is right.
Report Burz's doomposts as evading spamfilters.
And back to samefagging
(2.15 KB 346x52 Screenshot_29.png)
What if we reported burzum's twitter account?
>person thinking they have any amount of moral authority ends up being a nonce
why is this so common
Would reporting this spiritual nigger for "doxing" be appropriate?
I think so, don't you Pierre?
You’ve guessed his name like 3 times lmao if you’re going to post his real name at least post his dox
Tranny mods banned me for 3 days for reporting someone ban evading
How many times did you report?
Man, that sucks. Sorry to hear. Don't worry we'll keep reporting for you.
>sorry about my off topic rant, but someone please respond to my off topic rant so we can continue to go further off topic
Welp looks like I was banned too. Ffs
Guess threads are slow now because a bunch of regulars got the hammer?
There's literally nothing wrong with slow threads, the only ones we've had lately that haven't laster for at least 12 or 15 hours have been because of certain malicious posters.
You should PM that other artist that's in his shitlist. Maybe she'll get inspired by you.
I sense a disturbance
>nooo, I'm the only one allowed to avatarfag with those reactions
Mildly humorous
At least he's fueling images hashes for the filter
Just add every known image/gif of Anton Chigurh to the MD5 filter lol.

Isn't it ironic that Burzum is the king of prying naive person that Chigurh would want to kill?
>I know an anon's words don't mean much but hope things start getting better for you soon.
tbh it means a fair bit, it's been absolutely awful for a long time.
I'm newer here and I've never talked to you personally before, but I've picked up that you were going through some stuff.

I just want you to know that everything is going to be alright.
k, I did it. Left one of them though. Archives said they were only used by him, so I added them.
Also added a new catchphrase to the word filter.
Oh boy I sure do wonder if it's "Slam your fat greasy head against the pavement until your underdeveloped brain leak out of your eardrums, you retarded useless cock gobbling cum guzzling, zoomer faggot."
Doing God's work filter anon, thank you.
(257.99 KB 1000x1000 Happy.png)
that was me, just wanted you to know we're all rooting for you.
Good to see you again DM, hopefully you get better
At least it's a different spammer than you-know-who, so that's something new.
It's slightly annoying, but not thread ruining.
I like how it just introduced me to a pretty good story, net positive.
>Retard spammer starting back up
Can never get a break, can we?
This guy is so assblasted all because centaurs and monster girls aren't /hmofa/ material
(1.12 MB 1022x731 Its_all_so_tiresome.png)
Man I forgot I turned stubs off and just for a second thought the thread was ignoring autism for once.
Genuinely can't tell if he is shitposting or he actually thinks taurs and monster girls belong here.
He's clearly shitposting, he is just bringing up random unrelated shit that was never a problem and is equating it to his bestiality fetish.

he will get bored in a few hours if people stop responding, probably a few days if the realistic stupidity of the thread is considered.
>Isn't it ironic that Burzum is the king of prying naive person that Chigurh would want to kill?
Yeah, exactly. Burzum's a complete fucking retard who would not last 5 minutes in that movie.
>has spammed ISIS beheadings but acts like a teenager being edgy with rather tame dead animal pictures is so horrible
To be fair both are pretty bad but just remember that he posted an image of two dead children so acting like whatever that girl liked is worse is pure irony
Where did the crack addict and dysfunctional family crap come from anyway. Did he pull that one out of his ass?
Probably projecting from his own dysfunctional life. Does he strike you as someone that came from a loving, intact home?
Could someone please describe to me what those voca.ro links are
Vocaroo is a service for uploading snippits of audio, like imgur for audio.

