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(67.31 KB 1470x566 E3bSew1VcAEQ5j1.jpg)
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros Anonymous 10/12/2021 (Tue) 20:43:21 No. 4225
/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #1643

>"zzZ" Edition


By Shatteredpaladin
>Changing Seasons [Revised]
>Hunting for Ruby [Complete]

By Doublespace
>Here's your story, asshole (Ch. 8)
>The Many Adventures of Valiant Knight and Noble Steed

By alephkeller
>Assignment Risk (Ch. 21)

By Digiridoguy
>The Fire in the Flood (Ch. 3)

By Bed-Man
>The Priest of Myrrah (Ch. 2)

By derrandumbthrowaway
>That One High School Hotshot (Ch. 11)

By Sample_Family
>Raised by Humans (Ch. 12)

By Kaktus-nsfw
>How about those Spooky Spindly Shadowy Sinister Senoritas? (Ch. 38)

By CaptainDood122
>Home Movies

By Trashbin
>Trixi the Clown (Ch. 5) [Bonus #1]

By Lovelocked
>Wendigo Wife (Page 1 of 4)
>Wendigo Wife (Page 2 of 4)

By Codanon
>Coda (v0.0.9)

By ThisIsARealAccount
>Advent Provides (Ch. 18)

[ Story Masterbin ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]: https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo

Previous Thread: >>2870
Missed a thread or two?: https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
new thread, old thread hit 500 post bump long a long time ago
also first for yeen
(309.79 KB 1024x768 awoo butterfly.jpeg)
halloweeny time
(77.33 KB 636x900 108246140.jpg)
can never have enough yeen
(1.01 MB 2140x3014 1622427038286.jpg)
(248.03 KB 684x762 1620532007878.png)
(389.41 KB 1184x1138 catte reference.png)
(2.24 MB 1200x1200 ang comm 2.png)
Hey, I began writing a story recently and would appreciate any and all critique for this short snippet.


It's about a human and tomboyish lynx in a fantasy setting alleviating the loneliness brought on by their grim professions with eachother, and eventually forming a genuine connection. I want explore and the mundanity of terribleness.

Please let me know what you think!
Why must it be this way
Schizos gonna schiz
Autism and lack of parents beating their children.
People posting stuff they know will cause trouble, but they do it anyways b/c they forget the are posting on 4chan.
It's not so bad. I prefer /fg/ to 4/trash/ anyway, I'll take a slow, high quality thread over a fast shit one any day.

And the more we post here the better it'll get anyway
The idea that the shitposter is just going to behave if you take the effort to adhere to his ever-changing whims is nonsense. Like, what, you think he's sincere about his messages and intent, too? Suddenly switched from hating black people to fighting racism through blacked shit? Don't fool yourself, and certainly don't start policing the thread in an effort to ward off his anger like a good, little kapo.

He's obviously using a spambot, too.
(217.12 KB 1400x1992 104601.jpg)
THIS. Our choices are

1: stay on /trash/ and deal with the lack of moderation

2: move here and actually discuss anthros getting human dick in peace
to be honest I'm most likely going to do both
the idea of running away doesn't seem right and just down right cowardly
>move here and actually discuss anthros getting human dick in peace
I wouldn't mind moving here, but this place still needs more "slice of life improvements to make it better. Stuff like:
>A quick reply button to say something to the entire general
>The fixing of several bugs found
>a (you) system to figure your posts
>A way to know how many posts there are in a thread
And several other stuff. What do you guys suggest?
I'll happily trade away modern 4chan conveniences for actually active moderators.

I'll probably post in both, but shill /fg/ in 4/trash/ reguarly
>The idea that the shitposter is just going to behave if you take the effort to adhere to his ever-changing whims is nonsense.
>Ever-changing whims
you knew exactly what you were doing posting those pics, but you didn't care. You violated KNOWN rules, you dumb fuck.
The thread was going so well, but you just had to post your bullshit. Have you ever stop and thinked that maybe your actions affect the other anons?
take all meta discussion to meta thread https://furchan.net/b/res/1324.html
Executioner is a rare profession for a leading role. You have caught my interest.
Just commissioned art for an upcoming story, swag
may I ask which story and which Character?
Is it possible to become a Jannie on /trash/? I would totally take one for the team and sign up for it once the applications open up.
I have no idea. I'd love to as well, because -every- trash thread gets spammed and has nothing done about it.
(973.20 KB 1371x1079 102460182.png)
yes, less meta more yeen!
My own story, Deer to my Heart, still in second draft, and the art is of the main waifur!
I know there were about 32 losses for the 588th Night Witches, what's the Full casualty rate like.
Also, I named the Borzoi waifur Natalya.
Natalya a good name
Honestly, I believe it makes up for the fact I named the human male of the story Boris. Lol
(489.26 KB 1280x960 anon gave her a mole.jpg)
When I was younger I thought Red XII and Yuffie from FF7 would make a great couple, and produce a great waifur together. I even outlined a prompt for the scenario at some point https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3040048/3/A-New-Adventure (the potential hmofa part happens in ch.3)
I came across this picture of a rule 63 anthro Nanaki that is pretty close to what I'd picture his half-human daughter to look like. I even once had the scar and number tattoo edited away to make it fit better.
Unfortunately, the context doesn't fit the character at all.
A solo image of her wearing something fitting for Japanese (Wutai) nobility would be really nice, though her dancing with a human male would be on brand.
Maybe even her in a more tribal setting befitting her father. That would work especially well to make the mother ambiguous, for anyone who prefers her to be the offspring of Aeris, or even Tifa.
Really anything but her pleasuring herself in a cage surrounded by onlookers. She could at least be upset about the situation.
Interest piqued, even with just a short bit the characters seem to have actual chemistry.

Definitely think you should continue this
(285.20 KB 400x400 1634260046734.gif)
(231.81 KB 2100x3000 FBtTVTmWQAE06LH[1].jpg)
Sometimes you just gotta go with the classics
Posted this on the 4chan version of the thread.
If you're interested in continuing where I left off the edit code is "Davai borzoi"
i usually don't like when characters are just taken out of a game or movie or whatever. However you can pretty much do whatever it is you wanna do. I feel aerith being dead is the first hurdle you would have to leap across.
or you can just make, whatever species red is (I forgot) an anthro to begin with and just have it be his daughter, if you really need to tie him into the story in some way.
(2.64 MB 1080x1440 transform.png)
>I feel aerith being dead is the first hurdle you would have to leap across.
I agree. That's one of the reasons Yuffie was my choice for this instead.

>or you can just make, whatever species red is (I forgot) an anthro to begin with and just have it be his daughter
I don't think his species is ever named and yeah, you could do that but I feel that Hojo sets up Red's breeding compatibility with humans well enough that turning him into a furboi isn't necessary.
Hell, I would go the other way before I did that. I've read one story that turns his human partner into an anthro so that they are more compatible. (pic somewhat related. In that story it is a serum instead of materia).

For the purposes of this thread the specifics of the parents, regardless of whether they are transformed or not, are only important in producing the the 'fa' part of the hmofa which would hardly change at all.
i read stories with pokemon anthros, if you just say that is what they are, then that is what they are. no need for transformations or whatever. have hojo capture him and attempt to breed him with arith because hojo is an absolute weirdo that plays the role of the ugly old guy in those chinese comics.

it's FF you can do whatever you want. It's got robots, anthro wolves, and flying fat cat next to a 4 door convertible that fucking turns into a flying car for some reason.
I was literally thinking of a story I may do with anthro chocobos, and just have the chocobos be really strong and need of a handler or else they either get depressed or turn wild and become useless to the empire of the setting. maybe make some kind of psychic link like neodogs in starship troopers (I still want to make fanfiction of that), have aether connection to her or somethin'...

I'm probably not going to do that story sadly, got too much on my plate. But if transformation is your fetish, whatever rocks your boat, as long as it's legal, and it doesn't gross everyone out and shits up the thread.
Fucking pedobots
Red XIII? Isn't he just a magical talking feral wolf/lion thing? Maybe if he was already an anthro, but in his canon form the implications of that union are kinda disgusting
What happened?
Disregard that, just looked up.
(25.31 KB 800x600 image_2021-10-15_155345.png)
>bee waifur's hairs/fur is very pointy and spiky so wearing protection with her is advised to avoid booboos
(966.50 KB 644x1280 video0-209.mp4)
god i wish that was me
(677.36 KB 1139x1200 a95e41571c535f153dbfce1b450358a1.png)
I guess we should use this since it doesn't seem like he is going to stop anytime soon.
We should come here more often, anyway. This place is a good resource for stuff like feedback and more in depth discussion.
(326.88 KB 498x498 SNOOOT.gif)
Yeah sure, post more.
What is she from?
T.U.F.F Puppy iirc
>our writefriends either update a story or write a new one
>they don't yet mention it in the threads
>I want to talk about the stories
>I don't want to step on their toes by bringing it up before they do
%%%%%%%%%%% ATTENTION: https://rentry.co/hmofa %%%%%%%%%%%

The alpha version Masterbin should now work with chrome and chrome forks: https://rentry.co/hmofa

%%%%%%%%%%% ATTENTION: https://rentry.co/hmofa %%%%%%%%%%%
FYI, it was a Unicode problem.
you're doing God's work.
(228.35 KB 1280x1978 Naylor Enemy 1.jpg)
Now if we could only get more people in the thread to read a few more of those stories, so we could actually discuss them some time.

Fuck it, I'm going for it anyway. To anyone who has read Quar and Ray, do you think Cant is a new language made to cover the different speaking patterns between Humans and Ricks, and have something they could both reasonably pronounce, or is it a universal standard language that humanity is being taught to enter the galactic community?
Was that explained earlier and I just missed or forgot it? Scanning through the first chapter quickly now, it is only mentioned in reference to the ICG. I think there's also a lot we don't know about the nature of the ICG. Do we even know what the acronym stands for?

