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(218.74 KB 1280x1208 1565607249147.jpg)
/hmofa/ Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 04:35:31 No. 2870
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #1183

>"Reason for the season" Edition


By A Smiling Face
>Haunting Noire

By CT_Anon
>Date With a Tigress (Line 154)

By Oliver_Hart
>A Long Way From Home (Line 1051)

By Kaktus_nsfw
>How about those spooky spindly shadowy sinister senoritas? (Chapters 17 [Last 10 Lines], 18, & 19)

By Changed_Daily
>Secrets of the Don (Chapters 5 & 6)

By Zig-Zag-specialist
>The Wake-Up Call

By Toga
>On the Fringes (Chapter 15)

By Space_Weasel
>Voxian Milk

By Mattariel
>Halcyon: Episode 4

By Dargast
>Lucid State (Line 128)

By Mirukane
>Because You're Mine (Chapter 3)

By sumfag
>Oh No (Line 546)

By Cash25
>Anon and the Tentacle Cat (Line 403)

By Red_Nine
>End of Active Obligated Service (Chapter 4)

[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo

Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/34909652
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
(483.61 KB 688x971 EpHf8IvVEAAI4AW.jpeg)
Ah a fresh thread to populate with smut.
So, that spam attack was pretty large but it's cleaned up now. I've reinstated the threads that were bumped off from the archive.
You guys can choose to go back to the older one or just continue on with this newer thread, either way.
(344.96 KB 500x391 20201222_214859.png)
I saw that spam attack and thought maybe it was maintenance in process or something. Anyway thanks for cleaning it up Mr. Root, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.
(1.01 MB 800x800 Ep8Dg3EW4AUa0LE.png)
(1.10 MB 1812x1108 Hugs-fourchan-trash-19389150.jpg)
remember to hug your yeens this christmas, FC
I'll do my part.
(563.28 KB 2000x1900 EqDh_vUXUAAm3EA.jpeg)
(325.03 KB 1393x1532 12-13-20-VUKO.jpg)
(961.74 KB 1280x720 1607005969386.png)
(652.75 KB 4000x2500 EpUDHb9W8AAg5qN.jpg)
(483.13 KB 1280x1207 1531835776.focou_altie2.png)
(189.86 KB 1013x1280 1563943621.temoru_alt.jpg)
(201.34 KB 1280x1150 1563943362.temoru_hyper_luv.jpg)
reposting my waifu waifur
She's a good waifu
Shit's on fire, yo.
(787.77 KB 1024x683 1610410719311.png)
They can't censor us if they can't find us anon. Thankfully we have Anna on the case.
(2.01 MB 988x1464 1611615875154.gif)
(1007.03 KB 900x900 1611615996769.gif)
(362.63 KB 389x693 1611614116598.gif)
(373.92 KB 428x625 1611616029320.gif)
(3.78 MB 960x1019 1611615837183.gif)
(979.53 KB 610x683 1611615963125.gif)
(1.89 MB 2000x1529 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.png)
Don't have many still images of Cindy.
who are these two
and let me guess from the ratio of hmofa-to-solo pics: the rest are with furbois or more solo
you'd be surprised
(434.62 KB 1762x2048 EtucZNaXAAYsCqa.jpg)
good work as always, azu
(335.65 KB 898x861 unknown-1.png)
How have you guys been holding up? By the way, do you have any other memes like this? I already saw the gremlin racoon gf from the previous thread.
(105.88 KB 1386x1105 EZjWHhoWoAILHef.png)
just posting a meme, no hate intended
(166.56 KB 1231x790 scaly_waifu.png)
(1.55 MB 1920x1529 1562165436872.jpg)
(26.07 KB 441x441 1613574194390.jpg)
It's ok guys, I am calm down now. Found my meds in anon's cock, in which he kindly distributed into my warm cookie. Thank you anon.
(5.85 MB 320x404 sad_furchan.mp4)
(406.47 KB 654x1405 1614436042848.png)
How has everyone been doing lately? Working on anything new?

Thoughts on this video clip? I know this board usually draws or writes stories, however has anyone considered trying a different creative approach or medium?
Finished one project to the usual...uh, two readers who I know of and a couple hundred views with a pervasive silence tied to that. Nothing like major regression between titles to ensure it seems like I'm getting worse.
There's merit to that, too, so I'm not just being overly critical to myself; my proofreader has said, for the first time I can think of, that a chapter of what I'm working on now is boring, so I've got to unfuck myself as I go on and try and fix this mess.
Link your stuff
This is the folder for the last story series I 'finished', and you'll need a sofurry account to see them (and if you don't want to, I can post the individual links).
I say finished, but I'll be going back to it, but it ended after specific arc in the story was completed. I'm planning to do an arc per 'month' in story with some aspects that carry over from each.
(417.74 KB 1200x1215 the_yeen.png)
I would be really bad at reviewing this, because I autistically hate stories set in the first person
they always feel like someone else is telling me about the story rather than I'm in it, which makes romance and especially lewds really awkward

I know person has nothing to do with story quality, so I won't try to review it
but good luck man, I can tell you care a lot and are putting in a lot of effort
Thanks for considering it, anyway.
I usually write in third person, but Candace being Candace started as an experiment in first person that I figured I'd make the whole series follow.
DecoFox reporting in. Almost done with #5 lewds. Doing edit passes with a few people.
hello yes can i get a fucking
spirit waifur
(660.83 KB 2184x1456 1615599930111.png)
(437.97 KB 1400x1050 1611419507657.png)
(2.42 MB 2000x2500 1602908931448.png)
AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/
GhostBin: https://ghostbin.co/
googledocs: https://www.google.com/docs/about/
pastebin: https://pastebin.com/ (no longer allows lewds and certain words)
sofurry: https://www.sofurry.com/ (need account for lewds hidden by author)

devianart: https://www.deviantart.com/ (register for lewds)
e621: https://e621.net/
furrafinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/ (register for lewds)
imigur: https://imgur.com/ (cellphone for lewds)
inkbunny: https://inkbunny.net/
newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/
pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/
twitter: https://twitter.com/explore

SauceNao: https://saucenao.com/
desuarchive: https://desuarchive.org/
github: https://github.com/
hemingwayapp: https://www.hemingwayapp.com/

1d4chan: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Main_Page
E-Hentai Galleries: https://e-hentai.org/
ExHentai: https://exhentai.org/ (need account on E-Hentai forums first)
furchan: https://furchan.net/
reddit: https://www.reddit.com/ (e.g. "Coronation Day")

Pictures from left to right
>It's ok to be boring on Christmas
>Greased Monkey
>first contact procedures
(154.90 KB 1143x1539 ExfDj8TVcAEnw6d.jpg)
(295.49 KB 1840x2777 Exb-RERWUAA55AI.jpg)
(126.61 KB 815x1199 ExetljhXAAImyCi.jpg)
The mods on cuckchan are being gay again. Literally banning random people along with spammers. And it looks like they didn't ban the BBC spammer. No rules were broken so they probably pulled something out their ass about breaking Global rule 1. It's fucked.
In /hmofa/?
Ja. Saw it happen in real time in how the post were deleted in groups not all at once. It doesn't surprise me. Mods have informal rules like banning people for linking to kiwifarms like linking to the dylan-wash thread. They will ban you for "doxxing", but in reality they just don't want to be associated with the place (from someone who followed up with the mods on IRC). I wonder if they were banning people who were responding to the spammer last thread. If I did, I did so unknowingly. I think they banned me with the spammer because I was 'spamming' comfy pics, like posting them as soon as the cool-down expired. I am confident, though, that they will un-ban me in 3 days when I can appeal it. But either case this isn't good that mods on /trash/ have resorted to informal interpretations of the rules, which can open up more opportunities to bias moderation. The reason they gave for banning me was "violating U.S. Law". ???. WAIFURS ARE NOT ILLEGAL!
(1.08 MB 1080x1080 omniwaifur.gif)
(189.69 KB 1327x1316 omniwaifur2.jpg)
(1.19 MB 4093x2894 omniyeen.jpg)
4chan Mods have always been fags, let them not stray us from the path to fur.

For even in banishment, we served the omniwaifur.
(386.07 KB 1477x1213 1611383776614.png)
I've been a thinkin. Thinkin real hard. Thinkin about how could or should a writer draw from an anthros feral counterpart inn their behaviors and characteristics, especially when it comes to sexual morality?

Well the first method, and the one I hate the most, is the 'Furry' method: anthros are like domestic dogs, promiscuous to a wild degree. I think this is a favorite among them b/c to furries anthros represent a deviant or rebelian against order, being animals, and that they should do animal things. It is most often a vehicle for the most taboo of society sexual norms, at least in the 80/90's and/or in an evangelical household: polyandry, polygyny, ntr, cheating, rape, etc. The characters in these type of stories I find to not be very deep or meaningful when all their actions are supposed to be assumed by them being animals, rather than anything circumstantial. Although it has been done /hmofa/, albeit better, I.E. Genkits and schoolyard crush, but these did well mainly b/c the story revolved around the fact that the female anthro was either not like the other anthros or wanted to meet in the middle or all the way with the human and have a normal human relationship.
The rest of the Methods I see is with /hmofa/:

1) Animals act modern day western humans (dating, hook-up culture, etc.) to varying degrees of sexual morality
2) Animals have a higher sexual morality than humans
3) Animals directly borrow quirks from their feral counter parts

The third one is what has been bothering me. But it seems...narrowing. Like
wolves: (mate for life, monogamous, family oriented).
Lions: (polygamy, males fight for females or share females)
Chimps: (High Promiscuity, Not father figures, everybody takes care of kids and everybody fucks the mother)

What I see alot of the times is that the more Promiscuous an animal is known to be, the more freedom a writer seems to have to write about it, for most writers don't to write the 'Furry' version of the anthros and want to 'humanize' them. Thus concerning wolves and lions this is what I see.

wolves (family oriented, monogamous, my lover/mate, loyal)
lions (polygamous/monogamous, my mate/male, Dom, possessive)