The only person that uses it in /hmofa/ is You Know Who, so you're pretty safe to filter the entire domain.
Probably yet another "you will rot maggot" in le edgy voice that he does.
I know what vocaro is I just want to know what the audio is
It's not important what it is, it's probably just that faggot underage zoomer being edgy.
This is probably going to take a while
Just use the filter. If you're too retarded to sue the filter, just ignore the kid.
I’m too retarded to use the filter anyway so I just ignore him.
I think from now on at the beginning of the thread, we make a disclaimer about bait and shitposters, and also advise anons to use the filter.
We did for a while IIRC and brainlets still interacted with the zoomer.
>replying to himself hours alter after everyone ignored his little episode
He's fucking desperate for attention, man. Needs those fucking (you)'s to feel like his life has any meaning.
Even after all these years I'm astounded that the biggest nigger in this thread is some pale euro NEET.
a wise man once said that nigger is not a race, but a state of mind.
(168.88 KB 1276x1536 d8a8bee9e8e275cd17c2c628ae5d78ef.jpg)
True that.
I think that faggot from last night is back. Hide, ignore and report.
>back at the copypastas
Automated spambot
Can't tell if it is responding to itself or if it caught a newfriend
After the filter and the disclaimer was just posted? Probably replying to itself.
They all use a unique URL, despite being the same 30 second message. I don't know if vocaro has an expiration date for each submission.
Since the only way to filter them out is to remove all mentions of vocaro. I don't add them to the filter, too many legitimate posts will be matched. You're free to add that to the filter, yourself
The filter explains how to start using it. After installation, it's just as easy as copy and pasting.
Also, another update.
More autistic tantrums grows the filter.
(209.12 KB 540x331 1625625562608.png)
>If a newfag like me posts something but takes the bait, which I won't anymore
>I won't anymore
>Next line is replying to bait
Yea, it's samefagging. don't bother with him anymore.
(2.58 MB 416x307 1566462833912.gif)
Man he almost seemed real for a second.
(1.00 MB 480x244 Mime.gif)
What happened? He used to be "Lol faggot, use the filter if you're tired of me."
Took a complete 180 now. Rather than not being afraid of it, it's anger towards it. Even dissuading people from using it.
It's called being an attention whore who wants to be seen
Just ignore him
It's pretty much 100% guaranteed that he comes here to watch people seethe. Just don't comment on him and he'll fuck off. He fucked off a while back but came back once there were enough newfags who didn't know to ignore him.
Well seems like they can't do even that.
I shouldn't have even justified it at all, I'm done for the night.
It's been at least 4 years. This thread is the zoomers entire life.
(1.41 MB 2880x3600 1601923492084.jpg)
Another update.
What's the futanigger I hear occasionally? It's doesn't seem aimed at the end-of-thread futaposter.
The one who replies to half the thread is the same as the futa poster and brap/piss fetishist.
how long has mate been awake for
Since 4am est
What exactly has attracted so many baiting assholes to the thread lately? I'm not even talking about sperg prime, people like the futa faggot or Wolfychu or the one who posts the KKK shit every thread.

One dedicated shitposter is normal, two is unusual, this many feels deliberate.
Possible Discord raid? Another possibility is that since the fall of /qa/, the underage faggots from that board have trying to take root in other boards, mainly /bant/. Perhaps some of them found their way to /trash/?
They're just retards flourishing in a situation where the thread would shit itself for days on end if you tried to dig them loose by shouting at them
The odd shitpost once in a while is just a regular taking the piss and being playful. Futafag and the retard whose vocaroos make him sound like the guy from the krystal vore videos are their own thing. Wolfychu is a /qa/ or /s4s/ stray.
(736.85 KB 528x792 1636477855564.png)
>burzum leaves
>pedophile shows up
>/collared/tards raiding
Friendly reminder being a smug shit like
>haha what a great filter can't see him at all :^)
Is still talking about it and defeats the entire point of a filter in the first place
90% sure it's samefag concern trolling
It raises its blood pressure, causing the heart to develop scar tissue and therefore shorten its lifespan. Also just plain hilarity, net positive.
How about deleting all your posts in mainthread mocking and never talking about him there ever again. This is what meta is for.
That was the only one from me.
(64.87 KB 1575x789 smug.jpg)
Another day, another update for the filter. Both filters, specifically.
Reminder that the image filter is just as effective as the word filter.
Really feel like Bed-Man does it to himself every time with how he can't resist posting some snarky comeback or gotcha every time someone says about him.
I don't even like palicos but it's clearly just bait.
I don't have much to say about it other than encouraging the shitposters on purpose is a poor first impression.
Do you think this weirdo complaining about "purity chan" is a newfag or a scorned old loser?
Oh, its just the shota guy with a new story.
Just a shitposter, considering he went on about how monster girls were "always" accepted in the thread "for years" when that's verifiably false.
You guys should really stop accusing normal anons of being people they aren't.
Stop being a faggot and people wouldn't think you're a faggot.
Guess the muttposting wasn't getting (You)s anymore
>twice as many posts as the thread is minutes old
Why is it the thread goes from 20 hours to hit bump limit only for the next one to last 3?
It's all about the timing. It's NA hours so it's a NA thread right now.
>Thread is bad because of NA hours
>Not because of fags aimlessly shitposting
Stop trying to cover your ass faggot
>more english speakers are awake during NA hours
>more people = more shitposters
This really isn't a difficult concept.
start /hmfoa/meta.exe
>thread gets shat up by You Know Who
>people start complaining about it <= YOU ARE HERE
>people suggest moving things to a place he can't post on like 8/fur/, bbs boards, discords, etc.
>the same people crying and seething about You Know Who says that's a terrible idea
>return to line 1
More people =/= more shitposters. Aimless shitposters can come at any time regardless of timezone.
(55.84 KB 900x1260 Snake-Solo.jpg)
This is important for the filter.
For anyone using the up-to-date version of the filter, can you see post# 44800113?
I know he thinks it's "wow so edgy I'm just like him" but man the avatarfagging is cringe
There's an odd sort of comfort in knowing that burzum is exactly the sort of faggot to identify with the autist hitman from No Country for Old Men.
(927.16 KB 4000x3000 0726b1038abc77e0c5ffb257c13fb2cd.jpg)
Major change on the filter. I have notice a little problem with how Rentry changes the text from edit-mode to preview-mode.
Before, the filter was using a partial amount of its efficiency. I have now fixed the issue and the filter is now properly being used at it's full potential. I believe it will now be almost twice as effective.