As for new stories, Doublespace added one. I like his setup, but I think I the execution is a little too simple. Reminds me a bit of a Naylor comic, but even he was able to tell a lot of story with no dialogue.
Though that comic is now reminding me of "Light my Fire" https://git.io/Js39z, or even good 'ol 'Tribes'. And the enemies taking warmth by a fire is reminding me of the sex scene from "Today's Demons are Tomorrow's Angels", or Snekguy's "Or Die Alone", but now I'm just rambling and dropping references so I'll stop.
>like a Naylor comic
doesn't that guy write cuckshit(as in the non-meme sense of the word), I know he has a couple of actual HMOFA stuff but I'm not wrong to avoid him generally, right?
If you are exclusively looking for HMOFA, I don't think you are missing much by avoiding him.

He does have some really hot fur/fur, or hfoma, if you're willing to risk finding the occasional nasty fetish. Cuckshit isn't even the worst of it. I'm personally more put off by his faggier content or watersports.
Stuff like cuck or pee isn't super common mind you, he's just done a couple of each that you might stumble upon while searching his content.
Naylor has worn a few hats in his time. He used to be the laughing stock of the webcomics community for his stereotypical edgy furry webcomics. The meme used to be that he was really good at drawing butts, too. With how long he's been around, and how notorious he is, it's kind of reassuring he's still around, still doing whatever the fuck he wants. So many artists disappear over nothing, after all.
(723.73 KB 850x602 TrainingMontage.png)
No promises but I might have a surprise ready by tomorrow, an update/ revamp to an old story. The original ending got wiped, and since quite a few people liked it I've decided to recomplete it, in addition to putting it somewhere where the link won't die. In all cases, I'll keep you posted.
Oh, you talking about Racing Stripes?
(1.60 MB 2000x1552 1632795901635.png)
(636.52 KB 2356x2079 1632793436368.jpg)
(178.90 KB 869x1280 1632797875026.png)
Yes. It's not ready tonight, but it will be ready, hopefully tomorrow. Editing took longer than I thought.
I'll post in both threads, why not?
By Changed_Daily
>Racing Stripes
A supervillain realizes how much his nemesis really means to him.
Nice but why not AO3?
Because I was excited to get it out in the moment and forgot, it's up now.
(40.38 KB 450x583 1606769151684.png)
So I'm writing a semi-anthology story about two people meeting at various "iterations" of their life. Basically, it's two people being reincarnated over and over again and meeting with no recollection of each other. It's a lot more complicated than that, but you hopefully understand the idea behind it. The only other thing you probably need to know is that there are some weird non-Euclidean things happening that only start to occur when the protags encounter each other. You can liken it somewhat to fourth-wall breaking except the characters aren't doing it intentionally.

Anyway, I'm asking for suggestions for settings that work into the concept well. Mostly because I'm having a hard time thinking of some and maybe one of you can manage to suggest something that fits into the story. I already did modern, so pretty much everything else is free game, including fantasy and other unrealistic settings.
(771.11 KB 1545x2000 30a3680774e866c21f06589bc4515dbf.png)
Is it like Cloud Atlas in any way? Not comparing, it just sounds a bit similar to the premise of that book.
(137.23 KB 1100x1100 !_.jpg)
Haven't read it, but reading the premise, it does seem similar. So yeah, I think it is. I think mine is more esoteric in nature, but again, haven't read it, so I can't say for sure.
I see. As for suggestions, maybe Feudal Japan, Colonial India, Pre-Revolution Russia, and space colony near Jupiter were ideas that came to mind for your story.
There's a nice doujin with a somewhat similar premise, where at the end the kitsune's human lover dies, so she keeps using her powers to reincarnate him as different people so she can love him forever.

>You can liken it somewhat to fourth-wall breaking except the characters aren't doing it intentionally
I like this idea, like they're not "meant" to keep finding each other but still do despite everything. A bit different than how most reincarnation stories handle it at least.
>"Wake Up anon, We gotta city to burn"
(24.88 KB 444x444 20210923_213236.jpg)
Your waifur suddenly materialises in your room. What do you do?
That depends. Does she know who I am?
Yes since you're her husbando
The question is more about how you'd deal with the situation
I think I’d be more worried about my roommate seeing her.
Kiss her passionately and then giver her rigorous anal sex
Between the downtime in his main story, and not even bothering to post his latest one in the thread, I wonder if Doublespace got scared off.

I hope I didn't contribute to that by misinterpreting the end of his last chapter.
(243.86 KB 2000x1853 1627239345703.jpg)
Was told to repost but since the thread is having another meltie I figure this is a good place to generate discussion.

I need reasons to justify an Anon who doesn't really like anthros to start talking to and become friends with the waifur, instead of just dismissing her like most others outright. More of a "not rayciss just dun like em" sort of thing in a modern setting.
I have how they meet and the nature of their relationship figured out so far, I just think it's a bit of a stretch for the character to suddenly be open to dating an anthro.
I'm taking all the advice from the other thread into consideration but curious about other thoughts?
what if she introduces him to a part of her culture and he finds it interesting?
It's not like it hasn't ever happened in real life. Maybe they get kind of forced together, and he first goes "maybe this one is alright", and then "maybe I was wrong about some shit".
Anyone home?
(619.56 KB 1220x1600 9000.png)
Welcome! Here is your (You) and complementary trad wife horse.
Yeah, taking editing notes on one monitor and watching Casablanca on the other
I am dying a slow and painful death.
(64.39 KB 735x689 FCTaUgyWEAM6V_L.jpg)
Boy today's thread got shitted up. When was the last time we went a week without this?
We have a meta thread on /b/ for this by the way:
Shit my bad. Thank you
I hate horses though fuck you
The Shafriend has breached containment
(209.59 KB 1280x901 1586009070451.jpg)
Maybe she tells some elaborate jokes really often that are supposedly really funny, but he doesn't get it most of the time, because they often require you to know about the culture to really get them. So because he's "stuck" with her or a group for a while, he wants to know more about the culture to be able to laugh with her or the group, which inevitably leads to him getting to know more about and closer to her.
(1.07 MB 1585x1998 1637164518198.png)
i kinda wanna try a story, central points, living underground and rats, wheres some good easy to use places to upload stories if i decide to try it
Rentry is the new pastebin. Alternatively, most people here use AO3 and/or SoFurry
(231.68 KB 1328x2100 1634689150289.png)
Thread is so slow that you will have no choice but to endlessly ponder the fact that Morgan is my wife and eternal soulmate.
(495.60 KB 1576x2154 1596591476206.png)
>you will have no choice but
up yours i do what i want
(228.62 KB 1292x1150 Uajo3mf.png)
That's great for you anon. I also love my wife and soulmate, Sam Anonymous
(366.76 KB 903x862 1619742722974.png)
(260.68 KB 1036x914 1624280061746.png)
Jindo... my wife, my beloved...
(592.76 KB 2602x1108 sarah and ???.png)
Is this hmofa?
why do you care?
>vice versa sequel
Drastic change in tone. I wonder how long Travis will dwell on this after he learns the wolf he killed was more or less just some guy.
I had a hard time getting through it, the formatting really needs work like separating paragraphs and dialogue. Vice Versa didn't have this issue so I'm guessing it's just a case of needing another editing pass.
>tfw it’s been two years since a story update
Author is still somewhat active so I’m not losing hope! But man
(2.99 MB 2560x5046 1631156987162.png)
Fluff anyone?
(495.42 KB 856x1152 beans.png)
haha, I remember that argument
I was one of the two guys having it
He is just asking a simple question
(224.89 KB 1024x768 imela chrimas.jpeg)
what are some christmas gifts you would give to your wife?
Hand-knitted blanket
(56.47 KB 800x600 Sam_Sketch_fin.png)
Engagement ring
(117.10 KB 1512x1089 1636335660342.jpg)
Tennis balls and frisbee
you would give an engagement ring to your wife?
so am I
I believe he wants to know if it is okay to post it here, so he can continue to post more.
(258.96 KB 800x696 Cerys and Arland.png)
no seriously why are you guys using this general
edgy alternative
/sarah and frens/ - https://furchan.net/fg/res/4381.html
Post sarahs, rare or not. Images are not limited to sarahs. Any /hmofa/ Icon with art that is numerous and elusive can be posted. Just be sure to put the name in the file title so it can be found easily.

Current Waifur Volume:

anna(lynx): 2
carrie: 1
charlotte: 1
clara: 0
elie: 1
group: 2
jasmine: 0
jin: 4
joann: 3
lake: 1
loka: 53
missy: 17
morgan: 3
orthus: 1
ruby: 1
sam: 3
serval: 1
sha: 16
sofina: 1
star: 2
trixi: 3
victoria: 3
whisper: 3

>Sarah™ is the standard thus far. Stable with high volume.
>Loka™ needs to be audited, 5 duplicates were found and there were instances Loka™ users trying to pass some dragon nerd with braces as a Loka™. The IRS handle of the BHA is currently looking into this.
>Missy™ is being watched closely by the /hmofa/ Federal Reserve (nobody asked them too). Prominent Waifur experts and fact checkers have warned against recognizing 3d Missy™ due to their ease of print that if not well regulated can lead to waifur inflation.
>/hmofa/ Federal Goverment issued a statement that only waifurs backed by actual or potential story gains and are not from external franchises are to be recognize.
(365.76 KB 1204x914 BHA REPORT.png)
Is there more to Sarah than It's My Life and Sattelite? Those are the two I can find.
(15.97 KB 696x564 Lowest effort possible.png)
I apologize to anyone who may be upset at my sudden departure from the main thread.
I just need a good, long break from the place.
As I said there, I'm still gonna be writing my shit and all that jazz, just not gonna be around the thread much anymore.
I don't know if or when I'll go back.
(61.75 KB 800x1040 Sam_Spongebob_Meme.png)
it seems i have made a silly mistake. a foolish little deed.
(539.46 KB 602x767 Ass.png)
There is no containing
I understand completely
There's a lot of unnecessary bullshit floating around that really knife-stabs one's spirit once you're home and sitting down to relax into /hmofa/ and writing.
Take a few weeks and think about all the wonderful things you've made. The smol still loves you, even if you shift gears to something less romantic and only marginally /hmofa/ related
(250.89 KB 1024x682 anon_thinking.png)
Main thread having another episode so looks like /fg/ is open for business.