Although wolves have been much more diversely writen than lions, due to the amount of stories on them.
Like are we stuck with this or can we mix it up outside the influence of their feral counter parts?
(110.06 KB 807x1280 1616412534472.jpg)
(2.47 MB 2580x856 1615851384445.png)
(860.24 KB 1202x1280 1615349769304.png)
>Druggie Washed up Anthro discovers uncontacted tribes in the amazon who don't know that anthros exist.
>lies and tells them she is a god
>they treat her good (like a god), something she has never felt before
>meets guy who is always fucking up, and wishes he could do anything to apease someone so worthy as her
>she is touched and wants to get his self-esteem up
>grow to like him
>grow to REALLY like him
>hmofa shenanigans ensues
(2.94 MB 1200x773 1616668818275.gif)
(1.20 MB 720x404 1600419397874.gif)
(2.02 MB 756x1080 1610220173635.gif)
(2.26 MB 900x864 chelodoy.gif)
(151.04 KB 600x800 1559417899463.jpg)
(3.67 MB 1280x720 1562483601807.gif)
(1.95 MB 1280x1020 1558915626927.gif)
(1.36 MB 800x450 1512933461467.gif)
>Posts bait thread before bump limit’s even been reached
Well that’s new. Are they even trying anymore?
(275.18 KB 679x894 1471_twerk.gif)
(370.22 KB 835x1231 haha.gif)
They will get tired soon enough. Shitposting comes in waves.
Didn't realize the other thread was abandoned. How can we make /hmofa/ slower?
Honestly don't think it can be done. I've mostly given up on trying to keep up with the goings on there. I suspect if more reasonable people did slow the posting, the shitposters would fill the void.
Well then I guess I'll try and make this place into a proper community instead of a >tfw hmofa is being shit again website
breed the fluffy space cloaca
oop, one more
(2.63 MB 2594x2140 1617678599429.png)
(842.08 KB 3186x1868 jsonViewer.png)
(612.46 KB 3196x1706 OOPS.png)
Messed up on the XML file for masterbin. Will try to fix them [In the coming weeks]. (I don't know why I said 'tom' in the /trash/ thread)

I mean the json works. It's was just made so hastily that it's messy and weird. Pics related. At least programs recognizes it.

>1st ring: Authors
>2nd ring: Titles
>3rd ring: Title
>4th ring: URLS
>5th ring: URL

Not so much for the XML, for I have been adding '()' next to titles in the masterbin, without knowing how it would effect the xml conversion. The anon's who have experience with json and XML made have caught on to the fact that I have no idea what I am doing in regards with json and xml, and you're correct, for now. I am going to look into it for the next week or two, when I have the time and do it right.

The data in the masterbin is all ready 'hashed' in Perl and is quite good and quite useful, but I want to be able to share this data to anyone with ease. I don't want to use or see perl, every time I want to do complex queries and transformations on the data. I do apologize anyone who saw the XML file and try to load it up to their program of choice and found it 'corrupted' or 'unreadable'.

Going back to the JSON File. Here is some 'proof of concept' sort of shenanigans you can do:

>here is the raw JSON url
>here is a online JSON viewer url

Just press load data and enter the raw JSON url. And you can view the entire masterbin in tree mode and to queries and all that good stuff. The current downsides at the moment include:
>case sensitive
>no fuzzy finder
>no tab completions or suggestions
>STDOUT or output dresses the query results in quotations, brackets, and parentheses.
>I tried used values for field names and that's 'NO GOOD'

I have been very busy for a while, so things are inching along, but once I figure this out and sync the masterbin with the library via (xml, json, sql?, dbm?, cvs?, excel?, wad?) I believe the purpose for all this will become evident, hopefully. I will at the very least go back to tagging.

*for archival purposes*
-Azuhmier (aka taganon)
I see people say stuff like this every so often but I rarely ever see people actually make an attempt.
Not him but...
give us time. Stuff like that doesn't happen overnight.
(779.47 KB 3202x1980 example1.png)
(633.90 KB 3172x1724 example2.png)
(452.17 KB 3036x1740 example3.png)
Time is all well and good, but nothing can get changed without an actual plan.
So what is your plan?
not him but
>image dumps, for instants we could have a /hmofa/ fanart image dump, I might make one soon, if somebody doesn't
>discussions on obscure stories or stories in general that don't get discussion
(592.17 KB 2800x1973 20210405_204514.jpg)
Well if you're looking for content have a drawing.
AH HELL YEAH! Paper anon is here!
I think what we need most is an incentive to go here. We’re already here, obviously, but we need to create a reason for other people to be here. Something like getting (well-known) writers and artists to post and discuss here as well as consistent discussion.

Also, this place needs to be more well known, beyond the link being in archive sites and the occasional mention in the main thread. People aren’t gonna come here if they don’t know of it’s existence after all. Also we need a way to get a trickle of posters, because if we only had ourselves, people would move on and this place would eventually die and/or people would just go back to the main thread.
it would be cool if this site had a pastebin like utility. That would definitely bring people in. If they can use something like pastebin again.
I've been using your masterbin.json to keep up with SoFurry stories, SF's story system has some oddities and I haven't bothered to write my own parser for it yet.

For anyone who is comfortable with the command line, jq is a great JSON processor.
I recently improved the json and xml by alot. >>3347
Is the improvement good for you?
In other matters. When Desu dumps the new bz2 files, I am going to try to give an array of timestamps to each story/url in the json via querying the sql for /hmofa/ OP posts. In other words, include the times of all the updates and stories for in relation to its placement in the /hmofa/ OP's of the past.
I only extract the urls, didn't notice any difference. Seems good though.
(319.67 KB 904x1607 1617913304805.jpg)
Fresh off the presses.
Downloaded from 4chan because I'm not sure if furchan clears metadata.
(493.83 KB 1048x1862 20210408_163653.jpg)
And another one, as a reward for using furchan.
Was gonna ask the main thread but it got derailed pretty fast (now there’s two threads, so I’m definitely not touching it lmao) so might as well ask here.

>Barring a high sex drive, what other personality and lifestyle alterations would occur during heat?

Also keep in mind that heat probably has some (biological, psychological, and cultural) differences between species. For example, I know that in real life, foxes in heat can have mood swings, going from playful or very aloof.

Answers may or may not help me with a story or two.
Chap 5 and 6 of SOTD, where does the time go?
You the guy with the witch story? I'm also working on one.
For heat: girls need to piss, A LOT. They would probably be drinking significantly more water to make up for lost fluids.
If this is a modern story, consider having some kind of heat suppressant drug. That is an important element of another work I have on the backburner.
>Chap 5 and 6 of SOTD, where does the time go?
What exactly are you asking?
you've never heard that expression before? it's been a while since I posted that
>You the guy with the witch story?
based artfriend, thank you for this gift of glorious tough waifur
I like your pic, but I have to ask: why are her boobs so far apart? It looks good, but when I think about it, it just seems far apart, but only when I think about, looking at it now it looks normal, until I think about it.
(1.45 MB 600x398 1617966614423.gif)
GOD she is sexy
I just draw people poorly on accident sometimes. The reason their designs are so simple is because the drawings are only 2 inches tall, which is also why the anatomy's a bit off.
lmao look at that dumbass go
>complaining about the 4chan thread being shit
>but not posting in the furchan one
The religion posting is honestly one of the most boring forms of posting we’ve had in a while. Most of the time it’s not even on topic and sometimes people just up and spam shit completely unrelated.
This shit is pretty doom-inducing to me. 100 posts in 3 hours, and they're not noticeably worse than usual. I hope we can slow down eventually, since at current the thread is too fast for anyone but NEETS to keep up with.
Given how the internet works, it’s likely we’ll only get more popular as time goes on (until winter comes, of course). The only way I can see post speed slowing down is to either move somewhere else to allow more people to post at once, or shitpost a ton to deter people. I don’t see the former happening any time soon and I personally don’t really want the latter to happen.
People shitpost less when their is discussion, dissuades the (you) feedback loop. So discuss more.
This isn’t about shitposting. It’s about the speed of the general and ways to slow it down.
Is this thread slow enough for you?
Why do we have drama about someone writing a story with an underage anon every few months? That's a rhetorical question, since the answer is probably something along the lines of >underage writer doesn't realize stories with underage characters is really fucking weird
and its almost like everytime someone posts it it starts a shitshow, how fun, and the coomers play along because they dont give a shit about anything except stroking their cocks
I think this conundrum is bigger than the general, for their seems to be a growing moral panic about 'grooming' and 'pedophilia' growing in social media these days. It was bound to reach us at some point.
/hmofa/ has been against it before the current social trend about it started, fuck off.
We will never endorse that kind of content you degenerate cockmunch, you will never be welcome to post it here.
Word needs to get around more. The thread needs to know there is an escape plan and rally point if needed. Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly necessary
Who are you talking to anon?
I was referring to the "more than just a bunker" part. This board won't get much use until it is better known in the thread.
I feel like a lot of Anons leave the thread when it's too bad, leaving the thread barren for a while until everything snaps back into place.
If the thread on /trash/ is untenable this place could be a temporary shelter for those who care until the coast over there is clear.
Well how would you suggest we get his place more known?
Jesus christ How many fucking threads its like the 4th today
We should consider linking it in the OP directly. Currently it is 'hidden' in a text link.
Another general I went to had a "lifeboat" board too. Being a shitpost-shelter wasn't it's original purpose, but we started using it as such. It was the first link in our OP back then.

That's the best idea I have
Well, that’s up to the people who make the OPs.

Also pardon me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that fall under the no advertising rule? If it’s been done before, I’m sure it’s fine, but I just wanna make sure.
>no advertising rule
Ah yeah, I forgot about that. i haven't been to the general I've mentioned since before that rule existed/was enforced because 8chan kept getting shilled.
Bump to keep the interest in furchan going
isn't much that can be done since we can't advertise on the main thread. Who moderates this place?
What we really need is an incentive to go here. There’s virtually no interest beyond it being a bunker thread.