I have made a notice about this, on the filter itself. Please let me know about any further issues.
It's somehow cringier than joker posting
Joker was very popular as a meme, and the characters itself is fairly funny. There's some self-awareness in it, and it seems to have carried across to the meme, with shitloads of people posting the character somewhat ironically. Kind of like that bit of art by hladilnik, with his opossum character in Joker make-up, which someone liked to post in the thread. The character is a slightly edgy/crazy nerd, so you're like "oh, it fits, that's kinda funny".

The same is not true for the guy for No Country for Old Men. He's played 100% straight, and everyone I've seen who praises the movie, character, and the actor playing him eats it up. They think the whole act with the coin and the cattle-killing device is menacing instead of edgy. I've been told the point of the movie is that there is no place for old style heroes in modern film, and that just kind of makes it worse. Because the hitman himself is exactly that sort of reactionary edgy of someone who's chief complaint with action movies is that they aren't "realistic". The character was outdated before he even hit the screen, and I suppose that's why mostly boomers thought it was a legendary flick and you don't hear all that much about it anymore.

He reminds me of Sylar, from Heroes. Same silly, emotionless edge from a weird-looking white actor. It's no coincidence both are from the same era, and Heroes gets even less mentions these days than No Country for Old Men.
Honestly a very good dissection of the appeal of both characters. It's been a while since I've seen No Country for Old Men, I just remember it being an aggressively mediocre Hollywood affair.

Makes sense he'd latch on to something so surface level and "haha so cool" rather than identifying with an actually heroic and aspirational character like pic related.
Is that the movie "Children of Men"?
Yes, you should really watch it if you haven't. And go in to it blind, so dont read the rest of this post.
You know if That Zoomer watched that movie he'd have a meltdown about REE NIGGERS and hate him despite the fact that he assures the continued survival humanity and puts that element above his own life and political goals unlike nearly everyone else in the movie.
I'd say it's got some nice shots, but the most memorable part of the movie is the hitman dude being edgy, and its ending. It kills the main character off-screen, which is definitely kind of a statement. But it's not a very comfortable movie to watch. Children of Men is a good contrast, because its technical skills is very high. I'm frankly not wild about its characters or premise, and I think it's too much on the nose politically. As in, introducing a character as a good guy by showing how many anti-Bush articles he wrote is a bad way of dating your movie. But the cinematography is fantastic, and I don't think it's been surpassed yet.

But yes, the shitposter would never identify with a character like that.
(3.19 MB 1644x1350 com.png)
>As in, introducing a character as a good guy by showing how many anti-Bush articles he wrote is a bad way of dating your movie.
I think the introduction of Jasper with the panning shot of his articles is less "he's good because of these anti establishment articles he wrote" and more so "the world and government is this fucked up" with the final article it lands on; the government denying torturing his wife, who we see in the next shot as totally silent/unmoving. Braindead.