Anything (You) have in progress for the thread, anons?
I've been away from the thread for a while, and to the surprise of nobody, very little has changed.
Well, I say that, but having checked my writefriend name, it was a bit of a shock to see my stuff get some discussion. It definitely gave me a nice shot of good vibes.
It used to be I could ride those vibes into getting some writing done, but I have a lingering (nonthreatening, but frustrating) medical thing that makes my already slow-ass even more slow, and it's currently causing me to be far slower.
That said, yes, I have something in the works. I finished the basic first draft of the first chapter of a story I haven't touched in a while. Hopefully I can crawl forward with it and have it done before the end of the year.
Ready to send off a few chapters of something new for beta readers.
I guess the next few days should be me seeing if I can get a commission or two, but that's always been so far down my list of priorities.
It's looking like my goal of releasing my next update by Dec 1st is coming along nicely. I've got 10 pages so far. I've been blazing through my writing these last few days, and I'm feeling fantastic.
yes but sarah is shit
Low post quality
Looks like napalm found himself in a bit of trouble among the pronoun bio squad.
He clearly doesn't care. a full week after that chicks post she reported that he hadn't even responded, and he posted new Missy art like a day after that.

It's good to not be controlled by the twitter crowd. they even uploaded the collage to e621 like a sperg.
>they even uploaded the collage to e621 like a sperg
Stereotypical twitter crybullying. Give it the token "do not harass" while asking, and expecting, followers to plaster that shit over the internet. Doph got one in response to a post from months ago. I think I'd be more sympathetic to it if they actually knew what was going on, but they all seem to have no idea that Missy is a character from a story originally inspired by the fursona and its art. They're just stuck in that fursona NFT way of thinking.
I actually took a look into the e6 post, the account that mass tagged it first (always the uploader) is a twipie alt, not to mention that not even the fags on e6 agree with her. its just her gaggle of 10 retards.

To whoever the author of quar and ray, you made me read your story for the entirety of the day, it's been so long since i've enjoy reading something like that. Thank you for posting it.
As a fellow reader, do you have a favorite character?
Mine is Dotta. Not because she is right, but because she gives contrast that helps elements of the story and the other characters stand out more clearly.
Like how she is kind of an alien version of the rebellious, tattooed, idealistic youth that Ray used to be, and yet she also stands as an example of the complete opposite of the kind of Rick that Lahroujel is.

I'm also glad the daughter showed up in the story. Her introduction seemed maybe a little too perfect, but I still hope we get more interactions with her.
It's Quar for me, i enjoy seeing how her character develops, even if it sometimes frustrate me with how she deal with, i think it's what makes the story great and what made her feel more like a person to me.

I wish there were more chapters when i started reading it, im dying to know what will happen next chapter Aaaa
Oh I just thought of a plot twist. What if Ray's daughter develops a medical procedure that can save Quar's frozen husband?
I'm not sure the story could handle that level of drama.

Also, now that I think about it, wasn't Quar shocked to learn that humans would keep someone braindead on life support? And she was sitting on this the whole time?

I don't think her husband is brain dead? But more of suffering to something we dont know yet, since Quar did mention living with him for at least 20 more years if she unfreezes him, i do think that's part of the reason on why she was down after mercy killing sam tho. She has to live with the fact the damage on Sam's brain is irreversible, and maybe it's the same for her husband too? But idk, as far as i recall it was not her choice to keep him in a frozen state. We still have little to no information on what really happened with her him
I cannot for the life of me finish a story.

I don't know if it's just perma-writer's block or just lack of motivation or what, but at least three or four stories now I've gotten around halfway done before just having no drive or inspiration to finish and it's really making me frustrated. I want to write stories for you guys I swear, it's just like I have this inability to actually follow through with it.
(142.48 KB 1588x1182 pepper1.png)
(329.39 KB 1590x1192 pepper2.png)
(169.71 KB 1582x1182 pepper3.png)
Pepper is such a sweetheart. The right amount of flamboyancy and fun. Has the artist written a story or has expressed interest writing a story about her?

I a short think a slice of life fic would be perfect.
Is anyone interested in donating their time to beta read? I've tried to get ahold of Happy again but hes been having network problems for a couple days.
How long is the story?
4,400 as of right now, its just the first chapter.
4,400 words? Do you have a time limit on when it needs to be read?
I mostly just need a cursory glance to see if i need to split it in half and flesh out each half more, i already got good structural advice from happy.

It just feels to me like there might be too many different things going on in one chapter for the reader to keep track.
not him, but speed reader here. I'll read it.
Thanks man, heres the ghostbin.


The reason it cuts so abruptly at the end is that its not quite finished, so I just left it.
Finished reading. I like it so far; well written and has a really interesting concept for the plot. I only have one question: when do the waifurs come in?
I'm thinking the first (and most important) around the middle to end of the next chapter. Sort of a "Lost and found" kind of thing.

Then a secondary one (maybe) for a different character at some point.

They're also not run of the mill waifurs, you'll understand later.
>They're also not run of the mill waifurs, you'll understand later.
I think that I have somewhat of an idea of how you'll introduce them, but I'm excited to see how it turns out nonetheless. Cheers!
(38.14 KB 650x793 1638907730031.jpg)
The work continues, thanks friend.
(4.51 MB 2558x1478 furx.png)
when is mousguy going to drop his fallout fox stories?
Ask about it next thread.
(40.33 KB 714x429 1623198849249.jpg)
for the other 3-5 people who use this thread for anything other than massive spazouts, how are your writing projects going?
Got one chapter down out of around five, but my friend and beta-reader has adviced a potential change for the opening scene for something more fun and dynamic.
It's an actual in-world play that revisits the events of the first half of the first act, but said friend thinks it would work better if the viewer 'gets into' the play and elements I describe as being props are seen as real, with just the start and finish making it obvious it's a stage play.
Naturally pondering this is making me reluctant to continue for the moment, so we'll see.
Yeah, making them out to be real is always a better idea than having to constantly reiterate the lack of realism in the objects they are interacting with.
Got 1400 words of the next chapter so far. Planning on making it a longer one this time, around 5-10k once finished.
Trying to get the nerve to start something new, then return to something older. I need to get something out.
See >>4666
Ideas constantly outpacing writing output
pretty good, almost done with a rewrite that I'm extremely happy with
Complete opposite for me, I have one idea ant then I literally cannot focus on creating other ideas.
Kind of stalled because I'm trying to get a bunch of details straight and tighten things up.
I've got a dedicated block of time this weekend and need to make major progress so I can start being a thread meme again.
26k words in and haven’t touched it in like, 3 months. I’m hoping to come back to it sometime soon.
There are too many people who haven't lurked enough that talk like zoomers on twitter and it ruins the thread. I'm making this point here since burzum goes all out everytime someone makes a point on the thread.
Wrong thread for this dumbass. It goes here:
(7.45 MB 2080x1250 missy christmas.png)
Merry Christmas
(Its still Christmas in Hawaii )
Just wanted to say this model is fucking amazing and thank you again for making it. Never thought I'd prompt anyone to make something like this when I started this silly story.
(31.36 KB 504x500 vic_yes.jpg)

Foxymilkies here,

I decided to try my hand at writing a short story featuring my waifur. It's my first time writing a story of this magnitude, not to mention sharing it publicly. So feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, and critiques you may have about it.

I may post it in /adhg/ instead of the main thread because I would rather deal with rapefags seething over it being "soft femdom", than deal with burzum throwing a shitfit for the next 20 threads or so.
Take discussion of other threads or websites to /b/.
fuck off qtpie, he is posting a story
I deleted the off-topic discussion, genius.
How about a pic of a hairy human with a snow leopard girl or a white dog girl.
(159.89 KB 1280x985 1570574806.redace83_comm_d3_1_.png)
>regular thread gone to shit
Time for the weekly spurt of activity for here.

I'm the one that posted about protogens and I started a new sci-fi story using them, for the most part completely reimagining their backstory to get rid of all the cringe bullshit the original artists wrote up. Definitely making them more humanoid anthros instead of the cartoony raptor proportions most art of them has.
(1.34 MB 688x971 tender.png)
I have something I need to get off my chest, but given that I don't have anyone in my life with whom to discuss such topics and with the regular threads being the way they are, I decided to post it here.

Oh, how I yearn for a fantasy based reality, a reality so fantastical, it's worth fantasizing about.