On this matter, I’ve seen a lot of talk of trying to get this place more active, but virtually no actual action. Which is understandable, because I don’t think it’s possible given how popular the main thread is and how there’s almost no way to advertise this to people who don’t know of it’s existence.
(446.27 KB 1750x1573 cutemouse.png)
(279.17 KB 711x800 ratphone.png)
Meant to add text, clicked upload on accident. Thread's been fucking shit for the last week because of zoomers and underage shitsniffers, and I didn't want to say that because I'm a zoomer but it's the truth. Learn how to conduct yourself or piss off.
The other general I mentioned as an example earlier had dedicated boards for drawfags and writefags.

Many of them opened their personal threads in those boards, where they archived their works, posted bonus material and were available for question and conversation. Contributor threads over there were pretty successful, since that gave Anons a place to find a given Draw/writefag's collected works, while still being on an imageboard that looks just like 4chan.
That was especially helpful with contributors who posted nowhere but in the thread, because if they went there they now basically had their own little space, while still being on a 4chan-facsimile out of the public eye.

No idea if that would actually work, since the contributors actually have to come here, but it may be a more attractive option for those who don't like being on SF or AO3
I wish we could get other drawfags here, since it seems like they've almost all full-on left the thread.
Dropping this here too, again, anonymous.
(558.07 KB 1080x897 Notes_210410_220844_0b8.jpg)
(554.92 KB 1080x912 Notes_210408_231409_db7.jpg)
Here's some other stuff I haven't posted in the thread
If they have socials or other stuff like that, you could contact and tell them about this place. It’s the only idea I have in mind that isn’t talking about it in the main thread.
Thread is looking like it's going to last a full 24 hours, fucking finally.
(1.82 MB 5000x5000 1620011190615.jpg)
(1.04 MB 1212x1862 1620013102866.png)
Here is Sarah, an OC by wheresmysocks
based and bullying socks pilled
(803.15 KB 4961x7016 lokaDefeated.jpg)
(185.83 KB 608x587 1620009917329.png)
There is nothing wrong with being a virgin Sarah. But being STINKY on the other hand...
She is a virgin BECAUSE she is stinky.
>fuzzy whammen remain virgins if they are stinky
>but fuzzy whammen can also sniff out if a human is a virgin
Once finals are over I am going to do some "storybin overhaul/improvments/fixes", for example consider the following author slot in the masterbin

By The_FFI_Database
-----------|| FFI
>FOUND: Tattered Journal
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Azuhmier/hmofa/master/archive_7/anjqWEYR (part 1)
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Azuhmier/hmofa/master/archive_7/WrrBt864 (part 2)
>The Eye on the FFI
-----------|| MISC
>Honeyed Hearts
>Misc. Ideas of The Secret Zone

I want to add "series" dividers to masterbin (not just the tag catalog), I am just having trouble deciding the characters to use, thus what you see above my pic thus far. I was hoping to incorporate a different begining character as of now this is the universal key for the master bin:

>Deimos format
"By" author
">" story title
"" url

>Exstended (tag catalog)
"[" tags
"#" summary

Almost all storybins use the Deimos format, which is why it is ideal for a general's masterbin: can easily be combined, manipulated, and shared with others.
My end goal is to add tags and "story series" lables to the masterbin on google drive to allow for suggesting and commenting of these elements. Although I wish there was a better place than google drive for suggestions. In the end I will have multiple masterins stemed and formated from the google doc one for preference and eas of use

>one with out tags or series dividers
>one that includes the descriptions?

I guess I am just open to ideas on the formating and the use of json/xml data to make using the masterbin and finding stories much easier

- Azuhmier (aka taganon)
What's the song?
Fucking summer, man. Isn't it just peachy when that asswipe gets time on his hands?
If he's actually 28, then that just makes it even worse.
The people who respond are just as bad, if not worse than him. There’s no doubt he responds to himself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more people giving him attention than prior occurrences. Makes me wonder just how many new posters we got so far this year.

Imagine spending the last three years of your life shitting up a furry general on /trash/ nearly daily for months at a time. Dude needs to go outside and touch grass.
man, i haven't even been in the thread for a month
i thought that idiot was gone for good around the time i left
have to say, i get some schadenfreude from learning he is stuck in the same petty and hate filled ditch
He's been at it for years. Probably the only thing to stop him is going to be something in his life changing. I've seen him in other threads, too. Still, funny to be called a zoomer when I'm as ancient as I am.
(68.10 KB 568x858 E1j0OdtWUAEjUko.png)
Don't awoo. $350 penalty.
It's all so tiresome.
>5 hours
>Be jackal pirate sailing across the desert dunes on a barely sand worthy scrapheap
>Hear howls emanate from behind the convoy i'm spearheading
>Yarr! Me sisters must've spotted prey.
>In the distance a lone figure darts around a husk of a car.
>Wave signals to my sister on the mast
>She relays the orders by blowing a horn and waving two red flags
>The convoy closes in on the target like a pack of wolves while i take the lead
>The command vehicle creaks to a stop beside the derelict
>Zip down to the site on a rope
>Trembling behind the rundown car is a human.
>I reconize these nervous eyes, it's one of the survivors.
>"Naive little sweethearts." i sneer under my snout.
>"Aye! Please don't be afraid, me sisters noticed ye in peril n' so we came." I present my paws to him, showing my 'noble' intentions.
>The humie leans out a little from his cover.
>"You seem 'stressed'. We have chow n' drink just waitin' for the right pair of paws. Ye look hungry. Me sisters n' me can share with yew."
>I extend a paw.
>The human stopped biting its nails, apparently contempt with the offer.
>He... or she? I have no idea, slowly emerges from his rusty refuge.
>Me sisters are approaching the scene in swarm.
>A scent makes its way into my nose, a male scent.
>Yarr, jackpot!
>A furless hand makes its way into my paw
>I feel a force squeeze it.
>Hrnng... barnacles, lanky body, but it will suffice.
>"W-wow thanks, ever since i've got out of my b-b-bunker things have been g-going totally crazy! he stammers.
>"All in a days o' work" I flash him a sideways smile.
>"The c-cities have been totally looted to the spectle of dust. I-I'd s-starve out h-h-here if it weren't for you!" He returns a meek smile.
>"To starve the body is to starve yer mind. Ye mind is important, jack. Without it you're just a husk." I tap my forehead with a free paw. "Out cold" My gaze sharp enough to cut through scrap metal.
>His smile fades “Y-y-you aren’t joking a-around, r-r-r-r-right?” His head darts around the giggling circle of my fellow brethren.
>Ignoring him I continue. "And every sister knows that males only think with their DICKS!"
>My paw shoots to his crotch, latching on with a steel grip.
>Ample size...
>"WHAT THE FUCK!" he yells while trying to to pull back, immediately regreting the decision.
>"To deprive ye mind of ocksie-g-en can be fatal to ye, jack."
>The bugger swings at me.
>A flick of my arm easily deflects the blow.
>I apply a deathgrip on his balls, eliciting a 'YAAARGCK' from him.
>"Althougth, in measured chokes it can prove to be quite 'stunning’.”
>The sweetheart collapses with a spin with the help of my push.
>The circle erupts into a full on cackle. “We’re gonna have fun with you tonight.” I say examining my tainted paw.
>I aim my snout into the orange evening sky of the desert, releasing a howl, quickly my sisters follow suit.

I'm looking forward to criticism if there is any.
I don't see anything obvious, it was a well illustrated story. I hope somebody saves the humie though.
This is kind of a prologue to a choose your own adventure story i'm planning out, so the MC might thunder down to some kind of pirate camp to save him. If the reader chooses so of course.
Looks like we're going for a 3 hour pace this time.
I think I know a way to get this place more well known without directly advertising it.
>Make another survey on Google Docs or something
>Add a question related to this thread
>Add an explanation for those who don’t know
>Maybe mention where people can find the link, and maybe link it in the survey as well
It works on a technicality. We’re advertising, but not directly mentioning it in the thread. It won’t grab the attention of everyone, but it’ll get the people more involved with the main thread, since they’d be more likely to at least click on the link to the survey.
>Be a super stealth helicopter pilot on a distant mountanious planet
>Snowy hills roll past the cockpit as i adjust the joystick
>Watch speckles of snowflakes race behind the streamlined glass
>Comms seem to be silent, so are the sensors. Just like for the past 3 hours
>A rough voice breaks the silence "Recon 06, report, found any clues? Over."
>I press a button "Negative, instruments cold. A blizzard is inbound. Status is nominal. Over" the radio beeps as I release the button.
>"Received, change heading to nearest mobile base. Land and resume your mission once the blizzard is over, over." the radio buzzes.
>"Orders received, dusting off."
>I tap at my map, setting heading for alpha base 2.
>"You ready?" i ask my gunner buddy.
>A thumbs up rises from the lower seat in front of me.
>I wrangle the joystick, the aircraft banking sharply before settling on its new course.
>A chuckle escapes me "Ha, ha, ha." My mouth almost smiled.
>My friend responds in a much more fast paced chuckle from under his helmet.
>The stealth-copter cruises through the mountains for a while, the snow flakes intensifying in density along the way.
>I feel like...
>Something's wrong, almost like I’m missing something.
>As if on cue, the console lights up.
>An alarm pierces the silence.
>"Boogeys!" My buddy yells "Four o'clock!"
>One of the console's monitors displays the location of the attacker.
>Four thick barrels aimed straight at the helicopter is all i could focus on.
>Luckily we're going straight past a huge canyon
>The joystick takes a hard forward, black spots rushing past the cockpit.
>I feel my seat vibrating as the gunner returns fire.
>The aircraft takes another sharp bank as i cruise it in line with the giant slit.
>I press my hand down on the throttle as we're finally flying over the canyon.
>My buddy chuckles.
>"Ha, ha-" Three metal bangs reverberating throught the hull stop my laugh short.
>"WARNING, secondary rotor disabled" a syntethic voice answers.
>In a cold sweat i try to control the slowly spinning beast.
>[Bang, bang]
>The steady hum of the rotors starts dying.
>"WARNING, critical damage to main engine."
>"'Damage to my' AAAAASSS!!" My buddy parrots the first part in a nasal voice.
>I grit my teeth as i watch a rocky wall race towards the copter.
>I shut my eyes.
>Even now I still feel… something missing.
>Like a thunder clap the grass breaks.
>I feel my head rock back into my console, conciseness ceasing to exist.