It also informs why he's in hiding, the state sees him as a enemy and would likely torture him too.
It's been a while since I've seen this movie, because I don't even remember that. The political angle in general was just part of what didn't really work for me. This general anti-government attitude given in by attitudes of the time. Not that there's anything wrong with anti-government attitudes per sé, but I've found this idea of being one step away from fascism to be a strange fantasy of martyrdom for a lot of people. It tends to snap me out of my suspension of disbelief.

Then again, some people have some awfully pointed ideas about the disease currently sweeping the globe and the means undertaken to curb it.
(1.95 MB 1080x1258 schizoaesthetics.png)
Which of these movies do you think the zoomer will make their entire personality next
My bets are on Taxi Driver or Falling Down.
I like this thread being used for something other than endless complaining for once, it's nice.
I can't tell if the thread is being autistic or if it is being shitposted in.
>thread going nice and slow
>always one weirdo who has to start something
Why can't we just have nice things
Are you talking about the Dussy fag?
I really don't like the word "wholesome" as a descriptor, or at least the way the thread uses it. I don't know if it's a case of just overuse or what but it really feels a lot of times like it's just a catch-all term to mean "what I like" as thread policing.
I much prefer calling things cute instead.
I was but this thread is another good example
"Wholesome" just feels like a reddit-tier word. Right up there with "pupper", "doge" and announcing "unpopular opinion but [popular sentiment]"
>it really feels a lot of times like it's just a catch-all term to mean "what I like" as thread policing.
That's exactly what it is. It's a buzzword for uninteresting people to seethe about shit.
>Wholesome - "conducive to or characterized by moral well-being."

I don't know about what the others were doing with the word but it certainly doesn't seem to fit the definition. Wholesome as a descriptor has a lot more nuance and depth to the meaning than just "cute" too. So I rather like it since something could be cute and wholesome but could also be wholesome but not cute. They fundamentally mean two different things

>Bitching about people using words you don't like and labeling them reddit-tier
>"a catch-all term to mean "what I like" as thread policing."
>"That's exactly what it is."
this post is a Wholesome 100 Diamond Hands Epic Narwhal Bacons Reddit Moment
The fuck is the brap faggot's problem? It's every other thread anymore.
I'm almost certain this guy is the Wolfychu autist.
No shit that shota story was bait. He wasn't even trying.
Another shit thread, wonderful.
Getting sick of the "dude lmao sneed cope!" shitposting
(formerly chucks)
How likely is it that the replyfaggot is actually Wolfychu from last year?
Not convinced, wolfychu was just a /bant/ autist looking for easy (You)s. The replyfaggot/futafag/whoever he is is just a regular dumbass who is just a regular annoyance. With how he responds to anons cling him out on replying to half the thread, part of me genuinely wonders if he knows how much of a retard he is or if he's just actually autistic and thinks he's doing nothing wrong.
What about the monstergirl faggot?
A different bitter Anon.
The only ones I'm convinced are the same are replyfaggot and the futafag, other than that I really don't think it's all a single shitposter with split personality disorder.
>Weekend thread all week
It gets better, right?
There were some hiccups, but I enjoyed the last couple threads.
I'm not enjoying this one at all, though.
I dunno why I bother sticking about honestly. Better to just follow my favorite artists/writers off site.
>one bad day due to like two shitposters
>"thread's dead don't know why I come here"
/hmofa/ always survives no matter how bad it might seem
It's more like 50% good posts 50% posts. Constant buttzoom meltdowns. Constant random other shitposters like monstergirl spammer, amerimutt spammer, etc.