>How many of you here would actually pursue romantic relationship with anthro women if it were possible?
>How many of us would even be here if anthro women were a normal part of our shared meatspace to begin with, instead of refuge? Would they be as much beautiful as reality as they are as fantasy? Would we be normalfag riajuus?
I don't like human women. Never truly did. Sure, at some point the lust was there, but it never grew into a proper desire. I was never interested in them as people. I was never interested in other people at all to begin with, to be honest. ALways getting in the way of me spending my time and effort on things I found interesting at the moment. Never shutting the fuck up, never ceasing the constant yapping and nagging. I never truly felt loneliness, nor did I yearn for companionship.
>Then why is it that I gravitate towards anthro women?
Most of it is the attractiveness of their exteriors, the warmth and fluffiness of their animalistic vessels. The little quirks in their presented behavior, whether based on the species they're based on or whatever context they were put in. The unending fantasies, mostly centered either on casual interactions or satiating each other's desires, whether they be carnal, emotional or even simple validation. Tender moments in which we would feed off each other's warmth. Yet when I try to actually imagine a functional relationship between us as equal sovereign individuals, I'm drawing a blank. I was never in any sort of romantic relationship and I'm not about to start trying to get into one now. Am I even interested in anthro women beyond their delightfully plush exteriors? Would I be truly interested in building a relationship with one, were it possible to do so? Would I be able to be interested in her as a person?
I don't think I've ever truly felt love or passion beyond lust or mere shallow infatuation, nor do I think I may have ever been able to. No matter how my obsession with rekindling it, it's at best a faint ember, a faint glimmer of a dumpster fire my heart could have been, had I not allowed it to freeze into the broken shards it is now.

Similar with impregantion. For years I was disgusted by the mere idea of insemination, bringing another ugly human being into this ugly world, to join this buzzing, squirming mass of pulsating flesh known as humanity. Yet after contemplating engaging in the same process with an anthro female, I would not help bring ugliness into the world but beauty instead. Life could be a gift instead of a curse, if it's brought upon with proper care and resources and not just a result of some kind of unplanned mistake like I think I might have been.
Built upon a strong foundation of mutual trust and friendship, fostered with wisdom and care, a family may actually be something other (perhaps even more) than just a gathering of people you don't like (or rather don't even have any particular emotional bonds with), bound by the common thread of shared genetic material.

But enough ranting, I'm tired. Of this and that and so many other things.

May we all make it after yet another number change. Have fun in the new cycle.

>tldr: Anon finally realised he was a normalfag all along and is bummed that he didn't get a waifur along the way. Better luck next year!
(270.23 KB 1250x1650 FHu9g4iXsAEg-YX.jpg)
>I don't like human women. Never truly did. Sure, at some point the lust was there, but it never grew into a proper desire. I was never interested in them as people. I was never interested in other people at all to begin with, to be honest. ALways getting in the way of me spending my time and effort on things I found interesting at the moment. Never shutting the fuck up, never ceasing the constant yapping and nagging. I never truly felt loneliness, nor did I yearn for companionship.

Here we differ, I haven't had a sexual or romantic thought about another person since I was very young, but I still love my family and friends. I just have no interest in a sexual or romantic relationship with real people.

>For years I was disgusted by the mere idea of insemination, bringing another ugly human being into this ugly world.

The beauty of childbirth is not something to be hated. If i could have kids with her (pics related) my life would be fulfilled beyond the mere content of what it is now. Yes, I realize that the world is a bad place right now, but men have viable sperm well into their 50s. We could always wait for the world can be made less ugly. hell, it's shitting itself cleaner as we speak.

>>tldr: Anon finally realised he was a normalfag all along and is bummed that he didn't get a waifur along the way. Better luck next year!

Most of HMOFA is normies with a quirk. the fact that that quirk is anthropomorphic women is of no consequence. being a normie (to an extent) is good for you.

As for the rest of your post that I didn't pick out individually, we are all going to make it anon. Stay strong, despite some people's best efforts it has been good to me for the relatively short time I have been on it. Perhaps it can be the same for you.
>Built upon a strong foundation...
You're hitting a very common theme - biological family versus found family.
If we're keeping things on the level of writing, how does a society deal with those that don't fit into the structure? Very obviously, there are those that end up in the criminal class. Another common path is those without strong bonds, so they gravitate to the military or police. Whether or not that group fits the orphan trope, they find a fraternity within the service.
After all, the hero or main character needs a reason for his adventures.

Personally? You don't need love or passion to find other people that share whatever interest you do at any given moment. What is wonderful about online groups is that I can close the tab. They're persistent and not anchored to some weekly schedule.
I wouldn't consider myself the type with his heart in shards, nor am I the asexual/aromantic type either. I just haven't found that one person for me.
What I have found is that I enjoy the trip of life when all is said & done. If that's all it takes to make it, then the world is in a far sadder shape then I would like. Then again, I'm a cynical optimist.

Best wishes for another spin around the wheel of life.
(287.03 KB 1134x717 Jinslep.png)
(238.56 KB 770x902 Popcorntime.png)
Both are cute images DM. It's good to see you're still with us. Hope you get better
Very nice. Hope things are going well on your end, DM.
oh I remember when your missy was nothing but a smooth black polygon with tits and now look at her.
How you've both grown since last year.
(598.48 KB 2042x1506 image0.jpg)
(726.05 KB 1900x1525 image1.jpg)
(1.33 MB 1939x1508 image2.png)
Another bucketload of Missy from NaPalm Express himself.
(1.10 MB 1526x1766 image3.png)
(1.07 MB 1528x2065 image4.png)
(672.54 KB 2051x1472 image5jpg.jpg)
(615.92 KB 2159x1620 image6jpg.jpg)
(1.11 MB 2160x1620 image7.png)
(524.03 KB 1525x2026 image8.jpg)
(1.04 MB 2069x1487 unknown1.png)
(1.17 MB 1530x1649 unknown2.png)
(1.11 MB 1518x1912 unknown3.png)
(2.36 MB 1155x2615 unknown.png)
(1.42 MB 1516x2024 unknown4.png)
(223.59 KB 1295x3026 walklikeanegyptian.jpg)
(3.39 MB 2042x2464 FUG.png)
(471.55 KB 721x844 amogus.png)
And that's that.
The previous Missy dump is over here
Does anyone know if the artist who draws Pepper is still around? used to be pretty active, but I haven't seen him since around the holidays.
He's been regularly posting stuff on his twitter, anon. Not everyone lives for the thread. In fact, most of us don't.
Not everyone lives for twitter, either.
I don't think he's advertised it in the thread, but the "Tech Terror" story one of our writefriends is doing is getting good.
Definitely a step up from "Predatory Dating".
(1.83 MB 2000x2000 Crow_gf.png)
>Move to new town,also new roomie, he is BIG pigeon
>Every night on weekends he goes to some kind of club
>A bit of fun and music wouldn't hurt you, decide to go with him
>It's avian only night club...
>You two come up with bird mask idea for lulz
>decide to try it
>Telling everyone that it's part of your style, BDSM n stuff
>It works! You're in. Lots of feathers, birds, booze, and strange music.
It's an interesting experience but atmosphere seems off for ya.
>sit at the bar, crow-thing on left from you drinks some kind of COCKtail,
It's suddenly asks ya some strange questions, related to powder dust and some other grainy substances.
>Conversation starts, crow-thing is a big talker actually and girl!, you discuss lot's of stuff, she seems to like you
>after finishing drink she suggests moving to her place
>Oh shit you can't accept offer, you'll be compromised, how she'll react?
There might be reason why she goes into avian only club.
>Bird wastes no time, she's clinging to your body, all protest ignored by her iron grip, two of you slowly move to exit.
>Your friend saw that something was wrong, he tries to stop her "Zara it's a misunderstanding , he's new here"
>She pulls knife out of her sleeve "Back off! fat qtpie! If you don't want troubles" Some people at crowd stare daggers at your friend.
>You two leave the place, she forces you into her car, threatening with a knife.
>A bit of fun and music might actually hurt you...
cute crow
(2.69 MB 1848x912 AC1vsLR emblem KuzuREE!!.png)
>from fur to waifur
Finally (well, not that much since it's been like three days since I've started it) finished with AC Last Raven. Since I probably won't look at it for a while, I'll share the only emblem so far I've spent multiple hours drawing with my other favorite anons here.