Will continue

>Awake to my head bouncing off an uneven surface.
>I see… blinding white, my ears are ringing, and my hands are cold, really cold.
>Could this be the so called afterlife?
>”I feel even number than ever before.” I say to no one in particular.
>Suddenly my legs drop to hard ground.
>”God, why have you stopped dragging me to hell?” I say to the deity.
>A silence responds.
>If it’s so cold then I guess it’s still a long way ahead.
>“Sorry for disturbing you, God. How long will the journey take?” I say, expecting the earlier reply.
>Instead something paws at my helmet.
>I still have my helmet on? Wait a minute. They don’t allow headwear in churches, so why would they be permitted in the afterlife?
>A paw swipes the white dust across the cracked glass.
>I rise my head up, propping myself on my elbows.
>Something weird meets my gaze, a furry weirdness.
>It’s sitting cross legged to my left, oddly feline in looks, almost like an Old Earth snow leopard. It seems to be wearing furry leather garbs of grey color.
>Piercing blue eyes stare at me, expectantly
>”Who are you?” I point a finger at it. “Are you one of God’s servants?
>The creature cocks its head at me, copying the gesture. “Yoou?” its ear flicks.
>Now that I think about it, this is probably an alien woman.
>I shift my gaze to her chest.
>Well, the prominent breast area is covered with the leather, same with the crotch.
>There's no denying it, that's a woman. A backward man surely would be waltzing around naked
>I would at least.
>Wait, hold on! I twist my body.
>Whistling behind me is a storm of rushing white motes.
>Memories of me and Bob chuckling at my air acrobatics return to me.
> ‘Ha, ha, ha.’
>I untwist myself.
>If I would be capable of it I would shed a tear, yet I haven’t been able to for years.
>The fluffy lady paws at my visor again
>It’s likely that she can’t see my grimace from behind the opaque shield.
>She tugs at my uniform.
>What does she mean?
>Her brow area furrows.
>Now it dawns on me.
>I take a glove off
>With an effort I extend a hand
>She recoils a bit back.
>Her eyes track my head while she slowly lowers herself to give it a sniff.
>I start getting dizzy.
>Her nostrils flare a few times.
>Don’t do it…
>She’s really intent on taking my scent.
>I extend a finger, beelining straight for her nose.
>I make contact
>She immediately retreats backwards with a hiss.
>”Ha, ha, ha…” I wheeze as i splay myself out on the cold floor with a thud.
>”Funny little kitty.” I murmur
>It’s really getting cold now, you know.
>I think I’ll take a nap, here and now.
>My eyes slowly close themselves, bringing me once again to the unconscious realm
my body is ready
(289.89 KB 1047x827 1607483953549.png)
So this is the thread. Huh not bad
(418.18 KB 1945x2160 1619053734389.png)
Not him but AWOO
(67.13 KB 900x900 1621948693673.jpg)
Since there’s definitely going to be some new eyes on this thread, might as well get a basic discussion topic going.

What are you writing, drawing, reading (or otherwise contributing to the general) at the moment?
I think you guys need to update the story list.
T. Visiting from /trash/'s HMOFA
(1.01 MB 1000x1111 1619537261239.jpg)
Improving my drawing skills to make some proper /hmofa/ drawings. Also to seem to have posted your thing twice
Medically having trouble writing and also deeply unhappy with my abilities as a writer to boot. Currently on hiatus, reading to try and improve my technical skills while waiting for treatment with a non-serious but extremely distracting issue.
I doubt I’m going to make any waves on my return, but at least it (hopefully) won’t be because of just being shit at writing.
(350.08 KB 795x735 Ifwecan'tawooweshallbark.png)
Doodlin, reportin in to Bunker thread.
(479.44 KB 1080x1146 1621752329993.png)
Is that Jindo?
(555.89 KB 1740x868 Jindovidya.png)
She wasn't expecting anon to call her bluff.
God bless paper_anon
(288.17 KB 605x1056 1621771386854.png)
>ywn breed a hot pocket mod into a deletes Furbois on sight and doesn't afraid of anything force of nature
Not really drawing anything for the thread. I've been doing other stuff and the thread's been going too fast for me to want to bother drawing anything for it.
(951.24 KB 258x162 tiresome.gif)
So we now have rapefwiends :) and fartfags in the thread. *Sigh*
Edited last time by r00t on 05/27/2021 (Thu) 21:29:39.
(230.96 KB 2000x1500 2afcdb00694f1f6ae10e6626e71f1c22.jpg)
(226.46 KB 2000x2600 EfY_rWQXsAYm1rJ.png)
It never really stops, the same group of shitters always rolls around and do their little song and dance. This has been going on forever for the past three to four years. It stops sporadically and then it'll start all ove ragain.
(251.49 KB 723x1137 1616124505442.jpg)
Did she fart on her or something getting all her dog musk on her?
(1.26 MB 640x368 pain.gif)
(1.35 MB 2894x3095 (S)pain.png)
>Now someone posted the link for this thread.
Is this Collie part skunk or something because it looks like Loka has been hosed down with some green substance kind of like skunk spray.
post more zombies
we have moderation. If you see a post that is low quality. Report it.
post them loli waifurs, boys
Movan from /trash/
Had a dream I was visiting a high school to pick up my little sister's stuff from her lockers since she was sick on the last week of school and had a ton of junk. Her friend told me that she got sick because she didn't pay tribute to Lana, the ghost. I vaguely recognized the name as a classmate who died when I was going to school. I then saw a figure on the rooftops. There was a shift in the dream and then I was at the beachfront finding a gift for my sister when Lana appeared and tried to kill me with possessed toys. I just sorta knocked them aside and she got mad and tried to possess me. For some reason I was able to push her back, but we ended up rolling down the sandy hill to the beach. Somehow Lana mixed with the sand and became real. There was another shift in the dream and me and Lana were at a fancy restaurant. It was kind of awkward since this was the first time she could eat in years but also she was part sandghost.
Pic related she was a fox
Global Rule 3.d.
Keep it to >>>/b/
ok, fine
Do we have any Jewish waifurs?
please give me jewish waifurs
Wait a second. Have over one thousand generals really gone down here and somehow I never noticed it before.
>fox ghost waifur
Y'know, this sounds like a pretty good idea for a waifur story. Trying to get her a body that won't literally grind your body/dick to a pulp with science and black magic ensuing in hijinks. On another note, I wish I could have a normal dream like that man, all I get are fucking nightmares.
>ave over one thousand generals really gone down here and somehow I never noticed it before.

No. Not at all. 4chan will always be where the bulk of our threads will be, but sometimes when it gets bad we can post here. What you see is just a snapshot of the latest /hmofa/ thread at the time of making a new thread here.
>all these shitposts
mods pls
(785.10 KB 681x1193 furboi cucking.png)
its hmofa related
I get that you're testing the moderation criteria. I'm not sure where the average thread member would want to draw the line, on casual shitposting/racebaiting/etc.

Trying to gauge sentiment here.
let the jackass wind down. He'll eventually quit.
(155.30 KB 1536x2048 EfPHbBwWsAQL3nE.png)
(1.16 MB 2209x2461 qtshork.png)
this, get to work already goddamn they're already multiplying and starting to shit up THIS thread too.

racebaiting/pol-tier shit (jewish waifur)/rape/fart/lesbians/loli/snuff/
come on man, it's clearly shitposting.
given that all of this is a response to how bad it got in the 4chan thread i would put the tolerance at near 0.
Just wondering because /hmofa/ is two hundred or so generals pass that number.
I don't know about others ,but when they are baiting with one-word post with unrelated fetishes such as

>ntr >>3500
>scat >>3480
>fart >>3481

I see that as low effort trolling, and a overall attempt to bring the level of thread discussion down, especially since the traffic is not big here at the moment.
Holy shit I forgot Haunting Noire even existed
(2.51 MB 1500x1500 jewish goth waifur.png)
Ive finally found a jewish waifur
I don't wanna give people shit for their kinks since I enjoy loli off thread, but I come to these threads to see and make wholesome content about humans bedding and romancing anthro women. I'd say /pol/fart/ntr/scat/lesbian/adhg shit is specific enough to be off-theme here. Might just be me, but they're my two cents.
Thread destroying behaviors like gorespam / bump killing / text spamming will absolutely not start here. But casual/conversational shitposting isn't necessarily the reason for this bunker's existence, and hard moderation on it could limit legitimate, if joking, discourse.

Thread crashing and derailing will be curbed. Because it seems average sentiment is that the brapposts are not acceptable jokeposts, they will be deleted.
Thanks for the clarification. The spam seems to be dying down, too. Guess you scared them off.
adhg which is a stupid acronym is still hmofa just with the anthros being a lot more dominating rather then in being a more equal relationship.
(636.86 KB 2048x2048 85dd14299b6b353b451419d306f5088e.jpg)
>Thread crashing and derailing will be curbed. Because it seems average sentiment is that the brapposts are not acceptable jokeposts
more than just the brap posts boardowner-kun... I'd say rape and snuff fall under that too.
we don't make new threads unless it they reach the bump limit

I would would agree with everything accept "/pol/ tier" post. For what if someone genuinely wants a Jewish waifur? Also I think it's a bit healthy to let a thread get politically incorrect (let's not let big corporate moderate us) as long as it thread related: Nazi Dobermans, anthros racist against humans, etc.
>I would would agree with everything accept "/pol/ tier" post. For what if someone genuinely wants a Jewish waifur? Also I think it's a bit healthy to let a thread get politically incorrect (let's not let big corporate moderate us) as long as it thread related: Nazi Dobermans, anthros racist against humans, etc.
There is sort of an inside joke, or playful banter, among tooth, wetchop and wheresmysocks in which they call each others OCs ugly and stinky. You can find them doing it under each others commissions and it's quite funny.
(864.51 KB 885x1000 spess jewess.png)
i want a jewess waifur because 4chan, or at least morons from /pol/ are indaddyously antisemetic, ironically or not. Ive seen nazi waifurs, and I just wanted a change of pace. Something refreshing.

