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r00t Board owner 08/22/2019 (Thu) 21:58:46 No. 1 [Reply]
Welcome to /fg/, the home for general furry discussion, content, and generals.
Themed generals are welcome and encouraged.
This is meant as a moderated alternative/haven for /trash/ threads that are dealing with spammers or excessive shitposting.

Remember to follow all Global Rules and the /fg/ Board Rules.

(218.74 KB 1280x1208 1565607249147.jpg)
/hmofa/ Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 04:35:31 No. 2870 [Reply]
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #1183

>"Reason for the season" Edition


By A Smiling Face
>Haunting Noire

By CT_Anon
>Date With a Tigress (Line 154)

By Oliver_Hart
>A Long Way From Home (Line 1051)

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What people seem to forget is that he doesn't actually care about the thread or its contents at all. Him complaining about you posting or discussing actual /hmofa/ content should be proof you're doing something right.
I’m reminded of the times he’s ‘confessed’ about how his particular brand of fetid bullshit is for the good of the thread. About how it’s supposed to stop it being corrupted or some absolute smooth-brained bollocks.
I wish I had some content to post in the thread just to see if he’ll react to me, but I both lack anything right now and the last few times I have, he hasn’t said shit.
To be honest most don’t react to me anyway, but hopefully the studying well make me proficient enough to get a few more anons interested in my work.
>There's no moderation on the weekends
I don't know if you noticed this, but there's no moderation on /trash/ ever
there are literally no mods for trash. check the janitor applications, there's no /trash/ post. burzum's posts get deleted once in a blue moon by random passing mods
that's why this place exists

>It'd be neat if this could shift from the burzum meta general to a proper supplementary option
no, it'd be neat if this place shifted from a supplementary option to the main option. why the fuck would you want to use this as a supplementary option and continue using the awful unmoderated version that's otherwise the exact same?
obviously it would be best if people just moved here and used this thread
>obviously it would be best if people just moved here and used this thread
I'd be more than happy to move here if everyone else did, and honestly the skinny fuckass is still going at me by the looks of things. It's taken me 5 years of meds and staying away from stress to be able to handle this much again. I don't know how much longer my body'll last with all the extra bullshit going on irl and I can physically feel it deteriorating again.

Chances are though, it's unlikely and I'll just end up posting sporadically and dipping right after like some of the others.

Also unrelated but I've written about 1.4k words for chapter 1 and I think a little more should be enough to move on to chapter 2. Do you guys think that's enough word count for a chapter? From what I've looked up it's a lot shorter than the average chapter length but it also said that there isn't a set length so I wanted your feedback.
Chapter length isn't as important as whether it does what it needs to for your story. What I was writing before going on hiatus ran about 7-8k per chapter. Before that, I was writing 12k episodes with little micro-chapters within that were generally a couple of thousand words apiece.
Ultimately, so long as you're being consistent and it works for the pace of your story, it's all good. Especially if it's only a short story. I'm going more for novellas (maybe even full novels), but I have a lot of fluff that I'm teaching myself to trim down (part of the terms of my hiatus).

As for not hanging around too much, that's certainly how I generally roll. I sometimes poke in for random discussions, but I guess I've been 'blessed' in the sense that barely anyone talks about my stories, so I've yet to feel compelled to do anything like a Q&A like I've seen some /hmofa/ authors perform. It's true you're in the sights of the resident dickhead, but I suspect he'll lose interest if you pace yourself as well. It's a shitty situation, but sadly, unless everyone really does move here, that's unlikely to change.

/hmofp/ - Human Male on Female Pokemon Anonymous 05/28/2021 (Fri) 07:10:03 No. 3548 [Reply]
It’s basically what it is as it says. Post your favorite waifumon and greens!
luxray is my waifu

(176.15 KB 669x594 8da34bd.png)
/hmoma/ – Human Males on Male Anthros Anonymous 03/08/2021 (Mon) 03:37:46 No. 2941 [Reply]
/hmoma/ – Human Males on Male Anthros
Thread #184: Bunker Edition
<Recently Updated Stories>