And to keep it on topic, I've finished reading Mechanized Memories some time ago.
>Where is the cut off line both for hm and for fa?
By the end (both of) the guy(s) was clearly in some kind of post human state, possibly undead too, depending how you'd look at it. The girl was never an organic being (though she may be derived from one or even in a similar state of undeath), but given the full emulation mode her vessel is running, she's capable of eating, shiting and popping out babies like any regular ol' dame. There was some discussion about it in the main thread some time ago, with a vampire being used as an example of post human not qualifying as a human simply simply by the virtue of vamires tending to not identify as the species they originate from anymore. If a vampire (or any aesthetically not all that divergent (passing as a human?), even though it differ more functionally) post human identifies as human still (blah blah blah, the same with anthro) would they still fit within the context of hmofa?
>>4737 >>4739 since the holidays ive been catching up on irl work, not a lot of time to spend hours drawing requests, i miss having that time. it flatters me a lot that people ask about pepper though, gives me more of a reason to take some time off to draw here
Lol I forgot to start posting Silver Lining updates here. https://www.sofurry.com/view/1827700 https://www.sofurry.com/view/1833964
>>4763 oh man hype!! was waiting for this.
(403.99 KB 1335x1335 LynnPibb.jpg)
I've posted this thing multiple times already but not here yet. It's still the most recent thread-relevant thing I've done in the past few weeks.
(1.94 MB 1920x800 vlcsnap2022050123h54m45s877.png)
How are all of my best friends in the whole wide world doing today?
>>4820 Could be doing better, honestly. Still waiting on my Comcast application to be received.
>>4820 I don't know. Have you tried asking them?
Evening gentlemen.
(129.05 KB 854x1280 1501531618386.jpg)
>>4823 Evening, what you doing right now?
>>4801 Very cute. >>4820 Decent, feeling nice. Happy about the /haa/ thread.
(1.69 MB 1050x1280 1F_Fox_Cuddles-from-HMoFA.png)
>>4824 Catching up on the dozen or so stories I had to put off to focus on other things. You?
>>4826 Playing New Vegas. About to take out the Omertas for Mr. House. It's all research for my story that I will eventually write.
>>4824 Just finishing up at work before going to bed, only a few more days until I get +40 hours of free time to actually write again.
>>4827 People just keep playing this game, huh? Last time I tried it crashed when I exited Goodsprings.
>>4829 It's been pretty stable so far. Only really crashes when I play the DLCs.
>>4824 i've been thinking about a lot of sentimental shit recently, but thats about it. how about you?
I have a question that could trigger the shitposter on the main thread, so I'm putting it here. I started lurking in the threads around mid 2020 so I missed when that "panther" guy was around. I would like to know who was pantherfag, and what did he do to be hated?
(19.53 KB 720x540 1651127470787.gif)
>>4834 Some random anon who was "spamming" panthers, like the name implies, and argued constantly with Burzum. I'm not him though, and I don't consider what I do to be "spamming" Dobermans.
>>4835 It being the same image most of the time can be a little annoying but yeah, there have been far more annoying people (such as me when I was new) on the thread.
>>4834 I'm pretty sure he was one of burzum's boogeymen, maybe of some other people in the thread. I've never even been able to see a pattern to pantherfag's supposed spamming. And knowing how autistic some people can get, it might not even have been spam.
>go to sleep >thread goes to shit what happened this time?
>>4834 He didn't really spam panthers; iirc, he had a taste for dark-furred anthros and used common anime reaction images that could be traced back to other boards. He had other fringe tastes as well, and was open about them. Not inherently a problem itself; the issue is that he liked poking the bear as it were, and didn't really care for much else after he got that taste of blood in the water. >>4832 Know that feel, my dude. >>4842 People ignoring the "Please do not feed the monkey" sign. Anyway, there's a meta thread for these topics.
>>4843 It seems that the meta thread is gone.
(184.68 KB 850x1289 1F_Wolf_PostWorkout-by-saruuk.jpg)
Well, hello again gentlemen.
(178.60 KB 1280x949 1650577149852.jpg)
>>4846 Good evening. We should really consider hosting the #2000 thread here if this is gonna keep going on. Plus we get 900 posts as opposed to the 300 posts on trash.
(85.77 KB 915x1020 bunny_girl_125.png)
Artist/Commissioner Links Akella Am190 Anon2000000 Armain (account deleted) Auren Blokfort Botty tanics Chivalrous CZasKi (is this same guy as KasCz?) DeadMimicked DeltaVee *DimWitDog *Dr. Comet DoctorDJ Doph Drawfren Gabriel of Creosha (Commisioner) GreasyMojo *Hattonslayden HOc JackByVespers *Jiji-Sama Ipainthere *Kame KasCZ Lockheedmartini Lovelocked LuckyFeather Mek Mightypoohead Mornin Dove Merle (need account, his keeps getting deleted) Paper_Anon Patecko Vuko-Jebina *Securipun Schmutzo SketchyToasty Smekbo SpaceDimSum SpamandEggs Tetchy_ The Serg Wetchop Wharblgharbl (Commisioner) KEY * means I don't know if they have ever interacted with the thread directly. I am split on whether I should separate people who I know have interacted with the thread with the people who have. Reason being is that there People are always finding more artist that draw hmofa. If I keep putting every single one down. There will be more non-thread artist than not in the list and I want to keep it in the spirit of the masterbin, where only stories that are posted in this general are put there. And the criteria "has interact with the thread directly" is really vauge and hard to ascertain for some artist. Also do You all want the Resource bin on Rentry? I myself think it should, just so much better to navigate than google docs. - Azuhmier (aka taganon)
Tagging and development of the project "Urgent Furry" is being slowed down due to having to job search at the moment. By 'tagging' I mean I won't be able to as much read stories and put tags and descriptions as frequently as I used to, I will still be tagging, just more emphasis on sofurry and other author tags. Hopefully this is only temporarily and I will return to normal levels of /hmofa/ productivity after I get a Job. Remeber you are more than welcome to blow up my email located at the top of the masterbin and I will reply ASAP. And when I mean suggestions I mean ANYTHING. Nothing in the rentry bins are set in stone, not the tagging, nothing. If you want more milf tags, I will prioritize milf tagging, if you think the urls are clobbered I will fix them. If you want your story or name removed from the masterbin and archives I will do it (better to message me on the site you made the story so I can verify you are the author of said story). If there are other things you want to see out of the scraping and tagging say it. I'm all ears, I work more confidently knowing that people agree with the choices I make rather than shooting in the dark. I also made a new journal entry: https://www.sofurry.com/view/1858367 It's basically contains status of projects and is a longer, more concise, and more complete version of this post. - Azuhmier (aka taganon)
(2.07 MB 1475x953 1653979942451.png)
happy 2000
>>4853 hello fren. How are you?
>>4854 I'm ok. Just a little fucking frustrated. Shouldn't have made that deleted post really but a well. I just want the simple times back.
>>4855 Understandable, a couple weeks ago I had a massive surge of creativity from the calmness of the thread. I have since lost that creative spark and am a bit irritated at its loss.
It's hard to advertise this place on 4chan, not saying I want to move the thread here, but I just want to let as many people possible know that it exists. We can't put it in the OP, we would run serious risk of getting /hmofa/ banned, since they do not aloud links to other chans. Right now it seems to be linked in the resourc3e bin and masterbin.
>>4857 Can't we just post it after the OP?
>>4858 No, 4chan has a hard ban against linking other chans anywhere. It's the fastest way to get the general blacklisted by the mods
>>4859 If it's linked in the master bin why not have instructions on how to get to it for example: in case of meltdown follow instructions at master bin. maybe we can get around the blacklist
>>4860 see >>3891 I am in the DEN. Trying to plead our case.
(42.63 KB 676x676 reading snek.jpg)
to the anon in the main thread (I'm range blocked idk why) >>48293060 Waiting for updates so I'm going through my backlog, got through Chickenman’s wild ride and now I'm reading Hell-o nurse.
>>4849 Feels bad not being popular enough to be on the list.
(1.94 MB 2181x2607 Sentre.png)
In my head I always imagined them looking like the kubrow from warframe, but I was way off.
(2.56 MB 2480x3089 Kayl_sketch.png)
>>4845 Weird. It doesn't show up on the overboard.
>>4871 /b/ is hidden from the overboard, for obvious reasons.
(3.24 MB 4505x3600 drunk1.png)
(3.62 MB 5029x3060 1633930393921.png)
(2.40 MB 5308x2988 1633930433059.png)
>>4872 Hey, total aside, I found something forgotten on a nostalgic lark. Some of you ought to remember it.
(3.57 MB 5705x2844 1633930468932.png)
(3.90 MB 6481x2332 1634002056502.png)
(3.82 MB 6125x2467 1634002105714.png)
Beach episode.
Reminder to let your anthro roomies/honies some AC time for the summer.
>>4879 >>4881 It's always nice to see new Blokfort art.
(657.52 KB 850x811 Thirst.png)
Is there any way we can actually make this place more active again? Also, if you had the choice to meet and marry your waifur in exchange with forgetting everyone you know, would you do it?
(543.16 KB 952x1358 1646889751019.png)
>>4884 Shill it more, i guess. And to answer your other question, yeah that would be an okay trade-off
>>4866 Well I still think you're cool, whomever you may be.
>>4884 >Is there any way we can actually make this place more active again? Simply by posting. I check here a couple times a day. If I have a post I can make a meaningful reply to, I do. >if you had the choice to meet and marry your waifur in exchange with forgetting everyone you know, would you do it? No. Who would I be, at that point? A significant amount of my memories are the positive memories and negative memories of what I've done with other people, and what other people have done to me. While I also have solitary hobbies and interests, if I were to forget everyone I knew, I'd no longer be me. >>4885 >Shill it more, i guess This too.
>>4887 >Who would I be, at that point? I agree, I also wouldn't take the plunge. Here's a tougher one. Guaranteed waifur who loves you, you get to keep your memories of who you are, but you have to live in anthro world, and you can only visit your friends and family one day in a year, no other contact with anyone from your old life.
>>4888 >but you have to live in anthro world My answer depends on what that world is like. If the world is just like our real world, but with furries, I won't go. I have many good online friends in this world which I'd miss. If the world is an improvement over the real world, I would go.
>>4888 >Guaranteed waifur who loves you, But do I love her? >you get to keep your memories of who you are, Good, I guess. >but you have to live in anthro world, How will I be treated in that world? How does it functionally compare to the world I'm living in right now? How do I live in that world? What am I supposed to do in there? >and you can only visit your friends and family one day in a year, Do I have to? I have no friends and am borderline estranged from the family. >no other contact with anyone from your old life. I barely have anyone in my life anyway, much less anyone I want to keep in contact with. >>4884 >in exchange with forgetting everyone you know Do I forget that I forgot or am I aware of my choice? Do I keep my memories intact but with people shaped holes in them or do I lose everything as much as associated with other people?