And Israeli girls are kinda hot...
(141.63 KB 2048x1147 EfPHaWfX0AQLCmG.png)
>I would would agree with everything accept "/pol/ tier" post. For what if someone genuinely wants a Jewish waifur? Also I think it's a bit healthy to let a thread get politically incorrect (let's not let big corporate moderate us) as long as it thread related: Nazi Dobermans, anthros racist against humans, etc.
In regards to stories maybe but I don't care for this turning into /adhg2.0/, besides if you give idiots like Burzum and co. an inch they'll take a mile. Why do we have to bring race into it? It just devolves into racebaiting.
I am going to have to hard disagree with you their bub. We have Nazi doberman stories
>adhg which is a stupid acronym is still hmofa
Yeah I'd agree with you on that, but if that was the case why even separate the two at all? I know I don't go to those threads because femdom isn't my thing and I enjoy equal or male dominating relationships in my anthro bedding content, and while I wouldn't begrudge the former here and there with hmofa, that's only in moderation - my main concern is getting that shit shoved down my throat consistently.
funny enough, I was actually the person who created the first adhg thread
I haven't checked it in a long time, or the 4chan hmofa thread either
the reason at the time for it was a combination of the main hmofa thread being so consistently low-quality, derailed, and crashed by the shitposter that a new thread was a haven, and femdom was something he wasn't into so it necessarily would be a thread without him in it
it's a bit silly to think that the regular hmofa thread would be so inundated with femdom-themed stories that you'd feel it was "shoved down your throat", don't you think?
>femdom was something he wasn't into so it necessarily would be a thread without him in it
That's clever. And yeah of course not, I don't actually think the hmofa threads are gonna get flooded with femdom stories. The stories have been damn good so far even with femdom here and there. And it's not been too extreme in that either - at least as far as what I've read so far goes.

What I'm referring to specifically are the on-thread posts and images I keep seeing that fall roughly in line with "I want a dommy mommy anthro", like the human slave posts in the last main thread. It's consistent enough that I can't tell if they're there just to post femdom or it's just the part and parcel of the kind of posters hmofa cycles through.
(112.00 KB 786x1100 EryZ1n9VQAEOoMO.jpg)
(54.62 KB 675x632 ErzO6IhWMAAujD7.jpg)
(3.60 MB 2480x3507 EUEZtkxWkAYmGeZ.jpg)
>funny enough, I was actually the person who created the first adhg thread
>I haven't checked it in a long time, or the 4chan hmofa thread either
NTA but
>the reason at the time for it was a combination of the main hmofa thread being so consistently low-quality, derailed, and crashed by the shitposter that a new thread was a haven, and femdom was something he wasn't into so it necessarily would be a thread without him in it
right, it wasn't because of the constant rape stories that kept cropping up and very few people enjoyed
>it's a bit silly to think that the regular hmofa thread would be so inundated with femdom-themed stories that you'd feel it was "shoved down your throat", don't you think?
shitposters and /adhg/ crossposters would constantly start talking about shotacon bs and anthros raping humans and to this day they still do, so yes it's shoved down our throats. It's annoying, I don't want to be their pet either, or them to be a 'goddess' of mine or be their slave or what-have-you.
haha, you don't have to believe me but I did come up with that acronym everyone hates so much as well, and I originally didn't want it to be male/female only too so that should make it a bit more believable
there was of course the secondary reason that /pofg/ had just an hero'd at the time and I always felt that it was too restrictive. pretty much every story in that old general had the same plot line to the letter; "anon is teleported to universe where humans are not sapient, pretends to not be sapient for some reason, and gets adopted." I always thought that was a waste of potential 'cuz there was more to explore even in just "pets of furries", but since people always opted for it I decided to branch out to just "anthros dominating humans" to expand the possible content as much as possible
rape stories on the hmofa thread was never the reason. first, my obsession came many years before that split, and everyone loved it. second, the vast majority of rape threads that were around at the time were humans with anthro slaves, like the ancient roman themed story that was big at the time
whether or not any of that has happened after the fact, at the time the only real concerns were generating a higher quality thread
>Girl you thought was cute died back in senior year
>She haunted the school for a while afterwards
>You returning as a college grad to help out your sister causes her to haunt your ass
>Through an attempted possession, she gains a mostly physical body made out sand
>The two of you go on a trip to give her a proper non-sand body while bonding and finding out about each other
Call it life's a beach and maybe make the MCs sister tag along and be the wingwoman for you and help with shenanigans
/pofg/ was full of autists and My Obsession wasn't something I'd say that 'everyone loved', in fact it brought up a lot of discussion and conflict in the general, but it was an interesting story at the very least, and it didn't sugarcoat or glorify rape at least.
that's fair, yeah
but still, clearing rape off the hmofa thread wasn't something I was thinking about when I hit the submit button
>rape threads that were around at the time were humans with anthro slaves
I am unironically interested, though maybe not in the rape itself

To be fair I reckon fictional "sugarcoated" rape and realistically written rape are two different things in that they tend to read/play out rather differently. I'd absentmindedly enjoy the former while only touch the latter when I feel like I need a kick to the teeth.
>I'd absentmindedly enjoy the former while only touch the latter when I feel like I need a kick to the teeth.

I don't enjoy either, personally, and the latter is why it was so controversial at the time. It wasn't a feel-good story, at all. It was pretty much just horror of a certain kind. You didn't read it to get off to it, it was just the 'experience'. I quit halfway through hoping the MC would eventually work the balls to kill her trying to get away or something but he never did until he got the chance to call the cops. Too dark for me. And rape as a fetish is just too wrong to consider as something within the real of wholesomeness. Dub-con is as far as I'd go.
(176.15 KB 537x615 Eq2YpwFWMAIOyLt.png)
wow i didnt see her face but now i wish I had before posting that.
How horrifying.

To clarify, I don't mind light-femdom. Girls taking the lead is fine, it's when it turns into slave-master play or shotacon or something of the sort where you're clearly regarded as an inferior being or somesuch that I've an issue with. Again that's just me, while on the topic.
Yeah that's absolutely fair enough. I wouldn't mind going a little beyond dub-con but honestly I can't see anything like that as being wholesome unless they do a kind of 180 without the stockholm syndrome. There's also the possibility of rape play which I'm perfectly fine with and could feasibly remain fully wholesome since both parties are 100% consenting.
(183.64 KB 1280x762 Helping injured awoo.jpg)
Hey, who has that image where it shows different generals attacking /HMOFA/?
(1.23 MB 1460x922 1610334766670.png)
Bingo Thanks bro
...isn't /adhg/ and /pof/ literally the same thing
oops meant to reply to this for the NTR: >>3499
I've entered /hmoma/ by accident a few times and genuinely didn't realize my mistake as I looked through the thread

I just assumed /hmofa/ was being extra shitpost-y
Lol. That's happened to me a couple of times
(423.92 KB 220x123 1612155932720.gif)
Honestly, I'm not quite a fan of infidelity in relation to HMOFA, I'm perfectly ok with a waifur leaving her furboi bf for a more suitable human bf.
Yeah, I never understood why people make the Collie girl stinky. She doesn't look like she would be stinky and I prefer my waifurs smelling nice. Though I don't think I have seen that image posted in /trash/ before.
>Yeah, I never understood why people make the Collie girl stinky. She doesn't look like she would be stinky
>t. socks
Dicks and balls aplenty staring you in the face, and it didn't dawn on you then? There's something you're not telling us, anons.

Also, /hmoma/'s activity is about 1/10th the rate of /hmofa/. Other side of the coin as far as thread speed goes, but it is what it is.
I don't know about >>3538 anon but whenever I entered accidentally I noticed quickly. Wouldn't see anything else other than the op. I would leave with visible disgust.
I just assumed people were shitposting with gay, I also wasn't paying TOO much attention

I go on autopilot sometimes and just click on whatever comes up when I ctrl+f 'hmo'
If I recall correctly we had a take5 with Jewish waifurs,
regardless I wouldn't mind a jew story.
The dude is now larping as a pony. Don't send him to pol, send him the his shitty containment board m...l...p *vomits*
>The dude is now larping as a pony. Don't send him to pol, send him the his shitty containment board m...l...p *vomits*
let dissect this shall we?

>The dude
No context for assuming it is one dude? You ascertain something that is only conjecture as fact in your post to no none in particular. Like you are trying to drive thread behavior.
>Don't send him to pol, send him the his shitty containment board
excessive use of words that you do not mean, hence the addition of "shitty" in front of "containment board". Saying pol even thought the majority of shitpost do not concern this. Assuming we have any authority to send him anywhere, meaning you subconsciously know you are trying to influence the in group as the outgroup
>m...l...p *vomits*
to make doubly sure that nobody suspects you, you exaggerate your distastes for pony, even going so far as putting a furafinity tier asterisk.

I diagnose you as Dylan: to learn more about him just look through desu archives for the world dylan and burzum and once you get his full name, look it up on kiwi farms. I am not going to post it here, for that would count as doxing.

I used to be incredulous that this was the work of one kid, but then I look into it. And my god he is CWC tier.>>3549
He was talking about burzum using 15.ai for his posts, anon.
And he was also referring to a guy in /hmofa/ who responded to burzum to, "go back to /pol/".
There's definitely one guy from /hmofa/ that goes to /mlp/, as I saw him drop burzum's name there once in response to some rando troll for some reason.
(2.88 MB 785x1280 trombone.png)
Forgot to post these in other places, but here:

>/HMoFA/ Collab Story #2
>Prompt: a depressed rock musician meets an outgoing and upbeat anthro girl who’s set on bringing the color back to his life.