By ToothAndScale
>Gay Collie

By Anonymous
>Bun Greentext

By SMZAuren
>Strange Lands, Stranger Hearts

By DivineHerd

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Less thinking, more keyboard mashing in order to string words together and establish a fictional setting. But for real, just get down what first comes to mind, then go back and revise later. You'll get too hung up if you agonize over every tidbit as it first comes off your fingertips.
hey, random question
theres a bunch of stories by the same anonymous author which i am looking for the complete collection of
they all appear to be in the same universe with bird aliens called the vox, i believe
anyone got a list of all their works?
these are probably what you're looking for, don't ask me how I know https://rentry.co/cesiax
im not seeing the two stories i read in there, 'language barrier' and 'creamy bird shampoo'
Anybody from the recent wave of traffic a /hmoma/-goer? Seems most people are looking for asylum from the fast /hmofa/ threads, but I may as well check and see.

Based FurChan Anonymous 01/11/2021 (Mon) 00:31:34 No. 2887 [Reply]
>hiromoot won’t make /fur/
>chad says fuck you
>makes his own fur

B a s e d
(3.25 MB 2244x2244 yeen.png)
it really is
We always needed a chan
Unequivocally based
Wait I somehow vaguely remember a furry board but isp got banned for using it or something

(2.91 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot_20210506-231521.png)
(2.13 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot_20210506-231355.png)
(312.85 KB 1080x1920 Chris.png)
pseudo horror game by a furry Poerty II: OLD Days 05/10/2021 (Mon) 14:05:25 No. 3436 [Reply]

Play as Chris a former child actor from LA. Looking for a forther in North Alabama.
This was not very interesting

(201.38 KB 507x361 2020-05-13 (2).png)
Why do you hate zoos and maps? Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 03:54:14 No. 1740 [Reply]
Clearly the LGBT community is so adamant about teach children about being a homosexual and sucking dick is fine at age 11.
Grinding at gay day parades. Thinking there is more than 2 genders when there is only one. (male)
And you all beat off to dogs. They ARE DOGS THEY IDENTIFY AS DOGS!DOGS! Woof! It don't matter if they wear clothes
and talk they have animal penises and you want to fuck them.

So your opinion basically is null. You are a degenerate through and through.
So I think you'
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God damn, those mental gymastics sure are a workout
>mental gymnastics
have you been to furaffinity?
Not even an AI, more like a markov chain.
(172.35 KB 1080x1350 EwIerJXXEAUTzvj.jpg)
despite clearly being on meth, anon has a point. I dont get the whole villifying zoos crowd, pretending like they're any better. like, why bother acting like you're a morally upstanding being if your whole online persona is being a sexy animal? i dont get it.
.....Because it's an entirely different level of severity? Look what's worse fucking a goat or fucking a LITERAL CHILD? Sure both are morally wrong but I'm pretty sure most would say fucking a child is not on the same level as fucking an animal or wanting to be an anthropomorphic one at that

(2.79 MB 1389x2776 1602049583725.png)
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #1140 Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 23:32:27 No. 2256 [Reply]
>"Final Frontier" Edition

--Pastebin stories--

By Cash25
>Anon and the Tentacle Cat (Line 403)

By Red-Nine
>End of Active Obligated Service (Line 2387)

By yomgopollo
>You Are Papa Bear (Line 285)

By Anonymous

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(369.82 KB 1700x2800 1572568497014.jpg)
Oh yeah, since I'm beaned I'll post the haunting noire things here
Also if anyone feels like telling the poor bloke in the other thread the archive is on my SoFurry as "Haunting Noire"
Also, sorry this is so late, I've been busy with family and doing work with and for my folks.

>The giggling stops the moment you put your key in the lock
>The bolt puts up a fight and you hear what seems to be multiple female voices laughing
>You draw your pistol and move through your home-office
>You see the eyes on your framed polariod seem to follow you while random distant footsteps stop and start
>Some hooved, some pawed, some clawed.
>You think you see bloody smiles out of the corner of your eyes
>Snickering and muffled laughing as you look around
>You walk up the stares feeling what seems like dozens of eyes on you
>You quickly turn behind you to see the shape of a teenage fox girl
>bleeding from the throat and crotch
>glowing like a faraway searchlight in heavy fog
>Then she just flickers away with a sound akin to a dying sigh
>So last night wasn't just a bad dream