>>4889 Similar to our world, but anthros are more open and amicable, so it's easier to make friends. Crime is lower, and there's much fewer problems with addiction. You still need to work to live, of course, but there's less pressure because it's easier to find a community that will help you get back on your feet if you screw up, or if something happens to you or your beloved beyond your control. >>4890 If you don't want to visit you don't have to. But, speaking from the heart here, sometimes space makes you appreciate the people that you had more.
>>4891 So, what's the actual catch here? What is the price and what exactly does it get me?
>>4892 The price is that you can't really improve any of the relationships you've left behind, nor can you form meaningful new ones. you can only maintain them or let them deteriorate. The other is that even if you make friends, you'll still be only human in a world full of anthros. Sure they'll accept you as one of their own, but they'll have no idea what it's like to be human, because their brains work differently, and they have other people around like them. Your waifur will always be by your side, but not even she can understand what it's like to be alone in that sense. And if you don't maintain those human friendships, it can become very easy to lose touch with that part of you.
>>4893 >>4892 New friendships in the human world, I mean. You can befriend anthros to your heart's content.
>>4893 >you can't really improve any of the relationships you've left behind, I'm not really improving on any of them right now. >nor can you form meaningful new ones. I'm not forming any right now. >The other is that even if you make friends, If I make what? Ha. >you'll still be only human in a world full of anthros. I'm already alone in my own world. Thus far, the outside world is for annoyances, disappointments, not belonging and other unnecessary noise. I'm tired of it. >>4894 >You can befriend anthros Well, it is a hypothetical possibility for me to have capacity to form mutually meaningful relationships, bonds even, with other xenoforms, but it is yet to be proven empirically. Especially now, with me sliding right back into what was filling my heart of hearts for years (if not decades already), bitterness and anger. Show me that beautiful world you speak of, so I can make an informed decision.
>>4895 You have issues that living in Anthroworld won't solve, the biggest one being that you're just a massive fucking downer to be around. Let your bitterness go. It doesn't do you any good to hold on to it.
>>4891 >but there's less pressure because it's easier to find a community that will help you get back on your feet if you screw up, or if something happens to you or your beloved beyond your control Yeah, I like that. Helpful communities are nice. I'd give my remaining friends a virtual smooch and be on my way to that world, then. I'd miss them and they'd miss me, but they'd understand.
>>4896 >You have issues that living in Anthroworld won't solve, Bummer. >you're just a massive fucking downer to be around Fair enough. Usually there's no one else around so it's not a problem, or at least I don't register it as such. >Let your bitterness go. And how exactly does one do that. How does one stop being 'a massive fucking downer' without embracing unbeing? It's an integral part of whatever's left of my personality construct.
>>4898 Let yourself honestly enjoy something. Work out, explore somewhere new, get out and meet people, read a book, make yourself some good food, or drink a beer. It doesn't matter what you do, the most important thing is to just let yourself feel pleasure from the action. Enjoy the simple fact that you're lucky enough to be able to think and feel at this instant in time above any other. Live in the moment. Once you've captured that, try projecting that joy on yourself. Even if your life sucks, there are always blessings hidden in the muck, and you're going to find other things, or maybe even people, that you appreciate. And if you keep doing this, and you take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, you'll find your people.
>>4899 >Work out Already do. >explore somewhere new Maybe in a video game. I go to work seven days a week, don't particularly feel like leaving my 'abode' anywhen else. >get out and meet people Nah. I've had enough of 'meeting people' during work hours, it's already far past my tolerance limit. >read a book I'm already playing games with novel worth of length of dialogues, does that qualify? >make yourself some good food Already do. >or drink a beer. Don't drink alcohol, not interested in doing so anyway. Not to mention driving everyday, don't want to catch any unnecessary noise from popomobile riders. >Live in the moment. Already do. All flow of causality is filtered through the choke point of 'now' as if no other point in time exists. >you'll find your people. I thought of /hmofa/ as 'my people' once, but there's far too much unnecessary noise for me. There's too much noise in general (pardon the pun) and it sucks out the enjoyment out of any activity or state of being I experience. I miss it when the world was quiet and empty, but alas, that was not to be. It's not 'my' world anyway, so it's not for me to decide such things. All in all, solid advice. I rate fullfilling life/joy as a state of being, would like and subscribe.
>>4900 I'm not a psychologist, but maybe thinking about some of this stuff may help you appreciate people more. How often can/do you take a day off? Are you living check to check and need the money that bad? Or are you just ultra focused on your career? Do you feel burned out at all? You don't seem to have a healthy work/life balance, so spend less time there IF that's an option. Climbing the ladder isn't worth it if you have to sell your soul to do it. You mention that the only time you really socialize is at the office. The workspace mutes people's best qualities and in some cases highlights their worst. It's where psychopaths and machiavellians thrive. Now, assuming you work with people, and not just demons and meat-husks, the best place to build friendships with coworkers is outside of work. If they're working similar weekly hours to you, they might be just as wound up and bitter as you are. That's a point of commonality. It might be cathartic for you to vent with them. If everyone at work is irredeemably shit, than limit your exposure to it as much as possible. Meet people through your interests, on the internet if you have to, but ideally in real life. Some will be insufferable, but some will be worth keeping around. And from there, plan things with them. Go to movies, concerts or conventions with them. Go with them to visit museums or eat at cool restaurants. Go to the park and kick a soccer ball or throw a frisbee around for an hour. Serious friendships take time, and serious effort to build, effort that may not see immediate payoff. Sometimes it takes people time to realize what they have. So... I know it doesn't come naturally, but be patient. Every single human being is going to irritate you in some way. Maybe they flake on plans. Maybe they brag about their money or their accomplishments. Maybe they pick fights for no reason. Maybe they have disgusting habits. Or god forbid they play armchair psychologist on the internet. Those people are the worst. But there's no strength in ignoring everyone and shutting yourself in. Human beings are social animals. We're meant to have families, and live in communities with other people we care about. So when you hate everyone around you, it's almost inevitable that you start hating yourself, too. I've been there. >I thought of /hmofa/ as 'my people' once, but there's far too much unnecessary noise for me. I have lurked on and off in the general since 2017, and I've written there since 2019. I have made ONE meaningful connection with somebody I've met there. It worked out for me, but generally speaking, 4chan porn threads are not a good place to meet friends. Meet real people first, otherwise, focus on hobby boards and threads like /diy/, /fit/ or /tg/. I wish you luck. You can make it if you try.
(1.36 MB 1378x2067 89624107_p0.jpg)
>>4901 First of all, I am what can be called, a certified retard. I have certain not readily apparent defficiencies and have papers for that, as well as the so called disability status. I cannot stand human interactions for any extended period of time, so I basically cannot hold any job requiring me to as much as pretend to be legally responsible well adjusted productive adult. My place of employment can be called a 'family business' since it's operated by a certain relative. I'm not choosing my 'work hours'. I do not have free days or holidays. Any extended time without supervision is, even if not explicitly, implicitly forbidden. I am assigned to a certain location and am to remain there during set hours or until allowed to leave, assisting in whatever tasks and productive efforts are ongoing. Given that the location itself pretty much amounts to a noise filled cage with an enclosure surrounded from all sides by walls of eyes, I am not exactly thrilled to fade away into the nothingness of sleep just to be forcefully awoken and forced outside just for the cycle to repeat itself. I do not receive any kind of payment or compensation other than an unspecified extra amount of unnecessary noise when and where applicable. On the other hand, I do not pay rent nor am I wanting for basic necessities. People I meet at the workplace are mostly from outside coming in, in most cases wanting things that are not there or asking questions I'm neither willing to anwser or don't have any answer to in the first place. Interactions with the coworkers are actually relatively smooth most of the time, given that we tend to keep to ourselves as we focus on the task(s) at hand and do not socialize if not necessary. Not willing to go and meet people outside of work, especially given the amount of effort it would take to comfort to the basic personal hygiene standards for casual social interactions. I live in trash bin of history in a 2.5th world country equivalent of a 'drive through state'. The single room appartment I share with a relative is not equipped with a bathroom or even a toilet. At least the toilet is accessible in the corridor between appartments, one for every floor, but there's no easy way to keep my meat unit at a presentable level without a dedicated cleaning facility, so I keep to the basic minimum required to function outside. I hate having to enter not only public space, but also public forum (since local inhabitants have a very bad habit of just lingering around and not shutting the fuck up), just to expel waste. It is heavily hinted that my meat unit's brain either does not have or has a severely impaired ability to ignore background noise, which, coupled with soaking up unnecessary noise during not only my 'work hours' but during most of the time I spend either lucid or on auto pilot, tends to result in ear aches and head aches I not only go to sleep with but also awake to. The biggest, brightest highlight of my unspecified amount of time lately was an interaction with a stray feline in a parking lot at night in the middle of nowhere. It came to me out of its own volition and initiated mutually pleasant physical interaction. It also left a lot of fur on my pants after ejoying quite a rigorous rubbing session on them, so maybe that was its goal all along and I was just there along for the ride. Point being, I actually haven't been this relaxed in unspecified amount of time between happenings. Felines are my favorite. Anyway, thanks for indulging me. Have fun with your Anthroworld. PS. >R9K prevented at least one of your files from being posted. What does that even mean?