Edit code is “Belfast”
(834.79 KB 804x804 1457456847782.gif)
(1.47 MB 800x450 1611865589356.gif)
>There's definitely one guy from /hmofa/ that goes to /mlp/, as I saw him drop burzum's name there once in response to some rando troll for some reason.
Why would any one care what happens outside of /mlp/? People go to the /ppp/ thread b/c that is where the models are. You have to take advantage of our natural resources of concentrated autism no matter where it comes from.
>He was talking about...
We know your tactics. I know your the same guy that I replied too.
>But muh IP?
VPN. It's not that hard. You didn't go to community college for nothing did you? Or is Australian school system really that bad?

That is the last time I will reply to you, unless you bring up something relevant. Although I can easily predict you are just going to reply to this post saying that I am either.
>take your meds

Instead of not replying to me and letting thread quality go back to normal, but no. You thrive on setting thread discussion, so you will have no choice but to reply to me. Because in your mind, if you leave an accusation/post without any reply or pushback, you think people will assume that what I say is true and is the status quo.
I was trying to clarify to you that >>>3549 is not burzum using the context of the thread at the time cause you might have misunderstood it.
The context of >>3549's post was:

"The dude" is burzum, we can assume this because of:
"Don't send him to pol", which was in reference to:
>random guy specifically told burzum to go back to /pol/
And, "larping as a pony" because:
>burzum is also using 15.ai for some of his posts

So with this we can safely say >>>3549 is saying he wants to, instead of /pol/, send burzum "back to /mlp/" because of burzum's usage of 15.ai
So he's probably not burzum.

As for
>Why would any one care what happens outside of /mlp/?
You tell me, I go there regularly and just happened to see what I saw.
Unless you meant "i n s i d e" of /mlp/, and yeah, it didn't really have anything to do with the rest of my post.
Also I don't mind the use of 15.ai
(547.19 KB 1401x1010 a22efac863ce4c3e188ae26216ad1e43.gif)
(449.23 KB 480x270 1617252700485.gif)
need vixen
Well, they're out there again, shitting on DeadMimi now. I really hope she doesn't end up being driven away by this insufferable pack of no-life qtpies.
I remember when dylan/burzum (aka the shitposter) tried to shit on Drawfren when he first started posting in the general. a lot of /hmofa/ posters came together that day to collectively tell dylan to fuck off. point is, if anyone tries to fuck with our drawfriends, they'll be sorry.
(202.18 KB 905x797 Jinisscared.png)

Don't worry dude, I'll be fine. I actually left after I called him out near the start but BF's been telling me what's going on. I'm just sorry cause I feel like I caused the thread to go to shit again.
I just woke up half an hour ago. seems they don't care about time.
(268.11 KB 1457x2064 EuFaujHXMAAhVRM.jpg)
>I feel like I caused the thread to go to shit again.
it's not your fault. the sheer existence of /hmofa/ is enough to trigger dylan's hate boner. If you want a good laugh, go to kiwifarms and search "dylan w a l s h (remove the spaces)". his failtrolling is pretty hilarious
What he does is, whenever someone posts new content, he starts shitting on them in an effort to get new creators who aren't daddyiliar with the practice to leave the general. He seems especially active when it concerns a subject matter that he doesn't like, but I've also seen this response to an artist that did art that should have been right up his alley. But he also targets specific writers, and I've had him come after me because one of my stories contains elements he hates.
Main thread’s getting crusty, so might as well jump over here. Recently gave the collab a few paragraphs. What’s everyone’s thoughts so far?

I like it so far! The protagonist having a dislike for anthros is an interesting concept.
They're going to shill garbage fetishes to get people out.
>inb4 influx
(603.47 KB 220x220 1613201749414.gif)
>haha let's advertise /fg/ on /hmofa/!
False flag confirmed
(97.24 KB 949x633 harleyshaka.png)
Like the other anons said, it aint your fault. Burzum and others just have no life and will shit on everyone just for their own amusement. Can't post shit there without them going full autismo.
Has to be
I refuse to believe anyone is that retarded
(1.83 MB 473x345 1621704105976.gif)
Fucking agree.
Like who the FUCK does shit like this?
Fucking kikes man, they are trying to root everyone out.
The mods will take care of the shitposters you autists, calm the fuck down.
I'm not worried
Just disappointed
I'd rather people keep advertising the /fg/ /hmofa/ general so it remains active and gets more populated than stay in 4chan. Why the fuck would you not wanna switch this for that when we've got moderators here to take care of their N33T asses?
They're not coming here.
(174.87 KB 1463x2048 bd855f4c9e7253afaf1146aaccbf35ce.jpg)
Guess we're gonna have to shill it every general then. Frankly I'm tired of Burzum and his fellow shitcunts fucking up the general there. It's been what, four years or something?
(106.61 KB 610x702 1612001207748.png)
>Shill for here
>He comes here
>He can ban evade

Good idea.
(889.23 KB 3600x3000 008443c2dfba9cb4dde847c6a4d77a7a.png)
what makes you think he doesn't know about this place, he did come earlier and the board owner smote him and his filthy ilk to kingdom come.
You're right that more people should find this place, but outright linking/referring to directly here is asking for trouble.
(978.33 KB 1166x946 1609540195984.png)
Fine, but know this - this place will be more dead than/adhg/.
It's too late, the damage is done.
(81.45 KB 660x660 1598322136024.jpg)
Mostly linking here to /hmofa/ isn't gonna make things worse, everyone knows 4chan, this is just like a side channel for it. Tell me, when a person looks at here and /hmofa/, where are they gonna head to me? /hmofa/. Why? Because its more popular and mostly its more loose then here.
>I feel like I caused the thread to go to shit again.
A lot of writers and artist seem to come to this conclusion even thought there is no backing to it. Nobody besides burzum causes the thread to go shit again.
Yeah, you don’t see that too often. I’m eagerly waiting to see where it goes.
>Nobody besides burzum causes the thread to go shit again.
No shit, and yet mostly he can find ways to expand. Don't question retards like him. And already, fucking making "BUNKER THREAD' shit doesn't help.

Stop false flagging whoever is doing it, you're just making things worse, and shut the fuck up if you say, "M-MUH PEACEFULNESS!". Keep it up and soon we'll become the next /hmofa/ and mostly have even WORSE shitposters here.

the majority of post here are burzum.
>low character posts
>unrelated use of the word'kikes'
>doom posting

Also nobody in their right mind would be worried about linking the board in 4chan. Unlike /trash/, this place is moderated. He can't do shit, and he is AFRAID.
>Anyone who i dont like is Burzum
>t. Burzum
It's effectively just the sporadic event of the shitposters got awake and people won't just report them, it isn't even remotely based on you or your actions. For some godforsaken reason trash won't just region ip lock the dude, so once in a blood moon he comes out to talk massive shit.

They target anything and say whatever gets you's, you got targeted because you were frankly pretty great at giving folks good and free drawings and generally being cool. They would have just picked something about underages, moral degeneracy or whatever else if they didn't have a "flavor of the week" shitpost theme.
Honestly, don't draw on 4chan, focus on Twitter and other places to make money.

You know this site in general has very little activity. Don't think for a second that we can't recognize you. Trying to clogg up the board.

Also it's time to breed, grab your waifur and breed.
I'm starting to think you don't actually have the best intentions for this place.
(234.50 KB 1769x2048 1609468998272.jpg)
I want to start contributing to the threads but i dont know how the fuck to talk with these artists and writers. im so used to the chan culture where everyone is an asshole to eachother that I dont know how to interact with people being nice on here. I cant see it as genuine. i really thought drawfren and co. were just fucking around since he arrived. Even just admitting this feels strange. how do i progress?
Talking to people. For instance, in what way do you want to contribute to the threads?
You could just try to DM people on places where the artists and writers are active. SoFurry, Ao3, Twitter or try over here, we have a few writers and artists here on occasion. I'm a former instead of latter, but I haven't contributed solely due to a lack of time and real life fucking me up.
I would like to both draw and write but I always chicken out of posting because I don't know what to say and I don't want to drop something without saying anything.
>I don't know what to say
I say this in the nicest way possible: that’s a you problem.
>I always chicken out of posting because I don't know what to say and I don't want to drop something without saying anything.

Just post something like
>"Delivery from the chef to table 2, a nice fuzzy whamen for A-Non."
>Hey guys, drew x, can anyone give me soe feedback on how to improve?
>X girls are nice
As much as I don't want to say it, >>3600 has it right. You gotta have some balls to post my good man, if you can create but literally don't have the guts to post, you got an issue that's on you, not on anyone else.
Should I just try to act like an amalgamation of the current posters? I don't know how "Hey you qtpie fwiends I drew a dog in a dress" would fly.
Be yourself. Just don't be a coward self and imitate others to force either a gruff or kawaii self you aren't.
I still remember the shitshow that followed my first few stories for /hmofa/. I got targetted by the resident shitflinger, posted a reply when he tried to drag my non /hmofa/ into the thread to discredit me and I replied like a dumb fucker.
These days I just post and get out. It’s not perfect, as I k ow I’ve missed a legit question about my stories a few weeks ago due to keeping distant (and working during how damn fast the threads run) but at least I’ve provided for the handful of people who like my work.
I really hope I can come back strong once I’ve recovered and ‘relearned’ how to write, as it were. I was stagnating and my productivity was in the tank, so my medical woes kinda came at the right time.
Tl;dr: just go for it and rely on the anonymity when it comes to lurking.