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(3.51 MB 1242x1144 1608579599955.png)
(1.04 MB 1920x1280 1608823870362.png)
(182.06 KB 850x1093 1608762293133.jpg)
>For a night in the city it's oddly quiet
>No gunshots
>No screams
>Just the low rumble of your engine
>And the crushing weight of what will be your sins
>You watched the tapes again before you left
>A few at least
>Enough to make you believe God *might* forgive you
>You drive through the winding streets
>The image of the dead deadens in your heart
>You turn on Bishop's Avenue
>Just outside the Church a figure stands
>Bleeding from the neck
>Dressed in white
>Holding wilted roses
>She smiles, before her eyes turn black
>She lunges at your car teeth bared but fades before she can hit it.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>"So Mr. Wittacker. Why?" You ask feigning interest
>"No fucking ANTHRO deserves that kind of purity or innocence. It needs to be taken, punished, ruined, broken. But you know that Detective, don't you." He says
>"Of course but why?" You press
>In the corner of your eyes you see a figure
>It moves to the corner shrouded in an unfitting shadow
>"Because, we're human, better in every way than a fucking ANTHRO, hardly even sapient, barely more than the animals they resemble." He reasons
>"I understand" You say leaving the room
>You grab his phone and phonebook
>You relish in each dial you make
>The bishop, the pastors, the principles, deans, and judges
>You leave a message to each and every one
>"Hi, its the Detective. I've found the killer. Meet me at Mr. Wittacker's home on Christmas Day if you'd like to meet him before we turn him over."
>Just as you say that more figures begin to appear
>And Mr. Wittacker begins to panic as you take your potato peeler out.
>"Can you see them too Mr. Wittacker?" You ask madness in your eyes
>"I can see your sins" You ramble
>"They haunt me more than you seemingly" You continue

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

How do we make /hmofa/ slower?
Is this website specifically for based /hmofa/ content?

Anonymous 03/11/2021 (Thu) 02:20:32 No. 2947 [Reply]
Post Awoos
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(1.58 MB 3000x3000 1595111440690.png)
(405.86 KB 1646x2048 1614480586318.jpg)
(131.85 KB 1568x958 1565842888032.jpg)
(3.91 MB 3000x4500 1599449122805.jpg)
(1.38 MB 1400x1000 1611179074626.jpg)
(211.54 KB 1006x1280 1614406025953.jpg)
(549.28 KB 4096x2976 1607745140961.jpg)
(863.25 KB 733x1280 1593527113836.png)
(164.09 KB 1080x1527 1569647429262.jpg)
(627.78 KB 800x492 1614376374969.png)
(102.67 KB 770x1280 1587365214849.jpg)
(188.84 KB 1126x982 1614462330647.png)
(127.16 KB 600x703 1614574063271.png)

(779.10 KB 1267x1049 ~neiru2.jpg)
(439.18 KB 1002x721 ~bubblewolf.jpg)
(144.04 KB 846x1200 ~doncoyte.jpg)
Anonymous 03/24/2021 (Wed) 10:44:17 No. 3109 [Reply]
/sfur/ - Straight Furry General

>"RECONQUISTA of /trash/! " edition

By Robert Braid
>Appalachian Spring

By Baron03
>Spotted Love

By The Brain of Lazarus

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(132.39 KB 937x1146 melonleaf.jpg)
(3.84 MB 3600x1500 ashleyloob.png)
(1.02 MB 1280x933 scale.jpg)
(169.93 KB 853x1280 elijahd.jpg)
(154.83 KB 1238x1280 lavypandyworks.jpg)
(546.29 KB 2480x3507 aspirindabaitu.jpg)
(658.55 KB 1687x1177 mellthecannibal.png)
(247.33 KB 1600x900 sincrescent .jpg)
(668.07 KB 1280x1100 pata.png)
(1.38 MB 1239x2000 oot4.png)
(387.46 KB 1280x852 galack.jpg)
(839.43 KB 2560x1810 taurusart.jpg)
(2.04 MB 1200x1864 ikiki.png)
(800.50 KB 1500x2000 pencilsdgr.png)
(480.22 KB 826x584 anfee.png)


no cookies?