I know the thread will stick around. I just can't be bothered to visit as much.
Last time it was this bad was in November.
I guess our definitions of good/bad are different because December was awful, worse than November, especially around Christmas/new years.
(565.67 KB 1038x1280 1622763623915.png)
Another day, another filter update.
Does 4chanX work for mobile devices? I sometimes browse at work.
No sadly, because it requires an addon, either ViolentMonkey or TamperMonkey, and they don't have mobile support.
If there's a way to filter 4chan comments, on mobile with regex, I'll gladly mention it as an alternative.
I don't get the anons who immediately shit themselves when art is posted of a character who has other non-hmofa art of them and have to post that art as some sort of gotcha. No shit not every female anthro character is in a relationship with a human male, but it's not like the thread hasn't reimagined existing characters before.
I know it's just shitposting but it happens often enough that I'm not certain it isn't the least bit genuine.
Gee, I wonder who could be concern trolling while never contributing anything of worth.
It's not burzy if that's what you're implying, the file has an e6 hash instead of 4chanX masking it like he uses.
They have the same copied [1] filenames from the shitposting in the beginning of the thread, I'd wager it's probably the same replyfaggot as then.
[1] filename just means they copied a image URL in to the image box on Chrome. That's it. A lot of anons do it.
It was the futanigger, he is always posting sfur in the thread.
>replynigger still doing it
Not sure if it's autism or persecution complex or what but the revolving door of schizophrenics still feels weird and unnatural rather than normal shitposting.
At least it's all just obvious samefagging this time.
Months ago, we had Kot spammer, '>though' bot, and "Jin is a tranny" shitposters. What is this new wave of autists?
qrd on replynigger and futafag?
Quick rundown time:
May or may not be the same person who replies to tons of posts one at a time with no regard to how old or how baity it might be.
Futafag started posting futa shit in the beginning of last year under the name Bringer of Futa, which uses the same weird typing patterns.
Some /bant/ meme, not unique to /hmofa/ and you still see it pop up in other threads occasionally.
>Jin tranny
One of Wolfychu's autism catchphrases

Not sure what the current weirdo's deal is other than being a spamming faggot and seemingly genuine pedophile.
I'm pretty sure it is the same shitposters as before trying new tactics.
>He's reading our posts here.
I bet it's the same guy that went through a tantrum about Sarah. Same faggot looking for something to hook on to, and then go nonstop about it for days.
That was Burzum, we know this because he also attacked Mousguy and Strong as well.
Watching one nonce complain about another nonce all is pretty funny.
kind of wish people didn't fervently believe "burzum complaining = it good" all the time because now you have someone who genuinely deserves it after spamming the thread and posting literal pedo shit, but kept getting replies because he was complaining about them
Best we can do is inform anons and content creators on who that writefag is. We need to send a message that we will not tolerate pedophilia or shotafaggotry.
Most of the people who were defending the guy either didn't know or were the usual suspects.
Been off the thread for about a week. To be honest I think it’s best for me to stay away from there. In my 8 months of being there nothing has been really accomplished and I don’t really find the point of engaging in drama.

To you guys, I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully you get treated well.

And to Burzum, I hope you’re reading, you don’t have to worry about me anymore, so any posts about me or my “orange ball” is completely pointless from now on. Call it a success if you will. I’m done here, hopefully you end up in a mental institute or jail.
>lurked a slow 6-hour thread until one single person posted
Absolutely obsessed
>I may have inadvertently caused the thread to be shat up over a single complaint avout the foxgirl
>slow thread
>suddenly three burzum bait posts

Any minute now he'll samefag responses to that bait, just wait and see.
I'm guessing muh evil racists is the Wolfychu fag, he always did the same whenever someone posted Averi
Annnnd he did.
>Blacked porn
What a loser.
Yeah, but he hasn't been in the thread since like the middle of December.
>that horrible bait post of "I would much rather have a pedo than a racist"
>Reminds of the meme that was made. "I may be a pedophile but at least I'm not racist"
In all honesty, I'd rather have neither. Thread would a lot less schizo'd to death that way.
>thinking you can please a madman
He's a massive racist himself and used to post CP to ruin the thread. Whenever has giving in to the demands of radicals ever worked in the history of the world, anyway? They always find something else to be angry about, because they enjoy fighting for the cause far more than realizing the cause itself. That's why they're fighting in the first place, rather than fucking off and doing their own shit.
>waah drawfags don't belong here
>when not long ago he's whining about all the drawfags that have left
I know none of it is sincere and it's all just trying to start shit but it's always funny to see in action
Post in question https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/43889462/#43890206
(Also one of the thread where he got banned which is fun)
Thread for new edgy characters for Burzum to base entire personality around.
Kind of cringe, mate


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