Do it like me and just don't interact with them and do it for the Anons.
I hope to get better, but my art is still garbage, so writers and artists generally ignore me, even in the few times I tried to talk to them.
It feels so crushing that I gave up on that and just accepted that they will never see me as their equal.
Never talk like that in the thread though, because that'll turn indifference into contempt.
Just keep doing it for the thread, who knows maybe someone will break the ice first, but don't count on it.
Start at it and contact anyone who seems friendly enough, really. Don't worry about the shitters just try to get something down, something is better than nothing even if you don't appreciate it all that much yourself. We all start from somewhere anyhow, and if ever you want to get good at it then you have to grind out the bad before you get good.
I hope you make a good comeback and feel satisfied with your stories anon.
that's shitty to hear but maybe if you toss out your contact info (sofurry, etc) then maybe someone will hit you up. I would.
Just repost your art every time you post for people to recognize and acknowledge you. Do it enough for a shitposter to latch on, and the drawfriend defence force should dive in to cover you.
Being good at drawing and/or a female helps too. No offence to Mimicked, she's both, but I doubt she hasn't noticed that some of the posters are simping for her.
Sign your shit, too, or you're asking to be ignored.
(190.36 KB 808x935 Jinball.png)
Yeah I kinda find it funny that he's so desperately grasping at things to try get under my skin, pretty obvious when he keeps switching up what he calls me to try and gauge my reaction. Also redundant when I can either hide the shit or come back later to just continue on as normal.

I can understand where you're coming from, I was lucky to know a few people from 4chan way back who weren't complete dickbags so I grew out of that pretty quickly. And taking time off the site here and there certainly helped. And like >>3606 said, just poke someone who seems friendly enough and just chat, like you would normal people.

Sorry you feel that way man, and I'm sorry if I had any part in it cause it certainly wasn't the intention.
>Never talk like that in the thread though, because that'll turn indifference into contempt.
Dunno bout the others, but if you come out like that all you'll get from me is sympathy. Maybe advice that might help you stop focusing on that so much to help you just enjoy process as it goes, but not contempt. Also my general rule of thumb is to treat everyone like you'd treat anyone else. I hate putting people on a pedestal and vice versa, we're honestly all just people. It took a while for me to grow out of that but I think it did me good in the long run.

What >>3606 said about contact info, too. Like wise dude.
I've talked to strong here and there in DMs and while stoic, he's a cool dude.

>Simping for her
Are they? I don't think I've noticed any, unless you mean the guy who was asking for me as a panda in which case, yeah, that was a bit weird. And no offence taken. Contrary to all the woke bullshit I'd say being a guy would be a lot harder, especially in the US.
breeding > sneeding
Your art is fine
No shit her art is fine. She passively made all the new drawfriends run back to the drawing board.
As theyre anonymous it doesnt matter.
I agree
(796.58 KB 1192x912 1613863828292.png)
Mostly at this point - 4chan /hmofa/ is dead. I think I take my leave. Good luck artist whoever you are - I wish for a good life for you.
(487.12 KB 1200x923 bunny_girl_064.jpg)
I gotta wonder though, Deadmimi, what the hell got you into /hmofa/ to begin with?
(456.18 KB 1254x1058 Quinnanddonovan.png)
>As theyre anonymous it doesnt matter.
That's the most comforting factor yeah.

I've answered that question twice before but uh, I really enjoy wholesome stuff, as well as well written romance and relationships. I can enjoy the anthro part in an empathetic sense, and strong, dependable but still human guys are great. More so if the duder is the top in anything lewd. As for what got me to poke my head into the thread - it was partly from curiosity, and largely from being sick of seeing futa and gay stuff plastered absolutely all over the place elsewhere. I liked the concept, so I stuck around, asked what stories are good, started reading and eventually started drawing.
(486.94 KB 1583x1583 Itsbeenawhile.jpg)
It's been a hot minute since I've posted anything, hasn't it?
Oh shit your getting better.
Reminder that racism outside of /b/ is banned here. That includes your epic maymay reaction images. Appeal and don't do it again.
Also, no cub outside /b/.
I thought piporete was clear that they were both in highschool? Well I guess I should have known better, knowing that he is a known cub artist.
But I am Black. I can say fwiend. You guys can't, but I can. You fill me fwiend? You need to stop being a bitch-ass fwiend.
Despite making up 13% of posters in /hmofa/, fwiends commit 50% of all awoo post.
>board owner says not to post cub
>obvious trolltard proceeds tonpost cub
sasuga nigerian...
I'll be honest, if you hadn't asked whether or not it was allowed I wouldn't have assumed it was cub.
I'm still not sure. Maybe I shouldn't have unlinked the file. Either way, if it's extremely on the fence maybe it's best to just >>>/b/ anyway
Edited last time by r00t on 06/01/2021 (Tue) 04:40:22.
>I'll be honest, if you hadn't asked whether or not it was allowed I wouldn't have assumed it was cub.
I have no idea if it does, but one of the best pieces of advice I've ever read was to always err on the side of caution. Still, an honest answer is appreciated and thanks for not just banning me outright in the good old "Hello, now get out" fashion.

Still would like it if someone confirmed whether the text is just some generic thanks for 5 (insert amount of 0s here) view/followers/whatever or is it something that can help me track the artist.
just post it on /b/ and ask, furm00t has made it pretty clear how you can do that
If you mean the japanese in the image, it says "Shiyokora chan", so the character's name. You could probably go from there yourself.
Many thanks, drawfriend.
>Shiyokora chan
we were the lolis all along
Why is Botty the one who attracts the particularly weird comments? I know we’re on 4chan, but I’ve never seen an /hmofa/ contributor get those kind of responses multiple times. Is it just because she’s a woman with a fursona?
>Why is Botty the one who attracts the particularly weird comments? I know we’re on 4chan, but I’ve never seen an /hmofa/ contributor get those kind of responses multiple times.

You are going to have to provide some context
(1017.84 KB 1047x550 1622579022355.png)
Happy Pride Month!
I figure it's some combination of:
>Being prolific
>Being a good artist
>Being a new artist
>Admitting to vulnerabilities
>Being a woman

I try not to let 4chan get to me but seeing shitposters go from boilerplate "fuck off" posting to targeted harassment makes me wish mods gave a shit about /trash/
You're confusing two different people, anon.
My bad, my point still stands though
(232.19 KB 1184x713 depressedharvestmouse.png)
I haven't seen anyone else get targeted like that either so this just confuses me. Though I did miss a few threads so it might've been then, I just hope no one else had to deal with the same.

As for the "why", I have no idea. Maybe they wanna shit on others just for the sake of it and the recipient being a woman gets their rocks off.
>Maybe they wanna shit on others just for the sake of it and the recipient being a woman gets their rocks off.
Yeah, pretty much. He seems to go harder on people he can pin down as some sort of identity group he doesn't like (and that's a very broad range), but ultimately he will try to get new contributors to leave the thread by being nasty to them and giving the impression that this opinion is broadly carried.
nah, I got shit on pretty had as well, as have a few other people I know
the shitposter's just a bad dude who likes to get rude
>He seems to go harder on people he can pin down as some sort of identity group he doesn't like (and that's a very broad range)
This. I have a few non /hmofa/ story series' and he dragged them into the thread. Between my bad reaction and people both defending me on top of others further instigating things, it caused at least one whole thread to devolve into an absolute shitshow.
Just keep on keeping on, as they say, and besides the same old, tired and zero effort trolling attempts, he'll move on.
(485.64 KB 1068x888 missyinmissy.png)
>This. I have a few non /hmofa/ story series' and he dragged them into the thread
Doing this to instigate shit is just gross.
>the shitposter's just a bad dude who likes to get rude
Heh, yeah I guess he's just one of those types.
And that's really a shame to hear, cause without his incessant bitching the thread itself seems relatively wholesome.
mine too


>Be me
>Feel weightless
>Clouds rush out from underneath me
>Did that Angel drop me off heaven?
>I take a peek downwards
>Nothing but more clouds and the blue sky
>I think so
>I tense my hand, trying to pry it from my side
>All in vain.
>I try my foot
>Like a spring it goes upwards, creating a 90 degree angle
>”When did I become so flexible?”
>A force of a thousand suns sets my leg back in its place
>I feel a spark travel upwards from it, like a jolt of electricity
>Expect… there’s no pain, it’s all fuzzy
>And something else
>The feeling invades my pelvis
>Then my other leg
>The space in front of my starts becoming distorted
>It waves, twists and grows like an angry ocean on a stormy night
>Then comes the upper body
>That other feeling… it’s soft
>Almost like…
>I feel myself slow down, almost as if caught by a loose net
>A very delicate silk net
>The spark enters my head
>The ocean sky starts losing its color, slowly sapped out of life
>I see morphing, sharpening into tens of tiny points
> They’re illuminated by a red glow
>I feel the rest of my body become engulfed into the ‘feeling’
>It feels good
>As if hugged by a warm furry blanked all around
>I feel my chest getting tight
>I budge my hand, something is holding it in place
>The hell!
>I scrutinize the captor
>”The hell!” I thrust my head backwards in surprise
>Pairs of furry ears twist to my direction from within the mounds of white fur dotted with spots
>A unamused leopard snout yawns at me before returning to its slumber
>I look at my chest
>Blue eyes peer back, along a pink nose decorated by a red glow
>Is there a campfire around? I can only hear a hum of sort
>I realize my head is held by paws
>Her eyes shine in the light as she examines my face
>Quite bold to get so close, nevertheless touch my head
>I flash her a smile
>I she recoils a bit, before flashing her pointy teeth in a similar manner
>”Ha, ha, ha” I chuckle
>She responds with a purring alternative
>I feel two soft mounds press against me
>You know, that feeling of something missing I felt back before the crash?
>The leopardess huffs at me
>I think I found it. I think, as I slowly grin to myself

I wrote this late at night, so i had no time to proof read.

Always ready for thoughts and critique
>removing tags from the actual title of the story
Some stories such as wheresmysocks and alfaborf had tags right after the title of their stories, but I removed them, in preparation of "syncing" the tagcatalog and the masterbin together. They will still be at separate URLs, the only difference will be that they will both come from the same 'json' or whatever data struct I end up with.

>no longer going to enable suggestions after sync, but will keep commenting
the majority of suggestions I found could have been made as comments and the majority of "suggestions" were people accidently changing somthing and trying to change it back.