>>4900 >I'm already playing games with novel worth of length of dialogues, does that qualify? Sorta, but not really. The important part is: are you enjoying games? That matters more than the other Anon's examples of hobbies. If you're enjoying games, that's a good thing. >There's too much noise in general Interesting. >I miss it when the world was quiet and empty, but alas, that was not to be No, it can be quiet and empty. I know this, because it's what I need to read or write. If you want quiet and empty: turn off everything with an internet connection. Computer, cell phone, whatever. If you want extreme quiet and empty: unplug everything electronic from the wall outlet. It's possible to achieve focus. If you mean literal noise, hearing protection earmuffs are really wonderful. I recommend the VS130. Last year, when I was reading more books, I'd occasionally do it outside, since sunlight has a better color than some lightbulbs. I'd go out with just a book. No phone, nothing else. And if it was loud out there, I did occasionally use my earmuffs. And with nothing but a book, I'd either read or daydream.
>>4901 >Meet people through your interests This. If you're going to meet people at all, meeting people you consider to have good taste is a plus. >Some will be insufferable, but some will be worth keeping around Exactly. When I joined my local furry communities, while the majority of people weren't impressive, the minority of people that were worth keeping around were truly wonderful, lovely people. >museums, parks Good things. Since anon 4900 says he's into games, he might perhaps also play games with others. >Serious friendships take time, and serious effort to build, effort that may not see immediate payoff. This. Finding a pleasant acquaintance definitely takes less time than forming a real friendship. I think for people who are truly compatible, however, there is some amount of immediate payoff. >But there's no strength in ignoring everyone and shutting yourself in. I disagree. Before I became very social (but still an introvert) a few years ago, I thought I was on the path to becoming a wizard. I was quite shut-in. (though I did have online friends) And there certainly are some advantages to it. If you really want to be a shut-in, you can do a lot with your hobbies and totally get rid of all the negative qualities of humans from your life. It's a life. >Human beings are social animals Agreed, as a whole. I really think most humans should socialize. I fully support anyone who decides not to, though. I think modern US society is messed up. The way most people in the US live today, in medieval Europe, would've been called being a hermit. Hermits living in their hermitages. While most humans are social animals, most adults in the US have no friends, as they live in rural or suburban locations where it takes half an hour to go anywhere interesting, and they don't know any of their neighbors. I support anyone who actually wants to be a hermit, but for most people, this is truly awful, and it's clearly having terrible mental effects on people, both normalfags and not. (And while I dislike normalfags, I don't want them to needlessly suffer) I hope society can abandon eremitism some day. >We're meant to have families I disagree. The modern nuclear family is partially an invention. >live in communities with other people we care about This, I agree with. >focus on hobby boards Blue boards truly are the best ones on 4chan, for sure. >It worked out for me, but generally speaking, 4chan porn threads are not a good place to meet friends. I don't fully agree with this though. Over the decade I've been on 4chan, I've certainly exchanged email addresses and IRC contact information with people in porn threads and had friendships for a while. And I hope /hmofa/ can be more than a porn thread to you: I'm there because I want to find inspiration to write more sci-fi. I only found /hmofa/ earlier in 2022, however. I like it so far, though.
(281.10 KB 1448x2048 cat.jpg)
>>4904 Dang. Your work situation sounds truly horrible. I think even jobs that are commonly considered terrible, like carrying boxes in Amazon warehouses, might be better for you. You wouldn't have to interact with people much, and at least you'd have holidays. >in a 2.5th world country I see. I guess I can't give job suggestions, then. I still think some jobs do exist, though. Like warehouses. I've lately been trying to find a solitary job simply to try to not catch COVID, and I haven't been having much luck. >I hate having to enter not only public space, but also public forum (since local inhabitants have a very bad habit of just lingering around and not shutting the fuck up), just to expel waste. Understandable. >It is heavily hinted that my meat unit's brain either does not have or has a severely impaired ability to ignore background noise, which, coupled with soaking up unnecessary noise during not only my 'work hours' but during most of the time I spend either lucid or on auto pilot, tends to result in ear aches and head aches I not only go to sleep with but also awake to. I really think you should get some earmuffs, for sure. It's not perfect, but it truly is an improvement. Depending on the muffs, you may be able to hear other peoples' voices fine enough to have conversation when required, while still having a good reduction in other noises. Normalfags consider noise to be way too acceptable. I've had people cruelly tell me too many times that I'm "sensitive" and should stop being a baby about loud noises. Now I have tinnitus. :^) >Felines are my favorite. I agree. Every day I pet a cat is a good day. I haven't pet a cat in months. I love cats. >The biggest, brightest highlight of my unspecified amount of time lately was an interaction with a stray feline in a parking lot at night in the middle of nowhere. You should go there again. You should try to find that cat again, and bring a little bit of meat or something a cat might like. You really really should find that cat again. It sounds good for you.
Feeling demoralized about posting for the thread again, not in a "creators are underappreciated" way but just seeing others accomplish what you want to do but better while never seeming to be able to get anything done in a satisfying way. Sorry for the blogposting but I don't really have anywhere else to put my thoughts out.
>>4908 Fuck that, i prefer to see more content rather than shitpost 24/7. Stop comparing yourself to other and start growing on your own anon
(620.17 KB 1180x1400 YagiSheep.png)
Are you the kind of dude who 'dates' multiple anthro girls at once and then commits to one? Or do you exclusively pursue one anthro girl at a time? >>4908 Everyone has to start somewhere, and your work probably isn't as bad as you think.
I guess on the bright side I've been more productive than I have been in months with the thread melting down.
(796.51 KB 1024x1024 1653760541574.png)
Is this the bunker thread?
>>4912 Yes. >>4911 I've been trying to get more into writing greens lately but it's kinda hard with so much distractions like the new games I bought.
>>4912 Yes I linked it
Man now I remembered why I don't really like this place
>>4906 >>But there's no strength in ignoring everyone and shutting yourself in. >I thought I was on the path to becoming a wizard. I was quite shut-in. (though I did have online friends) You might have mostly stayed solitary but you still maintained some degree of positive interaction with others. That counts for something, although depending on the person they may need more or less intense and frequent interactions. If you don't have anything positive, you'll start to lose your grip. I completely agree with your point about hermitry. >The modern nuclear family is partially an invention. Agree, but it wasn't really what I was talking about. I was more talking about a clan/extended family structure, where cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents also stay in close proximity to support each other. Familial ties are very strong when they're maintained, and that's how the first tribes and communities formed. With the porn thread thing, I'm always going to be skeptical about the people I meet until I actually communicate with them for an extended period of time. But you never really know, right?
(150.54 KB 1024x1280 1656288108710.jpg)
Might as well post it here. I put that green into a rentry. https://rentry.org/A_short_visit I've added a couple of lines here and there so the story hopefully "flows" better. Also, I included a little more about Anon's family. But I'm concerned that it may be a bit too much and that it could take away the focus of the green. I'd be interested in your guys opinions on it.
>>4917 > I was more talking about a clan/extended family structure What culture Group are you from?
(381.83 KB 1000x1000 horrid.png)
>>4225 is Kaktus around? I wanna post this before I go to bed I offer a doodle as tribute in exchange for update info
so what is stopping burzum from posting here?
>>4921 Moderation
>>4921 Him being permabanned by the admin.
>>4923 Also the admin is the owner.
>>4918 Damn that's tragic. Pretty good though. Not much to complain about.
>>4910 >Are you the kind of dude who 'dates' multiple anthro girls at once and then commits to one? Or do you exclusively pursue one anthro girl at a time? Just one. My wife... >>4922 >>4923 I see. But what is the actual plan here? Moving here because of one person seems excessive.
>>4918 i like your green anon, but i can't help but notice the lack of >you at the beginning of some of the lines (for me atleast)
>>4926 The plan is to stay here for a few weeks, maybe he terrorizes a different thread, maybe he gets a life. Basically we stay here until we think the coast is clear, then we move back.
>>4921 the jannies here actually do their job
>>4926 We aren't gonna move here this is a dead website, everyone needs to go back to the new thread
>>4926 Sadly,I don't think its one person anymore. Blood in the water is shaking things up with some anons but this is just my thoughts.
>>4930 Why so we can have another 4 hours of him shitting it up and not being able to do anything about it?
>>4932 it'll cool off in a month, always does.
>>4932 So why dont we wait here for a month instead of having to wade in literal shit.
>>4934 dualpost instead
(356.19 KB 848x1280 DoctoraDoe.png)
>>4927 >>4928 >>4929 >>4930 >>4931 >>4932 The plan is that you STFU and talk about fuzzy women. He and his cretinous little friends can spam as much as they want on the unmoderated board, but here, they don't exist.
>>4933 Literally battered wife syndrome.
>>4928 I'm not sure this would work. He would just patiently wait for everyone to come back, then he just continues as per usual. This plan would also require everyone else to come here. Inevitably, someone will make the new thread on /trash/ and most will go there.
>>4931 Me neither. There's been a few people dedicated to chasing artists away from /ADHG/ for the past like 2 weeks as well. Seems like there's 2 or 3 working together to spam bait and argue with each other in a way that tries to bring other anons in to dogpile on one of them, further shitting up the thread. They've been posting dox pics of artists faces there and talking about raping them for a little while now.
(1.97 MB 3885x2558 1656275692269.png)
>>4939 $5 says it's the same people shitting up our board.
>>4940 *thread
>>4939 The doberman anon is one of them but I don't know who the others are
(375.44 KB 1200x864 1656353881121.png)
>>4927 Yeah, I'm new at writing greentexts (actually to writing in general) so I'm still trying to figure out perspectives and such. Probably gonna do the same thing I did for my other story and go over it a couple of times while slowly getting things tidied up. Funny how perspective is my bane both when I'm a drawfriend and a writefriend.
>>4942 I've never even visited /adhg/, what are you talking about?
>>4945 doberanon is the guy who complains about dobers not the one who posts them
>>4945 You ruin threads by baiting anon over and over again so I thought maybe you were the /adhg/ one too
>>4943 It's a bit Cringe but Rp'ing can help if you got a good partner to it. Different writing styles can help you spot some mistakes and perspective.
