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Lesbian Anthros Anonymous 07/30/2021 (Fri) 00:14:49 No. 3956
A thread for furry girl on girl.

Starting with the rarest combo, human female on female anthro.

Though out of all species, this seems like the perfect fit for sneks. Especially Vipers, the all female race with the mile long tongues. Not that I have any content to back that up with.
(226.98 KB 800x1124 lesbian wolf.jpg)
(2.17 MB 3244x2175 caption.png)
(470.86 KB 947x1000 lesbian renamon.jpg)
(72.84 KB 1000x747 Rouge and Topaz lez.jpg)
(309.96 KB 1753x1024 Rouge and Topaz lez bite.jpg)
(250.72 KB 662x1000 Rabbit and Clam les.jpg)
(825.25 KB 1200x849 rabbit bees les.jpg)
(141.35 KB 900x1235 lezbunnies.jpg)
(5.69 MB 2772x1940 Haru Juno lez.jpg)
(116.43 KB 960x640 les trib.jpg)
(1.74 MB 1500x1189 les.png)
(332.54 KB 900x1160 Sequential Art les.jpg)
(95.08 KB 661x800 Feline and Mouse les.jpg)
(146.14 KB 582x724 lesbian space elf and kitty.jpg)
(141.55 KB 892x1280 les2.jpg)
(698.54 KB 4500x3000 fuzzy lesbians.jpg)
(1.31 MB 1280x972 interspecies lesbians.jpg)
(249.61 KB 984x1200 biting lez.jpg)
I'll even allow for some group sex.
A rather uncommon niche you have anon
(3.82 MB 1920x1234 totesfleisch8-2221932.jpg)
(207.81 KB 702x1280 copperroach-2698198.jpg)
(1.12 MB 1280x1153 killioma-2818906 (2).jpg)
Finally, some proper intimacy
(1.77 MB 1800x1800 miss_rain-2511969.jpg)
(277.60 KB 1067x1280 rosie_(artist)-2840912.jpg)
(221.00 KB 1280x919 dramaticdino-2835431.jpg)
It's criminally underserved! Say what you want of /hfofa/, but even /lfur/ fell through faster than /sfur/. Granted, no thread survives without OC, I'm just surprised there's so little by way of writing.
(395.11 KB 1200x885 sunny_way-2456040.jpg)
(518.66 KB 3180x4096 maxmushroom-2609397.jpg)
(242.25 KB 667x1000 juzztie-2835341.jpg)
(96.24 KB 596x800 deer lezzies.jpg)
I only recently came across https://pastebin.com/6YmjWVam
and am interested in more, but the link to part 2 doesn't lead anywhere.
Tail penetration always seems to be rarer than I expect it to be, in any scenario.
And because any good thread needs stories, here's one that features some lesbian action (albeit as part of a threeway with a human male)
Including some of >>4085
I’ve semi-outlined an hfofa story, but I can’t work on it because it’s a sequel/spinoff of another story of mine. I’ll post the basic premise for feedback and suggestions:
>Arctic fox lady, born in Yukon and raised in NYC and (later) Rhode Island
>She has a blind sister, whose relationship is fragmented at best (which is what the prequel story focuses on)
>After her sister moves out of Providence, she also moves from the city to Wilmington, Delaware
>hfofa love story
That’s about all I have so far. Also fun fact about Wilmington: it’s here Fight Club takes place.
Is that prequel story still in progress?
Yes, which is mostly why I haven’t started on this one. But I’ve been in a mood to write some fxf recently, so I thought I’d flesh this story out a bit.


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