>jsons (not a permanent location at the moment!) (json formating is kinda of weird, everything is still WIP)
tagcatalog: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Azuhmier/hmofa/master/code/json/hmofa.json
masterbin: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Azuhmier/hmofa/master/code/json/masterbin.json
dispatch table: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Azuhmier/hmofa/master/code/json/dspt.json

Find the differences in the tagcatalog and masterbin via their jsons (different titles and urls, for they were not kept up with eachother), fix them and sync them, then return to tagging after I add all the tagging and stuff that review anon(s) and authors did since I stopped b/c pastebin nuked itself.

Still looking to different sites to host masterbin, archived stories, etc. Nothing will ever be set in stone.

- Azuhmier (aka taganon)
Thank you for your hard work, Azuhmier
Your doing God's work.
>thread calm for hours
>suddenly a slew of shitposts all reacting to each other

It's just so fucking obvious, I wonder why he still even does it.
Something's wrong with that boy lmao.
I haven't been able to enjoy the /trash/ thread for a long while and actually left for a bit.
But then I felt I missed it, went back and immediately regretted it, what the fuck.
Test reply
Guess I'm no longer banned.
Same. There are moments where I want to join in on discussion, but the thread being so damn fast, having to work and not currently creating curb that real fast. Then, when I feel like maybe I could spend some time on there, the shitposting resumes.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for?
I envy the drawfriend that can put up with that thread.
Wish I could.
It just needs people to ignore the shitposter.
I can't believe we still get caught into the usual;
>post opinion
>newfag/log/how old are you?
back and forth even after all this time.
With how fucking persistent he is I guess it's inevitable that anyone new to it will take the bait. There's also the samefagging too.

Ech, I dunno. Guilt complex kicks in every time I feel like something's even remotely my fault - which is essentially all the time.
>I envy the drawfriend that can put up with that thread.
Wish I could.
Honestly, same. I miss when I used to be able to just laugh that off but now I just ignore it and don't show. It still chips away at me and if it gets too much I step away for a bit to recover.
He apparently evades also since his shit got wiped and immediately started posting again a few minutes later.
Didn't he specifically say a few threads ago he disliked but didn't hate you? And now he's just going off. Either that was a different person, or he's off his meds again and having an aggressive episode.
(108.93 KB 491x400 thanglblu.png)
I didn't see anything like that. But I wouldn't put anything the rat fuck says at face value. I wasn't even on for three days and the guy kept thinking I was posting.
>it just needs people to ignore the shitposter
imagine, for a second, and I know this was crazy
but imagine if there was a version of the thread where the shitposter just didn't exist?
that would be nuts
Deadass most of those posts are himself trying to make it seem there's something happening.

He hates the thread, mate. The more prominent and recognizable a contributor is, the harder he goes.

That'd be nice, but such a place, should it hypothetically exist, would probably suffer from a lower number of users posting there and no influx of new posters.
(3.82 MB 2066x1395 1.png)
(3.28 MB 2066x1396 2.png)
(3.22 MB 2066x1396 3.png)
I'm gonna just dump all of the Missy art NaPalm has made that I'm aware of. There's one more recent piece but I hope you won't mind that I'm keeping that close for an upcoming portion of the story.
(3.13 MB 2066x1396 4.png)
(352.92 KB 859x891 all smiles.png)
(4.27 MB 3411x5518 bed.png)
(2.97 MB 2649x3447 height.png)
(456.22 KB 4058x3508 not so smug.jpg)
(2.18 MB 4058x3508 unknown.png)
(1.54 MB 1690x2076 childhood friends.png)
(4.27 MB 3232x5296 nude sing.png)
(2.94 MB 2332x3820 sing.png)
(1.22 MB 1653x1004 phone.png)
(268.46 KB 656x906 sketch.png)
And that should be everything. All other art is of the "Sona" character and is unrelated, or is drawn by other awesome artists.
Hey deadmimicked just make the story so people can see it without the link.
Yeah I know, my bad. Already done that though so the link should work.
I stopped actively participating around holiday 2019, personally. Less because of squirtz, tho, and more because it was a bad time in life and there wasn't any community here. I lost my will to do anything, but really because of anything to do with 4chan. I'm still clawing for recovery, but alas, it's always something new instead of writing or drawing. But shit, I need to figure out what to do with all these Trinidad Morugas and chocolate habaneros. These plants are monstrously productive. Someone even accidentally sold me a baby white bhut jolokia for five bucks. Crazy what you'll find at flea markets. Okay, off-topic over.

You shouldn't be - contributors like yourself remind some of us why we keep coming back & persisting after nearly five years. Thanks for doing what you do.
If squirtzle's ignored for consistently for more than one thread, it'll inevitably act out so audaciously that its posts become BoS for a day or two, disenfranchising it for a while. There's no moderation on the weekends while the mods are in diabetic comas glutting themselves on Tostinos. That's why it's worse at that time - janitors can't issue bans. Anytime squrtz was serial-banned, it's because its blatant ban evasion annoyed a mod enough to sit on the dumbass for a while.

It'd be neat if this could shift from the burzum meta general to a proper supplementary option to keep the /trash/ thread on page 1 for at least a day or two.
>thread 1423
After the discussion in there I'm genuinely wondering how many people aside from Burzum either want me to stop posting or blame me for superficial issues that honestly aren't about the actual thread quality but rather convenience of said individuals, since there're full archivals of each thread and a constant up to date content list in case anyone's missed anything important. It's one thing dealing with burzum constantly sperging out at me, but it's another entirely when people I'm drawing to entertain think I'm doing them a disservice.

I get why they want things to slow down since I've been there myself (Is the term weekend poster still a thing?), but back then people didn't care so much about the thread going by so fast rather than actually get excited that they caught one in progress. I was gonna put this question out yesterday but my ISP took a dump.

Oh hey you're the greenthumb dude! Thanks for the encouragement, and I'm glad I'm helping someone get some enjoyment at least.

Supplementary how, exactly? I can see one being used for open discussion and the other for more content focused posting but I can't think of anything else atm.
(351.24 KB 1003x771 1623242227554.png)
Probably not the best time, but I forgot to post in the thread how much I loved this piece of yours, then the thread pruned. NaPalm loved it as well, and it's always a delight to show him how much the thread loves his character.
I've been meaning to ask if I can use those images with the updates I post? Naturally, with you credited. One, because I love them, and two, for the sake of switching up the usual array of images.

Regardless, thank you again!
>I've been meaning to ask if I can use those images with the updates I post? Naturally, with you credited. One, because I love them, and two, for the sake of switching up the usual array of images.
Oh, yeah no problem, go ahead dude. I'm glad to hear you like'em.
I'd be very surprised if anyone besides you-know-who wanted you to stop posting. Someone in the thread you mentioned said it themselves, a fast thread is fine as long as there's actual content to justify its speed.
When you come out with (really cute) art of several new characters it's only natural that it dominates discussion, especially when there wasn't too much new stuff to discuss beforehand anyway. I think it's a pretty safe assumption that everyone* just wants other CCs to post more, not for you to post less.

*except for certain "people" who just want the thread to die slowly.
>After the discussion in there I'm genuinely wondering how many people aside from Burzum either want me to stop posting or blame me for superficial issues

You have done nothing wrong, please don't let one shitposter get under your skin. Everyone 1005 appreciates your art over the normal burzum shitposting, remember that.
What people seem to forget is that he doesn't actually care about the thread or its contents at all. Him complaining about you posting or discussing actual /hmofa/ content should be proof you're doing something right.
I’m reminded of the times he’s ‘confessed’ about how his particular brand of fetid bullshit is for the good of the thread. About how it’s supposed to stop it being corrupted or some absolute smooth-brained bollocks.
I wish I had some content to post in the thread just to see if he’ll react to me, but I both lack anything right now and the last few times I have, he hasn’t said shit.
To be honest most don’t react to me anyway, but hopefully the studying well make me proficient enough to get a few more anons interested in my work.
>There's no moderation on the weekends
I don't know if you noticed this, but there's no moderation on /trash/ ever
there are literally no mods for trash. check the janitor applications, there's no /trash/ post. burzum's posts get deleted once in a blue moon by random passing mods
that's why this place exists

>It'd be neat if this could shift from the burzum meta general to a proper supplementary option
no, it'd be neat if this place shifted from a supplementary option to the main option. why the fuck would you want to use this as a supplementary option and continue using the awful unmoderated version that's otherwise the exact same?
obviously it would be best if people just moved here and used this thread
>obviously it would be best if people just moved here and used this thread
I'd be more than happy to move here if everyone else did, and honestly the skinny fuckass is still going at me by the looks of things. It's taken me 5 years of meds and staying away from stress to be able to handle this much again. I don't know how much longer my body'll last with all the extra bullshit going on irl and I can physically feel it deteriorating again.

Chances are though, it's unlikely and I'll just end up posting sporadically and dipping right after like some of the others.

Also unrelated but I've written about 1.4k words for chapter 1 and I think a little more should be enough to move on to chapter 2. Do you guys think that's enough word count for a chapter? From what I've looked up it's a lot shorter than the average chapter length but it also said that there isn't a set length so I wanted your feedback.
Chapter length isn't as important as whether it does what it needs to for your story. What I was writing before going on hiatus ran about 7-8k per chapter. Before that, I was writing 12k episodes with little micro-chapters within that were generally a couple of thousand words apiece.
Ultimately, so long as you're being consistent and it works for the pace of your story, it's all good. Especially if it's only a short story. I'm going more for novellas (maybe even full novels), but I have a lot of fluff that I'm teaching myself to trim down (part of the terms of my hiatus).

As for not hanging around too much, that's certainly how I generally roll. I sometimes poke in for random discussions, but I guess I've been 'blessed' in the sense that barely anyone talks about my stories, so I've yet to feel compelled to do anything like a Q&A like I've seen some /hmofa/ authors perform. It's true you're in the sights of the resident dickhead, but I suspect he'll lose interest if you pace yourself as well. It's a shitty situation, but sadly, unless everyone really does move here, that's unlikely to change.


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