Come on, guys this is not a meta thread. This is about /hmofa/ and not shitposting clowns
>>4923 This isn't the case. >>4922 >>4929 This is. Squrtzone is deathly afraid of moderation because getting clapped for acting like an inbred retard online feels too much like all of the traumatic social experiences its suffered in its life whenever it dared to walk outside. Case in point, >>4930 This is a squirtcum post.
>>4938 Anon, it's two tabs. That's it. You can use both boards at once, but if you're unable to hold a simple inline conversation on 4chan,you can move it here for a little while.
>>4950 He's literally never posted here since he was first banned. We do have the meta thread in /b/, please post about it there.
>>4943 It's more of a scene than a story, but it's a pretty good scene. It's not really enough information to give much meaningful feedback on, only a couple hundred words.
>>4946 No I meant him since he knows exactly what he's doing
>>4910 I like group relationships. faofaohmofaofaofa >>4912 Cute. >>4917 >You might have mostly stayed solitary but you still maintained some degree of positive interaction with others. That counts for something Agreed. >I was more talking about a clan That does sound decent. I have my own personal biases against family. I think communal raising might do a better job for most people. >With the porn thread thing, I'm always going to be skeptical about the people I meet until I actually communicate with them for an extended period of time. Of course. >But you never really know, right? Yep! >>4918 Oh! That twist, early on, is so good. I got a little teary-eyed. Thank you. >>4920 I like how long her arms seem. >>4948 Roleplay isn't cringe at all. I've done so much writing, if roleplay is to be counted as writing. It's a wonderful way to do worldbuilding with others and one of my favorite hobbies.
>>4955 >I like group relationships. >faofaohmofaofaofa You mean you like having a personal harem?
>>4946 must be multiple "doberanons" since I hate dobies and complain too.
>>4956 No: I'd prefer if everyone in the relationship was equal, including myself.
>>4958 I'm with you on that. Each partner has a say and veto for dating stage and inclusion to the family or clan.
>>4955 I respect the group relationship, so long as everyone accepts the dynamic.
>>4959 Sounds reasonable to me.
>>4957 That makes 2 of us so far lol
>>4956 More like >Group of bisexual women and their one fuckboy fucktoy
Ideally, it wouldn't even be faofaohmofaofaofa, it'd be a more egalitarian relationship with multiple anthro women and men, and multiple human women and men.
>>4963 I'm down to be a fuck toy.
(201.67 KB 1571x2048 1654825167242.jpg)
>>4965 I'm gonna make an /adhg/ bunker thread if it goes to shit again.
>>4966 Love the teacher theme but i love the empty score of the paper too. >Depends how well you do.
Anyone who thinks Burzum actually posts in the /trash/ thread is utterly braindead. The only troll posting there is the obsessed /pol/fag
>>4968 >t. Burzum
>>4969 Burzum doesn't even exist, he's a coalition of 3 guys
it's kind of pathetic people need to have the last word with him/them.
>>4970 Still think it's one person but it sparks the rest to shit post but this is all off topic.
(725.93 KB 850x576 EriDoe1.png)
What would you do if you and your waifur were different religions? Would you consider it a dealbreaker from the get go? Would you try to convince her to convert to your faith? Immerse yourself in hers? Or raise the kids in a mixed household? (I realize this can apply to real world relationships too, but in a universe where species is a barrier, there's no doubt it would compound with religion and other culture too.) >>4968 >>4969 >>4970 >>4971 >>4972 I don't care about it and it's not hmofa. Keep it in the goddamned containment thread. https://furchan.net/b/last/3357.html
>>4973 It would be a deal breaker. I'm done with zealots in my life. Sorry bat wife, no more lame puns. I Can't see myself being a hardcore castlevania fan.
(77.35 KB 800x580 1656632212965.png)
>>4973 I'm not even slightly religious, so as long as she's not obnoxious about it or uses it to justify being a bad person I wouldn't really care. Also, I'd want for her to not try to convert our kids into it. Talk about it sure, but don't preach to them about how "It's the undeniable truth" or something.
>>4975 That is the cutest winter gear on a bunny i've seen.
(575.68 KB 1277x568 1625444873622.png)
>>4973 I would prefer if she was from my religion, if not I'd ask her to consider converting but if she really didn't want to I wouldn't presser her.
Where's Morgan's skateboarding game? I didn't find it anywhere in the masterbins
>>4982 It's there, but here's a link anyway: https://spacedimsum.itch.io/morgansskateclub
It'd be nice for the furchan thread to be the slower, comfier alternative but honestly this site is so fucking badly laid out I can't get used to it no matter how much I try. Why can't these chan sites just properly imitate the original?
(57.93 KB 850x716 1657380704759.jpg)
Snoot game is /hmofa/ kino, just wanted to let everyone know
>>4986 How is this site poorly laid out?
>>4988 Nta, but why is the reply form on the top of the thread instead of bottom?
>>4989 It's the same on 4chan, though. But, true, that is an interesting idea.
>>4988 It's the many little things like auto-refresh being automatically on, the boxes being a bit too big and clunky, the spacing between text having needless amounts of space between them. It's not that big of a deal but it definitely contributes in turning people off posting here
(143.18 KB 981x981 Waifears.jpg)
(246.54 KB 1060x1060 20220711_211726.jpg)
>>4991 >auto-refresh being automatically on Yeah. I definitely prefer my imageboards to not use any JavaScript at all, by default. For very many years, I disabled the native extension on 4chan, until I gave up. >>4992 >Waifears.jpg Cute.
>>4991 >>4993 What's wrong with auto refresh? It's the first thing I turn on when entering a new thread.
>>4994 For me, it's that I prefer things happen when I expect them to. I understand why some people like it: I'm not against it existing.
>open thread >scroll >think to myself "damn, the shitposting's really bad tonight" >realize I accidentally opened /adhg/
God I love Morgan.
God I hate Morgan
God I am neutral towards Morgan
>>4994 It's not specifically this, but all the tiny, little things that have been changed from 4chan that make the experience uncomfortable
>>5006 Open your mind. There are so many imageboards in the world, and only one of them is 4chan (yotsuba) Your wording implies you think this imageboard's software is descended from 4chan's software. That's quite unlikely, too. I truly think that to use multiple boards on multiple imageboards leads to a more fulfilling life.
>>4904 Have you gone cat-hunting again yet? Please go pet cats.
>>5008 I don't really go 'cat hunting', that was just a pleasant occurrence during a one time pseudo academic trip out of town.
>>5011 Yes, but I'm suggesting you have more pleasant meetings with cats.
(2.23 MB 2975x3850 amalthea by dustdragyn.png)
(475.79 KB 1280x1249 shork gorl.png)
(81.15 KB 850x1255 dolphingirl.jpg)
>>5012 Not him, but I agree that cats are pleasant, aesthetically pleasing creatures and generally good company. I used to have two, but they got old and got sick and died about eight years back. I was really attached to them, and I don't think I have it in me to go through that again. I never have contact with cats any more. Pet stores around here haven't had kittens in years and the last time I went to the local humane society, I was told that they were doing an invitation-only event and there was no admission without a ticket. Okay, fine, i said, bye, and I haven't been back since. Contact with kittens is good for my mental health but the most I can manage these days is videos on Youtube. And to get back in the direction of /hmofa/ I find some individual specific catgirls very attractive but they aren't the species that does it for me. Not awoos either, though I have nothing but love for Lynn (ILU Buh Dog). Florence Ambrose is too pure and perfect for this world and I would never deserve her if she were real. Horses and unicorns, though. I generally find them very pleasing to look at. And sharkgirls. And yeens. And--well, I have been told sergals don't count as anthro, but I find some of them very attractive too. I know, I'm weird.
(1.00 MB 1024x1024 Doggy screenshot (1).png)
(1.02 MB 1024x1024 Doggy screenshot.png)
Messed around in HeroForge a bit.
>>4904 This sounds like the afterlife from Wristcutters.
>>4964 You just want to live in a clan cult. Same bruh.
>>5016 >cult Noooo. I just want a happy group relationship.
(73.92 KB 898x811 slidershit.jpeg)
(317.65 KB 419x738 Adamantena Aspis.png)
(284.09 KB 458x731 neko.png)
>>5014 Hero Forge is too much fun. Or maybe I'm just autistic.
(853.59 KB 1024x1024 PupperGF screenshot.png)
(1.00 MB 1024x1024 Snek screenshot.png)
>>5024 Same.
(381.38 KB 635x670 pretty awoo is coming to you.png)
(266.44 KB 544x743 hi leo member me.png)
>>5026 No good can come of this. Especially that last one. I hear she's a troublemaker and will eat all your breakfast cereal.
>>5029 >>5030 >>5031 Very cool that AI can draw these, now. Too bad about the circumcised ears, though.
>>5029 Those are pretty impressive. When I use DALL-E it generally makes faces that look melted and rearranged. Are you using a different version from the one at Craiyon or Huggingface?
>>5036 Nah, I signed up for the real deal.
Is there nothing that can be done to save adhg? This shit has been going on for months now
>>5038 >open adhg first time in ages >gay retarded drama going on >close thread Unless you can somehow persuade mods to do something, it's lost for good.
(404.58 KB 605x759 JennyGuitarTuning.png)
Posting here too. By NameChangeDaily >Deer to my Heart (Chapters 9 and 10) Link for the update: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35634802/chapters/102500784 Link for any new readers: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35634802/chapters/88846174 Summary: A human man goes on a hunting trip, only to have it interrupted by a visit by his estranged lover, a whitetail doe anthro. Tensions run high as a blizzard leaves the pair trapped in his house for the weekend. As they reconnect, however, they confront the demons that doomed their relationship, help each other heal, and regain the faith and hope that their love is something worth fighting for. Tell me what you think here, or in the comments. New chapters will be up on SoFurry later today or tomorrow. And as always, thanks for reading.
Posting here since I'm banned on 4cuck I fucking LOVE foxes, god I love vixens so much. Imagine how much energy would be in a small fox woman. Imagine how wonderful her fur would feel on your tired muscles. I could fantasize about them all day...
>>5047 Why are you banned?
>>5048 I posted some nsfw stuff in a /k/ thread
>>5049 >break the rules >get banned woahhh who could have... expected... I like both red boards and blue boards. Blue boards definitely benefit from not having porn on them, by eliminating an entire derailing topic.
(2.45 MB 3320x3320 Nigger rig pc.jpg)
I can't post on the thread because my internet is shit. Anyway, MSC seems to have a problem running on my test pc. than again, it's running with an i5-3470. so I'm not surprised.
Mattariel here. Got a new act of In Opposition that's just about finished, so here's a goofy interlude for now. https://www.sofurry.com/view/1886182 The first chapter proper will be coming tomorrow. Also, while not /hmofa/ specific, here's another short piece that may be of interest for anyone who enjoyed the previous parts of In Opposition as well as Making It. No smut (or even humans), just two kobolds stumbling on some old ruins and discussing some in-universe lore. https://www.sofurry.com/view/1883235
>>5052 https://www.sofurry.com/view/1886549 And the first chapter of the act.